I Got A Celebrity Style Makeover ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘ 


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare3 months ago

    Hey loves!!! What was your favorite look?? Thank you for watching we are SO CLOSE to 700K!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith26 days ago

    The badass biker chick one is my fav but I also LOVED the camo tee with the rose jacket

  3. Hola Ya

    Hola Ya2 months ago

    i like the gray. but you look good no matter what you got on.

  4. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Stephanie Rodriquez2 months ago

    Michelle Khare u ugly

  5. Janelle Hamilton

    Janelle Hamilton3 months ago

    And the dresses, so cute, especially the pink one, such a good colour on you!!

  6. Janelle Hamilton

    Janelle Hamilton3 months ago

    Either the camo pants with the cute little hoodie, or the last one; that bomber jacket just seemed soo cool and you. (I do have to say the metallic was a bit too much for me, but you rocked everything).

  7. Leone

    LeoneDay ago


  8. Soundarya Meena Williams

    Soundarya Meena Williams2 days ago

    Your face when she brought out the rose jacket made my day

  9. Est. Dubai

    Est. Dubai2 days ago

    Nice abs you can tell you have a hard body

  10. LadyLal

    LadyLal4 days ago

    she literally got into your mind and just knew what you wanted! it's so amazing!! and she did it in like a very realistic way where i can see that youre gonna actually wear these outfits not like superrrrr fashion forward where youre going to wait for certain events or occasions to wear... you looked amazing in everything1!!!

  11. George Rodnberries

    George Rodnberries5 days ago

    In the immortal words of Ruby Rod "Hot Hot Hot!"

  12. Nat Stu

    Nat Stu15 days ago

    The grey t shirt dress is so so good

  13. Lindsay Ishoy

    Lindsay Ishoy17 days ago

    How much should you spend on a quality closet overhaul? I love the outfits!

  14. Cindy O

    Cindy O18 days ago

    OMG that pink dress was made for you!

  15. Bella Helene

    Bella Helene18 days ago

    why doesn't this have more views?

  16. Amaia.

    Amaia.19 days ago

    That pink dress looks amazingggg on her

  17. Abigail Herrera

    Abigail Herrera20 days ago

    Girl your beautiful โค๏ธ

  18. erythrea l

    erythrea l22 days ago

    You looked so happy !!!

  19. Owi Owi

    Owi Owi24 days ago

    Dont wear superstars they are made of real leather its cruel.

  20. Kimberly Balgoa

    Kimberly Balgoa26 days ago

    Dammnn you look really good in all of those. Your body is amazing

  21. Jennifer Hergert

    Jennifer Hergert28 days ago

    You're gorgeous in these outfits :O

  22. ChaoticDoll

    ChaoticDoll29 days ago

    Michelle you are too cute. This was such a great style makeover, because it was till your style and something we could see you personally wearing, whereas often with these kind of makeovers I feel the person being made over actually wouldn't be into the style of clothing that is being given to them considering the style they described they usually wear.

  23. Nelle Engelsma

    Nelle Engelsma29 days ago

    I looooooove the fourth outfit!

  24. D0nOT

    D0nOTMonth ago

    What was the point of throwing these closes away though? Space issues? Not like they hurt anybody just by being in there.

  25. Franz

    FranzMonth ago

    Iโ€™m terribly sorry to trouble you with this comment. With all the respect that you deserve, with no intention to make you feel uncomfortable, with my most sincere apologies if you find my remark inadequate, I cannot believe how cute your butt is. Bravo madame, bravoโ€ฆ

  26. Elisabeth D

    Elisabeth DMonth ago

    So cute I'm getting emotional

  27. Ellen Walker

    Ellen WalkerMonth ago

    The jackets were definitely my favorite part of this video

  28. Iris Lee

    Iris LeeMonth ago

    What is the black Zara skort called? Paired with the Ivy Park and mesh. Thanks. :)

  29. ana paula

    ana paulaMonth ago

    michelle is gorgeous can we just take a moment oh my god!

  30. Ji Young Kim

    Ji Young KimMonth ago

    Leith Nordstrom!!! And the grey hoodie with pants outfit!! :) You look awesome!!!!

  31. Nicole Van Herwynen

    Nicole Van HerwynenMonth ago

    Oh my gosh. The second dress is so gorgeous on you, I can't even wait til the end of the video.

  32. Dado Sy

    Dado SyMonth ago

    I have the same jacket

  33. meglie1

    meglie1Month ago

    captian E.O.!!

