I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.


  1. underverse react sans the skele

    underverse react sans the skele2 hours ago

    I hate fireworks too

  2. Epic Wolf

    Epic Wolf9 hours ago

    ALEX YOU DONT LIKE FIREWORKS??????!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! Its ok.... I hate them too....

  3. Prof. Dinky Crinkleboom

    Prof. Dinky Crinkleboom9 hours ago

    Do we need to know..

  4. The Slashing Scizor

    The Slashing Scizor10 hours ago

    One of the sparks from a firework at a show fell inches from my head.

  5. Trinity Ard

    Trinity Ard11 hours ago

    Like and hate what you want it's ur choice

  6. Trinity Ard

    Trinity Ard11 hours ago

    I love your vids

  7. Unicorn Life

    Unicorn LifeDay ago

    I don't like french frys (please don't hate on me!)

  8. RB8X

    RB8XDay ago

    AMERICA USED TO BE FREEE XD it made my day

  9. kirby warrior

    kirby warriorDay ago

    Ok people don't like things other than things Do

  10. Landon

    Landon2 days ago

    can you be a real person and act normal and stop faking that happy personality

  11. Sophia Animations

    Sophia Animations2 days ago

    I saw that leaf village sigh from Naruto don't think I didn't

  12. El Jefe 316

    El Jefe 3162 days ago

    do it

  13. Alida Drenthen

    Alida Drenthen3 days ago

    It's ok you don't like fireworks

  14. Ondine Thomas

    Ondine Thomas3 days ago

    I hate fireworks there soooooooo loud

  15. easm1021

    easm10213 days ago

    Ostrich’s are beating him in the beginning @.@

  16. BossBros TheNube

    BossBros TheNube3 days ago

    I also dont like fire works

  17. Margot Phelps

    Margot Phelps3 days ago

    My mom is in New Hampshire and she’s coming back tomorrow!

  18. Chris Janvier

    Chris Janvier4 days ago

    thats why you dont like

  19. Ocean Rose

    Ocean Rose4 days ago

    LOL the emus

  20. Joe Greenwell

    Joe Greenwell4 days ago

    I dont like fire works they are freaky

  21. Kelsy Vargas

    Kelsy Vargas4 days ago

    I just came from Michelle’s video


    THE TNT MINECART5 days ago

    come to india man

  23. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson5 days ago

    im one of those ppl who actually loves fireworks : ) look alex, i know what you may be thinking that it is kinda ridiculous but fireworks are a proud staple of this country sure it may scare a pet momentarily and its ok if you dont like fireworks but, the point i am trying to get across here, is that, fireworks , especially for both the fourth of july and new years is fun to listen to during those times ,especially if they are through television also i like the performance of the guest voice, michelle khare in this cartoon, she kinda has this tara strong like quality that is rather interesting that it would be fun for us, the viewers, for her to be in more of these cartoons

  24. John Rojas

    John Rojas5 days ago

    Same Alex cuz it is loud

  25. Julia’s Flute

    Julia’s Flute5 days ago

    Me too

  26. join the fist

    join the fist5 days ago

    I don't like fireworks either

  27. Sam Clifton

    Sam Clifton6 days ago

    *sees title* Me too man

  28. carlos huerta

    carlos huerta6 days ago

    You think that's bad! I don't like... Ice Cream

  29. prince and pals

    prince and pals6 days ago


  30. Everardo Salcedo

    Everardo Salcedo6 days ago

    There to boring

  31. Sandro Zamora

    Sandro Zamora6 days ago

    As a kid I was afraid of fireworks......

