I have a brain tumor.


  1. Courtney Siu

    Courtney Siu3 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and bring awareness to brain tumors in young adults. I have an inoperable brain tumor in my cervical spine, and I make the same jokes. A brain tumor is the ultimate get out of anything card. An inoperable tumor is a gold mine for jokes

  2. Gene

    Gene4 days ago

    Idk how though

  3. Gene

    Gene4 days ago

    Simone we hope your tumor gets better

  4. Young Suit

    Young Suit7 days ago

    I had a friend Grant Suhs who got diagnosed with a brain tumor on April Fool's Day. He would later do a comedy special called Brain Humor.

  5. milk milk

    milk milk10 days ago

    im sorry for your situation stay strong you will make it and be stronger for it!

  6. Sidd Realz

    Sidd Realz11 days ago

    You got this! Stay strong! I died for eight minutes so I know you will kick ass! Your peeps will get you through! God bless! Keep your humor! You Rock!

  7. Brian Vallejo

    Brian Vallejo12 days ago

    I broke in tears too!!! Simone, I kind of feel your struggle with this situation, I know you came up well of this, you have upload new videos after this one, I haven´t seen them, I don´t want to spoil myself. I can confirm you that is possible to live after losing an eye, in my case because it was literally taken off in a robbery. It´s hard to get used to the eternal blind spot, but it´s possible. You had, have, and will have all these people that seems care about you, and that will be your best support when get through rough ssituations just like this. Anyway, you won´t probably read this, but I had to express myself. And the first thing I would do if I get across you, would be give you a hug, even before saying “hello”. And that probably would freak you out, jajaja. As you are the queen of shitty robots, let me be your knight of the rusty armor jajaja #LongLiveToTheQueen #LongestComment #JustLoveTumorHumor

  8. Big Solid Boss

    Big Solid Boss12 days ago

    Never watched your video, but I subscribed. Get well soon.

  9. raman singh

    raman singh13 days ago

    You are cutest girl i have ever seen in my life. i wish could marry you 😔

  10. Musing Around The House

    Musing Around The House14 days ago

    Brian the brain tumor dies in endgame

  11. Məhəmməd Osmanlı

    Məhəmməd Osmanlı15 days ago

    Pray to ALLAH he will help you about that

  12. RABAT 1 DU NOM

    RABAT 1 DU NOM16 days ago

    She's not an ugly Cryer she's a contagious cryer mah bad

  13. Ashok Mk

    Ashok Mk17 days ago

    Get well soon. Looking forward to more vedios.

  14. Mamali Rap

    Mamali Rap17 days ago

    God bless you.. And all sick people s

  15. Cheyanne Brown

    Cheyanne Brown18 days ago

    The 3.9k dislikes are from people who make even shittier robots

  16. Alexander Kristoffersen

    Alexander Kristoffersen20 days ago

    I year ago today. So glad to see you alive and well

  17. john shead

    john shead21 day ago

    my mother, still alive, had a brain tumor removed through her ear and behind her ear. I was a long surgery, she survived but ended up with stroke-like symptoms and can not use that ear anymore.

  18. Paula Cox

    Paula Cox22 days ago

    Prayers ❤

  19. James Barfay

    James Barfay22 days ago



    INFINITY BLING23 days ago

    3.9k dislikes u guys are heartless

  21. Sofia de Vos

    Sofia de Vos24 days ago


  22. Michael Hickman

    Michael Hickman27 days ago

    Hope everything goes smoothly! I'll be praying for u

  23. TomatoNut

    TomatoNut27 days ago

    I̶ ̶h̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶

  24. Nausicaa Conan

    Nausicaa ConanMonth ago

    Sorry!!! 😭😭😭

  25. Rima SOFIA

    Rima SOFIAMonth ago

    awwwww love ui

  26. RH Wag

    RH WagMonth ago

    You are a BadAss! Go girl

  27. ryan cook

    ryan cookMonth ago

    I also have a brain tumor in my head they found it when I was 16 they told me I had 6 months to live. the brain tumor is still in my head they did not do surgery and I am 32 years old with no problems Keep positive and love yourself

  28. carole Hayden

    carole HaydenMonth ago

    My gallows humor got me through cancer!! You rock.

  29. FANTASYbac0n

    FANTASYbac0nMonth ago

    I pray for you

  30. Erica Powell

    Erica PowellMonth ago

    My mom has a brain tumor that was wrapped around her pituitary. She did have spinal fluid come out of her nose and she had to get surgery through her nose and head. Sense it was wrapped around her pituitary there were many concerns that she would lose a lot of nerves or a lot of other stuff so i understand.

  31. Skinny Bookworm

    Skinny BookwormMonth ago

    I'm so sorry about that thank god it's not able to contract cancer I hope you will be okay we love you no matter not ❤❤

  32. adela m.

    adela m.Month ago

    You are helping voice our ideas so well. The majority of us cry and suffer alongside our families. It's scary!

  33. Lucy Haverty

    Lucy HavertyMonth ago

    I feel so bad for this girl I’m crying 😭

  34. uFr0z3

    uFr0z32 months ago

    How did you find out, What symptoms you had? (I pray for you!)

