I have a brain tumor.


  1. Timothy Brentwood

    Timothy BrentwoodDay ago

    she got Ligma

  2. Kayla Bare

    Kayla BareDay ago

    My friend died from a brain tumor

  3. nokomis mn

    nokomis mnDay ago

    Sorry about your friend. A lot of people are getting brain tumors from cell phones. It's very sad.

  4. Albert Dunisch

    Albert Dunisch2 days ago

    casey nasiet sent me. im glad there has been more videos since this. i really hope you live a long life after the surgery. we knew a guy (not quite a friend, but now we understand why, he had 2 tumors. looked great after the surgery but passed on just a couple weeks later.)

  5. TheDanielradio

    TheDanielradio2 days ago

  6. Subhabrata Basak

    Subhabrata Basak2 days ago

    Everything is gonna be fine

  7. Kah Lewis

    Kah Lewis2 days ago

    You gonna get trough this, because your strong, braved, and most of all loved. I wait for your speedy recovery.

  8. Brad Bronov

    Brad Bronov4 days ago

    Thank you for this whole series of videos. I’m currently cooling my heels in hospital to have tumor (hereafter to referred to as Phil) removed. Surgery is tomorrow, and the stories of your experience have taken a lot of the fear out of the process. My biggest fear is loss of some function I deem essential, like the fine motor skill...but I’m also optimistic I might suddenly gain the ability to play concert piano, or become a master oil painter. Won’t know ‘til tomorrow....we’ll see what Phil’s eviction brings (besides a week in the hospital). Thanks again.

  9. shister Lana

    shister Lana5 days ago

    I only heard about this now but I honestly feel so bad for you. But I'm really happy that you keep the best vibe ever. We're here for you (:

  10. suki cat

    suki cat5 days ago

    We will all be here supporting you through everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. James Amaral

    James Amaral6 days ago

    Your ability to stay positive and crack jokes at your own expense while staring death in the face is downright Herculean.

  12. xJuleax

    xJuleax6 days ago

    Who sleeps with their phone

  13. xJuleax

    xJuleaxDay ago

    nokomis mn I know bye cancer

  14. nokomis mn

    nokomis mnDay ago

    A very dangerous thing to do.

  15. SlayxPathwtic Studios

    SlayxPathwtic Studios7 days ago

    You have fought it and you have made it this far. I know I’m super late but you will go to space!

  16. The Seer

    The Seer7 days ago

    you're admirable

  17. eva brown

    eva brown7 days ago

    We love you ❤️🧡never forget that

  18. ktatis

    ktatis9 days ago

    Wow, you went through this shitty experience 5 years after my shitty experience. Brain tumor survivor high-five. April is just not my favorite month anymore.

  19. Drama_Llama_5000

    Drama_Llama_50009 days ago

    When I was 13, I foundout I had a big brain tumour and theONLY reason I thought something was wrong was this random vision loss in my right eye.

  20. nokomis mn

    nokomis mnDay ago

    Are you okay now?

  21. Borys G

    Borys G10 days ago

    You're gonna be right😘😘

  22. Borys G

    Borys G10 days ago


  23. JediNg135

    JediNg13510 days ago

    Not anymore ya don't :D

  24. Bradley Clapham

    Bradley Clapham12 days ago

    i'm glad your still alive but on the other hand the (Brain Tumor) can fuck off to the scrapyard.

  25. Jules C

    Jules C12 days ago

    4K downvotes? I don’t understand. She has a brain tumor, she’s sharing a pretty big deal to you. Who wants to have a brain tumor? Even if you hated this person, she’s a person with a brain tumor. You don’t have to up vote or go bonkers, but down vote? I just don’t get it.

  26. Fly blown

    Fly blown12 days ago

    I just watched your TED talk...lol .At the end I thought "what a wonderful person". A rare thing ... Thank you... you made me smile and laugh.

  27. Amy Weinstein

    Amy Weinstein12 days ago

    There is no such thing as a 'benign' brain tumor. If there is something growing in your brain it is taking up critical real estate that should be growing healthy cells. I'm glad that you came through the surgery safely and in-tact....but even that doesn't make the word 'benign' ok when describing a brain tumor. You are not unscathed. You endured this stressful experience and will continue to battle the post-traumatic stress from this experience. Let's ban the word 'benign' when describing brain cancer...

