I Got My Apartment Professionally Organized


  1. Dolz Mp2

    Dolz Mp210 hours ago

    We enter this world with nothing...and we leave this world with nothing...wow!

  2. Polka Dot

    Polka Dot15 hours ago

    This is so aesthetically pleasing

  3. Kylie Johnson

    Kylie Johnson3 days ago

    I’m now realizing... watching people get rid of things and organize gives me anxiety

  4. Parker Sanderson

    Parker Sanderson4 days ago

    Omg, I’m wearing headphones and then 9:34 hit me and I actually jumped!

  5. Harriet Shearsmith

    Harriet Shearsmith6 days ago

    I totally need to get more organised!

  6. Ella Hunt

    Ella Hunt6 days ago

    Did anyone see how much untouched Listerine she owns?? I mean I love Listerine but... 5 bottles? XD

  7. Tatiana Itara

    Tatiana Itara7 days ago

    I live in Puerto Rico and in the house the rules are: don’t go barefoot inside so I wear flip flops in my home

  8. Ishika Singh

    Ishika Singh8 days ago

    Michelle is with pheobe 😂

  9. daniel pena

    daniel pena8 days ago

    How could you that to your *RED* sweater

  10. Breanna Fountain

    Breanna Fountain9 days ago

    I needed this right now 🙏

  11. PewDiePie needs subs

    PewDiePie needs subs9 days ago

    The sort purge keep thing is copied from another professional organizer... this organizer is fake

  12. A’s Games

    A’s Games9 days ago

    PewDiePie needs subs just because they borrow ideas from other professionals doesn’t mean they are fake.

  13. Anaya Bailey

    Anaya Bailey9 days ago

    This makes me wonder what Ashley's house looks like😂😳

  14. kayla johnson

    kayla johnson10 days ago

    I'm so confused she's awesome and doesnt have more than 10 million crazy you should subscribe to her

  15. Lkhamdari Oyunchimeg

    Lkhamdari Oyunchimeg11 days ago

    Is that an English Marie Kondo

  16. Brittany Kreider

    Brittany Kreider11 days ago

    I'm going to watch this video again when I start packing to move later this year

  17. Lilo MM

    Lilo MM11 days ago

    2:29 I forgot about that fun fact :’’)

  18. Cantu Kids

    Cantu Kids11 days ago

    Me organizes and am so proud of my self a week later what the heck happened i just cleaned and organized.😂

  19. Lexi Land

    Lexi Land12 days ago

    10:27-10:30 there is a man that walks behind Michelle

  20. Sione Feletoa

    Sione Feletoa12 days ago

    Honestly irrelevant video😴 michelle ur not slow u didn't have to do that.. Smh

  21. jjhobdy

    jjhobdy13 days ago

    I need to get my life professionally organized.

  22. QualexAlex

    QualexAlex13 days ago

    JUst found your channel today and I love it

  23. Sarah Belmore

    Sarah Belmore13 days ago

    I found this channel two days ago, by far my favorite channel ❤️👌🏿

  24. Angelina Godwin

    Angelina Godwin14 days ago

    How. Do. I. Become. A. Professional. Organizer.

  25. Nolan Edits

    Nolan Edits14 days ago

    You looking good gurl

  26. Lucifer M

    Lucifer M14 days ago

    Why do so many people have problems while assembling IKEA products? I don't even need the guide 90% of the time, it's completely logical...

  27. Sarah Gardner

    Sarah Gardner16 days ago

    You are so wholesome. I love it.

  28. Sarah Gardner

    Sarah Gardner16 days ago

    Watch out, Safiya. Michelle is coming for your spot!

  29. Mylee Fischer

    Mylee Fischer18 days ago

    Ashley also organized Gabbie’s hoarding room

  30. Savanah Smith

    Savanah Smith22 days ago

    Anyone notice how much mouth wash she has?

  31. M CM

    M CM23 days ago

    I am obsessed with the jacket Michelle is wearing in this video! where is it from???

  32. Just Randoms

    Just Randoms27 days ago


  33. PTX Nightshade

    PTX NightshadeMonth ago

    IKEA is really easy to make :P

  34. PTX Nightshade

    PTX Nightshade23 days ago

    +Amadeus Torres wait what....., I mean yeah... Not the way I would phrase it. Wow she looks beautiful, I'd take her on a date. Try that one, maybe you'll have more luck with the ladies then. *Flies away*

  35. Amadeus Torres

    Amadeus Torres23 days ago

    She looks so fuckeable

  36. Bilal Ahmed

    Bilal AhmedMonth ago

    Your new apartment is so cool !

