I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late


  1. tigress63

    tigress63Hour ago

    Hopefully your family can take a (nuclear) family trip to China, Your parents, yourself and your siblings (and spouses with kids). My mom was very similar, always everything for others and nothing for herself. She grew up in Germany during the war. Similar circumstances. In 2003 we went to Europe together. Trust me it will be the best trip of your life and all of you will remember it forever.

  2. Nicole Beaver

    Nicole Beaver3 hours ago

    I love hearing them speaking in their native language. Honestly English is bland and boring. Why is it that so many white people decide that our language is superior over beautiful dialects, and impose it on others? I.e. "Speak American hurrrr durrrrrrrrr"

  3. Linda Murray

    Linda Murray4 hours ago

    You have a wonderful mother and family. Everything is for you children.... work and be happy

  4. pappysprite

    pappysprite4 hours ago

    What a wonderful family! So blessed

  5. Enkhtsetseg Vetsch

    Enkhtsetseg Vetsch4 hours ago

    She is so cute!

  6. Linda Tinah TV

    Linda Tinah TV8 hours ago

    She needs a mommy of the year award. Being a mother now i understand the depth of these sacrifices for your children. Amazing family.

  7. She Says

    She Says12 hours ago

    You are lucky, enjoy your mom. Make her happy go on a trip together. Even though shell be happy no matter what. Namaste

  8. I'll Be Your Pariah Here's A War

    I'll Be Your Pariah Here's A War14 hours ago

    How i wish i'd do this with my mum.Sadly,it'd be like speaking to a rock.

  9. MsProdigychild

    MsProdigychild15 hours ago

    What a beautiful video. God bless this family.

  10. Ameera Love

    Ameera Love15 hours ago

    Very smart and brave woman she is a great mother!!!!

  11. Sandrine Berre

    Sandrine Berre17 hours ago

    one of the best videos ive ever seen on youtube. Thank you.

  12. dgirl2021

    dgirl202122 hours ago

    His mom is so caring and sweet, she made me cry 😭

  13. Mai Nagase

    Mai Nagase22 hours ago

    please come to Tokyo. Id love to show you two around.. I love this video!!!

  14. 傑仔Ricky

    傑仔RickyDay ago

    wait what, Vietnamese speak cantonese too ?!



    I just feel too privileged and spoiled now

  16. Kallol Das

    Kallol DasDay ago

    Your Mom is soo sweet! Always cherish her company!!

  17. Hadi masri

    Hadi masriDay ago

    My grandma had to raise 13 children, 12 girls and 1 boy. In the Middle-East during bad times.

  18. Beth Webster

    Beth WebsterDay ago

    I love this.

  19. jay jay alipustain

    jay jay alipustainDay ago

    Dont look back, just go on and on♥️♥️♥️

  20. Brodey O'Brien

    Brodey O'BrienDay ago

    Your parents are superheroes

  21. mari reverend

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  22. jmturner04

    jmturner04Day ago

    Oh my heart. This was truly amazing.

  23. Edgar Rosario

    Edgar RosarioDay ago

    I needed this !!! Thank you so much !!!!

  24. Jose Encinas

    Jose EncinasDay ago

    She is a loving and wise woman. I have no idea why this video has 2.1K dislikes. Sour people. Blessings on your mom.

  25. Ingrid Carp

    Ingrid CarpDay ago

    I really enjoyed your interview with your Mom!!

  26. Brennen Clark

    Brennen ClarkDay ago

    So cute omg ❤️

  27. Waukesha Mom

    Waukesha MomDay ago

    Kane, thank you for doing this. Such a beautiful woman your mother is. This made me cry at 46 listening to her speak about just being happy. Being happy was never a thought of everyday til now.

  28. Terilyn Jackson

    Terilyn JacksonDay ago

    Damn it, who's chopping onions in here!

  29. Presious P

    Presious PDay ago

    This was so beautiful, it's crazy how I came across this video this is something I really needed to hear

  30. The Geek Monster

    The Geek MonsterDay ago

    Wow, your parents argued three times a year? Three times a day for me lol. I sure wish I'd had an experience closer to yours.

