How Spicy are the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes?


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    TheReportOfTheWeek10 months ago

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  2. Shaun Pearson

    Shaun Pearson4 days ago

    Oh, you definitely have issues.

  3. keiichi maebara

    keiichi maebara17 days ago

    I can really only be false advertisement if they don't put it in there at all they can get away with that that's why I don't trust fast food places to say that they got this spicy ghost pepper Anymore you're better off going to a slow food restaurant even then sometimes there a let down but every now and again you'll find an actual hot thing that's actually as hot as the ghost pepper or at least close to it And as for popeye's there only 1% hotter then the regular spicy so it's not much of a difference they were row let down to me

  4. Quagmire

    Quagmire18 days ago

    Why do you always wear suits? Are you rich

  5. SAMurai2K18

    SAMurai2K18Month ago

    Loved the suit in this episode (not saying I don't like it on other episodes) it really suits you

  6. shaolinwisdom

    shaolinwisdom2 months ago

    You're kind of look like an American Mr. Bean. This is Total compliment btw. So don't take that the wrong way.

  7. ZackeTheBrute

    ZackeTheBrute9 hours ago

    This dude should grow a beard, he would look less like an alien that way.

  8. Frenkie

    Frenkie13 hours ago

    Nice haircut

  9. 8Inch Donkey

    8Inch Donkey14 hours ago

    Why did I watch this?

  10. 7heEndOmenGlaive9

    7heEndOmenGlaive923 hours ago

    the level of legitimacy of your comments goes beyond this world

  11. simon foxx

    simon foxxDay ago

    shit when did lorde start reviewing chicken wings

  12. Zaltarical

    ZaltaricalDay ago

    So much tension during those first few bites

  13. Tanner Henry

    Tanner HenryDay ago

    This is the most white-acting person I’ve ever seen

  14. Nice LP

    Nice LPDay ago

    He reminds me of sheldon

  15. pings

    pingsDay ago

    Why did i clap at the beginning when he said food.. Review... Something wrong with me!!

  16. WaffenHerMuff

    WaffenHerMuffDay ago

    Pussy pepper wings that's what it Australia if you see something like wicked wings or something like that it's not it's just not enough hot spice just as disappointing

  17. Ivan Dominguez

    Ivan Dominguez2 days ago

    This guy looks like skinny Eric Wilson, hell yeah!

  18. H-Disconnected Error

    H-Disconnected Error2 days ago

    Sooooo..... These are bitch wings. Well, thank you anyways.

  19. Sleve McDichael

    Sleve McDichael2 days ago

    Who is this fucking guy? I’ve never seen a more well spoken man. Behold the master orator.

  20. Yung A.P

    Yung A.P2 days ago

    This guy is the nerdiest guy I’ve ever seen

  21. Sipilla

    Sipilla2 days ago

    The way he analyses the wing while he eats is magic

  22. Introvex

    Introvex2 days ago

    I had to go back and watch the Suicide Wings vid after this, it's a classic.

  23. heketo achumi

    heketo achumi2 days ago

    Somewhere in the middle of ben shapiro and Sheldon cooper

  24. Inferno Darkz

    Inferno Darkz3 days ago

    *5 mins of dead silence while we watch a high class human being slowly eat a hot wing*

  25. PoiZenLies WithTruth

    PoiZenLies WithTruth3 days ago

    Pre Mr. Bean

  26. crippling anxiety

    crippling anxiety3 days ago

    Watching our Lord in action in his glory reviewing these divine treats

  27. combathotdog

    combathotdog3 days ago

    A serial killer reviewing a chicken.

  28. Richard Grouper

    Richard Grouper3 days ago

    Dude, you're a weird ass mother fucker! I like you! Subbed.

  29. Gazshadows

    Gazshadows3 days ago

    Jesus mate cut your nails haha

  30. FMPrussia

    FMPrussia3 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  31. gio_playz !

    gio_playz !3 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  32. Noah Billingsley

    Noah Billingsley4 days ago

    At the end you can tell he is about to have a tantrum because they are too spicy😂 lmao


    SCOTLAND RACING4 days ago

    What the hell you got on are you a time traveler or did you steal your grandpa's cloves


    SCOTLAND RACING2 days ago

    Ok grandpa boy lover

  35. Farzin

    Farzin2 days ago

    SCOTLAND RACING learn how to spell clothes

  36. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie Mothe4 days ago


  37. Zachary Hayes

    Zachary Hayes4 days ago

    If this kid/man doesnt end up on the food Network I will be dissapointed.

