I Played a FAKE NikkieTutorials VIDEO GAME! OMG!


  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials9 days ago

    *HOW CRAZY IS THIS???* ... I should create my own game some day! 🤯

  2. Bubbles Cutie pie

    Bubbles Cutie pie4 hours ago

    Nikkie you are amazing!!❤️

  3. Um Aviiie

    Um Aviiie7 hours ago

    Yes👌😍But first sue lol

  4. minecraft boy

    minecraft boyDay ago

    NikkieTutorials hoi nikkie ik ben jammer dat je niet gewonnen heb in wie is de mol😭😭💞💞💞

  5. Billie Plays

    Billie PlaysHour ago

    that looks like loren gray dude

  6. Mrs Lewek

    Mrs LewekHour ago

    As a Polish person I am so sorry

  7. SHEEN Ashraf

    SHEEN Ashraf2 hours ago

    I absolutely love your attitude 🥰

  8. JenJenButton x

    JenJenButton x3 hours ago

    Never once have I not believed that you do this from the heart. We love you Nikkie ❤

  9. Inori Yuzuriha

    Inori Yuzuriha4 hours ago

    Coming from the gaming community and have also been watching another beauty guru and got this video as a recommendation - and WOW! You are so gooorgeous!! You look like you come from royalty! Even without makeup but jezuz! Im mesmerized with those eyes! 😍

  10. Christine Wever

    Christine Wever4 hours ago

    ... So did you sue them already or do I have to do it!?

  11. Marwa Mohammed

    Marwa Mohammed4 hours ago

    Omg I loved the look nikki Good job ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. X H

    X H6 hours ago

    I love your videos very much! I believe you and LOVE you lots!

  13. Kyra Xappel

    Kyra Xappel9 hours ago

    Waar zijn mijn Nederlanders?😂

  14. ArianaGrande Fam

    ArianaGrande Fam9 hours ago

    Who else looks “Wie is de mol..” En ja ik ben Nederlands 💗

  15. Blue Fox

    Blue Fox9 hours ago

    Did u have a lip fillers? They’re beautifully done I couldn’t even tell! 😮

  16. Jessi C

    Jessi C10 hours ago

    I love this look

  17. Janet Jung

    Janet Jung11 hours ago

    What’s Dutch for misappropriation?

  18. eh

    eh12 hours ago

    I played that and I was like I want her to play this game then boom you're playing it xD

  19. Sophia Cervantes

    Sophia Cervantes12 hours ago


  20. Eida Daia

    Eida Daia14 hours ago

    You're soooooo awesome Nikkie ! Never tired watching all your comments and beauty tips and makeup tutorials for years ! Keep it up girl ! 😙😙😙

  21. TheKMBSGirl

    TheKMBSGirl14 hours ago

    A girls gotta eat, so what, you have to make money, right or it’s not worth it. You can tell by your reactions that you are genuine.

  22. 01emercado01

    01emercado0115 hours ago

    Give the full tea sis

  23. Aninha Gomes

    Aninha Gomes15 hours ago

    Mds gente que menina linda

  24. Alyssa Hansen

    Alyssa Hansen16 hours ago

    I would probably sue the company. That is your likeness, you can sue them.

  25. Maria Clara Freire

    Maria Clara Freire16 hours ago

    Omg! I love it

  26. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicole16 hours ago

    It's a shame because that game looks fun. They should cut you s check.

  27. Zou zouhair

    Zou zouhair18 hours ago

    so, you could also play in horror film with that makeup.

  28. Mary Gill

    Mary Gill18 hours ago

    I honestly live for her Versace hair clip

  29. Yara Dijkstra

    Yara Dijkstra18 hours ago

    02:40 did she fart?

  30. Danielle Brinck

    Danielle Brinck19 hours ago

    Get a lawyer

  31. Vkook I Taekook Forever

    Vkook I Taekook Forever20 hours ago

    Is it like a trend to do your eyebrows off camera or something? 😂💜

  32. Sedef

    Sedef21 hour ago

    This eye make-up my wedding make-up. ;) I love it so thank you! Nikkie you're the best! Loves from Turkey x x

  33. Katie beisecker

    Katie beisecker22 hours ago

    i love the code system! or just say bought, given or affiliated in the bottom right or left corner

  34. Animatizando

    Animatizando22 hours ago

    Being honest, I played this game and had 0 idea of who you were, but yt just went BAM! SHE EXIST! So... New sub bae!

  35. maya achab

    maya achab23 hours ago

    The way she says “pause”

  36. Awkward Life Views

    Awkward Life Views23 hours ago

    Ok, love this video and love that you had fun with it and stuff instead of like making it a drama video. Love.

  37. Aya Xo

    Aya XoDay ago

    Who knows what the name of this app!!

