How to pack and carry your kit when cycling to work | Commute Smart


  1. mi 4c

    mi 4cMonth ago

    Whats the name of the bag at 1:45? Thanks

  2. jaspal singh

    jaspal singhMonth ago

    0:52 - what make is this clothes packer? please provide link

  3. C345 OFR

    C345 OFR4 months ago

    0:36 "And it stays on your bike ..." Not if you live in a big city (or not for long, at any rate). Detachables are easy to steal: take them with you when you arrive at your destination. Better yet, leave them at home if it's only a short trip. I learned this the hard way as a youngster when some arsewipe robbed my pump. Never again.

  4. dave Fool

    dave Fool4 months ago

    at 0:27 that seat looks like my ball sack

  5. Robert Casanova

    Robert Casanova4 months ago

    Hey that's Matt. One of a kind voice

  6. Raynell Holmes

    Raynell Holmes7 months ago

    Burley Travoy trailer and a bike with and Bosch CX performance nuff said.

  7. chengs group25

    chengs group258 months ago

    biking commuting is the stupid idea ever...been there done that..unless u live 10 min no.benefit at all -cicling: u get there sweaty or wet or cold...u are at the mercy of the weather -u cant carry much stuff, u maybe need store ur rain coat or changing ur cicling clothes, ur lap top might be all shaken up if u carry one -u ride near cars and trucks that are going 40km\h next to you.. - some days u get there tired.... ur muscle cant rest day in day out - u smelling.the car.fumes at.higher.pace.cause.u.breathe harder when pedaling - u need.find.a good place to put and lock ur.bicycle.and.gears or get stolen...specially in.big.cities -- if u wear suit it will get all wrinkle and if u wear cicling clother u need bring.ur suit.... - many other down benefits at all..... only people who work in low end jobs or cant drive or no license do this....u wont see any professional job doing this cause they are smarter .... -- get a low 50cc scooteer: u get to work fresh, store ur rain coat and eletronic under the seat, economical in gas, some countries dont require license for 50cc scooteer, u get there in 1\5 of the time and with that time u can work over time that will pay for gas or go to the gym or take ur gf to drink a coffee or get groceries and run some errand....if u cicling would take u forever ---- time is money -- park anywhere..harder and less attractive for thieves to steal..... --safer, u can go same speed as cars and filter when they are not moving---- --american think riding scooteer doesnt look cool...but is the best tool to go to work ....all wet and sweating on a bicycle is not cool either in Europe and asia ....low cc scooteer sell like hotcakes..everyone has 1 or 2....-they use it day in day out in the.big cities... ---80% of population cant be wrong --- for does of u who thinking in biking to work think again.....try a low cc scooteer... ONCE U GO SCOOTEER , THERE IS NO GOING BACK -- PLEASE..anyone who think otherwise, give me a feed back....with facts....not just talking from ur ass peace -

  8. Bartô N

    Bartô N3 months ago

    not everyone is a soft snowflake like you are

  9. Mike Serna

    Mike Serna10 months ago

    I bike to work and leave all my uniforms and belt at work we do have restrooms that we can wash up because we work bike security so I really dont carry much only for washing and gear clean days all gose in a messenger style backpack bike tools and all I need buy small but useful tools and gear

  10. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)11 months ago

    I really should be paying attention to this. I carry WAY too much stuff with me! :)

  11. cyberpunkghost

    cyberpunkghostYear ago

    Camping bags

  12. Davy Scales

    Davy ScalesYear ago

    @0:27 that seat needs looked at

  13. Isaac Kovack

    Isaac KovackYear ago

    Is this matt stephens

  14. Matthias Fritz

    Matthias FritzYear ago

    Since a lot of people don't have the option to shower I would recommend a small hygiene kit containing (for example) : microfiber towel, wet wipes, deodorant and a hair brush /comb. Also I wouldn't recommend on a longer ride than 15 minutes to commute in your working clothes. I like to at least have the option to change my underwear and very importantly, also my socks. And also I would invest in proper rain protection clothes rather than wearing a poncho which can cause you to sweat easily. And please don't forget water, snacks and first aid kit even on a shorter ride. I also would recommend to invest in a good backpack (evoc is a great personal choice), because everything off your center may throw you off balance. And I also always take extra batteries for my lights, especially if I plan to ride after the dark. Always watch out for other people and stay safe 👍

  15. Treadlight_District

    Treadlight_DistrictYear ago

    Is this Matt speaking???

  16. Eric D

    Eric DYear ago

    Treadlight_District It totally is!!!! 😃

  17. Cyclyk

    CyclykYear ago

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  18. EndorphinTherapist

    EndorphinTherapistYear ago

    Matt from GCN! - Legend

  19. Jacob McWhirter

    Jacob McWhirterYear ago

    The voice is just Matt Stephens from GCN

  20. Dave Marson

    Dave MarsonYear ago

    'Just' Matt Stephens former UK champion, yes.

  21. Mike Comstock

    Mike Comstock2 years ago

    Asking the same question, what bag was used in this video, the rollup style?

  22. What shall we do

    What shall we do2 years ago

    What bag was that, with the rolled clothes

  23. jeanLo215

    jeanLo215Year ago