I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure)



    DALLMYD4 months ago

    Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another river treasure hunting video tomorrow! :D Also, does anyone know what number Iphone I found??

  2. Judy Mennis

    Judy MennisMonth ago

    I do!it's aiphone 6

  3. AntiArt13 02

    AntiArt13 022 months ago

    7:30 you literally found some Louis Vuitton Glasses

  4. Elvis wolf Mendoza

    Elvis wolf Mendoza2 months ago

    DALLMYD iPhone 7 cool vidos i sud and liked and hit the bell 🛎

  5. Michelle Ducote

    Michelle Ducote2 months ago


  6. Michelle Ducote

    Michelle Ducote2 months ago

    DALLMYD hey I am a really big big big big big big big big big big fan:) #bigfan

  7. Kyla Saulters

    Kyla Saulters17 hours ago

    That I Phone is I think a 7 Because I have an iPhone 7 and it looks the same

  8. Alexis Hatke

    Alexis HatkeDay ago

    Its the 6

  9. Alexandra Stefania

    Alexandra Stefania2 days ago

    you found an iPhone 7

  10. Jon Baker

    Jon Baker3 days ago

    My dad uses that company

  11. _ Chiara_

    _ Chiara_4 days ago

    Omfg he found a vacuum

  12. Anand Buchoon

    Anand Buchoon6 days ago

    This video made me smile

  13. Angie Smith

    Angie Smith9 days ago

    I’m watching on x r 🤟🏾

  14. The weird midget girl Grace

    The weird midget girl Grace10 days ago

    You found clout glasses XD

  15. Super Gaming

    Super Gaming10 days ago


  16. mason workman

    mason workman11 days ago


  17. Jayden Mata

    Jayden Mata11 days ago


  18. saini shubham zone

    saini shubham zone12 days ago

    Give me those iPhone

  19. Azzure Muttrie

    Azzure Muttrie12 days ago


  20. Lulu Chev

    Lulu Chev13 days ago

    Omg do you charge for shipping to the owners of their lost phones because I actually thing you found my lost phone. I hope you see this because I really need my phone back

  21. Gucci Boy

    Gucci Boy20 days ago

    Your dog is too cute- I need a pup.

  22. Anson Ho

    Anson Ho21 day ago

    Iphone 6s space grey

  23. Mary Baca

    Mary Baca23 days ago


  24. Gamer 8945

    Gamer 894526 days ago

    It’s an iPhone 8 I have one

  25. Annabelle Leigh

    Annabelle Leigh3 days ago

    Dylan Garcia 8945 no its not its a 6s

  26. Tienette Pok

    Tienette Pok26 days ago

    The phone is iphone 6

  27. Jordan'sWorld 32

    Jordan'sWorld 3226 days ago

    Lol it’s a six i have a six that I’m watching this on.

  28. Mika Stewart

    Mika Stewart27 days ago

    I think it is a five or six

  29. Tamara Harrison - Bailey

    Tamara Harrison - Bailey3 days ago

    It's not an iPhone five

  30. Kylee Anderson

    Kylee Anderson27 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that was an iPhone 6

  31. Madison Foxworth

    Madison Foxworth27 days ago

    i got a 6 i think it a six

  32. Trish Scott

    Trish Scott28 days ago

    6 Or 6s

  33. fablesandmore 74

    fablesandmore 74Month ago

    That phone is better than mine I got a 5s o_o

  34. Lucky Dog

    Lucky DogMonth ago

    There spell jars and they are made for the persons/targets name to go against or for that target. Usually used for court cases or to help with loved ones.

