How To Prep Before Grilling The Most Powerful Person On The Internet (HBO)


  1. VICE News

    VICE News5 months ago

    “They've got to show the consumer just us the consumer that they understand their problem, they're going to fix it and we're not going to see another apology tour in six months or two years from now,” he said. Watch next: A Literal Russian Troll Showed Up to Zuckerberg's Senate Hearing -

  2. AlM NlOlS

    AlM NlOlS4 months ago

    VICE News he's not the most powerful person on the Internet.

  3. DPRK - Korean Reunification

    DPRK - Korean Reunification5 months ago

    It's not his fault though. They should be trying to arrest the ones who stole the information.

  4. SuperDungeonBoy

    SuperDungeonBoy5 months ago

    Thanks 4 the video VICE !

  5. Jaden Hurtado

    Jaden Hurtado5 months ago

    new world order right vice (;

  6. Chb2

    Chb25 months ago

    VICE News the number one selling male performance enhancement accessory is Cweight. The teen boys all wear them

  7. mwngw

    mwngwMonth ago

    Today, Aug. 6, 2018, Facebook, MReporter, and Apple acted in concert to shut down important conservative commentary. They all announced they were censoring Alex Jones and others, claiming their "hate speech" was in violation of "community standards." These companies are actively, directly stifling conservative opinion on their platforms, all in clear violation of First Amendment guarantees to Free Speech. I SINCERELY hope Congress recognizes the immediate threat and present danger to our nation by these Orwellian actions. Facebook, MReporter, and Apples should be broken up for the monopolies they are.

  8. Lunaik

    Lunaik2 months ago

    Z U C K

  9. dave marder

    dave marder4 months ago

    These old clueless morons in Congress got outsmarted easily as possible by Zuckerberg. This "prep" turned out to be worthless. They should have just had their interns and younger staff members be the ones asking these questions but that would not be good for their egos.

  10. Logan Huynh

    Logan Huynh4 months ago

    The problem is.... Congress doesn’t understand how Facebook works.... they need somebody to explain it to them...

  11. Team Dongnitas

    Team Dongnitas4 months ago

    Their préparation was abysmal, they had informations on the specific subject but none on the Platform nor its fonctionnement

  12. duel enigma

    duel enigma4 months ago

    Nosey greedy bastard.

  13. K

    K5 months ago

    the question vice and everyone should be asking Mark is whether or not Zuckerberg trusts the people that use his platform. The answer is no. With Palantir's Peter Thiel would tell you, both he and Zuckerberg will not trust anyone and exploit everyone for capital.

  14. timo muro

    timo muro5 months ago

    Do any politicians understand the internet?

  15. Juan Renteris

    Juan Renteris5 months ago

    melissa hella thickkkk

  16. handless watch

    handless watch5 months ago

    LMFAO. When the United States Government tries to go after Facebook for their "user data problem". Ohhhhh that gets me every time. I mean really. The government who not to fucking long ago had their main National Security Agency exposed as having quintuple the amount of infractions against its own citizens. Hahahaha what a joke.

  17. Anthony Oodie

    Anthony Oodie5 months ago


  18. Michael Fish

    Michael Fish5 months ago

    Isn't this the same propaganda the other 4 mainstream media corporations are pushing? Just neatly packaged for us younger folks. Showing people actually talking without a script doesn't make the script congress and Zuck recited to eachother not bullshit.

  19. the meltman

    the meltman5 months ago

    Been connected to internet since 1993, this slime has no power over me. He only has power over fools, what does that make him?

  20. Drowsy_ Mouse

    Drowsy_ Mouse5 months ago

    lol, "do you trust him to be up front with you guys"... yeah right cause he's under oath and obligated to tell the truth

  21. Johnathon Wheeler

    Johnathon Wheeler5 months ago

    1:04 look at those legs

  22. yeet my meat

    yeet my meat5 months ago

    Lol Mark zuccerberg and the government talking about people's privacy when they already both have our privacy lol

  23. bluecollarlatin

    bluecollarlatin5 months ago

    If Mark has all this power, its because every one of us gave it to him. If you don't trust facebook, don't use it. Facebook needs to stop cyber bulling and offensive material but if you give your personal information, you gave it of your own free will!!

  24. Viktor

    Viktor5 months ago


  25. Intisar Khan

    Intisar Khan5 months ago

    Doesn't Google do the same thing?

  26. Tyler Barker

    Tyler Barker5 months ago

    So I'm guessing from the headline you guys don't like pope either

  27. Chris Q

    Chris Q5 months ago

    Pornhub dose the same thing. Every look up some shit and then revisit the site on your front page is showing what your interested in

  28. Paul E. Ester

    Paul E. Ester5 months ago

    "most powerful person on the internet." Clearly thats anon and his weaponized autism. The most powerful person on the internet, does it for the lulz.

  29. Pablo Y2K

    Pablo Y2K5 months ago

    Mark give me the ZUCC

  30. jkteddy77

    jkteddy775 months ago

    Several of these men and women of congress had next to no clue about what they were asking the Zucc. This was a mistake, experts of the field should have been present in place. The Zucc will remember this weakness. Robots cannot forget. Facebook deletes nothing.

