I Accidentally Worked For A Scam


  1. Marsha Hare

    Marsha Hare3 hours ago

    They needed the ID's because there must have been a lottery or contest to determine who was allowed to purchase those "special" tickets, they took the ID to enter everyone. They were probably for box seats or significant games, she probably could have made way more if she kept the tickets and scalped them herself.

  2. Lucie Riley

    Lucie Riley8 hours ago

    Girl what was wrong with your freshmen year of college

  3. Saga Mäkilä

    Saga Mäkilä9 hours ago

    Hello random person reading this :)

  4. Amber Animations

    Amber Animations14 hours ago


  5. éternal rien

    éternal rien22 hours ago

    Y’all have to stop hating or showing negativity towards this video. I mean like just because some of you didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean others won’t either.Personally even if it all seemed for nothing it seems like a cool experience. And let’s be honest if this ever happened to you won’t you want to tell others about it?

  6. Mia Opperman

    Mia Opperman22 hours ago

    Except for me

  7. LLama Qrunchy

    LLama QrunchyDay ago

    its YOU, AGAIN

  8. Ria Saini

    Ria SainiDay ago

    This is the same lady who told her story about how she cheated on a test!

  9. Niamh Pyne

    Niamh PyneDay ago

    Brigid had a very exciting college life 😂

  10. dalacey grace

    dalacey graceDay ago

    every time she said “let’s to this!” i lost it

  11. Ana Martinez

    Ana MartinezDay ago

    This has nothing to do with her story, but her voice reminds me of Ruby from Steven Universe lol

  12. Jeff Bobby

    Jeff Bobby2 days ago

    Take the 7000 from the first onvelope

  13. KB Sandberg

    KB Sandberg2 days ago

    *let's do this*

  14. Purple Toast

    Purple Toast2 days ago

    I do not sound like that

  15. Amberly Salmeron

    Amberly Salmeron2 days ago

    I love the way she says “let’s do this” 😭

  16. maxwell Hollis

    maxwell Hollis2 days ago

    Is this video aimed at scary 6 year old stories

  17. maxwell Hollis

    maxwell Hollis2 days ago

    9 minutes and 7 seconds of lies. Why does this video have any likes on it???

  18. CyKpop

    CyKpop2 days ago


  19. Jami Christine

    Jami Christine4 days ago

    This is something I would probably do tbh lmao and if my best friend were with me, she'd tell me I'm an idiot and that we weren't going to do that.

  20. Alexia Tapia (Student)

    Alexia Tapia (Student)4 days ago

    i got an ad for a company called yeay thats a scam lol

  21. Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper5 days ago

    Jfc is she related to tana moneque or however you spell her name. But this story is so exaggerated and unexciting and cringe.

  22. Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper5 days ago

    Drawing this story out... Could have been told in less than 5 minutes.

  23. ChronP

    ChronP5 days ago

    Red flag? There's a reason for those gut feelings. How do you know the money wasn't counterfeit? And you'd be the ONLY one on surveillance who paid with cash! Also, with just the info on an ID, you can generally open a credit card or have accounts transferred to a new address. BTW, why does BuzzFeed make it SO easy to find it's employees? Im thinking of the young woman who was stalked, and now this video... makes me think, given age and maturity level, it's just NOT safe or smart BuzzFeed. I have kids ur age, I would hope they wouldn't do anything like this. Better to be cautious and safe.


    SILENCED5 days ago

    You could've bought a lot of vbucks with that money

  25. MLG KING

    MLG KING5 days ago


  26. KidGamer2008

    KidGamer20085 days ago

    Brigid a jojo does wannabe? Or Jojo Siwa a brigid wannabe

  27. MrKingsman

    MrKingsman6 days ago

    *press x to doubt*

  28. Richard Jonsson

    Richard Jonsson6 days ago

    Sounds fake but its kina fun to listen to fake or not

  29. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen6 days ago

    miley cyrus vibes lol

  30. Kerry tanner

    Kerry tanner6 days ago

    Why didnt she just run with the7000dollas🤦‍♀️🙋‍♂️

  31. Vidster Games

    Vidster Games6 days ago

    No you didnt work for a money scam,sex scam,popularity scam... You worked for a Robux scam

  32. Omar Alshara

    Omar Alshara6 days ago


  33. Omar Alshara

    Omar Alshara6 days ago


  34. Special Dude

    Special Dude6 days ago

    There is no one under 35 years old Except for me👩 Everyone were males Except for me 👩 Everyone were in suits Except for me👩

