1. Yusree Doloh

    Yusree Doloh14 hours ago

    I love this movie ❣️

  2. Huda

    Huda6 days ago

    I don't want this to end😭😭

  3. Huda

    Huda7 days ago


  4. Sentient Android

    Sentient Android8 days ago

    this was such a beautiful series seriously.

  5. noteworthinessxx

    noteworthinessxx10 days ago

    From the creators of shrek and turbo

  6. shafiyah official

    shafiyah official10 days ago


  7. Dazzling Cate

    Dazzling Cate17 days ago

    am I the only one who cried during this movie?

  8. Savage King

    Savage King18 days ago

    They need to make another one my favorite movie of all time 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  9. jiachen hong

    jiachen hong18 days ago

    Does Ed sheeran works with this film

  10. SHAISTA Habib

    SHAISTA Habib19 days ago

    ed sherren

  11. WillBrink

    WillBrink21 day ago

    If you enjoyed the first two, you'll enjoy The Hidden World. Like the the others, the visuals and CGI are A+, but the dialogue and story gets cheesy and hokey at times, much more so then the last two installments. Worth a watch if you like the great CGI/visuals and a fun story line, but this franchise has runs its course for sure... B+

  12. Josh Park

    Josh Park23 days ago

    well, in the end, they approached a similar ending to the books. Too much fighting and hunting, so they made the dragon leave (not to a hidden world, but rather just into the ocean and deep beneath the earth). and that's also why i'm pretty sure this is the absolute final, this movie built up to releasing the dragons and be able to live without them. they won't just bring them back, especially when we get a flash forward at the end

  13. Josh Park

    Josh Park23 days ago


  14. Andre lame

    Andre lame24 days ago

    They should make How To Train Your Dragon 4

  15. VM Channel

    VM Channel24 days ago

    Some of these clips never appeared in the movie.

  16. The Dragon Thief

    The Dragon Thief27 days ago

    In hindsight, does anyone else notice that there are a lot of shots in this trailer that never appeared in the final film? What happened to them?

  17. Kasim Mohammed

    Kasim Mohammed28 days ago


  18. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago

    My Favorite Movie Of all time

  19. Rocio Raña

    Rocio RañaMonth ago

    I like the new DreamWorks logo

  20. Bunky Munky

    Bunky MunkyMonth ago


  21. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago

    I Want Part four too

  22. Cosmic Storm Camper

    Cosmic Storm CamperMonth ago

    Im 16 and i was 8 years old since the first movie came out... Any teenagers there? 👇

  23. Emon Gaming

    Emon GamingMonth ago

    When HTTYD 4 Come ? I Want More!!!!MOREEEEE

  24. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago


  25. Mayun 07

    Mayun 07Month ago

    So no Viggo? Ryker? Dagur? Nothing from the show on cbbc?

  26. Noah Ayres

    Noah AyresMonth ago

    This was such a great movie. I also hope there will be a Monsters vs Aliens 2.

  27. Aizurre

    AizurreMonth ago

    Just watched this movie and I LOVE IT! I remember when i was a little boy i went to the cinemas with my family to watch the first How To Train Your Dragon in 3D and i loved it, ever since then How To Train Your Dragon has been my favourite movie Dreamworks have produced and i really do hope they make another one maybe based in real life but yeah, THANK YOU SO MUCH DREAMWORKS for making this movie! How to train your dragon will have a deep place in my heart and forever will be treasured ❤️🔐 thank you. 😭 🐉

  28. elit3spartan3 _

    elit3spartan3 _Month ago

    This movie only goes to the hidden world once

  29. Cristina Lopez

    Cristina LopezMonth ago

    this is my childhood TOOTHLESS X LIGHT FURY lovely couple

  30. •Xenian•_ _•Sun•

    •Xenian•_ _•Sun•Month ago

    You know, Grimmel on second Russian)

  31. unlucky LTU

    unlucky LTUMonth ago

    Go to my account for free movie

  32. Joseph Fraser

    Joseph FraserMonth ago

    the beginning of this makes me want to cry because I miss being a kid and enjoying this movie series

  33. Hamza Kattaa

    Hamza KattaaMonth ago

    Wow that's nice

  34. kristian PH

    kristian PHMonth ago

    I remember that song, that is castle on the hill anyway its my favorite song on 2015 days

  35. Lallu Lallu

    Lallu LalluMonth ago

    We are eagerly waiting for part-4 if possible 🙏😣

  36. Doug Cannon

    Doug CannonMonth ago

    *If you're nothing without the dragon* *Then you shouldn't have it*

  37. Wiranya Wichitnark

    Wiranya WichitnarkMonth ago

    This movie made me cry.

  38. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago


  39. Hud Adnan

    Hud AdnanMonth ago

    Why would I wanna watch the movie ? I just saw the best part of it

  40. Henry Munarriz

    Henry Munarriz2 months ago

    thanks for how to train your dragon the hidden world but it also made me feel. Is it the last dreamworks movie? Or are there gonna be more?

  41. ARC-77 Fordo

    ARC-77 Fordo2 months ago

    This is one of the few movie franchises that made a perfect trilogy.

