How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster


  1. John Cartwright

    John Cartwright8 hours ago

    Wen't to like video, but it was already liked. I guess I will be back next year.

  2. Steep Five

    Steep Five9 hours ago

    Public Relations ft. Elon Musk

  3. PastaSam

    PastaSam10 hours ago

    0:17 is by far my favourite one. "Oops, upside down, ah hell, might as well self destruct"

  4. Anton Andersen

    Anton Andersen11 hours ago

    "I believe I told you to bring it back in one piece not bring back one piece"

  5. Treasure Hunter

    Treasure Hunter12 hours ago

    Now, use "In the Hall of the Mountain King".

  6. Harrison Rawlinson

    Harrison Rawlinson12 hours ago

    Make the whole rocket out of these magic go-pros

  7. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.20 hours ago

    Who let jebadiah pilot again?


    IMA NOOB WHO PLAYS PUBG23 hours ago

    The fact that space x posted this and made there own meme 🤣

  9. Freddie Dancey

    Freddie Dancey23 hours ago

    Why do they seem to explode immediately whenever they’re even slightly bumped

  10. Joe Gamez

    Joe GamezDay ago

    At least they can make a better rocket and in prove!

  11. 24Auto

    24AutoDay ago

    "That's not an explosion!" "It's just rapid unscheduled disassembly!"

  12. 24Auto

    24AutoDay ago

    Ehh it's just a scratch...

  13. 5tarSailor

    5tarSailorDay ago

    Just a few tries in Kerbal Space Program. Nailed it at the 57th try and now I got a 60% success rate every try after that

  14. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat2 days ago

    I can fix that

  15. Søren Mortensen

    Søren Mortensen2 days ago

    This is great because the rockets just look like solid chunks of metal, until the moment they touch the ground and fucking explode everywhere

  16. Matias Mora

    Matias Mora2 days ago

    Wow is very very laughed


    EATSLEEPDRIVE20022 days ago

    So glad I watch this before landing my orbital rocket booster

  18. Nate Coleman

    Nate Coleman2 days ago

    “It’s just a rapid disassembly” 👌

  19. Alex Otoo

    Alex Otoo2 days ago

    sometimes life is not all about bread and batter, but the ambition to eat stones or turn them into bread

  20. Vanboneio \ | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    Vanboneio \ | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /3 days ago

    A bit early for 4th of July eh? btw... *Dat suicide burn tho...*

  21. Mees Enzerink

    Mees Enzerink3 days ago


  22. Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller3 days ago

    Hi elon

  23. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker3 days ago

    Total noobs @SpaceX. I could've done it better 🙃

  24. Aussie Azza

    Aussie Azza3 days ago

    Well, maybe if you didn't make your orbital rocket boosters out of C4, this wouldn't have happened.

  25. Biohazard

    Biohazard3 days ago

    TECHNICALLY THEY ALL LANDED. well maybe not at 1:13

  26. TheReal087 guyz

    TheReal087 guyz3 days ago


  27. Leon's Tech n Gaming

    Leon's Tech n Gaming3 days ago

    SpaceX > Nasa

  28. Chase Kaplan

    Chase Kaplan3 days ago

    This kinda reminded me of a scene in the Right Stuff when all of the rocket prototypes were exploding and failing every time 😂😂 i love their sense of humour

  29. TheGamerPokemon

    TheGamerPokemon3 days ago

    0:59 - 1:04 Haha, daz no explosion, only a "rapid unscheduled disassembly." I'm dying. xD

  30. Rrrush

    Rrrush4 days ago

    Why does the rocket explode freaking everything always explodes

  31. Evan Privett

    Evan Privett4 days ago

    SpaceX is the realest company that has ever existed and it makes me glad to be a part of this timeline.

  32. RFL Oficial

    RFL Oficial4 days ago


  33. Lemonade Flavored Bleach

    Lemonade Flavored Bleach4 days ago

    Thank you, Elon. Very cool

  34. The AllRounder house

    The AllRounder house4 days ago

    Failure is an option...

