I Got My Apartment Professionally Organized


  1. Gina

    GinaHour ago

    Who came here from Gabbie? I did!

  2. C.T.W

    C.T.W10 hours ago

    literally copied Gabbie

  3. mayra isela

    mayra isela10 hours ago

    i already know all these "tips" and way more... Yes I'm a neat freak! And clean freak!..

  4. Anoot Noot

    Anoot Noot11 hours ago


  5. Rubina Hafeez

    Rubina Hafeez16 hours ago

    I love this! Organizing is addicting. It feels good to let go of things I don't use (selling or donating) so others can enjoy it.

  6. Cherri Rosebud

    Cherri Rosebud17 hours ago

    Be in charge of your stuff... Don't let your stuff be in charge of you.. Blessings and the best to you to you and your choices, Family, and Community.. NurseCherri

  7. blueharpy

    blueharpy18 hours ago

    So the top with the rainbow stripes, can we talk about where that came from? ;)

  8. hotredginger Amanda

    hotredginger Amanda19 hours ago

    Beautiful! i feel so inspired...*runs off to go organise closet*

  9. georgia spink

    georgia spink21 hour ago

    Gabbie Hanna/The Gabbie Show just did this

  10. joshua lee

    joshua lee23 hours ago

    wow i never knew to keep jeans n what not on a bottom self n the tops on the top shelf.... omg......u dont need a professional organizer to do this...its just common sense i hope u didnt pay this hipster wierdo to downsize ur space... she didnt even reorganize shit... or am i missing something

  11. Kristin K.

    Kristin K.Day ago

    This video made me clean my room😂

  12. Holo Wizard

    Holo WizardDay ago

    This is so cool😍😍😍😍

  13. Sonia Poseidon

    Sonia PoseidonDay ago

    I LOVE that the professional organizer is making something so unconfortable like "purging" into something spiritual! Great approach

  14. FlamingoPets

    FlamingoPetsDay ago


  15. Kemora Brent

    Kemora BrentDay ago

    You look just like zailetsplay on me you do by the race

  16. Chiara Junco

    Chiara JuncoDay ago

    Ashley reminds me of phoebe from friends. She is so gorgeous

  17. Amanda

    AmandaDay ago

    she just roasted IKEA​

  18. Lizbeth Alderete

    Lizbeth AldereteDay ago

    Didn't she go with gabbi from the gabbi show

  19. Keira hagan

    Keira haganDay ago

    The professional was on the gabble show and I watched that like half an hour ago

  20. Brenna Nelson

    Brenna NelsonDay ago

    lol same one gabbie hanna used'

  21. Lone Wolf1773

    Lone Wolf1773Day ago

    Lazy bitch

  22. Ashley Russell

    Ashley RussellDay ago

    Yaassss i love ashley!!

  23. Andrea Woods

    Andrea WoodsDay ago

    I love her so much i watched her help Cabbie it was awesome

  24. Capergirl 38

    Capergirl 38Day ago

    You copied gabble hanna

  25. Tausif

    TausifDay ago

    Capergirl 38 This was uploaded first. Think again

  26. ri -

    ri -Day ago

    youre so beautiful

  27. crambone t

    crambone tDay ago

    I'd help just so I could secretly sniff her panties

  28. Aero Gia

    Aero GiaDay ago

    That is v creepy

  29. Mimster.12

    Mimster.12Day ago

    is she from buzzfeed??

  30. BerrieKisses

    BerrieKisses2 days ago

    girl... that's a ton of listerine

  31. Dwight Wiltz

    Dwight Wiltz2 days ago

    Well I'm trying to letting go and moving on but it takes money and more I'm going to figure something out hopefully soon

  32. Malcadicta

    Malcadicta2 days ago

    I personally love huge purging and how attitude during such huge cleanup changes. At first you start looking at each thing, wondering in which ways it will be useful and whether you really won't need it... couple hours later it's "oh that little thing... well I can't be bothered to sort you so you're going in the bin. and you. and you. and that one." Though I am not a fan of this proffesional help - it's way too much spirituality for me. I want my things organised, I don't exactly need spiritual reasons.

  33. Creative Madden

    Creative Madden2 days ago

    She reminds me of Drew Barrymore

  34. Sean LifeYT

    Sean LifeYT2 days ago

    The Gabbie show did this exact same video with Ashley also😅🤔

  35. -zara

    -zara2 days ago

    gabbie and michelle did the same thing

  36. FerretsCantGame

    FerretsCantGame2 days ago

    See my problem is having no where to put things.lol. I love to organize, but my place is always s mess coz I don't have much furniture. My bathroom is super small, not really any counter space and underneath is just scary so I try to not put things under the sink.lol. and I only have my futon and tv shelf. So my main pantry is a junk pantry...I usually buy food for enough for a couple days and it's usually fridge food anyway, so I wouldn't fill it up with food anyway. And that's pretty much it. I bought bins to store stuff in. I've Majorly just downgraded my stuff. Like 6 garbage bags of stuff. So not much left, but for what's left, still nowhere to put stuff and oddly enough, not any room for much furniture with the ferrets cage and heat air dryer in the living room.(I have wash room, but the damn Xmas tree sits where the dryer would go, and I have an outdoor storage closet, but I don't use it coz it's chock full of spiders and spider eggs....so the tree stays...maybe I should just leave the tree up year round..xD if I had the money to have a nice place like yours if would definitely be clean. Small ghetto apartment..no. I can't even use all my cabinets. Some don't even have shelves, and two of my 4 kitchen drawers are broken.lol.lucky for me I don't have many dishes.lol

