I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late


  1. Katriz86

    Katriz86Hour ago

    This was a beautiful video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Jess d

    Jess dHour ago

    This is so sweet. I talk to my mom all of the time and feel like I can tell her anything..but I never get super deep with her. I think I’ll sit and ask her these 11 questions, too 😊

  3. Brittney s

    Brittney s3 hours ago

    so where’s the gofundme @

  4. megha tuladhar

    megha tuladhar3 hours ago

    We appreciate your mom Kane!

  5. Edna Gregorio

    Edna Gregorio3 hours ago

    The strength and resiliency of immigrant mothers has no limit. ♥️

  6. nshaw16

    nshaw164 hours ago

    This made me cry so much! She has so much wisdom. Happiness is close and love is in everything, so true!

  7. Alice Blankenship

    Alice Blankenship4 hours ago

    What an AMAZING woman and mother!!!

  8. godstyle01

    godstyle014 hours ago

    This video got me in tears. WOOOOWWWW!!!

  9. spsaunde

    spsaunde4 hours ago

    This downright a simple, yet profound conversation. It shows that we something over think things when our parents look at the most simple things to find fulfillment. Love is seeing those plants she planted bloom. Love is taking care of her family. We need to really go back to the basic....That's the highlight for me.

  10. Kate Smith

    Kate Smith4 hours ago

    Ok please make a video of you taking your mom to China!!

  11. Stiletto Mafiosa

    Stiletto Mafiosa5 hours ago

    Send your mom to Trinidad and Tobago next year. We are known as the happiest people on the planet. Maybe even during the carnival time.

  12. Alexis Mundle

    Alexis Mundle5 hours ago

    HELP! I"M DROWNING..... in a sea of tears

  13. Adri Lopez

    Adri Lopez5 hours ago

    Buzzfeed , y’all should do a video where it’s “is it cheaper to have ur own car for a month or to Uber for a month?”

  14. Chris Laib

    Chris Laib5 hours ago

  15. Lap Nguyen

    Lap Nguyen6 hours ago

    Is she Viet Cantonese? Cause I’m pretty sure she’s not speaking Viet lmao

  16. Nicole Vojtov

    Nicole Vojtov6 hours ago

    this made me cry, beautiful video ❤️

  17. John ny

    John ny6 hours ago

    nice video. that tea into the left overs had me sad. give a extra hug to your mom for me! many blessings!

  18. Yana

    Yana6 hours ago

    Only love.

  19. Mahmoud Nadi

    Mahmoud Nadi7 hours ago

    Lol falling in love was so simple for them. So complicated now.

  20. Miss Valarie J

    Miss Valarie J7 hours ago

    This legit made me cry. As mothers we sacrifice so much to make sure our children never go without. They will never truly know our struggles. The smile on their little faces always make the sacrifices worth it.

  21. archiwill

    archiwill7 hours ago

    Buzzfeed - lets see a video with Kane and his mom travelling to China!

  22. Alexis Garcia

    Alexis Garcia7 hours ago

    Buzzfeed needs to fund a trip to china for your mother and father, it could be a video. But really just to give these wonderful people something so beautiful. The part about everything having happiness and love in it made me teary eyed, it is true, there is happiness everywhere and all we have to do is open our eyes and see it.

  23. candygirls443 Roblox

    candygirls443 Roblox7 hours ago

    Cantonese anyone? ;)

  24. Stonefist9

    Stonefist97 hours ago

    Your mom might be awesome... but my parents got divorced and i don't live with her! my life is so much better.

  25. Dorinda George

    Dorinda George7 hours ago

    Just imagine a world that thought like this! Would it be in the state it is? I don’t think so. I cried watching this woman talk about her past, her husband, and her children, this was just something I know he will someday be glad he did with his mother! I love it! Do more with these two @BUZZFEED PLEASE?!!?!

  26. Syndi Griner-Owens

    Syndi Griner-Owens7 hours ago

    Please take your Parents to China!!! Also I wish I could have had a conversation like this with my mom, she passed away last December.

  27. Basharat Khan

    Basharat Khan7 hours ago

    9:24 sometie i wa dur turtur

  28. Cindy Carolin

    Cindy Carolin7 hours ago

    Sooooo are we making a gofundme page to send Kane's mom to china?????!!

  29. vlogger kid 21

    vlogger kid 217 hours ago

    This video really makes me think about life

  30. HLB512

    HLB5127 hours ago

    Your mom seems awesome.

  31. fannabelle101

    fannabelle1018 hours ago

    She seems so sweet but this gave me so many questions. If she did not have money why did she have children at that particular moment? and why did she move from her home country?

  32. Unknown Queen

    Unknown Queen8 hours ago

    Aww she’s such a sweetheart bless her!!

