I React to Fan Art


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    TheReportOfTheWeek4 months ago

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  2. CDrummer Gaming

    CDrummer Gaming7 days ago

    Love your channel!

  3. ludwigvonkoopa star

    ludwigvonkoopa star16 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek can't you ever shut the heck up.

  4. Landon YourNormalHunter

    Landon YourNormalHunterMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek that picture that you showed of you...... Well it not you everyone look at the hands it's a black man not thereportoftheweek hahahah get exposed

  5. Meshael Y Zebulun

    Meshael Y ZebulunMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek if your lonely can you meet up with joey and do a callob

  6. willian castaneda

    willian castanedaMonth ago

    “As you wish my lord”

  7. Potato Flaviano

    Potato Flaviano15 hours ago

    The viewing of the art starts in 5:02 your welcome

  8. Maureen Wietecha

    Maureen WietechaDay ago

    I've been wanting to create more art, but I never know what to draw. This video has inspired me and I think that the next time I go to draw something, I'll draw you. You're such an inspiring, genuine person and I admire you very much. Thank you for allowing all of us to peek into your life with these wonderful videos you make.

  9. Daniel yao

    Daniel yao2 days ago

    I think your are a great artist

  10. FaizaLKuntz

    FaizaLKuntz2 days ago

    Never known the doujins exist...

  11. Olivia Halsey

    Olivia Halsey3 days ago

    it's so refreshing to see a true original personality on youtube and just in general.

  12. Teresa Bordelon

    Teresa Bordelon3 days ago

    I ship you with my sister

  13. Quality Content

    Quality Content4 days ago

    "I React to Fan Art except it's only him saying 'female'"

  14. Cheyenne Cobain

    Cheyenne Cobain5 days ago

    Another great video sweetie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Azor Ahai

    Azor Ahai5 days ago

    Real life Yoshikage Kira

  16. Hawaiian Hippo

    Hawaiian Hippo5 days ago

    I'm SO confused at his age right now

  17. Broth

    Broth6 days ago

    Damn! You get such amazing art!

  18. LULHeHexD

    LULHeHexD6 days ago

    Look like a popipipkphhdggfvevtb f. Du,d comm uh uh brushy y Bev vrachttechnummer m Meervechtmans l loo

  19. Okus

    Okus7 days ago

    where's shads one?

  20. Noah Cobo

    Noah Cobo7 days ago

    9:37 *°^.F Ö Ö D.^°*

  21. Sam With Terrible Content

    Sam With Terrible Content8 days ago


  22. Un known

    Un known8 days ago

    Where are you Justin Y.?

  23. Vladimir Makarov

    Vladimir Makarov8 days ago


  24. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off9 days ago

    Why does he talk like that

  25. sgt Hale107

    sgt Hale1079 days ago

    I don't know HOW you can call the picture in the thumbnail "fanart"

  26. Lil Sandwish Meat

    Lil Sandwish Meat11 days ago

    I will send you fan art for the heck of it

  27. Adreain Sykes

    Adreain Sykes11 days ago

    that oil painting is amazing.

  28. }`{}{,{}{}{,{}

    }`{}{,{}{}{,{}12 days ago

    6:18 lmao

  29. LilaThe Real

    LilaThe Real13 days ago

    Please do a video discussing different suit styles with magazines and stuff!

  30. Muhammad Maaz

    Muhammad Maaz14 days ago

    We smile when review bruv smiles.

  31. Mr anony

    Mr anony15 days ago

    As usual superb vid

  32. Noodle !

    Noodle !15 days ago

    That's a straw in a water bottle

  33. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago

    I can't even imagine all the hentai of this that was made but not mentioned

  34. Eleazar Moraru

    Eleazar Moraru17 days ago

    I'm so happy i found this channel.

  35. Constantinos Kark

    Constantinos Kark17 days ago

    Does Reviewbrah shave?