  32. Archer Bibby-Sale

    Archer Bibby-Sale7 days ago


  33. Natchez Trace

    Natchez Trace7 days ago

    Next to the chair in the backround is that a picture of Alice angel

  34. The Stickamator

    The Stickamator7 days ago

    I almost died eating toast

  35. Neevah Wilson

    Neevah Wilson7 days ago

    I don’t like fireworks one hit me but I’m okay

  36. Dummy Pants

    Dummy Pants7 days ago

    Fire works are kinda oldschool by now,i still like em

  37. ICreateDis

    ICreateDis8 days ago

    I hate fireworks to

  38. Stranger Me me

    Stranger Me me8 days ago

    Me too

  39. mlg master FOXY gaming

    mlg master FOXY gaming8 days ago

    Ya at skool I'm ostracized pretty much ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME. But at least I have friends

  40. Periodic Gaming

    Periodic Gaming8 days ago

    Fireworks are illegal where I live.

  41. BowTieGuy

    BowTieGuy8 days ago

    I think fireworks are loud and obnoxious and they scare my animals half to death.

  42. Arielle Lopez

    Arielle Lopez8 days ago

    I love the display the fireworks do. But they do waste resources and i love nature

  43. 7assonaa

    7assonaa8 days ago

    one time i shot fireworks with my family on the roof of our house but the shooter somehow fell on the floor and started shooting everywhere and everyone was just running and jumping to get away from the fire works and that’s one of the reasons why I love fireworks because that was hilarious *except that it almost injured my cousin’s eye but he wasn’t really injured so it’s fine*

  44. Koby

    Koby9 days ago

    Don't worry you're not alone i don"t like fire works too ^-^

  45. Hayden Brooks

    Hayden Brooks10 days ago

    Well Alex a firework hit my car. So kind of similar

  46. vabulesV barriel

    vabulesV barriel10 days ago

    how could you my birthday is 4th of July I feel offended lol

  47. Zachary Maxwell

    Zachary Maxwell10 days ago

    I agree

  48. Szobiz

    Szobiz10 days ago


  49. Szobiz

    Szobiz10 days ago


  50. Szobiz

    Szobiz10 days ago

    not liking and being afraid r very distinct thinhs. but u know. bait

  51. CRAFTED Studios

    CRAFTED Studios11 days ago

    your not just the one that is scared of fireworks I'm also scared of fireworks... 😂😂😂😅😅😅

  52. Alfie Brooks

    Alfie Brooks11 days ago

    You can buy them at 18 and in your backyard

  53. Amy Taylor

    Amy Taylor11 days ago

    I came for Michelle! Now I’m a subscriber:)

  54. Cat craft gaming In the Night

    Cat craft gaming In the Night11 days ago


  55. Lela McGuffin

    Lela McGuffin11 days ago

    I hate fireworks too

  56. Moon Fox133

    Moon Fox13311 days ago

    I never like fireworks when I was a kid and I still don’t like them

  57. Spencer Vlogs

    Spencer Vlogs12 days ago

    I live in Vermont fk nh

  58. Just a guy 1356

    Just a guy 135612 days ago


  59. Israel Cervantes

    Israel Cervantes13 days ago

    im also ostrisized.


    ALLICATT STUDIOS YT13 days ago

    *A M E R I C A U S E D T O B E F R E E*


    ALLICATT STUDIOS YT13 days ago

    You ostracized the ostrich

  62. Yui !

    Yui !14 days ago

    *fireworks scare me everytime they pop, thats why I hate it* 😂

  63. adalynrox

    adalynrox14 days ago

    MICHELLE YOU DID SO GOOD I saw your video it was so cool

  64. Madison Chang

    Madison Chang14 days ago

    Hahahaahahha so funny I’m a ostrich in disguise

  65. Gabija 14

    Gabija 1414 days ago

    I like fireworks, when there is fireworks outside I allways go to watch it, but I admit I never really got what's so special about them. :-\


    {THE RELATABLE}15 days ago


  67. the dragon warrior

    the dragon warrior15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse :55

  68. the dragon warrior

    the dragon warrior15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 4:52

  69. the dragon warrior

    the dragon warrior15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 4:52

  70. the dragon warrior

    the dragon warrior15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 4:52

  71. the dragon warrior

    the dragon warrior15 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 4:52

  72. EthHeth Gaming

    EthHeth Gaming15 days ago

    I hate fireworks too

  73. Onibi Onna

    Onibi Onna16 days ago

    my dad actually hit me with a firework back when they were still legal to buy i like fireworks, but people who record it annoy me, cause like, ur never gonna look at that vid ever again, and its going to look very shitty on ur motorola phone DEBORAH

