I'm ONLY Keeping 20 Highlighters!


  1. Chad Orable

    Chad Orable4 hours ago

    PLEASE showcase the Moonlighters by Blackmoon cosmetics! I have the green, pink, and purple ones & never see anyone talking about them; but you understand what it means to truly glow! 💖

  2. Alisa Cox

    Alisa CoxDay ago

    I was doing my makeup this morning and realized I don't actually own a highlighter 😳 so I'm here to find out which one to buy!

  3. Ioana •

    Ioana •2 days ago

    omg,you should’ve gave me all the highlighters you thrown away

  4. Sienna Fagan

    Sienna Fagan2 days ago

    you look like amanda bynes lol

  5. Tianaz Bryant

    Tianaz Bryant5 days ago

    Wish has good highlight. You should rate them

  6. Tianaz Bryant

    Tianaz Bryant5 days ago

    Highlight, glitter and lip gloss is my fave makeup

  7. Lida George

    Lida George8 days ago

    You know something .. when i first read the title of this video my immediate response was could you give me the rest

  8. Thomas Toler

    Thomas Toler10 days ago

    Make a list of all your favs and post it somewhere and update it occasionally. 😬

  9. Abeer Shaikh

    Abeer Shaikh11 days ago

    Please sell the highlighters you don’t want anymore on poshmark! 😭

  10. Farahanie Yun

    Farahanie Yun11 days ago

    Rewatch all of Tati’s videos while waiting for the new one cause why not. My days feel complete after watching her video 😍😍

  11. youdont knowme

    youdont knowme12 days ago

    If i just want to get one highlighter which one should i choose

  12. qi hui

    qi hui14 days ago

    Tati, could u pls review soleil tan de chanel sheer illuminating fluid?

  13. Taylor Dickerson

    Taylor Dickerson18 days ago

    Love you Tati but I keep staring at your shirt collar lol

  14. Bleu

    Bleu21 day ago

    They all look the same to me?

  15. cloudy alyphant

    cloudy alyphant24 days ago

    I just using shimmer blusher for my highlighter. Fml lol

  16. Maddie A

    Maddie A24 days ago

    Tati is very confused on what air traffic controllers do 😂😂😂😂

  17. Rebekah W

    Rebekah W25 days ago

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this! So lovely of you to do that with Halo now! That's so good of you! But you scaling it down is huge! like to me anyway

  18. Andrea Reddrea

    Andrea Reddrea25 days ago

    Have you tried the urban decay after glow? It has 4 colors in it? I got it before I knew what to use it for and I totally love it.

  19. Lolita Lavender's K-beauty

    Lolita Lavender's K-beauty26 days ago

    Tati I own 2 highlighters. I own the dandelion twinkle from benifit and and cream puff from aoa studio from shop miss a

  20. Junkcock BEACH

    Junkcock BEACH27 days ago

    "only" But I get you. I, on the other hand, have a problem with photos 😅

  21. Linda Vasquez

    Linda Vasquez29 days ago

    Am I the only one that is thinking that they all look the same? Why do you need so much??

  22. Jay

    JayMonth ago

    Even though you have so many high lighters, the only thing that matters is that it works for YOU and YOU LOVE them. The same thing should go for everyone. Don't buy stuff just because someone else loves it. Aka influencers haha. You're going to waste so much money doing this because not everything will work for you even if it works for everyone else. You could buy french fries instead. Just stick to what truly interests you. You have your own style. If it works then great! If not, pass it on.

  23. syed ali

    syed aliMonth ago

    You should open a beauty salon 💇🏼‍♀️

  24. Houseofmad

    HouseofmadMonth ago

    The hydration part got me on the halo product. I have sickle cell anemia and hydration is a major part. i know its for skin, hair and nails but it might have an effect on helping me have less crisis. Im ordering my bottle and will let you know

  25. Ana Alonso

    Ana AlonsoMonth ago

    I would have loved to see which u DID get rid of?? That’s always fascinating to me.. 😘

  26. Allyson Valenzuela

    Allyson ValenzuelaMonth ago

    I am crying the swatches look so similar omg they are all the same 😂😂😂😂

  27. Sarah Roloff

    Sarah RoloffMonth ago

    lol the fact that tati had like 30 swatches down to her elbow gives me life 😂😂

  28. Bree Wyatt

    Bree WyattMonth ago

    This is gonna be the weirdest comment 🤦🏻‍♀️ but am I the only one who always notices how pretty her hands are?!!!

  29. Amélie Gagnon

    Amélie GagnonMonth ago

    This is Tati being iconic from start to finish.

  30. Anindya Aliftia

    Anindya AliftiaMonth ago

    softest voice i’ve ever heard

  31. Nana Shaw

    Nana ShawMonth ago

    20 highlighters is alot in my book

  32. Liva Ozolina

    Liva OzolinaMonth ago

    Declutters make me so anxious but I can't not watch this.

