I'm Pregnant


  1. Tully Paul

    Tully Paul18 hours ago

    HATERS BACKS OFF love you colleen/miranda loving you guys and little Flynn from australia

  2. Miki Mecov

    Miki Mecov23 hours ago

    Doggy style perhaps? Just trolling,hehe

  3. Sophia Knowles

    Sophia KnowlesDay ago

    And now she has a child

  4. Julia Kardos

    Julia KardosDay ago

    "I've been eating a lot of pickles "

  5. Mrs คesthetic

    Mrs คestheticDay ago

    i just realized that this was posted on my b-day

  6. The Double A Batteries

    The Double A Batteries2 days ago

    Now baby Flynn is almost 3 months old❤️

  7. Katie kitkat

    Katie kitkat2 days ago

    The people who dislike this were crying so much with happiness they couldn’t tell the difference between the two buttons

  8. Jessica Lamontagne

    Jessica Lamontagne3 days ago

    1:00 lol

  9. Clocobear29 Of 07

    Clocobear29 Of 073 days ago


  10. Billy Horrible

    Billy Horrible3 days ago

    Wait no you’re not

  11. Amber XD

    Amber XD4 days ago

    When youre looking for comment from 9 mont ago

  12. Quirk Shop Studios

    Quirk Shop Studios4 days ago

    Me when I first watched this: Aww! She’s so amazing, I love her! Me when I watched it after she had the baby: Oh sweet girl, you had no idea what you were in for

  13. Aliyah Hickman!!

    Aliyah Hickman!!5 days ago

    Omg and now little Flynn is the cutest!!!!!

  14. Gach'ya Girlz

    Gach'ya Girlz5 days ago


  15. Krystal Burmeister

    Krystal Burmeister5 days ago

    Colleen congrats....on Flynn being so frikin adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Poppy Hunt

    Poppy Hunt5 days ago

    *flynn has joined the chat*

  17. Bianca Shamrock

    Bianca Shamrock5 days ago

    Who’s the baby daddy

  18. MrDogWoman CatGirl

    MrDogWoman CatGirl5 days ago

    I love how she says I won’t turn into a mom vlog channel buts she low key does.

  19. Irene Gacha

    Irene Gacha6 days ago


  20. clay works

    clay works6 days ago

    It became the pregnant mom vlog

  21. Gabriella Solis

    Gabriella Solis6 days ago

    Do u have another child??

  22. Jasmijn Zhu

    Jasmijn Zhu6 days ago

    I wish I was skinny....

  23. Ellery Ames

    Ellery Ames7 days ago

    Omg April 24 is my birthday!

  24. Georgia Williamson

    Georgia Williamson7 days ago

    omg april 24th is my birthday!

  25. Larieba Ali

    Larieba Ali7 days ago

    This is embarrassing? THIS is embarrassing!? Compared to everything else she's done, this is nothing. But that's why we love her ❤️

  26. unique_unicorns

    unique_unicorns7 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2019 after she gave birth????!!😋😀

  27. Gracie Supernaugh

    Gracie Supernaugh7 days ago

    This is the most sweet video ever!

  28. Ayishah Karim

    Ayishah Karim7 days ago

    The first “person” she told was her cat (vlog channel) The first “person” she told she was doing in labour was her cat That would be me when I’m older lol

  29. Andie

    Andie8 days ago

    I wonder what post pregnancy Colleen would tell Colleen at this point. 🤔

  30. Bethany Therrien

    Bethany Therrien8 days ago

    Baby flynn

  31. Addyson Kibby

    Addyson Kibby8 days ago

    did anyone else notice that the clear blue test was upside down

  32. Ashleigh Michelle

    Ashleigh Michelle8 days ago

    Can we have "I'm so pregnant" merch?

  33. Emily Strauss

    Emily Strauss8 days ago

    Where did you get those small pregnancy test strips?

  34. Shadow Fairy

    Shadow Fairy8 days ago

    I just watched this video again and I cried I’m so happy for you Watching this in 2019

  35. VioletUnicorn 918

    VioletUnicorn 9189 days ago

    Uhm yeah it’s kinda GROSS that y’all are telling us that you’re expecting when you’re sitting on the bed where y’all BOINK AND CONCEIVE!!

