How To Stand Up To A Bully!


  1. Olivia Sui

    Olivia SuiYear ago

    AM I A BULLY??!!!

  2. Chaz Sowersby

    Chaz Sowersby15 days ago

    OFC N0T

  3. FaMe Killer

    FaMe Killer20 days ago


  4. Anime God

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  5. Dee Naylor

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  6. Katelynn Nguyen

    Katelynn Nguyen3 months ago

    Of course not

  7. bretton everything

    bretton everything6 hours ago


  8. Sayain Commander

    Sayain CommanderDay ago

    Stop this bullying bullying does not make you better

  9. Thatoneguynobody 372

    Thatoneguynobody 372Day ago

    How is Olivia bullying Shayne he is like a thousand times stronger and bigger

  10. KennyBenny 53

    KennyBenny 532 days ago


  11. Seth

    Seth2 days ago

    I feel like they're high asf during this video

  12. Tomato Boi

    Tomato Boi3 days ago

    what ever happened to Anthony and Ethan?

  13. Tomato Boi

    Tomato Boi3 days ago

    im sorry I meant Ian

  14. Xavier Miller

    Xavier Miller4 days ago

    Hmm I’m going to show this to my guidance counselor 🤔😁

  15. TheXug

    TheXug4 days ago

    The person with the biggest muscles on the Smosh squad getting bullied by the smallest person on the Smosh squad. No offense to Olivia.

  16. Goh Rue

    Goh Rue4 days ago

    Shane you should have stab in the guts multiple times

  17. ziyaad Azuan

    ziyaad Azuan4 days ago

    Shayane if you got bully.get revenge 😈😈

  18. Geo Gacko

    Geo Gacko4 days ago

    I thought Shayne qas the bully he looks like it

  19. SCHyperBud

    SCHyperBud7 days ago

    Omg I have a broken arm but I can still play baseball XD

  20. DC4

    DC49 days ago

    Blood is red Hell is hot I see anyone who bullies me He’s gonna get shot *racks shotgun

  21. Ya girl wolfie Gaming

    Ya girl wolfie Gaming11 days ago

    No ur not!

  22. ATEL Tube

    ATEL Tube11 days ago

    This video makes me sad

  23. Unhappy Smiles Official

    Unhappy Smiles Official11 days ago

    “Ya can’t just stab someone in the gut”

  24. Pokemon Derp

    Pokemon Derp11 days ago

    Just my opinion, but I think Shayne would have kicked Olivia's butt

  25. caelin drish

    caelin drish12 days ago

    you cant just stehab someone in the gehut

  26. KG Skates

    KG Skates12 days ago

    It's cute how Olivia try's to be mean

  27. Cheri Gould

    Cheri Gould12 days ago

    Nooooooooo! Your not a bully!

  28. Saulito Ramirez

    Saulito Ramirez12 days ago

    Bully are not sacaré

  29. Saulito Ramirez

    Saulito Ramirez12 days ago

    If a bulle push me i will fight how

  30. Saulito Ramirez

    Saulito Ramirez12 days ago

    Make real Video

  31. vlastimir z

    vlastimir z12 days ago

    some of my friends say we killed then all and we ran away and now polices are just trying to get us all and we died in the fire c: lol just kiding im the only ok one

  32. William Gillespie

    William Gillespie12 days ago

    My mom every day

  33. ABU ReNeon

    ABU ReNeon12 days ago

    Why you bully dis duuuuuuuuuude

  34. Utt3r prism

    Utt3r prism13 days ago

    When will you learn your action have consequences you fricken fricks

  35. Brandon and Nathan Blum

    Brandon and Nathan Blum13 days ago

    Your 38

  36. 9 5

    9 514 days ago

    Olivia's self-esteem was obliterated

  37. Rhom

    Rhom14 days ago

    My sister's name is Olivia

  38. Kay the kidd

    Kay the kidd14 days ago

    Asian people must be tripping

  39. In perfect Mimi

    In perfect Mimi14 days ago

    I was laughing so hard when ian was talking to shane

  40. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah15 days ago

    This isn’t even smosh anymore

  41. TheNiceWolf

    TheNiceWolf15 days ago

    WoA yOu CaNt jUst *StEaB* a PeRsOn In ThE *gEuT*

  42. LammaTrain Animations

    LammaTrain Animations15 days ago

    really good advice fam

  43. Leticia Muanda

    Leticia Muanda16 days ago

    you shuld do every bully erver

  44. Francis Alfonso

    Francis Alfonso16 days ago

    Ian (broken arm)*plays ball with the broken arm* amazing!