  28. 孟庭郭

    孟庭郭13 days ago

    came here form Casey~

  29. Chirayu Bhatt

    Chirayu Bhatt13 days ago

    If only we could show you the workshop tour and how well it's going to go. 🙂

  30. kuba muszynski

    kuba muszynski13 days ago

    Hey a year a ago i also had a surgery on my brain, and i also had brain tumor, so i really know how you feel but be strong my operation was so difficult to do for the surgeons and iam ok now and everything is going to a right driection, just be strong and and dont worry ❤❤❤❤ everything is going to be ok 😁😉

  31. Aidan Ford

    Aidan Ford13 days ago

    Who tf disliked this

  32. T wagner

    T wagner13 days ago

    When the chips are down there is only one thing to do. "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved"(Acts 16:31)

  33. mamaemma100

    mamaemma10014 days ago

    Just seen right now.....,.lost for words. Updates anyone?

  34. Shamralee Wilde

    Shamralee Wilde14 days ago

    You're rad as hell. Just subbed today and am binging all your vids. You're such a cool human. I'm glad to know you're okay now.

  35. Brysons Wolf Pack

    Brysons Wolf Pack15 days ago

    More Veiws Than Subs Also C😞😞

  36. trytip x.

    trytip x.15 days ago

    i think your robots have gotten hold of the thumbs down button. 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

  37. Brett A McCall

    Brett A McCall17 days ago

    Been out of the loop.. what an awesome, sincere, touching post. So glad you are recovered now (I watched in reverse order). Thank you for this gift and the many others you have provided and will continue into the future. #completelyinspired

  38. nervousquirrel

    nervousquirrel17 days ago

    Impressed as hell with you and this video. Very glad to know you’re doing well!

  39. Kyle Noe

    Kyle Noe18 days ago

    I'm so happy the surgery went well.

  40. Kyle Noe

    Kyle Noe18 days ago

    This made me cry.

  41. Helaine Smith

    Helaine Smith18 days ago

    you can you can do it WE LOVE YOU ALL 😘

  42. Anes Zourgani

    Anes Zourgani20 days ago

    I had a brain tumor.

  43. james means

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  44. DarknoorX

    DarknoorX20 days ago

    Oh God I'm a crier too.. Stop.. ;_;

  45. ulf gjerdingen

    ulf gjerdingen20 days ago

    #tumorhumor a thing that kinda grows on you :D dear! ur so strong! just saw ur video from after the operation

  46. piano

    piano21 day ago

    I find it disgusting how anyone can leave a bad comment or dislike this video. Simone is such a great person and had been faced with something terrible in her life, she is the person who deserves this the least out of everyone in the world and has inspired me and many other people to work In stem fields and has inspired me to work harder throughout my gcse. Simone I love you and don't listen to these asshole ❤❤❤

  47. that linux guy

    that linux guy21 day ago

    As we say here in Australia "she'll be right."

  48. Apathy Sucks

    Apathy Sucks21 day ago

    i just want to give you a hug, but i know that's just creepy since you don't know me. just before I was diagnosed with cáncer my biggest issue was looking for a Good movie at a place called Block Buster, then the next day BAM ,," I have what???????? wtf???? Im just a New sub because your bad ass, but you might know that already 109,000 people told you so.......109,001.

  49. Rick Jansen

    Rick Jansen21 day ago

    Put . It . In . A . Jar


    THE RISER22 days ago

    Rewatching this after the new video feels really nice!

  51. Chris Greeby

    Chris Greeby22 days ago

    I just stumbled upon your brain tumor update, so I know everything turned out well, and I'm so happy for you. Since everything's OK, and since you have a quirky sense of humor, (#tumorhumor), you can now tell any doubters, see, I told you I had a brain! Wishing you well as you continue your recovery.

  52. JG8910

    JG891022 days ago

    Who downvoted this? I seriously want to know.

