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Howie Mandel on Meghan Markle's 'Deal or No Deal' Days


  1. Melaku Girma

    Melaku Girma11 days ago

    he knows Ellen will give him pants , that's why he bough's those shit! and the end was awkward

  2. Caged

    Caged18 days ago

    Howie Mandel belongs in a padded room.

  3. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja22 days ago

    She's done such random stuff.

  4. GoldenDoodleMaya

    GoldenDoodleMaya25 days ago

    Rumor has it Howie is still pulling things out of that bag and handing them to Ellen, to this day!!

  5. Master Opulence Spells

    Master Opulence Spells26 days ago

    ✨😂 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. SisBro Sings

    SisBro Sings26 days ago

    Hey like if u like this show

  7. Mr Biggy

    Mr Biggy29 days ago

    OMG he frickin touched ELLEN I gues they r “friends”

  8. kitchen gun

    kitchen gunMonth ago

    corners of the world?

  9. Jane Howard

    Jane HowardMonth ago

    Got to get my favorite singer of all time Glennis Grace on. Can't believe you haven't had her on yet. Watcher on MReporter. You will be blown away.

  10. shivam jaiswal

    shivam jaiswalMonth ago

    Pandora's bag?

  11. Sammy Ytube

    Sammy YtubeMonth ago

    Why are people making a big deal about his touching Ellen when he only was touching the outside of her clothing, certainly not her hand. It was just like touching the arm of a chair, IMO. For some germaphobes it is more about the skin contact and yes that public transportation, spaces and things. Not all of them will sit on their hands or keep their hands folder or in their laps in every situation. Also I just think that his run on AGT where he sometimes interact with some of the acts helped him to at least touch objects even if he uses sanitizer later. As for the ending with all of those british souveneirs, yes that was a bit weird and awkward and I don't believe that he sat home making any of that stuff that is easy to buy.

  12. Poula Romany

    Poula RomanyMonth ago

    Iam from Egypt , love you so much ellen and watch all your video 😍😍

  13. Isaac Conejo

    Isaac ConejoMonth ago

    This is why America is behind. Because we have B instead of - 1. Damn your whichcraft beliefs in our phych.. bring us all the beautiful Numbers! This is another root cause for discrimination. Dispite it's indifference.

  14. Amy Lynn Burch

    Amy Lynn BurchMonth ago

    From reading the comments it’s clear that everyone here is far too young to remember Howie when he was a standup comedian. This is part of his schtick (means comedy routine) and Ellen is well aware of his manner as a fellow comedian. Good lord, people... do some research.

  15. Crystal Medal Cadwallader Student

    Crystal Medal Cadwallader StudentMonth ago

    Hi Howie from Agt!

  16. Carrie Burnham

    Carrie BurnhamMonth ago

    “All four corners of the world” THE DUDE IS A FLAT EARTHER

  17. SchalaZeal

    SchalaZealMonth ago

    I think I finally understand the meaning of "cringe-y". Eep... 😬

  18. Shana Ross

    Shana RossMonth ago

    This was hilarious! Everyone who is saying it was awkward doesn't know Howie too well. That's just who he is! He uses his awkward for comedy! It was an entertaining interview!

  19. NileshR12

    NileshR12Month ago

    Howie just passed up the opportunity to attend a royal wedding which people in his place would've loved to see live in person. I can't believe thay he did that

  20. Ry.the.Stunner

    Ry.the.Stunner20 days ago

    He was joking about being invited. Are you people really that dense?

  21. Yadi Perez

    Yadi PerezMonth ago

    You should email NCT

  22. Ron Michaelson

    Ron MichaelsonMonth ago

    That end tho

  23. 196833lwl

    196833lwlMonth ago

    Superstitious, yes, in South East Asian some tower blocks don’t use 14, 4 . also on car number plates, why? 4 pronounced in Chinese Death,

  24. 1FatSheep 69

    1FatSheep 69Month ago

    0:07 not funny, lmao

  25. Whitney Cooper

    Whitney CooperMonth ago

    People obviously don't know Howie very well. Very dry sense of humor, his doesn't do zingers or punch lines. He wants actually invited, that's the joke.