  31. Lily Baca

    Lily BacaDay ago

    Who could dislike his video?? Kane’s mom is an angel. I just want to hug her ❤️

  32. MOWmom

    MOWmomDay ago

    Love love love this

  33. Nezuumi Lê

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  34. Intelligent Duck

    Intelligent DuckDay ago

    Everyone make love together I love her so much

  35. Ultra Violet

    Ultra Violet2 days ago

    "Far away cannot catch, and if far away happy you think upset" wow, that touched me. Happiness is something that you should carry with you,not a trip destination. Look around you. 😌

  36. Jennifer Miller

    Jennifer Miller2 days ago

    She is so sweet! My mother has MS and dementia so this is beautiful to me. I was able to know her very well before she got sick and after the initial depression from losing that connection it did help to have asked her the important questions.

  37. Sarah Aslam

    Sarah Aslam2 days ago

    be happy in the moment you are in, ever grateful, dont reserve your happiness for some future event. Make a schedule and dont waste time. Thats what i learnt from this video.

  38. Bronte

    Bronte2 days ago

    Many people can learn a lot from Kane's mom. She is always living in the present by she treasuring each and every moment of her life that she can spend with her loved ones and the simple joys of life. My parents immigrated to Canada for my brother and I so we can have opportunities in our future. I am so privileged but I find myself always comparing myself to others and feeling entitled to things in life. It really puts things into perspective and I want to better myself everyday and be grateful for what I have.

  39. Shay Waff

    Shay Waff2 days ago

    When she said "i plant flowers for us to look at. Isnt that for myself?" 😭😭😭 i lost it. Such a simple, pure soul. This woman is gold.

  40. Kristi Taga

    Kristi Taga2 days ago

    Buzzfeed!!! Send her on a nice trip!

  41. Ruby Tillman

    Ruby Tillman2 days ago

    You are so fortunate to have your mom. She is a treasure. I wish I had sat down and asked questions like these of my mother before she passed away. I hope she does get to visit China.

  42. Makeda Regassa

    Makeda Regassa2 days ago

    You have siblings , do you guys not put money together and do things for them? My parents pretty much are retired cos we pay for everything together along with our bills. We probably get paid less than your siblings so I know it’s achievable. Treat your parents to a vacation .Teamwork! It’s what makes a family operate smoothly

  43. Celita D. P.

    Celita D. P.2 days ago

    Tears... "everywhere you look at your mom's house you see love." She knows the true simple blessing of contentment and enjoying even small things. Your mom... is super spwcial. But you know that already. This video was a great idea. Now a video of you asking your dad or grandmother questions?

  44. David Johnson

    David Johnson2 days ago

    I love your mom! 💛

  45. Dave Ángel de Gitanos

    Dave Ángel de Gitanos2 days ago

    Your Mom is such a inspiration.....God bless her

  46. Robert La Mont

    Robert La Mont2 days ago

    Very sweet. There are a lot of things I wish I had asked my parents.

  47. Fidel Muñoz

    Fidel Muñoz2 days ago

    This was lovely!

  48. Heather Rodriguez

    Heather Rodriguez2 days ago

    The fact that they put a comment with the username as “ JUNGKOOK IS WHIPPED “ 😂😂😂😂 LOVING IT 💜👏🏼

  49. holly shiteu

    holly shiteu2 days ago

    lmao I saw an ARMYs comment at 0:29 but aside of that lets just say raising 9 kids in Vietnam especially during the war is really hard although I never been through stuff like that because I'm a 05's I still know that raising kids aren't easy and she needs to keep them alive. You need to worry about their food, health, activities and stuff. If something goes wrong one life is gone. Imagine working all day just got home and you still need to feed your kids and do the chores, it's tough. So cherish every moment you have now, be thankful to your parents or grandparents and tell them you love them


    HJWUALSM KANAKAM3 days ago

    I’m bawling my eyes out right now. Nobody will probably ever read this and I know I’ll never have the courage to tell this to my mom, but thank you. Thank you Mom for sacrificing yourself for me. For staying up all night to go to work. Thank you for always making sure I have everything I need. Thank you for supporting me, for loving me no matter who I was. You do everything you can to make me happy regardless of how you felt. And I just want to say I promise you I will try to return that. I love you so much, that my heart swells with joy when I’m around you. I want to be near you, next to you, all the time. You are my remodel. I hope that one day I can can as an amazing mom as you are. I love you.

