1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna3 months ago

    if youre reading this, comment "molasses pancakes" on my last IG pic!

  2. adriana Labaki

    adriana Labaki7 hours ago

    are you in some kind from lebanon?

  3. Megan Vancil

    Megan Vancil2 days ago

    You probably won't see this but I have been doing serious purge and organizing sessions in my life and it has made me feel so good. When I was cleaning I ALSO had the problem of wanting to keep letters from when I was younger but I came up with a really great solution. I scanned every letter, picture, and document and then saved them onto my cloud account so that I will always have them, but they are not taking up space in my life. It really made a huge difference in the space I saved and taught me how to let go more. Thank you for making this video, it was really good!! :)

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  5. Natalie Enright

    Natalie Enright7 days ago

    This is my 18th time I have seen it

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    idontcare99999 87 days ago

    So let's go out on a date

  7. Yanni Baker

    Yanni Baker21 minute ago

    *what everyone else saw*: "wow, mess, mess wow. Oh! Mess." *what I saw*: "The picture behind her that she knocked down said *bitch* on it.. Mood."

  8. Yanni Baker

    Yanni Baker21 minute ago

    *what everyone else saw*: "wow, mess, mess wow. Oh! Mess." *what I saw*: The picture behind her that she knocked down said *bitch* on it.. Mood.

  9. Lady Aphelion

    Lady Aphelion55 minutes ago

    Just subscribed after this video. It was so nice to0 see someone just as crazy and relatable with why I keep my own things sometimes, when I really know I shouldn't! You are not alone in having little, sentimental reasons for keeping just stupid or odd things! I truly commend you for just being able to let go like you did!

  10. trisha minne

    trisha minneHour ago

    Khloe legit is THE BEST KARDASHIAN. 😎😂

  11. Willowand

    Willowand3 hours ago

    I know im like...forever late, but like is she wearing Lisa's merch at the end?

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    @Queenof7seas is my Poshmark handle!

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    I feel stressed. too much just too much lol

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    I can't wait for you to fill in the office again. that background was my favorite!!

  15. Lauren Valerius

    Lauren Valerius6 hours ago

    No offense to gabbie love her but did anyone else notice how nasty her hand looked when she was showing clothes😂

  16. Mal V

    Mal V8 hours ago

    Is your Poshmark inactive?

  17. Kat Close

    Kat Close10 hours ago

    Maybe its time for me to try to clean my room And by i, i mean a profesional room cleaner And by try i mean the room cleaner try to get past clothes mountain in the door way and me sitting on the couch doing nothing cause im a lazy potato

  18. ok bUT

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    6:02 "they both give me joy!" shes so adorable omg

  19. Emma's life with makeup and more

    Emma's life with makeup and more10 hours ago

    If you want to be a minimulist that you should get wood hangers so they take up more space so you can fit less

  20. Twistedmist

    Twistedmist10 hours ago

    Best thing you can do in life is get organized, it feels great.

  21. Tobie Stanley

    Tobie Stanley11 hours ago

    when gabbie was talking about poshmark in the middle of the video she was wearing liza koshys merch

  22. Tobie Stanley

    Tobie Stanley11 hours ago

    i love gabbies new profile picture for youtube! she looks like a tough, fierce, feisty and independent women! (she looks like her everyday self!)

  23. xAristocat

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    “That’s for my GHOST” “Oh okay”

  24. Een meisje met een naam

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    honestly that woman was so annoying😤😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. KimBuining.com

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    I can imagine that you keep so much if you had to grow up with not much belonings. Did see helped you to deal with that habit?

  26. meghan looye

    meghan looye14 hours ago

    Think I might legit be a hoarder because I have that mentality that she was talking about when you just save random bags and boxes for a just in case kind of thing.

  27. Sierra Boler

    Sierra Boler15 hours ago

    The amount of money I'd pay just to have the shopping cart of Gabbie's crap...

  28. TheBabymurr

    TheBabymurr15 hours ago

    Been getting my poshmark up and running @babymurr. This is motivating me to stop my hoarding ways 😩😂

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    You look very pretty on this video! 💕

  30. Sally LeBlanc

    Sally LeBlanc17 hours ago

    love your videos

  31. Ann Lashley

    Ann Lashley18 hours ago

    why do u have a shopping cart

  32. CherushiMetsumari

    CherushiMetsumari19 hours ago

    @14:37 Gabbie... I have that same Pikachu Night Light for my son, and it's honestly just a tad bit creepy when it's dark, because the white part of it's eyes kinda just... disappear. Forewarning if you every end up using it. XD

  33. Lily Astrid

    Lily Astrid19 hours ago

    “which one gives you more joy” gabbie: “they BOTH give me joy☺️”

  34. Bowlpack Bobby

    Bowlpack Bobby21 hour ago

    I love the other gabbie I love her sister and when she did a video of when she did the 24 hour with a hunted doll I also love you to gabbie

  35. Kristie Taylor

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    Lol I have the same room in my house! The “office” aka the hoarding room 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. aubrieanna

    aubrieannaDay ago

    You should cover every wall in your office with fan art and letters! It would get them out of that corner and keep them out of the way.

