I Got My Apartment Professionally Organized


  1. Hopey Levrey

    Hopey Levrey14 hours ago

    The only true way to professionally organise is the KonMari method, just saying.

  2. KristiLisa Kleiner

    KristiLisa Kleiner2 days ago

    I love her philosophy and am surprised that I am actually inspired, thank you

  3. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson2 days ago

    I so needed this right now. Thank-you =)

  4. chocolatecigar1

    chocolatecigar13 days ago

    You're right, you don't wear that anymore.

  5. Zodiac

    Zodiac4 days ago

    I'm surprised you weren't already doing the majority of these things already

  6. james james

    james james5 days ago

    why you act so vague ...

  7. Thatbrownguy

    Thatbrownguy6 days ago

    Basically 5S.

  8. April C

    April C6 days ago


  9. Cindy Gudino

    Cindy Gudino6 days ago

    Where you in the movie truth or dare

  10. Joy Alfaro

    Joy Alfaro7 days ago

    Ashley seems like an amazing human ❤️❤️

  11. Abby W

    Abby W7 days ago

    Question: do you naturally take your shoes off when you enter a house or do you naturally want to keep them on? Personally I couldn’t imagine not taking off my shoes when I enter a house but that’s just me I want to know others opinions.

  12. Jehanna6430

    Jehanna64307 days ago

    She's using the Konomari method!

  13. Alyssa Volack

    Alyssa Volack8 days ago

    I love Ashley!! She did a video with gabby and she was amazing at what she does!!

  14. Sophia Allen

    Sophia Allen8 days ago

    “And they’re not Ikea so they’re really easy to make”😂yesssss

  15. Andrew Murasso

    Andrew Murasso8 days ago

    I bet the organizers house is a mess lmao

  16. Drift 2k

    Drift 2k9 days ago

    Does anyone else just think Michelle is so beautiful like in a genuine way

  17. Erin Pennington

    Erin Pennington9 days ago

    literally just stopped watching this video to go clean out my art storage in my basement XD

  18. Austin & Vicky

    Austin & Vicky9 days ago

    wish i would've seen this video before I moved last week, lol

  19. Ben Perez

    Ben Perez10 days ago

    ashley looking like a snack mhhh

  20. Angeles Stephanie Esquivel

    Angeles Stephanie Esquivel10 days ago

    Is not Ashley sistem is from MARIKONDO

  21. Echo._. Chan

    Echo._. Chan10 days ago

    right before I clicked on this video I was hoping it would be the girl that did Gabbies, and it was!

  22. Ivan Feeney

    Ivan Feeney10 days ago

    Did you get this idea from gabbie or did she get it from you

  23. Jill DaSilva

    Jill DaSilva11 days ago

    I need Ashley in Boston!!! Great video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. BitchKnowMeBeforeTalkingTrash

    BitchKnowMeBeforeTalkingTrash11 days ago

    My mom does this every once in a year but she forgot about in 2017 lol.

  25. Rebekah Ayala

    Rebekah Ayala11 days ago

    Her jacket looks like Shego from Kim possible

  26. ava anello

    ava anello11 days ago

    She is the same person that organized gabbie Hanna apartment

  27. Nunyo Bidnit -Cardboard Triangle

    Nunyo Bidnit -Cardboard Triangle12 days ago

    This whole video was so satisfying

  28. Antonio Baglioni

    Antonio Baglioni12 days ago

    No offence, but a professional organizer sounds like something a jobless woman came up with just to give her life a purpose. Btw my desktop needs a professional organizer, any takers?

  29. Hana Longbrake

    Hana Longbrake12 days ago

    Is she using vid ideas from Gabbie??😂 jk she probably just had the ideas and got suggested these pros from Gabbie😂

  30. Hailey Evermann

    Hailey Evermann13 days ago

    The organizer was on the gabbie show! Lol just had to say

  31. Millie P

    Millie P13 days ago

    that's a lot of listerine.....

  32. AshleyPeeps

    AshleyPeeps13 days ago

    Ashley organized Gabbie’s stuff

  33. carlss

    carlss13 days ago

    this is so cuteeee thank you for the tips !!

  34. Mel

    Mel13 days ago

    wtf cameraman



    Amazing video. You guys did such a good job. Also you could try separate your clothes according to their color so they look even better!