  36. Jim Beaux

    Jim Beaux17 days ago

    Oh my God, the lapels on that jacket. And look at the cuffs, What is going with the shoulders? Are they tucked in somehow? You didnt buy that in the last two decades. Not new anyway. Please try to restrict yourself to suits that at least come close to fitting. You do reailze that the pocket with kerchief is not really supposed to tuck under your arm, I hope. Every time, I try to take you seriously, the clown suit gets in the way. How many videos have I now watched manfully restraining myself from mentioning the 1970s ties?

  37. Ashley Hernandez

    Ashley Hernandez18 days ago

    I think his videos are addicting because it feels like he really cares about you. His mannerisms, tone of voice, and general attitude toward life exude a calming caring feeling. It feels like we have all met this guy with an even temperament that slowly became a dear friend.

  38. Puggie

    Puggie18 days ago

    Words cannot express my love for this man.

  39. James Lawrence

    James Lawrence19 days ago

    Please cut your nails, please!

  40. Insane :3

    Insane :319 days ago

    5:04 Hes never seen a female before (whispering)

  41. Emilio Reyes

    Emilio Reyes20 days ago


  42. Lorenzo Chamberlin

    Lorenzo Chamberlin21 day ago


  43. metalmoshingmad777

    metalmoshingmad77722 days ago

    All the haters wish they could rock a dad suit like mah boy right here. Stay classy my bro.

  44. GAY GAY

    GAY GAY24 days ago

    five fifty three id fuck tht anime character

  45. GAY GAY

    GAY GAY24 days ago

    I think fan art is cringe

  46. GAY GAY

    GAY GAY24 days ago

    autistic abilites yeet!

  47. Mr. Dj cat

    Mr. Dj cat24 days ago

    looks like hp love craft

  48. [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco

    [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco25 days ago

    Dude i love your tie☺

  49. FILTHY prank

    FILTHY prank25 days ago

    11:47 the thumb nail

  50. White people simulator

    White people simulator26 days ago

    When you wake up in the morning and realize that you didnt die in your sleep: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  51. Genesis Ortiz

    Genesis Ortiz27 days ago

    He's adorable

  52. Christian Kelly7078

    Christian Kelly707828 days ago

    Thank you father

  53. Simona’s videos

    Simona’s videos28 days ago

    You are fascinating!

  54. GP Shurry

    GP Shurry29 days ago

    I can marry female reviewbrah

  55. earlline

    earllineMonth ago

    He reminds me of my Art teacher.

  56. bored with gaming

    bored with gamingMonth ago

    doEs hE hAvE a StRaw iN tHaT WaTer bOtTlE!?

  57. L3monPledge 253

    L3monPledge 253Month ago

    16:03 attempts to hold back laughter

  58. BattleRoyale Gamer

    BattleRoyale GamerMonth ago

    Love some of the art

  59. liam Leak

    liam LeakMonth ago

    You can't help but smile when he talks

  60. tank dempsey

    tank dempseyMonth ago


  61. Max Thompson

    Max ThompsonMonth ago

    This man is amazing

  62. Tyler Calhoun

    Tyler CalhounMonth ago

    Why isn’t anyone acknowledging the quick picture pop up at 6:22 ? 😂😂

  63. Shane Oehler

    Shane OehlerMonth ago

    ive always liked TROTP, but one thing that gets to me is HE HAS A STRAW IN A WATERBOTTLE💀😭 WHY BRO WHY😂😂😭😭

  64. Joseph Lipskii

    Joseph LipskiiMonth ago

    200 likes for this guy to make a vlog

  65. Ozirus Torres

    Ozirus TorresMonth ago

    I cant stop laughing after the flabbergasted 😂

  66. S. Stevens

    S. StevensMonth ago


  67. Dylan De Jong

    Dylan De JongMonth ago

    Keep it up bro!

  68. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd ChristmasMonth ago

    Do you mind if I draw you? Plus your p.o. box or so.

  69. *vi sh*i

    *vi sh*iMonth ago

    23:32 Theres Some Sort Of Replay Button On The Screen.

  70. Chinga Changa

    Chinga ChangaMonth ago

    You look like my ugly sister.

  71. David angeles

    David angelesMonth ago

    Are you single???

