How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster


  1. Kuro

    Kuro3 hours ago

    The music was epic

  2. calvin huddleston

    calvin huddleston4 hours ago

    damn that last one was smooth. hey what do you guys think of the kurgesagt video on a moon base?

  3. calvin huddleston

    calvin huddleston4 hours ago

    i know they needed to make it as light as possible but they should have reinforced the landing gear. oh well you got to break a lot of eggs to make an omellete

  4. calvin huddleston

    calvin huddleston4 hours ago

    1:01 is that a hat tip to KSP?

  5. Anthony Hathaway

    Anthony Hathaway5 hours ago

    Nothing says views like a bunch of rockets exploding...

  6. Kendi

    Kendi6 hours ago

    Thats why elon musk is the best entrepreneur ive ever seen

  7. FredNET

    FredNET7 hours ago

    Worlds most expensive firework?

  8. ItzViper

    ItzViper8 hours ago

    Directed by Michael Bay

  9. Leo

    Leo12 hours ago

    this is literally kerbal space program if it were real life..

  10. Jocomol

    Jocomol15 hours ago

    I know the music from hogs of war

  11. Calvin Chang

    Calvin Chang15 hours ago

    expensive fail videos has got nothing on this

  12. Riju Chatterjee

    Riju Chatterjee17 hours ago

    These are the most spectacular explosions I've ever seen, movies and all

  13. The uggster

    The uggster17 hours ago

    Me in KSP


    BREEKI BRO22 hours ago

    Rocket science is so cool. If you suceed you get to go to space, if you don't you get pretty fireworks! It's win-win!

  15. Ong Jun Ren

    Ong Jun RenDay ago

    Most expensive compilation video ever made on MReporter

  16. Kumquat Lord

    Kumquat LordDay ago

    I think that the coolest part of these is that SpaceX already did their required job by getting the payload into orbit.

  17. Connor Dixon

    Connor DixonDay ago

    This man is turning real life into KSP

  18. lol65XD

    lol65XDDay ago


  19. Perfect Blue

    Perfect BlueDay ago

    *runs out of propellant* still explode. Directed by Micheal Bay.

  20. Martín Piana

    Martín PianaDay ago

    Monty python flying circus theme song makes this on point!

  21. Joe M

    Joe MDay ago

    0:17 my favorite

  22. Dream

    DreamDay ago

    All of these failures show that progression can be made!

  23. OddCrafter

    OddCrafter2 days ago

    Houston, we have *_several_* problems.

  24. AceTenYT

    AceTenYT2 days ago

    Kerbal Space Program (2018 colorized)

  25. 3thn1

    3thn1Day ago

    So true xDD

  26. Gerrad Reynolds

    Gerrad Reynolds2 days ago

    i love how everything just explodes from the simpliest issue

  27. Fook it dood Cx in the chat homie

    Fook it dood Cx in the chat homie2 days ago

    People: Meh I can't see the sky during the night Elon Musk: Hold my beer 1:48

  28. Nate one

    Nate one2 days ago

    How do 2k DISLIKE?

  29. Debra Frye

    Debra Frye3 days ago

    The rocket kinda looks like a funnel standing tall and proud, just saying

  30. RedRaider 3000

    RedRaider 30003 days ago

    Only the great one Elon Musk would have enough balls to show all his mistakes and poke fun at himself.

  31. Sir Tumor

    Sir Tumor3 days ago

    When i first watched it i didnt noticed it it was spacex that postet it

  32. milkmunstr

    milkmunstr3 days ago

    "That wasn't an explosion, that was rapid unscheduled disassembly" Too perfect

  33. mw0x

    mw0x3 days ago

    Good job Elon good job

  34. Chameleon

    Chameleon3 days ago

    SpaceX uploads a video of a lot of failure and stocks barely fall Elon Musk smokes 1 weed and the stocks take a huge hit, makes sense... This is the best video I've seen though makes me weirdly want to invest in SpaceX if i could...

  35. Spookesaurus Rex

    Spookesaurus Rex3 days ago

    SpaceX makes the perfect example of the stuff you don't see making a rocket land itself ain't easy kids

  36. Arfa Aksara

    Arfa Aksara3 days ago


  37. The Titan

    The Titan3 days ago

    Just tip the rocket over to create a bomb

  38. Don Cheadle

    Don Cheadle4 days ago

    elkon skmumks

  39. Lawrence Miller

    Lawrence Miller4 days ago

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. /old-saying Thanks for showing us your learning opportunities:)

  40. *youtube is trash*

    *youtube is trash*4 days ago

    Good, next time I want to land mine, I'll know how I shouldn't do it.

