I have a brain tumor.


  1. ConnectTheDots W/Liv

    ConnectTheDots W/Liv12 hours ago

    Who else is alone in this world and couldn't imagine going through this alone? 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Ygor Gabriel

    Ygor Gabriel16 hours ago

    Porque o título está português?

  3. Jussi Mattsen

    Jussi Mattsen20 hours ago

    Humor is sometimes dark and used to cope with serious shit. If someone got upset at a person with a tumor for trying to make themselves feel better... well they can fuck off. I hope you beat the tumor again!

  4. Siemen Kingma

    Siemen Kingma21 hour ago


  5. a fucking normie

    a fucking normie21 hour ago

    I'm here because of Simone getting a brain tumor again.

  6. Ursula Ganz-Blaettler

    Ursula Ganz-Blaettler20 hours ago

    Me too.

  7. Will Lu

    Will LuDay ago

    Benign tumor is nothing....i had a benign tumor in my heart. It got removed already. I am 1000%healthy now. And benign tumors generally do not grow back. I am now even taking steroids to gain muscles.

  8. Will Lu

    Will Lu19 hours ago

    +Mommento Moore i know.haha. my doctor told me there would only 2 or 3% for most benign tumor to grow back within 5 years. If the benign umor wont have grown back in 5 years, then there would be extremely low possibility to come back less than 1%. He asked me not worry. Thats the reason why they are called benign, not cancer, which has extremely high possibility to come back and it grows very fast, spread everywhere and invade ur body. Benign tumors dont have those ability.

  9. Mommento Moore

    Mommento Moore19 hours ago

    +Will Lu hope it doesn't come back for you bud

  10. Will Lu

    Will Lu19 hours ago

    I am kinda worried about my tumor coming back now cuz of my steroids use.

  11. Mommento Moore

    Mommento Moore19 hours ago

    awkward, her brain tumor came back just as you posted this comment...

  12. ChaZ

    ChaZ2 days ago

    your awesome,

  13. Jonah Reed

    Jonah Reed3 days ago

    Wonder if you’ll see the grape in the hospital

  14. Alex

    Alex3 days ago

    I hope everything goes well and I look forward to when you get back :)

  15. Bluestar

    Bluestar3 days ago

    Do you still have plans to go to space?

  16. H L

    H L3 days ago

  17. Anton Chaves

    Anton Chaves3 days ago

    Выздоравливай! Желаю тебе крепкого здоровья!

  18. 0707565

    07075654 days ago

    Youre ugly either way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im so funny

  19. * Stroomtorper *

    * Stroomtorper *5 days ago


  20. ToPaZ zApOt

    ToPaZ zApOt5 days ago

    People who pushed the dislike button, what's wrong with you?

  21. Raima’s world of Makeup

    Raima’s world of Makeup6 days ago

    Get well soon

  22. RedButton

    RedButton6 days ago

    Make a Sam's robot Heal! btw

  23. RedButton

    RedButton6 days ago


  24. Soep Stengel

    Soep Stengel9 days ago

    Hope you get good surgery, and that you feel better soon. That everything is gonna be okay. Maybe you're already done?! Then I wish you a fast and good recovery. I looked up ''brain tumor surgery'' because my dad will be operated today for his brain tumor (5x7cm). They're gonna remove the most of it, and they're gonne see if they can remove it from his eye nerves as well. But this depends if it's soft, or hard of something. Hope everything will be okay.

  25. gaby gabriela18

    gaby gabriela189 days ago

    Why are you in rewind?

  26. Noogles

    Noogles11 days ago

    I feel so bad for making fun of her on rewind, when she talked about feeling sick I thought it was a cold or flu, I wanna die now

  27. Lil Gustav

    Lil Gustav9 days ago


  28. Donald Saunders

    Donald Saunders11 days ago

    Simone, you were very brave about all this. I would have freaked out badly. I had sinus cancer and my surgeon had to remove most of the left side sinuses along with the exterior part of the left side of my nose. That would definitely have not looked that nice on someone a pretty as you are. I am happy you did so good with your surgery. BTW - My neurosurgeon's name was Dr. R. Lucky. I had to ask him if the R on his name badge meant REALLY, but sadly it meant Robert. It would have been a trip if in real life his name was Dr. Really Lucky. LOL

  29. Jake Epperly

    Jake Epperly11 days ago

    I hope that she got better best wishes!!

