I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug14 days ago

    Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!

  2. Brent Frauens

    Brent Frauens7 days ago

    FaZe Rug can u please sub to my channel Brent Frauens

  3. Grand DestroyerYT

    Grand DestroyerYT11 days ago

    FaZe Rug i like cute noodles

  4. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric Rodriguez12 days ago

    FaZe Rug i. love your vids keep it up

  5. AllRoundQueen 1632

    AllRoundQueen 163213 days ago


  6. AllRoundQueen 1632

    AllRoundQueen 163213 days ago


  7. Glide out

    Glide out3 hours ago

    The poo is disgusting

  8. PVP

    PVP4 hours ago

    I disliked because I thought Erika Costell would be in the pool

  9. Reaction FAM!

    Reaction FAM!4 hours ago

    6:38 why with the pits!!!!!

  10. Sowah Joseph

    Sowah Joseph5 hours ago

    u scared Hihihi

  11. Ndlovukazi 263

    Ndlovukazi 2636 hours ago

    How the hell did i get here🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  12. Seabunny101 Paredes

    Seabunny101 Paredes8 hours ago

    RUG RATS!!!

  13. hi bye

    hi bye8 hours ago

    sNaKeS r HoT

  14. Lisa Calhoun

    Lisa Calhoun11 hours ago

    I LOVEeE SSNAKES! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  15. The Starboy

    The Starboy12 hours ago

    I call these Domestic snakes

  16. Josephine Selealis

    Josephine Selealis14 hours ago

    Your cute when your scared

  17. Panapasa Vunituraga

    Panapasa Vunituraga15 hours ago

    I was just eating my favorite chocolate and I thought the snake pooping was not bad and then I was just like " I am not eating that was just annoying 😝😝😝😲😲

  18. Lashyn Ahmad

    Lashyn Ahmad16 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says oh my god

  19. Smalljet21 Playz

    Smalljet21 Playz16 hours ago

    Don’t watch the poop

  20. Nani Aloha

    Nani Aloha16 hours ago

    Jay and your dad were BOLD ! Going to check out Jays channel too 😀😮😁🙋‍♀️

  21. Nani Aloha

    Nani Aloha17 hours ago

    Wow! Those snakes are huge! Thank u for sharing! Love your parents. Your mom & dad are precious parents. Your blessed! 🙏😇👍🏻😁😲🧐

  22. yvonne wanjiru

    yvonne wanjiru17 hours ago


  23. Noah Mayle

    Noah Mayle19 hours ago


  24. Vegeta Uchiha

    Vegeta Uchiha19 hours ago

    Sorry but uh I cant like the vid because I love snakes but I’ll do it anyway

  25. Paki Monu

    Paki Monu20 hours ago


  26. Bryan Flores

    Bryan Flores20 hours ago

    Who else saw the poop? 😂

  27. Kht Vines

    Kht Vines21 hour ago

    Any indian here 😘😘😘

  28. Sydonie Allen

    Sydonie Allen21 hour ago

    Fuck those are big

  29. William Argueta

    William Argueta21 hour ago

    No your actual fear is losing all your fans

  30. Brayden Swiftwolfe

    Brayden Swiftwolfe22 hours ago

    That’s so gross that poop tho 🤢🤮

  31. Haiqal Farhan

    Haiqal Farhan23 hours ago

    Thanks for the heads up ... I was eating while watching ...

  32. Alan Pena

    Alan Pena23 hours ago

    The only shocking moment I saw was when PapaRug got in the pool with his sneakers 👟 on .

  33. Tess Massey

    Tess MasseyDay ago

    Trust me snake poop smells worse than it looks. By a longshot

  34. Owan Poovey

    Owan PooveyDay ago

    The dudesons did this rug

  35. XxtindarealXx .-.

    XxtindarealXx .-.Day ago

    XD those snakes don’t bite like if u agree

  36. 6ix7even 4our2wenty

    6ix7even 4our2wentyDay ago

    “ I filled my swimming pool with giant snakes” there’s like maybe like 10 snakes tf “filled” 🤣

  37. Kubiz

    KubizDay ago

    I love this keep it , don’t give up and they someone had done it before.

