I React to Fan Art


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek7 months ago

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  2. DwF360

    DwF36019 days ago

    I love your videos

  3. CDrummer Gaming

    CDrummer Gaming3 months ago

    Love your channel!

  4. ludwigvonkoopa star

    ludwigvonkoopa star3 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek can't you ever shut the heck up.

  5. Landon YourNormalHunter

    Landon YourNormalHunter4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek that picture that you showed of you...... Well it not you everyone look at the hands it's a black man not thereportoftheweek hahahah get exposed

  6. Meshael Y Zebulun

    Meshael Y Zebulun4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek if your lonely can you meet up with joey and do a callob

  7. SegaCDUniverse

    SegaCDUniverseDay ago

    That painting of you could be in someone's house and they would have no idea it was just some dude reviewing food on YT LOL

  8. Omero Diaz

    Omero Diaz4 days ago

    he drinking a bottle of water with a straw

  9. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie Mothe4 days ago

    "This was my earliest fanart, its from 1924..."

  10. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie Mothe4 days ago

    Only a *God* drinks water bottles with a straw

  11. Robert Calderon

    Robert Calderon4 days ago

    Reportbrah, You and I both look like Sheldon Cooper lol

  12. Ligma Balzaccian

    Ligma Balzaccian5 days ago

    Yes. Many people say "I cant draw" to fut in or seem cool. I literally have the inability to translate what i see to my fucking hands. Its frustrating cause i am literally on a 2nd grade level of drawing.

  13. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs6 days ago

    I just started watching you because I just love your style and personality. You are educated, I absolutely love the way you talk and think. Please use a coaster in the future.

  14. z rtheytwins

    z rtheytwins6 days ago


  15. JmastersJ

    JmastersJ6 days ago

    you you r just so likeable

  16. Patty Nielsen

    Patty Nielsen6 days ago

    this was such a fun video, thanks for the change up.

  17. Mjgirl55

    Mjgirl556 days ago

    I could listen to this man read the phone book and be immeasurably satisfied, and my day complete.

  18. Cat Eyed Witch

    Cat Eyed Witch6 days ago

    Your voice is of the finest silk.

  19. keith roberson

    keith roberson7 days ago

    Very good, alot of build-up with words to get to the point,in a matter of speaking .

  20. Swayzo Crazo

    Swayzo Crazo8 days ago

    He should change his name too reviewbrah.

  21. Henrietta Lore

    Henrietta Lore9 days ago

    I absolutely adore you!

  22. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon9 days ago

    Love your new York accent

  23. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon9 days ago

    All joking aside you seem like an awesome person your really kind and wholesome great job with the vids you should start rapping call you lil pip

  24. Orbital DickBeacon

    Orbital DickBeacon9 days ago

    Are you drinking out of an enema container can't be good brah

  25. The glitchy Drawer

    The glitchy Drawer10 days ago

    I'm a satanist, and i'm a edgelord.

  26. partylikeits1066

    partylikeits106610 days ago

    Reviewbrah I know you said you're a bad artist but I would love to see you do a bob ross painting

  27. Kaden The Human

    Kaden The Human12 days ago

    *_my disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined_* 23:32

  28. Jerzo Quest

    Jerzo Quest12 days ago

    So clearly this guy has been raised by senior citizens that is extremely apparent based off of his mannerisms the way he talks the way he presents himself and the fact that he's wearing his grandfather suits clearly they're his grandfather's because they don't fit him. Or rather even possibly they aren't his grandfather but his 90 year old fathers suits

  29. Programmer Sheep

    Programmer Sheep12 days ago

    Video starts at 4:55

  30. Olly Love

    Olly Love14 days ago

    Dude you enrich my life , tell us all what inspires you and what you do in your spare time

  31. Obi_Wan_Kenobi

    Obi_Wan_Kenobi14 days ago

    The workmanship of those folding closet doors behind you is amazing....the slats of wood are perfectly cut and stained. The carpenter must have been a master at his trade...those doors are perfection.

  32. Aaron B

    Aaron B14 days ago

    That's a nice tie. Just wanted to say. My God, picture 2 is very nice.

  33. Imnottellin Udontwannaknow

    Imnottellin Udontwannaknow14 days ago

    This guy is like my grandfather... he talks about a chicken nugget for 30 minutes

  34. hatul adom

    hatul adom17 days ago

    holy moly the water is really cold

  35. bing bingbung

    bing bingbung17 days ago


  36. michail sangiacomo

    michail sangiacomo17 days ago

    Wait was he born in ‘98 or 1908?

  37. uwu owo

    uwu owo18 days ago

    I wanna smash the female version of u

  38. Anastasia Bananastasia

    Anastasia Bananastasia18 days ago

    Thumbnail got me 😂😂😂

  39. Martin Shkreli

    Martin Shkreli19 days ago

    They painted him like one of their French girls

  40. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlaw19 days ago

    .... have you reviewed that water before?

