I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure)



    DALLMYD7 months ago

    Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another river treasure hunting video tomorrow! :D Also, does anyone know what number Iphone I found??

  2. Ross Johanna

    Ross Johanna2 months ago


  3. Judy Mennis

    Judy Mennis4 months ago

    I do!it's aiphone 6

  4. AntiArt13 02

    AntiArt13 025 months ago

    7:30 you literally found some Louis Vuitton Glasses

  5. Elvis wolf Mendoza

    Elvis wolf Mendoza5 months ago

    DALLMYD iPhone 7 cool vidos i sud and liked and hit the bell 🛎

  6. Michelle Ducote

    Michelle Ducote5 months ago


  7. William Hudd

    William Hudd2 hours ago

    Who is better Jordan or jake Comment=Jordan Like=jake


    HUMBLE GAMER19 days ago


  9. Joe briscoe

    Joe briscoe20 days ago

    Shouldn't dollar shave club be a dollar to buy

  10. Jose Rosas

    Jose Rosas26 days ago

    It’s an iPhone 6s

  11. Poor Redneck World

    Poor Redneck World26 days ago

    I thought we was holding his breath. Why do I hear breathing ????? 😮😮😮

  12. Jen Armstrong-Dawson

    Jen Armstrong-DawsonMonth ago

    I already love your videos, but I REALLY wish I could click a "LOVE" button for the silliness of your "advertisement" at the beginning of this one!!!

  13. Ninja

    NinjaMonth ago

    Dont click see more!! And here you are reading the comments wondering when he found the iphone. Im not reading the comments and im wondering why youre still reading my comment. Well played buddy i told you exactly why to not click see more and you did. Congratulations. You played yourself, while youre here leave me a like for your time;)

  14. joan michelle

    joan michelleMonth ago

    did he have a tube of toothpaste there??😂😂

  15. Hai Li

    Hai Li2 months ago

    Is it the butt

  16. Chae Russell

    Chae Russell2 months ago

    It’s an I phone 8, the same kind of phone that I am watching this video on.

  17. Jose Rosas

    Jose Rosas26 days ago

    It’s definitely iPhone 6s

  18. Ford Bibb

    Ford BibbMonth ago

    No it’s either 6 or 6s

  19. Arthur

    Arthur2 months ago

    Think the phone is a 6

  20. Bob Th

    Bob Th2 months ago

    Who else wishes he put his videos on top comments instead of recent

  21. Joe briscoe

    Joe briscoe19 days ago

    +Bob Th true

  22. Bob Th

    Bob Th20 days ago

    +Joe briscoe I know that but most people dont so they wont change it and see the most liked comments and many good ones sink down to the depths.

  23. Joe briscoe

    Joe briscoe20 days ago

    Bob Th you can change that

  24. nigga toilet

    nigga toilet2 months ago


  25. Jerrold Rance

    Jerrold Rance2 months ago

    IPhone 7

  26. Porter Baria

    Porter Baria2 months ago

    it is a space gray iphone 6s plus

  27. Bts_islifeu

    Bts_islifeu14 days ago

    Eclipse the Brave no it’s a 6s

  28. Eclipse the Brave

    Eclipse the Brave2 months ago

    Porter Baria nope it’s a 7

  29. Layla Long

    Layla Long2 months ago

    It is a iPhone 6

  30. Eclipse the Brave

    Eclipse the Brave2 months ago

    Layla Long it’s a 7

  31. Pro God Pro life Pro Gun

    Pro God Pro life Pro Gun2 months ago

    If the phones are broken do you sell them for parts. People buy broken phones

  32. Дмитрий Смирнов

    Дмитрий Смирнов2 months ago

    Никак не пойму, чего он так радуется утопленникам? Майфоны же дико дорого чинить, а топляка на детали хреноватенько будет.