  45. Hello

    Hello17 days ago

    Oh no no

  46. IzzyTheUnicorn King

    IzzyTheUnicorn King18 days ago

    I love to go fishing in my office.

  47. dhruvik shah

    dhruvik shah18 days ago

    ian speaks like a baby

  48. Madara Ērenštreite

    Madara Ērenštreite18 days ago

    Paldies Par Tiešraidi Mēs! CAST: Ian Hecox Shayne Topp Keith Leak Jr Courtney Miller

  49. Andrei Amza

    Andrei Amza18 days ago

    Sorry 1:29 ahem HOLY SHIT

  50. Andrei Amza

    Andrei Amza18 days ago

    1:35 HOLY SHIT

  51. Wyatt Tiberia

    Wyatt Tiberia19 days ago

    Just kick them in you already now.

  52. AA GAMER

    AA GAMER19 days ago

    Simple don’t bully

  53. Spicy Boi

    Spicy Boi19 days ago

    This is hilarious but meaningful. Aka the perfect video

  54. Just a normal Asian

    Just a normal Asian19 days ago

    I wonder how many bullies watched this and ether Got really mad or sad

  55. Eric plesca

    Eric plesca20 days ago

    Whenever I say that to a bully guess wuat happens.... They still kick my ass

  56. Etta Stone

    Etta Stone21 day ago

    I’m so sorry but.... It’s a bit..... Cheesy... BUT I LOVE THE MESSAGE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  57. Qwerty Qwertovich

    Qwerty Qwertovich21 day ago

    I mean this is not particilary bad, but its just soooo not smoooh

  58. Salisha Jaimungal

    Salisha Jaimungal22 days ago

    I can't see Olivia as a bully

  59. Salisha Jaimungal

    Salisha Jaimungal22 days ago

    Olivia you are are bully

  60. Salisha Jaimungal

    Salisha Jaimungal22 days ago

    Hi I love your channel you are the best youtuber ever

  61. migthymike58 get a dub

    migthymike58 get a dub22 days ago

    shanye top of line acting

  62. Eevee Lover

    Eevee Lover22 days ago

    Ian says that Shayne saying thx dad is weird but he was just peeing on his hands😂

  63. Bruce Doingthings

    Bruce Doingthings22 days ago

    100% effective

  64. Zane Dotson

    Zane Dotson23 days ago

    thank for reminding me i’m going to beat the shit out my bully thanks smosh

  65. iam Youngesky

    iam Youngesky23 days ago

    I started being a bully bc when i was little i use to get bullied nobody would hang out with me and i want them to feel how i feel so i stode up to them and said no and they keeped not leaving me alone so thats my lifeD:

  66. Kj187 81

    Kj187 8123 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  67. Aidan Van Reysner

    Aidan Van Reysner23 days ago

    No bullying PSA in a nutshell

  68. Lucas Garner

    Lucas Garner24 days ago

    When she bullied him again why didn't he just stab her 32 times when she bullied him again

  69. Dark Vulcan

    Dark Vulcan24 days ago

    How do you break your arm/neck stabbing yourself in the foot?

  70. Dark Vulcan

    Dark Vulcan24 days ago

    Put a cardboard stencil that says "Stop Bullying" on them, Spray paint it blue so their shirt says "Stop Bullying," Then Anthony pop out of a nearby locker/hole/wherever he was hiding and scream "SHUT UP!" at them.