  26. liliana rojas-zavala

    liliana rojas-zavalaMonth ago

    Hes trying to shake the germaphonia image off and he’s just not ready which makes this awkward

  27. mookiesmith18

    mookiesmith18Month ago

    I guess sometimes awkwardness goes right over my head because I didn't think this interview was awkward at all.

  28. Janae Clarice

    Janae ClariceMonth ago

    I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not about them calling him.

  29. Brianna&Mia Gymnasts

    Brianna&Mia GymnastsMonth ago

    Something seemed off

  30. Glenn Gatlen

    Glenn GatlenMonth ago

    big jermaphobe

  31. Sarah Cha

    Sarah ChaMonth ago

    I am so confused .................. Hahahah so weird

  32. Tamara

    TamaraMonth ago

    1:09 Wow he´s very convinced about his country and show, someone please go tell him that America is a great place to make your dreams come true, but it´s definitely not _the_ place in the world everyone has to go. Go to Europe or Canada or Australia or China I don´t care but America is not the only place in the world..? Like idk, I don´t really like him a lot anyway and this interview was super cringy so I´m not surprised he was the one saying something like that

  33. James O'Connor

    James O'ConnorMonth ago

    I doubt he was invited. She wouldn't invite a douche.

  34. Hanna Harrell

    Hanna HarrellMonth ago

    I’m so superstitious, but once I went to Hong Kong for a figure skating competition and I went to the hotel and my room was on floor 13!

  35. Mr. GiRaffe

    Mr. GiRaffeMonth ago

    The bag reminds me of a magicians battle where you pull it anything out even if it's bigger than the bag! 😂😂😂

  36. Dave Holden

    Dave HoldenMonth ago

    AGT will be the BEST season when it is the LAST & FINAL season! Sorry AGT groupies, its getting old. The large groups, dancers & "dangerous" performers never win, tired of the the "repeat" attempts that failed on the past seasons.

  37. Joel Otto

    Joel OttoMonth ago

    Full-time insect unfortunately delicate infrastructure grow very boost earth trap.

  38. Comelite Lesch

    Comelite LeschMonth ago

    Great argument Ellen. "the world's got talent"

  39. Latina Abroad

    Latina AbroadMonth ago

    People don't get it... This is a very satirical episode about duchess of sussex which made me LAUGH so LAUD!!! No one knew her before Harry!!! Lol! I love this show!!!

  40. Charles Bingley

    Charles BingleyMonth ago

    Latina Abroad Have you ever seen the series 'Suits'?

  41. cheekyoziechick

    cheekyoziechickMonth ago

    Howie doesn't realize how funny he is.. He just takes it in his stride...

  42. Martijn Koldijk

    Martijn KoldijkMonth ago

    Ellen doesn’t realize that he’s Canadian... America’s got talent....

  43. Isabelle Valencia

    Isabelle ValenciaMonth ago

    Ellen I love your videos I wish I could watch your shows but I don’t have that channel so I ALWAYS watch you on MReporter

  44. Heidi Renouf

    Heidi RenoufMonth ago

    No snow...Ellen USA no snow. Got Disney/ Hollywood and you Ellen.

  45. mini ahokan

    mini ahokanMonth ago

    Agt is kinda weird now a days... Quality of talent is severaly low

  46. Lyn Kent

    Lyn KentMonth ago

    This guy is full off BS!

  47. María Laura Berges

    María Laura BergesMonth ago

    ellen america no es USA.....

  48. lucy spierings

    lucy spieringsMonth ago

    01:00 when Howie talked about AGT and said people with big careers in Amsterdam. I think he's talking about Glennis Grace

  49. Mao Lor

    Mao LorMonth ago

    Who rejects an invitation to a royal wedding???? TWICE!?!

  50. Laurie St Lyon

    Laurie St LyonMonth ago was a JOKE!

  51. V Steed

    V SteedMonth ago

    he was joking.