  34. Rachelle Sanchez

    Rachelle SanchezMonth ago

    I need me a Lindsey to refine my style a bit more. Lol.

  35. Heather Journey

    Heather JourneyMonth ago

    Pink and black jacket with crop is aweful but that silver jacket is stunningly edge on you! ๐Ÿ˜

  36. Sophia Deligianni

    Sophia DeligianniMonth ago

    I loved that silver jacket ๐Ÿ™†

  37. Amy Dowley

    Amy DowleyMonth ago

    3:31 Damn, Michelle got vocals

  38. Jazz Goodchild

    Jazz GoodchildMonth ago

    AAH and the teeshirt stretch dresses look super comfy and you look SOOO SOOO lovely- simple but totally owning!

  39. Jazz Goodchild

    Jazz GoodchildMonth ago

    IVY park look was realllly fab Shell!

  40. Bรกrbara Fonseca

    Bรกrbara FonsecaMonth ago

    the first jacket was 800$ and the second jacket was 1000$! iยดm SHOOK!!!!

  41. Meika Surgenor

    Meika SurgenorMonth ago

    Someone please please please tell me where tf that camouflage tshirt is from or where I can get it!!

  42. Sasha Prakash

    Sasha PrakashMonth ago

    omg you look great!!

  43. abigailschneider1

    abigailschneider1Month ago

    that flannel at 2:52 is so cute i want it! i wear flannels all the time tho haha

  44. esau69able

    esau69ableMonth ago

    That booty tough, dang girl!

  45. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren TaylorMonth ago

    All these outfits looked great edpially since you have a more muscular figure ( which you slay me with ) GURL SLAY

  46. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren TaylorMonth ago

    Those outfits are bomb!!!

  47. Nameless Eda

    Nameless EdaMonth ago

    Lindsay can you please come and slay my life too????????

  48. Watermelon Girl

    Watermelon GirlMonth ago

    She looked so good in everything!!

  49. Swetha C

    Swetha CMonth ago

    I have watched several of your videos before...BUT you TOTALLY won me over with this one!! :D

  50. aditi mishra

    aditi mishraMonth ago


  51. aditi mishra

    aditi mishraMonth ago


  52. lolits kaite

    lolits kaiteMonth ago

    How much did this cost

  53. Chantel *

    Chantel *Month ago

    You look amazing in those clothes! It makes me want to get a stylist!

  54. aracely gonzalez

    aracely gonzalezMonth ago

    I want the black skirt!!! Love it!!!!!

  55. Zab

    ZabMonth ago

    The one with the crop top and the metallic pink jacket is slaying! And the jacket with a flower pattern is simply so beautiful.

  56. Zab

    ZabMonth ago

    I think your videos always are really inspirational, funny and original. And when you smile you kinda look a bit like Gal Gadot? I know it's random, I just noticed it.

  57. Amanda Maki

    Amanda MakiMonth ago

    I did this before we moved this past year and the donation pile was 4 FULL garbage bags of clothes. And I will say now I pay so much more attention to what I buy and my style because I don't want to just add a bunch more unnecessary clothing.

  58. DeathNoteKiraluver

    DeathNoteKiraluverMonth ago

    Omg that Tshirt dress~ Where did you get it?

  59. Amanda James

    Amanda JamesMonth ago

    Where r the clothes from

  60. MinaZutic

    MinaZuticMonth ago

    The first jacket reminds of the show girlboss

  61. b m

    b mMonth ago

    I think she overreacts to just pants and a t shirt

  62. Nicole ramone

    Nicole ramoneMonth ago

    I relate soooo much

  63. Swapna Manapuram

    Swapna ManapuramMonth ago

    Sorry but I don't see a difference at all

  64. Lauras Chronicles

    Lauras Chronicles2 months ago

    you look SO goooooood

  65. Happy family Life

    Happy family Life2 months ago


  66. Natalie Nashed

    Natalie Nashed2 months ago

    That stylist was the stylist from the clevver Coachella styling video!!!! I loved her in that and in this

  67. violetmoon825

    violetmoon8252 months ago

    Oh. My. God. I love ALL THESE OUTFITS!!!! Also Michelle is just such a cool badass person - her walk when she was wearing that black and pink jacket like dayuuuuum!! I'm not sure if I'm crushing on her or if I want to be her. I think both lol

  68. Isabella Vazquez

    Isabella Vazquez2 months ago


  69. Anjelica Grace

    Anjelica Grace2 months ago

    You look amazing, Michelle!