  41. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlaw19 days ago

    Where is the caaaaaaat???

  42. Josef Stalin

    Josef Stalin19 days ago

    7:14 he looks like Hermann Göring

  43. Wooden pineapple

    Wooden pineapple20 days ago

    OMFG did he drink from a bottle with a staw

  44. Wooden pineapple

    Wooden pineapple20 days ago

    I can tell your bad at art as MReporter is a form of art

  45. Alphonse Elric

    Alphonse Elric20 days ago

    5:00 video start

  46. blue cheese

    blue cheese20 days ago

    How much do I have to pay to get the review brah oil painting??

  47. Nyan Gatetoh

    Nyan Gatetoh21 day ago

    8:18 :')

  48. SomePolishDude

    SomePolishDude23 days ago

    Video starts at 4:40

  49. Massive Knob

    Massive Knob23 days ago

    *simply delicious*

  50. Yg Hr.n

    Yg Hr.n24 days ago

    it's kind of sadning how harsh you went on your own artistic abilities on this video jjust because you did a bad painting in middle school, i understand that you prepared yourself for weeks and was probably proud at the time of how the painting ended up just to get traumatized about the misunderstanding of others in what was your core objective at the specific painting... but, you see, personaly speaking here i one day decided to dedicate myself to art as a hobby, just for fun, and, 3 years later, i decided to review my drawings and paintings in a chronological order just to discover that it took me 768 drawings with each one taking at least 3 hours to be complete, to find the first drawing i was somehow proud of, it takes time and practic to get good at anything and you can't let a bad episode make you give up on something you did only once, the first time will always be horrible but art is not about how bad it is, is about how much you can improve it not for others but for yourself

  51. tashneethanda

    tashneethanda24 days ago

    Why do I want a collaboration between TheReportOfTheWeek and John Maclean??

  52. Jurky Monkey

    Jurky Monkey25 days ago

    *when reviewbrah drops a new Burger King review video* *whips out tommy gun* r e v i e w t i m e m o t h e r f u c k e r

  53. Captain Barodeft

    Captain Barodeft27 days ago

    My waifu was not supposed to be you. Help.

  54. Eugene Wright - 4PLA

    Eugene Wright - 4PLA29 days ago

    Very nice tie.

  55. arbington

    arbingtonMonth ago

    Wow I've had that same experience. I made a statue of a dragon in school. Tried my hardest of course. The teacher loved it, she wanted to enter it in the actual art competition and of course I said sure. It won second place! But in abstract art. It was always meant to be realism.

  56. Voivid

    VoividMonth ago

    You need a good watch

  57. Sekkar's PlayHouse

    Sekkar's PlayHouseMonth ago

    word art is better than graphic art. proof me wrong

  58. Weeaboo Media

    Weeaboo MediaMonth ago

    Only supreme gentlemen drink water bottles with straws.

  59. Iron Shredder

    Iron ShredderMonth ago

    It's quite ironic, given his personality, but I can't think of another MReporterr who would look more natural holding a Tommy gun.

  60. Blayke Rietman

    Blayke RietmanMonth ago

    Some of those arts where genuinely great

  61. doxen king

    doxen kingMonth ago

    5:00 why can't the internet just be normal

  62. Muhammad Saleh

    Muhammad SalehMonth ago

    I was just *F L A B B E R G A S T E D*

  63. THOTH

    THOTHMonth ago

    Theres no such thing as an awful artist. Thats the beauty of art, Its entirely subjective.

  64. melon musker

    melon muskerMonth ago

    You are the combination of lorde's face and lord voldemort's body. Which is good honestly.

  65. Mia. W

    Mia. WMonth ago

    Draw him like one of the French girls Jack. (Sorry if your name is Jack)

  66. Sad Kazoo

    Sad KazooMonth ago

    The oil painting needs to be in an art museum

  67. Shina93

    Shina93Month ago

    This wonderful individual calms my soul

  68. SuperWuffwuff mint

    SuperWuffwuff mintMonth ago

    I just came on your videos by coincidence but I can't stop watching. You are so fascinating, I mean how do you do this??? You are so... I don't even know what. Pure, classy, kind, I can't find the exact word for it. But you are one of the most fascinating peoples I've ever seen. And I have so many questions. God bless you, my friend, you are gorgeous!

  69. Griffith did everything wrong but Donovan not

    Griffith did everything wrong but Donovan notMonth ago

    This guy is ahead of our time

  70. Verity Marie

    Verity MarieMonth ago

    I love your reviews on this awesome art!!!! I like how you critique each one! So you may not “be” and artist, but it’s just as important in my mind, to have a huge appreciation for it; which you obviously do!! 🙂

  71. bolo yeung

    bolo yeungMonth ago

    This is by far the most positive and supportive comment section on MReporter. Good people bring the best in others. Keep it up you piece of shit so the internet becomes atleast as pure as your dirtiest cranny, you freak! Goddamn beautiful fagget. There needs to be more people like this Knob Jockey!!!