  31. Views 12 999 985

    Views 12 999 9855 months ago

    Vice's hottest jurnalist.

  32. DoubleDS9

    DoubleDS95 months ago

    It was good to hear from some Congressional House members - the House normally doesnt get any media coverage!

  33. diskuse diskuse

    diskuse diskuse5 months ago

    I guess when your net worth is 51 billion dollars, you feel pretty bullet proof

  34. Sam Matope

    Sam Matope5 months ago

    and they still couldn't break him

  35. Redline

    Redline5 months ago

    How did you determine that Zuck is the most powerful man on the Internet? It seems like Bezos would be much bigger and more powerful... ???

  36. Chris Read

    Chris Read5 months ago

    If only congress acted this way towards tax cheats and government conflicts of interests

  37. Jay Taylor

    Jay Taylor5 months ago


  38. Froggy Noddy

    Froggy Noddy5 months ago

    wow, that preparation wasn't decent at all. terrible. no wonder the questioning generally was weaker than expected.

  39. Julio Sanchez

    Julio Sanchez5 months ago

    I stop using it years ago. Saw he's movie he just fucks others .. he's negative to humanity .. this social revolution digtel was just aboused .. he sees numbers not humans. He's for money and controlling. Kill him he's a national threat . rewrite a f.b by the people not a money power person that have lead the country for there interest . He's a danger to usa and humanity .

  40. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.5 months ago

    What a title!

  41. demaciu88

    demaciu885 months ago

    I legit thought this was an SNL skit, even when it wasn't funny at any point.

  42. Me Now

    Me Now5 months ago

    "Trust him" to make WHAT changes? Anyone who thinks it is possible to police the internet is an authoritarian THUG!

  43. Ivan Buzatović

    Ivan Buzatović5 months ago

    They have obligation to consumers for having platform and profiting from it ? What that even means, everyone who owns a store let's say, have obligation to consumers ? Needs to pay to customers ? I thoughts custumers are the ones who pay.

  44. robert comas

    robert comas5 months ago

    He won't be very powerful to much longer

  45. G7130

    G71305 months ago

    Funny how the senators and congress elect really know shit and do nothing and essentially their staff feed them info and talking points. They’re essentially just suits.

  46. Wayne Born

    Wayne Born5 months ago

    Zuckerberg, instead of you spending money on your bodyguard spend more on Facebook security.

  47. Tony Salazar

    Tony Salazar5 months ago

    I love to see Vice on the trending page instead of those how to make up videos.

  48. Matthew Worrall

    Matthew Worrall5 months ago

    Step 1: learn how to use the internet Step 2: ask how the internet works

  49. El Diablo

    El Diablo5 months ago


  50. Joe King

    Joe King5 months ago

    Not surprised I got an unskippable Facebook ad before the video lmao. Zucc is scanning the internet to prevent the reveal of his true identity.

  51. TheOfficialPastry

    TheOfficialPastry5 months ago

    Did anyone else hear at the very beginning of the video,"I need tacos." XD

  52. Henry White

    Henry White5 months ago

    No man is powerful; some only have the illusion of power. Don't allow your apparent weaknesses to fool you.

  53. Michael Powell

    Michael Powell5 months ago

    What a bunch of crap

  54. joseph liao

    joseph liao5 months ago

    isnt bill gates the most powerful

  55. Tempo4200

    Tempo42005 months ago

    All that time to prepare and all that staff helping them and they still asked some monkey ass questions. Congress ladies and gentlemen.

  56. Matthew W

    Matthew W5 months ago

    So this guy is asking his aide what questions he should ask... GREAT

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  58. Rick Orion

    Rick Orion5 months ago

    They know there corrupt system is falling’ they would love indoctrinated youth’ like the ones they had march on DC to strip the 2nd amendment, but there back up plan is provoking racial tension to cause destruction so they can’t strip rights under guise of protection’ it’s a lie, please pass on, they don’t want to give up there evil destructive ways’ look for your selves..? Get ready for USSA.. Why our Nation is going to shit’ the repeal of the anti-Government propaganda’ Smyth and Mont act of 1948’ in 1212 U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans..

  59. JL J

    JL J5 months ago


  60. Cesar Bravo

    Cesar Bravo5 months ago

    ZUCC 2020!

  61. Callum b

    Callum b5 months ago

    They prepared?

  62. r k

    r k5 months ago


  63. Luke Muir

    Luke Muir5 months ago

    I thought the yodeling Walmart kid was the most powerful person on the internet

  64. my wallet

    my wallet5 months ago

    There are Terms and Conditions for everything you sign up for. Read them.

  65. markhor1988

    markhor19885 months ago

    I thought it was Zuckerberg prepping :/

  66. Gladys Pallo

    Gladys Pallo5 months ago

    I do trust him goodbye idiots! Is like preparing for an EARTH QUAKE!

