How To Stand Up To A Bully!


  1. Smosh Olivia

    Smosh Olivia9 months ago

    AM I A BULLY??!!!

  2. Katelynn Nguyen

    Katelynn Nguyen9 days ago

    Of course not

  3. Robin Williamson

    Robin Williamson20 days ago

    Shut up and eat it

  4. Robin Williamson

    Robin Williamson20 days ago


  5. Elizabeth CummingsVEVO

    Elizabeth CummingsVEVO27 days ago


  6. Ananta Badal

    Ananta Badal2 months ago

    Yes beach

  7. Megaoofer96

    Megaoofer964 hours ago

    Ian=quality content

  8. Kian Excell

    Kian Excell15 hours ago


  9. Joross Rosero

    Joross RoseroDay ago

    I Miss Anthony

  10. PoDuxx

    PoDuxxDay ago

    Why is this like The Room

  11. Navee White

    Navee WhiteDay ago

    "I'm not your f***ing dad"

  12. Maya

    MayaDay ago

    “time for the GANGRENE CHALLENGE”

  13. Jesse Godeschalk

    Jesse Godeschalk2 days ago

    Shaynes stare at 4:06 lol

  14. Mary Busby

    Mary Busby2 days ago

    Olivia is a jerk

  15. Say hi to ideas

    Say hi to ideas3 days ago

    And I fought this is going to help me stand up for myself when the bully comes...😔

  16. LovePuppy cousin

    LovePuppy cousin4 days ago

    A bully in my school called henry I stand up for him

  17. funwith IsaacYT

    funwith IsaacYT4 days ago

    Mean olivia

  18. Anime Girl

    Anime Girl4 days ago

    What’s funny is that Shane is stronger than Olivia HOW IN THE WORLD IS OLIVIA BULLYING HIM

  19. Stuart Leedham

    Stuart Leedham5 days ago

    Cringey but lol

  20. 4Aust -

    4Aust -6 days ago

    1:31 wow that was a punch

  21. elias fosser Minge

    elias fosser Minge7 days ago

    Its weird that SHE is a bully..

  22. YuriProductions :

    YuriProductions :7 days ago

    She’s *trying*

  23. Joanna Chan

    Joanna Chan7 days ago

    When you try to be aggressive but end up trying to be passive aggressive

  24. Julian Maldonado

    Julian Maldonado7 days ago

    Shayne = Stevie Olivia = Ian and Anthony

  25. Julian Maldonado

    Julian Maldonado7 days ago

    Sees Olivia bullying Shane has flash back of Stevie

  26. manuel nuñez vera

    manuel nuñez vera7 days ago

    two words to stop the bully school shooting

  27. Macy Minion

    Macy Minion8 days ago

    wow this was 9 months ago?

  28. Cecilia Vazquez

    Cecilia Vazquez9 days ago

    This reminds me of a bad PSA commercial 😂 Love you Smosh!!! ♥️

  29. Logan matson

    Logan matson9 days ago

    You are a bully

  30. NOSCAM

    NOSCAM10 days ago

    Thats first educational video from smosh.

  31. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark11 days ago

    Tbh, Keith is kind of a bully, because he insults everyone else but if someone insults him he cries xD

  32. GiGi Reeds

    GiGi Reeds12 days ago

    i like how this is a form of a reverse from the usual shayne making fun of olivia (lovingly of course)

  33. Nirvair Sodhi2

    Nirvair Sodhi214 days ago

    Who would eat a tooth for calcium lol!

  34. Mike On Youtube HD

    Mike On Youtube HD14 days ago

    I thought Olivia was the nice one

  35. Anna Hulse

    Anna Hulse15 days ago

    Daffodils sfv

  36. Tristan Silan

    Tristan Silan16 days ago

    I called them a c*nt

  37. Tristan Silan

    Tristan Silan16 days ago

    I get bullied for being too short. They pretend they can’t see me and call me an ant

  38. computer masters of doom

    computer masters of doom16 days ago

    Ok, what bully-prevention website sponsored this?

  39. Fortnite

    Fortnite17 days ago


  40. SParasyte

    SParasyte17 days ago

    Olivia im calling 911

  41. Kayleigh Insley

    Kayleigh Insley18 days ago

    did Ian actually break hi arm and neck I'm curious

  42. FaZe Alex

    FaZe Alex19 days ago

    Shayne she’s a girl. stand for yourself..!

  43. Boop Boop

    Boop Boop19 days ago

    What why ar these people bad guys Zombies are bad guys KIL THEM KILL THEEM

  44. zicospazz

    zicospazz20 days ago

    No your not a bully it’s for the video

  45. Juulio ANAYA

    Juulio ANAYA20 days ago

    Women can’t be bullies because they have no rights they are property. Can I get a epic win time like on this please 🤣.

  46. Cozy LovesMusic

    Cozy LovesMusic21 day ago

    this is the corniest afterschool special i've ever seen 🤣

  47. Rose Frasier

    Rose Frasier25 days ago

    Thanks I'm going to stand up to my bully right now!

  48. Kaewin

    Kaewin25 days ago


  49. Alex Almond

    Alex Almond26 days ago

    This is to all those bully's (I'm talking to you Olivia Hahahahahahahahaha) 👊✊👋✋🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  50. Marisol Flores

    Marisol Flores26 days ago

    This was so cringey

  51. give me 1k subs with no videos please

    give me 1k subs with no videos please26 days ago

    Yeah no Olivia is a bully

  52. TheMegaDrive

    TheMegaDrive26 days ago

    High school bullying and jealousy in a nutshell, people just love dealing with that crap.

  53. Gaming Banana

    Gaming Banana27 days ago

    This inspirational Ian character gets real annoying quickly.

