I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late


  1. Alaq Giboory

    Alaq Giboory13 hours ago

    My grandma had 13 children during the war that saddam created...

  2. ShayniBC

    ShayniBC14 hours ago

    This is one of the most beautiful relationships I have witnessed in a very long time between any human beings (her relationship with her husband, her relationship with her son, and her relationship and outlook on life). She seems to have the answers to inner happiness and it can be seen in her serenity. The look of adoration her son gives her is truly precious. This is a video I will watch again and again. Thank you for this video BuzzFeed! We need more of Kane's mom!!!!!!!!

  3. Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smith17 hours ago

    Wow, your mom is a superhero! If only the current generation (mine!) could be like her. Be happy with what you have and don't complain.

  4. PH Ang

    PH Ang18 hours ago

    I make love with your father Oh wow my mom never told me that before tbh 😂

  5. Romi

    RomiDay ago

    She is amazing. I’m in tears. Thank you for sharing

  6. ACK Trịnh Tuyền

    ACK Trịnh TuyềnDay ago

    they're Vietnamese of Chinese origin right? like Hakka or Cantonese? in south Vietnam it was like 60% of the population were Chinese. live there for 3 centuries. then the american puppet government made them take vietnamese citizenship

  7. Min Suga studios Edits

    Min Suga studios EditsDay ago

    Why is Kane ' s hand purple (the tips of his fingers)

  8. Billie Edwards

    Billie EdwardsDay ago

    A mother's love, she is so precious and your family have so much to be grateful for. Seems like she instilled good values in you all. Was very brave for you to share....

  9. longhairfen

    longhairfenDay ago

    Your mom is wonderful. You should be proud of her and make her happy. This video makes me miss my mom in heaven more. Thanks for this!

  10. Rachel Pitt

    Rachel Pitt2 days ago

    A great message for all. 💞

  11. angel amin

    angel amin4 days ago

    omg she is so cute! I got inspired to make schedules more often, but I always go outside!!

  12. Mike Wang

    Mike Wang4 days ago

    Why Kane’s mom is speaking Cantonese since she grew up in Vietnam?

  13. Robert Smeagles

    Robert Smeagles5 days ago

    Tons of respect to your mother & father and to you for taking the time to do this worthwhile interview. Great work.

  14. when I think about the lord

    when I think about the lord5 days ago

    As a child of an immigrant, this broke my heart. Reminded me to keep moving forward and let my family know how I feel about them while they’re still here

  15. Abhija Kala

    Abhija Kala5 days ago

    You are a great human being. So is your mom. Your dad too... Can you give them my love n regards? 😊 From india

  16. Anam Mansuri

    Anam Mansuri5 days ago

    don't worry guys i am the one cutting onions here 🤧💜

  17. min yooing

    min yooing5 days ago

    OMGMGHJWJSJDBWUDN i love your mom she so funny fhjwamkrhdbduwm 😂😂😂😂

  18. J V

    J V5 days ago

    off-topic, but i absolutely love her accent!

  19. Liz Henson

    Liz Henson5 days ago

    Kane's mom needs her own series on happiness and gardening, she is so positive and her plants are beautiful!

  20. Bevi B

    Bevi B5 days ago

    All the time in the world to listen to this mom, i hope you have some beautiful adventures! I must compose some questions for my mum she too is a selfless beautiful soul

  21. Bevi B

    Bevi B5 days ago

    ❤she's adorable and what a precious way to make memories and get to know her more than ever before. So precious 👌

  22. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez6 days ago

    I’m a much better human being after watching this. Thank you so much for this.

  23. alaya

    alaya6 days ago

    You have great parents, they are greatful and I can see you have a loving family.

  24. 박명선

    박명선6 days ago

    Thanks for the video~everything that your mum said was amazing!!! Hope you and your family happy all the time.

  25. XxNue

    XxNue7 days ago

    This really helps me to "wake up" I've been negative for too long. All the hurt I've endured, ever caused. I need to forgive myself, and be happy like your mom! Such a beautiful woman, inside and out. She never once blamed her kids. I love it 💖

  26. Boheme Dream

    Boheme Dream7 days ago

    1. I’m crying 2. People shifting in and out of their different languages is so special and beautiful 3. For your mom’s sake, please teach her what “make love” means 😂

  27. Nina Irene

    Nina Irene7 days ago

    She deserves the entire world...

  28. Jon Jacob Smith

    Jon Jacob Smith8 days ago

    Awe. This made me cry. I LOVE these kind of videos.

  29. chrisiel79

    chrisiel798 days ago

    You guys are speaking Cantonese. I didn’t know that was common for Vietnamese

  30. sunnydiverhkg

    sunnydiverhkg8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing...ur mom is amazing!!