  35. kahlan Beals

    kahlan BealsMonth ago

    its number 1

  36. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraMonth ago

    That’s a iPhone 7

  37. Amelia Thehuntwolf

    Amelia ThehuntwolfMonth ago


  38. powder puff

    powder puff23 days ago

    It was a joke 😂

  39. Audreylovesunicorn Ariana

    Audreylovesunicorn ArianaMonth ago


  40. Zack Carsey

    Zack CarseyMonth ago

    I like how he sleeps in a swim suit and flippers

  41. Mia Zaino

    Mia ZainoMonth ago

    Such a sad day when someone loses their clout goggles 🤟🏼😪🤟🏼

  42. Yuval Kaye

    Yuval KayeMonth ago


  43. Jesus Ortiz

    Jesus OrtizMonth ago

    Es da 6

  44. Alicia Artery

    Alicia ArteryMonth ago

    It is a I phone 7😁😀

  45. Annabelle Leigh

    Annabelle Leigh3 days ago


  46. Trish Scott

    Trish Scott28 days ago


  47. Bálint Markó

    Bálint MarkóMonth ago


  48. Lillian Beckemeyer

    Lillian BeckemeyerMonth ago

    yoooo found a pair of clout goggles

  49. grujeas gaming

    grujeas gamingMonth ago

    Its my iphone :/ I know a rob but in a water :///

  50. Audreylovesunicorn Ariana

    Audreylovesunicorn ArianaMonth ago

    Is mines

  51. stephanie streaker

    stephanie streaker2 months ago

    You should stop saying it in the title and showing it in the beginng so the people will be suprised

  52. ScorpioL4dy

    ScorpioL4dy2 months ago

    I agree I want to be surprised.

  53. chandler r

    chandler r2 months ago


  54. Ariana Hougland

    Ariana Hougland2 months ago

    iPhone 6s

  55. Someone Somewhere

    Someone Somewhere2 months ago

    Did it give anyone else Anxiety when he doesn’t have his breathing tank

  56. Kylee Anderson

    Kylee Anderson27 days ago

    Someone Somewhere meee

  57. Rachel Bardis

    Rachel Bardis2 months ago

    It’s an i phone 8 i think

  58. Gavinn Young

    Gavinn YoungMonth ago

    8 or 6+

  59. Skyline -

    Skyline -Month ago

    6 or 6S

  60. Trickshot Central

    Trickshot Central2 months ago

    No it’s a 6

  61. Alissa Wolfhard

    Alissa Wolfhard2 months ago

    Wow clout goggles

  62. Michelle Ducote

    Michelle Ducote2 months ago

    It's a iphone7

  63. Devin Vaughan

    Devin Vaughan2 months ago

    I think it's an IPhone 8

  64. سجاد كريستي كرافت سجاد كيسي كرافت

    سجاد كريستي كرافت سجاد كيسي كرافت2 months ago


  65. Веселин Райчев

    Веселин Райчев2 months ago

    If I see another James Bond commercial l'm going to blow up the server...

  66. Stela Bredova

    Stela Bredova2 months ago

    You are de best

  67. Patrick Patrick

    Patrick Patrick2 months ago

    It's a iPhone 6 in gray

  68. Сладкий Лимон

    Сладкий Лимон2 months ago

    Рыба чуть его не съела)

  69. Dumb shit scientist Cool

    Dumb shit scientist Cool2 months ago

    i want the phone

  70. Daisy 1526

    Daisy 15262 months ago

    It's an iPhone 6s

  71. M 2 G

    M 2 G2 months ago

    Because it’s a 6 😂😂

  72. M 2 G

    M 2 G2 months ago

    iPhone 7

  73. Hannah Wagster

    Hannah Wagster2 months ago

    iPhone 6

  74. Jade Seidel

    Jade Seidel2 months ago

    how could you find a iPhone in the water??👍👍

  75. art is my name

    art is my name2 months ago

    A taradactal 😂😂😂😂

  76. Leilani Semana

    Leilani Semana2 months ago

    Just Arica pterodactyl

  77. Oğuzhan ALBAŞ

    Oğuzhan ALBAŞ2 months ago


  78. Braden Brenner

    Braden Brenner2 months ago


  79. Fluffy Unicorn

    Fluffy Unicorn2 months ago

    iPhone 6

  80. extreme Fields

    extreme Fields2 months ago

    It’s a iPhone 6

  81. WhiskeyFishing

    WhiskeyFishing2 months ago

    Used your promo code. Figured..... I have a nice beard..... you do a great job.... what the hell, ill get it!