  67. J Spin

    J Spin5 months ago

    I got a little too excited after Mrs. Lawyer said, "effectuate."

  68. We Are God

    We Are God5 months ago

    Just delete your FB account. Don't look back.

  69. Gerald J Walls

    Gerald J Walls5 months ago

    White Collar Crime At It's finest Congressman Reporting and analysis All are

  70. Gerald J Walls

    Gerald J Walls5 months ago

    There are no Customers Who have legally Purchased Anything Everyone of You are Liars I am Gerald Justin Walls The United States Government Should Honor the truth

  71. Mihir Patel

    Mihir Patel5 months ago

    "Most powerful man in the internet" Lol. Nice try.


    MARGWAGARTHA5 months ago

    *Z U C C*

  73. Russ G

    Russ G5 months ago

    "We have to be careful that no one grandstands here..." the US Senate, that'll work!

  74. mattybeatzkidd

    mattybeatzkidd5 months ago

    The real big one is Google. The amount of data they collect on the users surmounts facebook by heaps. They are who we should really be afraid of/talking to.

  75. Destrudo Alexandros

    Destrudo Alexandros5 months ago

    My mom she say yea right

  76. Christian Trout

    Christian Trout5 months ago

    They prepared?! It seems like they just started pulling questions out of their asses because they dont have even a basic understanding of internet usage.

  77. roxanneworld11

    roxanneworld115 months ago

    does Walden have some stock in Facebook?? just listen to him..yikes!!

  78. GrassMasta .0g

    GrassMasta .0g5 months ago

    He a L-I-Z-A-R-D

  79. E

    E5 months ago

    Vice sometimes makes great videos like this, but they really need to fire the people who make clickbait buzzfeed style journalism, they used to be pretty well respected for content like this but their image has become so fucked up in the past 4 or 5 years.

  80. E

    E5 months ago

    People need to remember that this isn’t just about facebook’s security, this is also about the fact that Cambridge analytica’s illegally obtained information was used by Trump’s campaign and by Russians to put Trump in power, whether they did this independently from each other or in a coordinated effort.

  81. Joseph Gaona

    Joseph Gaona5 months ago

    Lol all these niggas still have blackberry's an the one who did have an iPhone had facebook an Zuckerberg heard the question line up

  82. cem oğuz

    cem oğuz5 months ago

    what prep?

  83. opkdom

    opkdom5 months ago

    i thought it was pepe :/

  84. LeVish hunted

    LeVish hunted5 months ago

    Everybody does this, it's just that facebook got caught

  85. 3d tech

    3d tech5 months ago

    prep by spreading some butter before grilling

  86. Herp Derp

    Herp Derp5 months ago

    They obviously did a terrible job at "grilliing" the zucc


    CHECKMATE5 months ago

    Hes There boss but they doing this to lock down the Web MReporter

  88. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS5 months ago

    The title is a bit exaggerated, but close! Very interesting, eye-opening (for some)!

  89. ThePlandaly

    ThePlandaly5 months ago

    aww look more bullshit from vice

  90. alexis betsky

    alexis betsky5 months ago

    mark zuc is bad for the world. someone get rid of him.

  91. Royce Muzic

    Royce Muzic5 months ago

    We just make memes out of him and laugh then unaknowledge the problem. Then move on like it doesn't matter.

  92. markers in a container

    markers in a container5 months ago

    Lets have a vegan bbq!


    IZZY'S PLACE5 months ago

    I swear if you ripped this guy's face off you would see a life in those eyes...creepy shit.

  94. Cheezy Viper

    Cheezy Viper5 months ago

    *Those legs and calves made my organ go crazy. Lol*

  95. George

    George5 months ago

    It’s like explaining to your grandparents how the internet and modern tech business works lmao

  96. Rishi Ghia

    Rishi Ghia5 months ago

    We need smarter and more educated politicians AROUND the world. In the US, Europe, India, the Middle East, Canada, EVERYWHERE.

  97. T&C Rogers

    T&C Rogers5 months ago

    3:53 - senator, congress did no punishing in 2 days of questioning; they did however manage to reinforce the narrative that they are a bunch of out of touch senior citizens.

  98. The Undaunted

    The Undaunted5 months ago

    Shiiiit, all my web accounts have misleading DOB and other... Its seriously no company's "business" ... The number one thing that pisses me off is Google's attempts to unify all my accounts, hence they've never had more than troll bait.

  99. Kim Reyes

    Kim Reyes5 months ago


  100. HotSkull

    HotSkull5 months ago

    can’t fucc the zucc

  101. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson5 months ago

    Buy frsh instead zuckerburgs power gained through obession will be lost to papa Murphy's

  102. DewittEagle

    DewittEagle5 months ago

    Is funny seeing the adults trying to figure this out.

  103. NursKul

    NursKul5 months ago


  104. Vibe

    Vibe5 months ago

    Grilled Lizard?.. Yum.?

  105. Hans Landa

    Hans Landa5 months ago

    This is why NOT to use FB, or even have an account.