  52. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El DakkourMonth ago

    Mao Lor exactly

  53. Erik Sivec

    Erik SivecMonth ago

    whats parapharnelia?

  54. R Haynes

    R HaynesMonth ago

    He was weird as shit

  55. Jack Beanstalk

    Jack BeanstalkMonth ago

    Ellen DeGeneres is sick in the head and one ugly dyke all Dykes and fagets should be put in prison

  56. Chris xxxcorbett

    Chris xxxcorbettMonth ago

    Bald chris corbett

  57. Blue Adkins

    Blue AdkinsMonth ago


  58. cotton witch

    cotton witchMonth ago


  59. Nina Turner

    Nina TurnerMonth ago

    I prefer to keep my opinions to myself,but this guy got me triggered.

  60. Do Do

    Do DoMonth ago

    ellen seems off with him and when he touched her wow

  61. dYLan iTaCHi

    dYLan iTaCHiMonth ago

    as much as i like howie on agt, the problem with his interviews in ellen is i often forget who is the host here because they both act like one.

  62. Frenchy

    FrenchyMonth ago

    what an awkward interview between two host. Ellen handled that really well.

  63. E P

    E PMonth ago

    Hahahahahah Howie is so unapologetically nutty I love him.

  64. neony **

    neony **Month ago

    The way she says hilarious 1:36

  65. Adela Coleman

    Adela ColemanMonth ago

    I love ellen she is the best i wached every one of her showes i went to lv and i wanted to see her but no i can't afford to go to her showes but want to i love you ellen

  66. Sha Money

    Sha MoneyMonth ago

    Self proclaimed germophobe just touched Ellen like 3xs

  67. ashleymitts

    ashleymittsMonth ago

    neishah duffaut if he was that into not touching people then how in the hell could he have had kids then? LMFAO

  68. 11Cassaroo11

    11Cassaroo11Month ago

    He will still touch people. He does fist bumps all the time. He just doesn’t shake hands or share drinks/food and stuff like that. He’s not against every form of contact.

  69. BradIsAwesome2

    BradIsAwesome2Month ago

    Who knew Meghan before she dated Harry? Edit: I learned from Deal or No Deal

  70. BradIsAwesome2

    BradIsAwesome221 day ago

    Vamanos Ninja season 2 the middle case 24 sometimes case 11

  71. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja22 days ago

    Arvind R She was in that? I don't remember.

  72. 4daluvofnikki

    4daluvofnikkiMonth ago

    I did.

  73. Tecky Toes

    Tecky ToesMonth ago

    BradIsAwesome2 i did loved suits

  74. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El DakkourMonth ago

    Yeah,on Suits.

  75. Gifty Agyekum

    Gifty AgyekumMonth ago

    Oh! dear The comments I'm reading about this interview is just interesting 🙂

  76. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El DakkourMonth ago

    Gifty Agyekum it’s interesting to see,how i wasn’t the only one who felt he was trying to hard to be funny and that the interview was awkward.

  77. Markie Harper

    Markie HarperMonth ago

    Nobody knows I can sing :)

  78. 78Skylynd Enderle-Schaffer

    78Skylynd Enderle-SchafferMonth ago

    love u ellen

  79. SweetBabyJames78

    SweetBabyJames78Month ago

    Adhd in a nutshell, he is awesome 😁

  80. SebbyKuro1

    SebbyKuro1Month ago

    Howie= me trying to show relatives what I got for Christmas on the 26th. xD

  81. Charlie lopez

    Charlie lopezMonth ago

    What Howie Mendell just said on the show about Megan Markle saying the next Princess of duches is Totally fake news I don't believe that.

  82. Katrina Elle

    Katrina ElleMonth ago

    Lmao joke flew over your head

  83. Kristi Licea

    Kristi LiceaMonth ago

    Charlie lopez it was a joke

  84. Vijay Chaturvedi

    Vijay ChaturvediMonth ago

    This interview was AWKWARD!!

  85. Julissa Velilla

    Julissa VelillaMonth ago

    Is that Mary Poppins' bag? Hahaha there was so much stuff in there!