  51. narisa alley

    narisa alley3 days ago

    "Every one happy and make love together" OMG! 😂😂😂

  52. paigeedwards65

    paigeedwards653 days ago

    Why am I crying so much?!?!

  53. Vas Mária Maya

    Vas Mária Maya3 days ago

    Thanks so much... It's beautiful...

  54. Nicholas Too

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  55. Sophia Carmona

    Sophia Carmona3 days ago

    omo i love kanes parents!!

  56. poppies128

    poppies1283 days ago

    My mum never travels anywhere either and barely buys anything for herself and now she's retired and just likes pursuing her own hobbies at home. I get not wanting to rush after life and excitement. My mum has lived very simply but she's happier than those who chase after stuff.

  57. poppies128

    poppies1283 days ago

    Also Kane is ridiculously good looking 😍

  58. T R

    T R3 days ago

    I loved your video. I miss my mom...n pop. Asking those questions and listening are so important. My parents were very poor but came to the United States. I was raised in a very loving home. Listening to your mom speak of happiness and gratefulness rings true. It is because of struggle and loss that one can deeply appreciate even the small flowers budding and find joy in simple moments. She is an incredible lady. Blessed are all those unsung heroic moms that smile, sacrifice, raise good people through love and hard work.🤗😍

  59. Chelsea Ty KP

    Chelsea Ty KP3 days ago

    her view on happiness 😭 the plant part was so pure aw i hope she gets to go on a vacation 💘

  60. SMarie

    SMarie3 days ago

    "Catch close" ...Wise woman

  61. Lluvy Ng

    Lluvy Ng4 days ago

    Wow what a loving and lovely mom!! Btw, the Cantonese parts are definitely the highlights lol

  62. Megami Tenshi

    Megami Tenshi4 days ago

    I like her broken English

  63. SHEillaa

    SHEillaa4 days ago

    She is very lovable :)

  64. slime Queen

    slime Queen4 days ago

    I make live wit you father🤣😂

  65. Roberto Diego

    Roberto Diego4 days ago

    Oh lord.....this woman is amazing! This was awesome...thank you

  66. Marie Chidiac

    Marie Chidiac4 days ago

    Never knew my mom wanted to be a stewardess. She loved to see the world, but when the war started, she had to flee. They immigrated to Canada and had my brother and I. They've never been afforded many opportunities to travel, but now they do it leisurely. I hope that I can give them the opportunity to travel now and enjoy it more. Thanks for the video!

  67. Partha Randhir

    Partha Randhir4 days ago

    Wise mom. Most of what she says has such deep spiritual meaning.

  68. jey_ 07

    jey_ 074 days ago

    I am crying...

  69. SuperStonyQMUSIC

    SuperStonyQMUSIC4 days ago

    What happy memory will you cherish forever ? "I Think 22, I make love to your father" 💀

  70. MoonShine Bri

    MoonShine Bri4 days ago

    I love her values, the simplest things make her happy.. We should all be that way..💜💜

  71. Layton Ashwood

    Layton Ashwood4 days ago

    Nah this is the kind of love that's really has got lost in the years 😍😥

  72. food4444lyfe™

    food4444lyfe™4 days ago

    Is ur mom Vietnamese ? But she can speak Canto ?? 🤓

  73. Got7's ketchup

    Got7's ketchup4 days ago

    her words are literally what I needed to hear right now in my life.

  74. yasobodhi johan

    yasobodhi johan4 days ago

    this is actually make me cry.. i lost my mom 3 dyas before my 20th birthday, i never say anything meaningfull to her and i wasnt even able to make her happy yet to see you at least have a chance to do this with your mom, u're already blessed dude

  75. Patty Marquardt

    Patty Marquardt4 days ago

    Literally cried

  76. Dawn Fiegen

    Dawn Fiegen5 days ago

    Totally brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me to be grateful for the simple things in life. Hugs for mom!!

  77. Andrew Anane

    Andrew Anane5 days ago

    So cute, so sad. Love it

  78. Maria KM Nguyen

    Maria KM Nguyen5 days ago

    Is there a gofundmepage or equivalent that we can donate to you and your parents to travel to China and Japan? I am more than happy to contribute a portion towards expenses. Your mother reminds me of my own; humble, caring, hard-working and constantly full of love. All admirable qualities that are so rarely found. She's amazing!