  30. Keira Booth

    Keira Booth13 days ago

    I came from rewind and I didn’t think it would of been this bad!:(

  31. Alexa McKenzie

    Alexa McKenzie14 days ago

    get better hun

  32. Susan Chen

    Susan Chen16 days ago

    your positivity is admirable. I learned about you through your TedTalk and here I am subscribing to your channel because you bring hope to my anxiety

  33. Green Bill

    Green Bill17 days ago

    Holy shit the size of a golf ball!

  34. TheRandomRobot

    TheRandomRobot17 days ago

    When you actually want a youtube video to be clickbait

  35. Confetti Boom

    Confetti Boom18 days ago

    We love you Simone💖💕❣

  36. caelan sargent

    caelan sargent18 days ago

    I came here from MReporter Rewind, and was wondering about what you meant about being sick. At first I thought you got the flu, or something, but nope. It was way more serious. I'm very glad that you're okay, though. This video made me cry. Subscribing for sure.

  37. Shridhar Sharma

    Shridhar Sharma19 days ago

    I hope you survive without any complications love you Simone you really inspired me to not let my engineering college drive me to insanity. TAKE CARE

  38. Rosierose 17

    Rosierose 1721 day ago

    Did Dr. Shepherd do your surgery? Jk

  39. Red Spade Gamer

    Red Spade Gamer21 day ago

    .. :( I need support for all of my stuff....ive got a brain tumor and it's...freaking me out

  40. Deejay Jefferies

    Deejay Jefferies22 days ago

    from youtube rewind to here. You are an amazing person!

  41. what DO YOU WANT!?

    what DO YOU WANT!?22 days ago

    I watched this when it came out earlier now I’m here back from MReporter rewind

  42. vighnesh ks

    vighnesh ks22 days ago

    Simone love ya.... You are gonna be Ok

  43. MagneticMonkey

    MagneticMonkey23 days ago

    How could anyone dislike to this?? Like WhAt

  44. HOLLAP Юmarონეტი

    HOLLAP Юmarონეტი24 days ago

    I HaBE kånser

  45. lv. 100 boss

    lv. 100 boss25 days ago

    0:42 whoo hoo das pretty good

  46. Johnny llama

    Johnny llama26 days ago

    I love you so so so much your hell’s funny like your my inspiration to be myself and like no one els thx to you god bless you man

  47. Adriano Di Ruocco

    Adriano Di Ruocco27 days ago

    Found you by MReporter rewind. I've already cried

  48. Reese Harrison

    Reese Harrison27 days ago

    I wish this was click bait.... 😟 We love you and we will always stick with you!

  49. Draven Darius

    Draven Darius28 days ago

    Nooo :( Why you!!!

  50. Beary Bug

    Beary BugMonth ago

    While she's not around for a while minda' watch her old vids.... good luck simone

  51. Warmcheeto

    WarmcheetoMonth ago

    I'm glad you're good now

  52. Kausthub Mangalore

    Kausthub MangaloreMonth ago


  53. Anh Ba Nguyen

    Anh Ba NguyenMonth ago

    Hey, I love you!

  54. Sameers Dude

    Sameers DudeMonth ago

    My Mom Operation Is going to take Within 1 hour.Pray for her.

  55. Bee1212 1

    Bee1212 115 days ago

    How did it go?