  36. Ashley's Corner

    Ashley's Corner8 days ago


  37. nancyvillalobosblogs

    nancyvillalobosblogs9 days ago

    Omg you found out you were pregnant on my birthday!!!

  38. ⌈ HiVocals ⌋

    ⌈ HiVocals ⌋9 days ago

    I remember in 5th grade, I'd had a student teacher work alongside my actual instructor, and she had called us to the center of the room to tell us she's pregnant. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks later, she wasn't in class for a few days strsight. I asked my instructor why she hadn't been showing up, and that was when she told us that the reason she wasn't here was because she'd had a miscarriage.

  39. Meryl Hamby

    Meryl Hamby9 days ago

    Who's watching this video In February 2019 when Flyn's already born? Watching this video reminds me of the utter amazement and happiness swing this notification pop up. Good luck Colleen ❤ So far you've Done amazing xx

  40. amazing arts.

    amazing arts.8 days ago


  41. Kaedence Brown

    Kaedence Brown10 days ago

    That’s the day before my b-day

  42. John Credeur

    John Credeur10 days ago

    Who disliked 😠😠

  43. Billy ROCKETT

    Billy ROCKETT10 days ago

    I don't Want to be Pregnent

  44. Ashley's Corner

    Ashley's Corner8 days ago

    Me neither

  45. Gacha101

    Gacha10110 days ago

    Who is here in 2019

  46. Camilla Heredia

    Camilla Heredia10 days ago

    I was so emotional through out this video

  47. Tina Gux

    Tina Gux10 days ago

    April 24th was when my niece was conceived

  48. Alma Velazco

    Alma Velazco10 days ago

    My heart dropped when she started crying

  49. Aubree Jordan

    Aubree Jordan11 days ago

    So cute

  50. Sarah Anne

    Sarah Anne11 days ago

    Look at her LOVING and CELEBRATING LIFE!!! This is such a precious gift! No one should ever terminate a pregnancy, Abortion is murder!

  51. Sarah Davis

    Sarah Davis12 days ago

    no pregnate mommy vlogs she's posted 28 videos about the baby. I love her I do but still

  52. Iconic Sister

    Iconic Sister12 days ago

    love that it says it is 7 months ago we love that 😂

  53. lbmockingjay l

    lbmockingjay l12 days ago

    I I a I am I am w I am wa I am wat I am watc I am watch I am watchi I am watchin I am watching I am watching i I am watching in I am watching in 2 I am watching in 20 I am watching in 201 I am watching in 2019 I am watching in 201 I am watching in 20 I am watching in 2 I am watching in I am watching i I am watching I am watchin I am watchi I am watch I am watc I am wat I am wa I am w I am I a I Like if you're watching in 2019

  54. nancy mata

    nancy mata12 days ago

    Ive seen all your baby vídeos, and i absoultly love them all!!!! You are so real and so honest!! I am a first time mom and can relate to you 100%. I love this channel, you are simply real its amazing!!! I hace cried in all of them!!!!! i love you i hope you can reply to my comment.

  55. Hannah Savage

    Hannah Savage12 days ago

    Who only just realised she was Miranda Sings?? Just me... Ok then well umm this is awkward 😶😶

  56. Marama Moon

    Marama Moon13 days ago

    I just watched the birth video for the 3rd time and I still cry every time! Love you so much Colleen!

  57. Aoife Sullivan

    Aoife Sullivan13 days ago

    this video needs more likes

  58. Vivi joy

    Vivi joy13 days ago

    a prego commercial came on right before this video ahah im dying

  59. Orot cat girl

    Orot cat girl13 days ago


  60. Alyssa O'Connell

    Alyssa O'Connell13 days ago

    Omg I love how she is complaining now but look how much she cried throughout her pregnancy lol Flynn is the CUTEST

  61. Jody-Ann Saintine

    Jody-Ann Saintine13 days ago

    Desolations resolutions Cricket pregnant

  62. lollipop anime

    lollipop anime14 days ago

    Aww im so happy for you

  63. Cheyan Nasdeo

    Cheyan Nasdeo14 days ago

    You and me both girlll!!!

  64. Yolanda Lewis

    Yolanda Lewis14 days ago


  65. Courtney Kitching

    Courtney Kitching14 days ago

    Don't cry colleen you will have beautiful baby boy


    OLIVIA RYAN15 days ago

    “This channel is not going to be pregnant mom vlogs” oh colleen... wait till u see the future...