  72. Yee Yee

    Yee YeeMonth ago

    Alpino rat 😂. Don't worry I'm JK.

  73. Anime Lord

    Anime LordMonth ago



    GAMBANJUJJJMonth ago


  75. luzarius

    luzariusMonth ago

    11:31 wtf ... *sigh*.. *thumbs up*

  76. Zoop

    ZoopMonth ago

    You really remind me of my science teacher. He is EXACTLY like you.

  77. flower child

    flower childMonth ago

    your laugh in this was so adorable 😂

  78. Robert Kinoy

    Robert KinoyMonth ago

    F L A B B E R G A S T E D

  79. kitty fluffs

    kitty fluffsMonth ago

    You are honestly beautiful! A great muse for art especially for me personally

  80. Aslı Karenina

    Aslı KareninaMonth ago


  81. Elaine L

    Elaine LMonth ago

    i literally love you...😍😍😍

  82. Zyzor

    ZyzorMonth ago

    I don’t know how old the reviewbrah is, but I’d love to see him do whiskey reviews one day

  83. Connor Mayfield

    Connor MayfieldMonth ago

    This is better than fortnite

  84. TnZ ShuZZ

    TnZ ShuZZMonth ago

    I seriously don’t understand why people criticize u

  85. bee

    beeMonth ago

    I feel like his videos are so important because our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter but these feel like a nice chat with a friend and you lose track of time, it's great

  86. alfamonk

    alfamonkMonth ago

    Someone please help this chap to dress - that jacket is a large-lapel crime against fashion.

  87. Cecily Erker

    Cecily ErkerMonth ago

    This lad needs skinny ties and suits, he’s swimming in that jacket. Get thee to a reputable tailor!

  88. Angela Annalese

    Angela AnnaleseMonth ago

    Classy man

  89. Mariana

    MarianaMonth ago

    This tie is so beautiful, omg

  90. U a Stank

    U a StankMonth ago

    I feel like he low key is a savage and smokes hella weed idk 😂

  91. BK Kîdd

    BK KîddMonth ago

    Do fan mail

  92. ryan24287

    ryan24287Month ago

    *TheReportOfTheWeek Rule 34 Coming Soon*

  93. AJtheory

    AJtheoryMonth ago

    This guy has a very distinct, not typical Trans-Atlanctic / Mid-Atlantic accent

  94. AJtheory

    AJtheoryMonth ago

    I react to FAnaRT

  95. DigggBicck

    DigggBicckMonth ago

    Your existence itself is art

  96. Lane Amelia

    Lane AmeliaMonth ago

    Yesss the jack white one is perfect. I need a poster of it

  97. federico saviano

    federico savianoMonth ago

    I love that tie

  98. Ark

    ArkMonth ago

    this is the dude i'd let fuck my wife.

  99. lollipop blue

    lollipop blueMonth ago

    Is being dressed like that an everyday dress code,,,or do u do that for your vlogs

  100. Absolute Swords

    Absolute SwordsMonth ago

    He drinks from a bottle with a straw. Legendary.

  101. Absolute Swords

    Absolute Swords7 days ago

    thanks, if your looking for it just type in highschool dxd hero eyecatches

  102. DailyPhoneVlogsDPV

    DailyPhoneVlogsDPV7 days ago

    Absolute Swords I like your profile pic.

  103. Ash Majors

    Ash MajorsMonth ago

    You mentioned QSL cards? Are you referring to amateur radio by chance?

  104. aidan aldis

    aidan aldisMonth ago

    Brooooo I love the tie! Cool suit too.

  105. NormalPerson

    NormalPersonMonth ago

    He's such a great immortal, he even has pens in his polo pocket under his suit, even if he doesn't need them. Such a ready god.

  106. Rory 2 Berumen

    Rory 2 BerumenMonth ago

    What does this dude do as a job

  107. Nikolai Lopie

    Nikolai LopieMonth ago

    ReviewBrah is a Furry!111!!!!1!1

  108. Your old pal Raptor

    Your old pal RaptorMonth ago

    I expected furry OC art. Damn.