  35. Christian Sartorio

    Christian Sartorio4 days ago

    There's a new clip thats needed to add in the collection

  36. Griffin the black ice dragon

    Griffin the black ice dragon4 days ago

    0:27 that guy “..........well shit”

  37. GreenBlock12

    GreenBlock124 days ago

    *Welcome to SpaceX rocket journeys. Please pay attention to this short safety briefing.* **this video starts playing** As you take off.

  38. SwellGuy73

    SwellGuy734 days ago

    1:49 "It was aliens I tell you! Aliens!"

  39. Mr. Cute

    Mr. Cute4 days ago

    Its like the one who invented the bulb....he said I didnt fail in making this thing(bulb) in fact i learn on how not to make a bulb

  40. Danymok

    Danymok5 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial SpaceX! I will try not to make these mistakes with my rocket ships!

  41. Many Much Subs With One Vid

    Many Much Subs With One Vid5 days ago

    I may be 11 but I'm an aspiring astronautical engineer

  42. ImAFatGuyLoLoL

    ImAFatGuyLoLoL5 days ago

    this reminds me of like game physics where when you scratch ur plane or something it explodes n stuff

  43. Oliver Holmes

    Oliver Holmes5 days ago

    Directed by Michael Bay

  44. GimmeBackMyPancakes

    GimmeBackMyPancakes7 days ago

    *How not to love SpaceX if they can distance themselves so good?*

  45. Gamers Potato

    Gamers Potato7 days ago

    Next up: How not to land the BFR

  46. Super Lego Builder

    Super Lego Builder7 days ago

    0:31 A scratch? Your arms off!

  47. ᚉᚆᚏᚔᚄ ᚁᚓᚅᚅᚓᚈᚈ

    ᚉᚆᚏᚔᚄ ᚁᚓᚅᚅᚓᚈᚈ7 days ago

    I'm genuinely impressed that you managed to make something that still explodes when there's no propellant left.

  48. The Brazilian Guy

    The Brazilian Guy7 days ago

    1:06 **MichaelP falling scream** (BOOOOOM)

  49. Connor Johnson

    Connor Johnson7 days ago

    That little nitrogen thruster, trying so hard to stop the rocket from tiping over

  50. David Farrell

    David Farrell7 days ago

    Poor ship



    "No orbital rocket boosters were harmed in the productiin of this video"

  52. Francesco Prodi

    Francesco Prodi7 days ago

    Michael Bay loved this.

  53. John

    John8 days ago

    Why is it so hard for them to do this

  54. Jacob Games

    Jacob Games8 days ago

    the best way to not land a rocket booster is it crashing without gas but you put way to much gas into your rockets SpaceX way to much so much that if it does not lad it might go boom

  55. Zaltic

    Zaltic8 days ago

    Ok thanks I'll make sure my Rockets wont do that when I launch them.

  56. The blue Streak

    The blue Streak8 days ago

    The music fits well at least

  57. The Flaming Russian Hippo

    The Flaming Russian Hippo8 days ago

    Elon:can you try to land? Rocket:So you can learn can learn what you did right and wrong? Elon:yes. Rocket:ok. Elon:* actually makes memes like a boss * *BOOM BOOM TIME*

  58. philj212

    philj2128 days ago

    nothing a bit of flex tape cant fix

  59. thatisjake

    thatisjake8 days ago

    How does something explode if there is no fuel to explode?

  60. OceKat3

    OceKat38 days ago

    Dats me in Kerbal space program

  61. JustOrdinaryDay

    JustOrdinaryDay8 days ago

    SpaceX > NASA

  62. khaiezal shamri

    khaiezal shamri8 days ago

    Why do they use liquid hydrogen instead of fuel?

  63. dark rakamlı

    dark rakamlı8 days ago

    nasa: ( rocket crashes) ow my god we are failed spaceX: (rocket crashes) oh yess we are failed

  64. Alekovsky ™

    Alekovsky ™8 days ago

    Why can't you two just work together?