  38. Anne-Merethe Ovesen

    Anne-Merethe OvesenDay ago

    Where did you get that beauty blender?

  39. lollypopgirl11 lol

    lollypopgirl11 lolDay ago

    dat ziet er best mooi uit though🙂

  40. xaltijdgamesx x

    xaltijdgamesx xDay ago

    Maby you can try the half face make up challange😘😘❤❤👏👏 youre the best

  41. Autumn Fox

    Autumn FoxDay ago

    Somebody is getting a call from the lawyers. XD

  42. Sprinkle_Frost_Fire Over9000

    Sprinkle_Frost_Fire Over9000Day ago

    Me:checks what time it is 12:52am “pfft it’s not that late” Nikkie:”sleep we don’t know her” Me:”so true” My sister:”are you still awake?!?”

  43. Ross Well

    Ross WellDay ago

    I found another one the other day! There's loads of them

  44. SavannaXJanela

    SavannaXJanelaDay ago

    She probably said me 2456755473456745456789587 times

  45. Reina Martinez

    Reina MartinezDay ago

    Wow you do your makeup so pretty. I love it

  46. Angela King

    Angela KingDay ago

    You do NOT have to tell us everything about how you got each product. If you have a PR package from someone, sure, tell us and we'll be excited for you. Of course disclose any affiliates in any way you need to legally, but anyone who bugs you about the way you fund this channel can just get over it! Half the reason we watch makeup videos is to see what products you love and try them ourselves, so why would anyone be upset that you get a benefit from telling us about it??? Do your thing, screw the haters. End rant.

  47. King Bambi.

    King Bambi.Day ago

    Sue em.

  48. Tobi is a Piece of Toast

    Tobi is a Piece of ToastDay ago

    Take a shot every time she says “this is me!!1!11”.

  49. 21donuts

    21donutsDay ago

    The symbols is a good idea!

  50. Isabelle Davis

    Isabelle DavisDay ago

    Your really fucking pretty

  51. Ashley knauth

    Ashley knauthDay ago

    No hay mujer fea solo mal areglada

  52. Åññîë Mäŷ

    Åññîë MäŷDay ago

    I love you and what ever you do I will support you 💕

  53. spiffy3334

    spiffy3334Day ago

    i love the symbol idea!

  54. MäddøxGręy1130

    MäddøxGręy1130Day ago

    You need to report this game rn. Cause that’s definitely you and they didn’t ask.

  55. Fran Vega

    Fran VegaDay ago

    Am I the only one that really appreciates that she talked about the sponsorship problem? I myself stopped loving her bc of it and now knowing what she told I can love her again like I did before ❤️❤️ thank you Nikkie for addressing the problem I’m very glad that you did I feel I can trust you again 🌸🌸

  56. emma allison's world

    emma allison's worldDay ago

    I want to play that game

  57. Witchhazel Eyes14

    Witchhazel Eyes14Day ago

    Let me say after watching all the crazy tea videos and watching this and head you y’all about honesty amongst the community I breathed a sigh of relief!! I love watching your videos. And although I don’t envy the amount of work you’ll have when it comes to categorizing product used, it’s appreciated... more so for your own honest then to let us know. Shows a lot about your character.

  58. Entertainment For You.

    Entertainment For You.Day ago

    Dislikes are more than likes?? I mean Really 😏 hello..!!

  59. Nina Van waes

    Nina Van waesDay ago

    Welk spelletje is da?

  60. Erin Armstrong

    Erin ArmstrongDay ago

    Why does she kinda remind me of the mom from a cinderella story 😂😂

  61. Riri

    RiriDay ago

    Is this game paying her? Feels like it! Honestly, can’t trust u anymore nikkie🙌🏻

  62. Sasha Nova

    Sasha NovaDay ago

    In the game🤯

  63. Sasha Nova

    Sasha NovaDay ago

    It litterly says heeello guys it's me Nikki 🤯🤯😨😨

  64. Jess World

    Jess WorldDay ago


  65. Susana Pena

    Susana PenaDay ago

    Subscribing to you because of this vid OMG😆😆😆

  66. Malcolm Rowlands

    Malcolm RowlandsDay ago

    U r soooo gorge it is impossible to look like u

  67. Sofía Alejandra de la Villa

    Sofía Alejandra de la VillaDay ago

    Please tell me you sued them

  68. laru c:

    laru c:Day ago

    you need to collab with simply nailogical skdksksks

  69. Elyssae

    ElyssaeDay ago

    nikkie suddenly has a lisp? or braces?