  31. SF

    SF8 days ago


  32. Nicole Bonetti

    Nicole Bonetti8 days ago

    "Everything around us have the happy" to see the world through her eyes is goals! such an inspiring lady

  33. Nicole Bonetti

    Nicole Bonetti8 days ago

    omg! such a beautiful human! I love her

  34. Chelsea Resh

    Chelsea Resh9 days ago

    OMG sooo much feels!

  35. chloe mankumbani

    chloe mankumbani9 days ago

    I actually cried.. And as a foster child this motives me to speak with my actually parents... Thanks Kane!!❤❤ ..i actually just love your mum like for real😂😂❤

  36. Koy Cookie

    Koy Cookie9 days ago


  37. Patricia Ferrara

    Patricia Ferrara10 days ago

    This is so amazing..she is amazing 😉 ❤️

  38. Courtnee Linton

    Courtnee Linton10 days ago

    She’s so cute 😭

  39. D Shak

    D Shak11 days ago

    Beautiful video....

  40. Marize Nunes

    Marize Nunes12 days ago

    I wouldn't have a conversation like this one with my mom, maybe with my gradma, but i don't think my mom would be open enough about things... but that was so nice to waaaaaaatch! I loved it! Your mom is really cute by the way ^^

  41. thebaejazelle

    thebaejazelle13 days ago

    I love Kane's smile so much

  42. Rachel MacDonald

    Rachel MacDonald13 days ago

    she's not that old. She could do real estate!

  43. ew no

    ew no14 days ago

    "your daddy said "love me" and i fell in love with your daddy." so... can someone love me?

  44. Kaylun Edwards

    Kaylun Edwards14 days ago

    this made me cry 😩😩

  45. Jenn Durham

    Jenn Durham14 days ago

    Such a sweet lady! I love her advice and wisdom. :)

  46. roland

    roland14 days ago

    that's really sweet :)

  47. bonzodamonkey

    bonzodamonkey15 days ago

    Powerful... humble... true ..

  48. jessica chong

    jessica chong15 days ago

    Your mom has the most positive energy ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  49. TysonIsKetchy

    TysonIsKetchy15 days ago

    "10:10" "everything around us have the happy" ...and i sit here and get overwhelmed by the smallest things

  50. Hope N

    Hope N15 days ago

    Made me cry, got great advice, and fell in love with your mommy.

  51. Island Princess

    Island Princess15 days ago

    Live in the moment

  52. Island Princess

    Island Princess15 days ago

    She is beautiful and so adorbs. Love how she keeps saying, "Make love together." lol. :)

  53. wikct2

    wikct216 days ago

    I love your mom. She has a very positive view for life and she provides that positive energy to others in the family as well. Thanks for sharing this touching and meaningful vlog.



    Don't waste time do a schedule 👍

  55. Catherine Callahan

    Catherine Callahan16 days ago

    Wow. Who needs fake movies when you can watch real things like this?

  56. James Aguilar

    James Aguilar16 days ago

    I was so emotional during this video you have an amazing mother and I know you know that, if you want to make a go fund me account I'd love to help make it easier to get a trip ready for your mother.

  57. Selma Jamal Aldin

    Selma Jamal Aldin16 days ago

    Your mom is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing

  58. Diana García

    Diana García16 days ago

    This is the best buzzfeed video. Thanks.

  59. Tayler Barber

    Tayler Barber16 days ago

    I love them!

  60. Spooky Temporium

    Spooky Temporium16 days ago

    Every asian parent: *When i was your age I had to walk 10 miles to school*

  61. Jessica Cooley

    Jessica Cooley16 days ago

    This video legit made me cry! it was so beautiful

  62. kura kaufusi

    kura kaufusi16 days ago

    ahahahahahaha awesome mum u have there

  63. Isabella SwissRoll

    Isabella SwissRoll17 days ago

    Gosh would you believe there was something in my eye this whole video😭.....you need to take your parents on a trip...they need to travel😭

  64. Kat Brax

    Kat Brax17 days ago

    Your mom makes me think of my late Mother and Grandmothers. She's beautiful, strong and delicate like the flowers she grows in her garden.

  65. Beo the Orc Queen

    Beo the Orc Queen17 days ago

    I love this lady so much, please make sure she is happy, calm and she travelled.

  66. Kat Brax

    Kat Brax17 days ago

    Oh I love your parents. God Bless your entire family.


    BRIGHTER DAYZ17 days ago

    Please tell me you took this wonderful beautiful soul on a vacation ❤️

  68. _phg_ anh_

    _phg_ anh_17 days ago

    Your mum is vietnamese? Right? Why she speak like chinese

  69. Beo the Orc Queen

    Beo the Orc Queen17 days ago

    She is Chinese, she lived in Vietnam.

  70. Jasmine Pambukyan

    Jasmine Pambukyan17 days ago

    Kane! This video made me cry, slime, laugh and feel sad because its soo similar to my parents situation. Thank you for this video it was just really sweet to watch and feel all this emotions

  71. RoxxadaYT - Gacha and ROBLOX

    RoxxadaYT - Gacha and ROBLOX17 days ago

    My dad was born in Vietnam, but he's Chinese. I don't think he's went to China either.