  35. Ashdevon Music

    Ashdevon Music2 months ago

    i don't understand how/why some people would dislike this video...

  36. Gary Trautmann

    Gary Trautmann2 months ago

    I have no idea why so many people did don't like. I am happy I found you on MReporter so I know you will be back.

  37. Darkestday1

    Darkestday12 months ago

    Hope to see more 🤖 You can win this fight 🙏

  38. Mackle McGrath

    Mackle McGrath2 months ago

    You could get a shitty robot eye! (Well, you had your chance!

  39. Turd World

    Turd World2 months ago

    I avoided this video for 10 months of constant recommendation. Because I can't see her like this. It hurts.

  40. Mr. Glitchy

    Mr. Glitchy2 months ago

    Sorry for you😥

  41. Sean Espinosa

    Sean Espinosa2 months ago

    Btw space is the shit

  42. le tigre de sibéri

    le tigre de sibéri2 months ago


  43. Devil Suchomimus

    Devil Suchomimus2 months ago

    I came here from NerdeCrafter. You just got a new subscriber. Good luck with everything. 😅

  44. Alli Bya

    Alli Bya2 months ago

    I do too

  45. Vadja Vadiks.

    Vadja Vadiks.2 months ago

    Hey. i feel painfull things in my brain. and i talk same strange. i hear strange. and now i see. my eyes hurts..

  46. ツShreya

    ツShreya2 months ago

    Omg you need to go for a scan right now! I hope you'll be fine. I'll keep praying for you.

  47. Skyrim Load orders & More

    Skyrim Load orders & More2 months ago

    i looked up oh look, cancer as a meme. but then i found this

  48. Kevin Lyon

    Kevin Lyon2 months ago

    Gawd you are an ugly cryer... J/K you are a beautiful person by every objective measure.

  49. Anatole Debierre

    Anatole Debierre2 months ago


  50. Lizotte Nadine

    Lizotte Nadine2 months ago

    Good luck

  51. vedat mert

    vedat mert2 months ago

    hi prety from TURKEY. don't forget just to be " say of GOD " and relax because we are with you... we are love you.

  52. Gourav Choudhary

    Gourav Choudhary2 months ago

    You must go to baba ramdev for your treatment Definetly you will be cured

  53. Yass Queen

    Yass Queen2 months ago

    Curse the people who disliked this video

  54. Dog From undertale

    Dog From undertale2 months ago

    I’ve had a brain tumor as well

  55. Larry Brugger

    Larry Brugger2 months ago

    Stay strong.

  56. Olando Anônimo

    Olando Anônimo2 months ago

    Stay strong.

  57. Dilruba Ezel Arslan

    Dilruba Ezel Arslan2 months ago

    Everything gonna be okay ♡

  58. Elizabeth Augusta

    Elizabeth Augusta2 months ago

    You are so young and so brave!! I admire your strength and just the guts to come out and talk about it.... I'm praying for you🙏

  59. lna abdljll

    lna abdljll3 months ago

    We love you Simone, yes we love you. And if something happens to you we will always love you. A follewer from France. Xoxo❤

  60. Sofia Paracampo

    Sofia Paracampo3 months ago

    you are a FIGHTER!!! stay with the beautiful smile,that you always have makes you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  61. Emma Murray

    Emma Murray3 months ago

    i hope u feel better

  62. its me aboudi

    its me aboudi3 months ago

    So a hop yo get ok and you now vere good gock s love i hope you get beter

  63. Franck Schmitt

    Franck Schmitt3 months ago


  64. Ambre _mkl.c

    Ambre _mkl.c3 months ago

    Je suis tellement désolé pour toi ... Tu vas beaucoup nous manquer ici j'espère vraiment que tu vas vite t'en remettre ! Je tiens à te remercier pour tous ces rires que tu m'a provoqué le long de T es vidéos, tu m'as toujours fait rire même pendant les moments compliqué ... Je te souhaite un très bon rétablissement. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  65. zoe himmelstein

    zoe himmelstein3 months ago

    good luck

  66. Marianne Dijkhuizen

    Marianne Dijkhuizen3 months ago

    Thank you lovely person😘💖 I just heart the same message from the doctor. I feel for you. It's making you pretty crazy. The worries are taking over sometimes. Just saying, let go, is just crap. I'm just saying to myself :you can do it girl. So that's what I'm telling you now YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking at a pretty strong personality on my phone wright now. It's you!!!!!! 😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  67. Gabrielle Prtm

    Gabrielle Prtm3 months ago


  68. Shea McDonough

    Shea McDonough3 months ago

    A girl in my town had a brain tumor. She was the bravest girl I ever new. She fought her battle so hard. I can’t even put in to words how much she inspired me. She passed away a little while ago. It was the saddest day my town has ever faced. She was like 13

  69. Z House

    Z House3 months ago

    Cyprien got me here check hi youtube channel

  70. Yann Lecossec

    Yann Lecossec3 months ago

    Who are the 4 thousand dumbasses who disliked a video like this ?????

  71. zar214587

    zar2145873 months ago

    gool luck.