  74. oliver cruz

    oliver cruz16 days ago

    i het u

  75. B&jplayz 78

    B&jplayz 7816 days ago

    I stare at screen savers for hours

  76. mashall me

    mashall me16 days ago

    I hate fireworks to

  77. Xx Unicorn

    Xx Unicorn16 days ago

    Ha when I'm watching this fireworks was outside sorry 😓

  78. Mackenzie Shelby

    Mackenzie Shelby16 days ago

    I have a friend that just moved from New Hampshire

  79. TheWolve'sDen Crafts, Gaming and Tutorials!

    TheWolve'sDen Crafts, Gaming and Tutorials!16 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 02:52

  80. GostleGirl787243765th

    GostleGirl787243765th17 days ago

    FINALLY I HATE FIREWORKS THERE LOUD AND MADE WITH FIRE THEY EXPLODE IT CAN HURT PPL AND I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN MY FAMILY WHO HATES FIREWORKS THANK YOU ALEX THANK U True Story: We set off a firework and u know those tiny fire particles when they explode one landed in my mom's leg and it left a burnt and everybody laughed even my mom except me ._____. :3

  81. Pro Haz Gamer

    Pro Haz Gamer17 days ago

    I have fire works to

  82. Syair Frazier

    Syair Frazier17 days ago

    😎😎😎 awesome

  83. PowerblastX Gang

    PowerblastX Gang17 days ago

    I hate fireworks to

  84. Mazlina Mamat

    Mazlina Mamat17 days ago

    If anyone here is malay than they would understand

  85. Mazlina Mamat

    Mazlina Mamat17 days ago

    That is not fireworks

  86. Cire Erol Taller

    Cire Erol Taller18 days ago

    I don't like fire works too

  87. That One Weird Girl

    That One Weird Girl18 days ago

    Here in the UK it's actually Firework season and its almost Bon Fire (5th of November)

  88. midget_ 4545

    midget_ 454517 days ago

    Help me fireworks are happening rn

  89. cupcake 3830

    cupcake 383018 days ago


  90. super mccassey 2

    super mccassey 218 days ago

    I live in NH

  91. Jack Black

    Jack Black19 days ago

    Is anybody else noticed the hidden Leaf symbol on that kid shirt as in Naruto Shippuden

  92. Wyeth kulit

    Wyeth kulit19 days ago

    I like fireworks

  93. Patangan Vlogs

    Patangan Vlogs20 days ago

    I hate FW,

  94. Renepede

    Renepede20 days ago

    I hate fireworks too

  95. Angryyoshi

    Angryyoshi21 day ago

    Don't worry alex everyone has their own opinions

  96. Natasha Powell

    Natasha Powell21 day ago


  97. Andres Vargas 7

    Andres Vargas 721 day ago

    I hate fireworks to


    DANI MAKER21 day ago

    But firework is a super dope I love it. When it's kinda boom

  99. Nena Me

    Nena Me22 days ago

    I feel ya

  100. ice dragon

    ice dragon22 days ago

    A fire work nearly killed me

  101. Jedi Jacob

    Jedi Jacob22 days ago

    I don’t necessarily like fireworks because when I was like 2 my dad put fireworks on a timer for goose hunting to scare the geese into the air.that day me and my mom went driving, the problem was that the timer went off while we were driving, where were the fireworks? In the trunk. My mom called the police because she thought we were being shot at, she looked at the back of the car, the smoke was coming from the trunk, opened it, and the closest thing to a bomb was in the trunk. It was just a box of fireworks my dad hooked up to a self activating timer to scare geese into the air so he could hunt them easier.