  35. Special Dude

    Special Dude6 days ago

    *lets do this!*

  36. Christian Perez

    Christian Perez6 days ago

    So what was the scam? I'm just gonna start looking at the like dislike stats before I sit through a whole video 🤦‍♂️

  37. Corrupted Falcon

    Corrupted Falcon7 days ago

    She could have ran with the 7k

  38. Reilly Gleason

    Reilly Gleason7 days ago

    But then... LETS DO THIS

  39. MrsPotato

    MrsPotato7 days ago

    *LeTS Do ThIS!*

  40. tru pekamuu .

    tru pekamuu .8 days ago

    I would of grabbed the money , grabbed the tickets and then run

  41. Mehwish Khantaufeeq

    Mehwish Khantaufeeq8 days ago

    Hahah I loved how she told her story

  42. J BrightZ

    J BrightZ8 days ago

    So... *BuzzFeed?*

  43. Joe Bentley

    Joe Bentley9 days ago

    Hum your I.d ..............?

  44. Sachin Rajkumar

    Sachin Rajkumar9 days ago

    Can i tell my story too

  45. The Urban Banana

    The Urban Banana10 days ago

    Why is it that in every single one of these stories I see from BuzzFeed they always say "Red flag right from the start here" like they say they noticed something fishy yet they continued with the scam anyways.smh

  46. ian

    ian11 days ago


  47. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg11 days ago

    Love you

  48. Finlay Baker

    Finlay Baker11 days ago

    Lmao she still does and it's called BuzzFeed

  49. Kalbi squishies and more

    Kalbi squishies and more12 days ago

    I love how she says “Let’s do this!”

  50. Maria Mekuli

    Maria Mekuli12 days ago

    Does she have a lemonadi tatto

  51. Maria Mekuli

    Maria Mekuli12 days ago

    Stop saying lets do this for god sakes

  52. LeahGrace Walker

    LeahGrace Walker12 days ago

    This girl has been in three other crazy story time videos... is her life actually insane or does she just act out stories people sent in?

  53. Heather Michelle

    Heather Michelle13 days ago

    When you should have just ran off with the 7,000

  54. tony

    tony13 days ago

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  55. Pain for Pay

    Pain for Pay13 days ago

    The title should be "I Accidentally Work For A Scam"

  56. glitter why ?

    glitter why ?13 days ago

    Oh and my life

  57. glitter why ?

    glitter why ?13 days ago

    They better give me 9 minutes and 7 seconds back from my life cause she did all that just to waste all the money

  58. Thicc Sniccer

    Thicc Sniccer14 days ago

    👍LeT’s d0 tHiS👍

  59. Amira Abdinoor

    Amira Abdinoor14 days ago

    6:43 she has a pizza 🍕 tattoo And pizza necklace True pizza fan just like me!!!

  60. Daily Watermelon

    Daily Watermelon14 days ago

    In 00:43 i got shocked

  61. Boi

    Boi14 days ago

    You could have ran off with the 7,000

  62. Yellow Jones

    Yellow Jones15 days ago


  63. LuL UlU

    LuL UlU15 days ago

    The story is boring but the way she tells it, it's actually good. There are some funny jokes but also some very bad jokes.

  64. Jenny Tran

    Jenny Tran15 days ago

    Issa clickbait

  65. Aliyah MikaELLA

    Aliyah MikaELLA15 days ago

    Where do I sign in? Jk

  66. tzuyulove hart

    tzuyulove hart16 days ago

    And that's why zero waste is impossible. You always waste your time.

  67. Frank Moyer

    Frank Moyer16 days ago

    No Risk Assessment Skills !

  68. Theodore Nguyen

    Theodore Nguyen17 days ago

    heard of investing? If you get $20 that late, you could get like 1000 in that time


    DIY ARHUM18 days ago

    This lady has appeared in other of your videos too @buzzfeed

  70. RedooRblx

    RedooRblx18 days ago

    Buzzfeed next: I killed many people and i don't know why

  71. Kronx Seb

    Kronx Seb18 days ago

    *_Damn, Please Shave Your Armpits_*

  72. Charlotte Stockman

    Charlotte Stockman18 days ago


  73. Relentless Ass Eater

    Relentless Ass Eater19 days ago

    wasn't a waste of my time. had to look at the comment section to find out how this was a scam and how it worked but the story was quite interesting to listen to. no I am not a robot, I just liked the story.

  74. Sweet P

    Sweet P19 days ago

    8:40 Bridget, you didn't lose your wallet. It was probably stolen by another broke college friend.Scammed once again.