  41. Meg 1ndonly

    Meg 1ndonly4 days ago

    What I love about this is that any rocket scientist goes into these endeavors on the cutting edge of our understanding and of science and they know to expect failures of these magnitudes because we learn so much more from our failures than we do our successes. In order to succeed we much understand all the variables involved and how they effect the overall outcome and when we succeed we only confirm our assumptions and mathematics, but when we fail we learn how different factors effect the outcome and we learn more about how to succeed. Edison famously said "I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work." This is those "10,000 ways that will not work" and through those failures they, and by extension the whole of humanity, have found a much more cost effective method for the use of booster rockets to bring supplies, and eventually people, into the upper atmosphere and on to other destinations.

  42. TacticalStrawberry

    TacticalStrawberry5 days ago

    KSP in real life.

  43. Owenlwj

    Owenlwj5 days ago

    this needs the wii music edited in.

  44. Coynestar Coyney

    Coynestar Coyney5 days ago

    In time with the music. Ace.

  45. IPlayGames ThatRFun

    IPlayGames ThatRFun5 days ago

    HMMM WILL THE BFR Booster Land????

  46. Nick The Capitalist

    Nick The Capitalist6 days ago

    *tis but a scratch*

  47. CrunchyKeks

    CrunchyKeks6 days ago

    Pressing F9, pressing F9 (forgot to quicksafe) pressing shift, pressing fucking shiffft (rocket flips over) repeatedly pressing space for parachute) parachute doesn't opened Just rages quit and leaves the pc

  48. Manan Tank

    Manan Tank6 days ago

    Humanity learns from its mistakes. Cheers to our wonderful mistakes.

  49. Jake Cheong

    Jake Cheong7 days ago

    why does everything explode

  50. Jake Cheong

    Jake Cheong2 days ago

    but does it rlly hit that hard

  51. MartijnXD

    MartijnXD4 days ago

    Because the fuel comes in contact with the flames

  52. [YSS] MasterChief

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  55. bigrobux300 RBLX

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  56. CenturionHER0

    CenturionHER07 days ago

    0:50 very KSP



    I want to go to mars

  58. talin nalo

    talin nalo7 days ago


  59. ric shields

    ric shields7 days ago

    Thank god they are just boosters


    MATT VORN7 days ago

    I kind of feel like Elon Musk wrote the captions on this? 😂😂😂

  61. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa5 days ago

    He's the one who made the video. 😁

  62. Neko chan

    Neko chan7 days ago

    It looks like "Kerbal Space Program" in reality

  63. Connor Brown

    Connor Brown7 days ago

    Thank you for making this video! I've been wondering what I've been doing wrong...

  64. SH4RP

    SH4RP8 days ago

    Are these north Koreas missile tests

  65. Khaos Inoculation

    Khaos Inoculation8 days ago

    How not to invest into disposable futures like almost if not every government rocket developer on earth. :) You people proved the system to have been playing us, now they want a space force because they smell war, and they want to make sure government controls space together like they do here. :) World wide disposable products over all in one products like the smartphone to minimize factory waste after abolishing all the non-digital versions. Oh look.. They made thousands of smartphone versions on top of all the products it should have replaced.. "For competition" No epic version like there could have been.. Some smartphone made 10 yrs too powerful or something. No.. That's the real reason its hard for Elon to get his great ideas done.. Majority of the people putting pressure on him have shares with idiots that are being proven cons that somehow play the same games as "rival" governments. Hmm..

  66. BirdsEyeView

    BirdsEyeView8 days ago

    So *this* is why the US is in debt....

  67. BirdsEyeView

    BirdsEyeView5 days ago

    Eh, my bad. The joke is still funny, and the money still has to come from *somewhere* so *somebody* is still broke.

  68. [YSS] MasterChief

    [YSS] MasterChief5 days ago

    Uhh no this is a company...

