I React to Fan Art


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek10 months ago

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  2. Laura Zwolinski

    Laura Zwolinski29 days ago

    An o

  3. CDrummer Gaming

    CDrummer Gaming6 months ago

    Love your channel!

  4. ludwigvonkoopa star

    ludwigvonkoopa star6 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek can't you ever shut the heck up.

  5. Landon YourNormalHunter

    Landon YourNormalHunter7 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek that picture that you showed of you...... Well it not you everyone look at the hands it's a black man not thereportoftheweek hahahah get exposed

  6. Meshael Y Zebulun

    Meshael Y Zebulun8 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek if your lonely can you meet up with joey and do a callob

  7. zimjordanj

    zimjordanjDay ago

    you look like hp lovecraft

  8. RedKoolaid Gaming

    RedKoolaid Gaming2 days ago

    The water bottle with a straw disturbs me

  9. jack mehoff

    jack mehoff5 days ago

    Why are so many of the renditions depicting you with black hair? Curious

  10. Jake Roberts

    Jake Roberts11 days ago

    Abstract art is still art

  11. deartotheheart

    deartotheheart13 days ago

    This was so enjoyable, especially your graciousness. I hope you'll make future fanart videos should you receive more submissions! Also, I must say, I've heard of you for awhile but hadn't taken the time to check out your channel until now, and it's been such a pleasure already. I saw the negative comment review of yours so thought I might as well say what my initial impression was: You have a charming demeanor that's refreshing, your hands are very elegant, and I really admire your style, wit, and manner of speaking too. Lastly, you remind me a bit of John Randolph of Roanoke. I hope, if you are unaware of him, that you take the time to look him up, as you're both so dignified and I think you'd appreciate and possibly even relate to him in certain aspects. Wishing you all the best!

  12. Rollin Nguyen

    Rollin Nguyen19 days ago

    8:22 Elimination

  13. VerySarcasmicAdhd

    VerySarcasmicAdhd20 days ago

    Aw ye ye

  14. snek ᔕ

    snek ᔕ22 days ago

    My dude I hope u recycle that bottle and straw, even as u wreck ur body don't kill like 20000000 sea turtles as you do it

  15. Doubius

    Doubius24 days ago

    We are already having problems with plastic pollution in the world and there you go using a dam straw whit your bottled water !! To classy or something ?

  16. drguy12345678

    drguy1234567825 days ago

    16:00 thank me later

  17. Tovarich Stalin

    Tovarich Stalin27 days ago

    Our lord has spoken

  18. Cool Kangaroo

    Cool Kangaroo27 days ago

    two words: time traveler

  19. The Obamos

    The Obamos29 days ago

    To say you're not an artist, is the same as saying Bob Ross isn't an artist. Complete nonsense.

  20. Julia Selph

    Julia Selph29 days ago

    He’s so professional and neat!!! YES I SUBSCRIBED This probably sounded weird

  21. Jaksen Robertson

    Jaksen RobertsonMonth ago

    This dude has such a devoted fanbase

  22. Madera Paulice Dornpartment

    Madera Paulice DornpartmentMonth ago

    Do a fart

  23. Tanya Dosh

    Tanya DoshMonth ago

    Oh no! Where is that Starbucks water? 😆the straw is from the last cup he had 😂

  24. TheBig3s

    TheBig3sMonth ago

    The fact that this person is on this planet is proof we have a god

  25. Logic J25

    Logic J25Month ago

    This dude is the best comedian I've seen in forever

  26. james summers

    james summersMonth ago

    The painting he tried to replicate was probably a Thomas kinkade piece

  27. The Queen of Darkness

    The Queen of DarknessMonth ago

    Wow! Just wow! He's an amazing gentleman! Love it 😚

  28. Wayne Hasch

    Wayne HaschMonth ago

    My excrement is immeasurable and my date is disappointed.

  29. NotFocused

    NotFocusedMonth ago

    Do u have IG or a snapchat

  30. Paul_ Has_Arrived

    Paul_ Has_ArrivedMonth ago

    *_-D R I N K S-_* *_-W A T E R-_* *_-B O T T L E-_* *_-T H R O U G H-_* *_-S T R A W-_*

  31. Donna Howell

    Donna HowellMonth ago

    Unbuttons jacket *breathes*

  32. Joseph G

    Joseph GMonth ago

    Weren’t u on TOSH.O

  33. Snow Flake Martinez

    Snow Flake MartinezMonth ago

    Why Do You Always Wear A Suit And Tie?

  34. Flower Cat

    Flower CatMonth ago

    Its like God reading the Bible.

