I'm Getting a Tattoo Designed by YOU When We Hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS..


  1. Richard Robinson

    Richard Robinson14 hours ago

    My name is 👑

  2. Unicorn Deany

    Unicorn Deany6 days ago

    Where’s the intro

  3. Liv Luv

    Liv Luv10 days ago


  4. Anastasia Dubois

    Anastasia Dubois11 days ago

    Get subnautica tattoo

  5. Dulguun Galbadrakh

    Dulguun Galbadrakh12 days ago

    Who dares deslike dañnnnnnnnnnnn

  6. Dulguun Galbadrakh

    Dulguun Galbadrakh12 days ago

    You are aaaawesome can I beeeeeeeeeeeee your bigist fannnnñnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  7. Maya Zadjali

    Maya Zadjali13 days ago

    We already did

  8. Ryszard Rzehorzek

    Ryszard Rzehorzek17 days ago

    im watching this at 21 mil subs

  9. Isabelle C

    Isabelle C20 days ago

    I know who's eyeliner it is. It's Jemma's.

  10. Sage Torbush

    Sage Torbush22 days ago

    It should be a dimoned with 20mil on it

  11. Brandon O Se

    Brandon O Se26 days ago

    You have 21 subs dan

  12. Savannah Fogarty

    Savannah Fogarty26 days ago

    lol you now have 21 million when I see this

  13. Jamie Robinson

    Jamie Robinson27 days ago

    It happened

  14. Crystal De La Cruz-Casas

    Crystal De La Cruz-Casas27 days ago

    I MReporter how does kidding Get a tattoo of yourself

  15. Crystal De La Cruz-Casas

    Crystal De La Cruz-Casas27 days ago

    I MReporter how does kidding Get a tattoo of yourself

  16. ugandan knuckles know da wea

    ugandan knuckles know da wea28 days ago

    ive been here since you had 100,789

  17. Kayla Rosen

    Kayla RosenMonth ago

    Hu oops I sneezed but u are my favourite youtuber

  18. Isla Tulloch

    Isla TullochMonth ago

    Hhhh you have makeup💄💄💄💄💄💄

  19. 5 Fingers

    5 FingersMonth ago


  20. Official Pugs

    Official PugsMonth ago

    You got 21 mil sooo

  21. LinkBeteenGames 13

    LinkBeteenGames 13Month ago

    Dantdm please make a ‘I let a fan do makeup on me’ video please

  22. jojosjojo jojo

    jojosjojo jojoMonth ago

    Talk to me I just want you to talk to me back please you want to answer you have my own MReporter channel but I know if you can get it supposed to say jojosjojo

  23. Rachel Boyd

    Rachel BoydMonth ago

    YAY!!! 21mil

  24. Bts Viksa

    Bts ViksaMonth ago

    21 mil?

  25. Artgrl5

    Artgrl5Month ago

    You have 21 million subscribers

  26. Ulfar Hrafn Thordarson

    Ulfar Hrafn ThordarsonMonth ago

    i em from iceland

  27. Kim ennis

    Kim ennisMonth ago

    A poop💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  28. Cele st

    Cele stMonth ago

    DANTDM20MILTATTOO a daimond!

  29. Natasha Brommage

    Natasha BrommageMonth ago

    Omg why

  30. Jade Paw

    Jade PawMonth ago

    Aww..I don't have twitter or insagram

  31. EJ pranks

    EJ pranksMonth ago

    Don’t dislike dantdm

  32. Stephen Gallagher

    Stephen GallagherMonth ago

    Do a poop emoji

  33. nick giles

    nick gilesMonth ago

    Dan you have to menee subskrivs but i love his canl

  34. nick giles

    nick gilesMonth ago

    Dan is so cool

  35. Sidney Genthner

    Sidney GenthnerMonth ago


  36. Armandoo B.

    Armandoo B.Month ago

    Oh yeee yeee

  37. sranga48

    sranga48Month ago

    Congrats for 21 million

  38. Steven Horne

    Steven HorneMonth ago

    congrats for 21 mil

  39. zigo bite

    zigo biteMonth ago

    Wow im 2019

  40. gacha sweet heart spicer

    gacha sweet heart spicer2 months ago

    I have no twitter sowwyyy

  41. libby johnson

    libby johnson2 months ago

    Hashtag Dantdm20milliontattoo

  42. libby johnson

    libby johnson2 months ago

    U can have♥️♥️ thankuguysforthe... 20 million subscribers With flowers around it

  43. Frederik0709

    Frederik07092 months ago

    we hit 20.000.00

  44. Tim Holmstrom

    Tim Holmstrom2 months ago

    no 56k

  45. Kody Saar

    Kody Saar2 months ago

    Go back to cleaver not please

  46. Roxie Rodz

    Roxie Rodz2 months ago

    No a diamond

  47. Roxie Rodz

    Roxie Rodz2 months ago

    Little pug,,,,,,,,!

