How to Make a Ping Pong Table // Collab with Evan & Katelyn


  1. EvanAndKatelyn

    EvanAndKatelyn11 months ago

    Can confirm, Bob is Clamp Champ in real life too 😋 Had so much fun tackling our projects together, thanks for an awesome week of building (w/ a hint of video games for good measure)

  2. SuperCheesetime

    SuperCheesetime3 months ago

    You should all make a pool table if possible

  3. advik dogra

    advik dogra5 months ago


  4. Rainier Sacdal

    Rainier Sacdal11 months ago

    EvanAndKatelyn ii

  5. Rinki Khan

    Rinki Khan11 months ago

    EvanAndKatelyn ph916295531226 uy

  6. Michael Tilley

    Michael Tilley11 months ago

    EvanAndKatelyn a tip for future projects with edge tape. Don't use a knife as it will try to follow the grain of the veneer. Instead use the blabe of a hand plane, using the face of the board as a guide run the blade angled towards the edge to give yourself a clean straight cut.

  7. The mink

    The minkDay ago

    12:22 he can’t hear us he has *airpods* in

  8. SimpLee Beth

    SimpLee Beth5 days ago


  9. walsee001

    walsee0015 days ago

    These fools are nothing like pro big man bob

  10. floofy flaf

    floofy flaf14 days ago


  11. Marie Taylor

    Marie Taylor15 days ago

    So scary how similar Evan and Bob look!!

  12. Michael Raney

    Michael Raney19 days ago

    Says: “I almost beat Mario” Shows: him playing level 1

  13. jackswid2

    jackswid221 day ago

    Haha bob the builder

  14. Taya

    Taya23 days ago

    14:00 the LED layout is triggering my ocd lol 😂

  15. Haider

    HaiderMonth ago

    This was a really good video but, I know I can't make it. You should sell the things that you make.

  16. JEX .666

    JEX .666Month ago

    Bob has airpods.

  17. Tyler Le

    Tyler LeMonth ago


  18. Fortnite is a gay baby game

    Fortnite is a gay baby game2 months ago

    thats sick the lights keep score

  19. Cory Lynch

    Cory Lynch2 months ago

    i wish i had this happy of as a life

  20. Md Rony

    Md Rony2 months ago


  21. one shine

    one shine2 months ago

    Man you blow my mind every video I watch and as a trucker who likes lights I completely get the LED lights lol just makes everything pop and grabs your attention makes it look cooler

  22. Ryan Males

    Ryan Males2 months ago

    At the end where you showed we to

  23. Miss Teal

    Miss Teal2 months ago

    Thats one extra ping pong table.

  24. Miss Teal

    Miss Teal2 months ago

    This would cost thousands of dollars!

  25. Austin Wirtz

    Austin Wirtz2 months ago

    They should have made some paddles too with the extra walnut.

  26. Didar Santa

    Didar Santa2 months ago


  27. Hugo Martins

    Hugo Martins2 months ago

    Please, teach us how to make a coffe table that works for table games!

  28. Yvonne Chan

    Yvonne Chan2 months ago

    Bob and Evan kinda looked alike.

  29. Owen Newo

    Owen Newo3 months ago

    Anyone else jest skip to the end to see how it looks


    MYSTERIOUS M&M4 months ago

    My name is Evan!!!!

  31. Paul De Jesus

    Paul De Jesus4 months ago

    where did you get your face mask

  32. ryan page

    ryan page4 months ago

    I like that Bob looks shocked at just how tall Evan is at the beginning of the episode.😂 Great job btw guys 👌

  33. Clay Senn

    Clay Senn5 months ago

    Make a ping pong paddle

  34. Sebastian Weinholdt

    Sebastian Weinholdt5 months ago

    Please make a DIY pool table

  35. Musa Asad

    Musa Asad5 months ago

    Evan looks like your twin

  36. XxBenjxX

    XxBenjxX5 months ago

    This is amazing!

  37. The ABC Jug Band

    The ABC Jug Band5 months ago

    That box would make a great snooker/air hockey table.

  38. Basketballboy 410

    Basketballboy 4105 months ago


  39. BadWallaby

    BadWallaby5 months ago

    BOB and EVAN could be brothers! They look a lot alike! :D

  40. Balraj Chahal

    Balraj Chahal5 months ago

    I'd love to learn how to make a pool table

  41. Maverick Hawey

    Maverick Hawey6 months ago

    Make a pool table now

  42. Wendyn70

    Wendyn706 months ago

    W8 a sec, this isn't Evan Kale...

