Huge WWE Backstage Heat Between Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss


  1. Jah Cook

    Jah Cook2 months ago

    Whatculture is the drizzling shits

  2. Fred Gardner

    Fred Gardner2 months ago

    Video sucked...

  3. Git Gud

    Git Gud2 months ago


  4. Tobin Tonight

    Tobin Tonight2 months ago

    dudde this channel has fallen

  5. it_cummif a_egg

    it_cummif a_egg2 months ago

    Fake News. 🍳

  6. spidernellie

    spidernellie2 months ago

    Love your delivery in this video! ;)

  7. HipStar Zakk

    HipStar Zakk2 months ago

    Please learn how wrestling as a business works. I mean experience it from a non-privalaged-white-internet-millenial perspective and you might be able to do the Adult thing of looking back on things you did in the past and say "shit I was so foolish then"

  8. John Tower

    John Tower2 months ago

    As soon as I see Andy, I click elsewhere. He's BOOOOOOOORIIIIING

  9. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith2 months ago

    If Alexa did sleep her way to the top then I need to get a job at WWE ASAP

  10. Mike N

    Mike N2 months ago

    The title gave us more info than the video...

  11. Jourdan Gibson

    Jourdan Gibson2 months ago

    Fake a** friends fake a** people

  12. True Journey

    True Journey2 months ago


  13. Jo Dunk

    Jo Dunk2 months ago

    I really don't care for Nia Jax. She's boring as fuck and I hope she loses at Extreme Rules.

  14. Vince McMahon

    Vince McMahon2 months ago

    Wrestletalk did this yesterday, they're just better than you. unsubbed

  15. JamesGoogle

    JamesGoogle2 months ago


  16. LangeBratwurst 99

    LangeBratwurst 992 months ago

    Im pretty sure and i hope this is just for work

  17. B McB

    B McB2 months ago

    I miss whatculture wrestling.:( The old crew I mean. This current band of beta males seem like nice chaps but they don't have that flare or natural charisma for presenting that the old crew had. You felt the old crew were lads you could chat to in person about wrestling and have a great time, while this current batch are more like those dudes who would talk to you about wrestling because they want to be their friend. Remember back in school or college when that guy liked a girl who was way out of their league, but tried for ages to the point it got painful to watch?These guys remind me of them, they even remind me of some of those guys appearance wise, just saying...not bad lads, just, know your role that's all. Obvs omitting Simon from this but even he will start to struggle if they don't get another presenter right soon.

  18. James Maskell

    James Maskell2 months ago

    With so much of the storylines being played out on social media, this is definitely a work.

  19. Mazza Rider

    Mazza Rider2 months ago

    Wouldn't be suprised if Alexa Bliss 'pulled a couple of favours' to get to where she is. But I'm not mad at her, I'm mad at myself for not being in a position to receive such 'favours'.

  20. Josh Kirby

    Josh Kirby2 months ago

    this just seems like a work. non story

  21. Romeo Casido

    Romeo Casido2 months ago

    It's a work

  22. KokNoker

    KokNoker2 months ago

    "Lard knows"

  23. Anees Sarwar

    Anees Sarwar2 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another total divas agenda

  24. Andrew Hembree

    Andrew Hembree2 months ago

    Andy is growing on me, he seems like a cool bro

  25. L Z I

    L Z I2 months ago

    WWE fans aren't the brightest... you're being worked, idiots.

  26. Prince of Light

    Prince of Light2 months ago

    It's a work. The gulliable Alexa fans are buying into it though.

  27. Ripper1488

    Ripper14882 months ago

    Makes me laugh when anybody uses Dave Meltzer as a source - the guy lacks any credibility, guesses and passes it off as fact, when he’s wrong he claims ‘plans change’. Ludicrous logic.

  28. Trevon Hughes

    Trevon Hughes2 months ago

    Women's revolution my ass, Vince is still just pushing the least talented blonds.

  29. Mickization

    Mickization2 months ago

    It's a work well this was a total waste of a video

  30. Brett Mast

    Brett Mast2 months ago

    Wrestling “News”. How about we report on things that are concrete???

  31. The Emo Emu

    The Emo Emu2 months ago

    Clickbait MarkCulture.

  32. Come Forth Sophia

    Come Forth Sophia2 months ago


  33. fmdof

    fmdof2 months ago

    you know what they say about Nia Jax. She can't deny a snacks.

  34. إنه_البنز

    إنه_البنز2 months ago

    "Let's not hope it turn into a shoot" ... well i hope so!!