  36. Keira Xox

    Keira Xox14 days ago

    These DRaWer OrGAnIsERs

  37. Issabelle McAuley

    Issabelle McAuley14 days ago

    Ashley is deep man

  38. Annika Waters

    Annika Waters14 days ago

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  39. Mayra Elena

    Mayra Elena14 days ago

    Organization took a whole new level

  40. Andreea West

    Andreea West14 days ago

    That's the konmari method

  41. Charlotte

    Charlotte14 days ago

    I never really get how people can move by throwing everything in and then dealing with it later like why it makes it so you have to do double the work I'm too lazy to pack so many things so nope, to the bin things go

  42. Charlotte

    Charlotte14 days ago

    then again i'm also a bit of a hoarder when it comes to certain things

  43. Shnooosan

    Shnooosan15 days ago

    I wondered why Ashley looked familiar, then I realised she reminds me of Harper from Wizards of Waverly place!

  44. Samantha Punzalan

    Samantha Punzalan15 days ago

    your apartment is huge

  45. Ava Jendrysik

    Ava Jendrysik15 days ago

    That is A LOT of Listerine 😂😂😂

  46. Brigitte Pollet

    Brigitte Pollet15 days ago



    GIRIBAE15 days ago

    It's so weird. I already followed these type of steps before knowing Ashley and the KonMari method. Is it just by instinct then? Hmm 🤔🤔🤔

  48. Tea Times Two

    Tea Times Two15 days ago

    Ashley needs to make an audiobook. Her tips & her soothing voice... I'd buy.

  49. S Ss

    S Ss15 days ago

    It's a lot of listerine 😨

  50. Brian Green

    Brian Green16 days ago

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  51. Anika 1111

    Anika 111117 days ago

    Was the mouth wash half price 😂😂😂

  52. Lil Uzi Vert

    Lil Uzi Vert17 days ago

    I wanna nut in your face

  53. Leann Castillo

    Leann Castillo17 days ago

    This video is awesome!! I’m actually moving in 4 months so this video will be a BIG help!!!

  54. Ace Paracha

    Ace Paracha17 days ago

    u look likean indian

  55. gphillimo

    gphillimo17 days ago

    I have been in my apartment for 2 years and I just keep it minimalist. I don't even have a kitchen table

  56. Anna Ona

    Anna Ona18 days ago

    Everytime I see apartment organization videos I see why the USA needs the resources of four planets

  57. Sasha Wittebrood

    Sasha Wittebrood18 days ago

    Ashley kinda acts like she is so much smarter and older and it annoys me a bit

  58. Cielo Angelic Valensuela

    Cielo Angelic Valensuela18 days ago

    I got inspired because of this apartment video Michelle 😍😍

  59. Lonex

    Lonex19 days ago

    8:21 it's so weird how it's not granted that you take your shoes off in someone's home in the US

  60. Harjot dosanjh

    Harjot dosanjh19 days ago

    can someone do this to my room for free?

  61. Jen Souther

    Jen Souther19 days ago

    I wish Ashley worked in the Sf Bay Area!

  62. Dance CluB

    Dance CluB19 days ago

    Just wow

  63. Dance CluB

    Dance CluB19 days ago

    I need this girl very bad

  64. michelle

    michelle20 days ago

    Did anyone else get shego vibes 😍😍

  65. Gabbi Gurule

    Gabbi Gurule20 days ago

    I am inspired by this but I still don't wanna clean rn..

  66. Jayden ASAP

    Jayden ASAP20 days ago

    Great video i luv it but the different hangers bother me lol 😩

  67. Vallery Meas

    Vallery Meas20 days ago

    This is such bullshit, she probably read the Kon Mari book once and then just became a “professional organizer” because when she told michelle to hold the clothing in her hand and ask herself to see if it brought her joy. In the book, Kon Mari literally said the same thing and stuff that she says literally is what the book stated

  68. Ahri Arroyo

    Ahri Arroyo21 day ago

    The work and effort you put into your videos inspires me

  69. M arellano

    M arellano21 day ago

    You have become my favorite MReporterr ❤❤❤ I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH

  70. Doge

    Doge21 day ago

    I’m pretty sure Ashley organized the Gabbie shows studio room

  71. Y.R. M.H.

    Y.R. M.H.21 day ago

    I love her jacket!!! Reminds me of shego

  72. Ilina Kapoor

    Ilina Kapoor23 days ago

    This is like exactly how I organize, I love it !

