I React to Fan Art


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

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  2. V. F. D.

    V. F. D.2 days ago

    @Ward Junior my mom and dad got a divorce and neither one wanted me

  3. Ward Junior

    Ward Junior2 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek are you secretly Irish.

  4. Wowza Urugly

    Wowza Urugly11 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Imma go support

  5. V. F. D.

    V. F. D.Month ago

    69th reply! nice

  6. Anbie TM

    Anbie TM2 months ago

    I'm broke 😔

  7. linda handley

    linda handley5 hours ago

    That second painting of you is awesome. Very handsome and has a romantic feel to it.

  8. Kingslayer1314

    Kingslayer131411 hours ago

    What the hell was that making fun of Jesus tell me if I’m mistaken

  9. Sarah VanSickle

    Sarah VanSickleDay ago

    @13:53 subliminal *blip* message from review brah

  10. Chad Walker

    Chad WalkerDay ago

    you have such a kind soul

  11. CEMILY

    CEMILYDay ago

    Artemis Fowl Actor found

  12. Carly PhoenixAZ

    Carly PhoenixAZ2 days ago

    Wow talented artists!

  13. W.frances Mecke

    W.frances Mecke2 days ago

    9:27 is absolutely spectacular.

  14. G L O C K

    G L O C K4 days ago

    Visit london and review old landmarks and statues

  15. BIGshepherd 312

    BIGshepherd 3124 days ago

    "Review time Mutha*+$&@$!!!" My favorite one by far. A true 1930's fast food reviewing gangster

  16. N1GG3R B34TER 卐卐PrezDaNT 卐

    N1GG3R B34TER 卐卐PrezDaNT 卐4 days ago

    im gonna kick the guy ass becuase im a jock rahhhhh im a chad baby!!

  17. Lemmesmash -

    Lemmesmash -5 days ago

    ‘Hello ladies and gentlemen AND EVERYONE WATCHING’ he must be talking to his outer earth family

  18. She gone sicko mode

    She gone sicko mode5 days ago

    You're not an artist you're a work of art.

  19. Yoru sz

    Yoru sz6 days ago

    man your tie is everything, you have taste


    FORTNITE É GAY7 days ago

    man you talk too much

  21. EYEZonthePRIZE

    EYEZonthePRIZE7 days ago

    Great fan art! Good job artists.🤜🏼🤛🏼🎨

  22. my phantom mistress

    my phantom mistress7 days ago

    I've had to do the painting replication thing before lol I did starry night at least I think that's how you say and spell it

  23. karl heinz 14

    karl heinz 148 days ago

    i think he is on of the richest men in america, he looks so rich.

  24. Eljunior Cen

    Eljunior Cen8 days ago

    11:41 “it’s not gonna make you go *ITS DISGUSTINg*

  25. 6laderunner

    6laderunner9 days ago

    We must see this beautiful abstract painting... it would be worth thousands

  26. Sharon Ritchie

    Sharon Ritchie9 days ago

    You should use the fan art as your back drop. I’m surprised the artists don’t donate a copy to you. I oil paint and it’s very inexpensive to get a duplicate made. About $150 for my last oil painting.

  27. Etienne Tel'uial

    Etienne Tel'uial9 days ago

    8:23 that one was legit funny as fuck

  28. helga pataki

    helga pataki9 days ago

    *_blue chalice on point_* 5:50

  29. Misterity

    Misterity9 days ago

    Why does he remind me of sheldon cooper

  30. Bluey21731

    Bluey217319 days ago

    Besides the memes, your actually a good channel. Keep it uoy

  31. Lizard Man

    Lizard Man10 days ago

    That last one should be made in to a comic

  32. Facu Caire

    Facu Caire10 days ago

    in my 25 years of existence... i have never seen a more perfect hairline than that

  33. redsimonDE

    redsimonDE10 days ago

    The Burger King assassination picture had me LOL, it could definitely be heard outside :D Love that you use a Tommygun in the picture, to match the suit. :D

  34. チュソウジェイソン

    チュソウジェイソン10 days ago


  35. Shard Eboran

    Shard Eboran11 days ago

    SPARROW >.< The one that also draws amazing hentai mangas >.< whaaaaaat

  36. Rob Lynn

    Rob Lynn12 days ago

    What a geezer

  37. ur nan

    ur nan12 days ago

    Hey riview brah you make me laugh every day your chanel is amazing quirky and that's got me through some hard times I just wanted to say thank you so much for the content

  38. Pearl the rebel

    Pearl the rebel13 days ago

    If Reviewbrah does ASMR my life would be complete

  39. trentbateman

    trentbateman13 days ago

    Your benevolence is immeasurable

  40. John Gallentine

    John Gallentine14 days ago

    The whole thing where you wake up at night, put on a suit and then dont go anywhere, it depresses me.

  41. halavejus ciurkslys

    halavejus ciurkslys14 days ago

    Are u a psychopath sir ?

  42. Jacques Mesrine

    Jacques Mesrine13 days ago

    Are you a banjo playing, Dutch relative of his...?

  43. newest bear

    newest bear15 days ago

    Reviewbrah is appropriating Ebonics.

  44. Josie Devon

    Josie Devon15 days ago

    go off legend

  45. black mouth

    black mouth15 days ago

    Actually, that so called "abstract painting" its at MOMA.

  46. Hana Van Dal

    Hana Van Dal16 days ago

    I really wish I could see that picture You made in middle school. If it passed as a nice abstract painting, it's still a good painting. Making good abstract art is harder than just painting landscapes.

  47. agbrenv

    agbrenv16 days ago

    that fanart at the 7:10 mark, looks like it is an Archer (cartoon series) crossover

  48. Tiocfaidh ár lá

    Tiocfaidh ár lá16 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was related to Mr rogers.

  49. helga pataki

    helga pataki9 days ago

    my mind just came to a screeching halt.

  50. ImagineLord

    ImagineLord16 days ago

    How do u have 1.7m subs? U need more

  51. Arshad Mahmud

    Arshad Mahmud16 days ago

    So he tries to paint a landscape and people are at awe and see abstract. Amazing. You just got yourself a new subscriber.

  52. Edrielle Mons

    Edrielle Mons16 days ago

    Oh no!!!! Do not use straws remember the turtles

  53. MixedTape

    MixedTape16 days ago

    Your the only man i will let put a straw in a plastic water bottle


    CORTEZ CASTILLO17 days ago

    This man is more than a food reviewer, he’s a role model for my future children

  55. IDDI'S Nerd Cave

    IDDI'S Nerd Cave17 days ago

    4:25 He's drinking a water bottle with a straw. Now THAT is incredible.

  56. j shep

    j shep17 days ago

    You're one of the few MReporter Gods.

  57. KidouKenshi22

    KidouKenshi2218 days ago

    Wish our youth would be more like you then the world would be a better place