  79. Yokim Bonggotgetsakul

    Yokim Bonggotgetsakul5 days ago

    Omg I'm on the train and my eyes go really teary. This is extremely touching! Thanks Kane :)

  80. Arianna Abreu

    Arianna Abreu5 days ago

    one of da best mamas 👌👌👌

  81. Scarlet Water

    Scarlet Water5 days ago

    I liked listening to your mom speak Cantonese(?). I can understand a lot of it, but it also sounds like Vietnamese (I speak HK Canto).

  82. ShapelyPetals

    ShapelyPetals5 days ago

    I learned so much. I tell the people around me in my life, all i want is to be happy at the end of it all. But struggle to find out why i am not a lot of the time.Listening to her speak made me realize It truly is the simple things in life that make me happy, like a flower that blooms. Truly a wise woman with a beautiful soul.

  83. Alwyn EverAfter

    Alwyn EverAfter5 days ago

    Excuse me while I go nurse my broken heart 💔 your parents are amazing!

  84. Cierra

    Cierra5 days ago

    Ugh I love this .... my Mom is half Vietnamese half Italian and my dad is black. I want to make sure I keep my Vietnamese culture like this. Love her!!

  85. Hannah Abreu

    Hannah Abreu5 days ago

    This video makes me cry so hard every time. Casually I found it today again as a suggested video and I just wrote down the questions plus some more to ask my mom!

  86. nftfils (Nat)

    nftfils (Nat)5 days ago

    I literally cried 😢 your parents are the best💕💕💕

  87. Anna Bordiyanu

    Anna Bordiyanu5 days ago

    This is so cute

  88. Cindy Babaloo

    Cindy Babaloo5 days ago

    OH GOODNESS!! I cried watching this video your mom is absolutely beautiful!!

  89. Nansee Bee

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  90. Cassandra H.S.

    Cassandra H.S.5 days ago

    His mother gives very simple yet sage advice! If we could all find happiness in the now,the world would be a better place.

  91. typicallysucks

    typicallysucks5 days ago

    Is Kane's mom speaking Cantonese??

  92. Galaxtic Gal

    Galaxtic Gal6 days ago

    Your mum is so happy even when she had struggled and suffered.

  93. monica chavez

    monica chavez6 days ago

    This video makes me think of a couple years back, we went to a party that was in the same are my dad’s house was when he was growing up... he started talking about his childhood... I had never thought about asking him and he never talks about what it was like growing up not having all the things that I take for granted. When he started telling me these stories I realized my grandparents sacrificed a lot and worked really hard so that their children had a better life, and my parents did too. I hope one day I’ll get to be as good a parent as the ones I had the fortune to have.

  94. wonderlucha

    wonderlucha6 days ago

    What a humbly beautiful lady. Loved this video so much. I learned from her. Thank you!

  95. Gabrielle Yasay

    Gabrielle Yasay6 days ago

    Your mom has taught me somethings. She taught me that I should be grateful for everything no matter what I have. She also taught me to always stay happy and joyful. Thank you 💕

  96. Your_GalPal

    Your_GalPal6 days ago

    Kane: "Why did you fall in love?" Kane's Mom: "Because we were neighbors, *THATS WHAT HAPPENS IN CHINA DID YOU FAIL YOUR INTELLIGENCE TEST! COME HERE IM GONNA BEAT YOU WITH A CHOP STICK* " *yo no hate or racisim intended*

  97. Marie Drebitko

    Marie Drebitko6 days ago

    Your mom is so humble. She has a beautiful soul. I hope she can travel. Bless her heart, you're so lucky in many ways..💖


    XYZ LUCINA6 days ago

    Kane, you better take your paretns to China. Buzzfeed, you help, damnit!

  99. Madison Graham

    Madison Graham6 days ago

    I need to live my life like Kane’s Mom.

  100. Kristyn Spon

    Kristyn Spon6 days ago

    That was a beautiful. Thanks for the video. I feel more inspired and she makes me realize how ungrateful I can be. I am going to be better from here on out.

  101. Christina Catherine

    Christina Catherine6 days ago

    I love that this was a simple video with a big concept. Your relationship with your mother is beautiful and thank you for showing us all not to take those we love for granted