  72. Jane Patti

    Jane Patti17 days ago


  73. SugarBabyT

    SugarBabyT17 days ago

    OMG she is so sweet i hope that you're able to save enough money to take the whole family! Maybe as a Chinese new years gift?

  74. Kia Smith

    Kia Smith18 days ago

    I lost my mom in 2011 and by watching this it made me wonder if o actually knew enough about my her. Same feeling with my father who i lost in 2002. I am very emotional right now but thank you for respecting your parents and appreciating their hardships. May god bless all of you

  75. Cait Paul

    Cait Paul18 days ago

    My mom is a single mother and when my dad left he took everything but because my mom was so amazing she always made me feel like nothing was wrong and I never felt like I had a sad childhood. It's amazing how strong mothers are!

  76. snakeufaceu

    snakeufaceu18 days ago

    Kane’s mom is the definition of unconditional love

  77. snakeufaceu

    snakeufaceu18 days ago

    “Jungkook is whipped” yep the world will deco know it now 😂

  78. Spencer Calvert

    Spencer Calvert18 days ago

    Bigmama on sons you tube: A great time for all our citizens to watch how much our immigrants appreciate and give to make our country what it is. So many that are part of the so called “caravan “ come with little more than hope. it takes a special kind of person and we learn so much from them when we reach out rather then hold onto unfounded fears.

  79. Have You Seen Chef?

    Have You Seen Chef?18 days ago

    I’m surprised how enlightening listening to her has been.

  80. Zeina Jammal

    Zeina Jammal18 days ago

    This was...😪 my heart🙌🙈

  81. Nicole Peace&love

    Nicole Peace&love18 days ago

    She’s a beautiful woman

  82. Colitra McCray

    Colitra McCray18 days ago

    This video is a true eye opener. Goodness I am crying. Shows me that I shouldnt complain so much and be thankful for what I have goodness. Love you mom GREAT VIDEO

  83. Mrs De Silva

    Mrs De Silva18 days ago

    She is so wise and gentle. I'm crying just because she made me happy and reminded me to look forward and seek the happy moments in everyday life. Thanks for sharing your Mum with us! xoxo

  84. Sara Hirsoveanu

    Sara Hirsoveanu19 days ago

    on the first question,Kane almost died! lol

  85. Slewenski

    Slewenski19 days ago

    She may have lead a hard and poor life with little education but she sure seems to carry more wisdom and happyiness in herself than most people I've ever met...sure makes you think.

  86. Nomad 1709

    Nomad 170919 days ago

    I adore the parents. They made a lot of sacrifices for their kids but did not get bitter or expect their kids to 'repay' them when they're older. I hope the kids will raise their children similar to this

  87. Ohmy gosh

    Ohmy gosh20 days ago

    Mr. Trump look at the people that make America great. This woman is a gem and an excellent role model. Not all immigrants have bad intentions some come a work hard and scrape by just so their children can make something of themselves. They're not trying to steal jobs they're struggling to survive but STILL immensely grateful.

  88. Koi De Masi

    Koi De Masi20 days ago


  89. lolita cholita

    lolita cholita20 days ago

    aww so sweet

  90. Maritza Cintron

    Maritza Cintron20 days ago

    Love her! So wise!

  91. Lauren Sandman

    Lauren Sandman20 days ago

    she is so sweet and so enlightened. I admire her!

  92. Tahani Warraiat

    Tahani Warraiat21 day ago

    This video will brighten anyone’s day!

  93. Louis Tuấn Lê

    Louis Tuấn Lê21 day ago

    The movie is very simple but leaves a lot of emotions. Life is simple and beautiful, no one can be so poor that they do not give each other a smile. Thank you for the life of a morning wake up still have a new day to love. Have beautiful day to you

  94. rafi rajendra

    rafi rajendra21 day ago

    Not tryna be rude kane but your mom sounds lowkey like buklau 😂, you guys are cute tho. I wish my mom wasnt always busy with her job, i am 19

  95. John Connor

    John Connor21 day ago

    Beautiful Family!

  96. claire higgins

    claire higgins21 day ago

    Will you go with your mum to China?

  97. ArmouredUnicorn

    ArmouredUnicorn21 day ago

    Take her to china and film it for us

  98. Carina Francis

    Carina Francis21 day ago

    I just want to say how inspiring your mum is! I’m now sitting here crying at how wonderfully she views the world and how much I’d like to be half that positive for my two baby girls

  99. Carina Francis

    Carina Francis21 day ago

    I just want to say how inspiring your mum is! I’m now sitting here crying at how wonderfully she views the world and how much I’d like to be half that positive for my two baby girls

  100. ereed28

    ereed2821 day ago

    Mom has me crying over here. That's a strong woman. ❤️

  101. mrsazbill

    mrsazbill21 day ago

    She's the most selfless mother I've ever seen.