I Accidentally Worked For A Scam


  1. Rosario Sarabia

    Rosario Sarabia3 hours ago

    "lEtS dO ThIs!"

  2. Taylor Blue

    Taylor Blue4 hours ago

    I went away with a good story Just get in the bin

  3. Cloudrace

    Cloudrace4 hours ago

    For people that don’t get it, I’m pretty sure those people got her to buy the tickets so they could re-sell them for a lot more money than they paid for them.

  4. Ophibian

    Ophibian4 hours ago

    Awe that’s cute, buzzfeed hired the autistic Miley Cyrus

  5. Brad Miller

    Brad Miller5 hours ago

    Ticket scalping isn't a scam. The ticketing office may not like it, but it isn't illegal and it doesn't hurt anyone.

  6. zac reynard

    zac reynard7 hours ago

    She should've took the 7,000 dollars and ran

  7. BuggsBunny McRabbit

    BuggsBunny McRabbit8 hours ago

    Worst story ever

  8. Alex Goehring

    Alex Goehring8 hours ago

    I’m not surprised

  9. EiGhT LiGhTs

    EiGhT LiGhTs10 hours ago

    Buzzfeed is a liberal scam

  10. Jacob Camerupt

    Jacob Camerupt10 hours ago

    Yes, because you work at buzzfeed

  11. KnowPro

    KnowPro10 hours ago

    Honestly, the best part of the video was the last 6 seconds when Ryan and Shane popped up

  12. colton carlson

    colton carlson11 hours ago

    Coulda just took the 7 racks and had way more

  13. pink__swagger86 [B0ogle d0wn wiNr]

    pink__swagger86 [B0ogle d0wn wiNr]11 hours ago

    And I *accidently* bombed a city


    LORDGAMER12 hours ago

    “LETS DO THIS” lol that’s funny but I got scammed of my life of 9:07

  15. DucksAreMagical

    DucksAreMagical12 hours ago

    so you choose to work for people who said to not tell anyone who they were? so Accidental

  16. SiilUdusProduction

    SiilUdusProduction12 hours ago

    so you worked for viagogo...

  17. ule2300

    ule230012 hours ago

    How was this a scam again?

  18. ule2300

    ule230012 hours ago

    Why wouldn’t you just ask into it... fake and gay.

  19. Ares

    Ares14 hours ago

    "accidentally". Well whatever now you are featured in a cancer buzzfeed video what is probably 10 times worse

  20. Golden Central

    Golden Central14 hours ago

    I'm a fellow sjw and believe that all white males should be castrated

  21. Dedd

    Dedd14 hours ago

    Golden Central or deported in camps! Heil BuzzFeed!

  22. Joshua Rizo-Patron

    Joshua Rizo-Patron15 hours ago

    Is she the wicked witch of the west?

  23. Lillie mae Higham

    Lillie mae Higham15 hours ago

    I got scammed of buzzfeed for 9:07

  24. Joshua Rizo-Patron

    Joshua Rizo-Patron15 hours ago

    Worked? You still in buzzfeed


    FIFA FT SHOW16 hours ago

    You have a REALLY good imagination! Better than Kids! 🏆


    FIFA FT SHOW16 hours ago

    Are you sure you ’Accidently’ Worked On it? 😂

  27. KatzenProductions

    KatzenProductions16 hours ago

    yeah, "accidentally" purposely more like.

  28. Elizabeth Tomy

    Elizabeth Tomy17 hours ago

    urghhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate u BUZZFEED

  29. Crypto Face

    Crypto Face17 hours ago

    Being broke isnt cool, why does buzzfeed try to act like being and staying broke is hip and cool. Its not

  30. Viktor Mitan

    Viktor Mitan17 hours ago

    Brigid: This is very real! Me: Wasn't this a scam??????????????

