1. Emily c

    Emily c5 months ago

    Ive struggled with anxiety for a long time but my parents dont know. A few days ago i had a huge panic attack in the cinema and all i could hear was my heart beating and my legs kept shaking. I couldnt stand properly and everything was so overwhelming and scary. Videos like these are helping to give me the courage to tell my parent what ive been going through despite being scared that they would never understand. Thank you.

  2. Sarah Butt

    Sarah Butt8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you do your inpatient treatment for panic disorder? I have been looking for a good program

  3. Jenny Park

    Jenny Park8 months ago

    you guys are soooo funny!!! i usually listen to podcasts while i work out but i can't listen to you guys in private because i start laughing out loud like a crazy person! 😂 I LOVE YOU GUYS

  4. Wonderland Adventures

    Wonderland Adventures8 months ago

    In South Africa where I live people aren't very aware of mental illness and they feel really uncomfortable when I tell them I suffer from anxiety. There is also an attitude that "I am strong enough to not be on medication and only crazy people are on medication". Even though I am in the health sciences I still feel that people judge me a lot when I tell them about my anxiety. Just in the last week two responses I got were "Oh wow." That's it. So I'm too scared to tell my supervisors about it... I think if I need a mental health day I might just tell them I have flu...

  5. Ilana Feldman

    Ilana Feldman9 months ago

    Kate is so hard on Kelsey. Like get over yourself.

  6. Just Because24

    Just Because249 months ago

    Kelsey looks amazing

  7. Nicole Chacon

    Nicole Chacon9 months ago

    kate looks so pretty here :) i love you guys both

  8. Sydney Fishman

    Sydney Fishman9 months ago

    You should look up what DeMar DeRozen (another basketball player) said about his struggle with depression. It's great to see famous men with lots of influence be open about mental illness, and thank you for being open too!

  9. Cassandra G

    Cassandra G9 months ago

    For a perfect explanation of being a bold, loud extrovert with anxiety:

  10. joelgooseman

    joelgooseman9 months ago

    I hope As\is gets shut down

  11. erin armstrong

    erin armstrong9 months ago

    shaving => usually 'more coarse' hair thats harder waxing => usually 'softer' hair that isn't nearly as pokey at least in my experience!

  12. ibro khan

    ibro khan9 months ago

    Panic attacks are awful 😣😣 Gets me to ER!!

  13. Ana Diaz

    Ana Diaz9 months ago

    What book is Kelsey talking about??

  14. Mihaela Jermilova

    Mihaela Jermilova9 months ago

    Aaaa compote the most slavic of foods, pronunced kom-pot

  15. DragonDancer

    DragonDancer9 months ago

    Years ago, how I told my now-fiance about my depression was super casual cause I was scared to have a serious conversation: Fiance: do you have any food with you? Me: um... Lemme look in my purse... No, just chapstick and antidepressants.

  16. Tigress_Free2BeMe

    Tigress_Free2BeMe9 months ago

    Kelsey, Wow it sounds like you had anaphylaxis of your gut. I have a Mast Cell disease and reactions of the stomach are common. Ana of the gut can come on fairly quick. You could confuse that with food poisoning. Next time this happens take benedryl or an antihistamine. But honestly any type of anaphylaxis should be a trip to the ER. One of the signs of anaphylaxis is also anxiety with the sense of impending doom. It seriously sounds like you might be allergic or reactive to something. I know you are still trying to figure out your immune issues and health issues. I think you should ask your Doctor about being checked for a Mast Cell Disease or something that could cause anaphylaxis of the gut. Sounds like your body is having some histamine issues possibly? I have been listening to your videos for a few days now and everything you talk about is symptoms and signs of the same stuff I deal with.

  17. Rachel A Madej

    Rachel A Madej9 months ago

    Seriously love this podcast. As a peiveledged white pansexual female it of course speaks to me on a very personal level. I also enjoy hearing Kate's side of things being of lower middle class (that's not meant to be offensive or assuming I just hear you, Kate, remark about how you're poor) I would love to hear more about that side of things because it's a weird place to be in. I know I feel so grateful I have a decent job and money enough to get by. But I still don't get paid enough to live on my own, without my family I'd be living with 3 roommates somewhere having to forfeit my car to make rent. And it's hard when my upper middle class friends tell me "anyone can travel, it's not about money" eh. It is. So I love you gals and hearing life from women who are trying their best and I would love to hear more about that in general.