  70. Nathan Torres

    Nathan TorresDay ago

    If you want to boarder your videos you can put a thin boarder around the video whether it’s a gift, payed for, etc!! Like not too thick to where it’s in the way, but still there

  71. Irene Arco

    Irene Arco2 days ago

    Sue them

  72. Leanne Paula

    Leanne Paula2 days ago

    can’t wait for the lawsuit

  73. Leanne Paula

    Leanne Paula2 days ago

    Omg 😭😭😭😍😍😍

  74. Vihari the army

    Vihari the army2 days ago


  75. Luci Andrei

    Luci Andrei2 days ago

    Werk VERSACE

  76. Ashley S

    Ashley S2 days ago


  77. Katelyn harte

    Katelyn harte2 days ago

    She clicks the link and gets a virus

  78. Angelica Redaelli

    Angelica Redaelli2 days ago

    This look is BOMB 💣

  79. Chayenne Kroos

    Chayenne Kroos2 days ago

    Doe is een keer NL

  80. Λουάρχατη

    Λουάρχατη2 days ago

    today's Dutch/Nederlands word of the day is - Rechtzaak - Lawsuit 😂 😂 😂

  81. RobloxGirl

    RobloxGirl2 days ago

    James just left the chat ohhh wait James just came back to the chat

  82. Liv

    Liv2 days ago

    I like the symbols, that will be a good way to gain trust again.

  83. Julia Leonard

    Julia Leonard2 days ago

    When you started talking about "on a real note" I was like finally ❤️

  84. Abby Elyse Anderson

    Abby Elyse Anderson2 days ago

    Honestly I’ve never thought Nikkie pushed her codes a lot and I’ve been watching for years. Girl you don’t need to make anything right with us. Just keep loving makeup and making bomb content.




  86. Ale Sierra

    Ale Sierra2 days ago

    We all love you Nikkie❤️❤️❤️

  87. Bailey Gibson

    Bailey Gibson2 days ago

    Hey, I think that you're a wonderful and honest person. Even if you "went ham" for a bit, I think it's fine. If you can push a product that you like and make some money off it while saving your subscribers some money in the process, that's great. But I definitely think the idea of pop ups in the video can set a great precedent for other beauty gurus while calming the haters. I love that you care about remaining true to yourself on MReporter.

  88. kelli wickham

    kelli wickham2 days ago

    so I found the game (on of course an old youtube fave girlsgogames.com) and the description said this "Makeup and fashion trends are two things that Nicky knows all about! She’s a popular influencer, and she’s ready to share some of her favourite tips with you in this cute and cool makeover game. " no joke. They took your name and just spelled it differently.

  89. Emily Grinnell

    Emily Grinnell2 days ago

    .... It's a child game...Not that big of a deal, Do you ask permission to use make-up brands on YOUR MReporter channel?

  90. Trinity Smith

    Trinity Smith2 days ago

    I can't believe she just copied the game like that!

  91. Ashleia

    Ashleia2 days ago

    Gurl. I believe you. The world is not easy and especially not MReporter. We all have done stuff we are not proud of. So to all the people saying your being payed. You have done stuff you ain’t proud of so get over the past. Love you Niki

  92. Ryan wiltse

    Ryan wiltse2 days ago

    I love and respect Nikkie so much!!!! Ill support you forever!!

  93. Wu Maya

    Wu Maya2 days ago

    I really love your makup

  94. Kadyona Marie

    Kadyona Marie2 days ago

    all beauty gurus do this but when they ‘follow a tutorial’ they don’t really follow it...like she’s not using a product because it’s ‘too yellow’ but like gurl...that’s what the tutorial used. and if they use a brush you use a brush not your fingers. no hate tho, love you nikkie

  95. It's just Hay Hay Baker

    It's just Hay Hay Baker2 days ago


  96. Kira McLeod

    Kira McLeod2 days ago

    Even if someone was pushing their codes to get money it doesn't matter everyone has their own hustle and if that really makes you mad LEAVE!

  97. Sarah Janssen

    Sarah Janssen2 days ago

    Hahaha dat is toch gwn cool!!! :p

  98. Cuemilla A

    Cuemilla A2 days ago

    i love the idea of transparency, you don’t owe it to us but its a cool step towards more openess if you genuinely think it’s gone too far! hope all is well!

  99. Ana Maria

    Ana Maria2 days ago

    I'm from Brazil and I love your videos I'm from the northeast

  100. Dildo Vaggins

    Dildo Vaggins2 days ago

    The game is from polish website.

  101. aylish mckenzie

    aylish mckenzie2 days ago

    Omg that's crazy the glazed doughnut shook me xx

  102. Kay Lee Scifo

    Kay Lee Scifo2 days ago

    Omg that game!! Also yes i think the symbols would be a great system 💕

  103. Emily Espinoza

    Emily Espinoza2 days ago

    Just to help you, it don’t look like you!! It looks like you!!!!!!!