  31. Zach Beydoun

    Zach Beydoun20 hours ago

    Why wouldn't you just dip with the $7,000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  32. Edward Emberpants

    Edward Emberpants22 hours ago

    What a goddamn waste of time. If you read comments before the video, I recommend not watching

  33. Fałłėn Ãppłē

    Fałłėn Ãppłē22 hours ago

    I get it but also confused

  34. TacPrepSurvival 41

    TacPrepSurvival 4122 hours ago

    Take the 7k and tickets lol

  35. Kane Garrido

    Kane Garrido22 hours ago

    Z that looks like little tease Mom

  36. Um Hi

    Um Hi22 hours ago

    I’m waiting for ‘And this isn’t that story’

  37. Hitler Fried Chicken

    Hitler Fried Chicken23 hours ago

    Hon, working for BuzzFeed is a scam alone.

  38. TheLastJOfSummer

    TheLastJOfSummer23 hours ago

    So basically we should just accidentally arrest you?

  39. Lil Cal

    Lil Cal23 hours ago

    I got jebaited

  40. Dabult

    DabultDay ago

    How does one accidentally join buzzfeed?

  41. Marvelxus Tv

    Marvelxus TvDay ago

    Your so lucky

  42. Marvelxus Tv

    Marvelxus TvDay ago

    Holly cowwwwwwws

  43. John Galt

    John GaltDay ago

    So, you worked for BuzzFeed?

  44. Bman 14O5

    Bman 14O5Day ago

    Yeah it’s called buzzfeed

  45. George washington Babe

    George washington BabeDay ago

    dude she was 19 years old and a freshmen wtf

  46. Carthaxx

    CarthaxxDay ago

    /r/ ThatTotallyHappened

  47. King Potato

    King PotatoDay ago

    You were making a lot of money why did you stop

  48. Kalyssa McWilliams

    Kalyssa McWilliamsDay ago

    Dude. You should’ve grabbed the tickets, ran with the cash of $7,000 ad then took the $500......

  49. Justin Ni

    Justin NiDay ago


  50. Kay-Dom

    Kay-DomDay ago

    You worked for a scam I got jebaited by a scam

  51. Ken Doll

    Ken DollDay ago

    U could have kept the 7 grand and the $500 😐😕

  52. Midnight music Production

    Midnight music ProductionDay ago

    Where can I start?

  53. Sandra Gyamera

    Sandra GyameraDay ago

    Ok , I watched it now get off my recommended!!! 😒😂

  54. Blade Blazer

    Blade BlazerDay ago


  55. Chuckie Spinster

    Chuckie SpinsterDay ago

    You’re currently working for a scam...

  56. Beauty and Bangs

    Beauty and BangsDay ago

    All I wanna know is, “How long was he gone was with your ID?”

  57. Samantha Mills

    Samantha MillsDay ago

    how is it a scam u got paid

  58. Samantha Mills

    Samantha MillsDay ago


  59. Zee W.

    Zee W.Day ago

    Why would you give anybody your ID...

  60. Žalias Elfas

    Žalias ElfasDay ago

    Wait.Wasnt this girl telling a story how she cheated her test?like the one woth the fake plane ticket?I swear i saw her somewhere lol

  61. Joe Bloggs

    Joe BloggsDay ago

    So...how was it a scam?

  62. fuck you birdman

    fuck you birdmanDay ago

    Ok I'm gonna come back one day to buzz feed replacing my name fuckyoubirdman to fuckyoubuzzfeed

  63. TheProGamer Andrej

    TheProGamer AndrejDay ago

    Wait until the people you talked to find this vid XD.

  64. Pravesh Pounvel

    Pravesh PounvelDay ago

    *let's do this* + *Except for me* are the highlights to this 😂

  65. Rick O'riginal

    Rick O'riginalDay ago

    The story could be interesting if she wouldn't act as much as she did

  66. Josh Drifts

    Josh DriftsDay ago

    This is like a non car vin wiki

  67. Codered08

    Codered08Day ago


  68. Treesop

    TreesopDay ago

    The title should've been "im working for a scam" not "i accidentally worked for a scam"

  69. Madude17

    Madude17Day ago

    LeTs Do ThIs

  70. BenBonk

    BenBonkDay ago

    You can just tell from her body language that this is obviously fake.

  71. BenBonk

    BenBonkDay ago

    You'd think if she actually worked for a "scam" BuzzFeed would obviously wanted to make this video as fast as possible to make as much money as quick as they can.

