How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster


  1. randomness

    randomness9 hours ago

    Elon r u okay

  2. Emo Nemo

    Emo Nemo19 hours ago

    god damnit elon

  3. A8B2

    A8B2Day ago

    Someone help please .. my orbital rocket booster shakes a little bit and pulls to the right at around 2,500-2,800 mph.

  4. #ProBro Gaming

    #ProBro GamingDay ago

    Kerbal Space Program space x edition

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  6. flinn brassman Copperfield 424

    flinn brassman Copperfield 4242 days ago

    Kerbal space program IRL

  7. Patrick Flynn

    Patrick Flynn2 days ago

    someone give an award to whoever designed the droneship, that thing brushes off an entire rocket exploding on top of it like its nothing.

  8. Mr H

    Mr H2 days ago

    Thanks for the heads up SpaceX; now I know how to not land my rocket. I'm a beginner.

  9. Dasani Bottle

    Dasani Bottle3 days ago

    More like how to be a failure eh?

  10. Dasani Bottle

    Dasani Bottle2 days ago

    Oh yeah.......

  11. TheZui

    TheZui2 days ago

    nope. look at all the successful landings they did

  12. Stanisław Ćwierkiewicz

    Stanisław Ćwierkiewicz3 days ago

    Thats why i love SpaceX

  13. Anime Speed Drawing

    Anime Speed Drawing3 days ago

    There were a lot of hats being violently thrown to the ground in this video

  14. Dj Boom

    Dj Boom4 days ago

    0:59 I like how some parts of oxygen regulator boosters just fly off

  15. Pudding Osu

    Pudding Osu4 days ago

    This video is fucking awesome

  16. Double Jump Gaming

    Double Jump Gaming4 days ago

    Even when it tips slightly, it still decides to blow up

  17. greden night

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  18. Donny Indrawan

    Donny Indrawan5 days ago

    00:20 *BOII*

  19. Mcroft Liang

    Mcroft Liang5 days ago

    You are a fanny person

  20. Jimbo

    Jimbo6 days ago

    8 year old me would love watching this happen.

  21. Dandeeleon

    Dandeeleon6 days ago

    i think the fails costs more as the whole village where i life

  22. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_322 days ago

    Dandeeleon no.

  23. AnimeMasterRyan 123

    AnimeMasterRyan 1236 days ago

    The last one landed...

  24. angelocan2005

    angelocan20056 days ago

    rip to dat camera (0:54)

  25. Ironman Discord

    Ironman Discord6 days ago

    dont make your rocket so fragile

  26. TheZui

    TheZui2 days ago

    and don't make it to heavy. And make it cheap. But not cheap enough that it breaks...

  27. Eliot Videos

    Eliot Videos6 days ago

    1:12 kids this is a demonstration of increasing entropy

  28. ABSO Graphic

    ABSO Graphic6 days ago

    The big Rocket massacre of 2014-2018

  29. The Helghan Empire

    The Helghan Empire6 days ago

    Your rockets explode a lot.... Maybe you should weaponize these things instead.

  30. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_322 days ago

    The Helghan Empire They’ve only exploded twice.

  31. Asdrubal Vect

    Asdrubal Vect6 days ago

    Elon Musk's Flying Circus!

  32. Wyatt B

    Wyatt B6 days ago

    *Y O U A R E M Y E V E R Y T H I N G*

  33. Eric Does Everything

    Eric Does Everything7 days ago

    *_o o f_*

  34. Harya Ajhi

    Harya Ajhi7 days ago

    damn it! rich people made everything better

  35. BaggieWaggie

    BaggieWaggie7 days ago

    Thanks for that, I thought these "Rapid Unscheduled Dissamblies" are needed to land my Orbital Rocket Booster. Now I know not to destroy my rocket upon landing.

  36. Jack Zwis

    Jack Zwis7 days ago

    Just press f9

  37. Fatally InSane

    Fatally InSane7 days ago

    Sure, it is hilarious. But these are steps to sending memes to mars and back

  38. Joseph Jesse

    Joseph Jesse7 days ago


  39. C3_KiLE

    C3_KiLE7 days ago

    ggnsez (gg not so ez)

  40. Normad

    Normad7 days ago

    0:20 "oh boy i cant wait to land on mars!"

  41. Tarmius

    Tarmius7 days ago

    Ksp irl

  42. Tarmius

    Tarmius7 days ago

    Now I don't feel like I suck at kerbal space program.

  43. danielxplay 22

    danielxplay 227 days ago

    Song name plz

  44. 0tus

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  45. DeepDark Slayer

    DeepDark Slayer7 days ago

    1 word I have to say... 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐌!


    ALAM MALLIK7 days ago


  47. Quetzalcoderpl

    Quetzalcoderpl7 days ago

    Why do they explode so easily?

  48. Alex Siemers

    Alex Siemers20 hours ago

    There's a lot of high-pressure gases inside the rocket to force the fuel into the engines.

  49. Hanjii L.

    Hanjii L.8 days ago

    I guess this is the most expensive fail compilation i have seen so far

  50. Mauricio Ojeda C.

    Mauricio Ojeda C.8 days ago

    Vean mi canal. Ustedes podrían morir de el gusto. Podemos salvar al planeta. Solo necesito ayuda.

  51. 200dollarbill

    200dollarbill8 days ago

    the most expensive video to make in youtube

  52. Midas

    Midas8 days ago

    *rapid unscheduled dissasembly* This video must have been Elon Musk's idea. He's the most likely to publicly say "fuck it"

  53. Midas

    Midas15 hours ago

    I'd bless him, but he's probably already a god and manipulating the Lizard world order.