  82. Bresean Socool

    Bresean Socool2 months ago


  83. Chance Swindall

    Chance Swindall2 months ago

    iPhone 6 or 6s

  84. Hay Hay

    Hay Hay2 months ago

    IPhone 6 or Iphone 6s

  85. xxdemon13

    xxdemon132 months ago

    iPhone 6


    CHRISTIAN BALMONTE2 months ago


  87. Priscilla Pyun

    Priscilla Pyun2 months ago

    sell those stuff for money lmao, like ur doing good stuff by taking stuff out the river why not sell it 😂

  88. Mikey Legit 2

    Mikey Legit 22 months ago

    Priscilla Pyun he could only sell like a lot of 150 broken phones for $200

  89. Zach Whims

    Zach Whims2 months ago


  90. Layla Houston

    Layla Houston2 months ago

    8:46 what ya came here for

  91. gan the man

    gan the man2 months ago

    It’s a 6s

  92. Fiene Rabaut

    Fiene Rabaut2 months ago

    No a 6

  93. Jesse Spencer

    Jesse Spencer2 months ago

    It's a 6s Rose Edition

  94. Haylee Neri

    Haylee Neri3 months ago

    Am I only one when he gets the knife and cuts stuff

  95. MiMas Studios

    MiMas Studios2 months ago

    Haylee Neri NO WAY r/madlad you get a knife and you..... use it?

  96. CoolLillyCole

    CoolLillyCole3 months ago

    That I phone is a 6 I think

  97. Luis Maia

    Luis Maia3 months ago

    7:36 Rafa Moreira mano

  98. Biri Biri

    Biri Biri2 months ago

    fernando clothing nego


    THOMAZ GABRIEL3 months ago


  100. LMC 39

    LMC 393 months ago

    777 bro

  101. Mahendra Shreemal

    Mahendra Shreemal3 months ago

    I like

  102. Joshsauto84

    Joshsauto843 months ago

    Did anyone else see the Dimond ring

  103. Liliana Frank

    Liliana Frank2 months ago


  104. art is my name

    art is my name2 months ago

    I did

  105. Алиса нян

    Алиса нян3 months ago

    госпади я ничего не понела

  106. Liza Mire

    Liza Mire3 months ago

    Что именно тебе не понятно?

  107. James P. Confident

    James P. Confident3 months ago


  108. Matteo Celeghin

    Matteo Celeghin3 months ago

    HydrAquas nouuu

  109. Pepiii Pecosita

    Pepiii Pecosita3 months ago

    The fish probably will die because if it has a damage in the mouth it can’t eat so...☹️☹️

  110. Angelina Kharchenko

    Angelina Kharchenko3 months ago

    I subscribed

  111. chico gang 2

    chico gang 23 months ago

    Did he fart at 3:37?

  112. Liam Evans

    Liam EvansMonth ago

    Haha funny hehe

  113. Huong Co

    Huong Co3 months ago



    ØPOLLO GAMING3 months ago



    ØPOLLO GAMING3 months ago

    iPhone 6

  116. Jade Baby

    Jade Baby3 months ago

    Gonna be real awkward when he finds a body

  117. art is my name

    art is my name2 months ago

    He cold help solve a crime case

  118. G O'DELL

    G O'DELL3 months ago

    Its gonna happen someday

  119. Евгения Бахмацкая

    Евгения Бахмацкая3 months ago


  120. Iris Roelofsen

    Iris Roelofsen3 months ago

    deze keer iris

  121. Alicia Nicole Olaes

    Alicia Nicole Olaes3 months ago

    you may have videos about your supplies or advice on 1st timer

  122. ChezzyBezzy 52

    ChezzyBezzy 523 months ago

    You should've used gloves you might of cut your hands and had to get a tetanus shot

  123. Yo fav Monicaa

    Yo fav Monicaa3 months ago

    That’s a iPhone 6

  124. djenna la youtubeuse

    djenna la youtubeuse3 months ago

    The iPhone 6s

  125. Mmmuyff Tihgtofsbvi

    Mmmuyff Tihgtofsbvi3 months ago

    cool but I'm scary sea

  126. Karina Arroyo

    Karina Arroyo3 months ago

    Ten8as para agarrar algunos pescados jaja

  127. İllegal Oyuncu TR

    İllegal Oyuncu TR3 months ago

    Orasu Trabzondaki pohlu dere deilmi usagum

  128. Martha Ospino

    Martha Ospino3 months ago

    Woody soy de colombia jajaja nadie sabe lo que digo puntos coman mierda ops

  129. Mr.bleach 69

    Mr.bleach 693 months ago


  130. Jens Michalke

    Jens Michalke3 months ago

    The white sunglasses are feom lv

  131. Lara Nicoleto Kano

    Lara Nicoleto Kano3 months ago


  132. Bitty Divinity

    Bitty Divinity3 months ago

    I phone 📱 6

  133. Rocky Aguilar

    Rocky Aguilar3 months ago