  75. Odd's Wands

    Odd's Wands20 days ago

    your lucky I bet...

  76. simmonsgoats

    simmonsgoats20 days ago

    What an idiot.

  77. Sean Robinson

    Sean Robinson20 days ago

    This sounds sick wtf

  78. Juan Three

    Juan Three20 days ago

    I gave it s thumbs down.

  79. Angela Tulsiani

    Angela Tulsiani20 days ago

    *_Let's do this.._*

  80. Israa. f.

    Israa. f.20 days ago

    "Let's do this!" LMaoo im dying

  81. The golden Creeper

    The golden Creeper20 days ago

    Let’s do this!

  82. Ricky Rebel

    Ricky Rebel20 days ago

    Girl : No person under 35 , EXCEPT FOR ME No women in this room, EXCEPT FOR ME Everyone is in a suit , EXCEPT FOR ME Me: No students in this room, EXCEPT FOR ME No person under 16 who get drunk easily and is very broke at the moment , EXCEPT FOR ME Everyone is in their uniform, EXCEPT FOR ME . Edit : I love the way whe says "except for me ".

  83. Van503360

    Van50336021 day ago

    I'm back guys

  84. Sebastian Garde

    Sebastian Garde21 day ago

    Only scam here is this video

  85. Bogusgal

    Bogusgal21 day ago

    BuzzFeedVideo! It Buzzes like a buzz and scams like a scam!

  86. Zacron Iz Here

    Zacron Iz Here21 day ago

    Why didnt she just keep the 7000$

  87. Fanu Ahmed

    Fanu Ahmed21 day ago

    Yes, BuzzFeed....

  88. Rayyaan Bajrami

    Rayyaan Bajrami21 day ago

    She told this story just to say SHE LOST HER WALLET

  89. Jens Erik Jelstrom

    Jens Erik Jelstrom21 day ago

    👍 LETS DO THIS 👍

  90. Ella Jen

    Ella Jen22 days ago

    “Let’s do this” 🤣 whenever is says that hahahaha

  91. slim sloshy

    slim sloshy22 days ago

    Lol no one cares

  92. Chris Bee

    Chris Bee22 days ago

    I would have had a heart attack 😂

  93. Bhristopher

    Bhristopher22 days ago

    weird flex but ok

  94. Marc van Kan

    Marc van Kan22 days ago

    Where’s the scam part?

  95. Owen Edwards

    Owen Edwards23 days ago

    She was in a buzz feed video 6 months ago, interesting

  96. Rehatino Gaming

    Rehatino Gaming23 days ago

    Is she the college test cheating girl

  97. Ben Cofield

    Ben Cofield24 days ago

    The clickbait is real For people who are confused, what she did was accidentally help a ticket scalper. Ticket scalping is when someone buys large amounts of tickets for the purpose to resell them, usually at a higher price. Ticket scalpers buy tickets in bulk, which can be anywhere between 10-200 tickets at once, sometimes more. The purpose is to artifically restrict the supply of the good (tickets) and making the venue be "sold out" to drive up the price of the tickets and also how much consumers would be willing to spend on one. The reason this is bad, and also regulated in a lot of places, is because (most obviously) it rips off consumers, making them pay 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 10x more for something that should have been much less. This also hurts the original vendor because they are being exploited. On top of this it can give a lot of bad publicity for the venue/artist/etc because people might think they are overcharging or are too pricey, and, in the future, be less willing to support them. Also if not all the tickets are sold due to the higher prices, a show that was supposedly sold out will have lots of empty seats, possibly giving bad publicity and taking away from the host.

  98. Ben Cofield

    Ben Cofield2 days ago

    +JohnIsCool_07 Gaming It's not illegal but depending on the state it's very regulated. In this instance it would be illegal

  99. JohnIsCool_07 Gaming

    JohnIsCool_07 Gaming2 days ago

    +Ben Cofield is it not legal?

  100. Goon Moon

    Goon Moon12 days ago

    Thx for exposing it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  101. Yellow Jones

    Yellow Jones15 days ago

    Thanks for explaining

  102. vihpol

    vihpol19 days ago

    You deserve the amount of views this video has, as likes to this comment. Thank you for making this worth while.

  103. Tyler Mikos

    Tyler Mikos24 days ago

    fukkkk i should have read the comments!!

  104. Corey Boe

    Corey Boe24 days ago

    This video is a scam

  105. Jin's Bae

    Jin's Bae24 days ago