  33. Payton Hodge

    Payton HodgeMonth ago

    I love videos like these because you have had soooooooooooooo much and tested so much that it really helps to see what is the best

  34. Payton Hodge

    Payton HodgeMonth ago

    I have the master Crome highlighters I’m in love with them my fav is the drones one but the holographic one is terrible I was so upset when I tried it

  35. Payton Hodge

    Payton HodgeMonth ago

    This is a stupid idea but you should mix some of you highlighters and see what happens loved this video like I love all your other vids❤️❤️❤️

  36. Johnny Beresford

    Johnny BeresfordMonth ago

    I reallllly wish you would try the Illamasqua highlighter powders and cream highlighters! They’re sooooo so beautiful! And an Illamasqua haul would be so amazing to see you do! ❤️

  37. Gina Bee

    Gina BeeMonth ago

    What do you think about the jeffree star highlights?

  38. its jusstamy

    its jusstamyMonth ago

    Dunk me in highlighter and call me Tati

  39. anatolia0222

    anatolia0222Month ago

    'I'm only keeping 25* highlighters' *20 of which are essentially the exact same champagne colour

  40. karleman casebolt

    karleman caseboltMonth ago

    So just one question. Why did she not mention Jeffrey Star’s 24k pallet or other highlighter products he has. Even in her 20 lipstick video not one Jeffrey Star bullet sticks were kept or shown.??? Any thoughts or ideas?!?

  41. allison g

    allison g3 days ago

    she does have them and has said she loves them but she gets a lot of hate whenever she says that she likes his products

  42. Lizzie Francis

    Lizzie Francis6 days ago

    karleman casebolt his lipsticks and highlighters tend to be more dramatic colors and its not what she typically wears xD

  43. Smiley Girl123

    Smiley Girl1232 months ago

    Tati! You need to try Senna Highlighter. I swear you will fall in love. Best highlighter ever.

  44. Hayley Cadorette

    Hayley Cadorette2 months ago

    Can you please do some ASMR or bedtime stories because you have the most soothing voice of all time lol

  45. Audrey Weinlader

    Audrey Weinlader2 months ago

    Uhhhhh I have two highlighter palettes and one liquid highlighter. That's it

  46. Sophie Lorange Juul Olsen

    Sophie Lorange Juul Olsen2 months ago

    Do more of this kind of videos

  47. AmyJ

    AmyJ2 months ago

    No Jeffree Star highlighters?

  48. Pauline Veenbergen

    Pauline Veenbergen2 months ago

    I love your t-shirt!! Where is it from?

  49. Margaret Encabo

    Margaret Encabo2 months ago

    Should "Halo" be available in asia? 😍

  50. Lov!ingL!fe

    Lov!ingL!fe2 months ago

    How do you keep up with expiration dates on your make since you have whole sephora?

  51. Taylor Hope

    Taylor Hope2 months ago

    Tati where are your jeans from? 😍

  52. todamoka

    todamoka3 months ago

    they all look the same to me xD

  53. Nelly Rianto

    Nelly Rianto3 months ago

    slap by highlight angel 😄❤

  54. Rachelle Agnes Baculi

    Rachelle Agnes Baculi3 months ago

    Do bronzer, primer and setting powder. Pleeeeease? ☺

  55. Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade Stand3 months ago

    Highlighters are so addictive. I have like 10.

  56. Shani Schultz

    Shani Schultz3 months ago

    Which shade of the Milani hypnotic lights do you love?

  57. Gabrielle Cornford

    Gabrielle Cornford3 months ago

    where can you buy milani

  58. Alisha Johnson

    Alisha Johnson3 months ago

    Maybe a bronzer purge next please would love to see what ur tops are ;)

  59. Lily G

    Lily G3 months ago

    20 isn't a lot. I have 20ish highlighter too haha and I'm not even a makeup MReporterr.

  60. salima sultan

    salima sultan3 months ago

    Tati it sounds awful when you pronounce "ing" as "een" (as in work-een instead of working), and you do that with every word that ends in ing.

  61. Rosa Neely

    Rosa Neely3 months ago

    So which one is the best blinding highlighter???

  62. David Ezekiel

    David Ezekiel3 months ago

    Traviesa Teresa can keep my highlighter as long as she uses it.

  63. The banana Squad

    The banana Squad3 months ago

    “Only 20” I have two and they’re both samples 🤦‍♀️

  64. Alex 2 Xander

    Alex 2 Xander3 months ago

    Why are all of your t-shirts ripped on your right side? Is that supposed to be a style? '3'

  65. Poisongrl66

    Poisongrl663 months ago

    Those all look great, I was just shocked there was not even one JSC highlight though..hhhmm

  66. Glam by Emily

    Glam by Emily3 months ago

    Honestly I feel like I have even more highlight than that....🤦🏼‍♀️😪🤣

  67. Tiara Tisha

    Tiara Tisha3 months ago

    I have to many to count but cant part ways with any yet even with my Bobbi Brown which I never wear because it’s to glittery. I say I’ll wear it to a party but never go anywhere 😹

  68. Amal Malik

    Amal Malik3 months ago

    I don’t own any makeup and I am trying to figure out what to buy so I bought all the drugstore ones in this video.