  53. Bart Scott

    Bart Scott22 days ago

    I watched this video after discovering your post surgery video. I noticed that this video received 3.8K thumbs down! Why on earth would anyone click thumbs down on such a sincere video? People can be so shity.

  54. aKa Donut

    aKa Donut22 days ago

    looking back on this.... xD it went well :D yay

  55. SR. CABRA

    SR. CABRA22 days ago

    Emocionante #brasileiro brasil

  56. Brian Hintzman

    Brian Hintzman22 days ago

    Weird, I had my grade 1 meningioma removed the day you posted this video. Like you I’m doing just fine, fully recovered and back to work. And my name is Brian (the brain tumor). Hang in there, and celebrate the miracles of modern medicine.

  57. Arctic Edge

    Arctic Edge22 days ago

    I think this was the first video that I’ve actually cried to... Besides David and Liza’s break up...

  58. rio197

    rio19723 days ago

    I hope your surgery turned out alright

  59. rio197

    rio19720 days ago

    Sure, I read your first reply.

  60. NeedyZ

    NeedyZ21 day ago

    No, really. Everything went well. mreporter.net/v/video--INz4XVeyJ4.html

  61. rio197

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  62. NeedyZ

    NeedyZ22 days ago

    you are very very late. As she already had it.

  63. quicktastic

    quicktastic23 days ago

    Still heart wrenching to watch this, but better knowing she got through it OK.

  64. Freddie Vandyck

    Freddie Vandyck23 days ago

    "I don't even like golf."

  65. bamala cz

    bamala cz23 days ago

    Im here for you from Czech Republic, you are so great person Ħ

  66. Globalklaus

    Globalklaus23 days ago

    Hey past Simone. I come to you from 2 months later, bringing good news. Don't worry, past Simone. Things are going to be alright.

  67. Martin McGrath

    Martin McGrath24 days ago

    Just saw you on tested and was really glad to see that you are doing well! Hang in there.

  68. MB618

    MB61824 days ago

    Ah finally another video came up in my recommended. I got the vid of you back at home after recovery in recommended and quite enjoyed it lol. Had no idea what was going on though lol

  69. Neya Usheva

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  70. hatija spahic

    hatija spahic24 days ago

    I feel so bad for you :(

  71. ZeldaFreak

    ZeldaFreak24 days ago

    I watched the videos out of order. I saw some posts after the surgery that you got rid of the tumor and was thinking "isn't she that girl that locked their self in her bathroom?". I mean that was the only I watched on your channel and today I got the video on my recommendations where you talk about the surgery. I mean a brain tumor sucks but it's good when everything is fine. I lost my grandfather because of a brain tumor. I didn't had contact to him in the past 2 years before his death. His son, the guy from that semmen I came (I don't call him that way, like other people would call their male parent, because this person doesn't deserve this title anymore, because what he has done to me), quit contact to my grandfather. I don't know exactly how long this was, when I saw him last. I only know that he died 2003 and Christmas 2000 or 2001 I was there and got a nice gift. I remember exactly how we got notified. We wanted to leave the apartment, because we wanted to visit some friends across the country (8 hours with the train). I mean we were ready and wanted to leave but than there came a telegram with the information. I was young and didn't really realized what that meant. I was 9 around this time. My step grandmother didn't had the address or the phone number to notify us and so we got this message very late. It's not that we moved away or changed the phone numbers. My grandfather didn't had it easy. He survived 2 types of cancer (testicels and prostate cancer) but died because of a brain tumor. I don't know if they realized to late that he had a tumor or he just didn't wanted to inform us that he will die. On his car he damaged his right side mirror and according to my step grandmother, he didn't realized that. What's scares me is that this side of my family died a lot of cancer and even in 2 year intervals. My aunt died of cancer in 1999, my grandmother (never met her) died 2001, my grandfather 2003, someone I didn't know in 2005 and before that others died also, but I don't know them. I don't know if anyone else died, because I don't have any contact to this side of the family. I barely met anyone of this side of the family. When I now think about everything, I'm really sacred. When I look through my family, I have a high chance of cancer and needing glasses. Sure glasses would totally fine but that I don't need them yet, scares me and yes, I didn't got switched up in the hospital. For my mother I don't need a test, because this is obvious that she is my mother. On the other side there was a test and I think it's sad that the other person isn't my father. He was a nice guy but at some point I never met him again. He gave me my first PC. In my family nearly everyone needed glasses. Both my sisters need them, my mother needs them today and many years ago, my grandmother Form my mother side needs them, my great grand parents from my mother side needed them and on the other side of my family, everyone I met needed them. I mean it would be great when I don't need glasses and I don't get cancer. I know my lifestyle and it isn't a great one. What really scares me is that everything can happen in 1 year, in 10 years or even in 40 years. I mean there are a lot of things on my list. I'm only 24 and in a few days my first job starts. I mean the part of being an adult just started for me and there are lot of plans to get done. I think the worst thing would be not having time to do certain things. I mean when you know you only have 1 to 2 month to live, you can do stuff in this time. Not having time or not being able to do certain things, scares me. I mean knowing when life ends, is great. Sure you can get hit by a car and then you don't have any time. Sure some might say "make everything now and don't wait" but this doesn't work that way. I take as an example driving a car. I don't have a license and it costs a lot here in Germany. Sure I want have a license and driving a car but for example when I die in one month, making this license wouldn't work. I can drive a car on private property and that would be than my plan to do, to gain this experience. Let's hope the best and i wish everyone that they die in a high age or at least have enough time to fulfill some of their plans, to die in peace, knowing that their last days had such much plans done in such short time. You never know when it ends but it's a great gift when you know when it ends. Sure even this is no guarantee, like in the case of Steven hawking. At least you've done a lot of things and every day extra is a gift