  38. Falul Khurshidov

    Falul KhurshidovDay ago

    Like the video but you don't want to kill your self...

  39. Ella Dyer

    Ella DyerDay ago

    Didn't realize u almost had 10 mil subs lol

  40. Ella Dyer

    Ella DyerDay ago

    The snake looked like it was having Diareah Lol

  41. Ella Dyer

    Ella DyerDay ago

    Naw, I love snakes

  42. AJ fame 26

    AJ fame 26Day ago

    Do snakes and sharks in a pool and crooks

  43. Elizabeth Arias

    Elizabeth AriasDay ago


  44. Brett Coughlin

    Brett CoughlinDay ago

    No way he actually wheighs 115 lol😂

  45. I know You Idk

    I know You IdkDay ago

    And i thought mr beast was crazy

  46. Isabella Ontiveros

    Isabella OntiverosDay ago

    I like snakes

  47. XXX Liban//RA**

    XXX Liban//RA**Day ago

    Really that was a snake pooping😂😂


    JAYHOOPER177 XBOXDay ago

    Rugrats are the littest team

  49. Redneck Boiii

    Redneck BoiiiDay ago

    Boiii I am about to roast you the dudsons and a thousand more have done this already get roasted

  50. No name

    No nameDay ago

    Rug rat

  51. Simply

    SimplyDay ago

    Faze clan posted basically the whole video on Snapchat today

  52. Sauce Gaming

    Sauce GamingDay ago

    The dudesons did this a year ago

  53. azerdoTV

    azerdoTVDay ago

    Daym that snakes got a fat ass👀👅

  54. Flor Hernandez

    Flor HernandezDay ago

    i should've listened to that warning 😖

  55. ethyn bro101

    ethyn bro101Day ago

    So do I dislike:/

  56. ethyn bro101

    ethyn bro101Day ago

    I love snakes and all reptiles

  57. Faris Shammari

    Faris ShammariDay ago

    Guys we have to beat the like button

  58. Ice cold gaming

    Ice cold gamingDay ago

    They're so cute

  59. NyT

    NyTDay ago

    Pointless fucking video and yo content is useless af and childish. Fucking trash

  60. SoNNi BoI

    SoNNi BoIDay ago


  61. Global freekyness with Kobe coolness

    Global freekyness with Kobe coolnessDay ago

    Play bo4 like if you agree

  62. kk123 kitty

    kk123 kittyDay ago

    wнaт тнe ғυcĸ jυѕт happend

  63. Johannah Pocaigue

    Johannah PocaigueDay ago

    I actually am not terrified of snakes that much. If you’re nice to em’, then they’re nice to you!😌

  64. Lynn-Mari Fourie

    Lynn-Mari FourieDay ago

    Jake paul did it but your video was still lit

  65. DZNX

    DZNXDay ago

    I like reptiles

  66. Cristian Ismael Hernandez

    Cristian Ismael HernandezDay ago

    It was so gross

  67. AbbyAvocados

    AbbyAvocadosDay ago

    You should have given the, more things to grab onto and anchor on, they can get stressed and scared without it. Also the way the handler dragged them across the ground made me so sad for them. Also just the way they were dragged and pulled by their tails in the water, it could hurt them or tire them out, just watching out for the snakes here :)

  68. Tasha L

    Tasha LDay ago

    Snakes are adorable i have always loved them since a young age.

  69. b Nelson

    b NelsonDay ago

    My name is Ana

  70. Adolf Fishler

    Adolf FishlerDay ago

    am i the only one that like gets scared of mice but like i have a tarantula pet and i let it crawl on me

  71. Michael Pemberton

    Michael PembertonDay ago

    How are u in faze if u don’t game😭😭 Apex retarded

  72. Abracadbra Magicser

    Abracadbra MagicserDay ago

    Oh so there's Nicki Minajyyy with the anaconda on the pool?