  37. Loveya226

    Loveya2262 days ago

    I have a lot of clothes... I know I should get rid of some of them, but I hate knowing how much I spent on them, which makes me not want to give them away or whatever. They all still fit. It feels like a waste of money.

  38. Maddie Robertson

    Maddie Robertson2 days ago

    Wow, The Gabbie Show literally cannot be original so she copied this exactly...

  39. Caramel Popcorn

    Caramel Popcorn2 days ago

    Daymn Gabbie did this too 😂

  40. K_Aci Ga_M3s

    K_Aci Ga_M3s2 days ago

    Came from Gabbie's vid :)

  41. Hannah Taft

    Hannah Taft2 days ago

    Your eyebrows look so good

  42. camille walters

    camille walters2 days ago

    i literally just watched Ashley organize someone else place who would've known

  43. melinda ortiz

    melinda ortiz2 days ago

    you are literally so pretty

  44. southernraisedw w

    southernraisedw w2 days ago

    If u need to hire someone to organize an APARTMENT then all that says and shows is how fucking lazy you are!!!!!

  45. Epic Ting

    Epic Ting2 days ago

    Cabbie Hanna copied

  46. Raura Says

    Raura Says2 days ago

    "My shoe rack came in, and it's not from IKEA so it's easy to make" *serious stare* Omg I'm dying 😂

  47. Raura Says

    Raura Says2 days ago

    I'm about to move, I really needed this video! So nice to hear it's ok to be anxious about going through your things

  48. Brandi T

    Brandi T2 days ago

    I have those same plates and bowls!

  49. maxpower10k

    maxpower10k2 days ago

    Do you even use your kitchen? Easy to Lee space when everything is unused lol

  50. Marissa Bell

    Marissa Bell2 days ago

    I am so late BUT, do I see some Melaleuca Tube and Tile!?!?!?!?

  51. AN ON

    AN ON2 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna hijacked your organizer oh shie

  52. moffittas

    moffittas2 days ago

    You should probably invest in all matching slimline hangers for your closet. It will take it just one step further and make your whole closet look beautiful!

  53. DIYwithJenni

    DIYwithJenni2 days ago

    Beautiful new place! Congrats! Great time learning tricks for organization and seeing that transformation.

  54. Gina Alien

    Gina Alien3 days ago

    omg I really need this

  55. Darkon Ookami

    Darkon Ookami3 days ago

    Wth. Why is this stupid crap on my home page, I could care less that some mid 20 year old got their apartment organized

  56. Kyndra Lee

    Kyndra Lee3 days ago

    She helped gabby too

  57. Spirit Free

    Spirit Free3 days ago

    👍 LAZY

  58. abigail walsh

    abigail walsh3 days ago

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  59. KC Gymnastic's

    KC Gymnastic's3 days ago

    Yesterday: 777k Today: 779.889k

  60. Then Theres Meisha

    Then Theres Meisha3 days ago

    Did the unexpected change in volume at 9:34 scare anyone else. 😅

  61. ifuluvmeifuhateme

    ifuluvmeifuhateme3 days ago

    I felt a strange amount of anxiety just watching this process

  62. Alexis Lopez

    Alexis Lopez3 days ago

    You look like zai

  63. Naiara Lopez

    Naiara Lopez3 days ago

    Her new place looks like the ace family’s old apartment

  64. ayayayify

    ayayayify3 days ago

    Every time I watch a Michelle video I tell myself I’m not gonna fall in love with her… And then I end up falling in love w her every time lol

  65. Malia Gracie

    Malia Gracie3 days ago

    I have that same black makeup kit

  66. Jessica Boyer

    Jessica Boyer3 days ago

    gabbie just did this without crediting you

  67. Amber Marez

    Amber Marez3 days ago

    Love the new space, Michelle! It's so nice! I wish I could find a pro like that!

  68. Erins2203

    Erins22033 days ago

    I organize... a lot and I do the exact method Ashley does. I purge, sort and organize along with cleaning.

  69. Pineapplegee

    Pineapplegee3 days ago

    Michelle is hot ! 🔥

  70. SpaceFlye

    SpaceFlye3 days ago

    Minimalism is the way to go. Regret consumerism. Only get things you need and that add value to your life.

  71. Lotte de Groot

    Lotte de Groot3 days ago

    Wow what Ahsley does sounds like a heavenly job. Like genuinely. Sign me uuuup

  72. FellyDog

    FellyDog3 days ago

    omg I love this vid. I'm so inspired right now. I want to make one of these vids!