How SEASON 5 will End (FULL Storyline EXPLAINED)



    MACMACSYear ago

    I know Season 5 has just begun but the storyline is just starting!! ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”Š

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    Bh Kayden10 months ago

    27 days

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    john snyder11 months ago

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  6. john snyder

    john snyder11 months ago

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  7. Francisco Adalberto Samayoa

    Francisco Adalberto Samayoa6 months ago

    Not even close

  8. jared gaming madness

    jared gaming madness8 months ago

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  9. Jays Games

    Jays Games9 months ago

    ... your wrong but I know ...cube

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  12. thesupersonicLEGEND

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  22. Mr. Nick Nack

    Mr. Nick Nack9 months ago

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    Tristan Heffernan9 months ago

    Whoโ€™s watching near season six

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  28. George Eliopoulos

    George Eliopoulos10 months ago

    There is only 7 days of season 5 left not 10 weeks

  29. Michael De Santa

    Michael De Santa10 months ago

    Drift is a real person but he just got teleported to the fortnite world

  30. Cristen Melo

    Cristen Melo10 months ago

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  31. Greta Laube

    Greta Laube10 months ago

    The bunker's in the desert are probably reused textures.

  32. Yeetus

    Yeetus10 months ago

    It is called a road trip because they are showing him everywhere.

  33. ChargerKing27 Plays

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  39. Gaming Master

    Gaming Master10 months ago

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  40. Tim8OhYeah

    Tim8OhYeah10 months ago

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  51. Isaiah Ortiz

    Isaiah Ortiz10 months ago

    It a texture glitch, it also happeneds in the ocean

  52. Brendan Jarmusz

    Brendan Jarmusz10 months ago

    this didn't age well

  53. night opocoulips

    night opocoulips10 months ago

    The pyrumid is coming up from the symbols of the ruines and litung the the sky ending it all with a boom causeing distrustion then the new world of his view

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  55. Juniors Channel

    Juniors Channel10 months ago

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