  69. chibinobaachan

    chibinobaachan3 months ago

    I don’t understand her reason to trim down her collection. So what if she has an excessive amount of it? It’s her JOB. It’s like saying, ok, lawyers, let’s purge our files to only 25, we have too much. Like, I get that people think that makeup is very superficial and she has to justify it by saying she “loves makeup so much”, but I think that if it’s her job, it’s helpful to have as much information on hand as possible. Just my two cents.

  70. Jacki Berge

    Jacki Berge3 months ago

    you always throw in a funny zinger lol.

  71. Stuart Matthis

    Stuart Matthis3 months ago

    Only 20? OMG! Call 911! Useless dumbass!

  72. Aisha Muhammad

    Aisha Muhammad3 months ago

    *swipes highlighter on hands, wrists, arms. Basically covers self in highlighter * 😂😂😂😂

  73. Aisha Muhammad

    Aisha Muhammad3 months ago

    Currently binge-watching your videos and I love it! 😀

  74. Erin Swag123 Ryan

    Erin Swag123 Ryan3 months ago

    Tati obsessing over highlighters for 4 minutes straight

  75. Savannah Smith

    Savannah Smith3 months ago

    Where did you get your bracelet cuffs? Stunning!😍

  76. Stacy Swanton

    Stacy Swanton3 months ago

    So this should of been called “I’m only keeping 33 highlighters” 😂😂😂

  77. Sam

    Sam3 months ago

    what goes on with your shirt? is it broken on the left neck-schoulder-side? 🤔

  78. Mister Turk Turkle

    Mister Turk Turkle3 months ago


  79. ShellyBeauty Official

    ShellyBeauty Official3 months ago

    This video is too relatable for me

  80. Jasmine Bonilla

    Jasmine Bonilla3 months ago

    I don’t even have one.

  81. Kali Wyman

    Kali Wyman3 months ago

    I have 2 highlighters

  82. Sarah Stafford

    Sarah Stafford4 months ago

    I love how by the end your swatches are like 4 fingers 😂😂😂😂

  83. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE

    Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE4 months ago


  84. vmfeyjoo

    vmfeyjoo4 months ago

    Can you list them in your description box?

  85. Sarah Katherine

    Sarah Katherine4 months ago

    i love these and i will go back and watch them when I feel like treating myself to see what i need to add to my collection!

  86. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez4 months ago

    i love how you clean out your makeup and donate the rest . inspiration girl. you inspire all of us

  87. ariadna buendia

    ariadna buendia4 months ago

    I love you Tati. I'm subscribed. Pick me

  88. july rjdney

    july rjdney4 months ago

    I wish a had that many highlighters I would swim in a bath of them ahah

  89. Grace Shen

    Grace Shen4 months ago

    I'm not really a highlighter type of girl, maybe I should give it a try....

  90. heythisistiana

    heythisistiana4 months ago

    I was waiting the whole video for the essence pure nude :(

  91. smiley

    smiley4 months ago

    The tshirt tho 🤔

  92. nadia akther zahara dost

    nadia akther zahara dost4 months ago

    I don't have one also

  93. 1stepcl0ser

    1stepcl0ser4 months ago

    Keeping 3 items from one brand doesn’t mean it’s one item lmao

  94. welter davin

    welter davin4 months ago


  95. Beth Thomas

    Beth Thomas4 months ago

    And as usual Americans forget that there is the rest of the world that could possibly want their products. Sigh.

  96. Nina

    Nina4 months ago

    Tati PLEASE !!! go on with These Series. I love it. Next Bronzers, Blushes and brushes and Lipglosses.... PLEAAAASSSSEEE. :-* This is soooo helpful!

  97. Mistress Undead

    Mistress Undead4 months ago

    Must be horrible to have to keep only 20. I can't even afford one.

  98. VadersPetPig

    VadersPetPig4 months ago

    Can men use Halo beauty. I want my skin to change too...

  99. Amanda S

    Amanda S4 months ago

    SO proud of you and Halo ❤

  100. kellykellykelly30

    kellykellykelly304 months ago

    Which MILANI HYPNOTIC HIGHLIGHTER color is it????

  101. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith4 months ago

    I'm not a beauty guru, and I have 10 highlighters, I can't imagine how you managed to pair it down!

  102. Hanan Hafiz

    Hanan Hafiz4 months ago

    I just love how happy and excited she is in this video. Makes me happy too :)