  72. Splatt

    Splatt24 days ago

    I'm glad you're staying positive and I wish you a happy and peaceful healing process! I had a brain tumor in almost the exact same spot on my left side when I was 9 y/o. So I understand your pain! Sending good, healing vibes your way!

  73. Mari Martini

    Mari Martini24 days ago

    Okay, first of all, thank god you’re okay! I’m really glad! But really. I would definitely cremate a brain tumor. It must feel really good. I feel silly to compare, but when I got into college, I bunt all my high school books. If felt like burning all the anxiety and bad moments from that time. Oh boy... that’s a really silly comparison... but anyway... it’s an idea!

  74. Ken Mullinax

    Ken Mullinax24 days ago

    I’m so sorry! My prayers are with you my friend God knows Whats best for you . God bless

  75. zazke_girotron

    zazke_girotron25 days ago

    You are so original, genuine and funny! I’m glad your surgery went great! Please never change (or maybe do idk) but I like you and your videos the way they are right now. Awesome stuff. Cheers from Peru!

  76. Sammy's Funny video’s

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  77. Enem Disk

    Enem Disk25 days ago

    Seeing this now, I am soooooooooo happy you are fine again

  78. Waka Nibbolo

    Waka Nibbolo25 days ago

    I realize this is a bit late, but Bravo young lady. Bravo.

  79. Gaming Skull

    Gaming Skull26 days ago

    I think i maybe have dame thing... My left eyes is hurting

  80. king of boredom

    king of boredom26 days ago

    This is the only time I want the thumbnail to be clickbate

  81. king of boredom

    king of boredom26 days ago

    Get well soon

  82. Pranav Limaye

    Pranav Limaye26 days ago

    She won!!! Man, I'm so glad she beat Brian

  83. Olivia Wisti

    Olivia Wisti26 days ago

    I was born with one but it’s noncancerous

  84. NeonGeminis

    NeonGeminis26 days ago

    This is the kind of video that you don't click because you think it's clickbait, but then you click it anyway and you realize that it isn't so you start really wishing it was actually clickbait. Thank God I'm watching this when I know the outcome...


    GIRLY GAMER ❤26 days ago

    I love u so much that u made me 😭 cry.

