I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug4 months ago

    Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!

  2. Ling Thang

    Ling Thang7 days ago

    did ace family's dad came to your house faze rug?

  3. Kylie Ramirez

    Kylie Ramirez27 days ago

    Hi people😊

  4. Kasper ZERO

    Kasper ZEROMonth ago

    I liked the video because I am not scared of snakes

  5. Jazgul Bolokbaeva

    Jazgul Bolokbaeva2 months ago

    FaZe Кап

  6. Pravina Bhumbar

    Pravina Bhumbar2 months ago

    Not intersted

  7. Tahlia Millan-Henderson

    Tahlia Millan-Henderson43 minutes ago

    I love snakes I have touched a wild one but then it slithered away 😢😁

  8. Lovely DIY’s

    Lovely DIY’s55 minutes ago

    Why is Brian making me feel like he has fear of everything other than staying at his house ...lol

  9. Zaid Jan

    Zaid Jan4 hours ago

    Oh my gosh

  10. نور القمر

    نور القمر5 hours ago


  11. dida hassan hassan

    dida hassan hassan5 hours ago

    I can't put my noise around there

  12. Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar8 hours ago

    Indian snake rakhoo salee

  13. kyah key

    kyah key9 hours ago

    so happy to see my bestfriends playing and enjoying your pool❤

  14. z haws forever

    z haws forever9 hours ago

    My biggest fear are eyes

  15. yaya_ elya

    yaya_ elya10 hours ago

    I don't even know that snakes can poop😂

  16. Carlie Lattner

    Carlie Lattner12 hours ago

    I was scared of snakes once but they are just trying to protect themselves

  17. firegod 514

    firegod 51416 hours ago

    I threw up my piiza rolls you weren't kidding about what you said

  18. Best Kids

    Best Kids18 hours ago

    Wow...where that place ?

  19. Vic HoLic

    Vic HoLic20 hours ago

    They should have toss a pig in the pool

  20. JAY VIER

    JAY VIERDay ago

    .its ol cool tho



    ***😂😂🐍FANTASTIC*** 😋👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💧🌊

  22. Angelica .A

    Angelica .ADay ago

    They started putting the snakes in at 7:26 Thank me later

  23. Sheikh Tv

    Sheikh TvDay ago

    I love MrBeast 😍😍

  24. Melissa&Barnsie Reid

    Melissa&Barnsie ReidDay ago


  25. Bonnie The Bunny

    Bonnie The BunnyDay ago

    People have done what you done

  26. BrightEyeXI Gamer TV

    BrightEyeXI Gamer TVDay ago

    Turn on closed captions (CC) and go to 1:52. Look at what it says when he says how many likes.

  27. Alex Danger Bonilla

    Alex Danger BonillaDay ago

    Click bate

  28. Hi

    HiDay ago

    10:20 thank me later

  29. Aesthetic Vibess

    Aesthetic VibessDay ago

    Omg your so crazy!! 😱😰

  30. Lukas Duncan

    Lukas DuncanDay ago

    Rug rats are awsome!!!!!!!.

  31. Eric Craig

    Eric CraigDay ago

    My most biggest phobia I swear

  32. Esther Wanjiku

    Esther WanjikuDay ago

    Chinese staff


    WOLFY JAHDay ago

    Snake poop! Ewwwwww 😂

  34. missqueendiane

    missqueendianeDay ago

    There adorable

  35. Antonia sambrano

    Antonia sambranoDay ago

    I afraid of snakes

  36. Shweta Allam

    Shweta AllamDay ago

    You will always have the vision of snakes even when dey are gone ..how can you live with this

  37. Jessica Daniel

    Jessica DanielDay ago

    What if while shooting this video .. he would accidentally fell in the pool .. that would have been pretty fun to watch tho!!😂😂😂🔥

  38. Arbaz shaikh beast

    Arbaz shaikh beast2 days ago

    I love snakes 🐍


    MILAN URRIAGA2 days ago

    pinche cringo no te entiendo nada jajajaja😅😅😅😅😅😅

  40. Mia Ibarra

    Mia Ibarra2 days ago

    I’m just here watching all the videos cause he’s hot

  41. Jasmine Hoyte

    Jasmine Hoyte2 days ago

    I didn’t even know they poop

  42. Jasmine Hoyte

    Jasmine Hoyte2 days ago

    BRUH YOU WAY 115 IM FREAKING 135 AND IM 12 oh god what is my life doing

  43. •Elle O_O•

    •Elle O_O•2 days ago

    I have pet snakes.. mine are super chill. Haven’t even mistaken my hand for food after I pet my hamster. Even before I feed them!!! I love my snakes sooo much. Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes aRe personally my fav. Also if you looking for a snake, they are good beginner snakes! Please wash your hands before handling your snakes because not all snakes are like mine and they might bit your hands...

