I Got Grey Hair


  1. Rahima Williams

    Rahima Williams9 days ago

    Just came across this video. I am getting grey hair soon and wanted style ideas since im going to be changing my wardrobe for it. This helped alot. Especially since your a woman of color as well :-)

  2. nigatsu_yaku

    nigatsu_yaku10 days ago

    That rap tho lolololol

  3. Zoya Khan

    Zoya KhanMonth ago


  4. Sarah Cobarrubias

    Sarah CobarrubiasMonth ago

    Doesn't anyone think they copied saf?

  5. Andrea Tokman

    Andrea TokmanMonth ago

    Love that hair girl

  6. erica whitchurch

    erica whitchurchMonth ago

    She is so pretty and those braids are amazing!

  7. Mery Castillo

    Mery CastilloMonth ago

    Omg i never tried it before either!!, u push me now girl looks bomb🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Marbles Sanchez

    Marbles SanchezMonth ago

    I appreciate all the effort you put into this video!!

  9. sara white

    sara whiteMonth ago

    My friend has the exact same hair!!!!!!!!

  10. Alexia Socito

    Alexia SocitoMonth ago

    Grey ? GREY ? WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT . I mean we spell gray differently but I spell it gray.

  11. deva star

    deva starMonth ago

    I just wanna know how she was able to do all that styling and whipping with freshly braided braids. My scalp was crying

  12. liv pretty

    liv prettyMonth ago

    Selorm needs her own show

  13. bbygrlpt2

    bbygrlpt2Month ago

    Shes very cute but with that hair she looks super pretty!!! I hope those braids dont damage her hair follicle tho..

  14. Αρτεμις Γρς

    Αρτεμις ΓρςMonth ago

    She rocks that hair😍

  15. Dest The Pest

    Dest The PestMonth ago

    She looks like Michone from The Walking Dead with her hair braided.

  16. SunzOffski

    SunzOffskiMonth ago

    You just need a samurai sword now.

  17. -brigid-

    -brigid-Month ago

    reminds me of saf's vid! this came out first tho

  18. meme queen

    meme queenMonth ago

    selorm you are so beautiful but the channel vs the video subject?? kidding it’s a joke i love it

  19. Shae-Lyn Rafferty

    Shae-Lyn RaffertyMonth ago

    Living for this hair it looks so good

  20. Ashley Kay

    Ashley KayMonth ago

    She should have said Grey in my hair and I look like storm I look good and my names selorm

  21. Marginery Morales

    Marginery MoralesMonth ago

    2:47 I love that background lmao

  22. zendaya sue

    zendaya sueMonth ago

    Every white person ever-“did you do this”

  23. Joan Morhaus

    Joan MorhausMonth ago

    2:35 Did you do this? No, i'm not skilled *we know* That sounded so rude 'xD

  24. LaReyna DeBachata

    LaReyna DeBachataMonth ago

    Selorm raps like me... at least she tries 😂

  25. syd h

    syd hMonth ago


  26. aamin ali

    aamin aliMonth ago

    Omg your so pretty😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞


    KING MARSMonth ago

    evan.. come to the dark side.

  28. Wisdom Guveya

    Wisdom GuveyaMonth ago

    Selotm your beautiful and smart but this video was a waste of our time...

  29. yah sami

    yah samiMonth ago

    i love u sm selorm

  30. John Hightower

    John HightowerMonth ago

    10/10 rap - would beat box.

  31. GamerGirl - ROBLOX & MORE

    GamerGirl - ROBLOX & MOREMonth ago

    Gray is the new = slay Gray=slay

  32. alva favela

    alva favelaMonth ago

    We need vampire man back!!!

  33. Odelis larbi

    Odelis larbiMonth ago

    Selorm: 1, 2, 3 weee Me : oh she’s counting 2,3 weaveeee.. Wait what 😂

  34. Ruziah Abdul Rahman

    Ruziah Abdul RahmanMonth ago

    Is that Jazzmyne??I'm shocked to see her in hair..but really beautiful and cute at the same time. You too Selorm!! BTW the clip is 2:09 to 2:11

  35. Pansy Vang

    Pansy VangMonth ago

    Abstract particular export sacrifice release rank name motion quiet defensive.

