I Am the Night featuring Chris Pine & Patty Jenkins [TRAILER #1] | Coming January 2019 | TNT


  1. 0Flow0

    0Flow03 days ago

    The actress looks so much more healthy now than in the Lifetime movie Nannycam. I might actually watch this series, it doesn't look too bad.

  2. Borderland Films

    Borderland Films9 days ago

    i wonder if they filmed at the actual sowden house in los angeles. i visited it last year. amazing that there is evidence of human remains on the property behind it, but the actress who was living there would not allow any investigation. ☹️

  3. Bootiful Duck aka Judge Potato

    Bootiful Duck aka Judge Potato19 days ago

    Just looking for any Wonder Woman fans...

  4. Altair Yoshimitsu

    Altair Yoshimitsu19 days ago

    Adventures of Steve Trevor: After The World War.

  5. robert valli

    robert valli20 days ago

    I love this.

  6. Wayne Stop motion

    Wayne Stop motion21 day ago

    I am vengence. I am the night. *I am Batman!*

  7. Mrphresh 25

    Mrphresh 25Month ago

    This should've been a movie not a tv series.Haven't we got enough of that in 2018.

  8. Emily Nelson

    Emily NelsonMonth ago

    What is this based on

  9. Chris Summers

    Chris SummersMonth ago

    Trash liberal propaganda

  10. Flower Chan

    Flower ChanMonth ago

    What is this? A tribute to M. Night? Reflects the same kind of vibe as his early movies and "I am the night" and "M. Night" get it?

  11. Emrah

    EmrahMonth ago

    Patty Jenkins can be the best female director

  12. Keke Frank

    Keke FrankMonth ago

    I see you Golden!!!

  13. Necreon021

    Necreon021Month ago

    White 20ish girl, black mom: "I just found out I was adopted"

  14. Elly 1407

    Elly 1407Month ago

    Did i just yawn?

  15. Em Paz

    Em PazMonth ago

    Looks interesting but hopefully this isn't another rated tv-MA show. TV-mature is overdone and can be inappropriate, especially with the dark themes.

  16. mankevo

    mankevoMonth ago

    Looks nice

  17. cansu grant

    cansu grantMonth ago

    ugh im here for india

  18. Sean Higgins

    Sean HigginsMonth ago

    I want to see Chris pine work with gal in a suspense drama tv series

  19. Joseph Mingle

    Joseph MingleMonth ago

    Looks like more Jew propaganda that subtly makes white people out to be the bad guys while quietly fostering sentiment of anti-white racism in American society. F U Hollywood.

  20. Lily Dan

    Lily Dan2 months ago

    Patty and Chris together??!! I'm in!!

  21. J K

    J K2 months ago

    who edit this trailer? I can see movie will be good but trailer doesn't give a justice to it.

  22. SoHardToBeMe

    SoHardToBeMe2 months ago

    I love how this trailer practically tells me nothing.

  23. Crystabel Mbagwu

    Crystabel MbagwuMonth ago

    LMAO. it made me pissed. I can't even tell what to expect.

  24. Julie Newman

    Julie Newman2 months ago

    Anything with Chris pine in it. I would watch it. Great actor.

  25. neha chauhan

    neha chauhan2 months ago

    Anything related to Chris pine , I m always in 😌😍😍

  26. TheAvengedHawk

    TheAvengedHawk2 months ago

    This looks amazing! I'm getting a True Detective S1 vibe from it



    I love me some CHRIS PINE😩😏

  28. Kristen Y

    Kristen Y2 months ago

    we want the alienist season 2 please

  29. R Farr

    R Farr2 months ago

    Hereditary sounds! So tired of this man

  30. Arturo Hernandez Lopez

    Arturo Hernandez Lopez2 months ago

    nananananananana BATMAAAAAAN

  31. Lori Blakeslee

    Lori Blakeslee2 months ago

    This is not the Alienist from earlier this year. Not sure if I will watch.

  32. Knightfall182

    Knightfall1822 months ago

    Another Patty Jenkins joint where Chris Pine does all the heavy lifting with acting. Another limited actress that he must elevate.

  33. Bobby

    Bobby2 months ago

    I'm gonna watch this because the beautiful India Joy Eisley is in it as the main character.😍 She is the beautiful daughter of the beautiful Olivia Hussey who played Juliet in the 60s. India is very beautiful.

  34. DeShaune

    DeShaune2 months ago

    Click bait

  35. Robin Janney

    Robin Janney2 months ago

    I'd watch that...

