I Accidentally Worked For A Scam


  1. it’s just Me

    it’s just MeDay ago

    Did they copy the license?!

  2. Miri

    Miri2 days ago


  3. Some Nerd

    Some Nerd2 days ago

    If your at buzzfeed you still work at a scam

  4. HC YT

    HC YT2 days ago

    🔴🔵 🔵🔴

  5. John Sanabria

    John Sanabria3 days ago

    Poor people can spot a scam before it comes to us lol

  6. Matt

    Matt3 days ago

    And then everyone clapped. r/thathappened

  7. Emmet Anderson

    Emmet Anderson6 days ago

    wow I remember when i watched this video for like, Two minutes, and that watch time got me HUNDREDS of these INSANE videos about the EXACT SAME THING. In Sane. WOAHHHH....

  8. Zayan Murshed

    Zayan Murshed7 days ago

    Yeo can i come on the show

  9. Violoxo

    Violoxo9 days ago

    You worked for BuzzFeed? Oh, that’s sad

  10. Henry Alley

    Henry Alley10 days ago

    Well, if this is true you probably earned atleast ten grand from views and ad revenue, if you aren't demonetized.

  11. April San Miguel

    April San Miguel10 days ago

    I love the way you tell your story! Have you made other videos?? I

  12. STFU hog

    STFU hog11 days ago

    That was very painful

  13. Pixie 123

    Pixie 12312 days ago

    Wait but your still working for buzzfeed though

  14. _ThatDude YT_

    _ThatDude YT_12 days ago

    I would’ve just kept the 7K and ran

  15. Petty Jerry

    Petty Jerry5 days ago

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  16. TheLaggyContent

    TheLaggyContent12 days ago

    👏 *boi* !?!!??!!!!!!?

  17. th or

    th or13 days ago

    Lets do this

  18. popreact

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  19. Garrett Hull

    Garrett Hull14 days ago

    Hey was this the girl that killed her own arm instead of the tooth ferry

  20. Lawrence Alejandro

    Lawrence Alejandro15 days ago

    This sucks

  21. Dean Gerrits

    Dean Gerrits15 days ago

    I guess she had no *ID* ea

  22. Cherio

    Cherio16 days ago

    Why does her ass sound and look drunk

  23. mr. abdullh

    mr. abdullh16 days ago

    great and wired story 😂😂❤️

  24. Orad sin cesar

    Orad sin cesar19 days ago

    I love this!I dont get why people are complaining so much

  25. Claire P

    Claire P19 days ago

    Gurl pretty much everybody knows that you shouldn’t show your id to anyone unless the government

  26. Lilpupper321

    Lilpupper32119 days ago

    She did so many stories on this series if you watch them she’s in most of them.

  27. Phil Lin

    Phil Lin21 day ago

    You AGAIN?

  28. arnavgamer 123

    arnavgamer 12324 days ago

    Are you lying or something?

  29. Natan Stanek

    Natan Stanek24 days ago

    Why does the craziest stuff happen to buzzfeed employees

  30. Amelia 1209

    Amelia 120924 days ago

    Its brigid 😂

  31. Dan plays fortnut

    Dan plays fortnut25 days ago

    Lets do this

  32. Sinra __

    Sinra __26 days ago

    Ok. I love her.

  33. Quirktart

    Quirktart26 days ago

    Let's do this👍👍

  34. Joseph Hess

    Joseph Hess26 days ago

    Why not keep the 7k and leave

  35. Petty Jerry

    Petty Jerry5 days ago

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  36. Taste the rainbow mother Johal

    Taste the rainbow mother JohalMonth ago

    LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ezday

    ezdayMonth ago


  38. Desmon Thomas

    Desmon ThomasMonth ago

    I liked her personality

  39. Master Speller

    Master SpellerMonth ago

    Lol Brigid had an interesting first year in college. Faked a plane ticket and participated in a scam! Sounds fun.