  86. Miscellaneous Stuff

    Miscellaneous StuffMonth ago

    The world got talent, Ellen is right

  87. Maggie_ 246

    Maggie_ 246Month ago

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments

  88. Brutus Tan

    Brutus Tan3 days ago

    Maggie_ 246 ‘sup

  89. It’s Jae

    It’s Jae17 days ago


  90. Leah Acosta

    Leah AcostaMonth ago

    Maggie_ 246 sup

  91. Sunaika Adolphus

    Sunaika AdolphusMonth ago


  92. Tantee Zuunzuun Juney

    Tantee Zuunzuun JuneyMonth ago

    Maggie_ 246 hi 😂

  93. Fortnite Basher

    Fortnite BasherMonth ago

    America's got talent is fake

  94. Ellie Grace

    Ellie GraceMonth ago

    none of the Judges are American

  95. Billary Clinton

    Billary ClintonMonth ago

    Americans can’t think of original tv programmes lol

  96. Janina Leli

    Janina LeliMonth ago

    Howie:Keeps handing stuff to Ellen. Ellen: grabbing the stuff trying to host a talk show :howie taking over: lolll

  97. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    Janina Leli kiss wmsiepebus Ifmenfn

  98. Fun Megan

    Fun MeganMonth ago

    I love you Ellen

  99. Yassiin Abdi

    Yassiin AbdiMonth ago

    I love you Ellen DeGeneres

  100. inar Tuwinda

    inar TuwindaMonth ago


  101. Sandra Radhay

    Sandra RadhayMonth ago

    I love you Ellen I am from Trinidad can I be on your show I have a great,great story to tell you.Please just give me a chance thank you.

  102. Mohamed Mezgout

    Mohamed MezgoutMonth ago

    I prefer British got talent ! is the biggest

  103. Ry.the.Stunner

    Ry.the.Stunner20 days ago

    I watch both. America's Got Talent is far superior to Britain's Got Talent this season. I enjoy both, but the American version wins this season.

  104. English Garden

    English GardenMonth ago

    Mohamed Mezgout Britain

  105. Robert Trail

    Robert TrailMonth ago

    I agree. I watch Britain's Got Talent on MReporter and it's much better than America's Got Talent. The judges are definitely better on BGT; although, Simon is on both.

  106. Brianna&Mia Gymnasts

    Brianna&Mia GymnastsMonth ago

    Dab Science lol

  107. London Xx

    London XxMonth ago

    Maybe not the biggest but it’s without a doubt better than America’s

  108. Typical Known

    Typical KnownMonth ago

    Hello I just finished a new house 🏠 was the new Christmas Eve and your dad is going out and we have

  109. Marsei Meider

    Marsei MeiderMonth ago

    'people with big careers in Amsterdam' he's probably talking about Glennis Grace

  110. Paul Lucce

    Paul LucceMonth ago


  111. cristina solano

    cristina solanoMonth ago

    He's touching Ellen, what a surprise!

  112. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    Kimberly Duarte to me something to eat and

  113. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    cristina solano ifibvd hrii Dhuru. Dgydir Dhyr hir dhur. Due to the fact you are not feeling

  114. Kimberly Duarte

    Kimberly DuarteMonth ago

    cristina solano she seems clean too him 😂😂😂😂

  115. Sophia Jarrett Bridge

    Sophia Jarrett BridgeMonth ago

    I think its mostly hand shakes that he has a problem with. In this video he touched her on her sleeve..

  116. Brianna Ray

    Brianna RayMonth ago

    We didnt find it offensive, we found it surprising. He only just recently started being willing to fist bump people. He still wont even shake peoples hands most of the time, because of his fear of germs. We are just noticing he has come a long way from how he use to be. No need to be rude.

  117. orel faiman

    orel faimanMonth ago

    13 for Jewish is lucky though

  118. J Knox

    J KnoxMonth ago

    my mate is jewish. Has a house the size of a shopping centre. So do his cousins. They do okay. ;)

  119. orel faiman

    orel faimanMonth ago

    Bob Jones 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  120. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesMonth ago

    orel faiman Jews aren't exactly the luckiest people in the world tho...

