I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug2 months ago

    Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!

  2. Jazgul Bolokbaeva

    Jazgul Bolokbaeva2 days ago

    FaZe Кап

  3. Pravina Bhumbar

    Pravina Bhumbar7 days ago

    Not intersted

  4. Lisa Bowmast

    Lisa Bowmast11 days ago

    Your so clingy dick

  5. Autumn Dalton

    Autumn Dalton16 days ago

    FaZe Rug I think 01 yeah you’re here let’s video video you do you should should should do you do a challenge

  6. Mohd Umar

    Mohd Umar21 day ago


  7. Carlla Bayer

    Carlla BayerHour ago

    To much talking.

  8. paula shockey

    paula shockeyHour ago

    I poocked after I saw the pop

  9. WYLDE CAT10

    WYLDE CAT10Hour ago

    Rug I was going to say put the snakes in the pool like you did with out your brother knowing and told him let’s go swimming for a video and got his reaction or when he came out in this video to see the snakes asked him about it you only showed your brother for a sec and I know he is scared of snakes iam to but I’ve actually held a snake before



    She is sexy

  11. Joswel Tyrngai

    Joswel Tyrngai3 hours ago

    me indian

  12. Melanie Ops

    Melanie Ops4 hours ago

    Snakes don't wanna be in there... God this guy taking "care" of the snakes is a prick

  13. Ma Ma

    Ma Ma5 hours ago


  14. Gaary Lee

    Gaary Lee6 hours ago

    Not right

  15. Connor Mack

    Connor Mack8 hours ago


  16. Daisy Jones

    Daisy Jones9 hours ago

    You are so crazy I am terrifed of snakes!!!!!

  17. Rudy Velasquez

    Rudy Velasquez11 hours ago

    same biggest fear

  18. BigDinoBuilder

    BigDinoBuilder11 hours ago

    Put one of these in brandon's room without him knowing

  19. Joaquim _Vlog android

    Joaquim _Vlog android12 hours ago

    Que doido

  20. Hadi Hachem

    Hadi Hachem13 hours ago


  21. Line Tarabay

    Line Tarabay13 hours ago


  22. Gregory Carter

    Gregory Carter15 hours ago

    My worst nightmare

  23. Eclipse The Butterfly Dragon

    Eclipse The Butterfly Dragon15 hours ago

    I'm scared of snakes but I feel more comfortable now that I like to watch them

  24. Roxan Banhao

    Roxan Banhao17 hours ago

    Gossssh super scary

  25. Rajat kumar

    Rajat kumar17 hours ago

    Are u mad

  26. InfiresYouths Entertainment

    InfiresYouths Entertainment17 hours ago

    I see MReporter has gave birth to another (unfotunate) kind of stupid

  27. Gale Osmanovic

    Gale Osmanovic17 hours ago


  28. Gutterspeaker ?

    Gutterspeaker ?18 hours ago

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  29. Vinnie Anna TJ

    Vinnie Anna TJ19 hours ago

    Omg We should put this in pool and let my ex dive there.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. ali Tasman

    ali Tasman19 hours ago


  31. ali Tasman

    ali Tasman19 hours ago


  32. Adriana Aylward

    Adriana Aylward20 hours ago

    Like and comment this comment if you think that Jay kinda looks like Mike

  33. XYngxSharnaixYngx tv

    XYngxSharnaixYngx tv20 hours ago

    I actually can not believe what I am seeing like bruhhhhh these snakes are horrific like I am scarweddddddd it’s cool but really dangerous and Harlf of them are bundled on the pool steps 😂😂😂but the man that brought the snakes to his house decided to swim with THEM that’s crazyyyyyyy !!!

  34. Gian Eldrick Reclosado

    Gian Eldrick Reclosado23 hours ago

    wow he really supports youtubers when it comes to reptile video..last time i saw him at a Guava Juice video...

  35. Clarence Espiritu

    Clarence EspirituDay ago


  36. Pinky Chetri

    Pinky ChetriDay ago

    wow nice

  37. Hayagreeva Srinivasa

    Hayagreeva SrinivasaDay ago


  38. Liam Williams

    Liam WilliamsDay ago


  39. L doubel L luna lala

    L doubel L luna lalaDay ago


  40. MrRanDUMB StrongIsland

    MrRanDUMB StrongIslandDay ago

    THAT SNAKE PEELED OFF😂😂😂😂😂😂🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄

  41. Kara Armstrong

    Kara ArmstrongDay ago


  42. Talitha Carter

    Talitha CarterDay ago


  43. Dani The Inkling

    Dani The InklingDay ago

    They are so cute

  44. Dani The Inkling

    Dani The InklingDay ago

    Animal abuse

  45. Zaire Whitaker

    Zaire WhitakerDay ago

    I would cry

  46. Andrew Buendia

    Andrew BuendiaDay ago

    Rug rat

  47. 577

    577Day ago

    Snakes are friends. Not entertainment

  48. Basava Patil

    Basava PatilDay ago

    She probably paid to do that.

  49. sakura Mojemato

    sakura MojematoDay ago

    Your talking to much. Just put the snake on the pool. And let them bite you .. lol.. crazy..!