  40. GuitarMD Pittsburgh

    GuitarMD PittsburghMonth ago


  41. Don Vito

    Don VitoMonth ago

    Huh that was terrible

  42. Solar Spade

    Solar SpadeMonth ago

    Didn’t she also cheat on an exam or sum?

  43. soju69jinro

    soju69jinroMonth ago

    so... what was the scam? I mean, what was the scam about? Were the people banned from entering/buying the tickets in the first place? gotta give some more information. It doesn't even sound like a scam.

  44. MrPiggyWiggy

    MrPiggyWiggyMonth ago


  45. Clara Vargas

    Clara VargasMonth ago

    She is the same girl that SCAMMED a teacher with an airplane ticket.

  46. Alejandro Bautista

    Alejandro BautistaMonth ago

    Did this happen during the scam?

  47. Alejandro Bautista

    Alejandro BautistaMonth ago

    😂🤣 👁 👁 👃🏻 👅

  48. joe Lewis

    joe LewisMonth ago

    Was I the only one who was just like go to the intersection

  49. Personality Aware

    Personality AwareMonth ago

    Remind me never to watch Buzzfeed again.

  50. Simon Clark

    Simon ClarkMonth ago

    the first video I get is a scam how ironic

  51. mark fold

    mark foldMonth ago

    What trash

  52. Rafay Gouhar

    Rafay GouharMonth ago

    Get to self a lyfeeee

  53. My penis is incredibly Small but,

    My penis is incredibly Small but,Month ago


  54. Zein Saeed

    Zein SaeedMonth ago

    This video could have been valuable had it educated the audience about the scamming scheme. Also, since when did $620 become a ton of money?

  55. TechyBen

    TechyBenMonth ago

    You, you are the reason I am *petrified* of getting close to friends... I know I'll get a phone call saying "they were found [in a really bad situation]"... I mean, I'm petrified pet cat/dog will get hit by car/stolen because they are a silly cat/dog... but people? People? I am petrified every time I talk to them... that they will tell me about a "plan" they have where everything goes catastrophically deadly.

  56. Venus Soler

    Venus SolerMonth ago

    No someone prob stole your wallet

  57. That Girl From the block

    That Girl From the blockMonth ago

    isn’t she the one who cheated on a test

  58. vinci vedi vici lex talionas

    vinci vedi vici lex talionasMonth ago


  59. Royjuice 420

    Royjuice 420Month ago


  60. Spectoral

    SpectoralMonth ago

    This is complete BS copied from some reddit copypasta fiction probably. Like everything on Buzzfeed.

  61. Heer Ghagia

    Heer GhagiaMonth ago

    Good story

  62. Seth M

    Seth MMonth ago

    Crazy lol thanks for wasting 9 minutes of my life!

  63. Abdulmalik Alotoibi

    Abdulmalik AlotoibiMonth ago

    Is that Emma chamberlain

  64. Rick Evans

    Rick EvansMonth ago

    Save yourself 9 minutes. Ticket scalpers paid college kids to enter a ticket lottery. She won and bought the tickets on behalf of the scalpers who were likely banned from buying tickets.

  65. Life

    LifeMonth ago

    What if they bomb the stadium

  66. mntofdk66

    mntofdk66Month ago

    Shes cute she could earn that every weekend. Hit them poles.

  67. SimpleAs Liam

    SimpleAs LiamMonth ago

    Should have ran off with the 7k lol

  68. Brad Basham

    Brad BashamMonth ago

    Sounds like a lottery for rights to buy pre-sale tix. Enter th3 lottery, under a hundred id’s. Hope for a few chances to buy tix before going on sale to the public



    *Let's do this!* 👍👍

  70. Almond Theater

    Almond TheaterMonth ago

    Thanks to idiots like you I can’t afford $200 Jerry Seinfeld tickets. He’s probably never going to tour again, he’s like 80 years old.

