How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck


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    Did you guys get notified by MReporter that the video was posted? Also when you watched the video, was there a screen that said "this video was flagged by the MReporter community and may be offensive" or something like that? Just wanted to check because I had issues last night which is why I had to postpone publishing the video. I hope it's all fixed and you guys learn a lot from the video! Stay tuned for the next video and then for a video that, well, covers a life changing event ;) Also for those asking why I am wondering, here is what happened last night when I went to publish:

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    I’m offended by the fact that I only discovered your channel this year. Your MReporter channel is #1 for me. I can’t thank you enough. Totally inspired. I went through some deep depression this year. Your videos renewed my zest for life. I’m eternally in your debt. Sorry to get all deep! But you’re helping people in ways you might not even know.

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    No surprisingly nothing at all

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    I dont come here tutorials its just kinda satisfying

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    Good bro. ..we grab too much information

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    Dude... You are actually a genius. All your little tricks would have saved me YEARS OF MY LIFE!

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    Great video bud. Fantastic explanations very well said and straight forward and clear. Very professional

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    You should save up to get your driveway and garage redone and start doing vids in there love the content keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. Chad Kimble

    Chad Kimble2 days ago

    Make a video on how to install a turbo kit

  12. Joe

    Joe2 days ago

    you made it look so easy on that old car, i took the wheel bearing off rear of my subaru and basically every bolt had to be cut off and replaced

  13. adam smith

    adam smith2 days ago

    I'm confused: if you're literally replacing everything, why not just use an angle grinder to cut all this stuff off?

  14. Mercer Frey

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    Cause that's not how it works.. trust me on this one

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    19:55 this tool is abused. Call 157-269-521 to stop the abuse of tools. (Not a real number)

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    @ChrisFix: How do you seal off the hole to the transmission when you power wash the wheel space?

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    Plz add turbo

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    Was the silver paint por 15?

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    Awesome tutorial

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    I find your video very decent and informative

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    Chris, are you doing a suspension rebuild in the rear? And the roll cage in the stang?

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    Did Chris fix go to mechanic school?

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    Looks like me jerking off to porn 😂😂 7:02

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    I'm used to trucks. Everything on that car seems miniscule.

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    19:58 Ouchh, fingers

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    I really really want this beaute!!!!!

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    Why smack the upsidedown nut to get the ball joint out? Easier to hit the arm where the pin sits

  28. Dharmesh Ojha

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    like your videos but you should consider showing how the car drives after replacement or repair, your experience like what kind of improvement in, sound , torque, suspension in this case. ...

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    Amazing video. We have a copycat trying to be a Chinese version of Chrisfix and I wish he were only 10% as good as you



    Hey wait a second; you found your 10MM socket; what kind of shenanigans is that? Asking for a friend! Just had to throw that out there; Great videos brother!

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    You would make an amazing mechanic teacher man, good job, well thought out, planned and executed. Make it look so easy

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    Hey chris I have a 95 delsol and it takes a lot of rotations to start it what could it be

  33. Brayden's ASMR

    Brayden's ASMR4 days ago

    The other day the spark plugs where wet and I took them out and set them on fire to burn off all the gas and out them back in and it fired right up.

  34. Brayden's ASMR

    Brayden's ASMR4 days ago

    The thing is that battery is new

  35. Kaosu Uzu

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    If it's starting up but just taking a lot of turns then more than likely your car battery is dying either from lack of charge or just being bad. If you can, get it to a parts store (advanceautoparts, Autozone, etc) and bring it inside. They'll test it and charge it for you completely for free. If you do need a new battery they have some decent ones at the store you'll go to until you can afford a completely brand new battery.

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    Now I had doubts that I could use the hub hammer, it was an intimidating name but when I saw it in action I had realized something. I have been training to use a hub hammer my entire life!

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    the new crazy russian hacker XD

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    i have no hate towards you XD

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    Just love you! Keep uploading more videos please!

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    Hey chris, love your videos. Quick question. If you did this and your steering wheel is in its normal spot. The steering isn't tight still after getting it aligned and new wheels. I am thinking rack and pinion. Can you do a video on replacing a rack and pinion?

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    Chris , are you going to be doing a jeep wrangler project any time soon?

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    I wanna buy a car from Chris.

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    Great video I just subscribed you only left out the cleaning of the pad holders,it,s the rust in the holder that locks up the pads

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    Probs been flagged cause u said nut, fluid, etc idk why but its not in that context

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    I dont watch for tutorials i come for satisfaction

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    has to remove philips, uses pozy....

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    Do you film and then narrate during editing? Or as you doing it?

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    It amazes me how Chris Fix has 10 and 5 times the view of drag times and 717 street speed, with cars that cost 1/100th of what their cars cost. I guess fixing beater civics are more relatable than McLarens.

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    07:01 ""(Holy cow that''s too much exercise for his Willy Pete)"

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    Is Chris self taught or does he have a professional background???

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    Just hit the bell...thanks...great video so far.

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    That rust on the ball joints are the same age as me probably

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    14:48 Pink Fan XD Wth

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    I just like to watch his videos ... so informative and enthusiastic..!!!!

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    It's a manual I thought they dont have tranny fluid

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    Thank you for this your so detailed its amazing but that car is rusty as hell under there hehe

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    My 2002 Focus has 192K and drives perfectly.

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    New scriber. 2001 Dodge 3500 van and I have to do this. The Garage told me $850 . Like I can save that on my paycheck anytime soon. It's bad . Shoulda seen ALL the rods move when I had the wheel bearings replaced. OMG it was bad. Don't have the tools to do it myself. It weighs 8400 pounds. 15 passgr van is a beast. Then I have to replace the BJ's then an alignment then shocks n struts . Fkn a does it ever fkn end ?