How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster


  1. Wadsome 2

    Wadsome 26 hours ago

    0:52 I wish when I dropped a bottle of water it did that lol.


    RED RADE7 hours ago

    There is a game called obital booster landing

  3. Григорий Лебедев

    Григорий Лебедев15 hours ago

    0:19 me in kerbal space program

  4. Random Person

    Random Person20 hours ago


  5. Hugh Mann

    Hugh Mann20 hours ago

    basically kerbal space program in a nutshell

  6. Pete Smith

    Pete Smith21 hour ago

    SpaceX: Another bubble to burst besides his crappy electic car stuff. I sold their stocks ages ago. You can thank me in few years for the tip.

  7. MS3300

    MS3300Day ago

    go spaceX! Its nice to see that you arent afraid to show your mistakes! Greetings from Poland, we in Poland here also have our own space programme made possible by the polish company SpaceForest. Its actually the same thing! Learn out of your mistakes! All the best

  8. Snake_XIX

    Snake_XIXDay ago

    I was honestly expecting it to randomly explode after that 2015 successful landing

  9. Kerbal Workshop

    Kerbal WorkshopDay ago

    2 0 1 8 ? Anyone? No? It's just me...

  10. Jeff LaFlare

    Jeff LaFlareDay ago

    They're making a comedy video after their multi-million dollar mistakes. Interesting.

  11. Sean Holm

    Sean HolmDay ago

    **Revert to vehicle assembly**

  12. Devin Graves

    Devin GravesDay ago

    Lmao who at marketing thought this was a good idea...

  13. TTuoTT

    TTuoTTDay ago


    EVAN VONGASDay ago

    I've never heard of these failures. I thought elon musk apparently just got it right all the time

  15. James Murphy

    James Murphy2 days ago


  16. glebatrix

    glebatrix2 days ago

    hogs of war theme (hmm)

  17. Iter Known

    Iter Known2 days ago

    Hey, Kerbal Space Program is actually pretty accurate.

  18. MusicNerdMIDI

    MusicNerdMIDI2 days ago

    Liberty bell march, excellent choice!

  19. KrisSilver

    KrisSilver2 days ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't end the song on a fart noise

  20. KrisSilver

    KrisSilver2 days ago

    "If we can't make money through space programs, we can at least sell the footage for ad revenue on youtube!"

  21. Mark McGregor

    Mark McGregor2 days ago

    " Y O U A R E M Y E V E R Y T H I N G."

  22. RoosterIDK

    RoosterIDK2 days ago

    Only spacex would make a video of them failing.

  23. Chris Musix

    Chris Musix2 days ago

    SpaceX: Making Space Fun Again!

  24. NetherOnFire

    NetherOnFire3 days ago


  25. IWTD

    IWTD3 days ago

    its like one of those early flight pioneers except its not airplanes its rockets

  26. IWTD

    IWTD3 days ago

    is this KSP in real life?

  27. Zaaiksde

    Zaaiksde3 days ago

    this video is the sexiest thing on earth

  28. Robo Jacko

    Robo Jacko3 days ago

    You gon be exposed Space X

  29. Shftr

    Shftr3 days ago

    See space x you are doing it all wrong you are landing the boosters but really all you have to do is land the rocket it’s pretty simple...

  30. Daniel Yuan

    Daniel Yuan3 days ago

    It's just a scratch

  31. Captain Cavy

    Captain Cavy3 days ago

    They started like this and now we're probably going to Mars within the next decade.

  32. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Old Man from Scene Twenty Four3 days ago

    Excellent! Loved every giggle! "rapid unscheduled disassembly".

  33. AMonotoneFucboi

    AMonotoneFucboi3 days ago

    Can we out this music over the chalanger explosion

  34. Andrea Wegner

    Andrea Wegner4 days ago

    you guys still can't get your center core to land from falcon heavy!!! bahhaaaa /Team Origin

  35. SirBeardy

    SirBeardy4 days ago

    you guys sure are proud of them explosions

  36. Iskaka

    Iskaka4 days ago

    Its just rapidoler unschedueled disassembly Sure..

  37. DereC

    DereC4 days ago

    "No GoPros were harmed in the making of this video"

  38. DereC

    DereC4 days ago

    2:05 bottle flipping in space

  39. Tham TheMemefather

    Tham TheMemefather4 days ago

    What's the music?

