How Spicy are the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

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  2. Ted Murphy

    Ted Murphy5 months ago


  3. Jim Jack

    Jim Jack5 months ago

    @TheReportOfTheWeek pepperoni beast

  4. AiNoMijo XD

    AiNoMijo XD5 months ago

    Why you dont seem to show any emotions at all? You look like a very realistic Robot, i like ur videos

  5. IVIercenary

    IVIercenary5 months ago

    Is running on empty meaning you do reviews on an empty stomach?

  6. Hail Koosh

    Hail Koosh7 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek your tie has me so hypnotized

  7. ryanjofre

    ryanjofre2 days ago

    Great classic the. Excellent full Windsor knot! I always add a dimple though.

  8. sugar jones

    sugar jones2 days ago

    T shirt idea ,,,",,-I have mixed feelings about Popeyes"

  9. Lucifer Dicks

    Lucifer Dicks4 days ago

    GOIN IN!

  10. Chris House

    Chris House5 days ago

    "If I don't pass out and die I'm going to be disappointed'. This man is a national treasure.

  11. FurkantheMCexcpert

    FurkantheMCexcpert5 days ago

    Not that spicy I at 6 today plus sweat heat sauce without a problem

  12. ziggy morris

    ziggy morris6 days ago

    everything from Popeyes is good

  13. ziggy morris

    ziggy morris6 days ago

    That new trend of burning your mouth followed by your ass with ghost peppers on just about everything.

  14. Jeralt's Horde

    Jeralt's Horde7 days ago

    Dude even your vehicle is clean asf lol godamnn

  15. ΩßrewerΩ

    ΩßrewerΩ7 days ago

    reviewbrah where are your teeth?

  16. Injured Rhyme30

    Injured Rhyme308 days ago

    Do you think he would like stranger things it in like 1983

  17. robert chavez

    robert chavez9 days ago

    This gentleman is an elder man in the body of a young man. What is your secret for flawless skin and youth?!

  18. Slinky TV

    Slinky TV16 days ago

    Also your videos are more entertaining than prank videos

  19. Slinky TV

    Slinky TV16 days ago

    Seriously no comment here is about the food and how it tastes, or someone agrees with him, either it’s hate, or trying to be funny.

  20. Mister Anime9001

    Mister Anime900117 days ago

    The wing are hot but reviewbrah has transcended multiple universes to take the heat

  21. Breon Hammond

    Breon Hammond18 days ago

    You look like backpack kid 🤣😂

  22. Anthony Pinto

    Anthony Pinto20 days ago

    Lmao why am I watching this

  23. salem Duran

    salem Duran23 days ago

    frodo's modern closest cousing

  24. NewGoldStandard

    NewGoldStandard24 days ago

    "Let's set ourselves on fire." Words to live by; Reviewbrah is a sage.

  25. Tim Higgins

    Tim Higgins24 days ago

    Reviewbrah just went full send

  26. e

    eMonth ago

    cut your nails

  27. Shriver 2004

    Shriver 2004Month ago

    How do you live like this its embarrassing for me knowing we have people out there that reveiw food that we can all get and all have prolly had

  28. 뽝밍구

    뽝밍구Month ago

    8:38 meme

  29. Sui Caedere

    Sui CaedereMonth ago

    Now I’m craving some hot wings. 😭

  30. Caleb Naran

    Caleb NaranMonth ago

    why are these limited time I hope you can get them today

  31. Jonathan J. Sharp

    Jonathan J. SharpMonth ago

    Kenneth from 30 Rock + Dwight Schrute = This man. Thank you!

  32. ETB

    ETBMonth ago

    I’m pretty sure at my age my grandpa was working at a shipyard, boxing, and building porches. Here I am watching a man eat a chicken wing in his car so I think i’m on the right track

  33. Wallsie TV

    Wallsie TVMonth ago

    Ur videos are the very best 💯

  34. joe daddy

    joe daddyMonth ago

    welcome back!

  35. ttv/thefreaktomato0_snipezz X

    ttv/thefreaktomato0_snipezz XMonth ago


  36. Silent Hashassin

    Silent HashassinMonth ago

    The most distinguished gentlemen on MReporter. His class is immeasurable.

  37. ambo Swaggy

    ambo SwaggyMonth ago

    and this ladies and gentlemen is how rich white kids eat chicken wings

  38. belly idol

    belly idolMonth ago


  39. Anthony Lloyd

    Anthony LloydMonth ago


  40. Alex Kid

    Alex KidMonth ago

    flawless exit

  41. Max Crabapple

    Max CrabappleMonth ago

    Albino rat lookin fresh

  42. K!lljoy

    K!lljoyMonth ago

    It’s pronounced ragin’ Cajun

  43. DgJerry

    DgJerryMonth ago

    8:37 there he goes

  44. internetuser

    internetuserMonth ago

    Anyone that thinks mass produced food is actually going to be spicy I have a bridge to sell you

  45. Tobias Hand

    Tobias HandMonth ago

    ❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️ 🔥❤️❤️❤️🔥

  46. Rachel Marie-Pfeifer

    Rachel Marie-PfeiferMonth ago

    I love watching you eat its so cute you remind me of my cat. c r o n c h.

  47. Claire Kouassi

    Claire KouassiMonth ago


  48. wonderous man

    wonderous manMonth ago

    God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son jesus for us

  49. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersMonth ago

    "If I'm not dead after this, I'm gonna be disappointed." 7 minutes pass: "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

  50. Fido Official

    Fido Official15 days ago

    At Popeyes, again

  51. Blurry Muffin

    Blurry MuffinMonth ago

    In the thumbnail he looks so discontent and disappointed, it makes me nervous

  52. CrazyPigCarrots

    CrazyPigCarrotsMonth ago

    Eating food in a suit makes it so fancy. Now when I eat wings in the car I think of it as fine dining.

  53. Derrick Clowes

    Derrick ClowesMonth ago

    ah, so this is where the meme of him looking out the window and saying "there he goes" came from

  54. aiannuz909

    aiannuz909Month ago

    It’s midnight and I’m watching a guy mow down wings. I rate it

  55. Odraner

    OdranerMonth ago

    Ghost peppers are 100k not 1m

  56. Ghiaccio /

    Ghiaccio /Month ago

    Miamifinn they’re minimum of 800,000 dumbass

  57. Marbury Education Services

    Marbury Education ServicesMonth ago

    Definitely mole fingers...……..