I Got My Makeup Permanently Tattooed


  1. Katie Hanish

    Katie Hanish12 days ago


  2. 1d 1d 1d 1d

    1d 1d 1d 1d12 days ago

    her voice sounds like anne {harry's styles mom}

  3. the boi

    the boi19 days ago

    You should see if you could get a refund

  4. Violet2010

    Violet201021 day ago

    What about when she gets old

  5. GameArcade

    GameArcade24 days ago

    You're actually stupid. You can never take it off. Idiot. That's stuck to your eyes / lips forever.

  6. BlowItOutYourCunt

    BlowItOutYourCunt26 days ago

    Like what's the point of permanent eyeliner when you're just going to cover it all with eyeshadow and then have to paint eyeliner on top of it again, was this even thought through? Please do an update video three years from now and let us know if she still loves it and would do it all over again!

  7. A Team Besties

    A Team Besties27 days ago

    But I’m I the only one who thinks she looks better without makeup

  8. A Team Besties

    A Team Besties27 days ago


  9. The Bookworm

    The BookwormMonth ago

    I think she looked better before the makeup

  10. Sharon Gray

    Sharon GrayMonth ago

    It’s a waste of money

  11. Sarge

    SargeMonth ago

    thank christ the red toned down after a week you looked like a blow up doll with those bright red lips

  12. Cool Kids

    Cool KidsMonth ago

    The pain

  13. Haroon Ahmet

    Haroon AhmetMonth ago

    Her red lips😍😍😍

  14. Burns Commentator

    Burns CommentatorMonth ago

    didn't need it



    I’m sorry but for me I liked ur lips before I think they where nice and u look better on them

  16. Minecraft Girl

    Minecraft GirlMonth ago

    Ok I might consider but I’m too much of a chicken to go through the pain🐔🐔🐔🐔

  17. Caitlin Bourne

    Caitlin BourneMonth ago

    Eyebrows yeah anywhere else no

  18. Samantha diys and vlogs

    Samantha diys and vlogsMonth ago


  19. teenage stars

    teenage starsMonth ago

    U look terrible... It's so like cartoon, u look so fresh and pretty without any makeup...Why don't ppl feel confident in their own skin !! Why are pol so much into makeup ? If u don't wear makeup for a day will the society kill u or something.. Or will u lose your self respect... Don't let makeup be a barrier and hide the real you !! 😢

  20. Zuneira Hussain

    Zuneira Hussain2 months ago

    this gave me anxiety

  21. li yean

    li yean2 months ago

    Only her brows were nice

  22. Alexandria Faiella

    Alexandria Faiella2 months ago

    Is it just me or it looks like she totally missed filling in the left side of her lip!?!

  23. pip pip cheerio

    pip pip cheerio2 months ago

    you're late, buzzfeed...

  24. Allyjade Plays

    Allyjade Plays2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that the week after she got her makeup done, her lips weren't as bright red!

  25. Ravê _Oliveira

    Ravê _Oliveira2 months ago

    Why people don’t like to have their natural beauty? I mean cmon, she was so pretty with her natural eyebrows and natural lips.

  26. smile

    smile2 months ago

    Is it done with Needle...😥😱

  27. Charlotte Dorman

    Charlotte Dorman2 months ago

    She looked better before

  28. Emilie Axel

    Emilie Axel2 months ago

    She looked prettier without makeup now she has a horse face

  29. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer2 months ago

    But what if there is a special occasion and u want to change your makeup

  30. every thing

    every thing2 months ago

    Wow some women are braver than all ever be I'm impressed congratulations!

  31. Retzel Vids

    Retzel Vids2 months ago

    Beauty is Pain.

  32. Honey K

    Honey K2 months ago

    Makes me want to get my brows done so.bad.

  33. ネイサン

    ネイサン2 months ago

    It might be the initial result, but the lipstick looks terrible.

  34. BlowItOutYourCunt

    BlowItOutYourCunt2 months ago

    Yup update us all in 3 yrs and let us know if you're still thrilled about it!