  56. Hasan Carrim

    Hasan CarrimMonth ago

    I’m here after the surgery and I know that she’s okay but even if she did lose an eye, she could just make a shitty robotic eye ;)

  57. Darin Johnston

    Darin JohnstonMonth ago

    My daughter introduced you to me last night through Rewind (what the hell is that?? I'm old), and we watched your Google Home videos. I found your sense of humor, your perseverance, and grit (yes, I'm a teacher) to be inspiring! So much so, I introduced you to my sixth grade class today (of course with disclaimers about language! :-D ). I just watched your tumor video, and can relate as I had a cancer diagnosis and suffered a small stroke within six months. I get tumor humor (think "best" cancer a guy can get to make fun of) and often make fun of my lack of memory on my stroke. Please keep pushing forward. I had one girl call your video "girl empowerment" and my boys LOVED your soup robot! I'll keep watching and rooting for you as you continue your recover. Your sense of humor can only help you heal, so keep up with the #tumorhumor as it makes those of us in the know, giggle uncontrollably! Thank you for finding your voice and helping others find theirs!

  58. smiley brick

    smiley brickMonth ago

    PS I might tell your a shity builder but your a good commidian.

  59. smiley brick

    smiley brickMonth ago

    your all good and take care.

  60. Stephen Zavodny

    Stephen ZavodnyMonth ago

    God bless you, I'll be praying for you.

  61. andrea miranda

    andrea mirandaMonth ago

    who the hell disliked this

  62. OneHatBirb

    OneHatBirbMonth ago

    Oh so you're the one who got sick.... Oh well I guess.

  63. Small Lad

    Small LadMonth ago

    Mega oof

  64. ThatOne's Blue

    ThatOne's BlueMonth ago

    You are one of the gems in rewind ❤️ I knew you before, but since rewind has gone up i have been bingen you since!!

  65. Mac But Not The Makeup Brand

    Mac But Not The Makeup BrandMonth ago

    She makes it seem hilarious, And that's why we love her

  66. Nacho Martgonz

    Nacho MartgonzMonth ago

    niBBa sure u got like a million views just from doodoo rewind thing

  67. Lauren Sarofim

    Lauren SarofimMonth ago

    I hope you get better! :)

  68. Mohamed Asad

    Mohamed AsadMonth ago

    Man I thought you had a cold when watched youtube rewind

  69. Marcos Cesar

    Marcos CesarMonth ago

    The queen is alive and continúe the kingdoom for many many years hail simone queen of **** robots

  70. Pirate Excalibur

    Pirate ExcaliburMonth ago

    Hope you get well soon.😘😊kisses and hugs from me.❤💕

  71. Culprit893

    Culprit893Month ago

    I’ve been following you for a while. With your recent appearance in Rewind I wanted to come back and remember where you were not too long ago and how far you’ve come. I don’t even know you but I remember crying when you shared this. So happy it turned out great ❤️

  72. Ethan Overwatch

    Ethan OverwatchMonth ago

    275K likes and 3.8 dislikes. Know u r loved Simone :)

  73. Chichopuente

    ChichopuenteMonth ago

    Yay you made it!

  74. Grace Ramsey

    Grace RamseyMonth ago

    You are so amazing and I'm so grateful for you and I know you had a tumer but when you started crying I started crying because can't stand when people cry love you so much byeeeeeeeee

  75. lana a

    lana aMonth ago

    wait i’m gonna cry

  76. GalacticPlayz

    GalacticPlayzMonth ago

    Hey! You made it on rewind.. your probably not reading this because this is an older video, you are great

  77. Allison Barton

    Allison BartonMonth ago

    I remember when you first posted the spending 48 hours in my bathroom video. I didn't know who you were, but enjoyed your videos.

  78. Paul Na

    Paul NaMonth ago

    The only good part of the youtube rewind

  79. Paki name

    Paki nameMonth ago

    End cancer

  80. NoNeck Jcb

    NoNeck JcbMonth ago

    Congrats on going into MReporter rewind 2018 :)

  81. Rivky Akerman

    Rivky AkermanMonth ago

    Simone, you are a truly amazing, brave and super strong person! I wish u all the best and remember: if g-d brought u to it he'll help to get you through it! ❤️

  82. Forced Smile

    Forced SmileMonth ago

    No eyepatch huh? Just kidding, I’m actually really happy everything is good now

  83. Magnets & magic

    Magnets & magicMonth ago

    Wow... you are extremely brave to talk about this!