  35. Sikandar Nirmal Singh ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ

    Sikandar Nirmal Singh ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘMonth ago

    It’s ok! We r all good at our own things! I’m great at art, but let’s just say I’m hopeless at math. We did that replication project in college too. I replicated a Sobha Singh piece. I bet, however, that you are great at math, where I’d still b lost if u spent weeks explaining it to me. So yep, u do u!!!!

  36. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMonth ago

    doin buissness motherf*cker !!

  37. McKenna G

    McKenna GMonth ago

    oh my gosh when you said that people thought your painting was abstract my heart broke :( you’re so precious I can’t handle it

  38. r/woosh

    r/wooshMonth ago

    11:42 lol

  39. Jan Sarna

    Jan SarnaMonth ago

    16:01 I was laughing from this art for 30 minutes straight

  40. Lookout Piano

    Lookout PianoMonth ago

    I don't mean to be overly critical, because I really like this man. But, I have trouble sometimes distinguishing between the times he is being sincere, with insincerity (for purpose of comedy). It's that dead-pan delivery; he does not use a sarcastic tone. I understand that is part of what makes it funny, but at the same time, often I am scratching my head.

  41. Lake Eyezis

    Lake EyezisMonth ago

    It's like.... it's like.... fuck, just spilled my drink, anyways ,what was I talking about. ..damn Altimerz, anyway I forgot. Can a mother fucker get another drink in here or what?

  42. Beezle Da Warlock

    Beezle Da WarlockMonth ago

    Reviewbrah for president.

  43. SuperVictorvance

    SuperVictorvanceMonth ago

    cut your nails m8

  44. WWEFanFIFA

    WWEFanFIFAMonth ago

    You are lucky to have a large a mouth because I probably can’t even fit a Big Mac or most burgers in my mouth and because of this I have had braces for 4 years and it sucks because they took away 2700$ from the credit card without even telling me. So you are pretty lucky to have a large mouth because for people like me it is very hard

  45. Kayla WolfBlaze

    Kayla WolfBlazeMonth ago

    You are cool

  46. John Bililake

    John BililakeMonth ago

    Does anyone know how old he is?

  47. Violet Sickness

    Violet SicknessMonth ago

    He is an interesting guy.

  48. Pariah

    PariahMonth ago

    The damn straw in the bottle of water... is this guy doing a character? lol. like the videos though

  49. markus

    markusMonth ago

    Can i be your best friend

  50. •Hunny•

    •Hunny•Month ago

    He sounds like Solar Sands lmfao

  51. DHlikeabaws

    DHlikeabawsMonth ago

    Unintentional abstract artist

  52. Kickmash

    KickmashMonth ago

    They forgot to draw a time traveler or vampire Brah version lol

  53. Edzham Ayzaq

    Edzham AyzaqMonth ago

    Your vocabulary is at the god level.

  54. Jimmy Nevski

    Jimmy Nevski2 months ago

    Mentioned traditional art, drawing and painting and calls Microsoft paint old school lol.. I love this guy I can’t figure out when these videos were filmed I swear these are from the 20’s and have been touched up haha

  55. Marcus Papadopoulos

    Marcus Papadopoulos2 months ago

    Hi thank you very much for the like MReporter.enjoy your day.

  56. xXRedLineXx

    xXRedLineXx2 months ago

    Someone draw him sitting next to stingy

  57. hallmonitor98

    hallmonitor982 months ago

    his head is too small for his hands

  58. Tanner Harris

    Tanner Harris2 months ago

    I think of him as a glorious mix of the approachable kind heartedness of Mr. Rogers, and the stern bravado, tactful confidence and unflappable professionalism of Howard Cosell.

  59. Lucifer

    Lucifer2 months ago

    you can't make art but your existence is art itself you're God's gift to us mortals

  60. DovahKiinL

    DovahKiinL2 months ago

    There is this strange feeling I get when I watch his videos. I usually am very anxious and jittery,no matter how comfortable my surroundings get,I can never truly calm down and relax and appreciate my emotions and life.But these videos just fill some unknown void in my heart and emotions,almost as if my life is complete. It's a priceless feeling that only this channel can give.

  61. 神アニメ

    神アニメ2 months ago

    This guy should model suits for Companys they'd likely support u for reviewing thier product in your videos

  62. Caree Gaskins

    Caree Gaskins2 months ago

    At 6:20-6:25 Reviewbrah is The Joker!

  63. Emilia Susnjar

    Emilia Susnjar2 months ago

    man literally uses a straw inside a bottle of water. WHAT A LEGEND

  64. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess2 months ago

    I really enjoyed the fan art it should make you feel really good that people out there love you

  65. David Steven

    David Steven2 months ago

    Someday Reviewbrah's ties will be on display in the Smithsonian.

  66. Rita's Lithuanian Paranormal Network

    Rita's Lithuanian Paranormal Network2 months ago

    Wow it’s like making your life simple but getting back to the basics u should teach

  67. Quasar

    Quasar2 months ago

    May I just say that that is one ritzy jacket. Sharp style, man!

