How to pack and carry your kit when cycling to work | Commute Smart


  1. Mike Serna

    Mike Serna10 days ago

    I bike to work and leave all my uniforms and belt at work we do have restrooms that we can wash up because we work bike security so I really dont carry much only for washing and gear clean days all gose in a messenger style backpack bike tools and all I need buy small but useful tools and gear

  2. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)Month ago

    I really should be paying attention to this. I carry WAY too much stuff with me! :)

  3. WanganRacer5

    WanganRacer54 months ago

    Matt from GCN?

  4. cyberpunkghost

    cyberpunkghost5 months ago

    Camping bags

  5. Davy Scales

    Davy Scales9 months ago

    @0:27 that seat needs looked at

  6. Isaac Kovack

    Isaac Kovack9 months ago

    Is this matt stephens

  7. Matthias Fritz

    Matthias Fritz9 months ago

    Since a lot of people don't have the option to shower I would recommend a small hygiene kit containing (for example) : microfiber towel, wet wipes, deodorant and a hair brush /comb. Also I wouldn't recommend on a longer ride than 15 minutes to commute in your working clothes. I like to at least have the option to change my underwear and very importantly, also my socks. And also I would invest in proper rain protection clothes rather than wearing a poncho which can cause you to sweat easily. And please don't forget water, snacks and first aid kit even on a shorter ride. I also would recommend to invest in a good backpack (evoc is a great personal choice), because everything off your center may throw you off balance. And I also always take extra batteries for my lights, especially if I plan to ride after the dark. Always watch out for other people and stay safe 👍

  8. Treadlight_District

    Treadlight_District10 months ago

    Is this Matt speaking???

  9. Eric D

    Eric D10 months ago

    Treadlight_District It totally is!!!! 😃

  10. Cyclyk

    Cyclyk11 months ago

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  11. EndorphinTherapist

    EndorphinTherapistYear ago

    Matt from GCN! - Legend

  12. Jacob McWhirter

    Jacob McWhirterYear ago

    The voice is just Matt Stephens from GCN

  13. Dave Marson

    Dave Marson5 months ago

    'Just' Matt Stephens former UK champion, yes.

  14. Mike Comstock

    Mike ComstockYear ago

    Asking the same question, what bag was used in this video, the rollup style?

  15. What shall we do

    What shall we doYear ago

    What bag was that, with the rolled clothes

  16. jeanLo215

    jeanLo21511 months ago