  37. Emilie Smith

    Emilie SmithMonth ago

    This video sparks joy

  38. Lique berg

    Lique bergMonth ago

    Omg.. I wish I was as naturally neat as you, I’m so super excited for you.. I’d feel great too. You go girl.

  39. Βασιλική Ζαρκάδα

    Βασιλική ΖαρκάδαMonth ago

    I don't have a lot of money and I don't want to throw away stuff... I'm actually scared of loosing anything

  40. Celestique Lee

    Celestique LeeMonth ago

    Marie Kondo should come visit.

  41. Sarah Hughes

    Sarah HughesMonth ago

    You know those house swap things?..... can I do a life swap with Michelle? Hoping her fittness and motivation is included in the package

  42. Gaudium Felidae

    Gaudium FelidaeMonth ago

    20 butter knives and 2 knivesthat are actually for cooking? I have 10 kitchen knives and i spread butter with normal knife

  43. Neenu Aggarwal

    Neenu AggarwalMonth ago

    Love from India 💝

  44. Sonal Jha

    Sonal JhaMonth ago

    Ashley gave me the Phoebe Buffay vibes for some reason !

  45. budgetmommySA

    budgetmommySA2 months ago

    The closet still looks chaotic😂

  46. lily hager

    lily hager2 months ago

    why would u organize now if your moving outta the house

  47. iLoveUnicorns Poop

    iLoveUnicorns Poop2 months ago

    You can never watch too much queer eye.

  48. Andy M

    Andy M2 months ago

    oh no, now i gotta organize my room. im like shaking to organize it

  49. Pvris Suicide

    Pvris Suicide2 months ago

    from Consumed to Marie Kondo real quick

  50. Joy Suthy

    Joy Suthy2 months ago

    This channel is gold it makes me so happy😊

  51. ariela tarasuk

    ariela tarasuk2 months ago

    what about her bedroom????

  52. Maya Bastah

    Maya Bastah2 months ago

    You should try have "the sorry girls" organize your room!!!

  53. Hiya Gada

    Hiya Gada2 months ago

    honestly.how do u get the money to do all this!

  54. Rayne Agoncillo

    Rayne Agoncillo2 months ago

    I'm getting major Phoebe vibes from Ashley

  55. NerdSomnia

    NerdSomnia2 months ago

    I'd toss all the hangars to get good wooden ones. Consistency with quality.

  56. Uma Deora

    Uma Deora2 months ago


  57. Seren James

    Seren James2 months ago

    Michelle I love all you videos iv been a massive fan of your videos for ages you deserve way more then 1m subscribers, keep up the good work hun 1😍♥️

  58. heyyyitsmia

    heyyyitsmia2 months ago

    Any one else lowkey feeling heather heather *-and heather-* vibes

  59. Abeer Sharif

    Abeer Sharif2 months ago

    you guys left buzzfeed?

  60. LexiLollyPop

    LexiLollyPop2 months ago

    Idk if anyone ever noticed, but Her organizer worked with Gabbie Hannah

  61. Anika

    Anika2 months ago

    Michelle kinda reminds me of Gabriella Skory.

  62. Alexandra

    Alexandra2 months ago

    I only use shower towers!

  63. Alexandra

    Alexandra2 months ago

    This is really great. What I also like to do for my clothing is to make outfits with everything I have, then decide what's left over and to shop for what I need to complete an outfit. When I have everything I own make sense I feel complete

  64. No Body

    No Body2 months ago

    Vedi kuthli😂😂😂😘😘

  65. Fagner Macedo

    Fagner Macedo3 months ago

    Dude, youtubers are getting richer

  66. Mooning Error

    Mooning Error3 months ago

    Im young and i am also a good at organizing

  67. PryalkaTV

    PryalkaTV3 months ago

    Народ, что вы здесь смотрите? Что тут интересного?

  68. Beth g

    Beth g3 months ago

    Looks nice

  69. Beth g

    Beth g3 months ago

    Thank you

  70. Beth g

    Beth g3 months ago

    I’m reorganizing my room now ,,and i have to do it step by step it will take me so long,,,I’ve lived in my house 15 years and a lot of my things are going to good will

  71. BKM Club

    BKM Club3 months ago


  72. revathy santhakumar

    revathy santhakumar3 months ago

    Do you really need someone to organize things and to tell you what you need and don't. That you need to place everyday spices and cutleries in the most reachable location. And most important of all using KonMari technique and not even mentioning about that anywhere in the video.

  73. lpscheeks xo

    lpscheeks xo3 months ago

    Is that the one who did Alizzza Koshy?!?!!!!