  18. PrisonerOfReidsMind

    PrisonerOfReidsMind9 months ago

    90% of my friends all have mental illness too.... Works great, because we ALL understand if someone has to bail, and there's just about zero hard feelings/disappointment, we just get it.

  19. Lonneke  van Galen

    Lonneke van Galen9 months ago

    how do you deal with someone how doesn't understands it?

  20. ec0608

    ec06089 months ago

    The “German guy” is born in Austria 😉

  21. Sarah McCartney

    Sarah McCartney9 months ago

    Come to Gainesville, Tampa, or Orlando FL!!!

  22. Marie Bunkay

    Marie Bunkay9 months ago

    We don't call it swag darling xx

  23. Tyler-Marie Morancey

    Tyler-Marie Morancey9 months ago

    For years I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Panic Disorder and now more recently Agoraphobia. I have struggled everyday since my first panic attack when I was 3 years old. I have learned to be very open about my mental illness. With my current employer I told them about my anxiety in my very first interview. I told myself before I walked through the doors that I am done hiding it, that I was going to be open and honest about it and if they don’t like it then they won’t hire me and I will move on. They have been wonderful, also I have noticed that I have less generalized anxiety while at work. Sometimes when you keep your mental illness from an employer I think it makes it worse because you are always worried about having an episode at work. Which has happened to me and I ended up with a very large medical bill because my manager at a previous job thought I was in cardiac arrest when I was having a panic attack. Thank you for being open an honest about your mental health!

  24. cathryn973

    cathryn9739 months ago

    where are your animals coming from, check out last chance ranch!

  25. Kolina F

    Kolina F9 months ago

    If you don't want to remember to take the Pill look into Nexaplon

  26. Zairanang

    Zairanang9 months ago

    The audio sounds the same to me.

  27. nessamouseify

    nessamouseify9 months ago

    What is the name of the book that Kelsey was talking about??

  28. Ari Markham

    Ari Markham9 months ago

    the hair... from what I know do not get softer with age the hair just grows less. CAUSE IT'S OLD lol ok back to the professional seriousness

  29. Ari Markham

    Ari Markham9 months ago

    sweet sweet leather puss 😂

  30. Mary Rios

    Mary Rios9 months ago

    One day I had a panic attack right before class started and my professor made me stay even after I said I couldn't.

  31. Bronte Alyce

    Bronte Alyce9 months ago

    You guys NEED to come to Minneapolis MN!!!!! OMG Please please please PLEEEAAAAASSSEEEE!!!!???

  32. Chloe Devlin

    Chloe Devlin9 months ago

    Doctors or vaginal hairdressers can you please tell me how to lather up my panty hamster puuurty please...

  33. Alexis Delores

    Alexis Delores9 months ago

    Thank you two for talking so comfortably about your mental illnesses. You guys are so amazing!

  34. Tyra McKinney

    Tyra McKinney9 months ago

    So hate that problem having to keep turned around in the bathroom stall 😩😭

  35. Shanikah Dwyer

    Shanikah Dwyer9 months ago


  36. Shanikah Dwyer

    Shanikah Dwyer9 months ago

    I tried to tell my ex boyfriend who is now my friend that I get anxiety/panic attacks and it didn't really work out. He kinda just brushed it off like it was nothing to serious or concerning and not taking it as seriously as I think he should have also he was trying to show Pity for Me like I was some fragile thing or something which I did not appreciate it kind of just made me feel awkward which made me regret telling him anything.

  37. Audra Benincasa

    Audra Benincasa9 months ago

    I just want to say that you guys make my mood so much better. I’m currently away at college and overall it’s taken a toll on my mental health, being away from my best friends and not having any friends here in college. I feel like I’m actually hanging out with you guys and having a good time. So thank you guys for being you and being real humans!! 💖

  38. Vince Willems

    Vince Willems9 months ago

    Judicial relevant life confidence stranger blood contemporary respect walk.

  39. John Hightower

    John Hightower9 months ago

    At the top Kate was just thinking about what it would be like to be with me... the answer is terrible, for i am an awful person :P

  40. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole9 months ago

    On another note, I have severe anxiety around nausea and vomiting too. It sucks and I feel you.