  36. The D-Rex

    The D-Rex2 months ago

    Get this Shitty 2 Min add off MReporter ,-,

  37. Jace Carsonne

    Jace Carsonne2 months ago

    Season 1: I Am the Night Season 2: I Am Vengeance Season 3: I AM BATMAN

  38. Alyssa Ramos

    Alyssa Ramos2 months ago

    I am the night... I am..(Inserts obvious batman joke)

  39. Maddox Tolliver

    Maddox Tolliver2 months ago

    *is it **_"NORMAL"_** for someones head to be **_MORE_** than half the size of their torso?*

  40. mydogrush

    mydogrush2 months ago

    You can see the girls bleached mustache when they do a close up shot of her mouth at about 1:04

  41. My Name is Nicky

    My Name is Nicky2 months ago

    Why didn't they just shave it?!

  42. chriz90fly

    chriz90fly2 months ago

    India Eisley the most beautiful lady I have ever seen...like wow

  43. Charity Rich

    Charity Rich2 months ago

    Ashley is that you with a accent lol

  44. julia Alexander

    julia Alexander2 months ago

    Thats my girl india eisley

  45. Nerdy Squad

    Nerdy Squad2 months ago

    Looks like most of the episodes will be boring. But....also good. Hhhmmmmmm

  46. Brie Simone

    Brie Simone2 months ago

    So... what is this show about? I'm confused.

  47. Diana Smith

    Diana Smith2 months ago

    Is that Maya from girlfriends

  48. Secret Zexyula Teloiv

    Secret Zexyula Teloiv2 months ago

    He's 😂😂😂😂

  49. unholyrevenger72

    unholyrevenger722 months ago

    The prequel is I am Vegeance and it's successor will be Matt Reeves' I am Batman Movie

  50. Sonia Ndukwe

    Sonia Ndukwe2 months ago

    I still have no clue was the synopsis is. Shes a mixed race kid who almost got murdered by the black dahlia killer

  51. tetrulz jam

    tetrulz jam2 months ago

    Cant wait!!

  52. Erin Brown

    Erin Brown2 months ago

    Selena? 😂

  53. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi2 months ago

    Not bad for a transgender

  54. My name Jev

    My name Jev2 months ago

    Chris is so hot omg lay that pipe in me daddy


    GOD DAMN IT2 months ago

    I don't really like this

  56. Cigex15

    Cigex152 months ago

    Swear it looked like Selena Gómez in the ad before you clicked it

  57. Barbara Espinoza

    Barbara Espinoza2 months ago

    India Eisley? I'm in

  58. Trenton Smith

    Trenton Smith2 months ago

    Chris patty

  59. Marc Duval

    Marc Duval2 months ago

    Patrick Jenkins?!! I'm so in!

  60. allyiah simon

    allyiah simon2 months ago

    So is this a scary movie or more like a thriller?

  61. spo

    spo2 months ago

    It's a mini-series. And it's more of a thriller/murder mystery/crime drama.

  62. Estevo Thomasio

    Estevo Thomasio2 months ago

    Chris Pine & Patty Jenkins look emanicated.

  63. ramin rad

    ramin rad2 months ago

    very well maid trailer

  64. Numbuh 16

    Numbuh 162 months ago

    Hey wait a minute! This isn’t Batman!

  65. Player 2-LightWater

    Player 2-LightWater22 days ago

    Its Steve Trevor story

  66. Selena Velez

    Selena Velez2 months ago

    Finally a good movie

  67. Ben McCall

    Ben McCall2 months ago

    Why is Chris pine a thing

  68. Eliza White

    Eliza White2 months ago


  69. snazzynava

    snazzynava2 months ago

    Omg India is as pretty as her mom

  70. Chad Kovac

    Chad Kovac2 months ago

    TNT doesn't even know who's in this? That's India Eisley.

  71. maile

    maile2 months ago

    it’s ashley from the secret life of an american teenager

  72. Robyn R

    Robyn R2 months ago

    This trailer gave me that "Get Out" type of vibe

  73. Mark G

    Mark G2 months ago

    i have some really bad news brothers and sisters a silent world war 3 has begun on the people (watch if you want to live) (i’m serious) -All the evidence is in this video: m.mreporter.net/v/video-TPC3hSx4Yzc.html

  74. greenman 91

    greenman 912 months ago

    Very odd direction for the new batman films, but I'll give it a shot.

