1. KnightofDuroch

    KnightofDuroch9 days ago

    "There were dragons..." Wait, what? "When I was a boy" Don't... "Where they went..." I can't...

  2. Destr0yer GG

    Destr0yer GG10 days ago

    Whats the song in the first 25 seconds? Can someone tell me?

  3. Destr0yer GG

    Destr0yer GG10 days ago

    Bring out another series movie like race to the edge, or I will eat you and sue you.

  4. Dr Commando

    Dr Commando10 days ago

    Are we going to see his mother in the movie

  5. Kelly Hanlin

    Kelly Hanlin10 days ago

    like toothless isn't called a "black fury"

  6. Kelly Hanlin

    Kelly Hanlin10 days ago

    i want the "light fury" to be named "ender fury" light fury is offensive

  7. Adrianna Torella

    Adrianna Torella10 days ago

    2:07 looks epic

  8. Mythical.illusion

    Mythical.illusion10 days ago

    For those people who are wondering the first 25 seconds of the trailer is a song called *Wheres Hiccup* it comes in at about 1:40 in the song

  9. Lang JayJay

    Lang JayJay10 days ago

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wanna watch that movie right now like right now!

  10. TheMormonSorceress

    TheMormonSorceress10 days ago

    Wear's Valka?

  11. Chloe Terrace

    Chloe Terrace10 days ago

    The mating call of toothless. I'm gonna miss this tho.

  12. Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed10 days ago

    I can’t wait to see the movie but I’m so sad that this is the end 😢😢😢

  13. lesvy bacallao

    lesvy bacallao11 days ago


  14. zombie z

    zombie z11 days ago

    If anyone dies I will cry every day

  15. Matthew Anibal

    Matthew Anibal11 days ago

    Sadly i see the end of the movie being hiccup letting toothless go to be with the lightfury, watching them fly off together into the sunset

  16. Duchessechat AJ

    Duchessechat AJ11 days ago

    0:23 Toothless looks different...

  17. fluffy seepy14

    fluffy seepy1411 days ago

    i can not wait for this to come out it's going to be so good. i'm so exited and sad because it is ending. only if it could go on forever!

  18. Horzila The Warrior

    Horzila The Warrior11 days ago

    It's way too awesome! ! ! !

  19. Horzila The Warrior

    Horzila The Warrior11 days ago


  20. ZeusDNK

    ZeusDNK11 days ago

    0:22 damn Hiccup where did you get those

  21. Răzvan 14

    Răzvan 1411 days ago

    I can not wait to see the movie I'm so excited

  22. BangtanVideos

    BangtanVideos11 days ago

    Alright..astrid looks older and hiccup doesn't? What? 😂

  23. Jacqueline Silverbell

    Jacqueline Silverbell11 days ago

    question:: and u better answer it HOW IS TOOTHLESS FLYING WITHOUT HICCUP???

  24. Emily Weiss

    Emily Weiss11 days ago

    I remember the first movie coming out when I was seven. I'm going to be sixteen this winter and if anyone asks, this series was, and will always be my favorite.

  25. Panda potato

    Panda potato12 days ago

    Yay hiccup has kids

  26. The Ebek

    The Ebek12 days ago

    Does anyone know the title of the song during which the hiccups speak "there were dragons, when I was a boy"? Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland

  27. hamza fallahi

    hamza fallahi12 days ago

    The end of a beautiful story 😭


    DARK DISTRORIY12 days ago

    Hi! How to train your dragon 3 sachi ne avanu 6??? The fake news 6 ke nai??

  29. ella mae xx

    ella mae xx12 days ago

    omg omg omg

  30. Ayyub

    Ayyub12 days ago

    I hope there's a series after this like httyd 2

  31. Yasmin Dudek

    Yasmin Dudek12 days ago

    One more thing XD dreamworks is my most favorite company IN ALL HISTORY

  32. Yasmin Dudek

    Yasmin Dudek12 days ago

    Hiccup looks rlly different I feel like he should of looked that way in how to train your dragon 2 but it's perfect as always

  33. Yasmin Dudek

    Yasmin Dudek12 days ago

    I love How to train your dragon it's my childhood favorite movie sometimes I dream that I'm at berk idk why XD but it's so dam good!!!!!!

  34. Jericho Strayker

    Jericho Strayker12 days ago

    Hm I can see several ways to continue this if it goes how I think it will.