  74. Heyc260

    Heyc2603 months ago

    Can she be my counsellor?

  75. mayank maurya

    mayank maurya3 months ago

    You look like an Indian also your accent sound like that

  76. Yamini Kirkol

    Yamini Kirkol4 months ago

    Are u an Indian?

  77. Hdheheh Ndndhdhddhhd

    Hdheheh Ndndhdhddhhd4 months ago

    Ashley: What your practicing could really help..... Me: NOPE

  78. Smartt marii

    Smartt marii4 months ago

    I saw Ashly on the Gabbie show

  79. chintit chiriya

    chintit chiriya4 months ago

    We entered the world with nothing and leave the world with nothing .... Line from indian holybook GITA Hihihi 😅

  80. Bekim Shehu

    Bekim Shehu4 months ago

    I have a really messy house and I watch these videos and be like you have to do it and never cleans it up anybody else like that

  81. Estefhani Martinez

    Estefhani Martinez4 months ago

    Michelle Khare hi! I wish I could hire someone to help me in my kitchen. :o I would like to know the cost of this re organization if possible. Thank you!

  82. reece weissend

    reece weissend4 months ago

    Did anyone realize the sink behind her in the living room

  83. Connie Silk

    Connie Silk4 months ago

    When you can invest in some prettier hangers like Joy Mangano that come in different colors to match your bedroom colors !! I learned a lot from this video thank you

  84. Blossom Rhoades

    Blossom Rhoades4 months ago

    Is that the same girl who organized Gabbys apartment??

  85. dhruvp119

    dhruvp1194 months ago

    those drawer separators seemed to do nothing

  86. Darby Angel

    Darby Angel4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing . I have been feeling like my space has been extremely cluttered & couldn't figure out how I keep cleaning and it keeps getting so dirty so fast after. After watching I realize I need to let some things go . I have my work cut out for me but I am ready

  87. Hazelnat

    Hazelnat4 months ago

    Love organisational videos! 😊

  88. Queen Caroline

    Queen Caroline4 months ago

    I found your account!! Yay!!!

  89. Kaylynne Wood

    Kaylynne Wood4 months ago

    I’ve only watched two of your videos but I think you really inspire me thx so much

  90. carnival30

    carnival304 months ago

    she's taking those ugly mix match hangers with her?

  91. Akshita Dussoruth

    Akshita Dussoruth4 months ago

    1M subscribers ❤️...finally

  92. Shelley Berry

    Shelley Berry4 months ago

    ‘I’ve been doing this a long time’ even though I’m ultra young. Ha ha

  93. amanda hawthorne

    amanda hawthorne4 months ago

    I would love to see Ashleys apartment

  94. Sophie Roberts

    Sophie Roberts4 months ago

    Wow!! I was watching one of her videos yesterday and she had 986k followers and I’m back on today and she has 993k!! 👍👍

  95. Lorenzo Potrich

    Lorenzo Potrich4 months ago

    I am glad organization comes naturally to me :)

  96. Gina VDB

    Gina VDB4 months ago

    You have 2 apartments

  97. Natasha Bone

    Natasha Bone4 months ago

    wait, did she professionally organize your apartment or did you.........?

  98. Natasha Bone

    Natasha Bone4 months ago

    the concentration on the spirituality like "does it lift your spirits or bring you down" is so unnecessary. her job is about math, measuring, fitting and placing. not acting like shes about to spark up some sage. I hate when people just assume youre like them and say hippy shit. she seems like a lovely lady and the concept of her job is great, could really be especially good for people with disorders. its just the spiritual thing thats triggering me.

  99. Evelina Gutauskaitė

    Evelina Gutauskaitė4 months ago

    ashley is weird af

  100. farhana mohd

    farhana mohd4 months ago

    Yu remind me of bodmonziad (laiba)

  101. Heather Williams

    Heather Williams4 months ago

    Asley was from Gabbie hannah

  102. Erins Channel

    Erins Channel4 months ago

    The differences between America and Britan Closet-Wardrobe Pantry-WTH is wrong with Americas ( A super crazy Britan would say that) Pants-trousers Vacation-Holiday Candy-Sweets Line-Queue Cup-Glass Garbage-Rubbish Pacifier-Dumby refrigerator-fridge Truck-Lorry Sweater-Jumper Eggplant-Aubergine Wow Brits and Americans have nearly nothing in common

  103. Malia Saavedra

    Malia Saavedra4 months ago

    I need to do this, especially with my clothes, but I am so lazy and busy with senior year