  33. Quynh Le

    Quynh Le8 hours ago

    what the foreign language did his mom speak? Cantonese? Vietnamese? Chinese?

  34. Sharlene Cassius

    Sharlene Cassius9 hours ago

    Your mom is super inspiring. That part about happiness was deep.

  35. Yung HouseFly

    Yung HouseFly9 hours ago

    damn i wish my mom was like that

  36. SP S

    SP S9 hours ago

    Love her.

  37. lovelychi

    lovelychi9 hours ago

    this was so beautiful!!!!

  38. Makenna Horne

    Makenna Horne9 hours ago

    I am literally crying from this video

  39. KH Boon

    KH Boon10 hours ago

    Bring you mom for a vacation abroad!! We all will be more than happy to see that!!

  40. ColouredPixels

    ColouredPixels10 hours ago

    why that neck tattoo tho!!! >.< i get that its his choice, his body. dont h8

  41. visulator

    visulator11 hours ago

    make love

  42. bethslife

    bethslife11 hours ago

    I love your mum and you! My mum ran away from the Vietnam war too and went to Hong Kong camp and then chose England. My other family chose America. So we’re all split up. Your mum is such an inspiration xxx

  43. Lynette'sBeautySpot

    Lynette'sBeautySpot11 hours ago

    What a beautiful soul xxxxx

  44. Silvina Villalobos

    Silvina Villalobos11 hours ago

    I actually started crying when she was giving advice on how to stay happy. She’s absolutely right about not focusing on giant things to make you happy but focusing on the small everyday stuff.

  45. Tina K.

    Tina K.11 hours ago

    Bawling right now. Dunno why but she spoke directly to me. She said you don't catch what's far away. You catch close. See? My mom's only a 1/2 mi away n I miss her now. I'm not brave enough to ask intimate questions bc i know we'll end up fighting. You're very lucky to have this kind of relationship with your mother Kane.

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  47. Imperia Kwan

    Imperia Kwan12 hours ago

    I’m confused, his mom is from Vietnam and has Vietnam accent, but then she is speaking cantonese😯😯 do Vietnamese from the older generation speaks cantonese?

  48. TurtleBryan

    TurtleBryan12 hours ago

    Cantonese 😯

  49. Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith12 hours ago

    This made me tear up so much. Having being raised by my grandparents that survived the Khmer Rouge. I remember them showing my siblings and I the movie “The Killing Fields” and even breaking down during the movie. Even though I can’t relate to how they both felt in that time I am very thankful that they’re here. This video has made me appreciate everything 10x more

  50. Riley LieuwOn

    Riley LieuwOn13 hours ago

    i love her

  51. Riley LieuwOn

    Riley LieuwOn13 hours ago

    the music and her life just wanna make me sad and cry😢

  52. Lauren Pham

    Lauren Pham14 hours ago

    I love his mom so much! She is so sweet!

  53. C L

    C L14 hours ago

    What an amazing woman... just goes to show you don’t need lots of money to be happy.

  54. susanne grytten

    susanne grytten15 hours ago

  55. Rohan Alviar

    Rohan Alviar15 hours ago

    I wish I had nice parents. This made me cry

  56. Milly Sseb

    Milly Sseb16 hours ago

    Wow. I love your mother. Please take her to China..

  57. PMSAvenger1

    PMSAvenger116 hours ago

    I think Kane is a fantastic person for asking his mother about her history. Many people never think to do this and they have regrets. A sweet lady makes a sweet son.

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  60. Maria M

    Maria M17 hours ago

    Love this video! Your mama is a beautiful, wise, humble and happy woman.

  61. Arshiya Bardhan

    Arshiya Bardhan17 hours ago

    Your mom is sooo adorableee!!!!!....i wish i could get a hug from her

  62. yennhi vo

    yennhi vo17 hours ago

    She talks like Hoa people in Saigon ☺️ is she?

  63. Dior diva

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    ❤❤❤❤ *Your parents are the sweetest*

  64. Leen the Swagrrr gurl

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    Kane ur mom is so funny

  65. aàrìa bàbyyy.

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    She's gorgeous 😻😻😻😻 awwh god bless xx

  66. Lucas Pelletier

    Lucas Pelletier18 hours ago

    Wow i never expected to cry from a BuzzFeed's video. When she started to talk about happiness it hit me so deeply. She have, without a doubt, reached enlightenment and she deserves to go on a trip everywhere she wants.

  67. Jessey Hayashi

    Jessey Hayashi18 hours ago

    Kane this was beautiful, thank you!