  43. Senpai Yuki

    Senpai Yuki6 months ago


  44. Ron Gaming

    Ron Gaming6 months ago

    I wish I could have that thing beacause I love table tennis

  45. Wajahat Ali

    Wajahat Ali6 months ago


  46. Tearing It up With Tony

    Tearing It up With Tony6 months ago

    I need it in my life

  47. SenurPizzaBall

    SenurPizzaBall7 months ago

    I mean the leather net is really cool and all but, you can accomplish the same function and look with some colored duct tape.

  48. Badir Thabit

    Badir Thabit7 months ago

    Great table

  49. nick gabb

    nick gabb7 months ago

    you could make a pool table too!!

  50. A.M.K. Photography

    A.M.K. Photography7 months ago

    Best ping pong table in the universe. Awesome.

  51. Gigawatt Graphics

    Gigawatt Graphics7 months ago

    do you have a link for the trimmer you found on thingiverse?

  52. Dylan's Gaming

    Dylan's Gaming7 months ago

    you should make a skeeball game!!

  53. Grace Hampton

    Grace Hampton7 months ago

    I think you do sponsor advertisement better than anyone. It’s not even a bother because you can still see what’s going on but your point gets across and it has people wondering about square space!

  54. Vulcanasis

    Vulcanasis7 months ago

    Hey im Bob, and I like to make stuff.

  55. Azrael

    Azrael7 months ago

    Bob: Hey i'm bob and i like to make stuff😊 Me: Hi i'm azrael and i like to watch you make stuff because i'm broke as f***

  56. Karma

    Karma7 months ago


  57. Pre Soviet Russia

    Pre Soviet Russia8 months ago

    Gordon Freeman??? OwO

  58. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza8 months ago

    You really like your pocket holes, don't you?

  59. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff8 months ago

    I like to get projects finished. I’ll use whatever works best to get to my final goal which is a combination of the project and efficiency of video production.

  60. Noah Decker

    Noah Decker8 months ago

    I only disliked because I wanted the 200th one I actually love the vid

  61. Gustavo Martin Garcia

    Gustavo Martin Garcia8 months ago

    You should make it so that if both buttons are pressed for 3-5 seconds, the score resets to start a new game.

  62. teresa victorio

    teresa victorio8 months ago

    You guy and girls should do a pool table

  63. Isidro  Tapia

    Isidro Tapia8 months ago

    Pocket holes....

  64. Mark5ky TV

    Mark5ky TV8 months ago

    Wow looks like a lot of work

  65. Deitra Brown

    Deitra Brown9 months ago

    New subby here and binge watching for a few hours now!😂 Love your videos - great work! 😍

  66. Pug dude

    Pug dude9 months ago

    Can I buy this?

  67. Travis Walter

    Travis Walter9 months ago

    Wow, such a dope project.

  68. Anthony Germana

    Anthony Germana9 months ago


  69. Darius Bieliauskas

    Darius Bieliauskas9 months ago

    You are pro team

  70. Sejer Salling

    Sejer Salling9 months ago

    Why does Evan and the I like to make stuff guy look so much like each other?

  71. amgel

    amgel9 months ago

    the leds are off center :((

  72. Jradical

    Jradical10 months ago

    Is the code for this project available somewhere?

  73. Aleksi Laine

    Aleksi Laine10 months ago

    Any table tennis players here

  74. Andrew Baha

    Andrew Baha10 months ago

    Hahaha... hardluck those who keeps years of spite. Oh well, time flies... table is just a table.😂😂😂

  75. Jacob Stensgaard

    Jacob Stensgaard10 months ago

    Hi Bob, I really think that you should try to make a guitar🎸🎸😉 PS. Good job with you videos I like em'😉

  76. Carola Cespedes

    Carola Cespedes10 months ago

    Hello! where can I found the code? I just got an arduino. Thanks!

  77. Chris Walton

    Chris Walton10 months ago

    Nice use of a DiResta ice pick.

  78. Igor Galvão

    Igor Galvão10 months ago

    How to make a Poker Table

  79. Umank Pandey

    Umank Pandey10 months ago


  80. Marcel UndAb

    Marcel UndAb10 months ago

    Nice work. How did you power up these LEDs? (Which transformator did you use?)

  81. Bob Chen

    Bob Chen10 months ago

    You should edit the programming so holding down the button for a second takes away a point.

  82. Angie Overton

    Angie Overton10 months ago

    Great project. I look forward to watching how they made the net as well. And.... I didn't check all the other comments... But in some of the shots you and Evan look like you could be brothers. LOL

  83. Ekin Eryılmaz

    Ekin Eryılmaz10 months ago

    Hey Bob, great project again. I have a suggestion to further implement this. Having a buzzer connected to the arduino would be a cool option. You could program those buttons to play like an 8-bit sound when pressed. Such as mario sounds. It's a small touch but it is definitely entertaining.