  35. Mariah Sullen

    Mariah Sullen2 months ago

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  36. Jade De Agrella

    Jade De Agrella2 months ago

    she's more gorgeous without the makeup tho.....

  37. Caroline Firtl

    Caroline Firtl2 months ago

    Damn. What I would give to look that good without makeup...she was such a natural beauty!

  38. hannah.

    hannah.2 months ago

    She looks better in the first tho💀

  39. oNe - wAy

    oNe - wAy2 months ago

    She looked better before

  40. techytrekki

    techytrekki2 months ago

    Omg she has the same name as me woah

  41. shelly yastagirl

    shelly yastagirl2 months ago

    I like it is natural ....i had my done is truly life changing

  42. Tahlia Rose

    Tahlia Rose2 months ago

    I like the eyebrows but it's ok

  43. Nélia de Sá

    Nélia de Sá2 months ago


  44. Maria Ela Yorukoglu

    Maria Ela Yorukoglu2 months ago

    Did she get lip fillers after 😂😂😂

  45. leave me alone

    leave me alone3 months ago

    The makeup in the beginning of the video is the make that takes 30 minutes to an hour or what? 💀

  46. Quack Quack

    Quack Quack3 months ago

    I would do the eyebrows, eyeliner and maybe contour. Just because those take up most of my time. I do want to do lips, blush, and eyeshadow myself though because I do new colors everyday.

  47. Josephine Wolfger

    Josephine Wolfger3 months ago

    I liked everything about it, except for the giant lips...

  48. prince de royal

    prince de royal3 months ago

    Girl you look beautiful without makeup the lips are like u got surgery

  49. Deema Nassar

    Deema Nassar3 months ago

    She used to look younger and prettier

  50. kushtrime basha

    kushtrime basha3 months ago

    I swear she was better before getting tattoo

  51. ItsSavy Girl

    ItsSavy Girl3 months ago

    Ew the lips are gross!

  52. miat789

    miat7893 months ago

    I wish they had evened out her eyebrows

  53. caroline philbrook

    caroline philbrook3 months ago

    What every woman except me will do in the future to look good everyday

  54. Justme and only me

    Justme and only me3 months ago

    She looked better before...

  55. Botty

    Botty3 months ago

    I mean you do you girl but damn you were so much prettier without any makeup on!

  56. camryn hates math

    camryn hates math3 months ago

    omg her lipsssss, looked like she got injections

  57. brandtdewaal

    brandtdewaal3 months ago

    the lips look literally awful

  58. brandtdewaal

    brandtdewaal3 months ago

    certified gay funny how the color has completely faded lol

  59. certified gay

    certified gay3 months ago

    brandtdewaal that was right afterward. did you look at the pic after one week?

  60. let's talk about harry potter

    let's talk about harry potter3 months ago

    You look lovely!

  61. do no

    do no3 months ago

    Lol rediculous. Lazy

  62. Dark Raven

    Dark Raven3 months ago

    It's her choice but personally I think she looks better natural

  63. Phillip Bell

    Phillip Bell3 months ago

    What if makeup goes out of style?


    TITANIUM BOSSS3 months ago

    your lips are kinda big now

  65. S u b b y

    S u b b y3 months ago

    Wh- ok

  66. BabyLove

    BabyLove3 months ago

    The end results are bomb but I still wouldn’t do it.

  67. erin c02

    erin c023 months ago

    I’m crying at the results after she’d just had it done😂

  68. Meka Malice

    Meka Malice3 months ago

    The lips looked so good after the swelling went down!

  69. AnOddlyShapedClock

    AnOddlyShapedClock3 months ago

    Yknow what? You do you, boo. I wouldn’t do it but that’s cool

  70. Ancient Sumerian

    Ancient Sumerian4 months ago

    Women are disgusting

  71. Swopies Secret

    Swopies Secret4 months ago

    I just want to have concealer tattos under my eyes. I hate it to put so much concealer on every day😂😂

  72. Afi's life

    Afi's life4 months ago

    And if they want to see themselves natural and want to change the lip colour ????