  41. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole9 months ago

    Oh honey no.... that’s not food poisoning, everyone knows you can’t eat more than like a quarter of the monte cristo sandwich if you’re not planning on sitting or laying down for at least two hours after 😂 the food wasn’t spoiled it’s just a disgustingly rich sandwich and it WILL wreck you if you’re not prepared for it.

  42. rachel buck

    rachel buck9 months ago

    Ugh my ex boyfriend used to say "you need to just not get so worked up" when I had anxiety and panic attacks. The worst

  43. Taylor Carter

    Taylor Carter9 months ago

    Kelsey you are so brave telling people about your panic attacks. I never tell people because my own mother wants me to medicate myself (which I'm against) and ever since I've opened up about it to her I haven't told anyone else. I told my boyfriend and i think i scared him a little.

  44. Fien

    Fien9 months ago

    hardest thing to explain about mental illness (esp with things like earing disorder, addiction etc) people think its either 1. You being sick, dont want to talk about it, destroying your health and relationships, oblivious to the fact that you have a problem or 2. In recovery, healing, open and honest, knowing you have a problem.. i think this misconception comes from movies or something, but in reality you will realistically have a mental illness, be aware, and fluctuate between wanting to heal and thinking "im gonna kill myself before the age of 25 anyway..."

  45. Olayinka K Daramola

    Olayinka K Daramola9 months ago

    Y’all bugging for the first part of the video ur talking about nothing special and the whole video is 45 minutes I liked the other vids but this is too long and not concise

  46. Lily

    Lily10 months ago

    I've never liked the term 'mental illness'. I have depression, OCD, and get panic attacks, and it makes people with mental illnesses (me) sound psychotic. And when I tell people I have a mental illness, they are like, "Oh, really? Do you have like, psychosis or something? No? So then you must be lying." It's not like we're sick in the mind.

  47. nerine grundlingh

    nerine grundlingh10 months ago

    Thanks for this episode girls. I suffer from anxiety. I was going through a rough patch last year and decided to open up to my employer about what I was going through. I subsequently was assigned fewer and fewer projects and was ultimately let go. I know I am a hard worker and I take pride in the work I present, I've never missed a deadline. Talking to employers is a grey patch in my opinion.

  48. heykelly

    heykelly10 months ago

    Food poisoning usually takes one or two days after eating the affected food to start showing symptoms. Plus your partner who ate the same food didn't have symptoms. Sounds like it wasn't food poisoning honestly, unless it was something you ate the day before

  49. Cassi Dawson

    Cassi Dawson10 months ago

    Sweet sweet leather puss....purse? Hhaahahahahhaahahahuaauua

  50. Erica Maron

    Erica Maron10 months ago

    I shampoo and condition my vag and armpit hair #hairygirls

  51. Audrey Cuthbertson

    Audrey Cuthbertson10 months ago

    No ones said swag since 2011

  52. Krista Phillips

    Krista Phillips10 months ago

    What book was Kelsey talking about? Does anybody know?

  53. Katie Goldsmith

    Katie Goldsmith10 months ago

    I agree so much with what kelsey said about being outgoing but having mental illness. I am very extroverted and when I have told people that I have anxiety and depression they said they did not believe me. Its real crazy that some people believe that, cause being extroverted and around people is like my way to cope when im going through anxiety

  54. Salvidrim

    Salvidrim10 months ago

    9:30 casually flashing your podcast co-host like #nbd

  55. alexis aronson

    alexis aronson10 months ago

    Come to Portland

  56. Taylor Xitco

    Taylor Xitco10 months ago

    Can you do a live show in Los Angeles pls

  57. cmh36

    cmh3610 months ago

    Its crazy when you have an eating disorder, which I have/had, and you hear another person who has one talk about their own experience and its like the exact same as yours. Like they have the same thoughts and such. When kate was talking about when she got in a fight with a friend who said I thought that was you, I've been in the exact same situation.

  58. Emma Sprigle

    Emma Sprigle10 months ago

    I just love them so much.

  59. Vegetarians Taste Better

    Vegetarians Taste Better10 months ago

    Your pubes get thinner as you age. I'm a nurse and some elderly ladies have like no hair

  60. luhole

    luhole10 months ago

    In the beginning it looked like you guys were in 2 different rooms and the videos were sliced next to each other, and then Kelsey's arm moved into the right section and my brain freaked out momentarily.