  42. Jenn who

    Jenn who2 months ago

    I love this movie so much! So sad it's the end😭😭😭😭😭

  43. ruben van heerden

    ruben van heerden2 months ago

    After watching the movie I cried like a little baby!!😂

  44. Delta Coy

    Delta Coy2 months ago

    I watched the full movie its cool toothless has 3 childrens and hicup has 2 and his married and toothless can turn invisble and her wife and childrens too

  45. Briana Demetrescu

    Briana Demetrescu2 months ago

    I love the light fury!😃😍

  46. Jenny Hart

    Jenny Hart2 months ago

    1:02 Fireworms! From riders of Berk and Race to the Edge! They're canon!

  47. Desi Bollywood

    Desi Bollywood2 months ago

    For how to train you dragon 4 .you have to pick the story when night furry come to rescue the villages from a big problem

  48. Blank D

    Blank D2 months ago

    Sorry to say but the third movie is it no sequel

  49. Aravind Gopal

    Aravind Gopal2 months ago

    What an amazing series to watch

  50. varun dhar

    varun dhar2 months ago

    Here after watching this movie ! Heartbreaking but Satisfying ending !😍😍😥😥 *One of the best movie franchise ever*

  51. Pew Brad

    Pew Brad2 months ago

    Who else was saddened by the movie end and director confirming that the franchise has come to an end? I mean this franchise has all of my childhood and there will be no more from this franchise. When they allow the dragon to go live free, I cried there and in the last scene when hiccup has grown and had kids that appeared to me really emotional and just couldn't help myself but cry. They were so consistent in this. In 2010, How to Train Your Dragon, In 2014, after 4 Years How To Train Your Dragon 2, In 2019, after 5 Years, How To Train Your Dragon 3. The gap between the movies was good and then they deliver what 4-5 years of wait worth. I am all heartbroken by this franchise, they should have taken a little more time and have at least created 7-10 movies before coming to an end despite the fact that it is based on the novel or they should never have come to an end. I could wait for another 10 years if they release How To Train Your Dragon 4, but that's not happening. I may not watch the 3rd ever again only the first just to remind me of my childhood and I also want to have some hope, watching the first one can help me heal the pain. Today is the saddest day of my life.

  52. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago


  53. Hadja Julpa Isabelo

    Hadja Julpa Isabelo2 months ago


  54. Aidan Vu

    Aidan Vu2 months ago


  55. Aleksandra Lekszycka

    Aleksandra Lekszycka2 months ago

    they completely changed the scene when Toothless first encounters the Light Fury! the trailer has scenes and lines that do not appear in the actual movie : / like when Astrid says 'did she just disappear?' or where Hiccup's presence accidentally scares off the Light Fury Toothless looks back at him irritated... I actually liked those!

  56. MaddieTheCatLover MeowMeowMeowMew

    MaddieTheCatLover MeowMeowMeowMew2 months ago


  57. Artward the Hermit Artist

    Artward the Hermit Artist2 months ago

    WARNING, POSSIBLE SPOILER ABOUT GRIMMEL!: . . Has anyone else realized that Grimmel is kinda like a twisted, dark version of Hiccup? Everyone complains about him being a flat character, but I find him to be very interesting and has a good motive and objective for his hatred of dragons. Yeah, Drago was evil, but Grimmel is a whole different story. His dialogue, his intelligence and his knowledge on how to capture dragons MIRRORS the knowledge that young Hiccup possessed when he was a teen boy. Even Grimmel's words: "When I was a boy, I slain a night fury where it slept. This simple act of courage made me a hero in my village", that is EXACTLY WHAT HICCUP WANTED TO DO TO IMPRESS HIS DAD AND BE A HERO, if he had slain Toothless. Call me crazy about this fan theory, but I think Grimmel is an alternate version or "evil twin" of Hiccup, if Hiccup had slain Toothless in a different version of Berk, where Night Fury's are abundant.

  58. Blank D

    Blank D2 months ago

    Yeah that's basically been confirmed by the creators in all movies hiccup never had to face someone like him or at least as intelligent as him before since the first movie was the red death and while the second movie drago had brawn he wasn't as smart as hiccup completely relying on the alpha

  59. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson2 months ago

    0:42 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Another Night Fury!!!!?

  60. Sultan Shaikh

    Sultan Shaikh2 months ago

    "There were dragons when I was a boy" I started crying so hard the soft tune and the scene it was all perfect 😭😭😭😭😭

  61. Диас Уалиханов

    Диас Уалиханов2 months ago

    This a last film

  62. Диас Уалиханов

    Диас Уалиханов2 months ago


  63. Wicked Oreo

    Wicked Oreo2 months ago

    I might be late for this but.... I just transferred this movie to "masterpieces" folder.

  64. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago


  65. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago

    My childhood

  66. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago

    Will have the 4

  67. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago

    Will have the 4

  68. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago

    Will have the 4

  69. FreeFire BR Gameplay

    FreeFire BR Gameplay2 months ago

    Will have the 4

  70. Kingsman - Aeronology

    Kingsman - Aeronology2 months ago

    0:07 - 0:19 song pleaseeew

  71. Ruel Lopez

    Ruel Lopez2 months ago

    My name hiccup and the phone is me

  72. Ossy Koi

    Ossy Koi2 months ago

    I'm so sad that this is it...