  40. DereC

    DereC4 days ago

    Lmao when a company can actually make a meme compilation, you know they're gonna be successful.

  41. The real wolverine!

    The real wolverine!4 days ago

    Just like KSP! XD

  42. ciloty

    ciloty4 days ago

    i thought Elon Musk had no free time xd

  43. Thobb

    Thobb4 days ago

    *Revert to Vehicle Assembly*

  44. Jay Anthony

    Jay Anthony4 days ago

    Thanks, Noted for the next time I play with my rockets.

  45. FatBoyChannel101

    FatBoyChannel1014 days ago

    Just engine sensor failing, blows up

  46. nathan meulensteen

    nathan meulensteen4 days ago

    As directed by michael bay.

  47. Gena Satria

    Gena Satria4 days ago

    NASA VS Space X Launch of SLS and the part has brooke NASA: TOP SECRET!!!! NO BODY CANT KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!!! BFR test flight but is F ailed NASA:I gona help you to make this to be top secret Elon musk: nahhh no stuff to care of I gona make it to be a memes soon hahahahahah Nasa: huuuuuhhhh

  48. fakhrul islam

    fakhrul islam4 days ago


  49. j marston

    j marston4 days ago

    WTF!!! landing one on a droneship - thats some clever shit

  50. TM31

    TM314 days ago

    1:21 Didn't it well... *landed?*

  51. Jaminator

    Jaminator4 days ago

    They should've just make the rockets out of NOKIA phones.

  52. Ívarr hinn Beinlausi

    Ívarr hinn BeinlausiDay ago

    +Fmono I understand it completely. It's just not funny anymore.

  53. Fmono

    FmonoDay ago

    +Ívarr hinn Beinlausi Yeah and you're probably too young to even understand jokes from just 11 years ago

  54. Ívarr hinn Beinlausi

    Ívarr hinn Beinlausi4 days ago

    What a 2007 joke.

  55. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》4 days ago


  56. Taylor Lucas

    Taylor Lucas4 days ago

    Man this is really just a commercial for the resilience of GoPros, like holy shit.

  57. 10000 Subscribers without videos

    10000 Subscribers without videos5 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened on their live stream yesterday

  58. Riley Edward

    Riley Edward5 days ago

    I just realised that each clip is costs a million dollars

  59. Emmett Willis

    Emmett Willis5 days ago

    I can imagine Elon making a cup of coffee, sitting at his desk, and watching this on repeat.

  60. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》4 days ago

    Well shit, I remember that rocket

  61. JeagerKhan Gameing

    JeagerKhan Gameing5 days ago

    everybody needs to see this lol

  62. glaze trick

    glaze trick5 days ago

    Perfection comes with time

  63. venom el sicario

    venom el sicario5 days ago


  64. kiwi potato

    kiwi potato5 days ago

    Who made the subtitles xD

  65. Zhōngwén中文;

    Zhōngwén中文;5 days ago

    0:19 perfectly synchronised with the music, funny AF xD

  66. Willem Dittloff

    Willem Dittloff6 days ago

    It is so funny..........

  67. w1k

    w1k6 days ago

    plastic oceans....

  68. SCHMITT Ephrem

    SCHMITT Ephrem6 days ago

    Houston WE have a problem

  69. PC gmes

    PC gmes6 days ago

    *just use f l e x t a p e*

  70. Loke Ryan

    Loke Ryan6 days ago

    thanks, learnt alot from this video, definitely can apply into my daily life.

  71. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    I know this is sarcastic, but the video isn't supposed to educate, it's purpose is to entertain

  72. Racka Gack

    Racka Gack6 days ago

    Just revert the flight...

  73. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》4 days ago

    Alt+f4 works if you SERIOUSLY dun goofed

  74. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    Yeah, I think I'll stick with F9

  75. Arsta _

    Arsta _6 days ago

    Thank you. The Polish Space Program can learn nothing if this, as he don't into space.

  76. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    The purpose of this video is to entertain and not to educate

  77. TacTundra

    TacTundra6 days ago

    At least you got an incredible shot of the explosion at 0:18

  78. Will Gibson

    Will Gibson7 days ago

    From now on, if my project explodes it shall be a rapid unscheduled disassembly. Thank you SpaceX!

  79. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel4 days ago

    +Will Gibson Very well, I must leave now

  80. Will Gibson

    Will Gibson5 days ago

    As I've come to find good sir.

