How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd


  1. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones12 minutes ago

    Bobby duke arts x Draw with Jazza?

  2. Masih T

    Masih T21 minute ago


  3. ryn

    ryn35 minutes ago

    i’d be so stoked to have a beetle series it’s exactly what i’d wanna carve myself

  4. xviony

    xviony7 hours ago


  5. Spiiriti ¿

    Spiiriti ¿7 hours ago

    nearly started screeching with eternal/fallen youth came on

  6. kArIn

    kArIn10 hours ago

    Naruto Music in the background 😂❤

  7. Noah Jensen

    Noah Jensen10 hours ago

    Try carving a lego brick from wewd

  8. I know memes

    I know memes12 hours ago

    I love how the shirt said pants if only the pants said shirt

  9. valid

    valid13 hours ago

    i saw that bt21 jacket 👀

  10. Julianna Kelley

    Julianna Kelley13 hours ago

    Haha any time I see ebony I think “Oh just like my cello!”

  11. Lauryn Dawson

    Lauryn Dawson14 hours ago

    The girl at 0:17 with the BT21 sweatshirt is a queen and she is stanned by ARMYs all over the world 💜

  12. Adam Lynch

    Adam Lynch14 hours ago

    This makes me realize how crappy iam at making things.

  13. kitty cat 609eyes

    kitty cat 609eyes14 hours ago

    Taco bell

  14. Trinity Salas

    Trinity Salas15 hours ago

    Uhhhh she is A BTS STANN 0:18 if anyone noticed

  15. Tuấn Sony

    Tuấn Sony15 hours ago

    Ur rotary! What name are you using?

  16. Zoie Epperson

    Zoie Epperson16 hours ago

    "I Want That"

  17. Josh Hanequiez

    Josh Hanequiez17 hours ago

    I beat my meat to vewy wewd tings

  18. HaMilTon ArMYBTS :3

    HaMilTon ArMYBTS :318 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that his daughter is wearing a bt21 hoodie?

  19. Tyler

    Tyler18 hours ago

    1:36 it’s a little bit of “RUFF”. I think you meant Bark, small doggo.

  20. Megan West

    Megan West20 hours ago

    I have that same bob Ross bobble head!

  21. Lawrence 02

    Lawrence 0221 hour ago

    *Bro that looks so good, holy damn great job*

  22. devil boy alex

    devil boy alex22 hours ago

    nice work....effort and everything

  23. Ali Babba

    Ali Babba23 hours ago

    Your the best man I love your channel so much... your my spirit animal

  24. in2legos

    in2legos23 hours ago

    What have you done to Destin?!!

  25. Underswap Temmie124

    Underswap Temmie124Day ago

    bobby: byeee!!! *honks horn* bobby's daughter: *in distance* OMG MY GODDDD

  26. BI K

    BI KDay ago

    So much resin for so small wings? I thought resin was expensive stuff!

  27. Jonas Kronståhl

    Jonas KronståhlDay ago

    This video really "bugged" me (sorry)

  28. Patuatar 06

    Patuatar 06Day ago

    Beetles look like little machines wtf

  29. Bonzulac

    BonzulacDay ago

    I think your videos would be even better if you actually jammed the camera into your nostril during the uncomfortable close-ups.

  30. krishna

    krishnaDay ago

    Omg she was wearing a bt21 sweatshirt

  31. Poonam Chauhan

    Poonam ChauhanDay ago

    You are the most creative and funny guy IF YOY AGREE give aloke

  32. Nathanaël TUMMERS

    Nathanaël TUMMERSDay ago

    can you make a "Lucane cerf-volant" ?

  33. MemesFor Days

    MemesFor DaysDay ago

    I am a junior entomologist.I love watching your videos especially now.

  34. subsounds 4u

    subsounds 4uDay ago

    Excuses me The f**k

  35. Wolf Blazer

    Wolf BlazerDay ago

    Put that on my bed i would move out

  36. Jacob Clarke

    Jacob ClarkeDay ago

    Call bitconus

  37. artistic RIFT

    artistic RIFTDay ago

    I think you should make a spider, like a huntsman or an ogre face spider with eyes that reflect light.

  38. XEROX gaming

    XEROX gamingDay ago

    5:20 music?

  39. Marc Vincent Klitgaard

    Marc Vincent KlitgaardDay ago

    Press 5 for Bob Ross.

  40. Josh Riggs

    Josh RiggsDay ago

    I've seen a few of your vidjahs and I really like the craftsmanship and beauty of your stuff. One question, though. Why the feck are your pupils always so small? I have an idea, but would never want to publicly assume or dime you out.

  41. poostiu

    poostiuDay ago

    Dude you rock. You're insane. Are you an android or was you kidnap from aliens🤣. Anyway man try not to surpass DaVinci. Keep surpriseing the world. Lot of Love man

  42. Justin Williams

    Justin WilliamsDay ago

    Beautiful bobby!

  43. Benito Valdes

    Benito ValdesDay ago

    This so fing cringe

  44. Mister Ious

    Mister IousDay ago


  45. Lea Loo

    Lea LooDay ago

    watch while high

  46. Dread Lord

    Dread LordDay ago

    What is Wewd? *Oh for gods sake its wood!

  47. June wolf

    June wolf7 hours ago


  48. Lore Heartbound

    Lore HeartboundDay ago

    14:47 Thought that was an actual dead bug there for a moment before realising what the video was about again. It's 6:34am and I haven't slept in 24 hours... I'm really sorry wewd bug qwq

  49. Liam Wisco

    Liam WiscoDay ago

    “now that u seen my wewd” 😏😏

  50. GalaxyOfReeses KIng

    GalaxyOfReeses KIngDay ago

    His wife seen his wewd

  51. IChotryx D

    IChotryx DDay ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song? About the minute 5:00