I Hire A Celebrity Personal Assistant For A Week


  1. Mr Amxrhan

    Mr Amxrhan2 days ago

    Modern slave :)

  2. Ricky Bondalapidiah

    Ricky Bondalapidiah3 days ago

    i need an assistant for rolling spliffs

  3. Glockney Productions

    Glockney Productions3 days ago

    Kane doesnt need him tf

  4. Mask Mike

    Mask Mike4 days ago

    more like personal slave

  5. Caroline Panico

    Caroline Panico4 days ago

    I want Kevin to have a MReporter channel!

  6. Aj Yee

    Aj Yee9 days ago


  7. xenon

    xenon10 days ago

    i know he enjoys his job buy why do i feel bad

  8. Big Bird

    Big Bird10 days ago

    So a personal assistant is like a maid?

  9. sneek

    sneek11 days ago

    5 days is a week??

  10. NguyenTV

    NguyenTV13 days ago

    Your assistant did it for you and you sound sarcastic 3:42

  11. haku xoxo

    haku xoxo13 days ago

    I feel bad

  12. Mutttistic

    Mutttistic16 days ago

    *Wait wait hold on **3:21** is that the poo-pourri?*

  13. Mak Shaughnessy

    Mak Shaughnessy17 days ago

    Does anyone else noticed that they said "hire" instead of "hired"

  14. Zhouyuelin

    Zhouyuelin19 days ago


  15. Queenofwheels

    Queenofwheels19 days ago

    Kane was really nice. He could have been a jerk.

  16. 18jvickers

    18jvickers19 days ago

    These personal assistance need more respect they are so good and would do anything for your needs or to make u happy

  17. Frostbite Gaming

    Frostbite Gaming20 days ago

    I just tripped think I sprained my aNcLu3 THE SHOE MUST GO ON!

  18. Dunia Undso

    Dunia Undso21 day ago

    0:17 *thinks* he's hella busy the shade hahaha

  19. lil yeet

    lil yeet22 days ago

    Tell me the name of that hoodie your wearing please (with the roses)

  20. Devin Cullen

    Devin Cullen23 days ago

    Kevin-“ Kane is really easy” as he walks around in crutches lol

  21. Shirley Toussaint

    Shirley Toussaint24 days ago

    Kevin is so going to be in demand now, lol.

  22. Idek Anymore

    Idek Anymore25 days ago

    Urgent care for sprained ankle? I get those like once a week 😂

  23. John David

    John David25 days ago

    Started the week on 2 legs, ended the week on crutches. Best boss ever.

  24. Ruth Admasu

    Ruth Admasu27 days ago

    I would make the parted for him

  25. Hannah Stein

    Hannah Stein28 days ago

    Once I saw that Chinese food i am now craving some

  26. Maxine pexman

    Maxine pexman28 days ago

    This is kind of concented slavery

  27. Games And MORE

    Games And MORE29 days ago

    happy eid every muslim i wish everybody has a nice year

  28. Eddie Chen

    Eddie ChenMonth ago

    support players irl

  29. BaraSenpai

    BaraSenpaiMonth ago

    But where can I get that top Kane is wearing at 7:17 ????????

  30. wizzard thief

    wizzard thiefMonth ago

    people dont event have a home and those are too lazy for doing the chores😠😠

  31. Emilie Schuyler

    Emilie SchuylerMonth ago

    *cough* Jaehee Kang *cough*

  32. Margarita Duran

    Margarita DuranMonth ago

    Awesome video

  33. xXToasted_LlamaXx

    xXToasted_LlamaXxMonth ago

    I've sprained my wrist twice and I didn't get any medical care either time 😐😐😐😐😐😕

  34. Sauce God

    Sauce GodMonth ago

    Kevin is the goat

  35. kermit the frog

    kermit the frogMonth ago

    I need a personal assistant

  36. Hunter Rowland

    Hunter RowlandMonth ago

    I have all birds

  37. xxx tentacion

    xxx tentacionMonth ago

    *give me a handjob*

  38. ElenaIceWolf

    ElenaIceWolfMonth ago

    Idk why but if i had a personal assistent i wuld feel guiltry all day every day

  39. KeiyaValecourt

    KeiyaValecourtMonth ago

    So random but I would love to work for buzzfeed or any creative focused company. So lucky (although I'm sure they work hard for their positions).

  40. Deema Zoloto

    Deema ZolotoMonth ago

    hire the rock for muscle madness

  41. soloseraphim Heartsong

    soloseraphim HeartsongMonth ago

    People always want a PA to make themselves feel important. Most people are just bad at time management. People are terrible.

  42. BWQK1

    BWQK1Month ago

    he's wearing his mom's shirt! so cute!

  43. Stirling yeet

    Stirling yeetMonth ago

    Buzzfeed always freaks out about being offensive in any way and in their videos everything is always equal, but did you guys really have to have a hommosexual black "personal assistant"

  44. Cameron McGehee

    Cameron McGeheeMonth ago

    He called the iMac a laptop...

