How To Make Ramen


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    HowToBasic 🍜

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    500th comment!!!

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    HowToBasic u r a piece of shit

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    HowToBasic hi

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    Now you don't need to buy fake snow for chrismas :))

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    So, HowToBasic is finally normal 8 minutes later *nevermind*

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    Or do this Step 1: throw stuff in a pot and let cook Step 2: Just boil an egg Step 3: make sum noodles Step 4: throw pork in a weird sauce and cook it Step 5: put it all on a plate Done under am hour insead of a fucking year

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    Who is going to clean that up?

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    Waste of food

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    It’s probably the music that’s keeping him chill

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    would you accept if How to basic become your private chef

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    I'll try and follow this tutorial, tysm for this 💜

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    I thought this was a real tutorial but then i saw the chanel's name HOWTOBASIC hahahahha

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    8:22 why you needing alot of *NOODLES?*

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    Stop wasting things and food HEY STOBH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For the first 7 minutes of the video I was in panic. It seemed too normal.

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    What the

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    Yazık günah yapma gardes

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    This reminds me so much of the muppets swedish chef cooking noodles.

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    Когда слушаешь обещания путина

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    Gordon Ramsay Will love this

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    U can feed 100 person with that

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    This could be food for thousands of hungry people but wasted for 1 video

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    You need a l*ittle* more ramen , dude.

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    Dumb ass ramen noodle

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    WHAT A good chef

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    Food waste wants to know your location

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    I thought this was an actual tutorial but then I saw the channel was howtobasic

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    Jahanam waiting for u

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    R.I.P Ramen... 2018 - 2018 Cause of Death *i dont want to talk about it.*

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    At first I was likd. Oh. Is... normal??!! Then. You added.. more.. and more nooddles

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    i know he is always like this and why the fuck i keep watching his videos

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    I am wondering how you cleanup all this mess...

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    indo nyimak hehe:')

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    How.... nope i wont ask

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    It actually looked pretty nice, but yeah....

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    Where the hell did you get that all noodles?

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    My mans cooked 100k pounds of noodles for this vid

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    Pork not good for you

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    This is How to Basic looks like when serious(sees the end of the video),NVM.

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    I thought this was a normal cooking tutorial until i saw the end... o-o

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    Me, every time I black out...

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    I stopped multiple times in the video to check if this was actually HowToBasic lol

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    2:46 I’m in shock he didn’t destroy anything, this timeline, and our plane of existence with that egg!

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    How much is that for too many bowl of ramen?

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    MReporterr KONTOLLLL!!!!

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    This is why we have world hunger

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    2:32 😋

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    human ramen flashbacks

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    Actually the broth seemed to be tasty, lol.

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    That could of fed the entire continent of Africa

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    This must be a troll it doesn't take that long to prepare ramen and I'm Vietnamese and my pop culture dish is phở (soup noodles) and it only takes 30 min too cook for 4 people

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    Stop supporting and watching this kind of videos, it's non sense and so much waste of food.

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    Kd os br?

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    *Gluten free people are quaking*

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    it actually looked good until he ruined it

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    How to basic what are you gonna do with does left over ramen?

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    I didn't see which channel was.

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    i really wanted to eat it

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    Esto es una inmensa estupidez hay gente que se muere de hambre ,y tu desperdiciando comida como bobo

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    Aaaaaaa the ramen noodles are multipleing

  70. Wolf Blood

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    You did so good than you ruined it

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    7:55 ok perfect on no no don't ugh he messed it up

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    This ramen was delicious. But there was not enough noodles. Like 1 full table isnt enough for me.

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    I would just have ate those noodles.😢

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    7:33 Wow so perfect🙂👌 8:36 so not perfect😑👎

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    I was going worried at the beginning.

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    Think about the people in Africa

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    Umm..sir ur ramen bowel Is overflowing

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    how many ramen packets did you have to go through????

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    I'm just going to stick with CupRamen...

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    Waste of food at the end....

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    I always ask one question : who tf is the poor guy cleaning the house

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    The Nudels of all Dislikers (30161 people) were stolen

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    Till 7:56 You can use it as a normal TuT

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    Ramen is Japanese right? Why are they putting traditional Chinese music in the background? I’m a fan of Japanese Culture. I’m not Japanese.

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    Legend has it, the unknown creature, known as howtobasic is still filling up the ramen til today

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    damn what a waste

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    When you waste in one video more noodles than all the Asia since the world is born

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    8:13 Me after I eat a bowl of ramen

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    7:58 nooo weee :'v pvtabida

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    I was thinking I was on the wrong channel but its *ok* now

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    0/10 not enough eggs.

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    Noodle wonder land

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    Made it and it turned out AMAZING


    ABO JAD INFINITE15 hours ago

    That was racist

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    9:40 All this waste of food... It's... Incredibly stain.

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    T-Series pan?

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    Cooks real ramen All the rest are instant ramen

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    Da la sensación que eres tonto del culo, enhorabuena

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    More more more! Yes! Fucking more!

  100. TheRussian Rabbit

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    I made this recipe and can genuinely say it is delicious but I followed this pausing with each stage as the happened in the video

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    you fool you ruined it you took all the flavour of the pork away when you poured the first pot down the drain :o don't follow this vid precisely people boiling the bones once is enough cause in the first time you have already extracted all the delicious savoury flavour from the bones and this fool poured it all down the drain

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    Can't wait

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    Just thinking the scene Guy walks up to a store Ask someone: "Hey, where can i get some noodles?" Someone says: "Oh, it is right there" Guy says "Oh thank you sir, and one more little thing" Someone says "Wut" Guy says "Do you guys have a truck? I need to bring that shit to my home, like, today. And also, i want every noodle you have in store." Someone says "Ok then"