  69. Cyvan

    Cyvan7 days ago


  70. NinjaCoolNess

    NinjaCoolNess8 days ago

    Kerbal space program

  71. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia8 days ago

    Imagine the excitement at mission control with that successful landing after all that failure

  72. Alwin Stock

    Alwin Stock8 days ago

    Sorry spacex but that is so funny

  73. Ramirez The Astronaut

    Ramirez The Astronaut8 days ago

    I’ll keep this in mind next time I try to land an orbital rocket booster

  74. GameBanditPc

    GameBanditPc8 days ago

    this is kerbal space program all over again

  75. foster_the_shota_thread

    foster_the_shota_thread9 days ago

    how do you loose millions of dollars in a second in a fiery explosion and just laugh it off

  76. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa5 days ago

    Better to made the mistakes early when there are no humans in them.

  77. Yuanyuan Qu

    Yuanyuan Qu7 days ago

    they have literal billions of dollars. they'll live

  78. A E S T H E T I C

    A E S T H E T I C9 days ago

    Now you see, of Phil Swift where there nothing would have exploded

  79. Elexive

    Elexive9 days ago

    Come on guys it's not rocket science...

  80. Alex Vanbeekum

    Alex Vanbeekum9 days ago

    u guis r bad at landing roclkes

  81. PineapplesRTasty

    PineapplesRTasty9 days ago

    Is this human space program?

  82. Sacto1654

    Sacto16549 days ago

    It was a crazy engineering challenge just to make the booster land like that. It's far trickier than what Blue Origin has done so far.

  83. D L

    D L9 days ago

    This is how I played Kerbal Space program

  84. Zygarde ZX

    Zygarde ZX9 days ago

    You see, this is the problem with rocket science. A lot of rockets have to blow up before space agencies get it right, and that absolutely has to cost millions, or even billions of dollars.

  85. Richi Gomez

    Richi Gomez9 days ago

    yep , space exploration is expensive

  86. Irish

    Irish9 days ago

    It's just "Rapid Unscheduled un assembly"

  87. Lirim

    Lirim9 days ago

    Look that's not an 'explosion'

  88. Nicholas

    Nicholas9 days ago

    Why did they add a soundtrack?!

  89. Terminat0r Official

    Terminat0r Official9 days ago

    1:00 you see flying part? Its me ;D+ Elon mysk good work making orbital boosters

  90. Nika Kyatskov

    Nika Kyatskov9 days ago

    elongated muskrat

  91. madcow BRO

    madcow BRO9 days ago

    Wow, the new update for Kerbal Space Program is looking great.

  92. Derp Mcderpson

    Derp Mcderpson10 days ago

    "A good rule for rocket experimenters to follow is this: always assume that it will explode." - Astronautics Magazine, 1937

  93. Jonny Rosso

    Jonny Rosso10 days ago

    Elon r u ok?

  94. Богдан Бодяев

    Богдан Бодяев10 days ago

    Thats just how I play in KSP

  95. Peter English2

    Peter English210 days ago

    That’s my all new favourite quote: that’s not an explosion, just a rapid unscheduled disassembly

  96. XFF Gaming

    XFF Gaming10 days ago

    Elon is the greatest amiright?

  97. Ducky Boi

    Ducky Boi10 days ago

    I love how they have an excuse for everything that went wrong. Not hating though, love their work

  98. Cyvan

    Cyvan7 days ago

    Excuse? More like, they atleast know their failures.

  99. AuroraSonic

    AuroraSonic10 days ago


  100. Corktail

    Corktail10 days ago

    on the bright side, the explosions were pretty cool

  101. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnly10 days ago

    Eh, just a little broken *rocket parts everywhere*

  102. ZeldaJT

    ZeldaJT10 days ago

    Monty pythons flying circus

  103. KhanDaPwner

    KhanDaPwner11 days ago

    at 0:45 you'd think it would have tipped over without consequence but you forgot it was directed by -micheal bay- spacex

  104. Pixel

    Pixel11 days ago

    Elon... MY MAN

  105. TheRamenCat

    TheRamenCat11 days ago

    these things are incredibly fragile

  106. Krystal

    Krystal11 days ago

    SpaceX makes their rockets from explodium lol

  107. Mewt

    Mewt11 days ago

    f10 + enter

  108. Kakoda

    Kakoda11 days ago


  109. Jacob Furnish

    Jacob Furnish11 days ago

    success only through failure

  110. LavaKing669 [Kingofthenether

    LavaKing669 [Kingofthenether12 days ago

    space X 16 years Nasa 60 yrs nasa took their time when building rockets space x is just going up their

  111. Thilo Fischer

    Thilo Fischer12 days ago

    Is this KSP with RayTracing? I thought 'It just works'!