How To Make Ramen


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    Suck dis

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    the 500th comment!

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    500th comment

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    You fucking sicko

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    i didnt even noticed it was howtobasic and i actually did that recipe omg

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    *Naruto* *wants* *to* *know* *your* *location*

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    Man.... África needs food :v/

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    Naruto: Kage bushing no jutsu :v

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    *Naruto wants to know your location*

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    I wanna try this recipe.

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    I was Hungry watching this untill 7:57...

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    Manager: oh man we accidentally ordered a stock of ramen that expires the next day Howtobasic: *_hold my beer_*

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    Where is the egg ????

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    The guy's wife cheated on him with his best friend.

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    Why i'm feeling afraid in the end?

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    So peace in making an ramen noodles.....after some minutes what is happning..??😂😂😈😈

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    Actually thot tgis was real cuz i wanted ramen

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    Noooooo.... you ruin the ramen... i hate you 😭

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    Everything was good but what happened at end ?

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    このカチカチで脂の旨味の出ない偽チャーシューはあり得ない! 麺もそーめんみたいで糞不味そう…インスタント麺?


    ᎷᏆᎡᏃᎪ FᎪᎻᏆᎷ6 hours ago

    Main video starts at 8:09

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    How much noodles does he have?????

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    It gave me nightmares

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    You cooked way too much noodles

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    What the hell is wrong with you doing this video? What the fuck are you wasting food for, son of a bitch.

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    Fuck HowToBasic Is killing Peppa pig xd

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    This is a waste of noodles

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    Howtobasic didn't smash the fuckin egg

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    Ummm... Wasting food?

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    *extra noodles please*

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    Well he did everything correctly before 7:50 after that time. He starting adding more noodles which isn’t ruining the ramen.

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    Everything was going good until more Ramen showed up :P. BTW, what happen to the Pork bones which you cooked at the start?

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    :( so much wasted noodles

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    I watch this video *AND MY MOM IS PROUD OF ME*

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    هل صاحب المقطع مجنون ام ماذا؟

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    Millagro Man but with ramen

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    Omg, he made an actually tutorial- Nvm...

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    He actually can cook, looks delicious plus the egg didn’t trigger him this time, I guess his therapist is making progress. Good job! 👍🏼

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    and now i doubt about it

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    What a nice ramen tutorial vid.... WTF!

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    Get you a man who can cook😍😍😍

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    I actually forgot I was watching howtobasic and then remembered when I saw the extra noodles. GG. I also wonder how long it takes him to clean dat shit up lmao

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    This is actually pretty good ramen🍜

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    This just turned into human ramen from filthy franks

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    noodles: exist howtobasic: ima buy your entire stock

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    Thought this was a mashed video

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    5hrs for broth.. to much time just going to go to the .99cent store and get me a microwable ramen 😂

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    This is weird it’s normal not crazy

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    7:56 your welcome

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    This looked so promising

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    Naruto? Anybody?

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    Why the hell did you fucked up in the end of the video? Its not cool you know?

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    What would you do if a hungry college student was right in front of you? HowToBasic:

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    I'm disgust6 at the ending totally spoiled bit over never disliked a MReporter video until today

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    Its a legit vid. Just make more broth

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    7:34 wow I might actually cook that! 9:08 hell naw I change my mind

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    And where is the MISO?

  68. Harry Halvstiv

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    Hey... Completely false. First off, you must dry off the surface on the meat after marinading. Or else you won't get the Milliard-react..... Many mistake here in this vid.....

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    The normal music mixed with howtobasic pileing noodles on the ramen

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    Ichiraku ramen 😍

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    Adiós comida):

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    Adiós agua 💧

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    *Africa left the chat

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    After watching 7:32 mns in just realized it was HOWTOBASIC XD

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    Who else came to the comment section to check if this was a legit cooking tutorial

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    Cuanto le habra tomado limpiar toda esa mierda xDDDDDDDDDD

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    I would pay a penny for all that

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    Clicked on the video then realized its a how to basic.

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    Thank you so much for the noodles!!!!!

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    Well if you actually want to do this recipe I guess the video ends at 7:55 for you...

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    Be ware of wasting food and playning with it ... you will be asked upon this deed you did . This is not right nor funny .

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    Is that a Mukbang recipe?

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    Waste of noodles MF☹️

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    Such spiritual journey

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    My whole chinese ruined ;-;

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    Ashman 1104 ok

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    Ah of course... What am i expected?

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    HA HA HA

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    Im the only one who want to eat dis?

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    7:20 それ叉焼のつもりか?貧相すぎて草

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    Brutal waste of noodles

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    Wasting foods 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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    Too much wastage

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    Why did you finish this video like this

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    why ?

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    U waste all that food just for money



    Oh god

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    Ahhhh, understand, you are the ramen.

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    This is me when i dont share

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    Those never ending bowls of ramen had me dying 😂

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    I need the ramen

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    *Naruto uzumaki wants to know your location*

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    Choke sasuke

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    and the ending part that he was making bridges out of noodles too (i was talking about my hair)

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    this part looks like when i put my hair on a boiling water 4:52

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    Why the fuck would you do that