  71. EJeric Dolan

    EJeric DolanMonth ago

    What a FAKE Story!! Made up just for hits.. Nobody is letting you walk away with 7K in Cash... Don't care if they know your address etc. This isn't how tickets are divied up..... We all got scammed for watching this video!!

  72. Mike G

    Mike GMonth ago

    Not a scam. Just working for some scalpers.

  73. Rebel State Sovereign

    Rebel State SovereignMonth ago

    Excellent story! But would you do it again ? ???????

  74. Phack

    PhackMonth ago

    *”let’s do this”* stfu....

  75. Neverdee 37

    Neverdee 37Month ago

    Brigid first u pulled a plane ticket trick and now this?😂

  76. Hairy Knut

    Hairy KnutMonth ago

    congratulations you just influenced a bunch of collage kids to talk to strangers get in vans and take sketchy money and Possibly get KIDNAPPED..for the sake of possible profit and "adventure"

  77. Hairy Knut

    Hairy KnutMonth ago

    congratulations you just influenced a bunch of collage kids to talk to strangers get in vans and take sketchy money and possibly get KIDNAPPED...for the sake of possible profit and "adventure"

  78. Ehiz_iz

    Ehiz_izMonth ago

    Ur story is boring and a big fat lie

  79. TheOnlyRealWolf

    TheOnlyRealWolfMonth ago

    cool story bro.... Jk, fingers crossed you didn't take creative writing at collage...

  80. Peter mansour

    Peter mansourMonth ago

    What bs

  81. R1ZKE

    R1ZKEMonth ago

    Let’s do this!

  82. Charles Stratford

    Charles StratfordMonth ago

    He, he, yes that was a great story. Enjoyed it very much. What would life be without a little adventure

  83. Duh ItzAudrey

    Duh ItzAudreyMonth ago

    HEYYYYYYY! Ur back! And also, congrats! Ur foundation actually matches ur skin color this time

  84. HaruTime

    HaruTimeMonth ago

    Make more with Brigid she is like the only one who tells an interesting story :/

  85. Celia Yu

    Celia YuMonth ago

    6:12 i thought she would keep saying "except for me" lol

  86. Nicole P.

    Nicole P.Month ago

    i would have ran with the 7000 dollars

  87. Emily Lawson

    Emily LawsonMonth ago

    what’s her full name ???

  88. Denied- Gaming

    Denied- GamingMonth ago

    I like her

  89. Crispy Bacon

    Crispy BaconMonth ago

    werid flex but ok

  90. Pro Monster

    Pro Monster2 months ago

    "Forgets where i left my wallet" *STORY TIME, I GOT ROBBED*

  91. Millan Ferende

    Millan Ferende2 months ago

    Plot twist: people of the stadium find this film, verify their camera footage and report her to the police for paying with fake cash. good job (y)

  92. Ashour Ashour

    Ashour Ashour2 months ago

    Could you have just taken the 7k and left them

  93. Francisco Casiano

    Francisco Casiano2 months ago

    There’s something off with her voice

  94. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.2 months ago

    I hate people I am sub bot dum fgts

  95. The_Killer_Serpent

    The_Killer_Serpent2 months ago

    *LETS DO THIS!!*

  96. Amelia B

    Amelia B2 months ago

    I love this series on buzzfeed! I’ve been binge watching it for hours😂

  97. Amelia B

    Amelia B5 days ago


  98. P V

    P V2 months ago

    LETS DO THIS!!!!!! lol

  99. Matthew T

    Matthew T2 months ago


  100. Kevin Wu

    Kevin Wu2 months ago

    Brigid is this really a scam

  101. kitkatkatybell

    kitkatkatybell2 months ago

    Heyyyy! It's the girl that cheated on her exam!

  102. Skye Walker

    Skye Walker2 months ago

    She looks like she's a great personality. Hope she's not a feminist type!

  103. Competitive Gameplay

    Competitive Gameplay2 months ago

    I wonder what the “van people” will think when they see your video