  84. Jons Huib

    Jons Huib10 months ago

    I rember the Secret door it was the first video i have seen from you I searching for a Secret bookshelf door so.. I gues you can find Anyting on the Weirdest ways

  85. Conor Mahoney

    Conor Mahoney10 months ago

    Saw that clamp trick on Izzy Swan's videos. Not attempting to say you stole it, just giving a shout out to another great maker.

  86. _ Seppe

    _ Seppe10 months ago

    You look so tiny next to Evan

  87. Bitten_By_Frost

    Bitten_By_Frost11 months ago

    what's a carpenter's favorite snack? a biscuit hahaha

  88. Alfred Taufa

    Alfred Taufa11 months ago

    Ping pong paddle project???

  89. Jonatan Insaurralde

    Jonatan Insaurralde11 months ago


  90. Victor Maker

    Victor Maker11 months ago

    You made an excellent table! I need to think about a spacious room for this.

  91. gameingzeke

    gameingzeke11 months ago

    this is very much good for my understanding of how things work i guess

  92. MrVetter

    MrVetter11 months ago

    Can i eat the biscuit?

  93. Owen Mokelky

    Owen Mokelky11 months ago


  94. David Timmermann

    David Timmermann11 months ago

    My life. I've been waiting for this collab for so long.

  95. Initial

    Initial11 months ago

    9:03 Is his middle finger cut?

  96. Woesty420

    Woesty42011 months ago

    I notice you use Arduino, have you used Raspberry PI ever? Just wondering if there was a reason you choose Arduino.

  97. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff11 months ago

    I have several times. A pi would be overkill for a project like this

  98. Hayeon

    Hayeon11 months ago

    I love how the end result looked, y'all are amazing. Now Bob, I challenge you to try and speedrun Mario.

  99. Alvaro costa

    Alvaro costa11 months ago

    You really like storage space!!

  100. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff11 months ago

    I do! If you don't take advantage of it, you just miss out on useable space! :)

  101. Trev Haydon

    Trev Haydon11 months ago

    Now thats what I call a Ping Pong table. Good job all around Bob, Evan and Katelyn. Thank you for sharing. All the best from London UK.

  102. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff11 months ago

    Thanks Trev!

  103. juan rafael luis san pedro

    juan rafael luis san pedro11 months ago

    I have watched a lot of your videos and i thought it would be fun for us kids to see you in disney channel. Just like the "art attack dude!"


    KNOWNYMOUS ŠĎŇ11 months ago

    You a little bit look like tony stark... soo... how about you make some stuffs from iron man since (maybe) iron man will die on Infinity War (I hope not) and also do it as a tribute to the Infinity War movie😉

  105. The Smugglers Room

    The Smugglers Room11 months ago

    Love the build, great project. . . And I love the Vintage Star Wars Rebel Transport toy that you put in the table!!!

  106. Eli Balbach

    Eli Balbach11 months ago

    i will pay $5000 for it.

  107. Marin Mustapić

    Marin Mustapić11 months ago

    Hi Bob, I am organizing a basketball tournament this year and I need to make manual scoreboard. New ones are pretty expensive here in Croatia, about 60 USD and I need two of them. Because my friend and I are teenagers, we can't afford that along with other tournament expenses so I would really appreciate if you could make a scoreboard project. I have few ideas, but not real experience in DIY so it would be a great help Thanks for great videos, I enjoyed watching every single one. Greetings from Split 👋🏻

  108. Marin Mustapić

    Marin Mustapić11 months ago

    I Like To Make Stuff I thought about non-electronic one, but I will give this one a shot anyways, just in smaller scale. Thanks for the reply :)

  109. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff11 months ago

    This might help, good luck!

  110. Glen Everett

    Glen Everett11 months ago

    I Like To Make Stuff ... Hi Bob, I don't have any experience with laser cutters, but I was just wondering something.... when you were trying to cut through 2 layers of leather and it wasn't cutting all the way through and it wasn't burning either, could you have just hit "print" (what button is it on a laser cutter?) a second time and cut through the remaining peice without burning the leather to a crisp?

  111. Mat Howe

    Mat Howe11 months ago

    i just have a dumb question that i noticed in the first 2 minutes of the video. Bob why don't you have a miter saw that slides? i feel this would be very beneficial for all the awesome projects you do. i bet you've heard this question a lot. but i'm still going to ask haha. keep up the GREAT content tho its pretty cool. also for the future... could we see more 3d printer based episodes? :D

  112. I Like To Make Stuff

    I Like To Make Stuff11 months ago

    No particular reason, I just found a good deal on this one so I picked it up. The slide would definitely be a nice feature but also makes the saw a bit deeper too.