  68. GladoStone

    GladoStone2 months ago

    *doin business*

  69. FLÆM 'N

    FLÆM 'N2 months ago

    I when this god becomes sad my soul just shatters

  70. zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael

    zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael2 months ago

    11:51 looks like he's just about to sneeze or take a massive dump or he got his back hair waxed

  71. John Smith

    John Smith2 months ago

    Making videos is a art

  72. SegaCDUniverse

    SegaCDUniverse3 months ago

    That painting of you could be in someone's house and they would have no idea it was just some dude reviewing food on YT LOL

  73. Omero Diaz

    Omero Diaz3 months ago

    he drinking a bottle of water with a straw

  74. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie Mothe3 months ago

    "This was my earliest fanart, its from 1924..."

  75. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie Mothe3 months ago

    Only a *God* drinks water bottles with a straw

  76. Robert Calderon

    Robert Calderon3 months ago

    Reportbrah, You and I both look like Sheldon Cooper lol

  77. Ligma Balzaccian

    Ligma Balzaccian3 months ago

    Yes. Many people say "I cant draw" to fut in or seem cool. I literally have the inability to translate what i see to my fucking hands. Its frustrating cause i am literally on a 2nd grade level of drawing.

  78. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs3 months ago

    I just started watching you because I just love your style and personality. You are educated, I absolutely love the way you talk and think. Please use a coaster in the future.

  79. louisisfat123

    louisisfat1233 months ago


  80. JmastersJ

    JmastersJ3 months ago

    you you r just so likeable

  81. Patty Nielsen

    Patty Nielsen3 months ago

    this was such a fun video, thanks for the change up.

  82. Mjgirl55

    Mjgirl553 months ago

    I could listen to this man read the phone book and be immeasurably satisfied, and my day complete.

  83. Cat Eyed Witch

    Cat Eyed Witch3 months ago

    Your voice is of the finest silk.

  84. keith roberson

    keith roberson3 months ago

    Very good, alot of build-up with words to get to the point,in a matter of speaking .

  85. Swayzo Crazo

    Swayzo Crazo3 months ago

    He should change his name too reviewbrah.

  86. Henrietta Lore

    Henrietta Lore3 months ago

    I absolutely adore you!

  87. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon3 months ago

    Love your new York accent

  88. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon3 months ago

    All joking aside you seem like an awesome person your really kind and wholesome great job with the vids you should start rapping call you lil pip

  89. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon3 months ago

    Are you drinking out of an enema container can't be good brah

  90. Toxx The Wolf

    Toxx The Wolf3 months ago

    I'm a satanist, and i'm a edgelord.

  91. partylikeits1066

    partylikeits10663 months ago

    Reviewbrah I know you said you're a bad artist but I would love to see you do a bob ross painting

  92. Kaden The Human

    Kaden The Human3 months ago

    *_my disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined_* 23:32

  93. Jerzo Quest

    Jerzo Quest3 months ago

    So clearly this guy has been raised by senior citizens that is extremely apparent based off of his mannerisms the way he talks the way he presents himself and the fact that he's wearing his grandfather suits clearly they're his grandfather's because they don't fit him. Or rather even possibly they aren't his grandfather but his 90 year old fathers suits

  94. Programmer Sheep

    Programmer Sheep3 months ago

    Video starts at 4:55

  95. Olly Love

    Olly Love3 months ago

    Dude you enrich my life , tell us all what inspires you and what you do in your spare time

  96. Obi_Wan_Kenobi

    Obi_Wan_Kenobi3 months ago

    The workmanship of those folding closet doors behind you is amazing....the slats of wood are perfectly cut and stained. The carpenter must have been a master at his trade...those doors are perfection.

  97. Aaron B

    Aaron B3 months ago

    That's a nice tie. Just wanted to say. My God, picture 2 is very nice.

  98. Imnottellin Udontwannaknow

    Imnottellin Udontwannaknow3 months ago

    This guy is like my grandfather... he talks about a chicken nugget for 30 minutes

  99. hatul adom

    hatul adom3 months ago

    holy moly the water is really cold

  100. bing bingbung

    bing bingbung3 months ago


  101. michail sangiacomo

    michail sangiacomo3 months ago

    Wait was he born in ‘98 or 1908?

  102. uwu owo

    uwu owo3 months ago

    I wanna smash the female version of u

  103. Anastasia Bananastasia

    Anastasia Bananastasia3 months ago

    Thumbnail got me 😂😂😂

  104. Martin Shkreli

    Martin Shkreli3 months ago

    They painted him like one of their French girls

  105. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlaw3 months ago

    .... have you reviewed that water before?