  73. ali Ar

    ali Ar2 months ago

    It s moive great

  74. Sharon Thornton

    Sharon Thornton2 months ago

    hiccup didnt just tame a night fury he tamed the alfa of all night furys

  75. Flamingo Boi

    Flamingo Boi2 months ago

    0:30 He sounds like Mimir from god of war 4

  76. William Chitwood

    William Chitwood2 months ago

    I just finished watching the movie and I gotta say, it's been an honor and true pleasure going on this journey with Hiccup, Toothless, and gang. I'm sad to see it go but all great journeys must come to an end. The great thing about the whole thing is now I can start all over again from movie one 😄

  77. Imelda

    Imelda2 months ago

    It is true, very awesome, I,ve seen it at home, no need to watch anywhere

  78. Sahib Preet

    Sahib Preet2 months ago

    0:30 they edited the baby dragons, people who saw the movie know not gonna spoil the fun

  79. TNL UnKnown

    TNL UnKnown2 months ago

    Is this the last of the movie? No, 10 more please

  80. Shyler Lover

    Shyler Lover2 months ago

    After watching this movie, I was seriously one millimeter away from sobbing my eyes out. I had tears in my eyes. What a great ending to a fantastic series, DreamWorks. This movie was so much more action-filled and more serious than the first and second movie and I am rating this movie five stars. Great work! I’ll miss you, HTTYD (And Hiccstrid!)😘

  81. lightdudee

    lightdudee2 months ago

    I have watched the ending of the move 4 times I love toothless

  82. mrirurfkjsdo

    mrirurfkjsdo2 months ago

    Quite ridiculous animals after G.O.T !

  83. Mila Goeminne

    Mila Goeminne2 months ago

    I am so sad theres not gonna come a 4th movie :(

  84. Yeontan Pokpok

    Yeontan Pokpok2 months ago

    What is the title of the song?

  85. GaminG CrEed

    GaminG CrEed2 months ago

    i'm excited much more than a 10yo children

  86. jankapa 0605

    jankapa 06052 months ago

    so ice

  87. Sharwani T

    Sharwani T2 months ago

    I saw that movie in hindi 3 D

  88. Kingken130

    Kingken1302 months ago

    Can't wait to see the deleted scenes

  89. radish

    radish2 months ago

    0:02 looks like coco

  90. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago

    miguel? maybe

  91. MHK 77

    MHK 772 months ago

    Please make more vids or movies of this show please

  92. PresidentWordSalad

    PresidentWordSalad2 months ago

    You know how this movie will end just by the trailer. :(

  93. tiger lily

    tiger lily2 months ago

    So I heard that DreamWorks is doing a collab with Sephora to start a new beauty line called "Grimmel London". It's supposed to make you look younger and give you the energy of a 20-something even if you're an old man with white hair. You beauty gurus here on MReporter heard it here first, hit me up on your next Sephora haul review.

  94. G Money 196

    G Money 1962 months ago

    Awesome movie. Definitely the best way to end the trilogy. 7.6/10

  95. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago

    For me its 10/10

  96. Brynzie Lukasiak

    Brynzie Lukasiak2 months ago

    Who’s here after watching it! My fav franchise is over 😭

  97. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago


  98. Zarina A113

    Zarina A1132 months ago

    More then a quarter of these scenes are either edited from what is actually in the film or not in the film at all. And I'm not even upset! It's that good!

  99. Kinen. GACHA life

    Kinen. GACHA life2 months ago

    I’ve seen this and it’s awesome I just want u to make another movie about the kids

  100. Dinesh Dk

    Dinesh Dk2 months ago

    Night Fury + light Fury =twilight furies😘

  101. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago


  102. John

    John2 months ago

    Today I am going to watch this movie

  103. InDIMeir YT

    InDIMeir YTMonth ago

    oh nice

  104. Ryan Rushmore

    Ryan Rushmore2 months ago

    I watched the movie and it's sad at the end. I felt bad for toothless at one part of the movie. Please Disney if u see this, make a 4th one PLEASE

  105. Swanay Mohanty

    Swanay Mohanty2 months ago

    I cried at the theater!!! the end of the most loved trilogy!

  106. Teresa Nguyen

    Teresa Nguyen2 months ago

    what is the name of the song at 0:06?!?!

  107. Jonathon Huerta

    Jonathon Huerta3 months ago

    Make the full movie

  108. Priya Jadhav

    Priya Jadhav3 months ago

    Why is this the conclusion 😢

  109. Nattalie Mercado

    Nattalie Mercado3 months ago

    I'm sooo not prepared for this

  110. Johnny Jokes

    Johnny Jokes3 months ago

    This movie was amazing its so sad it had to end

  111. Madison Madison

    Madison Madison3 months ago

    Light *furry*

  112. Anurag Narayanan

    Anurag Narayanan3 months ago

    2:20 looks like the cow in minecraft😁