  33. Ryleigh Donner

    Ryleigh Donner2 months ago

    the iphone modole is apple

  34. gold7oo

    gold7oo2 months ago


  35. Dianida Contreras

    Dianida Contreras2 months ago

    i think it is an iphone 7

  36. déjà vu lel Lol

    déjà vu lel Lol2 months ago

    Did anyone notice he said pterodactyl

  37. MrDNasty2012

    MrDNasty20122 months ago

    Its the iPhone 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

  38. Desiree Cardenas

    Desiree Cardenas2 months ago

    It’s a 6s

  39. manuel hernandez

    manuel hernandez2 months ago


  40. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown2 months ago

    It is a 6 it is the same one I have

  41. Sigma

    Sigma2 months ago

    i have a 6s+ and im 11 sad life for you

  42. Peyton Taylor

    Peyton Taylor2 months ago

    do you ever see dead fish when you go diveing

  43. Narwhal Life

    Narwhal Life2 months ago

    its iphone1

  44. Kieran

    Kieran2 months ago

    Why don’t you do shoutout

  45. Kieran

    Kieran2 months ago

    You found an iPhone 6s

  46. Ginger Fancher

    Ginger Fancher2 months ago

    iphone 6s

  47. Jo'Lese Harpen

    Jo'Lese Harpen3 months ago

    Not for sure but I think It is a iPhone6s

  48. Raymond Sandoval

    Raymond Sandoval3 months ago

    I what it i phone

  49. Amber Scott

    Amber Scott3 months ago

    I think you found an iPhone 7

  50. babygirl gems

    babygirl gems3 months ago

    Whats the coolest thing u ever found?

  51. fajer aldhwayan

    fajer aldhwayan3 months ago

    Probably it’s is a ifone 6

  52. Loretta Coffman

    Loretta Coffman2 months ago

    Not ifhone

  53. Loretta Coffman

    Loretta Coffman2 months ago


  54. Negena Mahmoud

    Negena Mahmoud2 months ago

    that is not how you spell iphone

  55. Amber Scott

    Amber Scott3 months ago


  56. Sanel Gábor

    Sanel Gábor3 months ago

    sziasztok és ez mindenkinek szol boldog karácsonyt és boldog új évet elöre csá

  57. Rachel Lynch

    Rachel Lynch2 months ago

    Anisa Shahjahanpur Wyatt are you saying

  58. Kyla Saulters

    Kyla Saulters3 months ago

    That I Phone is I think a 7 Because I have an iPhone 7 and it looks the same

  59. It’s Peg

    It’s Peg3 months ago

    Kyla Saulters it could also be an 8?

  60. Alexis Hatke

    Alexis Hatke3 months ago

    Its the 6

  61. Avocado Friends

    Avocado Friends3 months ago

    you found an iPhone 7

  62. Jose Rosas

    Jose Rosas26 days ago

    Wrong it’s and iPhone 6s

  63. Jon Baker

    Jon Baker3 months ago

    My dad uses that company

  64. _ Chiara_

    _ Chiara_3 months ago

    Omfg he found a vacuum

  65. Anand Buchoon

    Anand Buchoon3 months ago

    This video made me smile

  66. Angie Smith

    Angie Smith3 months ago

    I’m watching on x r 🤟🏾

  67. G for Grace

    G for Grace3 months ago

    You found clout glasses XD

  68. Bleron Mapsi

    Bleron Mapsi3 months ago


  69. mason workman

    mason workman3 months ago


  70. Jayden Mata

    Jayden Mata3 months ago


  71. saini shubham zone

    saini shubham zone3 months ago

    Give me those iPhone

  72. Azzure Muttrie

    Azzure Muttrie3 months ago


  73. Gucci Boy

    Gucci Boy3 months ago

    Your dog is too cute- I need a pup.

  74. Anson Ho

    Anson Ho3 months ago

    Iphone 6s space grey

  75. Mary Baca

    Mary Baca3 months ago


  76. Gamer 8945

    Gamer 89453 months ago

    It’s an iPhone 8 I have one

  77. Annabelle Leigh

    Annabelle Leigh3 months ago

    Dylan Garcia 8945 no its not its a 6s

  78. Tienette Pok

    Tienette Pok3 months ago

    The phone is iphone 6

  79. GlazedDonut Aj

    GlazedDonut Aj3 months ago

    Lol it’s a six i have a six that I’m watching this on.

  80. Mika Stewart

    Mika Stewart3 months ago

    I think it is a five or six

  81. Tamara Harrison - Bailey

    Tamara Harrison - Bailey3 months ago

    It's not an iPhone five

  82. Bubbles &Scruffy

    Bubbles &Scruffy3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that was an iPhone 6

  83. Madison Foxworth

    Madison Foxworth4 months ago

    i got a 6 i think it a six

  84. Trish Scott

    Trish Scott4 months ago

    6 Or 6s

  85. bokah gacha

    bokah gacha4 months ago

    That phone is better than mine I got a 5s o_o

  86. Lucky Dog

    Lucky Dog4 months ago

    There spell jars and they are made for the persons/targets name to go against or for that target. Usually used for court cases or to help with loved ones.