  35. frank unodostres

    frank unodostres2 months ago

    I wonder where people like meltzer get their backstage insider informations from. imo these moles deserve to be fired

  36. Alex Holtzie

    Alex Holtzie2 months ago

    I don't want to take it with a pinch of salt.. maybe a grain of salt. But not a pinch.

  37. ToastNation _

    ToastNation _2 months ago

    Are there taping Total Divas and it's a storyline between Niagara Jax and Alexa Bliss

  38. bosels11

    bosels112 months ago

    Who cares? Moving on....

  39. Digital Hat Productions

    Digital Hat Productions2 months ago

    Wait the Booker T and Corey Graves thing was a work? Well dayum xD

  40. gfear24

    gfear242 months ago

    It has been rumored for the last few years that Alexa has been sleeping with people in power at WWE to get where she is.

  41. Lucky Chol

    Lucky Chol2 months ago

    Wrestlers Court?

  42. Graeme Murdoch

    Graeme Murdoch2 months ago

    What culture just make videos about anything these days. Must be a slow news day.

  43. Wain

    Wain2 months ago

    Nia Sucks !

  44. Rob Gibson

    Rob Gibson2 months ago

    Bollocks. They’re best mates. All a work

  45. TraciPeteyforlife

    TraciPeteyforlife2 months ago

    Bliss is nothing but another lucky to have a career. As for if this heat is real. Unlikely. If shit did turn real; it would end with Bliss losing a chunk of hair like HBK did. In the shower with Vince unlike last time. Actual firing Jacks for it. That or Trips or Steph firing her.

  46. DementedDistraction

    DementedDistraction2 months ago

    'According to Dave Meltzer...' That's all you need to hear to entirely dismiss what's to follow.

  47. Derrick McMullin

    Derrick McMullin2 months ago

    In the words of Bruce Prichard "FDM"

  48. Gordon Lea

    Gordon Lea2 months ago

    I bet if Meltzer came out and said the Curt Hawkins will get a Universal Title match against Brock Lesnar & WIN, you would believe it

  49. Bradley Morris

    Bradley Morris2 months ago

    Gordon Lea he probably have😂

  50. sheriffkimbo

    sheriffkimbo2 months ago

    Remember how totally legit the Corey Graves and Booker T heat was because Meltzer said so?

  51. kor9

    kor92 months ago

    Issa work

  52. Akida Jasper

    Akida Jasper2 months ago

    Nah they was best friends for a long ass time they’re working us

  53. RS Rik

    RS Rik2 months ago

    All I care is that Alexa is fine as fuck lol

  54. WillNotThrilled

    WillNotThrilled2 months ago

    Just another case of a media wannabe trying to create news where this isn't any. If there was truly any legit heat on Nia she wouldn't be showcased on a PPV with a rematch against Alexa. Doesn't matter whether Nia wins or loses the match just the fact if there was real heat against she would be "punished" and not "rewarded" with a title match...period.

  55. Subliminal Messages

    Subliminal Messages2 months ago

    Y'all are being worked so fucking hard rn.

  56. Mermaid Powers

    Mermaid Powers2 months ago

    They havent been liking, commenting, or posting each other in months too..

  57. Gamingdragon

    Gamingdragon2 months ago

    there does appear to be some truth in this as nia's tweets have gone beyond heel work but's it can be a work .

  58. Simon Treat

    Simon Treat2 months ago

    I could have sworn the 'alexa bliss rode to the top' shit was photoshopped (tho i could be wrong). This smells like a work imo, especially since these people have to be top of their game on social media too.

  59. Jeef Squaa

    Jeef Squaa2 months ago

    This is a work

  60. Seal Dogg

    Seal Dogg2 months ago


  61. Linard McCormick

    Linard McCormick2 months ago

    It's a work....jeez

  62. TheGhoffa

    TheGhoffa2 months ago


  63. Only SK

    Only SK2 months ago


  64. kratoscallofduty

    kratoscallofduty2 months ago

    Nia: "I'm twice the woman you are". Alexa: "No argument there".

  65. Steven Rowcliffe

    Steven Rowcliffe2 months ago

    Who the fuck cares, both women are fucking terrible and wish both would never be on tv again

  66. FaceMan Buddha

    FaceMan Buddha2 months ago

    Jax cannot wrestle like about 6 other girls on Main who ONLY seek fame and fortune, i.e., Celebrity. That is a Sell-out, which the Sheeple vapidly admire.