  37. Midnightx user Midnightxuser

    Midnightx user MidnightxuserDay ago

    🌈🦋 If you spray alcohol on any of your powdered make up and leave the lid open a crack it will not only clean the germs and reform into a solid cake again. I learned this after I already threw away a bunch that broke. But it can save you a lot of money and make up is so expensive. I found out it also works on pastels that you draw with. Found you through Shane but starting to love you..your voice is wonderful !and when you sang that little video where you sang “da fuck “ oh my God,you are so good. I wish you would sing one of the songs I wrote. If you ever run out of material and want to sing something new I have such a giant amount of fabulous songs that I have written that would suit your voice so perfectly. You have a greatWonderful talent and personality and you are so dear. I’ll be watching more of you and what you’re up to, you make me smile and my dog loves you… Dispersing inertia…🙏👩🏻‍💻💝🐾

  38. Ashley Martinson

    Ashley MartinsonDay ago

    I need to do the same thing this weekend! Cleaning my hoarder room/office/Poshmark store. You gave me hope that I can tackle mine! Much love. 💕 Poshmark handle is @craftyashley4

  39. Natalie Clark

    Natalie ClarkDay ago

    alright you better not have really thrown that alice in wonderland pallet away or im going to cry

  40. Laura Vdw

    Laura VdwDay ago

    The link to your posh closet isn't working for me 😭. Poshmark rocks. Loved this video. I'm organizing obsessed.

  41. Actually. Shanjan

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    Omfg d.a.r.e ilysmmmm

  42. jess fanny

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    "That's for my ghost" "Oh ok" Lol

  43. Isabel McIntyre

    Isabel McIntyreDay ago

    Right as she was going to open the door an ad played and I was like noooo

  44. Ellen McCarthy

    Ellen McCarthyDay ago

    You should get big ring binders/files, slip sleeves and a laminator to display the fab art in. You could hole punch the laminated stuff or put it into slip sleeves to protect it then store them in the binders

  45. Mad Rosa

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    Feel free to checkout my closet on Poshmark @madi_mira 💓💓

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    I don't even have a room of my own why i am watching this ???

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    Omg you did dare!!!!

  48. Luna

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    That girl kinda sounds like Ariana grande

  49. Lily Lefranc

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    I just watched a 1:40 minute video hope it helped 😊 thanks for the content and smiles

  50. Veronica Pimentel

    Veronica PimentelDay ago

    Omg my whole house is always clean and I have one room like this too and always keep the door closed I call it the tornado room lol ... it's the same thing just shit I need to put away and organize like yours lol I keep saying I want to turn it into a beauty room/ walk in closet I just have yet to take on that task lol

  51. Alexandria Alexander

    Alexandria AlexanderDay ago

    In my culture it's considered bad to keep empty things in the house as it draws negative energy. If there is even an empty bottle you would put a bit of water in it until you get rid of it.

  52. Moss Bogger

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    Hello my name is generic youtube content creator 1239468127634 and in this episode we explore ways to make mental illness fashionable

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    Lol 😂 the hoarding room looks life my bedroom 😅XD

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    I LOVE YOUR TEDDY BEARS!!!!! I will take it off your hands

  55. T K

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    "I've read a book by KonMari, I'm a professional now"

  56. Ally Weifenbach

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    I fr just got done watching he “reading the ex boyfriend text messages “ realizing she was doing this during the subscription 😂

  57. Stacie Streck

    Stacie StreckDay ago

    I just recently did a huge over haul of my closet and it felt so good being able to actually see all my clothes. Clutter drives me crazy, too so I try my hardest to keep my room clutter free.

  58. lu W.

    lu W.Day ago

    We're moving so I'm being forced to declutter. Might as well get some tips

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    where did her bears go

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    What's pulling me down. My room😂

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    6.2 million subs and 6.1 million views. Best retention rate I’ve ever seen.

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    I’m watching this while procrastinating cleaning my room... and now I feel bad.

  65. Isabel  Christie

    Isabel ChristieDay ago

    After watching this I threw out 11 empty boxes...

  66. Arielle Newville

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    My Poshmark closer is @arnewville I know this video is older but if anyone stumbles into my closet holla at me for a discount! bnc.lt/focc/2fiqM3rTgP

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    Is it just me or is this Lizzie Mcguire

  68. Sam S

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    omg i have the nerd emoji pillow as well

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    Watching this while cleaning my room was helpful

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    I am going to clean my room for this week's cleaning time... Time to work on it!

  71. Emma Corker

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    I'm sorry I'm shook, I hope she didn't just throw that Alice palette in the bin cause that was limited edition and ppl would kill for that omfg.

  72. Alayna Egan

    Alayna EganDay ago

    it was honestly not as bad as she made it sound

  73. semma habeeb

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    you should put all the other fan mail pictures on the blank wall in front of your sofa.

