I Hired A Celebrity Personal Assistant For A Week


  1. thesoldier

    thesoldier18 hours ago

    Holy Beautiful

  2. KingDomofSkeough

    KingDomofSkeough20 hours ago

    Having someone to remind you to drink water? Ffs c'mon

  3. GiaKai Lim

    GiaKai LimDay ago

    Kevin is pro.

  4. ElementalWolf

    ElementalWolfDay ago

    Kevin's great...

  5. hoo man

    hoo manDay ago

    good job Kevin!

  6. keuliseutin

    keuliseutinDay ago

    omg kevin's wave at 8:33 is so cute :")) oh man i love him

  7. ActiveX

    ActiveXDay ago

    I sexually identify as a frog.

  8. Cosmic Pomegranante

    Cosmic Pomegranante2 days ago

    He should’ve just let the assistant keep the money from the mac if he’s paying him.

  9. thomas diver

    thomas diver2 days ago

    “I’m exited to do this so I can become a proper adult”. Because adults can’t do things themselves

  10. Winber Wen

    Winber Wen3 days ago

    Personal assistant seems have no personal life

  11. cjwall2

    cjwall23 days ago

    How much $$$ though?

  12. Rasheed Viray

    Rasheed Viray4 days ago

    I tought its George Hill

  13. Siddhanth K

    Siddhanth K5 days ago

    Can someone tell me which breed marty is ??

  14. 6kchea !

    6kchea !5 days ago

    Team kevin!

  15. Christian Robertson

    Christian Robertson5 days ago

    Kevin made unwanted sexual advance towards me, my mother an my father while he was my assistant

  16. Hannah Saxton

    Hannah Saxton5 days ago

    I think being a personal assistant would be super fun. 😂 But it would also be fun to have one

  17. Chiken Nugget

    Chiken Nugget5 days ago

    Lmfao I have the same shirt Kevin has on friday

  18. Chiken Nugget

    Chiken Nugget5 days ago

    Kevin looks like Trevor ariza

  19. RagingGamer2128

    RagingGamer21285 days ago

    Boi you thirsty drink some water it’s been 2 hours

  20. Robin  Brown

    Robin Brown5 days ago

    You had to be reminded to drink water?? Dude, set a timer on your phone. If this guy actually had an assistant all the time....he would be acting like a male Celene Dion or something.....DIVA!!!

  21. Dieseryanis

    Dieseryanis5 days ago

    where can i find this guy

  22. Cool16

    Cool166 days ago

    I have sprained my ankles a billion of times but I never go to the doctor I let nature take its course and about a day the pain goes away. It hurts sometime when I walk but then it heals

  23. bluewker

    bluewker6 days ago

    Kane is so useless. Can't make a Craigslist post, can't buy a pair of shoes.

  24. Christian Robertson

    Christian Robertson5 days ago

    that Kevin job bich

  25. issa princess

    issa princess6 days ago

    did he get pay good? i like these guys ❤

  26. Lankku :P

    Lankku :P6 days ago

    W8 drinking water is difficult huh

  27. nishank nick

    nishank nick7 days ago

    how much did they get pay for one day. .?

  28. Jed

    Jed8 days ago

    you look like the guy version of Marina Taylor from Cut

  29. Lucy Sherriff

    Lucy Sherriff9 days ago

    Team Kevin!

  30. Ella Cummins

    Ella Cummins9 days ago


  31. Paperism

    Paperism9 days ago

    This sounds like a fulfilling job! I would love to help people and make their life easier.

  32. Mryna Manalang

    Mryna Manalang9 days ago

    #team kevin

  33. S S

    S S9 days ago

    That girl is a goddess

  34. Ash Chauhan

    Ash Chauhan9 days ago

    What a nice guy still happy even though he hurt him self

  35. Ella Stepan

    Ella Stepan9 days ago

    If you want to be a proper adult take care of your own resposibilitys

  36. Pasuteru _

    Pasuteru _10 days ago

    Its the outfit his mom choose for him 😍❤❤❤

  37. Valentin Yi

    Valentin Yi10 days ago

    Soo how is the hair transplant doinng mah boi? Someone please update meee

  38. Angelo jan

    Angelo jan10 days ago

    Now i feel like having one

  39. Jade XII  Azuma  Navas

    Jade XII Azuma Navas11 days ago

    0:25 he wore the clothes his mom picked

  40. IPandaZ

    IPandaZ11 days ago

    Kevin knows how to vlog

  41. Ananli Tofita

    Ananli Tofita11 days ago

    Personal slave

  42. Karma Mcgowan

    Karma Mcgowan11 days ago

    I wish I had Kevin

  43. Mario Rangel

    Mario Rangel12 days ago

    Kevin is a good blogger . He should have his own youtube channel to take us around other assistant jobs.

  44. AlwaysAllen

    AlwaysAllen12 days ago

    Trash shoes

  45. Wolf Pack

    Wolf Pack12 days ago

    Kevin looks like Tom from parks and recreation when he smiles

  46. Raine Mueller

    Raine Mueller13 days ago

    Kevin should work for buzzfeed. Everyone loves him


    MISTURRR BEEST14 days ago


  48. MySmallBox

    MySmallBox14 days ago

    Can he study for me

  49. Kevin Gonzalez

    Kevin Gonzalez14 days ago

    Thanks guys!

  50. Paola Mejia

    Paola Mejia14 days ago

    Kevin rocks

  51. this account is dead

    this account is dead14 days ago

    Is that the dog daycare Jenna Marbles goes to??