  72. D-Rabbit for

    D-Rabbit forMonth ago

    What a merciful and kind god, acknowledging the lower creations of his mortal servants.

  73. md saif

    md saifMonth ago

    U should be a host in a news channel. U have great voice, personality and u r a good presentor. U should look for big work. And dont lisren to the haters. They have always been there. If u look at history, the greatest people had haters too.

  74. Claw Cloud

    Claw CloudMonth ago

    Review of the week with Shane Dawson

  75. zul !

    zul !Month ago

    9:27 that?..... that could be at the Louvre, my wig is NON-EXISTENT

  76. Wake me when we get there Huh

    Wake me when we get there HuhMonth ago

    Only problem i have with this guy is, trim your fingernails.

  77. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekMonth ago

    My response: mreporter.net/v/video-ymo0WJd1w0w.html

  78. tard guard

    tard guardMonth ago

    Review brah can unhinge his jaw much like an Anaconda

  79. tard guard

    tard guardMonth ago

    He can completely engulf

  80. Nicholas

    NicholasMonth ago

    What color shoes would you wear with that color suit. I got a similar double breasted suit in that same color and wanna get shoes to go with it.

  81. Aidan Straw

    Aidan StrawMonth ago

    That painting should be available to buy a print in your merch shop. That is brilliant

  82. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerMonth ago

    Legends still has it. When a world needs a gentleman The reviewbrah will come levitating using a parasol

  83. ttgk

    ttgkMonth ago

    Ah yes the classic Starbucks straw in a great value water bottle

  84. Yo Mama

    Yo MamaMonth ago

    You look like you're in the slytherin house

  85. Marcus Papadopoulos

    Marcus PapadopoulosMonth ago

    so much passion in all the works of art its nice to spend time watching this great work magnificent.

  86. Stoned like Jesus was at my funeral.

    Stoned like Jesus was at my funeral.Month ago

    Ah, dunque costui è italiano

  87. Enrique azocar inost

    Enrique azocar inostMonth ago

    i really don´t understand the people who hate this guy...

  88. Hailey Andre Grantusa

    Hailey Andre GrantusaMonth ago

    I want to get in that huge gaping mouth, I wish I was a sandwich

  89. Jose Aguilar

    Jose AguilarMonth ago

    You should write a book

  90. PiXiL_G4l4XY :3

    PiXiL_G4l4XY :3Month ago

    Successful youtube channel :)

  91. Isaac

    IsaacMonth ago

    Reviewbrah is a vampire. He is pale. He's never in direct sunlight. He talks like an old guy, wears old clothes / vintage sense of fashion, as if he was born in a different era. Such a big vocabulary and way with words developed through many many years of being alive. Has no soul.

  92. your_homeboy

    your_homeboyMonth ago

    6:22 hahaha

  93. Isaac

    IsaacMonth ago

    Such a unique bloke

  94. Auditiel Ragingstar

    Auditiel RagingstarMonth ago

    You're kool

  95. Kratos314

    Kratos314Month ago

    The best one lmao!!!!! @ 6:21

  96. Abstract Monkey

    Abstract MonkeyMonth ago

    I'm fond of abstract things such as: monkeys, and ect..

  97. chas stacey

    chas staceyMonth ago

    You crack me up kid..omg...thanks for the smiles...

  98. Ro Thang

    Ro ThangMonth ago

    It’s a matter of perspective my friend

  99. Noir

    NoirMonth ago

    Real or not, I appreciate his ability to speak in a consistent transatlantic accent, that is quite a hard accent to master

  100. AhoytheNukes

    AhoytheNukesMonth ago

    I love it how when he says "My day is ruined" it sounds Brittish.

  101. stephen gates

    stephen gatesMonth ago

    you got some very talented fans

  102. Kev_ Bot

    Kev_ BotMonth ago

    When its 2018 but your stuck in the 40s

  103. うんざりする

    うんざりするMonth ago

    I'm waiting for a jojo edit. He does look like Yoshikage Kira guys. We need a mad lad to draw him as yoshikage kira. 16:59.

  104. bolts55

    bolts55Month ago

    Look into using a reusable straw moving forward.

  105. Missy Marie

    Missy MarieMonth ago

    Just when i thought I couldn’t love this kid more...he proves me wrong. Absolute adorable young man. 🙂His parents or whoever raised him, must be proud.

  106. wilim rice

    wilim riceMonth ago

    He put a straw in a water bottle

  107. RatLad

    RatLadMonth ago

    as much as people meme on review brah, he makes genuinely enjoyable contend to listen to while doing homework.