  75. Rayne Ozier

    Rayne Ozier2 months ago

    She “found out” she was adopted? 🤨 what gave it away? was she not the only white person in her family. 🧐

  76. KDLC

    KDLC2 months ago

    “Some stories don’t want to be told” Yaaaasssss patty!!! Unleash them!! Especially knowing this was inspired by true events, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was something the “guys at the top” wanted to hide

  77. Wahyuni Mardiono

    Wahyuni Mardiono2 months ago

    The music something

  78. K F

    K F2 months ago

    Did Chris Pine's character abduct that girl?

  79. Alison Spehr

    Alison Spehr2 months ago

    K F no he didn't he helps her to find her birth mother all while trying to slove the black dahila murder.

  80. GFT Woodcraft

    GFT Woodcraft2 months ago


  81. jacksette7

    jacksette72 months ago


  82. TuttiTunes

    TuttiTunes2 months ago

    For a hot moment I was expecting Pantera to blast at some point during the trailer.

  83. Leek

    Leek2 months ago

    Da zi

  84. Nae West

    Nae West2 months ago

    Chris Pine😍😍😍

  85. blazinpyromaniac

    blazinpyromaniac2 months ago

    So what the hell is this show supposed to be about? Lol

  86. sephiroth70001

    sephiroth700012 months ago

    blazinpyromaniac It's a telling of the black Dahlia murder. With alleged George Hill Hodel as the murderer since he was shown smiling at the beginning. There was also the poster about the black dhalia murder. I could also see them branching out with hodels allegation of being the zodiac killer.

  87. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance2 months ago

    Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. A dog barks at night. The bark gets louder and louder every night. Eventually, the bark travels through space and reaches a distant planet. It seems as though, the planet barked back, or more specifically, a dog on that planet, barked back. At the end of it all, both planets exploded and the dogs were no more. TERRANCE OUT

  88. Dinah Graham

    Dinah Graham2 months ago

    premise: California yet again can't solve a crime.

  89. Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim2 months ago

    My pine nut Lots of loveee

  90. Jozee T.

    Jozee T.2 months ago

    I have no clue what is going on or what the series is about. But that's refreshing because most trailers give the whole movie/series away, so I will watch this out of curiosity.

  91. spo

    spo2 months ago

    It's about the Black Dahlia murders, specifically about alleged killer George Hodel and in this case his niece Fauna, who was given away as a baby and presumably discovers her family's past in the series.

  92. Brandon Lkhagva

    Brandon Lkhagva2 months ago

    Ok, you have my attention.

  93. WickedMo13

    WickedMo132 months ago

    Secret Hollywood Death Sex Cults still popping to this day

  94. rpnp2

    rpnp22 months ago

    spotted a bad guy @ 2:11 ... Where's batman?

  95. CapREX77

    CapREX772 months ago

    I am Batman!

  96. V Sen

    V Sen2 months ago

    Hmm. Interesting.

  97. King fish

    King fish2 months ago


  98. Justin ASMR

    Justin ASMR2 months ago

    okay tell me i’m not the only one who got reminded of the movie mother! at 2:20 lol!

  99. Liyah U

    Liyah U2 months ago

    Fun fact: the girl is the daughter of Olivia Hussey - "Juliet" in the classic 1968 "Romeo and Juliet" adaptation. Just as beautiful.

  100. Rolling Ormond

    Rolling Ormond2 months ago

    1:25 - Man, Leland Dorser hasn't aged well (kind of looks like True Detective season 2).

  101. Karson

    Karson2 months ago

    I can’t see her as anything other than the sister on Secret Life...

  102. gbinct

    gbinct2 months ago

    Very True Detective ish

  103. Matthew Gonzalez

    Matthew Gonzalez2 months ago


  104. Juan S.

    Juan S.2 months ago

    Always in those small towns though.

  105. Alison Spehr

    Alison Spehr2 months ago

    Juan S. This happened in LA

  106. Saoirse Kavanagh

    Saoirse Kavanagh2 months ago

    I don't know why but im getting bits of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo vibes with this.

  107. TheBoringAddress

    TheBoringAddress2 months ago

    So this is what Patty Jenkins can do free from the yoke of Zac Snyder's style? Wonder Woman 84's gonna look awesome.

  108. Player 2-LightWater

    Player 2-LightWater22 days ago

    Zack Snyder is still involve in Wonder Woman 1984 as producer including Aquaman

  109. Muhammad Firman

    Muhammad Firman2 months ago

    INDIA EISLEY, it's your time girl to conquer Hollywood !