How the Geography of the US is Weirder Than You Think


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    Wouldn't the Alaska island actually be Yesterday and the Russian island be Tomorrow, based upon how the time zones are set up?

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    Most people don't realize Hawaii is the farthest south state.

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    Hey you said Vancouver in your comparison of latitude, and just like Calgary it’s in Canada too. You didn’t seem to mention it.

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    Yo i actually thought that people were joking around about the earth being flat but they're dead ass serious

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    Minnesota’s Northwest Angle

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    Who is from dalhart Texas? This is my first time hearing about it. Is it nice?

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    The map ur useing is flat, therefore , each of these facts are inacurate. Noob.

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    How do you 'flip a globe on it's side'?

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    My question is why they don’t make Point Roberts part of Canada?

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    *Its "true spherical shape"* Um, excuse me, sweetie, but just because all your smarty-pants teachers told you the Earth is round doesn't mean it's true. The Earth is flat, like on the map. The globe was made to make it easier for people to see the different places on the map. Get your facts straight before you go yapping about these things :)

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    Were tomorrow and yesterday mixed up on the graphic?

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    You can't just move contents up like and draw straight lines. The earth is round and the flat map is not accurate.

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    If USA and Russia build a bridge or a tunnel of railways and highways between diomed islands Continents of Asia and Americas can be connected

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    I usually enjoy your videos. But this one was kinda time waste. Facts told were not of much use or interest . I hope this was just a one time thing.

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