  68. Janice ZHANG

    Janice ZHANG19 hours ago

    I'm not Vietnam but I understand them

  69. munchkinartist

    munchkinartist21 hour ago

    As a child I was quite sheltered but as an adult I've gotten really close with my mom and we've had some really deep talks. She went through so much growing up but she never let it control her life. She's grown so far from what she endured and she did everything in her power to make sure mine and my sister's lives are easy and full of opportunities. I respect her and love her so much.

  70. George Chapman

    George Chapman21 hour ago

    Bruhhhh can ur mom be my therapist she really knows the true value of life and is living it the best way as possible

  71. Kathrin Mars

    Kathrin Mars21 hour ago

    Your mom is so wise and so amazing and sweet! You and your mom makes me think better a few things that need to change about my life and the way i see it and my relationship with my parents. This video came to me in the perfect timing... it open my mind and heart. I´m sure if i lose my way i´ll comeback to see this video and think all twice again. Thank yo so much!!

  72. Katrina Jimenez

    Katrina Jimenez21 hour ago

    Quality content

  73. ItsDaniah

    ItsDaniah21 hour ago

    This made me tear up, she really knows the true meaning of happiness, the smallest thing make her happy, she doesn’t need money or something big to make her happy. Her family and friends are enough for her, that’s so sweet.

  74. rachelwulala

    rachelwulala21 hour ago

    please bring your mom to China!!! yayyyyy!

  75. xJenny

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    So cute!!!

  76. Mythical Psycho

    Mythical Psycho22 hours ago

    I’m Vietnamese!

  77. David Y

    David Y23 hours ago

    Is your mom from Vietnam? shes speaking Cantonese?

  78. Cort cat

    Cort cat23 hours ago

    THIS! This is what we need more of on the internet.

  79. tomorrow1today

    tomorrow1today23 hours ago

    Hey can anyone explain me, why she is Chinese but has never been to china?

  80. Matt F

    Matt F23 hours ago

    This is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  81. Elmo273

    Elmo273Day ago

    Someone set up a GoFundMe for her to go to China or retirement !!

  82. Marvin Nguyen

    Marvin NguyenDay ago

    Gosh, I keep watching this lady talking about life and burst to tears every time.

  83. Daisy Girl

    Daisy GirlDay ago

    This made me cry. My life is dedicated to my kids and so many people tell me I'm wrong, that i needed to do for myself. Its awesome to see that someone else feels the same way :) your mom rocks!!!!!!

  84. Life with Deja

    Life with DejaDay ago

    Was I the only one laughing through the the beginning of the video

  85. Jason Kim

    Jason KimDay ago

    Moms put Marvel superheroes to shame to be honest. Its insane how much power the love for your child can give you. My mom always tells me that shes glad she had me because she wouldnt have been as successful in life if I wasnt there to motivate her to be better. My dad sucks, but I learned exactly what to do as a parent and exactly what not to do from him.

  86. Bobby Glenn

    Bobby GlennDay ago

    I love your mom..pls keep posting vids

  87. zeragito

    zeragitoDay ago

    God Bless You and Your Family. You are all so wonderful

  88. foreverredeem 21

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    Absolutely Love Her View of the World!

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  90. Autumn Gayle

    Autumn GayleDay ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Im crying.

  91. Erin Yu

    Erin YuDay ago

    5:44 that looks so much like the parking lot of dumpling inn/saigon saloon in convoy omg

  92. Productions Product

    Productions ProductDay ago

    This video is beautiful, I learnt a lot

  93. Kate S

    Kate SDay ago

    She sees no evil. Everything can make you happy. This is the mindset I'm going to take on for myself it's amazing!! Thank you for this. Kane you're so lucky to have such a smart, happy, mother. :)

  94. Sakuri Sake

    Sakuri SakeDay ago

    Oh man immigrant parents and their broken English. I couldn't comprehend anything she said.

  95. Mr Echo

    Mr EchoDay ago

    Wow. This was an amazing video that resonated so much with me and my own mom. It warmed my heart to hear Cantonese spoken in this video too. Really really lovely to watch. Thank you Kane and Kane's Mom for sharing this with us!

  96. linhish

    linhishDay ago

    What language are they talking? It’s not Vietnamese is it? 🙈



    Your mom is so cute love her life ♥️💯

  98. 123madooya

    123madooyaDay ago

    Well mom...I took my time to listen😊 Kane, I think your mom is very wise. She appreciates the little things in life and she's happy when she sees her family beeing happy. She didn't lost her happiness, even though she suffered a lot as a child. You can be very proud of her. This Video made me cry and I realised again, how precious our parents are. We should show them our love every day and as long as we have the time to do it.

  99. Stacy mommy

    Stacy mommyDay ago

    I love ur mom, she is a wonderful , loving, caring person

  100. rdlopez1307

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    I love your mommy- she’s an amazing woman. 😊