  44. shark fire

    shark fire2 days ago

    If I woke up an see that in my pool I would pass out

  45. Misty Taylor

    Misty Taylor2 days ago

    I have a pet snake

  46. Monica Brayboy

    Monica Brayboy2 days ago

    Dude freaky 🐍

  47. iDemi Rosewolf

    iDemi Rosewolf2 days ago

    Fill your pool with fish stingrays or sharks lol not sharks don't get yourself killed

  48. Silly Hedgehog

    Silly Hedgehog2 days ago

    Awwww snakes are sooo cute❤️❤️

  49. RobloxGirl

    RobloxGirl2 days ago

    Ok what happened to mike like u have to visit him like does anyone remember mike

  50. Manuela Grâce

    Manuela Grâce2 days ago

    OMG 😱

  51. Josh The GAMER

    Josh The GAMER3 days ago

    J is in guava juices vids

  52. Jeremy Bailey

    Jeremy Bailey3 days ago

    That wasn't even gross and the snakes were pretty cute

  53. Cole Hattersley

    Cole Hattersley3 days ago

    I've got a snake

  54. Cole Hattersley

    Cole Hattersley3 days ago

    My snakes a ball python

  55. Rahul Dagar

    Rahul Dagar3 days ago

    A neew jake paul is in making.!!

  56. Pavel Kyncl

    Pavel Kyncl3 days ago

    Fakt jo a myš udělej další

  57. Pavel Kyncl

    Pavel Kyncl3 days ago

    F*** You and I

  58. jungsaea fiona

    jungsaea fiona3 days ago

    I think u guys are rich right?

  59. Mostafa kamal

    Mostafa kamal3 days ago

    any bangladesh here

  60. cleopatra garcia

    cleopatra garcia3 days ago

    I Love snakes😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 i have one

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    BEATER PAN3 days ago

    Are you stupid

  63. Illeana Sandoval

    Illeana Sandoval3 days ago

    This looked cool but seemed very scary but interesting 🤩❤️💕👌

  64. Jenn McGrew

    Jenn McGrew3 days ago

    I have 2 ball pythons



    I already subscribed to jay😄❤️

  66. Skura Reiza

    Skura Reiza3 days ago

    I was eating..

  67. Alexcia Hummell

    Alexcia Hummell3 days ago

    Where is mike

  68. helloo th

    helloo th3 days ago

    I cringed

  69. Neni Restiani

    Neni Restiani3 days ago

    apa itu bahasa apa anjing goblog

  70. Amore McCloud-Neck

    Amore McCloud-Neck3 days ago

    Do they have teeth

  71. Michael bull

    Michael bull3 days ago

    Omg! Snakes are so cute

  72. Grace Gooch

    Grace Gooch3 days ago

    Rug rats

  73. Queen Theprankster

    Queen Theprankster3 days ago


  74. Queen Theprankster

    Queen Theprankster3 days ago


  75. dead shook

    dead shook3 days ago

    They poopin they hatin

  76. dead shook

    dead shook3 days ago

    Well snakes are cool

  77. Jessie Mackenzie Jessie

    Jessie Mackenzie Jessie3 days ago

    When you showed the poop of the snake I was eating goldfish

  78. LucasBrockmeyer 21

    LucasBrockmeyer 213 days ago

    I subscribed and liked the video

  79. Jean Carlos Perez Muñoz

    Jean Carlos Perez Muñoz3 days ago

    you. crazy

  80. Jackson Means

    Jackson Means3 days ago

    your crazy

  81. Dat Anime Boi

    Dat Anime Boi3 days ago

    I still eat when the snake is pooping u know wtf i do? I uekkkkkkk like 2 hour ish


    PAYTON BOLWERK3 days ago

    The part where the snake was popping was gross


    PAYTON BOLWERK4 days ago



    PAYTON BOLWERK4 days ago


  85. happy muslim

    happy muslim4 days ago

    next time do hippos

  86. Wolfe 60234

    Wolfe 602344 days ago


  87. Alias Kitty

    Alias Kitty4 days ago

    Such beautiful creatures I love snakes! 💓😍💓

  88. Pragadeesh Don

    Pragadeesh Don4 days ago

    R U Mad Lol😀

  89. cham cham

    cham cham4 days ago

    pls subscribe to my channel and i sub back 👍🏻

  90. Starryking

    Starryking4 days ago

    Beautiful creatures. :0 I love the colors and they look so majestic when swimming.

  91. ProGamer211

    ProGamer2114 days ago

    I don't know why I'm here even though I hate snake cause they gave me goose bumps

  92. Mates Pátek

    Mates Pátek4 days ago

    I love them snakes🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  93. MunkeyAssass1n5

    MunkeyAssass1n54 days ago

    I filled my pool with air **Petrified**

  94. Edward Christon

    Edward Christon4 days ago

    Itu sa yang kasih koi

  95. Noor Rasheed

    Noor Rasheed4 days ago

    *sees poop wile eats food and throws up with the food *>~

  96. Arreon Loman

    Arreon Loman4 days ago

    Can you send me a snak

  97. Arreon Loman

    Arreon Loman4 days ago

    You is the best friend

  98. Evan Whipple Whipple

    Evan Whipple Whipple4 days ago


  99. Yeimy Diaz

    Yeimy Diaz4 days ago


  100. E ZoTac

    E ZoTac4 days ago

    Dang only if the titanobowa was around still

  101. NeuroToxic

    NeuroToxic4 days ago

    I like snakes

  102. Shaantha Perumal

    Shaantha Perumal4 days ago

    I think u born with snakes..ha ha ha😆 pls replied if true

  103. Bangaliana

    Bangaliana5 days ago

    Excellent Video

  104. Bubang Pelayo

    Bubang Pelayo5 days ago

    Those are not giant snake dude. It's better you'll put Anacondas

  105. Faith Castillo

    Faith Castillo5 days ago

    awesome 💓😂

  106. ilya ryabinin

    ilya ryabinin5 days ago