  86. aBuckMods

    aBuckMods27 days ago

    Simone you are our SUPER hero

  87. solid303

    solid30327 days ago

    Tack själv!! 💚

  88. Karlijn de Groot

    Karlijn de Groot27 days ago

  89. pocketmon gogo

    pocketmon gogo27 days ago

    The best love for you dear... Don't worry about it too much, and don't do anything but do joyful things that you are used to do

  90. OceanBlueLady

    OceanBlueLady27 days ago

    I just found your channel from Ted talks, I am subscribing and waiting for your return to watch your future videos' because you're going to be just fine! Love from a new subber!

  91. THEoriginaldragontrs

    THEoriginaldragontrs28 days ago

    Just saw this video u r great and i am glad i found u. I had a scare with a brain aneurism so i know how u feel when u face it with a morbid sense of humour cuz faced with something like that is better to laugh. So i will follow u from today onwards ^^ hope to learn to make robots too :3 And remember u r really courageous for explaining all this on Utube thumbs up and all the best :)

  92. zindagi dream

    zindagi dream28 days ago

    If u trust u can talk on phone

  93. zindagi dream

    zindagi dream28 days ago

    Wher do u live ? I'm in MD Maryland .I have experience u can talk to me....don't be scare people after surgery can sty alive 7 to 12 year .I'm still alive

  94. Baba Semka

    Baba Semka28 days ago

    It breaks my heart to see a nice, cute and not least smart human being getting randomly fucked by "life" or what I like to put it is "faulty shitty thing, called human body". Wish you fast and successful recovery and to forget that this shit even happened ASAP. Bless your soul!

  95. Edwin Valencia

    Edwin Valencia28 days ago

    Force dear inventor. Bless and heath. Huges from Panama.

  96. Jordan Broder

    Jordan Broder28 days ago

    You’re a beautiful human and I wish you all the best and all the most amazing adventures! So glad to hear of your recovery! Get out there and do all the things you love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. zertman1000

    zertman100028 days ago

    Hi I had emergency brain surgery and had no time to prepare it sure woke me up and my tumour was cancerous so I have gone through 30 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I'm still feeling good. But the Dr.'still think I'm going to die so I'm going to prove him wrong. Thanks Terry

  98. lyraface

    lyraface18 days ago

    Damn right you’re gonna prove them wrong 💪

  99. ThomasH.04

    ThomasH.0423 days ago

    zertman1000 don’t die

  100. Jared Scharf

    Jared Scharf28 days ago

    This was the second vid I’ve watch of this person and I cried.

  101. Peet

    Peet28 days ago

    why bad things happen to good people ?

  102. How you doin'

    How you doin'28 days ago

    Who in their right mind dislikes a video where someone is telling us that she has a brain tumor.

  103. Milagro Arce

    Milagro Arce28 days ago

    my brother had a brain tumor removed n he has been getting around also a stroke and he has faith in god that he will get back his life back we been thru a Lot when u are dependent n do things by yourselef he is coming back to who he was slowly but surely be will back on his feet i pulling for him to get better prayers n faith hope u get thru this it is my best u

  104. Squishy Chunk

    Squishy Chunk29 days ago

    I love you too much😂

  105. Confetti Cannon

    Confetti Cannon29 days ago

    4 thousand people really have nothing else to do, do they

  106. Ezekiel Mancienne

    Ezekiel Mancienne29 days ago

    I cried watching this

  107. AFoxFromSpace14

    AFoxFromSpace1429 days ago

    i’m pretty sure i have one too, or a very rare thing called Ménière’s disease. this is so inspiring so i’m going to tell my mom because i want to see if i’m ok. cancer runs in my family. skin cancer. and i’m really scared now i’m actually talking about it. but thank you because your making me feel WAY better about this, i’ve recently found your channel and ilysm! i hope your ok. and i hope i’m ok to. i just realized your ok!!! i’m so relieved. i’m so glad your ok. i hope i’m ok too! hopefully i’m just worried about nothing. and i love your positive adittude

  108. smokeystriper

    smokeystriper29 days ago

    A sense of humor is better than medicine or gold. Unless your sick and broke. JK You'er awesome and you'll do fine. We love you too.

  109. youreasyreach

    youreasyreach29 days ago

    Simone.You are amazing ! We send You all the healing possible vibrations ! You are a shiny Star!