  61. alice

    alice10 months ago

    omg when there was a plane there was a plane here in Sydney as well

  62. enstef

    enstef10 months ago

    Why does Kate feel weird about giving advice? I think it’s ok to talk about what you’re experiencing openly if you are comfortable because it can help others going through the same thing...

  63. enstef

    enstef10 months ago

    I have struggled with mental health issues for most of my life and it’s still hard for me to explain to people.

  64. A g a p e C a f e

    A g a p e C a f e10 months ago

    For the dating with a mental illness topic you should really see @KatieMorton’s video on it.

  65. Moonlight Shadows

    Moonlight Shadows10 months ago

    love these chats. wish i knew you both in real life. I've so many things in common with you both. keep up the great work ladies you're doing fab xx

  66. Total_ Outcast

    Total_ Outcast10 months ago

    Can you bring Deven on as a guest for another mental health podcast? She can talk about a different mental illness since she had anorexia for a long time

  67. Lindsay Faveau

    Lindsay Faveau10 months ago

    This is making me feel so empowered. I am confinced that I have a mental illness, but I keep denying myself. And I am still young so there isn't really anything I can do about it. But thank you!

  68. Stacey Sheehan

    Stacey Sheehan10 months ago

    You guys should go read the happiness trap such a good book and has some very good techniques to help control anxiety and depression

  69. ChronicAly Blooming

    ChronicAly Blooming10 months ago

    DFW Texas!!!!!!!!!!

  70. jess ms

    jess ms10 months ago

    That really helped me and I always felt like people dont really understands having panic attacks because I never met someone who really have them but what you explained was really what I feel and I feel less alone thank you I always felt like people would say its a excuse or like every one has it like you said

  71. Casey Vaclavik

    Casey Vaclavik10 months ago

    I thought Kate looked really pretty in this episode.

  72. Hayley Campbell

    Hayley Campbell10 months ago

    i've had 2 doctors tell me I have an anxiety disorder but i still don't feel like my anxiety is bad enough to be considered a disorder. It's weird, idk how to explain it really. So many of my friends who have anxiety disorders seems worse than me, but i guess it's a spectrum. I guess when you put up with something so terrible for so long it becomes normal and you get so good at managing it and dealing with it. Like feeling anxious all the time is what i'm used to, it's my 'normal' even though is isn't actually normal.......

  73. thisisme

    thisisme10 months ago

    Kate seems jealous of Kelsey and she keeps shutting her down.. I get why but she is not good influence. I would rather listen to Kesley’s podcast alone.

  74. Hayley Campbell

    Hayley Campbell10 months ago

    is kelsey bipolar? i saw her in a bipolar buzzfeed video

  75. 8Dsara

    8Dsara10 months ago

    kate is super annoying in this one.... stop questioning Kelsey about what she's saying and making her have to explain herself

  76. Ambree K

    Ambree K10 months ago

    I have MDD and an anxiety disorder, for over 15 years. After I was an adult, I used an outgoing personality as an act/cover up. Like at work. But in my “real life” I am the total opposite

  77. Karen Robles

    Karen Robles10 months ago

    Sooo glaaaadd to see you ladies again!!!! I really enjoyed this episode .< so I'm with you Kels!! Good on you for being honest w your bf and telling him what you need, and sounds like he is supportive so yay! Looking forward to your next episode, love you girls

  78. Clarence Thomas III & Joseph Smith

    Clarence Thomas III & Joseph Smith10 months ago

    Hi Kate and Kelsey! Clarence Thomas III here. I'll be coming up there Friday March 30th to the event from Atlanta, GA! Can't wait to meet you both and watch the show. See you ladies there!

  79. Andrew Barna

    Andrew Barna10 months ago

    Please stop singing at the start

  80. Tawnya Willey

    Tawnya Willey10 months ago

    Kate u look so glowy today!!

  81. Crazy WoolLady

    Crazy WoolLady10 months ago

    Compote is pronounced like compost without the "s"

  82. Itzayanna Rubio

    Itzayanna Rubio10 months ago

    Idk what it was but Kate killed me more than usual today 😂

  83. VekiMaki

    VekiMaki10 months ago

    I love how thoroughly you guys dive into your issues. It sounds a lot like my inner thoughts and how I would speak to someone I trust about life struggles. It's super cathartic. Thanks :)

  84. Rhea Rose

    Rhea Rose10 months ago

    I wish that if you guys were going to talk about mental health, you’d actually seek out people with other disorders aside from the very common Depression and Anxiety. Those are NOT hard to talk about with other people, in comparison to Anti-Social Personality Disorder (which is rare for women to have, and is something people don’t understand and love to toss psychopath/sociopath out there like they know what it truly feels like to have that), or Psychosis or a recovering Schizophrenic? Someone who has something that’s outside the normal scope of “mental health issues that are safe to talk about because everyone memes about anxiety and depression.”

