How To Make Ramen


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    500th comment!!!

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    HowToBasic hi

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    It looked delicious once.

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    Legend has it that the original ramen bowl was never found

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    He think we are millionares thx they tasted so good

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    Step 1: Boil pot of water Step 2: Cook Noodles for 3 minutes Step 3 : Insert Powder and stir for 1 minute Step 4: remember that ur poor af

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    302K likes and only 26K dislikes......?? Really.....?? So much wastage of food? Looks like more insane people are there than the whole world thinks. Disgusting.

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    I’m craving noodles can I come to your house and eat it? It’s full of noodles

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    I see why you messed up. *You fried the water in **1:09*

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    Cashier:um sir are you sure you wanna buy 10,000 boxes of ramen HowToBasic:YES ITS FOR SCIENCE

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    How to basic stop wasting food. There are lots of people who can eat that you know, you disgust me!

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    i love ramen noodles so much i'd probably eat all of that

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    Gonna need a bigger bowl i think

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    Ну мне одному кажется что он переборщил, так еще и плохо так делать с едой

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    This video was strangely relaxing

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    What the fuck

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    that's the paradise

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    I just found this channel. There are so many videos too. Feel like I’ve been given a gift I don’t deserve.

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    Tu no eras a si me das asco

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    Those likes are from the people who disliked in the past

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    how long did this take to clean up?

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    Are kidding me 5 hours

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    i watch how to basic tutorials because i trust him more than any chef in the world

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    That pork belly looks like the Minecraft pork

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    7:50 last few shots of this delicious ramen before shit gets real

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    when your weave starts falling off

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    Rich on noodles?

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    I love showing these to my parents and saying “Hey let’s make this!”

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    got 8 minutes into the video forgot I was watching how to basic And thought I watching a cooking show then I REMEMBERED.

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    Howtobasic has solved world hunger


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    Is it weird that I got like 2 Uber eats ads? MReporter must know I’m hungry.

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    Man, people think Asians only eat noodles... We eat rice to😀

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    Y'all wanna bet he ate a shit ton of noodles that day?

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    So much waste 😖 idk how i laugh at this stuff

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    why are you waisting that much food that’s just wrong :|

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    Hope you have fun cleaning up👍

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    Jokes on him i love noodles

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    He needed to add more Noodles

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    how long did that take to clean up!?!?!!?/

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    the 26k dislikes probably came from the people who where trying to follow the recipe until about 7:58 ish

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    Es normal que me exite eso jajajaja

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    up until he started straining the noodles, i didnt realize this was actually made by him.

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    do you hate food?

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    How many tons of noodles did he prepare for this?!?😂😲😱☠👻

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    Cmon man, we where getting somewhere!

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    I'm about to cum

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    Ive never laughed this much in my life

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    I honestly wanna make this

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    Du hurensohn

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    and i coocked myself...

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    Now i know how to do ramen

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    Human ramen

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    I got a little scared there when he fondeled that hard boiled egg.

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    Ramen is art

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    this sums up my addiction to ramen

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    there many hungry people in the world and you are doing like this to the food 💔

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    Survival of the fittest

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    Damn that looked quite tasty.

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    legends say its never been cleaned up

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    He took so much time to make the broth and the whole process and he fucking ruined it....

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    7/10 too much ramen -IGN

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    I think that was too much noodles

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    Oh shit I’m craving now

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    I am never gonna recover from this video!

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    Lmao can i clean ur kitchen😂

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    Jesus!The noodle is too much!

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    Have fun cleaning that up

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    WTF 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    And kids this is how you make a noodle mountain

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    *watching the 7 minutes of the video* "oh so its a real tutorial ?" *watching the rest minutes* "i-..."

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    I thought this is a normal video till 8:23

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    That's a lot of sodium

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    Who needs 500 metric fucktons of ramen when you have K E Y F R A M E E D I T I N G

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    chiilll chhiillll

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    7:56 Finished ramen for anyone looking for how to actually make it.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    3:05 *WOW HE STAYED CALM* 😂

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    Welcome to the ramen fields, motherfucker!

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    Watch out kids that's a lot of sodium

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    The soup from the boiling bone parts look tasty

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    How to basic oc cho cai do đeo can

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    Wow I like the looks of it ... Nevermind


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    This turned into don't hug me i'm scared somehow

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    If only he gave me dat ramen

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    how df did you clean thay

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    It doesn’t even look that bad even with all the noodles 🍝 on it

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    (:V) Im a idiot

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    That's a lot waste of noodles

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