  54. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_322 days ago

    Midas yep he edited most of the video

  55. david hoolaghan

    david hoolaghan8 days ago

    The most expensive fireworks show ever

  56. Black Onyx

    Black Onyx8 days ago

    This is the cost of going to space. SpaceX is a diamond created from coal. It only took this maximum pressure and heat of failures and problems to become what it is now.

  57. Dervish Family

    Dervish Family8 days ago

    the first water landing was january 2016, however they unscrewed the landing leg, so it collapsed, whoops

  58. dylan animations

    dylan animations9 days ago

    Sometimes things don't go as planned

  59. Nico Delacruz

    Nico Delacruz9 days ago

    The rocket barely tips over and it exploded wtf

  60. monsterman999000 Official Youtube Account

    monsterman999000 Official Youtube Account9 days ago

    But You Will Succed Too,

  61. starspaceman GT

    starspaceman GT9 days ago

    It's sad to se my these rockets fail, but at lest they learned their lesson

  62. Niko The Arms Dealer

    Niko The Arms Dealer10 days ago

    No Go Pros were harmed during the making of this film.

  63. IdleWorker

    IdleWorker10 days ago

    I betcha that Elon spikes the rockets with some extra C4 just because he likes explosions.

  64. GrandProtectorDark

    GrandProtectorDark2 days ago

    Technically, most rockets have Flight termination systems, which one way or another stops the rocket if something goes wrong. The FTS can be an explosive device, aka a bomb

  65. KALEEP

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  66. Marcos Eduardo Castro

    Marcos Eduardo Castro10 days ago

    What is the music in this video called?

  67. Daniel Švarc

    Daniel Švarc11 days ago

    0:16 rocket flip challenge

  68. Daeron Targaryen

    Daeron Targaryen11 days ago

    This is probably Elon Musk teaching his employees

  69. The Tupolev Tu-160

    The Tupolev Tu-16011 days ago

    Props to whoever edited this video, its really good.

  70. DopeBabyBass

    DopeBabyBass11 days ago

    there goes my plans for this weekend

  71. Antonluisre

    Antonluisre11 days ago

    F5 F9 F9 F9 F9 F9 F9 F9

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  73. Pander TV

    Pander TV12 days ago

    SpaceX:The most expensive firework company

  74. SAOtaku

    SAOtaku13 days ago

    SpaceX is just lit sometimes 🔥

  75. Jackyboi

    Jackyboi13 days ago

    Such a lonely reef

  76. Nikolaj Munk Madsen

    Nikolaj Munk Madsen13 days ago

    This is the most Kerbal video ever

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  79. vermili0n

    vermili0n13 days ago

    this is so fascinating

  80. Rez Kara

    Rez Kara14 days ago

    huh so this is KSP in real life


    MGCMDTM14 days ago

    this is good stuff.

  82. Cam Life

    Cam Life14 days ago

    Are thise floating landing yachts manned with any personnel? I thought I saw small tugboats.

  83. GrandProtectorDark

    GrandProtectorDark2 days ago

    They are unmanned droneships

  84. Bearium YT

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  85. Red_Milk

    Red_Milk14 days ago

    It's the fact he can laugh at his failures that makes him someone worthy to look up too.

  86. MalcolmCooks

    MalcolmCooks14 days ago

    come on elon, it's not exactly rocket science!

  87. Danny Ortiz

    Danny Ortiz14 days ago

    You are so funny.

  88. Nicolas Boswell

    Nicolas Boswell14 days ago

    *”‘Tis But a scratch.”*

  89. Retro GED

    Retro GED15 days ago

    Well. BOOM!

  90. Salty Admiral

    Salty Admiral15 days ago

    I swear one of those is a stolen screen recording of my latest KSP mission!

  91. feynthefallen

    feynthefallen15 days ago

    Nice Monty Python reference. It _was_ a Monty Python reretence, wasn't it?

  92. Kurian Binu

    Kurian Binu15 days ago

    Kerbal space program in a nutshell

  93. SafeSpace47

    SafeSpace4715 days ago

    "Entropy is such a lonely word": Brilliant!

  94. feynman966

    feynman96615 days ago

    It's hard to make a Falcon landing in KSP. Make a real one,have to have iron faith in technology.

  95. ellen kopel

    ellen kopel16 days ago

    Kerbal space program in a nutshell

  96. isah musah

    isah musah16 days ago

    Everything here looks different. Wow.... Life is sweet.

  97. andres x 360

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  98. BerryOnly

    BerryOnly17 days ago

    Isn't that the same music as in the intro to "Monty Python's Flying Circus" ?

  99. João Victor Bombonato de Paula

    João Victor Bombonato de Paula17 days ago

    0:46 NOOOOO so closeeeee

  100. Juno Berries

    Juno Berries17 days ago

    Of course I still love you! :3

  101. David Turk

    David Turk18 days ago

    Without failure there is no success!

  102. Rolphymus

    Rolphymus18 days ago

    1:55 2015?

  103. Repeller 24

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  104. Repeller 24

    Repeller 2418 days ago

    SpaceX gonna land it carefully.

  105. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert18 days ago

    Damn, Kraken

  106. subin pariyar

    subin pariyar18 days ago

    Beat this techrax

  107. Anna Walker

    Anna Walker18 days ago

    The fact that *Space X* posted this makes it weirder...

  108. 2shoestommy

    2shoestommy21 hour ago

    it really doesnt

  109. S.P. 4449

    S.P. 44496 days ago

    No, it doesn't.

  110. Adrian Nava

    Adrian Nava19 days ago

    The fakery

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