  74. Alina A

    Alina A2 days ago

    Every time I hear “featured creator” I can’t help but think of TanaCon

  75. Lauren Barham

    Lauren Barham2 days ago

    YES! FINALLY! I'M NOT ALONE!! I have a whole room that was supposed to be my husbands's office/the book room and every time we buy like a craft item, it goes inn there and never gets touched again... We just bought a house though and we are FINALLLYYYY cleansing it of all the bs we dont actually need anymore.... WISH ME LUCK!!

  76. Courtney Camping

    Courtney Camping2 days ago

    We are the same. I have a emotional attachment to my things.. clothes, jewellery, shoes etc. Everything looks amazing!! Well done bbe

  77. Katie Baker

    Katie Baker2 days ago

    I hate it when minimalist people say "Only keep things that bring you joy" to people who CLEARLY GET JOY from their stuff! Least helpful advice ever! Yeah, they may not get joy from having too much stuff and not being able to use their rooms, but look at Gabbie's face when she's listening to the box click shut. She is getting joy from that box. I just find that when I use that advice, I keep way too much stuff.

  78. n cnsnnts

    n cnsnnts2 days ago

    I don't know why but I have the exact opposite reaction to things, if I see something in my closet that I don't wear often I have an immediate urge to just chuck it out x)

  79. Caitlin Morris

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  80. HoneyBee

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    I hope you got rid of the shopping cart. What's with the post office mail bins. Ridiculous SMFH

  81. bookloverholic

    bookloverholic2 days ago

    Drawings and letters you could scan them into computer and save them that way.

  82. bookloverholic

    bookloverholic2 days ago

    And you can back it up on an external hard drive, and even put on a digital frame

  83. honey bun

    honey bun2 days ago

    My room gets worse than that like once a week I-

  84. Yasmin Smith

    Yasmin Smith2 days ago

    My parents room is about fifty times worth than that actual

  85. Amber Liu

    Amber Liu2 days ago

    Can we just talk about gabbies thumb just bends backwords like the letter L

  86. adelle anne

    adelle anne2 days ago

    ash : this would be good to burn after we are done. gabbie : what?the sage? ash : yeah,to clear the energy and- gabbie : that's for my ghost. ash : yes-oh okay? nsndkfmfkdmdnjcfn im- 😂

  87. Renae Bruggemann

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    This whole video is MEE!!

  88. Trine Hennessy

    Trine Hennessy2 days ago

    put the fan mail Int he box you don't use

  89. Megan Vancil

    Megan Vancil2 days ago

    You probably won't see this but I have been doing serious purge and organizing sessions in my life and it has made me feel so good. When I was cleaning I ALSO had the problem of wanting to keep letters from when I was younger but I came up with a really great solution. I scanned every letter, picture, and document and then saved them onto my cloud account so that I will always have them, but they are not taking up space in my life. It really made a huge difference in the space I saved and taught me how to let go more. Thank you for making this video, it was really good!! :)

  90. kg

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    im relating so much to this video

  91. Robyn Wall

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    I got u bro, I got u

  92. Catherine Bolding

    Catherine Bolding2 days ago

    you know what's funny? i just finished cleaning my room and it mad me feel so free!!!

  93. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole2 days ago

    How do you see your purses if they are in a bucket

  94. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole2 days ago

    I don’t understand your explaination for wanting to sell it and not give things away

  95. Learn Stuff

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    Khloe is my fave, too, Gab. 💜💜💜

  96. kat k

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    i'm glad you kept the bears 😂

  97. zamisk nim_

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    I find it very funny that she has a shopping cart just in a room in her house

  98. Alexis Fung

    Alexis Fung3 days ago

    I have so many stuffed animals and I can never say goodbye to them D: I really need to donate some of them... I really need to clean my room...

  99. Shaekayla Meppem

    Shaekayla Meppem3 days ago

    I feel you I have an emotional attachment to everything I own and I am moving out of my mums house to my dads house and I can’t bring everything so I have to choose what I want to bring with me because the room is tiny with 2 beds so I have to some how fit most of my stuff which are big in one tiny room

  100. Hailey Diaz

    Hailey Diaz3 days ago

    I'm not someone who keeps a lot of things but those bears I would have kept both of them

  101. Hessed3712

    Hessed37123 days ago

    I’m definitely going to do this. Thank you Gabb.

  102. killerpopmachine

    killerpopmachine3 days ago

    How long it took you from the beggining to the end?

  103. Erika Ellis

    Erika Ellis3 days ago

    One time someone told me that instead of keeping all their kids artwork, they take picture of it then put it into a scrapbook. That may work for any large fan mail! Other letters could just go into the book 😊

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  105. sylvana

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    This video got to me so bad😂😂 Im a huge hoarder I got an entire basement filled whit so much shit that my bike doesn't even fit in to anymore...I just can't trow away shit but this video definitely is motivating me to make a start somewhere


    BLACK ROSS3 days ago

    Good job your sooo skinny