  35. xd ProtoGod

    xd ProtoGod12 days ago

    "when he was a boy"

  36. slim

    slim12 days ago

    Wait let me ask you one question the cuphead movie release on September 27th 2018

  37. slim

    slim12 days ago

    You should have made the DreamWorks movie called the cuphead movie I'll be play as cup at this time

  38. Jazz Harden

    Jazz Harden12 days ago

    Toothless is like Thor in dragon version he's thorns mighty hammer

  39. Sai anime guy

    Sai anime guy12 days ago

    The soft music and the flash backs at the start almost made me cry the end of the franchise it has been 8 years since httyd started and it ends now

  40. Kizzmot Rey

    Kizzmot Rey12 days ago

    why is this making me cry?

  41. Kingtv2006

    Kingtv200612 days ago

    This is probably the 100th time i watched this trailer "How to train your Dragon" is my favorite movie

  42. Eleftherios

    Eleftherios13 days ago

    Anyone else noticing that at 0:27 Hiccup is old with Toothless and 2:10 "its u and me bud, always!"

  43. Sankar Dwarpaul

    Sankar Dwarpaul13 days ago

    Can't wait for it I watch it like everyday

  44. Ava Manni

    Ava Manni13 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to get my friends together to cosplay all the characters' new outfits?

  45. ReveGamePlayPL DragonCity

    ReveGamePlayPL DragonCity13 days ago

    2:20 *this is gonna be my fav moment in the movie*

  46. jordan brymer

    jordan brymer13 days ago

    Im 24 yrs old and love this series. It will be very emotional on release day

  47. Jackson Krieger

    Jackson Krieger13 days ago

    Gave me chills the whole entire time

  48. Huginn Evuson

    Huginn Evuson13 days ago

    The universal logo looks like a glass of water with ice.

  49. Jaslie Sitoy

    Jaslie Sitoy13 days ago

    the intro feels like hiccup telling his children that dragons exist. but toothless is not within anymore T_T

  50. Naser Hssen

    Naser Hssen13 days ago


  51. Jalu Prayoga

    Jalu Prayoga13 days ago

    The best DreamWorks cartoon has been made.


    MUSTAFA GAMES13 days ago


  53. Koala Pick

    Koala Pick13 days ago


  54. Koala Pick

    Koala Pick13 days ago

    I would really really love it

  55. Koala Pick

    Koala Pick13 days ago

    Can youl make more of dragons like more shows and movies

  56. 8BitBall x

    8BitBall x13 days ago

    Put me in a coma and wake me up till this is out

  57. LPS_Milkyway

    LPS_Milkyway13 days ago

    This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  58. seasonal Toothless

    seasonal Toothless13 days ago

    2:07 Hiccups left leg vs. right. Is the whole leg metal now???

  59. Syrup Hat

    Syrup Hat14 days ago

    Aaw! The two dragons are so cute! They look like a cute Ying yang!

  60. Syrup Hat

    Syrup Hat14 days ago

    Are Hiccup and Astrid engaged yet or what?

  61. Johannes Gustafsson

    Johannes Gustafsson14 days ago

    I'm super hyped for this movie

  62. Alan Gamer

    Alan Gamer14 days ago

    how to train your dragon 3 its the last?

  63. Oscar Perez Lujan

    Oscar Perez Lujan14 days ago

    I'm a fan I love you people who made this movie thank you

  64. SkeeBplayz

    SkeeBplayz14 days ago

    What if DreamWorks and Universal makes a How To Train Your Dragon 4?

  65. Eleftherios

    Eleftherios14 days ago

    Just for some people to know..... this is what happens in the end of the book. After that Luna (the light fury) and the dragon rebellion decide to go into permanent hiding in the Northern oceans, until such time as humans can be trusted to live in peace with dragons, while Toothless and the remaining Dragons decide to stay with Hiccup and the others. The epilogue shows an elderly Hiccup who had built a new kingdom of harmony on Tomorrow where humans and dragons live in peace, but describing how the dragons which had been common in his youth were now rare sights, and how bards were writing stories which described dragons as mythological. - So Astrid and Hiccup and still together. As well as Toothless and Hiccup and so are the rest of the Dragon Riders and their dragons!

