How To Make Ramen


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    HowToBasic ok lol

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    I love it when it was crazy

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    This video reminds me don’t hug me I’m scared

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    HowToBasic will you ever make a second channel where you show us really how to do these tasks?

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    HowToBasic how much money did you spend to cover an entire kitchen with nokdles?

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    You wast a lot of foid

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    Quick question. How much did this cost?

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    Phew I thought it was normal for a minute. Also, he’s me when he forgot to add the noodles at the end lol

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    Looks pretty delicious to me

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    Seems like something I would eat

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    he technically taught us how to make ramen

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    te estoy patrosinando en face

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    I don't know how he can clean up

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    Thank you so much now my kids now know how to cook :)



    How to make Naruto ramen

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    Wonder what cleaning service he calls...

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    I was expecting him to throw a fucking gun in the ramen😂😂

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    When you ask her for nudes, but she keep showing attitude.Though instead, she sends you noods...the struggle 😔

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    Que desperdicio de comida.....espero que te hayas comido todo el ramen

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    When i saw corn I ran

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    Did you like buy they entire section out of noodles at your local supermarket? 😂😂 We need behind the scenes coverage. How to basic: food shopping

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    Very helpful! We all know the zionist Jews and minorities HATE good food, because it reminds them of how much of bad people they are, I make it everyday!

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    I'm just grateful the meats cooked

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    Start good... finish stupid... dislike...

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    Do you ever look at what you created and think "This is too good to destroy"?

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    don't fuck with noodles

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    i want to live where you live noodle paradise :D

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    I see, you are the man of culture Basic-san

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    So much anxiety

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    Well its time to clean up ig

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    *I T A D A K I M A S U*

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    Imagine if he actually made a serious and legit tutorial

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    oh he's really not normal. He's anxiety issues for sure!!

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    *up until **7:59* excuse meh am I on tha right channel? *8:00* Yup. I am.

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    Sushi cat's theme 😂

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    Do the steps but don't actually add that much noodles and if you want it to look better don't add seeds

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    Kids in africa could've eaten that ramen

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    *Buy Maruchan*

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    I saw that this was HowToBasic so I knew about all the "cooking" videos but watching this I though, hmm maybe this is a different channel or something? .. I was wrong this is the same channel. 😂

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    i want eat that so bad omfg

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    I’ve never had ramen. Yes I need help.

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    Everytime I think of ramen I think of naruto

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    Rest is pieces of noodles

  52. Maddie And Alex

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    How many noodles do u eat?

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    I think that's enough woman to feel entire city, but I'll let you do your thing, do not eat there woman all by yourself

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    oh, so that's how they do it. Wow, looks pretty difficult to do for me.

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    Now i am hungry Oh there are the last 3 minutes🤢

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    The last part got me lol

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    You are so autist

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    Spécial dédicace à m.ouv*ad

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    Stir thoroughly Add plenty of green onions... ... *and a G U N*

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    So many of ramen


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    It WOULD end well if this wasn’t the How To Basic channel!

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    I stopped at minute 8 and i wanted to give a thumbs up... Then i realised its from how to i'm just gonna say... Good recipe... I'm not gonna continue the video...bye.

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    It is actually Not Funny that one Plays with food ,others have nothing to eat

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    I think this gave me OCD. I now feel the compulsive need to spread noodles around my house...

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    He could have fed a town with all of those noodles He could have fed a country with all those noodles He could have ended world hunger with all those noodles

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    can I make this recipe without an infinite supllie of noodels

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    Honestly I Found This One The Least Helpful A out Of All His Other How To Videos

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    Is the first part of the video confiable?

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    Skidaddle Skidooddle, your house is now a noodle.

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    *careful chirren dats a lot of sodium*

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    Compared to other videos. This one is the most normal and legit how-to video

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    Gotdamn that is much nudels! 😂, loved to see the ramed you made btw, looks really lovely

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    I thought he was going to be normal this time

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    I read that ramen originated in China? I was shook

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    Que despesrdicio de comida nadie tiene que desperdiciar comida y estte canal como que tiene tanto subscriptores la gente del dia de hoy no saben lo que ven

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    That’s a lot of ramen.

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    Firstly,that's a heap ton of noodles.Secondly,Wtf it's all over the house.

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    Can he make a single video that doesn’t include egg smashing? 😂

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    al thEse noodddle afircan couLd hAve eated !!!!!!!!

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    Japanese food and Chinese music!? Typical!


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    Dassa lot of sodium

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    2:33 I find that oddly satisfying

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    0:0-7:59 At Last a normal video!!!!!!!!7:00 Oh No It’s not

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    You can feed Africa with that many noodles

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    omg I can't stop laughing I started laughing after the second and third plate came out and when he went to the trash can I laugh even more

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    i thought this was the only video where he wont go insane but i guess i was wrong

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    Meanwhile in Africa

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    Knowing how to basic for a long time, there is never a video without going crazy..

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    I think I might actually use the recipe.

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