  65. dark rakamlı

    dark rakamlı8 days ago


  66. Martijn Dingenouts

    Martijn Dingenouts8 days ago

    Nasa: **rocket crashes** OH NOOOOOOOOO SpaceX **rocket crashes** oh well lets show it to everywone on the world for fun

  67. joethehood

    joethehood9 days ago

    my chevy p/u is junk .

  68. Zayin Frye

    Zayin Frye9 days ago

    0:36 I want this as a clip because it's so...beautiful...

  69. Trond Wiggo Gehrken

    Trond Wiggo Gehrken9 days ago

    Elon Musk is like....sheeeeeeeeeit!

  70. Voyager 1

    Voyager 110 days ago

    MReporter recommending something that's actually worth watching, wow

  71. Rhombus

    Rhombus10 days ago

    So close, yet so far

  72. Buff Mercy

    Buff Mercy10 days ago

    SpaceX is the best company in the world just for posting this on their own channel lol

  73. Coldy

    Coldy10 days ago

    1:42 DONG!

  74. nairda55555

    nairda5555510 days ago

    How hard is this supposed to be? It's just rocket science!

  75. Andy Mak

    Andy Mak10 days ago

    0:19 If it was at 8K...

  76. Sherlocknoobs

    Sherlocknoobs10 days ago

    You had me at Monthy Python

  77. René Plougsgaard

    René Plougsgaard10 days ago

    loved it

  78. Christopher Plays

    Christopher Plays10 days ago

    Look, that's not an explosion It's just a rapid unscheduled disassembly *Best way to describe explosion*

  79. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    I have to wait 90 days to change my name10 days ago

    *Now That’s alota damage!*

  80. Vadim Kavecsky

    Vadim Kavecsky11 days ago

    Reminds me of Hollywood movies. Rocket SLOOOOOOWLY tips towards the platform(0:49), slight touch "EXPLOSION"

  81. fake news

    fake news11 days ago

    Just need a little flex seal and it will be fine.

  82. Moritz Tietze

    Moritz Tietze11 days ago

    R A P I D U N S C H E D U L E D D I S A S S E M B L Y

  83. Kenneth Cates

    Kenneth Cates11 days ago

    >its not a crash, its a rapid unplanned disassembly I see Elon is a fellow KSP player

  84. Matias Merkuri

    Matias Merkuri11 days ago

    I bet Phil Swift can fix those

  85. Matias Merkuri

    Matias Merkuri11 days ago

    Now that's a lot of damage

  86. just CAT?

    just CAT?11 days ago

    Rare fottage of nasa

  87. Rachelle Janssen

    Rachelle Janssen11 days ago

    that must have sucked so bad when everything goes well and then a single bump causes it to tip over and you're like "no no no please just be a dent or a scratch" but the whole thing explodes in thousands of pieces :(

  88. Barbara Brinkmeyer

    Barbara Brinkmeyer12 days ago

    December 2015 success! Nice work everyone! Love the video!

  89. Venari

    Venari12 days ago

    Real glad they just wasted millions of dollars for a meme compilation

  90. fuzzy

    fuzzy12 days ago

    SpaceX out here being more woke than 99% of companys

  91. The Master Maestro

    The Master Maestro12 days ago


  92. Dr. Invader;}

    Dr. Invader;}12 days ago

    The music has something to do with the explosions

  93. Wacky Cereal

    Wacky Cereal12 days ago

    Jeez Elon it's not rocket science

  94. Tizr

    Tizr12 days ago

    polluting the shit out of the ocean, what a good idea


    DUCK-RIDES-A CUCUMBER12 days ago

    What an awesome video

  96. David AllSomeBros

    David AllSomeBros12 days ago

    And you thought mr.beast spent the most money on youtube

  97. Danish Jamil

    Danish Jamil12 days ago

    North Korea nuklear bomb test....

  98. Arty Theta

    Arty Theta12 days ago

    They made this video hoping for the ad-revenue to get some funds back

  99. Donny Indrawan

    Donny Indrawan12 days ago

    Wow...... *that's a lot damage*

  100. XENON

    XENON13 days ago

    That's how NASA works

  101. Some body

    Some body13 days ago

    Just cause 3 explosions be like