How Spicy are the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes?


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    TheReportOfTheWeek I didn't know what to think about you honestly this is my first time watching one of your videos this suit through his kind of off-putting it doesn't really fit you well but because you're willing to try these wings I'm going to give you a shot

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    TheReportOfTheWeek *FLAWLESS EXIT*

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    TheReportOfTheWeek I keep coming back to your channel your English and calming voice is great ignore the hate

  5. manictiger

    manictiger2 months ago

    Scoville units are based on non-diluted samples. By putting small amounts of ghost pepper into a sauce and then putting it on meat, you won't be getting the same dose as just eating the pepper, straight. One of my favorite things to do is put a layer of cayenne pepper on some foods. For example, I'll make my own popcorn in pot 1 with peanut oil and a reshaped pie tin (to localize the heat in the pot), dump the popped kernels into pot 2, add EVOO, salt, a couple pinches of italian seasoning, a decent amount of cayenne pepper and shake it all up (with pot lid) until it's evenly distributed. If I overdo the cayenne a little, I can feel it on my lips after I'm finished with the popcorn. It's not painful, just noticeable. P.S. Don't make popcorn with non-stick surfaces or other oils, as they will smoke, catch fire or otherwise harm your health. The whole process takes only a few minutes. I cool off pot 1 by running water UNDER it, then I clean the oil out.

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    I think you’re wonderful.

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    Watching this at 1:27 AM

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    Cool video

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    He’s literally the only guy I know who can make eating any kind of wings look like he’s eating a delicacy with no mess on his face or shirt or hands. Legit.

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    Why did i end up here 😔😔

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    Setting himself on fire!!!🔥

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    Guy looks like a rapist

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    Dude from vault-tec.

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    Mr bena

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    Our very own Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D 😂

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    He at least 45

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    I still dunno if he’s 13 or 30

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    What in the Delano Rosevelt, Monroe fuckin, Kennedy shootin, filet o fish extra tartar sause lovin fucken shit is this?

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    He is like a Brad Hall version for food review.

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    Takes one bite of the skin *Face gets red*

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    All the dislikes are definitely from vegetarians

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    Ur channel name should be albino rat

  24. Jason Jia

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    The actual batter will most certainly dillute the amount of spiciness, it's only a million Scoville units if you eat the pepper itself, right at the source. Also not to mention they are a regular fast food chain for the masses, they probably fear that they would get a lot of complaints and legal threats if they truly made the spiciness one that knocked your head off. "Ghost pepper" is just for marketing purposes to draw people in I guess.

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    *4:26** boii didn't taste tha meat*

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    I would rather get the boneless wings they taste bomb af

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    Wendys siracha burger wasnt even spicy and didnt even taste a little bit like siracha

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    Later that day he shot up pop eyes

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    so weird :/

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    Popeyes is literal food heaven, best place on earth


    MR.SLAYS YOSHI9 days ago

    Go to wingstop and order the 10pc atomic wings see how spicy that stuff is

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    Wheres beasty

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i am subbed

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    If I’m not dead by eating these My disappointment would be immeasurable and MYDAYRUINED

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    Is this a religion?

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    He reminds me of sheldon on big bang.. 😂😂😂😂 i love him!!

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    I'm high as fuck right now and this video is not helping my already really hungry stomach. Help.

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    This guy a Sheldon cooper try hard or sumthing 😂💯

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    A White person eating spicy food. IM SHOOK!!

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    *_crispitey crunchety_*

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    Pull up like *mAy i GeT tHeM GhOsT pEpPeR WiNgS*

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    Talking half the video. The other half he actually does something.

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    Frankie Moo lmao u know to be honest I just started watching about couple weeks ago. 🙌👌😂

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    Savage Bliss so.. you're new huh

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    4:24 poPEYes

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    Bagapackkid after his floss dance career ended

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    very spicy.

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    "Flawless exit".... I love you 😂

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    Hubba Jubba Deliciousness

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    Spoiler: *Reviewbrah dies*

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    8:34 to 8:40

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    You sir should try the Carolina Reaper chip.

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    Who was sitting in the passenger seat?

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    Im hungry now thx

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    Hes NY af tho..

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    So funny, I love the intelligent words you use!

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    *_WHY AM I HERE?_*

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    I ate those it wasnt that spicy nothing is spicy when a place that sells food or a store i try the food and it nothing to me

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    Back pack kid when he grows up

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    He looks like eminem

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    Oooh, that's a great suit!

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    Mr been lookin ass 😂😂💀

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    U look gay

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    Thought this was a female...

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    You are white everyone knows that whitr people can not withstand spicy stuff (im not being racist just stating facts)👌

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    Not being mean but is he a teen adult can u answer

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    4:47 when your mum send you to hell but you can’t find it

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    What year does this guy live in 😅

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    FoOd ReViEw

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    i would feed review guy

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    Jimmy Neutron looking ass

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    I love the extra reviews on the chicken the meal deal and the sauce.

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    young Sheldon????

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    the backpack kid from the future

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    he looks like seldon on the big bang theory when he did fun whit flagz

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    He smashed the chicken wing and he got mad cause he couldn’t get the lil orange thing 😂🙄🕺

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    Funny meme all I see

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    Can’t trust a white persons review of spicy food bruh they don’t got the palette for that

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    "Yo Review brah.. my life depends on you man"

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    Watching in 2017

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    Heys gay

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