  48. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith2 months ago


  49. Exploding Pandagirl

    Exploding Pandagirl2 months ago

    Dan you sure you want to do this you will have it forever even once you pass 20mil

  50. Scarleaf 0

    Scarleaf 02 months ago

    Almost 21 mil. Get that tatto boi

  51. Midnight Mushroomk

    Midnight Mushroomk2 months ago

    20 DanTDMil

  52. Imagine World

    Imagine World2 months ago

    a tattoo that says 20 mil

  53. BruhIts Alicia

    BruhIts Alicia2 months ago

    I remember when you didn’t even have 1 mil subscribers

  54. Kunal the Hydra

    Kunal the Hydra2 months ago

    20 m

  55. Electrik Melon

    Electrik Melon2 months ago

    **gets 20 mil tattoo** **reaches 30 million** well fu-

  56. amy radford

    amy radford2 months ago

    hey dan I sent you some fan mail hope you get it please put it on a video from david radford

  57. Joseph Vasquez

    Joseph Vasquez2 months ago

    You already have 20mil subs

  58. Tony Batten,

    Tony Batten,2 months ago

    im only 12 but my dad is a tattoo artist and is amazing he doesnt do shops he makes people come around our house ad e does them

  59. Johanna Andreani

    Johanna Andreani2 months ago

    Dan what's your thoughts on furries?

  60. Todd Gorney

    Todd Gorney2 months ago

    Ok where is the vid,ndid you lie because I'm salty

  61. Glitter D.i.y.s & more

    Glitter D.i.y.s & more2 months ago

    You have 20k!Where's the tattoo?

  62. Lucas Lawhon

    Lucas Lawhon2 months ago

    there is 20 mill right now

  63. Bella’s LOL World TV

    Bella’s LOL World TV2 months ago

    I was the one who subscribed to you so you could get to 20 milllion You’re the BEST!!!!

  64. the brotato

    the brotato2 months ago

    i have only seen youtubers with 10,000 subscribers!you are AMAZING!!! :3

  65. Emma Ockwell

    Emma Ockwell2 months ago

    # Avenge time tato

  66. Slobodan Vucinic

    Slobodan Vucinic2 months ago

    I AM

  67. Alexander Gibson

    Alexander Gibson2 months ago

    You have 20 million subscribers.

  68. EXLdada

    EXLdada2 months ago


  69. Angela Castro

    Angela Castro2 months ago

    i think you should do 2 mil with bule fire around t

  70. SuperKitten

    SuperKitten2 months ago

    u have 20 mil now cus I subscribed

  71. Justin Ortiz

    Justin Ortiz2 months ago

    Can u play more tomadaci life plz

  72. Ryan Loudermilk

    Ryan Loudermilk2 months ago

    i used cleverbot

  73. Poppy Fasulo

    Poppy Fasulo2 months ago

    Do u have Tik Tok ???

  74. Arctic Fox

    Arctic Fox2 months ago

    do a BUNNY

  75. Bella Wannajaroen

    Bella Wannajaroen2 months ago

    I’ve bean here for soo long here’s proof I’ve bean a fan when he was playing Minecraft

  76. Jayden Kerr

    Jayden Kerr2 months ago

    Bad idea dan

  77. דן שטיינברג

    דן שטיינברג2 months ago

    20an TDM

  78. Natalie Moon

    Natalie Moon3 months ago

    You have 20 million now

  79. 4HØRIZØN

    4HØRIZØN3 months ago

  80. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover3 months ago

    This was posted on my bffs bday!

  81. Ava Valasek

    Ava Valasek3 months ago

    Wait....... I’m watching this while he has 20 mil...........did he get the tat????

  82. Eda Zhou

    Eda Zhou3 months ago

    dan i love your videos

  83. Debbie N

    Debbie N3 months ago


  84. unicorn person

    unicorn person3 months ago

    Who else is watching 2018

  85. lpsgirl 1234

    lpsgirl 12343 months ago


  86. P3isTheName Vid

    P3isTheName Vid3 months ago

    Hay dan time to get that tattoo


    FORTNITEWAIOR3 months ago


  88. Sleepy Pandas

    Sleepy Pandas3 months ago


  89. The Riptides

    The Riptides3 months ago

    Get a fortnite tatue

  90. ur trash kid lol

    ur trash kid lol3 months ago

    Ok here . 20 /l/l l l

  91. Mary Garrett

    Mary Garrett3 months ago

    Dan I want to play with you and put me in your video

  92. Awesomevidkid Awesomevidkid

    Awesomevidkid Awesomevidkid3 months ago

    Use this do a bloody scar to scare Jemma.🤟🏻👻

  93. ChurnedTurtle

    ChurnedTurtle3 months ago

    my pet egg died

  94. Flossie Lund

    Flossie Lund3 months ago

    I’m watching this at the time you have 20m GOOD JOB DAN!!!!

  95. Brayden Roy

    Brayden Roy3 months ago

    # dantdm20miltato

  96. billie hazelton

    billie hazelton3 months ago

    do your logo

  97. Lila Dunajska

    Lila Dunajska3 months ago

    I am i bad artyst

  98. Nayr Stephen de Luna

    Nayr Stephen de Luna3 months ago

    Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow i wil not give you a tattoo😈

  99. Carly Heath

    Carly Heath3 months ago

    Have you got it on your arm yet i really want to know. do you know what disine you are going to do. and is it going to be pugs and 20mil sign on your arm. andI hope you get this coment. and thank you if you did. bye.

  100. red wolf

    red wolf3 months ago


  101. red wolf

    red wolf3 months ago

    y e s i t i s y o u r s