  66. Zoha’sAwesomeWorld

    Zoha’sAwesomeWorld14 days ago

    I want to watch this

  67. Apache Kitty

    Apache Kitty14 days ago

    I wanna see this now

  68. jordanplaysGTA5 andmorevideogames

    jordanplaysGTA5 andmorevideogames14 days ago

    Yo the trailer made me cry but at the end it made me laugh

  69. Wigga Mcwiggins

    Wigga Mcwiggins14 days ago

    Im so hyped for this movie and i honestly hope jonsi is on the soundtrack again

  70. Venuswolf31

    Venuswolf3114 days ago

    what are these Emotions i have been a fan of How to Train Your Dragon ever since i was 5 (aka when the first movie came out) ......i'm not crying you're crying.........

  71. Michiii_

    Michiii_15 days ago

    2:13 am I blind or this Night Fury has a complete tail???

  72. Michiii_

    Michiii_15 days ago

    There were dragons? There WERE? If Toothless dies, I'm gonna die too

  73. GamerCarl1234

    GamerCarl123415 days ago

    please dont let the hidden world be the last. can you guys make a serie

  74. yeah yeah

    yeah yeah15 days ago


  75. Victoria Sharpe

    Victoria Sharpe15 days ago

    WAIT IS HICCSTRID IN THIS?! hiccup+astrid, toothless+light fury GREY FURY!so im cray cray xD

  76. Lorddirt

    Lorddirt15 days ago

    COME ON... 2019. MUST WATCH IT NOWWW!!!!

  77. Nova Ivatt-Oakley

    Nova Ivatt-Oakley15 days ago

    We were watching it and this is what happened: "There were dragons when I was a boy." My brother: "Now he's a girl"

  78. Funtime Lucky

    Funtime Lucky15 days ago

    I love this show I’ve watched the episodes so much I’ve watched them 100,000

  79. Niece Holon

    Niece Holon15 days ago


  80. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews15 days ago


  81. Pizzahutlover PIZZA G

    Pizzahutlover PIZZA G15 days ago

    What if stormfly dies and astrid will have the light furry ?

  82. stacee polly

    stacee polly16 days ago

    yes!a light fury cant wait!

  83. Hiccup Miz

    Hiccup Miz16 days ago

    Hey if the movie comes so download it from ******.com OK

  84. Mr. Kyu

    Mr. Kyu16 days ago

    Am i the only one that misses the dad? (forgot his name ;-;)

  85. Dutchy The Dutch Angel Drago

    Dutchy The Dutch Angel Drago16 days ago


  86. ZANNA

    ZANNA16 days ago


  87. minecraft boy 223

    minecraft boy 22316 days ago

    1:38 because asgard is a people not a place

  88. Renata Boles

    Renata Boles16 days ago

    What is with the beard scene and the rest of the movie with no beard? Toothless purple lightning scene gives me goosebumps every time. This is the final movie and then like 20 years later no one will remember it and it will be sad. Can’t wait to se this movie love How to train your dragon! I was expecting Toothless’ GF would be another night fury. Too bad we won’t be able to see Hiccup’s family or Toothless a father. Oh well! Still funny for everyone to love!

  89. OhManHolyShit JK

    OhManHolyShit JK16 days ago

    I'm gonna cry oml

  90. i love puppies!!! 221

    i love puppies!!! 22116 days ago

    It’s cute when hiccup still calls toothless bud

  91. Ellie Crane

    Ellie Crane17 days ago

    My whole childhood coming to an end, This is going to be so emotional i cried at the trailer...!

  92. RebelRatchet

    RebelRatchet17 days ago

    Hey DreamWorks, can you guys do me a favor and release the trailer version of Castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran? I like it a lot. P.S. you don't have to release a full version, I like it like it is. :)

  93. StiffPringles

    StiffPringles17 days ago

    Anyone else think toothless is a titan wing

  94. StiffPringles

    StiffPringles17 days ago

    I still don’t get hiccup with a beard

  95. Aiden Yoong Hanifah

    Aiden Yoong Hanifah17 days ago

    0:45 if you pause here, you can see that toothless has the other wing on his tail and it's BLACK.

  96. Anh Tran

    Anh Tran17 days ago

    wow!!! beautiful......

  97. Tyla Baxter

    Tyla Baxter17 days ago

    I can't wait for this movie and i can't wait to see it

  98. Suasage Biscuit

    Suasage Biscuit17 days ago

    where can i find the piano music in the beginning?

  99. lisa simpson

    lisa simpson17 days ago

    shoot your shot 2019

  100. LoudWiki

    LoudWiki17 days ago

    Ok I'm freaking out already did Hipcup just said in the begining, "There were dragons when I was a boy." Is it low key saying that they disappear in the end like extinction.