How To Stand Up To A Bully!


  1. Smosh Olivia

    Smosh Olivia7 months ago

    AM I A BULLY??!!!

  2. kitteh cool

    kitteh coolMonth ago

    OOOOOOOOoOOOooOOoOOoH 499 replies!?!?!? Im gonna waste the last reply and say... Yes of course ur rude.

  3. TangoMangoLango

    TangoMangoLango2 months ago

    Smosh Olivia yes

  4. Mackenzie Reeve

    Mackenzie Reeve2 months ago

    Smosh Olivia You’re not a bully

  5. Gigi Is a unicorn

    Gigi Is a unicorn2 months ago


  6. Thicc Boi

    Thicc Boi2 months ago

    NO U AINT. I LOVE U! 😀😃

  7. Alexzz gods

    Alexzz gods11 hours ago

    Olivia IS A CAT AND SHAYNE IS A DAWWWGGGGG i like how Olivia is trying to be mean😂😂



    Azari is a bully

  9. Chill Nation

    Chill NationDay ago

    Awww those boys are so friendly

  10. galturok a

    galturok a2 days ago

    If Sumer one bully me I'm gunu bête the prson

  11. 100 subcribers with no videos?

    100 subcribers with no videos?3 days ago


  12. Ingrowncactus25

    Ingrowncactus253 days ago

    This is the first video I saw your channel

  13. Mr. Fleesta

    Mr. Fleesta4 days ago

    I would let you bully me, Olivia.

  14. P

    P5 days ago

    that does NOT work in real life... sadly

  15. Tamara Togo

    Tamara Togo6 days ago

    Oliva is sooooo fucking pretty

  16. Five nights At Samuel’s

    Five nights At Samuel’s6 days ago

    Ha lol... seriously though

  17. Conrad Perry

    Conrad Perry7 days ago

    Shane and Ian are only 4 years apart???

  18. love hearts

    love hearts7 days ago

    poor shane

  19. trendingcat

    trendingcat9 days ago

    She is not a bully she is a robber

  20. Yuzz Editz

    Yuzz Editz10 days ago

    Dont press read more Read more

  21. RAGE

    RAGE11 days ago

    If i was shayne i will say "so what. Oh thats why your bullying me beacuase you still have your PERIODS!!@

  22. exo&BTSfangal

    exo&BTSfangal11 days ago

    The guy with the glasses sounds adorable and caring. Even if it’s acting, it’s really sweet.

  23. iron man

    iron man12 days ago

    Bully just bully and ask for money because their parents are broke

  24. Sky Dogan-Alkan

    Sky Dogan-Alkan12 days ago

    Worst vidieo ever

  25. Cyber Dalek

    Cyber Dalek14 days ago

    I wish that's how it work, but no. It's not.

  26. GingerBoi

    GingerBoi14 days ago

    How do you think that this would've gone if IOlivia was switched with any man.

  27. Adam Edge Copeland

    Adam Edge Copeland14 days ago

    Well, Sean should've stabbed her in the gut after all

  28. Adam Edge Copeland

    Adam Edge Copeland14 days ago

    Olivia being a bully is hilarious

  29. koto

    koto15 days ago

    So next time she start's bullyyinngg you hmfh you gotta stand up for yourself buddy *throw's ball in amazing accuracy*

  30. Didactic

    Didactic16 days ago


  31. TDS SandyGamer

    TDS SandyGamer17 days ago

    Kill meh self plez

  32. Stupid Dweller

    Stupid Dweller17 days ago

    Shane got beaten up by a girl and Shane looks like the strongest person in smosh

  33. Foxy Plays

    Foxy Plays17 days ago


  34. Cloak Vampire

    Cloak Vampire17 days ago

    i mean im always going to be watching

  35. Cloak Vampire

    Cloak Vampire17 days ago

    olivia yes you are a bully i am a big fan of shane and if you you bully him more be careful when you sleep i am always be watching p.s. i am not santa btw

  36. Jack gaming

    Jack gaming19 days ago

    1:31 that sounded like a Hard Punch

  37. coretunk

    coretunk19 days ago

    Bring Anthony back

  38. FortNite Rage

    FortNite Rage20 days ago

    Did she actually punch shane

  39. JamaicanRain

    JamaicanRain20 days ago

    That dad scene was a call out to all the the dad weirdos out there. ;-) And that "this is video is offensive" video was also a callout. When Smosh calls you guys out, hear the call and heed it!