  73. Gates Edwards

    Gates Edwards27 days ago

    Ashley was so sweet and helpful! I honestly live for this stuff. Good job girl!

  74. Carlos Spicy Weiner

    Carlos Spicy Weiner29 days ago

    I was watching worlds strongest man videos.......I dunno how the hell I got here. Wtf interwebs. Anyways I watched the whole damn thing. Gotta say, you’ve inspired me to reorganize my entire house this weekend. Starting with the bar kart 😂

  75. itzjustdevious _

    itzjustdevious _29 days ago

    *How does she have 808k subs she deserves 10 million she works her ass off i love her courage*

  76. Kaylee W.

    Kaylee W.Month ago

    Ashley just seems amazing!

  77. Lauren Mason

    Lauren MasonMonth ago

    Your jacket reminds me of Sheigo from Kim Possible, I love it!

  78. Francis Zepeda

    Francis ZepedaMonth ago

    Ikea is super easy.

  79. Kinnell Douglas

    Kinnell DouglasMonth ago

    How much did this cost?

  80. IBleedPinkFrosting

    IBleedPinkFrostingMonth ago

    The organizer should make her own channel. I’d watch like crazy

  81. Hedera Helix

    Hedera HelixMonth ago

    Put your spices next to where you cook, put your plates close to the cutlery, put your shoe rack close to the door... Is she for real? People get paid for this? This is mindboggling to me. What's next? Put your fridge into the kitchen?

  82. Kelsey Meade

    Kelsey MeadeMonth ago

    It is super bizarre to me that people need to be promoted to remove their shoes

  83. Catherine Marte

    Catherine MarteMonth ago

    Omg! I've organized my friends' stuff before and have shown them almost every tip that's on this video! 😂 I should work with this lady, it just comes out natural to me!

  84. Keira Deschenes

    Keira DeschenesMonth ago

    I feel like Ashley should be my life coach

  85. Olivia S

    Olivia SMonth ago

    You can always tell which youtubers used to work for buzz feed

  86. shalini shanmugam

    shalini shanmugamMonth ago

    I feel your videos are sponsored Idk why.....just kidding you have unique video idea👍🏻

  87. Clar Santamaría

    Clar SantamaríaMonth ago

    Wow, you're so inspiring, creative and hard-working. This has become one of my favorite channels

  88. Ciby Jacob Kurian

    Ciby Jacob KurianMonth ago

    You could have called mr kate. Love ur vids

  89. M M

    M MMonth ago

    so satisfying :)

  90. Janet Cervantes

    Janet CervantesMonth ago

    I really love your apartment transformation organizer I really want tonpurge now thanks

  91. Monica McKenzie

    Monica McKenzieMonth ago

    This video was so satisfying to watch

  92. Rachel Ohata

    Rachel OhataMonth ago

    You are so hot, friendly and cool!! Xx

  93. Sachi R

    Sachi RMonth ago

    her place is HUGEEEE

  94. TwisterSister7

    TwisterSister7Month ago

    I tried really hard to focus on the video but kept staring at your smile. 🙄😂 guess I’ll try again

  95. Sinister Lizzie

    Sinister LizzieMonth ago

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but Michelle is just so pretty!

  96. Katie Thomas

    Katie ThomasMonth ago

    #honeynutcheerios :D

  97. Tala Arezoumand

    Tala ArezoumandMonth ago

    I honestly didn't think you could make it on your own when you left buzzfeed but you're channel is amazing I underestimated you!💞💞

  98. Ellie Sparrow

    Ellie SparrowMonth ago

    You are beautiful, oh my gosh.

  99. Emily Odermatt

    Emily OdermattMonth ago

    #OnePercentPrivilege You have a big enough closet to have a top and bottom layer for tops and pants. Some of us live in apartments or dorms with one rack.

  100. eizhowa

    eizhowaMonth ago

    She looks like Drew Barrymore.

  101. tsuki kirisaki

    tsuki kirisakiMonth ago

    This made me want to clean my room😂😂😂