  72. Vi'animanga

    Vi'animanga3 months ago

    You'll heal I'm so sure ❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️ force to you

  73. B i s h W h o ?

    B i s h W h o ?3 months ago

    Vi'animanga Brian the brain tumor is back #burnBrian now she is having radiation therapy

  74. Paulo D.

    Paulo D.3 months ago

    I have faith that everything will be alright.

  75. ChaCha Nelzzz

    ChaCha Nelzzz3 months ago

    She is so brave and amazing

  76. janeaparis

    janeaparis3 months ago

    I'm sorry Simone.

  77. Isabelle Nolan

    Isabelle Nolan3 months ago

    Why the dislikes?

  78. FreshPrince ofRP

    FreshPrince ofRP3 months ago

    You're still very pretty when you cry.

  79. Regina Cohn tv

    Regina Cohn tv3 months ago

    It's okay I'm praying for you 🙏❤️

  80. msabrabaal

    msabrabaal3 months ago

    I got a tumor in my brain too. Never stop joking about your situation its been a great coping mechanism for me as well. My friend coined joking about my tumor as "tumor humor" too. Good luck to you!! Keep doing all the fun!

  81. michy uwu

    michy uwu3 months ago

    Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?

  82. Rayne Ma

    Rayne Ma3 months ago

    If your mind is empty, you will have no stress. If you have no stress, your brain will heal.

  83. Peter Hollens

    Peter Hollens3 months ago

    Hey you. I don't know you, but feel like I do because we are both YT'ers. -- Lost my father to a Brain tumor, he was the longest living survivor of his type of astrocytoma... Sending you love and light!

  84. Chi840cken Gmd

    Chi840cken Gmd3 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  85. PrimisPlaysGaming

    PrimisPlaysGaming3 months ago

    You are part of the reason aliens will never visit us

  86. Philip Van Inting

    Philip Van Inting3 months ago

    I haven't watched Simone for a while and I just discovered this today. I also found out that she already had brain surgery aaaand... that the tumor is back. :'( Get well, Simone!

  87. Uzair Khan

    Uzair Khan3 months ago

    I'm here after the burn brian video BURN BRIAN

  88. Kristina W

    Kristina W3 months ago

    What kind of symptoms led up to you feeling like you had a brain tumor?

  89. ConnectTheDots W/Liv

    ConnectTheDots W/Liv4 months ago

    Who else is alone in this world and couldn't imagine going through this alone? 🙌🙌🙌

  90. Ygor Gabriel

    Ygor Gabriel4 months ago

    Porque o título está português?

  91. Jussi Mattsen

    Jussi Mattsen4 months ago

    Humor is sometimes dark and used to cope with serious shit. If someone got upset at a person with a tumor for trying to make themselves feel better... well they can fuck off. I hope you beat the tumor again!

  92. Siemen Kingma

    Siemen Kingma4 months ago


  93. k i n g

    k i n g4 months ago

    I'm here because of Simone getting a brain tumor again.

  94. Ursula Ganz-Blaettler

    Ursula Ganz-Blaettler4 months ago

    Me too.

  95. Will Lu

    Will Lu4 months ago

    Benign tumor is nothing....i had a benign tumor in my heart. It got removed already. I am 1000%healthy now. And benign tumors generally do not grow back. I am now even taking steroids to gain muscles.

  96. B i s h W h o ?

    B i s h W h o ?3 months ago

    Will Lu it’s not cancerous but Brian the brain tumor came back

  97. Will Lu

    Will Lu4 months ago

    +Mommento Moore i know.haha. my doctor told me there would only 2 or 3% for most benign tumor to grow back within 5 years. If the benign umor wont have grown back in 5 years, then there would be extremely low possibility to come back less than 1%. He asked me not worry. Thats the reason why they are called benign, not cancer, which has extremely high possibility to come back and it grows very fast, spread everywhere and invade ur body. Benign tumors dont have those ability.

  98. Mommento Moore

    Mommento Moore4 months ago

    +Will Lu hope it doesn't come back for you bud

  99. Will Lu

    Will Lu4 months ago

    I am kinda worried about my tumor coming back now cuz of my steroids use.

  100. Mommento Moore

    Mommento Moore4 months ago

    awkward, her brain tumor came back just as you posted this comment...

  101. ChaZ

    ChaZ4 months ago

    your awesome,

  102. Jonah Reed

    Jonah Reed4 months ago

    Wonder if you’ll see the grape in the hospital

  103. Alex

    Alex4 months ago

    I hope everything goes well and I look forward to when you get back :)

  104. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones4 months ago

    You do know this was eight months ago?

  105. Bluestar

    Bluestar4 months ago

    Do you still have plans to go to space?

  106. H L

    H L4 months ago

  107. Anton Chaves

    Anton Chaves4 months ago

    Выздоравливай! Желаю тебе крепкого здоровья!

  108. 0707565

    07075654 months ago

    Youre ugly either way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im so funny

  109. * Stroomtorper *

    * Stroomtorper *4 months ago


  110. ToPaZ zApOt

    ToPaZ zApOt4 months ago

    People who pushed the dislike button, what's wrong with you?