  73. Julianna T

    Julianna T4 months ago

    This was so sad for me to watch because I truly think she looked stunning before. How insane is it people will do this to their face just because society makes u feel like you need this stuff to look "prettier"... Ugh!

  74. Nia L

    Nia L4 months ago

    Doesn’t it last for just a couple years?

  75. Jessica Stephens

    Jessica Stephens4 months ago

    That crooked picture frame on the back wall is driving me crazy...

  76. TheDarkCrafter

    TheDarkCrafter4 months ago

    Not so much the lips, but i would do eyeliner and eyebrows

  77. Esther Johnson

    Esther Johnson4 months ago

    But what happens when you grow old and your skin starts to sag?

  78. Flowers and daisy chains

    Flowers and daisy chains4 months ago

    OMG the lips are awful

  79. Marie Rose

    Marie Rose4 months ago

    I HATE THE LIPS (ps sorry😣


    EXIT THE MATRIX4 months ago

    Do not like the lipstick. Or brows

  81. Kayla eventeen02

    Kayla eventeen024 months ago

    The eyebrows and eyeliner look nice but the the lips look way too pigmented but as long if she's happy with it that's great cause I know wearing makeup for myself does the same thing too

  82. Jennai Gaye

    Jennai Gaye4 months ago

    Michael Jackson did this too. I would get it done for my eyebrows, just because they're pretty light, but I love changing up my lip and eyeliner colors so I probably wouldn't go through the trouble.

  83. Ros anna

    Ros anna4 months ago

    The eyebrows look great but I definitely wouldn't so anything else..

  84. Nissy Varghese

    Nissy Varghese4 months ago

    Like seriously? to eliminate wasteage of time you chose this?? 😥😥

  85. Sarah Routray

    Sarah Routray4 months ago

    My head started hurting in the eyeliner part

  86. Samantha Weps

    Samantha Weps4 months ago

    I wish she felt beautiful enough to not do such because she was quite beautiful before.

  87. Beauty Thursday

    Beauty Thursday4 months ago

    Honnestly i feel like she was way prettier even without makeup

  88. Nyla Bowman

    Nyla Bowman4 months ago

    She turned into Kylie Jenner😂😂

  89. Chicken Duck88

    Chicken Duck884 months ago

    When She said the pain was like someone poking u and scraping u on ur lips I starting poking myself and scraping my lips. Hahahaha anyone else??


    DAZZLE ME4 months ago

    Who else got a makeup ad befor this

  91. SPSulte 89

    SPSulte 894 months ago

    You're an idiot

  92. divine

    divine4 months ago

    SPSulte 89 * wasn’t

  93. SPSulte 89

    SPSulte 894 months ago

    abby , oh gosh I wasent looking

  94. divine

    divine4 months ago

    SPSulte 89 “idot”

  95. •Nobody• :\

    •Nobody• :\4 months ago

    Tbh it looked better before. But what ever, I mean you do you so 🤷

  96. It's asail

    It's asail4 months ago

    her lips at 3:38 look like failed lip injections

  97. Ink Princess

    Ink Princess4 months ago

    Why are they playing black skinhead by Kanye in the background

  98. INRAHA

    INRAHA4 months ago

    My god she looked so much more beautiful before

  99. A J

    A J4 months ago

    I wouldn’t do this because I see makeup as an art, and I enjoy doing it. Also I like to try out different colours and looks ect.

  100. trap_harls_4ever

    trap_harls_4ever4 months ago

    It looks pretty but I’ll stick to a nude lip and lash extensions 😂

  101. Natania Smith

    Natania Smith4 months ago

    When I looked at the before and after pictures I think the before look looked better😄

  102. Raqui Paz

    Raqui Paz4 months ago

    does anyone notice the bts music is the background?

  103. Daily Tea

    Daily Tea4 months ago

    Put her to sleep so you dont feel it

  104. Lesley Montoya

    Lesley Montoya4 months ago

    I'd do the eye brows and a little bit of eyeliner but I like putting on my own lipstick anyway

  105. Following Phan

    Following Phan4 months ago

    My mom had eyeliner done, it was black but eventually turn blue