  40. MysteryMan65

    MysteryMan6520 days ago

    *S W A L L O W T H E T O O T H*

  41. Joshua Kallon

    Joshua Kallon20 days ago

    Olivia Don’t Be And a**Hole

  42. lol

    lol20 days ago

    i like how the person (aka olivia) is bullying a guy who is clearly so much stronger and can most likely beat the shit out of her if he tried. hes 3x bigger than olivia.

  43. Magnets & magic

    Magnets & magic20 days ago

    Why didnt you guys call this video "typical highschool movie"?

  44. Kyle Dunlap

    Kyle Dunlap21 day ago

    I love the smallest person was bullying the biggest person...

  45. Druid Josh

    Druid Josh21 day ago

    When teachers say, hey just say i dont like that. Its like what!

  46. Bob Cena

    Bob Cena22 days ago

    Answear kys

  47. Ethan Rzepka

    Ethan Rzepka22 days ago

    Hey random person scrolling threw the comments Have a good day

  48. IamHYY Fortnite & More

    IamHYY Fortnite & More22 days ago

    Ian has a broken hand and is still able to do sports

  49. Pirate King

    Pirate King22 days ago

    Bully the bully

  50. André / Pyroghoul

    André / Pyroghoul23 days ago

    Is it bad that I like bully Olivia more than classic Olivia?

  51. KittenCat Playz

    KittenCat Playz23 days ago

    Dude that speech is actually inspiring me I don’t know why XD thanks anyways dude

  52. Mr. DinoSaures HD

    Mr. DinoSaures HD23 days ago

    I miss Anthony :(

  53. Katie Kat

    Katie Kat23 days ago

    Show this to people who get bullied

  54. Damien Callaly

    Damien Callaly23 days ago

    I need calcium ha

  55. Gamer carl Marcus arsenio

    Gamer carl Marcus arsenio24 days ago

    This is me i tried to say it to my bully well it did not work

  56. Basic_Ben

    Basic_Ben24 days ago

    "Thanks Dad"

  57. Spark

    Spark24 days ago

    Shayne and Olivia then had sex because they were alone and horny XD

  58. 𝓁𝑒𝒶𝒽

    𝓁𝑒𝒶𝒽24 days ago

    " Shayne! No! _Stop_ "

  59. Nils Huges

    Nils Huges24 days ago

    “You can’t just stab someone in the geut” You can’t shit 🚑🚓 ah poop sickle

  60. William Wilkinson

    William Wilkinson25 days ago

    remeber this you can come inside when you have my money bitch yes sir

  61. Brayden Munro 2

    Brayden Munro 225 days ago

    How to stand up to a bully in 2018 Turn off your damn phone

  62. The Stupidity Boss

    The Stupidity Boss25 days ago

    Hold on. A video where Shayne doesn't scream?!

  63. Snike

    Snike26 days ago

    I hate bullies i was bullied 2 hated my life then but i knew one day it will stop and it did so if you are being dont worry it will stop one day 👊❤

  64. Nesta Williams

    Nesta Williams26 days ago

    My mum said,"If anyone bullies you,then punch them in da face" Thanks for the advice Mum

  65. Name Last

    Name Last27 days ago

    muscular Shane who goes to gym and is twice as big as Olivia get bullied by her... Logic... oh right, the world states its immoral for men to raise hands on women aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  66. Spiceboy9000

    Spiceboy900027 days ago

    Im surprised this wasn't sponsored by any anti bullying companies

  67. Genesis Guevarra

    Genesis Guevarra27 days ago

    Yep maybe but its acting soo no

  68. NiDas 12

    NiDas 1228 days ago

    If the roles were reversed.... everyone thinks a girl hitting a guy is ok but not the other way around that's BULLSHIT

  69. The Taentarctic Galaxy

    The Taentarctic Galaxy28 days ago

    Don’t sit down to them.

  70. wasimodoone1

    wasimodoone129 days ago

    Finally smoosh taught me something

  71. Fluffy Jackie

    Fluffy Jackie29 days ago

    What a nice dad

  72. Kor Xion

    Kor XionMonth ago

    She's asian tho, when do you see asian people bully others beside their own kind.

