How To... Service Your Bike

  • Jan 19, 2015
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    BRO FORCEMonth ago

    your title should be why you need to service your bike instead of "how to service your bike" what a misleading title

  2. That Time

    That Time7 months ago

    He literally lists everything you should do but doesn't actually show you. Less of a 'how to' and more of a "what you should do"

  3. ferkemall

    ferkemall9 months ago

    one go there I popped into Halfords in Poole Dorset for a pair of V block brakes ,I was in a pinch because the front brakes were tearing into my rims , I mean how much could they cost ? well for pair of cheap made in TAIWAN brake pads HALFORDS CHARGE £9.00 I can buy cheap pads on the net for between £1,60 to £3.00 and they wonder why the high St shops are dying out ,well that's because they just rip people off !

  4. SC EM

    SC EM9 months ago

    Um,......ok. Thanks?

  5. Tullzyo

    TullzyoYear ago

    Halfords are so bad 😭😂

  6. kevin sisson

    kevin sissonYear ago

    he tells you nothing

  7. MegaMissfitz

    MegaMissfitz3 years ago

    I'm not sure wot needs serviced more, me or my bike!!! Sweet dreams babe...🚲🚲🚲

  8. Lee Harbord

    Lee Harbord3 years ago

    Wasnt really a how to was it

  9. Nadim Najibulla

    Nadim Najibulla4 years ago

    Do you have to call halfords to service your bike or you just bring your bike and they will service it for you?

  10. YT.copper_face_24_7

    YT.copper_face_24_73 years ago

    Bring it into them and they will do it for u