How Spicy are the Ghost Pepper Wings from Popeyes?


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    +TheReportOfTheWeek pepperoni beast

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    Why you dont seem to show any emotions at all? You look like a very realistic Robot, i like ur videos

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    Is running on empty meaning you do reviews on an empty stomach?

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    TheReportOfTheWeek your tie has me so hypnotized

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    Great professional review. Liked And Subscribed.

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    Be president

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    In Russia, people don't eat chicken because chicken eat them

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    You should be a meme

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    Si es mexicano

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    This dude eats his food like a gerbile

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    "The reason being is.." 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  16. bradyn bassett

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    I'd ask for extra ghost pepper spice but I know people at Popeye's don't give a fuck about your requests nor orders lol.

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    locodekanko2 days ago

    Who is this and how did I just now find you?!?

  18. Drew B

    Drew B2 days ago

    If you really want spicy wings, go to Cluck-U Chicken. They're mainly only in the NY, NJ area, but trust me, if you get the wings with the 911 sauce, you'll be regretting it for more than an hour. I believe they used to call them nuclear. I think I remember you living in Florida though, so I don't expect that to happen anytime soon. Just a heads up if you're ever in the area. Back in the day, me and my stupid friends used to eat about 10 of those. I mean 10 each, not total. My god, you'll be pooping fire out for days.

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    Seems like you're in misury every video lol

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    "Rah-june... Cajun barbeque sauce" lol

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    You seem like a nice gentleman... but boy you look like that creepy little babies ice cream commercial. Get a tan man!

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    You look like tilda swinton the ice queen from narnia and the master of dr strange 😂😂😂 you also look like peter parker, and lorde 😂😂😂

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    You remind me of Peter Parker. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were secretly a superhero.

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    No one cares about fast food reviews. We only watch you because you're funny. Lol 😂😂😂

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    review brah it's not right unless a discription your year suit ???

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    It sounds like hes talking to you face to face. Best reviewer 10/10

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    If ever mr bean had a son 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

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    review brah

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    You look like norman baits !

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    The way you talk is how I speak in my mind but I talk to my friends like: WAZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH CHICKEN IS SPICY

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    Watching this while eating wings, what a life

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    favorite fit!!!!!

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    Does he know?

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    You should start doing food challenges

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    Ricardo milos


    TRENTON DOES8 days ago

    👏👏 food review 👏👏

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    How does he always pull off these outfits I don't understand

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    Hi backpack kid!!!!!!

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    He is disappointed then lol Not Actually That Spicy ha ha ha

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    There he goes

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    In order to be “Ghost” worthy they need to be notched up 100x in the Scoville department

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    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  43. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby12 days ago

    Serious question? You have a accent or a speech issue asking for a friend?

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    I thought this was a girl from the thumb nail... he makes an ugly bro... but a beautiful gal... wtf

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    LET'S SET OURSELVES ON FIRE Report of the Week, you are the man.

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    If you don't have to sign a waiver to get them then they're not legit.

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    this isss running on emPTY FOoOd rewwiew . That why i like him

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    Why does this guy always wear a top hat

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    Reviewbrah is love. Reviewbrah is life.

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    “Rajhoon” LOL!

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    Do you have any friends to eat that shitty fast food with you greasy haired fuck

  53. ShoOk

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    Don't talk about God like that

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    nigga took a squidward bite

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    Trim your nails bro you're on camera

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    Is that your personatly o hope an act

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    No life detected in this video

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    Best suit yet.

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    Is that your Moms car?

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    That meal looks yummy. He likes it, he likes it. It's hard to find a good Popeye's franchise, we have about 15 and the only good one is owned by an Asian family.

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    if u came here for the meme origin its 8:31

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    8:31 for yall coming from the ricardo meme

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    You have got to find a fire house sub shop in your area and Try there Italian sub you will be impressed

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    4:24 takes the smalles bite ever

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    That little part on the wing is my favorite too.. I thought I was just a psychopath, but now I know I am. Thank you, Reviewbrah.

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    I want more ppl like this guy in america! great show sir love the style an class

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    *knockknockknock* penny *knochknockknock* penny *knockknockknock* penny

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    Don't do it, we won't fault you. Eat the delicious wings without the ruination.

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    I think he is 21 years old damn.

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    Entiendo quizás un 5% de lo que dice pero aún lo veo!

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    LET'S SET OURSELVES ON FIRE. *nibbles the skin*

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    Why does he remind me of the back pack kid?

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    LOVE those last words “let’s set are self on fire”

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    Why am i watching this ?

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    My life depends on you right now

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    Would love to see you on Hot Ones.

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    Is it me? or people with suites love talking

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    He makes 1000s of dollars talking lmao

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    You look like an albino rat aardvark. You reptilian alien lookin mother fucker.

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    I’ve finally found this channel

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    1:06 that moment of regret.

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    Love the suit...... Though good style...Make me think of getting more suits...

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    Milton from kicking it

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    Not even for the ‘ReviewBrah’ meme, but out of genuine feeling, i love this channel so much. You’re the only MReporterr who has stayed true to your intentions on MReporter. On the record, I still think it would be fire if you made a diss i’ll write it brother 😂

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    I love this dude

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    This was chef Anthony Bourdain's favorite fast food restuarant. He would eat at Popeyes whenever he could.

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    I see these darn Russian bots have gotten onto MReporter now.

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    flawless exit

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    You look like Amish mafia girl

  90. buzz kirschner

    buzz kirschner26 days ago

    great monologue. no wonder you have so many subscribers. I like Popeye's mild chicken and their biscuits are good too. i don't eat fast food often. i've never had a bad experience at Popeye's..

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    8:33 is the time of the meme

  92. FISK

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    8:36 Ricardo ?

  93. Knn B

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    for some reason this guys speaking pattern reminds me of jordan peterson ;b

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    8:28 Thank me later

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    I come for the review brah not the actual review...

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    Nah, I'll watch te whole thing.

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    This is beautiful review thank you for letting me know what to expect

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    Say what you want about this guy, but he can FINISH A WING PROPERLY

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    6:10 that wipe though

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    You're like a wood elf. Doesn't age

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    Why is he dressed like Mr. BEAN

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    Wtf is this shit?

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    Rat man is going to try some spicy ghost bois, let's watch...

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    R A J U N '

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    He eats like some kind of nocturnal animal....😁😁

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    I love these wings they not that spicy tho

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    Is this guy joking or is he fr like that

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    Momma didn’t raise no punk bitch.

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    Ma boy Sheldon