  36. Jillie

    JillieMonth ago

    Selorm is so sweet :)

  37. David Simmons

    David SimmonsMonth ago

    It looks good! Most can’t pull off grey hair... so slay!

  38. Jime Sanz

    Jime SanzMonth ago

    She Is so pretty, i loved her with short hair too!!!

  39. Cheyenne A

    Cheyenne AMonth ago

    I felt that time montage lmfaooo

  40. Cassieosaurus _

    Cassieosaurus _Month ago


  41. Ash A

    Ash AMonth ago

    How did she do all that moving??! The second day is the worst

  42. Tife

    TifeMonth ago

    *is currently wearing grey extensions SAME GIRL SAME

  43. Hannah A

    Hannah AMonth ago

    She's so pretty!

  44. Mini Monster

    Mini MonsterMonth ago

    It looks so damn good on you!! Wow!!

  45. hxlp.lennon

    hxlp.lennonMonth ago


  46. HeyJay

    HeyJayMonth ago

    Wow it looks really good

  47. Moriah Milner

    Moriah MilnerMonth ago

    If she would've said WEEEEEEEAVE instead of WEEEEEEE when she let her hair done it would've made this awesome video a million times better lol

  48. taylor hall

    taylor hallMonth ago

    European cop blue associate banking user someone opera round glad nomination

  49. Jazi

    JaziMonth ago

    Didn't expect that rap tho 😁

  50. Elise

    EliseMonth ago

    Selorm!!! You look gorgeous!!! And your personality is delightfully infectious. Ugh

  51. Boston Book Bitty

    Boston Book BittyMonth ago

    It’s beautiful!

  52. Olivia Emerson

    Olivia EmersonMonth ago


  53. Elizabeth E.

    Elizabeth E.Month ago

    Omg you pull this off so flipping well

  54. Project Create

    Project CreateMonth ago

    omg she's adorable with that rap

  55. Ava Mione

    Ava MioneMonth ago

    Wow U r so good at rapping

  56. MissMol

    MissMolMonth ago

    I’d NEVER be brave enough for coloured hair 😂 blonde is enough for me thank you 2:44 ~ You want to dance? _No don’t be stupid_

  57. XpetraXpazlX

    XpetraXpazlXMonth ago

    Storm doesn't have braids though. But her hair does look good. I just don't know why we needed to know about her extensions. I mean they didn't even show how to put them in or anything.

  58. Emerald Kelsi

    Emerald KelsiMonth ago

    "i'm not skilled" "we know" same tho

  59. Emerald Kelsi

    Emerald KelsiMonth ago

    the montage i'm living

  60. Aika LOL

    Aika LOLMonth ago


  61. Hey!tsSophia :)

    Hey!tsSophia :)Month ago

    The Chantel barbie 😂 I lost it😂😂

  62. kibaAndrenjiluver16

    kibaAndrenjiluver16Month ago

    its pretty it looks silver

  63. FandomTrash

    FandomTrashMonth ago

    It looks really good on her!!

  64. _-*ʇɥƃᴉl ǝɥʇ*-_

    _-*ʇɥƃᴉl ǝɥʇ*-_Month ago


  65. Kathii' Ruiz

    Kathii' RuizMonth ago


  66. Heather B

    Heather BMonth ago

    Get it girllll 🙋🏽‍♀️

  67. Tis_Ya_Boiii

    Tis_Ya_BoiiiMonth ago

    I just shaved my hair and found a bold spot 👌😭

  68. Cutieisbeauty💖

    Cutieisbeauty💖Month ago

    1:39 she actually was rapping just like Nicki Minaj ( idk how to spell it )

  69. aviva goodmam

    aviva goodmamMonth ago

    She is so beautiful, all the time

  70. Kiri Rodway

    Kiri RodwayMonth ago

    I’ve got black to grey box braids and I love them