  73. Tide Pod

    Tide PodDay ago

    Alligators and Snakes

  74. Dominiqua Jones

    Dominiqua JonesDay ago

    Faz jay went to ace family Guava juice

  75. KittyOMG the kitten

    KittyOMG the kittenDay ago


  76. Melissa Ceron

    Melissa CeronDay ago

    Lmao 😂

  77. Magnificent 26

    Magnificent 26Day ago

    I think they are kind of cute. I've never been bit or close to one without glass in front of it but they look cute in the video 😂

  78. Cecilia Leyva-Cordova

    Cecilia Leyva-CordovaDay ago

    Do sharks

  79. Eriel Armendariz

    Eriel ArmendarizDay ago

    I love snakes is my favorite thing in the woooooorrrrrrlllllllldddddd

  80. Philip Clark

    Philip ClarkDay ago

    EVERYONE please take note there is NO CHLORINE in this pool. DO NOT COPY THIS if YOUR pool has chlorine in it!!!!

  81. Mrkiller playz

    Mrkiller playzDay ago

    Lol 10:20

  82. Timmy Benoit

    Timmy BenoitDay ago

    I'm good no thanks

  83. The Brothers

    The BrothersDay ago

    I hate snakes I only watch this video because I'm a rugrat and the rugrat army are unbeatable and I want let the rugrats down

  84. Adr'N Games

    Adr'N GamesDay ago

    When I first looked at the thumb nail I thought your pool was filled with bananas 🍌 😂

  85. Jayden Webb

    Jayden Webb2 days ago

    He called her babe

  86. Mudge the Cat

    Mudge the Cat2 days ago


  87. Riley B

    Riley B2 days ago

    I'm happy I'm not the only one scared of snakes

  88. Makiyah Marlowe

    Makiyah Marlowe2 days ago

    I was scared watching this 😭💯

  89. swampserpent

    swampserpent2 days ago

    i hate that you prank your parents like this. shame on you

  90. Miranda Garcia

    Miranda Garcia2 days ago

    He weighs 115 pounds ?😂

  91. Kim Coronel

    Kim Coronel2 days ago

    I was eating chips and saw lol

  92. Lindsey Graham

    Lindsey Graham2 days ago

    115?!!? rly underweight bro

  93. Braxton Ainsworth

    Braxton Ainsworth2 days ago

    I was eating

  94. Gabriella Malizia

    Gabriella Malizia2 days ago

    Snakes are cute tho

  95. That Random Channel You Know

    That Random Channel You Know2 days ago

    People are freaking about the poop but I'm here like, "meh" bc I've seen my snake do it plenty of times

  96. mullin kids

    mullin kids2 days ago

    That I dont think it has been done before Cringe Alert. may be alarming to most users 5 mill on MReporter in 6 months never done before Are you dead yet? Probably

  97. kaleb meyer

    kaleb meyer2 days ago

    Bro you weigh 115 pounds... that’s very unhealthy my man

  98. The Unicorn Loving Nobody

    The Unicorn Loving Nobody2 days ago

    Ur crazy bro

  99. Shaina Hawkins

    Shaina Hawkins2 days ago

    This is kinda animal abuse :(

  100. Matu Video's

    Matu Video's2 days ago

    Only I like fazerug and brawdis got prannk by me

  101. Matu Video's

    Matu Video's2 days ago

    Fuck brawdis

  102. Jaime Estrada

    Jaime Estrada2 days ago

    10:29 that snake just lost its anal virginity

  103. KING AL3X 123

    KING AL3X 1232 days ago

    Fill up your pool with sharks ... like for rug can see

  104. Charles Key

    Charles Key2 days ago

    I hate hate hate snake bro so what the hell are you thinking then.

  105. Lydia M

    Lydia M2 days ago

    I love snakes!!! I have a pet ball python😁💕