I Got A New Puppy


  1. CrazyRussianHacker

    CrazyRussianHacker11 months ago

    BTW he is 15 weeks old. my mistake

  2. Dipanjan Saha

    Dipanjan SahaMonth ago

    You should name hiss gus

  3. Daniel dewendra

    Daniel dewendra2 months ago

    Did u get him from Russia or

  4. Richard_Ramirez worshiper

    Richard_Ramirez worshiper9 months ago

    CrazyRussianHacker so cute 🐕

  5. Ruski

    Ruski10 months ago

    Also remember that in Soviet Russia, u no name puppy...puppy name u!

  6. Legend ML

    Legend MLDay ago

    anybody gonna talk about the snakes?

  7. CarolinaGirl

    CarolinaGirl3 days ago

    Beautiful dogs and so smart! ❤️🐶🐾

  8. CarolinaGirl

    CarolinaGirl3 days ago

    I love Taras always saying how “kewt” his dogs are. And I agree, they are so cute. Taras: “Look at his floppy legs. They’re so cute.” 😂❤️🐶🐾

  9. Michael Ethan Baldon

    Michael Ethan Baldon3 days ago

    Guz is cute

  10. Michael Ethan Baldon

    Michael Ethan Baldon3 days ago

    Guz is cute


    PS4: THE PRO GAMERZ26 days ago

    MReporterr is the only change who didn't fame after Taras

  12. Destiny Ramos

    Destiny RamosMonth ago

    They are bilingual too

  13. josh stratton

    josh strattonMonth ago

    5:43 that sneezes

  14. Wilhelm Molde

    Wilhelm MoldeMonth ago

    soldier:grenade!!! *boom* soldier:???

  15. Indominus Rex

    Indominus RexMonth ago

    I like dogs

  16. serena jacob

    serena jacobMonth ago

    He is very cute

  17. NVMR tube

    NVMR tube2 months ago

    Name him as GUS

  18. Omi RL Rana

    Omi RL Rana3 months ago

    name it gast

  19. Valadin Plays

    Valadin Plays3 months ago

    I just realized now that he got a rare mask Devil’s Mask

  20. Raju Khurana

    Raju Khurana3 months ago

    so sweet

  21. build it101

    build it1014 months ago

    What is your other chanal

  22. build it101

    build it1014 months ago

    Alaskin malamut

  23. jeimee Tipon

    jeimee Tipon4 months ago

    Its been a while i commented in this really late, but in his latest vids that new puppy is named Guz

  24. AZN Phantom

    AZN PhantomMonth ago


  25. nirav modi

    nirav modi5 months ago


  26. Orange Pootis

    Orange Pootis5 months ago


  27. Gavin Flanigan

    Gavin Flanigan5 months ago

    The wife says that you have too many dogs now, you need to send Luke to us PMLOL

  28. JDF trains

    JDF trains6 months ago

    Wow gus was so smöl

  29. Eleanor Hansen

    Eleanor Hansen6 months ago

    Gorgeous Husky!

  30. Ephesians 6:12

    Ephesians 6:126 months ago

    *a dog is the ONLY creature (WE are the animals) that loves you MORE than itself* GBU All †

  31. No Name

    No Name6 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful 😍💞

  32. / Akafor

    / Akafor6 months ago

    I just got a Alaskan malamute just like that it is is cute like if you agree Mime is 6 months old

  33. Paul H. Kircher III

    Paul H. Kircher III6 months ago

    Call it Amy.

  34. Amino_Acid

    Amino_Acid6 months ago

    in 2 years hes gonna be massive

  35. IamKorry That’sme

    IamKorry That’sme7 months ago

    I can just stare at this guy all day 😍and his dogs 😍🐕and i ❤️his accent 😘

  36. Katja Ritter

    Katja Ritter7 months ago

    Love this new puppy, but.. what you did with the snakes??? :D


    PRAISE AND WORSHIP COVER Woshiper7 months ago

    Are you thi only person in that forest???

  38. Doodle Art

    Doodle Art7 months ago

    I need puppy

  39. Marla Rios

    Marla Rios7 months ago

    HE’s sooo CUTE

  40. Marla Rios

    Marla Rios7 months ago

    People that disliked this video are cat lovers BOOOOOO

  41. Joseph Adams

    Joseph Adams7 months ago


  42. Aimje Undap

    Aimje Undap7 months ago

    Hello! I always watching your videos.. I'm a pet lover too.. I wish to have Siberian husky someday..

  43. Joe

    Joe8 months ago

    Aww what a cutie boy

  44. temmie da temmie

    temmie da temmie8 months ago


  45. anand singh nainwal

    anand singh nainwal8 months ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwww I want that puppy 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱😊😊😊😊😊

  46. anand singh nainwal

    anand singh nainwal8 months ago

    Your dog is very sexy

  47. Magnor Kilvær

    Magnor Kilvær8 months ago

    This video has 1 million views

  48. Amira Z

    Amira Z8 months ago

    He is so cute but he looks like a husky puppy.... My female husky was 20 lbs when she was 14 weeks.... Malamute puppies are usually much furrier.

  49. Sugar Queen

    Sugar Queen8 months ago


  50. Theresa Butler

    Theresa Butler8 months ago

    So glad you are an animal lover! Your Alaskan Malamute is a real treasure - glad he has you to depend on...like me, he probably enjoys your Russian accent, as it is so cool !