  50. maymay escalante

    maymay escalanteDay ago

    Gosh.! So scary😨

  51. titan boy

    titan boyDay ago

    so danger

  52. Op Po

    Op PoDay ago


  53. Sushma Vishwakarma

    Sushma Vishwakarma2 days ago


  54. Darmanto Darman

    Darmanto Darman2 days ago

    YOU crezy


    IBRAHIM ISMAIL2 days ago

    Why you do like that??????😡

  56. Mike Obinna

    Mike Obinna2 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this family is crazy

  57. Daniel Pita

    Daniel Pita2 days ago

    So this is done for entertainment??? What the hell??!!

  58. Minx.BloodBrink

    Minx.BloodBrink2 days ago

    And he doesn’t have a phobia he may be scared but doesn’t have a phobia

  59. Robin Dupuis

    Robin Dupuis2 days ago

    Dude! 115 pounds!

  60. Muhammad Muhammad

    Muhammad Muhammad2 days ago


  61. Tlana Hrahsel

    Tlana Hrahsel2 days ago

    hot guest

  62. Rim Lobna

    Rim Lobna2 days ago

    L9lAwi la

  63. చింతల చెను హీరోస్

    చింతల చెను హీరోస్2 days ago

    Very bad

  64. Rody __

    Rody __3 days ago

    Can't find the point of this video!

  65. Shadin Shadin

    Shadin Shadin3 days ago

    Are you a mantal

  66. Live Live

    Live Live3 days ago

    This is just cringe worthy to watch. I feel bad for the snakes.

  67. Cupcake01621

    Cupcake016213 days ago

    u swam in snake poop

  68. maple goldentail

    maple goldentail3 days ago

    Those Snakes are so cute!!


    ATE CHANNEL TV3 days ago


  70. Zak_ Skates

    Zak_ Skates3 days ago

    There just ball pythons ther very friendly

  71. AceAarc

    AceAarc3 days ago

    The poop....

  72. red_ undermask

    red_ undermask3 days ago


  73. red_ undermask

    red_ undermask3 days ago

    10:29 so gross

  74. Brenda Spoon

    Brenda Spoon3 days ago

    If they were hungry. And u walked upon them. With ur respect?? They would respect you?? Oh its respect... Oh..

  75. Brenda Spoon

    Brenda Spoon3 days ago

    They love the Snakes!! Wonder why?? Its in there DNA. We can beleive it. Stupid!!

  76. Bere Martinez

    Bere Martinez3 days ago

    Esta muy chido

  77. alarnds aljarih

    alarnds aljarih3 days ago

    أجانب اشتركوا بقناتي وشكرا ههههههه

  78. امير با خلاقي

    امير با خلاقي3 days ago

    الي عرب يطكني بلايك

  79. Queen Peridot Alysha

    Queen Peridot Alysha3 days ago

    I don't think those snakes are a fan of water

  80. Laura Jaimes

    Laura Jaimes3 days ago

    Wtf 😱😱

  81. Bartek Anrokiwski

    Bartek Anrokiwski3 days ago

    Masz dużo węży

  82. saba akram

    saba akram3 days ago

    This guy is jay he also work with guava juice

  83. Saif Ali

    Saif Ali3 days ago

    omg don't try this at home 😂😂😎😎

  84. jolaade jumaynah

    jolaade jumaynah3 days ago

    I hate snakes .... HATE!!!!

  85. Jackie Moh

    Jackie Moh4 days ago

    He talks too much who agree

  86. Đức Thắng TiVi

    Đức Thắng TiVi4 days ago

    Nhìn ghê ghê😂

  87. Suhana Barnwal

    Suhana Barnwal4 days ago

    It's so fear....... otherwise awsm yrr....


    SAJNA SALIM4 days ago

    😷😷😷😷pls plsss don't play with them .those snakes are too scary

  89. sarah ward

    sarah ward4 days ago

    I don't like rug

  90. sarah ward

    sarah ward4 days ago

    No pythons are the biggest snake

  91. Celine y

    Celine y4 days ago

    Whats wrong with you. Poor snakes

  92. Ellison Kilian (Student)

    Ellison Kilian (Student)4 days ago

    Love you

  93. SkyFlow Original

    SkyFlow Original4 days ago

    I had a big yellow Burmese like that , if you handle them everyday they will eventually get very tame, nice to see your dad enjoying the experience

  94. Samadrita Mukherjee

    Samadrita Mukherjee4 days ago

    I cant belive...its awsome..

  95. Agus Supri

    Agus Supri4 days ago

    Cok ae gewe dene

  96. Madiha Ahmed

    Madiha Ahmed4 days ago

    Can you tell Why did you do this? I mean what's the reason? I don't get the point of the video

  97. siddhartha majumder

    siddhartha majumder5 days ago

    Stop torturing these creatures u fools..they did not come to disturb you but u guys making their lives miserable....

  98. priyanka pandey

    priyanka pandey5 days ago

    U r so cute

  99. Aphlyne Rayne

    Aphlyne Rayne5 days ago

    Snake is not a toy

  100. ORIGINALDOGMAN John Castro

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  101. ORIGINALDOGMAN John Castro

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