how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman3 months ago

    thank you so much for the support and nice comments! i guess i did the music too well, since it instantly got copyright claimed for using billie eilish's song. oh well

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  3. Hong tao Tan

    Hong tao Tan2 months ago

    That innocent cushion

  4. TheReal Bones9000

    TheReal Bones90002 months ago

    Quality content then

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  6. Degenerate

    Degenerate2 months ago

    Well just fucking kill her **This is a joke**

  7. Pussychka

    Pussychka42 minutes ago

    His face is beautiful at every second

  8. Dead Gamer101

    Dead Gamer10145 minutes ago

    *WE ARE NUMBER ONE* , duh

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    2.5M SUBS 2.5M LIKES

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    Number one xD

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    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ너무 웃겨 I can't sleep because of your expression. Please come and look at my cover.

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    Lloooool nice

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    :D like

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    Я АТ БРАТИШ,... БРУТИШ... ну карочи я ат мартышки адной

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    Obscurum - 362 hours ago

    (NOPE) xD

  17. Evan Udowicz

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  18. Sunshine XD

    Sunshine XD2 hours ago

    Teacher : what instrument do you want to play? Me : COUCH

  19. Nate 2569

    Nate 25692 hours ago

    Please play more Billie eilish !

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    if you german put in subtitles like wtf xd

  24. Tio Saiyan

    Tio Saiyan2 hours ago

    i can't stop replaying

  25. ???

    ???3 hours ago

    Patric: Is couch an instrument?

  26. Gg's videos bla

    Gg's videos bla3 hours ago

    Random person: Do you use auto tune? Me: No, I use *F A N.*

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  28. A1tFive

    A1tFive3 hours ago

    The blow really pissed me off

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    Omg 2.5 million likes

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    *Dun dun*

  31. Hansy

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    Why the fuck is the title and description translated to my language? FUCK YOU MReporter (and Google)!!!!!

  32. Praying Kitty

    Praying Kitty3 hours ago

    Dad: Hi hungry I’m dad *Turns over to the camera* Dad: I’m the dad guy

  33. Cobrakay2003

    Cobrakay20033 hours ago

    How every guy acts when they have to do a few things to finally get laid.

  34. Fruity Panda

    Fruity Panda3 hours ago

    Who else has watch this multiple times

  35. ԃυԃҽtԋσ -

    ԃυԃҽtԋσ -3 hours ago

    Accurate but funny. Great Job

  36. Ernstjan Albers

    Ernstjan Albers3 hours ago

    i love this so much

  37. TPHlL

    TPHlL4 hours ago

    I need a 10hr version of couch

  38. Daniel Mor

    Daniel Mor4 hours ago

    Tienes q poner esa cara de weon

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    Efe Dayıoğlu4 hours ago

    Yabancıların hugolası aq🇹🇷

  40. Dennis Desyaff

    Dennis Desyaff4 hours ago

    Subtitle indonya kocak


    es.a.borowski.ae4 hours ago

    Best ending.

  42. random_doggo

    random_doggo4 hours ago

    w oof

  43. Lucas Oliveira Santos

    Lucas Oliveira Santos4 hours ago

    Quando vc não sabe tocar um instrumento mas manja das edição

  44. Your Mama

    Your Mama4 hours ago

    Teacher: Why are you laughing? Me: It's really complicated.....

  45. Zachary Ailport

    Zachary Ailport5 hours ago

    NGL had me in the first most of the video.

  46. WM NemensisXx

    WM NemensisXx5 hours ago

    No one : Literally no one: SethEverman : *COUCH*

  47. Freeyo

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    i keep thinking his shirt says anus

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    U look like gay

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    Yeaaaaassssss! Instantly subscribed!

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    You look like "Vikernes" with that hair

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    You better than billie

  55. Tren Bolone

    Tren Bolone6 hours ago

    0:33 I lol'd thank you