  71. Gimme Dat Chicken

    Gimme Dat Chicken24 days ago

    I wish they put this on in the auditorium at my school for an anti-bullying seminar.

  72. Shaurya The Great

    Shaurya The Great24 days ago

    Why doesn't Shane beat her up?

  73. AFL 2

    AFL 224 days ago

    This I what I do I get my ✊ then hit them across the face the kick them also smack there head on the concrete then laugh like they did to me 😀😅😅

  74. XxspookydinoXx y

    XxspookydinoXx y25 days ago

    Did you guys notice that he was swinging his arm like his arm isn't broken lol 2:00

  75. Uniquely Me

    Uniquely Me25 days ago

    The fact that Olivia is smaller than Shayne makes it even funnier

  76. Izzyizman 21

    Izzyizman 2125 days ago

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  77. Elora H.D.

    Elora H.D.25 days ago

    Part 2pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Elora H.D.

    Elora H.D.25 days ago

    The gangrene challenge 😂

  79. Brett Axon

    Brett Axon25 days ago

    “You can’t just stiab a person in the giut”

  80. Abbi Pile

    Abbi Pile25 days ago

    Once i called the police on my bully and im going to court tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  81. Tanya Lucente

    Tanya Lucente25 days ago

    No you are not

  82. Nhơn Trương Thị

    Nhơn Trương Thị26 days ago

    Where anthony

  83. Sprinklez17

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  84. Longhill Alexander

    Longhill Alexander26 days ago

    Olivia is a great actor, cause she made me mad XD

  85. Notalent Productions

    Notalent Productions27 days ago

    You can't just styabb a person in the gyut

  86. JAM Wytonick

    JAM Wytonick27 days ago

    Welp imma go to the bathroom for another hand fixing- Ian 2018

  87. Bro P3rfect

    Bro P3rfect27 days ago

    IF i was shayne i would kill Olivia

  88. I MET sk3tch and morgenne /Ghaxvies

    I MET sk3tch and morgenne /Ghaxvies28 days ago

    Olivia swore

  89. Mieke Hermans

    Mieke Hermans28 days ago

    “Dad, I’m hungry,” says lil’ bud. “Hi hungry, I’m Dad!”says dad. -that threw me off-

  90. RandomR4

    RandomR428 days ago

    This made me feel bad for shayne, Olivia did good for her role.

  91. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire27 days ago

    Same, they're genuinely good actors

  92. Very scary ll

    Very scary ll29 days ago

    I wanna do that

  93. Noahsnoah Fan

    Noahsnoah Fan29 days ago

    Hi Olivia

  94. Fiadul Haque

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  95. OverWatcher Guy

    OverWatcher GuyMonth ago

    You can’t just stYab a person in the gYut

  96. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire27 days ago

    Apparently that wasn't in the script which makes it funnier

  97. Raven NeedHam

    Raven NeedHamMonth ago

    *walks in and see them hurt them self* Me: oh god😣

  98. BoltyBoi

    BoltyBoiMonth ago

    You can’t just steab a person in the guet

  99. BoltyBoi

    BoltyBoiMonth ago

    Ian’s speech is the best part. DEFINITELY

  100. Tamar ax

    Tamar axMonth ago

    Expectation : this video Reality: *bully punches you*

  101. cute _pqndq

    cute _pqndqMonth ago

    I like how Ian moves his hand multiple times

  102. MD Harun

    MD HarunMonth ago

    anthony were

  103. Ben Batty

    Ben BattyMonth ago

    Oliver is a bully

  104. Oliver Lock

    Oliver LockMonth ago

    How are you playing a game with a broken arm?!

  105. DaisyloveXx .lovexX

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  106. Coal

    CoalMonth ago

    5:16 be like

  107. Umer The Clumsy Tube

    Umer The Clumsy TubeMonth ago

    This is the best anti bully ad ever

  108. Umer The Clumsy Tube

    Umer The Clumsy TubeMonth ago

    I was shayne, I would've no joke beat the vagina outta her, idc if it was a girl or a boy