  45. Craft_a_million

    Craft_a_millionMonth ago

    Ne video idea: Teens get celebrity personal assistance for 2 weeks

  46. i choose each of my senpai's

    i choose each of my senpai'sMonth ago

    when i become famous imma hire kevin

  47. Henrik Wiesner

    Henrik WiesnerMonth ago

    lmao he a slave

  48. malane qi

    malane qiMonth ago

    i hope theyre friends now #teamkevin

  49. malane qi

    malane qiMonth ago

    marty is such a good boy it makes me miss my doggo

  50. Sneakyclips

    SneakyclipsMonth ago

    Hey assistant would you remind me to breathe please thanks

  51. Jacob Ma

    Jacob MaMonth ago

    lookit then lips

  52. The Ninja waffle

    The Ninja waffleMonth ago

    You yes you you've probably seen me around you tube Your wondering why I am saying this and now your like whaaaa how does he know and now your yelling out loud oh heg nah and you are now wondering if I am a mind reader

  53. Dryve

    DryveMonth ago

    Yall should hire Kevin at. Buzzfeed

  54. Renhao Zheng

    Renhao ZhengMonth ago

    nah kane is just lazy af

  55. Amber Binderup

    Amber BinderupMonth ago

    Marty is sooo cute !!

  56. Guillermo Robles

    Guillermo RoblesMonth ago

    Why do people give doge human names?????

  57. Faikah Ismail

    Faikah IsmailMonth ago

    if kevin is easy to work with...which need an assistant to remind him to drink water for every 2 hours...i don't know what "difficult" people do to their personal assistant...hope they paid their assistant enough for that!

  58. Lezody -

    Lezody -Month ago

    ,,i really want to get 1500 for it,i wanna impress``. *sells it for 800*

  59. LopsidedGrub

    LopsidedGrubMonth ago

    I would hate being an assistant

  60. sixx Magco

    sixx MagcoMonth ago


  61. Keilaea Solorio

    Keilaea SolorioMonth ago

    Kane is wearing the sweater his mom bought him Lol 😝

  62. Dachelle Wright

    Dachelle WrightMonth ago


  63. Brianna Nolan

    Brianna NolanMonth ago

    Kevin is so awesome!

  64. Stephen Richards

    Stephen RichardsMonth ago

    i’d be scared tbh ... directly telling an assistant what to do is weird

  65. Hosam R

    Hosam RMonth ago

    wtf is wrong with you can do them yourself in half a day

  66. DrParmesan

    DrParmesanMonth ago

    I paused the video at about 5:20 to have a glass of water.

  67. RCRTPA Conner

    RCRTPA ConnerMonth ago

    What breed of dog is that?

  68. LeverUp

    LeverUpMonth ago

    I need to know that girl on the left during the agency part

  69. roppoqi

    roppoqiMonth ago

    9:36 how much tho, i'm curious lol

  70. Xavier Maxey

    Xavier MaxeyMonth ago

    You forget to drink water🙄

  71. Gabe Silva #73 Official

    Gabe Silva #73 OfficialMonth ago


  72. Gabe Silva #73 Official

    Gabe Silva #73 OfficialMonth ago

    Kane looks li,e Jeremy Lin

  73. Sophie Shaw

    Sophie ShawMonth ago

    biggest shock of the video was the fact that they went to urgent care... damn.. they really do have money at buzzfeed

  74. GH M

    GH MMonth ago

    I want a Kevin!!!!!! How much does it cost to have a personal assistant? I don't have a lot of stuff to do, but I have tons of things I don't want to do.

  75. Mikel l

    Mikel lMonth ago

    Why dose that one girl look like Patrick form the smith play

  76. CHIKENUGGET slerpe

    CHIKENUGGET slerpeMonth ago

    Last time I checked a week is 7 days

  77. Julio Cortes

    Julio CortesMonth ago


  78. KiwiBroz

    KiwiBroz2 months ago

    Bruh you’re actually so lazy

  79. Liam McCoart

    Liam McCoart2 months ago

    having a dog is not like having a child u fucc

  80. Ninja Killer

    Ninja Killer2 months ago

    i want to know if u were mad when u drank this water at 5:32

  81. dominique danyel

    dominique danyel2 months ago

    Reminding you to drink water is annoying. You are annoying. Lol

  82. Parth Patel

    Parth Patel2 months ago


  83. Explorer Genetic

    Explorer Genetic2 months ago


  84. Innocentia Ansah

    Innocentia Ansah2 months ago

    ADD all the way!

  85. Gigi E. Stippich

    Gigi E. Stippich2 months ago


  86. Matt Lang

    Matt Lang2 months ago

    Kane just plain lazy. Shame.

  87. matt cano

    matt cano2 months ago

    crutches for a sprained ankle?

  88. FakeWafflez

    FakeWafflez2 months ago

    For everyone looking for the song at 6:19 it’s called Wing span Martin Felix your welcome

  89. jessica farren

    jessica farren2 months ago


  90. Ryleigh Phillips

    Ryleigh Phillips2 months ago

    I sprainded my ankle 3 weeks ago and the doctor said I have to wait 6 weeks for it to heal feel better Kevin

  91. rajae chlau

    rajae chlau2 months ago

    And now I want a personal assistant

  92. Ji-Eun Kim

    Ji-Eun Kim2 months ago

    Kevin is great at doing vlogs haha

  93. szorohov85

    szorohov852 months ago

    give kevin ajob here. he will shine

  94. Katherine Cortez

    Katherine Cortez2 months ago

    The fact that he had to be reminded to drink water like boiii

  95. Jon Diaz

    Jon Diaz2 months ago

    I hired a professional prostitute for a day

  96. Tianna Rojas

    Tianna Rojas2 months ago

    After the party...? They wanted to take him and check and see if he was ok? Lol jeez

  97. NYCDom

    NYCDom2 months ago


  98. Ramya Gururajan

    Ramya Gururajan2 months ago

    kevins cute🔥🔥

  99. العالم بالعربي

    العالم بالعربي2 months ago

    5:12 I need here name

  100. Yash

    Yash2 months ago

    Personal A̶s̶s̶i̶s̶t̶a̶n̶t̶ slave