  54. Elizabeth CummingsVEVO

    Elizabeth CummingsVEVO27 days ago

    Hi Read more

  55. Shinobi X

    Shinobi X27 days ago

    Who's this Olivia everyone talking about, I only see Mari



    i would picture shayne bullying olivia and (Thats not sexist)

  57. o Spaceyy

    o Spaceyy27 days ago

    i thought you literally stand up and say nothing when i was like 4....

  58. ShateredGlass SoundWave

    ShateredGlass SoundWave29 days ago

    Shane no stop

  59. Александр AL-DU Духненко

    Александр AL-DU Духненко29 days ago

    This is one of the Most HILARIOUS of your Sketches, guys!)))

  60. Im Swirly

    Im SwirlyMonth ago

    Where’s good old Anthony

  61. FPP and Funtime Productions plush

    FPP and Funtime Productions plushMonth ago

    Its a bully - baldi

  62. vher angelo Regacho

    vher angelo RegachoMonth ago

    i. was. bully. in. school. and. i. 😢

  63. Mark Jr. Luat

    Mark Jr. LuatMonth ago


  64. Jr. the The Gamer

    Jr. the The GamerMonth ago

    Bully me

  65. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett AndersonMonth ago

    Olivia is too pretty to be a bully

  66. Ray Guo

    Ray GuoMonth ago

    Ian's the real bully? Suspicious boi...

  67. oshawott45

    oshawott45Month ago

    when reality kicks in



    You should tell a trusted adult. Did you go to school bro That wut they teach in school

  69. Emmanuel Thomas

    Emmanuel ThomasMonth ago

    Everybody , we have an announcement STOP BULLYING!!

  70. reuben miller

    reuben millerMonth ago

    is this a bully awareness video

  71. Saiyan Duck

    Saiyan DuckMonth ago


  72. Juan The Skaterr

    Juan The SkaterrMonth ago

    I mean if you stand up for someone wouldn’t the bully want to pick on you too?

  73. Mugilfy

    MugilfyMonth ago

    I fight back call the numbnuts

  74. Aidan Dered

    Aidan DeredMonth ago

    Why you bully me

  75. Dominic Johnson

    Dominic JohnsonMonth ago

    4:04 I thought he is going to said bitch.

  76. Dominic Johnson

    Dominic JohnsonMonth ago

    Well he is very very lucky,during my secondary school life I don't even have a friend supporting me.

  77. The Superstar Channel

    The Superstar ChannelMonth ago

    Ian! The results came in, and you are the father!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Wyatt Rownd

    Wyatt RowndMonth ago

    Ha the phrase Piss Nuts again

  79. Venouer

    VenouerMonth ago

    i wonder how damaged would his boner be??

  80. Marco Parco

    Marco ParcoMonth ago

    I thought there would be stabs but its not :(

  81. paige

    paigeMonth ago


  82. Tati

    TatiMonth ago

    Did you piss on your hands? Yes..

  83. anonymous98235 roblox hacker

    anonymous98235 roblox hackerMonth ago

    Why didn’t he stab her in the first place

  84. Jan Allen Tanigue

    Jan Allen TanigueMonth ago

    Where is Anthony ???

  85. ja nick!

    ja nick!Month ago

    This is so unfunny. Just talk a bit weird isn't funny. This is the baddest Smosh video I have ever seen.

  86. RAINS Kids

    RAINS KidsMonth ago

    I wanted shayne to stab her 15 times in the chest afterwards, it could've gone like this: Ian: Well, back to the bathroom for more hand-pissing. (Olivia moves to beat shayne up) Shayne: (Sigh) Oh well. (Shayne pulls out a knife) Video ends.

  87. Haidee Avenido

    Haidee AvenidoMonth ago

    this vid makes me mad cause olivia is always a bully every vid i see is olivia bullys every one so no one likes olivia shes stupid

  88. Ampharos

    AmpharosMonth ago

    4:13 no bully does that

  89. Mahmood Virk

    Mahmood VirkMonth ago



    IM LAZY AND BORDMonth ago

    Wish I could stab almost every body in my school in the guts


    IM LAZY AND BORDMonth ago

    I ew no I’m done this is so cringey I’m dieing

  92. Dhruv Mullick

    Dhruv MullickMonth ago

    Ian is playing catch with a broken arm

  93. Pokèmon Gaming227

    Pokèmon Gaming227Month ago

    I probs would’ve ripped her hair out

  94. Swordser 12

    Swordser 12Month ago

    Why was Ian like Zoolander from the movie

  95. Cool_kid_ Gaming

    Cool_kid_ GamingMonth ago

    No one bully’s me I give people a bleeding nose

  96. Lcnx

    LcnxMonth ago

    I did this to my bully....he broke both my arms

  97. Tammy K

    Tammy KMonth ago

    euggghhh pweese don't kick my face :(

  98. Brandon Arreaga I love you

    Brandon Arreaga I love youMonth ago

    My three personalities at 3am

  99. ahd21

    ahd21Month ago

    i think the knife way is better

  100. Rafaelle Francisco

    Rafaelle FranciscoMonth ago


  101. Trang Luu

    Trang LuuMonth ago


  102. Aryan Kolhapure

    Aryan KolhapureMonth ago

    Olivia trying to be a bully... That's cute

  103. Cookielover368 :3

    Cookielover368 :3Month ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this at an assembly at school for an anti bullying message

  104. Dilan Mistry

    Dilan MistryMonth ago

    A heart felt story

  105. Pawtaytaws MLBB

    Pawtaytaws MLBBMonth ago

    Man i think ian is immitating anthonys behaviour

  106. Dank People

    Dank PeopleMonth ago

    How to make smosh good again