  67. Davon Baxter-Davis

    Davon Baxter-Davis2 months ago

    Honestly, I doubt that it's a shoot, but if it is it would be interesting. Otherwise, they are most likely just hyping up their WWE feud for their upcoming Extreme Rules match at the PPV

  68. SyronJAG

    SyronJAG2 months ago

    Please. It's a work. They are working so hard that Donna Summer rose from the dead to sing about it.

  69. Nicholas

    Nicholas2 months ago

    "It's all conjecture at the moment..." Stopped listening there. It doesn't matter.

  70. Jason Stubbs

    Jason Stubbs2 months ago

    they're best friends lol

  71. JoshDoesGaming!

    JoshDoesGaming!2 months ago


  72. Superfredo

    Superfredo2 months ago

    So, Nia end a friendship because a booking decision? I have reasons to dislike Nia now... That’s ridiculous and speaks a LOT of the personality of Nia.

  73. Zero Accountability

    Zero Accountability2 months ago

    They should've added a question mark at the end of and removed the word "Huge" from that title. In the words of good ole Tazz, I'm "JUST ANOTHER VICTIM!" (of WhatCulture clickbait).

  74. EazySCT

    EazySCT2 months ago

    Huge poosh

  75. Sebastian Renfrow

    Sebastian Renfrow2 months ago

    Nope fake news these two been close friends since they entered the industry do better at your job

  76. chris robinson

    chris robinson2 months ago

    In the business of a personal wrestling you either make friends or you make money

  77. Kaptain K

    Kaptain K2 months ago

    I think it's a work. Their bond has been shown to be really strong, with both of them having a past of body image issues, and Alexa being a well-known sweetheart when out of character. I couldn't imagine what could suddenly change all of that.

  78. Mega Mijit

    Mega Mijit2 months ago


  79. S tevenskateduntiltherewasnothing

    S tevenskateduntiltherewasnothing2 months ago

    if it were true who has more backstage leverage, alexa is one of the golden two (she and charlotte), but nia is related to the rock (so yeh, she has that)?

  80. Gothic Wigga

    Gothic Wigga2 months ago


  81. Blacky Madd

    Blacky Madd2 months ago

    I think that this whole thing could be a workshoot.


    WWE ULTIMATE2 months ago

    This is really awesome....Great video keep it upp...

  83. David Jarkeld

    David Jarkeld2 months ago

    Jax is shite, she should be back in developmental

  84. Khris 1873

    Khris 18732 months ago

    I dont give a shit about alexa bliss vs jax rivalry.

  85. artmenaz

    artmenaz2 months ago

    I see Neville let himself go

  86. Dicerolledan8

    Dicerolledan82 months ago

    Everything is a work

  87. Net

    Net2 months ago

    The timing and the fact that Nia liked a tweet makin fun of people who think this is real and that they're still friends are the only things that make me question this.

  88. Bigbyrd1234

    Bigbyrd12342 months ago

    It’s absolutely a work and it’s honestly embarrassing to see so many people giving this story any credibility.

  89. Chronos Havok

    Chronos Havok2 months ago

    From everything I've heard, Nia is pretty bitchy and everyone knows Alexa is a sweetheart irl. Still...probably a work.

  90. Atamjit Singh

    Atamjit Singh2 months ago

    x1.25 or maybe 1.5. Thank me later.

  91. Deadshovel

    Deadshovel2 months ago

    It's still real to him, dammit.

  92. DR Doctor

    DR Doctor2 months ago

    Well, you know


    MW3 KINGDOM2 months ago


  94. MrWafu

    MrWafu2 months ago

    If you're gonna share a rumour, at least put a question mark at the end of the title...

  95. 20 TIMES

    20 TIMES2 months ago

    Best friends are'nt they? This vid is Bollocks like the rest they put out!

  96. DominoPerson 5

    DominoPerson 52 months ago

    I thought they were real life BBF's?

  97. S Koroma

    S Koroma2 months ago

    Best heel bliss okay face nia Jax

  98. BarlosTevez

    BarlosTevez2 months ago

    Clearly a work! Can’t have them being friends on social media and enemies on tv. Vince will be stepping in and trying to keep some sort of illusion up for non smart fans

  99. Michael King

    Michael King2 months ago

    Alexa must be blowing someone high up to be getting this constant push.She is solid but not good enough to be a 5 time champion already.


    SHEVCHENKOFAN182 months ago

    I think this is just a work to build up their extreme rules match.

  101. zooyo

    zooyo2 months ago

    You suck Andy.