  72. MccPlayzMC

    MccPlayzMCDay ago

    I'm not trying to get kidnapped or anything, but $20 is $20.

  73. Hello Guy

    Hello GuyDay ago

    This sure is fishy but am i the only one not understanding what this "scam" is supposed to be?

  74. Sandrox

    SandroxDay ago

    ACCIDENTALLY whatever you say.........

  75. HyperX

    HyperXDay ago

    9000 IQ

  76. sampan chung

    sampan chungDay ago

    If you earned lots of money how'd you end up in Buzzfeed

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  78. Phili nora

    Phili noraDay ago

    Wtf i am so freaking confused.. and why where these tickets 7000???

  79. Tasty Pasta

    Tasty PastaDay ago

    Boring do you guys have any cool stories

  80. Nigger Faggot

    Nigger FaggotDay ago

    The way she moves her mount makes me wanna punch her

  81. RandomMemes

    RandomMemesDay ago

    Now that you know you worked/working for a scam. Quit your job at BuzzFeed.



    Oh wow I got a Wish ad. WISH IS A SCAM!

  83. Blake Larson

    Blake LarsonDay ago


  84. Clarisse Hernandez

    Clarisse HernandezDay ago

    Lol fake

  85. Chazziman

    ChazzimanDay ago


  86. Chazziman

    ChazzimanDay ago

    Classic Buzzfeed👏

  87. Diego Montes

    Diego MontesDay ago

    So basically she was told to go somewhere for fast cash if she should some people at a bar her ID and give her phone number (which she does and several other people too). Then sometime later she receives a voicemail to do the same thing again for "round 2" for only people that received the voicemail and previously went at the same bar (which she again). And finally she receives another voicemail to meet a certain unspecified location which she attends ( wouldn't make a 9 minute story if she didn't) . A mysterious white van appears and gives her instructions and $7000 to a certain area to buy some sports game tickets (which other people are there too) where she stands out because she is the only informally dressed female (the other people are white business dressed males in suites).There about to buy the tickets in a dim light conference room, when the presenter asks if anyone is going to pay in cash, which she admits she will. She is then told to go to the front where she was handed..

  88. Diego Montes

    Diego MontesDay ago

    a list of sports games to buy tickets.The person she encounters puts the list of tickets in a envelope and before could do anything else the vendor puts her hand on the envelope with the tickets and asks her "Who sent you?" And grabs a nearby phone To which the girl stays quiet and grabs the tickets and exchanges the envelope of money and runs off. She reaches the van and threws the envelope with the tickets inside the van. The mysterious van people look at the envelope keep it and give her a new envelope with $500 and drive never to be seen again. Unfortunately she would later lose her wallet with $500 in it. There saved you 9 minutes. You're welcome. 👌👌👌

  89. Ellilollu

    EllilolluDay ago

    Thanks buzzfeed you wasted 9 minutes off my life :)

  90. billy bob

    billy bobDay ago


  91. Aaron Brunson

    Aaron BrunsonDay ago

    You look barred out

  92. Ethan Bowman

    Ethan BowmanDay ago

    this was fake

  93. Michael Grabowski

    Michael GrabowskiDay ago

    U still are.. Buzzfeed is a scam

  94. Cody Chalmers-We

    Cody Chalmers-WeDay ago

    This is an oof

  95. oldcracker

    oldcrackerDay ago

    I accidentally fucked my sister.

  96. fun with mike

    fun with mikeDay ago

    i think its fake

  97. alina khan

    alina khan2 days ago

    Miley is that u... Hanna is that u...

  98. William H

    William H2 days ago

    You’re still doing it goyum.

  99. What is that

    What is that2 days ago

    Let’s *Do this!*

  100. Dylan McKinley

    Dylan McKinley2 days ago

    Studies show liberals fall for scams 100 times more often then people with normal size brains

  101. sean Kelly

    sean Kelly2 days ago

    There was no fun story in this nothing happened to you you wouldn't have a good time even if you lost your wallet so in the end for an hour of your time you had a good evening out

  102. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos2 days ago

    I hate ppl like this