  121. lc11214

    lc11214Month ago

    Here he is germaphobic guy! I heard he washes his hands a lot.

  122. Azure Mind

    Azure MindMonth ago

    he has OCD. It's difficult for him.

  123. The K Crew

    The K CrewMonth ago

    Dang! If I got invited to a royal wedding, I would 100% go!

  124. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El DakkourMonth ago

    V Steed yeah,we know

  125. The K Crew

    The K CrewMonth ago

    I know. I’m not dumb.

  126. V Steed

    V SteedMonth ago

    it was a joke. he didn't get invited.

  127. Kinda El Dakkour

    Kinda El DakkourMonth ago

    The K Crew same

  128. Oladapo Okunlola

    Oladapo OkunlolaMonth ago

    Wow you were invited TWICE to attend a Royal Wedding and you said no for no reason apparently and yet you buy the royal wedding merchandise. Makes no sense.

  129. Ry.the.Stunner

    Ry.the.Stunner20 days ago

    He was joking about being invited.

  130. Rachel Bell

    Rachel BellMonth ago

    He wasn't​ serious it was a joke

  131. fortnite good

    fortnite goodMonth ago


  132. jme

    jmeMonth ago

    Dear God the end was awkward

  133. SisBro Sings

    SisBro Sings26 days ago

    jme ik

  134. SivajAiril-TV PNG

    SivajAiril-TV PNGMonth ago

    you are most welcome.. iloveu

  135. jme

    jmeMonth ago

    SivajAiril-TV PNG thanks

  136. SivajAiril-TV PNG

    SivajAiril-TV PNGMonth ago

    jme you are so beautiful

  137. Max

    MaxMonth ago

    Please. How many times does Howie say." This is the best season ever!"

  138. Dab Science

    Dab ScienceMonth ago

    To be fair, Got Talent is one of the only shows that proves to be pretty consistent each year. Worth watching and even more so if you fast forward through all the sentimental bullshit.

  139. Casey Conway

    Casey ConwayMonth ago

    It seems like every time 🤣

  140. Jackie Ciser

    Jackie CiserMonth ago

    Max 13 seasons so I'm drunk for a couple of years already😂

  141. Pratichhya and Pratiza

    Pratichhya and PratizaMonth ago

    I love this show

  142. SayanK Bose

    SayanK BoseMonth ago

    It's actually World's Got Talent. In past America was made on the back of Black slaves but today's America is made by people from all over the globe. If we remove every foreign help from American history there's barely anything left. Actually what America has done, is they provided the world a stage and the talents made history but was written as American history not global.

  143. SouthBay 310

    SouthBay 310Month ago


  144. anonymous-dudette

    anonymous-dudetteMonth ago

    SayanK Bose what are you attempting to say lmao

  145. HDD Kdkd Bdbfjf

    HDD Kdkd BdbfjfMonth ago


  146. Keylor Swift

    Keylor SwiftMonth ago

    what if The Sacred Riana Came to the american's got talent again?

  147. SonOfEire3

    SonOfEire3Month ago

    ...Something seemed so off here. Like he was trying to be funny be he just came as unnerving.

  148. Preston Ferry

    Preston Ferry25 days ago

    SonOfEire3 why do you say that?

  149. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    SonOfEire3 lsbsgowhyeie.hdgyege

  150. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    Rachel Bell ciegudur.. you d Gysivyr I am

  151. Amanda Vo

    Amanda VoMonth ago

    SonOfEire3 ntsisnhs Sgywueymy.uegegs

  152. mookiesmith18

    mookiesmith18Month ago

    I don't know I thought he was funny.

  153. Amber Kang

    Amber KangMonth ago

    Here early

  154. Mohamed Elmi

    Mohamed ElmiMonth ago

    Trying too much to be funny

  155. Natalija Vučetić

    Natalija VučetićMonth ago

    Beofore 1000?