  67. xo xo

    xo xo15 days ago

    where is eriks reaction???

  68. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae16 days ago


  69. Ellie Parkhurst

    Ellie Parkhurst16 days ago

    omg I just watched this for the tenth time I just finished watching your newest video

  70. Alma Paiz

    Alma Paiz16 days ago

    I cant belive jojo was surprised

  71. Rose Mejia

    Rose Mejia16 days ago

    How time flys..Hes already going to be 2 months on feb 13 and were the 7th.2019

  72. NormalGorl

    NormalGorl17 days ago

    Cant believe colleen had sex

  73. Yungmønster

    Yungmønster17 days ago

    *Who's here after one month of Flynn being alive? 💖💖*

  74. Thandie Ebanks

    Thandie Ebanks17 days ago


  75. nour assaleh

    nour assaleh17 days ago

    I nearly cried with her birth is so beautiful 😍 😭

  76. Jerry Tucker

    Jerry Tucker18 days ago

    Baby Flynn

  77. im just emmma 1

    im just emmma 118 days ago

    My birthday is on the 5th June

  78. Hailey H

    Hailey H18 days ago

    you were pregnant 2 days AFTER my birthday! (minus 24-2=22)

  79. Zero Nava

    Zero Nava9 days ago

    Pregnant 4 days before my birthday I don't even remember my birthday last year..

  80. Jessie G

    Jessie G18 days ago

    Anyone else watching again in 2019? It’s a boy and he is a happy healthy baby called Flynn 😊

  81. Dogz4life 4ever

    Dogz4life 4ever18 days ago

    “ I have to pee”

  82. Casey Sistrunk

    Casey Sistrunk19 days ago

    Who's here after Flynn was born

  83. Captain Pineapples

    Captain Pineapples19 days ago

    WOW! So happy

  84. Nobody The Blank

    Nobody The Blank20 days ago

    Few more months and then Flynn

  85. Kookie Be Looking Like A 3 Course Meal

    Kookie Be Looking Like A 3 Course MealDay ago


  86. Isabella Goneyay

    Isabella Goneyay20 days ago

    Whos ' here after baby flyn is born

  87. Emma Moore

    Emma Moore20 days ago

    You crying made me cry im so happy for you

  88. Emma Moore

    Emma Moore20 days ago

    You are the best mom ever and you should know that!

  89. KITTY Wisher

    KITTY Wisher20 days ago

    GURL im here with you ALL the way!

  90. Dorian Mendoza

    Dorian Mendoza20 days ago

    Cuando haces tu roomtur

  91. Emma's Everyday Life

    Emma's Everyday Life20 days ago

    5:03 “I also want you to know that this channel is not gonna become like, pregnant mommy vlogs” Me: oooooh *_-GURL-_* !

  92. Geronilon Valdesimo

    Geronilon Valdesimo21 day ago

    " A pregnancy mom channel " * throws up peace sign *

  93. Lolol ololololol

    Lolol ololololol21 day ago

    Congrats on baby Flynn!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. ainsleybug

    ainsleybug21 day ago

    Now you know what she's doing in her spare time LMAO

  95. Sor LoveFremmerZamika

    Sor LoveFremmerZamika21 day ago

    Im wathcing this again and im literally crying😢😍❤

  96. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith21 day ago

    2019 anyone

  97. AmyM Xx

    AmyM Xx21 day ago

    I’ve seen this video about 20 times and it makes my cry everytime😭💜now flynn is here and she is the mom ever!💓What a journey😭💖ugh it’s just the best😭🥰

  98. Elynore's Life

    Elynore's Life22 days ago

    Surprise Baby Flynn

  99. Kate Thumma

    Kate Thumma22 days ago

    Congratulations Colleen

  100. Isla McNamara

    Isla McNamara22 days ago

    How did people dislike this?!?!

  101. bethy ondongo-ezhet

    bethy ondongo-ezhet22 days ago

    Ohh félicitations

  102. Panda Love

    Panda Love22 days ago

    What happens to gabbie

  103. gossip Aysha

    gossip Aysha23 days ago

    0:45 aaaawwwn so cuuuuute

  104. Mariann Woodruff

    Mariann Woodruff23 days ago

    I want to be a mom to.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Rebekah Gregg

    Rebekah Gregg23 days ago

    When did you have 👉🏻👌🏻