  51. Sixta Flores

    Sixta Flores8 months ago

    I like your show,, Real interesting

  52. Professor Brain Corporation

    Professor Brain Corporation8 months ago

    A few months later, He is as big as Luke and Hugo

  53. crpsaiyan

    crpsaiyan8 months ago

    Cute?! He's beautiful. 😍🐶

  54. Streety Streets

    Streety Streets8 months ago

    New dog called pachket?

  55. Vineel P

    Vineel P8 months ago


  56. Levi Cheezehpoofs

    Levi Cheezehpoofs8 months ago

    I love him! Malamutes are my favorite.

  57. Roger Gommert

    Roger Gommert8 months ago

    Gus is so cute and will be a great addition to your family.

  58. Car Cat

    Car Cat8 months ago

    I have a finishlapdog

  59. TTWT

    TTWT8 months ago

    He’s so cute

  60. August Freese

    August Freese8 months ago

    Name the puppy fluffy the communist

  61. Ton Ray

    Ton Ray8 months ago

    You're the best man...love your animals and your fans.

  62. AJ Cubing

    AJ Cubing9 months ago

    1:59 now he is so Precious

  63. Jeff Leiboff

    Jeff Leiboff9 months ago

    Name him Lugo

  64. Lantis Medina

    Lantis Medina9 months ago


  65. myah

    myah9 months ago

    You are so cute with your doga

  66. Joyce Dayton

    Joyce Dayton9 months ago

    Beautiful dog

  67. Alex hoang

    Alex hoang9 months ago

    Name him patrenkov

  68. Carlo Gurrieri

    Carlo Gurrieri9 months ago

    Look how cute my new papi is

  69. Nick H

    Nick H9 months ago

    i got rid of my puppies that day

  70. David Arnold

    David Arnold9 months ago

    Awesome puppy! Will he be testing the MRE selections in the future?

  71. Grief Wizard

    Grief Wizard9 months ago

    Hes so cute

  72. Hazel Gomez

    Hazel Gomez9 months ago

    Love the new member of family

  73. Mary  Richardson

    Mary Richardson9 months ago

    Always enjoy your videos.

  74. xCrazyTracy

    xCrazyTracy9 months ago

    thank you for the psa about huskies and dogs! I appreciate it as a dog lover :)

  75. Got The Wolf Dogs

    Got The Wolf Dogs9 months ago

    I love Alaskan malamutes

  76. Ray W Penn Jr

    Ray W Penn Jr9 months ago

    Malamute can be real quiet and sneeky like wolf too ask chewie

  77. ADRIAN Arencibia

    ADRIAN Arencibia9 months ago

    Hey Taurus what's your dogs name

  78. Annie Evers

    Annie Evers9 months ago

    “Let’s just look at him run around” these are the videos I signed up for

  79. Jodie posta

    Jodie posta9 months ago

    Hugo almost jumped the fence!

  80. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah9 months ago


  81. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah9 months ago

    Oh nvm 😂

  82. Ashley Y

    Ashley Y9 months ago

    Grow a spine Russian 🌈

  83. Wesley Ayers

    Wesley Ayers9 months ago


  84. Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    Ultra Instinct Shaggy9 months ago

    Cute :3

  85. wholesome joji

    wholesome joji9 months ago

    Please get a cat next!

  86. James Whitman

    James Whitman9 months ago

    dog = animal animal = beast love your dog but remember that it is beast worship

  87. Raghav Patel

    Raghav Patel9 months ago

    Sooooo cute

  88. Pork477 - Gaming And More

    Pork477 - Gaming And More9 months ago

    👍🏻 Nice! I’ve got a dog too

  89. The Six Pack

    The Six Pack9 months ago


  90. KrishB

    KrishB9 months ago

    Domino good name

  91. KrishB

    KrishB9 months ago

    Dominic good name

  92. Lapisi

    Lapisi9 months ago

    Crazy Siberian Husky

  93. Fire Mewo

    Fire Mewo9 months ago

    Did anyone else saw the puppy wink

  94. Leslie Tedder

    Leslie Tedder9 months ago

    He is sooooo adorable!!!!!❤❤

  95. Lil_Anthony999 l

    Lil_Anthony999 l9 months ago

    That looks like my dog but when my dog was smaller!! Btw my dogs a german sheperd mixed saiberian husky

  96. Bob Conner

    Bob Conner9 months ago

    Gorgeous little fella.

  97. fairday2

    fairday29 months ago

    I agree that this cute fellow should be named "Boom". I have a puppy that bites our older dog, and playtime ends quickly.

  98. jasmineness

    jasmineness10 months ago

    i might cry

  99. Anthony Gates

    Anthony Gates10 months ago

    Alaskan Malamute or Husky, either way he is absolutely adorable! And definitely a babe magnet! BTW, where did you get him and how much ($$$) did he set you back?

  100. Shari Self

    Shari Self10 months ago


  101. Dave Plu

    Dave Plu10 months ago

    All puppies are new...

  102. julie oaks

    julie oaks10 months ago

    I had a malamute and he was my favorite dog ever...very lovable!! Congratulations!!

  103. minpaoG185

    minpaoG18510 months ago

    Call him bichito

  104. Party Bot

    Party Bot10 months ago

    Dogs rule

  105. Hypebeast boy

    Hypebeast boy10 months ago

    You really like husky

  106. Misti King

    Misti King9 months ago

    yes he does. But the puppy is a malamute.

  107. Yoseppi Joe

    Yoseppi Joe10 months ago

    Gus Pashtil