  38. One Love Bob

    One Love Bob4 days ago

    Dudes got that Leon S Kennedy vibe , LA-Noire

  39. Nick Larocco

    Nick Larocco4 days ago

    So here's a bit of information. The seeds are where all the heat of a pepper lives. The skin and flesh carry some residual heat, but it's almost all in the seeds. Popeyes likely removed the seeds from any ghost peppers they added they could add a good amount of pepper and without the seeds they wouldn't add much heat.

  40. Shawn Davis

    Shawn Davis5 days ago

    Over a million subscribers?....What the hell I'm I doing wrong? Geez!!😒

  41. The Truth

    The Truth5 days ago

    Young Hannibal

  42. The Truth

    The Truth5 days ago

    U look like Kylie Jenner jr

  43. Turbowat?

    Turbowat?5 days ago

    It's Sheldon.. but more tolerable. Great review.

  44. Lord Sadicus

    Lord Sadicus5 days ago

    Grow a beard, brother. It would look good on you :)

  45. joeuk86

    joeuk865 days ago

    My man, you are something else! How have I just found you? Subbed!

  46. Keith Costello

    Keith Costello5 days ago

    Fucking legend

  47. Mitch Morris

    Mitch Morris5 days ago

    Sounds good. Lol

  48. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs6 days ago

    Hey man I got a great idea for a review. By our courthouse is a Wendys and the quality and presentation is always amazing since they know they're serving powerful people like judges, detectives, etc. Far different than the trash they serve at the Wendys by my house. You should do a side by side review with a good and a bad location.

  49. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs6 days ago

    Your rating system should be 1 to 10 how bad your day has been ruined.

  50. Lil Griff

    Lil Griff6 days ago

    When you a devil worshiper and try to love the lord and go to church but you want the satans Wings

  51. bluntman305

    bluntman3056 days ago

    Mr beans son.... 👏

  52. exclusivegino

    exclusivegino6 days ago

    after watching this dude despite me having straight A’s he makes me feel dumb after all these big words he uses and i have no clue what they mean😹


    SKEPTICAL S.M6 days ago

    Why am I watching this when I’m starving

  54. Yusuf Klifa

    Yusuf Klifa6 days ago

    Se te olvidó los subtítulos en español

  55. Thomas terbanc

    Thomas terbanc6 days ago

    Going in. Let's set ourselves on fire.

  56. Jamison Reynolds

    Jamison Reynolds6 days ago

    Liked, subscribed. I don't know why I like watching this, but I do.

  57. Geshem Geshem

    Geshem Geshem6 days ago

    try Jollibee chickenjoy bucket much juicier and meatier and the gravy and more affordable and tasty! pls react to Jollibee chicken joy..

  58. Geshem Geshem

    Geshem Geshem6 days ago

    he/she looks like a girl and look young and from 1970's and looks a brother of mr.bean

  59. Tully Harold

    Tully Harold7 days ago

    kid fuck u

  60. Matt Daglia

    Matt Daglia7 days ago

    He definitely was the "suitcase kid" in jr. high..

  61. Matt Daglia

    Matt Daglia7 days ago

    Popeyes chicken is da shizniiiiit!!!!!!

  62. Twin Boltz

    Twin Boltz7 days ago

    That was a flawless exit

  63. Akaihiryuu77

    Akaihiryuu777 days ago

    I use like 2 tablespoons of 180,000 sauce on burgers basically as a condiment now. And I use 1,000,000 pepper extract in scrambled eggs. I'm gonna have to check these out.

  64. street lifetv

    street lifetv8 days ago

    20 seconds after the first bite I knew they were milder than ketchup

  65. Cryptic Cases

    Cryptic Cases8 days ago

    Suited up for wings... I’m not saying it’s right... but I get it

  66. Sauchy!

    Sauchy!8 days ago

    Clap clap.. food review!

  67. R’n’Rislife

    R’n’Rislife8 days ago

    “You saw that I was, I was in Missouri”

  68. Weldhawk

    Weldhawk8 days ago

    When you go through the drive through what do you say

  69. Kaosza K

    Kaosza K8 days ago

    Sheldon 2.0 fun with food

  70. Kade Sims

    Kade Sims8 days ago

    This man... is incredibly intelligent.

  71. Birinder Singh

    Birinder Singh8 days ago

    Is it just me or is he a 15 year old?