  52. Diamond Ross

    Diamond Ross14 days ago

    "Thinks he's hella busy"

  53. C a s h C a r t i

    C a s h C a r t i14 days ago

    kevin needs a fat cone

  54. elmagnificodep

    elmagnificodep15 days ago

    His phone doesn’t have the capability of a scheduled alarm to drink water?

  55. Pepper Squad

    Pepper Squad15 days ago

    Kevin your a cool dude man

  56. SuperHorseman22

    SuperHorseman2215 days ago

    i would hire kevin for a week as well

  57. KC Designs

    KC Designs15 days ago

    Kevin is awesome! :)

  58. Znapaznarf

    Znapaznarf17 days ago

    Where can I get that hoodie tho

  59. Salmaan Khan

    Salmaan Khan17 days ago

    Boring as hell 😒😒😒

  60. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez17 days ago

    Kevin is a goat iDC he had to remind him to drink water it’s like he needs to remind u to breath

  61. Bianca Munguia

    Bianca Munguia17 days ago

    he has a very similar voice to ricegum lol

  62. clickbaited

    clickbaited18 days ago

    Ahh the noise in the back is so annoying

  63. Double Gamer

    Double Gamer18 days ago

    hིeི lིoིoིkིsི lིiིkིeི dིaིeིqིuིaིnི

  64. Niromada

    Niromada19 days ago

    Kevin is the goat

  65. Wade Lavender

    Wade Lavender19 days ago

    I need a 🖥

  66. JER000 000

    JER000 00019 days ago

    The personal assistant kinda look like george hill and trevor ariza

  67. Asher Troutman

    Asher Troutman20 days ago

    His Channel is LGBT Stories btw

  68. Hannah Wedekind

    Hannah Wedekind20 days ago

    dude I need one do u think he could do my math homework

  69. Ashley Hickmott

    Ashley Hickmott20 days ago

    Task 11. Say subscribe to BuzzFeed

  70. Roberto Muniz Filho

    Roberto Muniz Filho21 day ago

    you looks like a lazy prick... I would never work for a celebrity

  71. tommy snowy

    tommy snowy22 days ago

    Kevin you amazing bruh hope your leg is okay!

  72. Skkrt

    Skkrt22 days ago

    What type of breed is that dog?

  73. Typical Kangaroo

    Typical Kangaroo22 days ago

    This just reminds me that time management​ is very important in a busy life.

  74. The Master

    The Master22 days ago

    Song at 6:22?

  75. Anthony Stewart

    Anthony Stewart23 days ago

    Ever notice how the BuzzFeed office is like the lamest gender studies department ever? Seriously, do they even bother hiring any straight black males or non-pierced, "non-white", straight black females? 😂 Don't get triggered, just laugh and keep it moving.

  76. Violeta Cardenas

    Violeta Cardenas23 days ago

    I love kevin😭what a sweetheart

  77. Dr. Fortnite _

    Dr. Fortnite _23 days ago

    My parents Sell allbirds they are so Comfy!!!

  78. Adam Margulies

    Adam Margulies23 days ago

    What type of shoes are those?

  79. Delillah Jasmine

    Delillah Jasmine23 days ago

    I love Kevin

  80. Saro Frenda

    Saro Frenda23 days ago

    What's the price of one?

  81. It's Sunny

    It's Sunny23 days ago

    New bf?

  82. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge Rodriguez24 days ago

    I feel like he’s just lazy 😂

  83. Malachi

    Malachi24 days ago

    Slavery lowkey😬

  84. Roxana Spiridon

    Roxana Spiridon24 days ago


  85. Effort Defines Me

    Effort Defines Me24 days ago

    Kevin's voice reminds a lot about Gary Vaynerchuck, but calmer 😅

  86. Zecto Mask

    Zecto Mask25 days ago

    I would have bought that iMac ;_;

  87. Dilo12d

    Dilo12d25 days ago

    Kevin seems so nice

  88. Amber_ Playz

    Amber_ Playz25 days ago

    Jaehee and Jumin

  89. Emily December

    Emily December26 days ago

    Wait....isn't he wearing the desired sneakers in the segment before the unboxing where he's taking instagram pics?

  90. Vadar Dosky

    Vadar Dosky26 days ago

    If Kevin had a MReporter channel I would totally subscribe.

  91. David hang

    David hang27 days ago

    Used IMac for 800? Dafuq

  92. Cynthia Garcia

    Cynthia Garcia27 days ago

    So true. I was an executive assistant . . It covers so much in duties. .. .

  93. Raymond Ma

    Raymond Ma27 days ago

    Slaves I love them too

  94. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin Gonzalez27 days ago

    Best video of all time

  95. Teddy Duncan

    Teddy Duncan27 days ago

    Pay Kevin like 2 million dollars

  96. Gergő Gulyás

    Gergő Gulyás27 days ago

    How can somebody be so unviable

  97. Kj3len

    Kj3len27 days ago


  98. Dirt Skemmerz

    Dirt Skemmerz28 days ago

    I sprained my ankle when I was 11 years old at school and I just went home putting ice on my ankle while he needs crunches ( I'm not hating but just saying ). Hope you feel so much better Kevin 😊

  99. Sophie JM

    Sophie JM28 days ago


  100. RGXD

    RGXDMonth ago

    Soooooo slavery???

  101. Alexei Harper

    Alexei HarperMonth ago

    Marty needs his own channel!

  102. The Virgo Amigo!

    The Virgo Amigo!Month ago

    Liked for Kevin.