  73. Junior Rol

    Junior RolMonth ago

    I am a bully to

  74. FRIDAYAYHEY coolguy992

    FRIDAYAYHEY coolguy992Month ago

    He should of stab her 20 times

  75. Anshula Kumar

    Anshula KumarMonth ago

    Quality acting 👌🏽😂

  76. Sapphire Skits

    Sapphire SkitsMonth ago

    What happend to ian?

  77. Gally Ecanme

    Gally EcanmeMonth ago


  78. Gally Ecanme

    Gally EcanmeMonth ago


  79. question everything

    question everythingMonth ago

    Anyone else get the most amazing boner by tuff oliva?

  80. Tyler Wesolick

    Tyler WesolickMonth ago

    Ian!!!! Acting was weird

  81. Peyton Mcclain

    Peyton McclainMonth ago

    I don't understand how anyone could ever feel threatened by olivia

  82. Otaku Chan097

    Otaku Chan097Month ago

    I have been bullied before. But stood up for myself by literally pushing my bully to the ground till they cried, and than I roasted them when they told me: repeat after me. Me: repeat after me. Him: I am dumb Me: oh how did you know? Why yes you are dumb, I’m sorry for you’re family for raising a dumb child. And than I walked off, and he starred at me confused, lmao

  83. Team Laddy

    Team LaddyMonth ago

    My friend thinks that I have to get if the swing because he is the Vice President of “team doy”

  84. Kellan Duncan

    Kellan DuncanMonth ago

    I love this video so much just because I like hearing Olivia, the most innocent looking person there, call Shayne names like DickNuts

  85. Michael M

    Michael MMonth ago

    If You Bully No Friends And You Just Hate Boys And You Just Beat Him Up BULLY AND YOU ARE NOONE FRIEND Don t Be Mean

  86. Michael M

    Michael MMonth ago

    You Are A Bully Is A Meanest one and Just say stop Nice

  87. Justin Studio

    Justin StudioMonth ago

    if your bullied act like a psycho so they are scard

  88. Garinzo YT

    Garinzo YTMonth ago

    i really wanna punch that bully in the face

  89. fuck this shit im out

    fuck this shit im outMonth ago

    *I NEEDED THE CALSIUM!* f u olivia 18

  90. Xtopher706

    Xtopher706Month ago

    Bet 100 buck every time Olivia tried to be mean she said sorry after like 10 times

  91. ImNaterTater

    ImNaterTaterMonth ago

    I standed up to a bully once I broke his arm and broke his jaw and got sent to ISS for 2 days

  92. Soren77

    Soren77Month ago

    This is not how it works but the end was very accurate

  93. sans

    sansMonth ago

    Olivia bullied someone, that's a first

  94. R_3D Inc.

    R_3D Inc.Month ago

    Bully bully bully (two weels later) news:olivia is a bully

  95. Robert Salm

    Robert SalmMonth ago

    wait did you guys just make screaming noises and knif sounds just for more money and all this drama shit

  96. Robert Salm

    Robert SalmMonth ago

    And what the hell is rong with you guys and girls like wtf

  97. Robert Salm

    Robert SalmMonth ago

    Why are you guys and girls smiling and I forgot the ladie with the green glasses but when you put up that knife you looked like you were going to murder some 1

  98. Abdelkader Medjadji

    Abdelkader MedjadjiMonth ago

    In my country women don't beat men.

  99. It’s Poppin

    It’s PoppinMonth ago

    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Sabrina Zanger

    Sabrina ZangerMonth ago

    Literally ever school video on bullying😂

  101. Geo Animations

    Geo AnimationsMonth ago

    @was M.

  102. cyphergwen

    cyphergwenMonth ago

    I feel like I'm Olivia in this video... and some of my classmates were Shayne.. i'm mean 😂😅

  103. Alexander Kilsby

    Alexander KilsbyMonth ago

    Shayne is a real pushover and is too nice. I want to be his friend.

  104. pastel the unicorn gamer

    pastel the unicorn gamerMonth ago

    Anybody who is reading this comment u r amazing pretty or handsome and AWSOME

  105. kitteh cool

    kitteh coolMonth ago

    Awww i was looking for advice and i got this :( do people even care for this kind of topic anymore.