  72. Tim Rothwell

    Tim Rothwell9 days ago

    I fancy that thrift store suit quite a bit

  73. The Peacetime Book Club

    The Peacetime Book Club9 days ago

    Please review the Impossible Burger :)

  74. Jae Lee

    Jae Lee9 days ago

    Idk why I am so entertained by this lmao...too many blunts hahahhahaha

  75. haaya123

    haaya12312 days ago

    Unique! Subscribed!

  76. john johnson

    john johnson13 days ago

    Sheldon Cooper?

  77. Casey Tucker

    Casey Tucker13 days ago

    Will you review Wendy’s fries being dipped into a chocolate frosty

  78. Nyan Gatetoh

    Nyan Gatetoh14 days ago

    "Hewwo everyone!" I love you.

  79. Mandy Pink

    Mandy Pink14 days ago

    The little orange thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Review Central

    Review Central14 days ago

    He should be an advocate

  81. mochafrappey

    mochafrappey14 days ago

    Go on Hot Ones ty

  82. MegaMations

    MegaMations16 days ago

    2:20 I died lmao

  83. CuriousCorduroy

    CuriousCorduroy17 days ago

    I remember trying these wings and there was virtually no heat. They tasted fine though.

  84. khalooosh

    khalooosh18 days ago

    U look like an uncircumcised nut sac ❤️

  85. Evol1HipHop

    Evol1HipHop3 days ago

    khalooosh Who circumcises nutsacks, though? 🤔

  86. Moomin Productions

    Moomin Productions18 days ago

    Isn’t it more practical to use more than 2 fingers? Nevermind, love the vids

  87. RIKO

    RIKO19 days ago

    This guy reminds me of sheldon cooper

  88. Vegabond

    Vegabond20 days ago

    How do you stay alive after eating that junk daily? that stuff gives you stomach cancer

  89. Gator Dont Play No ****

    Gator Dont Play No ****20 days ago

    Dam thats good good quality

  90. Jackoroni

    Jackoroni21 day ago

    Maybe he's actually a vampire that feels no pain

  91. Andres Hernandez

    Andres Hernandez21 day ago

    he said "rajoon," but managed to pronounce cajun correctly..

  92. Machinen Kanone

    Machinen Kanone21 day ago

    I appreciate your sense of style. I have a suit I'd like to donate to your channel. I have a light grey Joseph Abboud 2 button spring wool in 42L . Is that close to your size ? The slacks could be taken down to 36 in the length. The jacket could be pulled in to a 40. Let me know.

  93. Ikhwan Ariff

    Ikhwan Ariff22 days ago

    watching ur vids bro, i learn vocabularies. Thanks

  94. MasterOfNone

    MasterOfNone23 days ago

    Don’t worry guys he’s okay! Turns out Popeyes really did lie...

  95. Casual Mercy Main

    Casual Mercy Main23 days ago

    homeopathic ghost pepper

  96. Taylor Imes

    Taylor Imes24 days ago

    You're awesome. This is the first video of yours I've seen.

  97. Agent Johnson

    Agent Johnson25 days ago

    This guy has always looked strange to me

  98. Elite gaming 101

    Elite gaming 10127 days ago

    8:37 is what I came for

  99. Lord of Tartar Sauce

    Lord of Tartar Sauce27 days ago

    How is it that every time I see you review anything in a box, your sides are always ontop of your damn meal?!

  100. Mr. Pavlov

    Mr. Pavlov29 days ago

    No wonder he has over a mil. subs...this guy is great !

  101. Justin Alvarez

    Justin AlvarezMonth ago

    4:25 you’re welcome !

  102. ricardo bonilla

    ricardo bonillaMonth ago

    You like a 1940’s door to door salesman

  103. Gareth Wigglesworth

    Gareth WigglesworthMonth ago

    This guy looks English as fuck. Props. You should be reviewing tea crumpets and cigars on the top deck of the titanic

  104. goose Evans

    goose EvansMonth ago

    Popeyes chicken is the worst. Its literally all breading no damn chicken

  105. Justin Sane

    Justin SaneMonth ago

    Don't look at this guy while drunk, just don't.

  106. sepehr 13730

    sepehr 13730Month ago

    is it grown stewie ?1

  107. Black flag

    Black flagMonth ago

    Dwight? Is that you?

  108. Prince Mora

    Prince MoraMonth ago

    Sean Evans needs to get this guy on Hot Ones..