  85. Xjustlookatmex

    Xjustlookatmex10 months ago

    I just don't make a taboo from it. I take it as a part of myself, that way is way better if I can tell the person that I've got panic attack right now and it will go away in a few minutes but for now I'm a little bit nervous and I don't really know what's going on. I don't see any stigma in it, if somebody has a problem with that then it 'is their problem not mine :D

  86. Bridget Cain

    Bridget Cain10 months ago

    You guys HAVE to do another show in philly at some point. I'm moving there this summer and couldn't make it to the one on the 30th!

  87. Isabelle Petit

    Isabelle Petit10 months ago

    What's there email anyone?

  88. Sofie Lulu

    Sofie Lulu10 months ago

    PLEASE bring Mamrie on the podcast!!!!

  89. WifeMomTeacherLife

    WifeMomTeacherLife10 months ago

    Kelsey said that her boyfriend went into "fixer mode". I have been with my husband for 19 years and I also deal with anxiety and depression. When we were first dating, he would do the same kind of things and I think it's because they want us to be okay but they also feel so incredibly helpless in those moments. Men have an innate need to make everything okay (just my opinion), especially with their significant other and their children. My husband knows now to let me handle it my way. If we're in the car and I have a panic attack, I need complete silence so he turns the radio off and quiets our children. He has learned what I need in every situation so the attacks don't last as long now.

  90. Maren Q

    Maren Q10 months ago

    I use coconut oil to condition my puss hair. Just let it soak in for a few mins in the shower. Feels like a kitty

  91. Rohma24

    Rohma2410 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the way Kelsey held 3 on her hands hahahaah? 45:14

  92. Maria Daniels

    Maria Daniels10 months ago

    As a former CNA in long term care I can tell you that as you age the hair down there does get finer and softer and sometimes falls out completely. I would just deep condition like Kelsey said (btw I love you Kelsey 😍)

  93. notpointed

    notpointed10 months ago

    I was genuinely interested in the topic. But then time went on and on and they were still talking about random nonsense, bickering, advertising... So yeah, I couldn't even get to the interesting topic, especially since the description has no timecodes.

  94. Buse Vickers

    Buse Vickers10 months ago

    Is it just me or does Kate seem different? I hope she is ok x

  95. Vespertina

    Vespertina10 months ago

    Maybe it wasn't food poisoning? My panic attacks sound exactly like what you described, my entire body feels like it is on fire/sweating like the worst illness you've ever had, followed by my body feeling like it's gone to spaghetti, followed by the feeling or sometimes puking/explosive butt confetti with the lingering feeling of adrenaline rush and shaking. The odd thing is I only have this type of panic attack in the shower (warm/hot water so now i strictly shower cold), so maybe it is related to claustrophobic environments? I dunno, I have several different types of panic attacks but they all seem to stick to the same type depending on the trigger. *rambles* so much love to both of you, it makes me feel so not alone to hear you two talk about these things. 😘💖

  96. JessaKate

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  97. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel10 months ago

    In regards to the pubic hair conversion I would like to mention that shaving right before your period makes wiping much easier and causes less toilet paper use it may not be for everyone but I don’t like picking out clots from the curls in the shower

  98. Christopher Keith

    Christopher Keith10 months ago

    Good episode !

  99. Harmony gaugh

    Harmony gaugh10 months ago

    Do a show in sf

  100. Kaylieeelynn

    Kaylieeelynn10 months ago

    I absolutely love the podcast and truly support both women. However, I have noticed in recent episodes the podcast is more focused on Kelsey’s relationship and her perspective more so than a balance of both women. It’s starting to become a repetitive “what did Kelsey do on the weekend with her boyfriend” I understand being excited about a new relationship and those new steps in a relationship. however, I would love Kate’s perspective more and an open conversation without so many interruptions, without a diagnosis type of conversation! Just a personal opinion, I could be totally off! Either Way i love both of you and only interject my opinion bc I truly care about the podcast and it’s content!