  70. Sugakookie with a cup of tae V

    Sugakookie with a cup of tae V2 months ago

    Michelle girllll you slayyy ๐Ÿ˜

  71. isha chic

    isha chic2 months ago

    The mesh top is from SheIn, saw teh exact thing on shein

  72. Marisa H

    Marisa H2 months ago

    You are looking so great! That peach dress looks absolutely amazing on you.

  73. Audra L.

    Audra L.2 months ago

    the new clothes match your personality so well!!! and you look super hot!!!!

  74. Maddy O'Toole

    Maddy O'Toole2 months ago

    Ahhhh I love these! I feel like I need a new wardrobe now!

  75. Gitte Van de velde

    Gitte Van de velde2 months ago

    I love the outfits! It's a good stylist, she - in comparison to many others - actually seems to know what looks good on people, not what 'looks good', because there isn't a single colour, style, model etc. that looks good on everyone, or rather, everyone looks good in. It aren't the clothes that should be pretty on the perosn, but the person who wears it shoudl be pretty in the clothes. (There are still some worse outfits though, but in general, it's pretty good)

  76. Christina Nguyen

    Christina Nguyen2 months ago

    Michelle is actually the cutest - and I love how Lindsay made a style change so approachable for Michelle.

  77. Cora Close

    Cora Close2 months ago

    Anyone can look cool in a $700+ leather jacket...

  78. Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep2 months ago

    Wow! You should wear dresses more often: they really suit you :)

  79. Lilly Ruth

    Lilly Ruth2 months ago

    Ur brows are so bold!!!โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  80. Whatassignments

    Whatassignments2 months ago

    Everything is affordable except the jackets

  81. Paradox

    Paradox2 months ago

    I hate the jackets.. tacky

  82. Bubbled Cat

    Bubbled Cat2 months ago

    i love all these outfits!!!! omg i love lindsay diamond!!

  83. Andy Tang

    Andy Tang2 months ago

    Michelle always looks amazing, but these outfits were really just a cherry on top!

  84. Randomness5000

    Randomness50002 months ago

    Damn Michelle! ๐Ÿ˜

  85. cheshimb

    cheshimb2 months ago

    You were so excited about all the jackets!! :D

  86. Mason B

    Mason B2 months ago

    she looks like an Instagram model!

  87. Albina Terpay

    Albina Terpay2 months ago

    Where can I find a Lindsey????

  88. Paula Thomson

    Paula Thomson2 months ago

    I can't find that one black skort, I'm sad because I really like it.

  89. HiThereLove16

    HiThereLove162 months ago

    OMG honey, Iโ€™m not even done with the video yet but I had to say, natural colors look FANTASTIC on you! That cream hoodie and the pinkish dress was FIYA

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  92. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Stephanie Rodriquez2 months ago

    She ugly fake old skinny lookin hag

  93. Sultan KANDEMIR

    Sultan KANDEMIR2 months ago

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  94. kellyann k

    kellyann k2 months ago

    Your hair in a bun is everything. It's a look with those outfits.

  95. Max Ride

    Max Ride3 months ago

    I'm really sorry but her performance seems really forced. Like the part when she was cleaning out her closet. Us Filipinos will consider her O.A. (over acting)

  96. Baking Kookies

    Baking Kookies3 months ago

    That silver jacket from The Mighty Company is over $1,000! Holy crap! This really was a celebrity style makeover...

  97. David Elijah Traill

    David Elijah Traill3 months ago

    She is so Hot

  98. Natalie Alonso

    Natalie Alonso3 months ago

    she OWNED all of these!!!

  99. Jenna Teen

    Jenna Teen3 months ago

    Michelle it isnโ€™t the clothes that looks good itโ€™s honestly just you! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• anything you wear looks amazing.

  100. TheStyleIcon

    TheStyleIcon3 months ago

    Michelle you're glowing. You look SO GOOD and those clothes definitely reflect your personality :)

  101. Sara Meyer

    Sara Meyer3 months ago

    Wow, I love the pink dress ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜!!

  102. Ichigo MG

    Ichigo MG3 months ago

    You look great in all the outfits. I'm kinda jealous, but first I have to work out to get that body haha

  103. Rox

    Rox3 months ago

    She's soo cool! And you look bomb, girl omg

  104. ATLAS Beauty

    ATLAS Beauty3 months ago

    Those jeans looked great! Maybe a wee bit tight.

  105. ATLAS Beauty

    ATLAS Beauty3 months ago

    Why do people keep stuff from high school? Those days are OVER and usually very crappy choices because...high school