  84. Datgayniggafromyourhood

    DatgayniggafromyourhoodMonth ago


  85. TheFoffer

    TheFofferMonth ago

    i love u

  86. Logan Derb

    Logan DerbMonth ago

    Ive never seen one of your videos before but I’m so sorry about your tumor. Do you have a patreon? I’d love to help cause it’s going to be an expensive road ahead :/ hope for the best

  87. Culprit893

    Culprit893Month ago

    Logan Derb she does

  88. Noukk

    NoukkMonth ago

    good luck!

  89. MidnightHysteria

    MidnightHysteriaMonth ago

    this was recommended to me after watching rewind

  90. Maya Lynn

    Maya LynnMonth ago

    Oh this is what she meant 😂 I got this in my recommendations from watching MReporter rewind 😂😂

  91. Dunxan _

    Dunxan _Month ago


  92. Becca Scott

    Becca ScottMonth ago

    “Having a brain tumour is a comedic goldmine” My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and once after surgery she said “I need _____ like I need a hole in the head” and realized what she said and just burst out laughing #tumourhumour

  93. Abigail Neill

    Abigail NeillMonth ago

    I just found out she had a tumor from watching MReporter rewind 2018 and I wish I knew sooner so that I could of supported you

  94. CreeepsMind

    CreeepsMindMonth ago

    3876 Robots watched the video (edit: even Robots have more emotions than the people disliking the video...)

  95. PeopleCallMeLucifer

    PeopleCallMeLuciferMonth ago

    TO ANYONE WHO'S HERE FROM REWIND. Simone already went trough surgery and is fine now. Feel free to check her newer vids

  96. Othinel Mulume

    Othinel MulumeMonth ago

    Good luck always be strong!!!!!!!!👍

  97. PeopleCallMeLucifer

    PeopleCallMeLuciferMonth ago

    She's actually fine now ... IDK if this a joke comment or someone who is genuine worried (yay internet)

  98. Overjoyed Gamer

    Overjoyed GamerMonth ago


  99. Karen Macdonald

    Karen MacdonaldMonth ago

    Only good part of youtube rewind ngl

  100. kacchan k

    kacchan kMonth ago

    Well goodbye

  101. cherry b00mm

    cherry b00mmMonth ago

    For the first time I wish this was clickbait

  102. Dark devil Demon

    Dark devil DemonMonth ago

    Came from rewind (which sadly sucked) but, I didn’t know what you meant by you got sick so I searched for you and didn’t expect this. I thought it was some cold you got but, this was really serious and did not prepare to get smacked with sadness today. I know a guy who had a tumor but, I don’t know what happened to him since I left that church (he was a guy who went there). I’m sorry and hope you get over this life threatening moment.

  103. PeopleCallMeLucifer

    PeopleCallMeLuciferMonth ago

    She did, she is back to making vids

  104. Send Bobs and Ashe thx

    Send Bobs and Ashe thxMonth ago

    You’re fine now tho?Right

  105. PeopleCallMeLucifer

    PeopleCallMeLuciferMonth ago

    yes she is

  106. ASMR By Kellmer

    ASMR By KellmerMonth ago

    This is the first time I’ve checked this channel since I watched VGHS for the 4th time...

  107. ASMR By Kellmer

    ASMR By KellmerMonth ago

    To all the people who disliked this video, please leave we don’t need negative energy on MReporter

  108. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny Blaze17 days ago


  109. rad kid

    rad kidMonth ago

    "having a brain tumor is the best raincheck ever" bro the week I found out I broke my back was nothing but bailing on plans because of it, it was blissful

  110. Hedy Rose

    Hedy RoseMonth ago

    Anyone here from Rewind? I was confused why she said she was ill😰

  111. Victor Peterson

    Victor PetersonMonth ago

    I honestly came here from Rewind because I didn’t know who Simone was and was curious about what this “sick” deal was

  112. Distaval

    DistavalMonth ago

    I still think you're sexy.

  113. Lunar The _Kawaii_ Koala

    Lunar The _Kawaii_ KoalaMonth ago

    It was that dried astronaut food. YOU DARN ASTRONAUT FOOD!!