  81. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    Well, the professional term for an explosion is Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

  82. We Don't Wash

    We Don't Wash7 days ago

    Who said Just Cause 3 is unrealistic?

  83. clonel239

    clonel2397 days ago

    How to turn fails into a pr machine

  84. Bread

    Bread7 days ago

    I too violently detonate if I have something go slightly or minutely wrong for me

  85. AmazedKevin618

    AmazedKevin6187 days ago

    The lighting gets shitty only the times it actually lands... great

  86. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    What did you expect, it's in the middle of the night

  87. Allie Mitchell

    Allie Mitchell7 days ago

    When you waste millions of dollars on rockets that explodes Elon Musk: *meme time*

  88. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel5 days ago

    Well he didn't waste money, all of those were simply failed attempts of landing, of course except the last two

  89. Will Gibson

    Will Gibson6 days ago

    If that man can't laugh about those kinds of failures I wouldn't see him keeping his remaining sanity. xD

  90. Asher Hicks

    Asher Hicks8 days ago


  91. Asher Hicks

    Asher Hicks8 days ago


  92. William Thrower

    William Thrower8 days ago


  93. Tinny

    Tinny8 days ago

    I love how NASA would do everything in their power to cover these kind of crashes up, then there's SpaceX haha

  94. ThatOneWeirdPanda

    ThatOneWeirdPanda9 days ago

    It’s nice how honest SpaceX is.

  95. NewAgeSoldier

    NewAgeSoldier9 days ago

    lol, could've probably done all of that in 5 tries.... Also, this is literally funny to me, I love how you guys spent millions just to play around :D

  96. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel7 days ago

    Well, they aren't actually playing around because all of this mistakes and experiences are used in their landings and future landings of the BFS on Mars

  97. Jerrys Channel

    Jerrys Channel9 days ago

    Lol its better then nasa? IDK . IDK HOW NASA DOES IT

  98. Elif Töremen

    Elif Töremen10 days ago

    I believe you won. U will do it. I

  99. takuro iwaki2007

    takuro iwaki200710 days ago

    elon u r ok?

  100. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel7 days ago

    Stolen from a creator named jschlatt

  101. 박지윤

    박지윤10 days ago

    Wow... synchronized funny music....

  102. EXO Limit

    EXO Limit10 days ago

    "It's not an explosion. It's just a rapid unscheduled disassembly" HAHAHHA

  103. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel7 days ago

    That is actually the professional term for an explosion

  104. Corb4n

    Corb4n10 days ago

    gonna watch it again on 31.12.2018 - 11:59:59

  105. B Dean

    B Dean10 days ago

    really inspires confidence

  106. lucky irvin

    lucky irvin11 days ago

    back in the sixties, when "We Almost Lost Detroit"....they called them "excursions"

  107. lucky irvin

    lucky irvin11 days ago

    is that Monty Python music i hear? which just magnifies the genius of this madness

  108. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》4 days ago

    Tis but a scratch!

  109. TylerDaUltimateFishySlav

    TylerDaUltimateFishySlav11 days ago

    Elon should play Kerbal Space Program.

  110. TylerDaUltimateFishySlav

    TylerDaUltimateFishySlav7 days ago

    Josh's MReporter Channel Now that's cool!

  111. Josh's YouTube Channel

    Josh's YouTube Channel7 days ago

    He does

  112. SquirrelTube

    SquirrelTube11 days ago

    1:22 Dance dance dance!

  113. Alex Trevino

    Alex Trevino11 days ago

    2.3k nasa members disliked and got jealous of spaceX is rockets

  114. klaas klapsigaar

    klaas klapsigaar11 days ago

    At least it yielded a good video.

  115. Chris Delzell

    Chris Delzell11 days ago

    *loses billions of dollars in rocket boosters* Soviets: Quick! Make it top secret! Corporation: Meme video! FTFY

  116. Galileo

    Galileo12 days ago

    space x would be wonderful at making kerbal space program jokes

  117. arch the archvile

    arch the archvile12 days ago

    with a suicide burn

  118. Aaronotic

    Aaronotic12 days ago

    Too soon.

  119. Mask

    Mask12 days ago

    2:00 Fotage of Elon Musk Shitting him self

  120. Mask

    Mask12 days ago

    Poor Elon Musk

  121. RedSkull Gaming

    RedSkull Gaming12 days ago

    I bet those rockets could be fixed with a little bit of *flex tape*

  122. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》4 days ago