  87. kahlan Beals

    kahlan Beals4 months ago

    its number 1

  88. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera4 months ago

    That’s a iPhone 7

  89. •Negative Cassie/Amelia•

    •Negative Cassie/Amelia•4 months ago


  90. powder puff

    powder puff3 months ago

    It was a joke 😂

  91. Star Glare

    Star Glare4 months ago


  92. Zack Carsey

    Zack Carsey4 months ago

    I like how he sleeps in a swim suit and flippers

  93. Mia Zaino

    Mia Zaino4 months ago

    Such a sad day when someone loses their clout goggles 🤟🏼😪🤟🏼

  94. Yuval Kaye

    Yuval Kaye4 months ago


  95. Jesus Ortiz

    Jesus Ortiz4 months ago

    Es da 6

  96. Alicia Artery

    Alicia Artery4 months ago

    It is a I phone 7😁😀

  97. Annabelle Leigh

    Annabelle Leigh3 months ago


  98. Trish Scott

    Trish Scott4 months ago


  99. Bálint Markó

    Bálint Markó4 months ago


  100. Lillian Beckemeyer

    Lillian Beckemeyer5 months ago

    yoooo found a pair of clout goggles

  101. grujeas

    grujeas5 months ago

    Its my iphone :/ I know a rob but in a water :///

  102. Star Glare

    Star Glare4 months ago

    Is mines

  103. stephanie streaker

    stephanie streaker5 months ago

    You should stop saying it in the title and showing it in the beginng so the people will be suprised

  104. ScorpioL4dy

    ScorpioL4dy5 months ago

    I agree I want to be surprised.

  105. Mr Doubtfire

    Mr Doubtfire5 months ago


  106. Ariana Hougland

    Ariana Hougland5 months ago

    iPhone 6s

  107. Someone Somewhere

    Someone Somewhere5 months ago

    Did it give anyone else Anxiety when he doesn’t have his breathing tank

  108. Bubbles &Scruffy

    Bubbles &Scruffy3 months ago

    Someone Somewhere meee

  109. Rachel Bardis

    Rachel Bardis5 months ago

    It’s an i phone 8 i think

  110. Gavinn Young

    Gavinn Young4 months ago

    8 or 6+

  111. Skyline -

    Skyline -4 months ago

    6 or 6S

  112. Doggo Gacha

    Doggo Gacha5 months ago

    No it’s a 6

  113. Alissa Wolfhard

    Alissa Wolfhard5 months ago

    Wow clout goggles

  114. Michelle Ducote

    Michelle Ducote5 months ago

    It's a iphone7

  115. Devin Vaughan

    Devin Vaughan5 months ago

    I think it's an IPhone 8

  116. سجاد كريستي كرافت سجاد كيسي كرافت

    سجاد كريستي كرافت سجاد كيسي كرافت5 months ago


  117. Веселин Райчев

    Веселин Райчев5 months ago

    If I see another James Bond commercial l'm going to blow up the server...

  118. Stela Bredova

    Stela Bredova5 months ago

    You are de best

  119. supercoolryan 122

    supercoolryan 1225 months ago

    It's a iPhone 6 in gray

  120. Сладкий Лимон

    Сладкий Лимон5 months ago

    Рыба чуть его не съела)

  121. Dumb shit scientist Cool

    Dumb shit scientist Cool5 months ago

    i want the phone

  122. Daisy 1526

    Daisy 15265 months ago

    It's an iPhone 6s

  123. Man Slags

    Man Slags5 months ago

    Because it’s a 6 😂😂

  124. Man Slags

    Man Slags5 months ago

    iPhone 7

  125. Hannah Wagster

    Hannah Wagster5 months ago

    iPhone 6

  126. Jade Seidel

    Jade Seidel5 months ago

    how could you find a iPhone in the water??👍👍

  127. GamingSeriesTube

    GamingSeriesTube2 months ago

    Jade Seidel maybe someone dropped it accidentally

  128. art is my name

    art is my name5 months ago

    A taradactal 😂😂😂😂

  129. Leilani Semana

    Leilani Semana5 months ago

    Just Arica pterodactyl

  130. Oğuzhan ALBAŞ

    Oğuzhan ALBAŞ5 months ago


  131. Braden Brenner

    Braden Brenner5 months ago


  132. Fluffy Unicorn

    Fluffy Unicorn5 months ago

    iPhone 6


    LETS PLAY MC SILENT5 months ago

    It’s a iPhone 6

  134. Jack Feeley

    Jack Feeley5 months ago

    Used your promo code. Figured..... I have a nice beard..... you do a great job.... what the hell, ill get it!

  135. Bresean Socool

    Bresean Socool5 months ago


  136. Joe Laney

    Joe Laney5 months ago

    iPhone 6 or 6s