How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope


  1. Tina Yong

    Tina Yong16 days ago

    Thanks for checking out my video! Let me know what you want to see next under the Tinascope!

  2. Rabia Manzoor

    Rabia Manzoor20 hours ago

    Tina Yong Being a microbiologist its very interesting video ..enjoy a lot 😍😍 What my skin look under microscope ..brown people 😉😉

  3. 바나나

    바나나21 hour ago

    before and after wearing mask (charcoal and sugar maybe)

  4. Selena Lopulalan

    Selena LopulalanDay ago

    Your nose and lips

  5. bello bella

    bello bella3 days ago

    Tina Yong you should do a before and after of a deep exfoliation, like a deep facial or something, i got one yesterday and i thought of you wondered what my skin would of looked like after the exfoliation😙

  6. Erchissaran Ganbold

    Erchissaran Ganbold3 days ago

    Great as always Tina ❤️. I wanna see comparison between makeups from cheap and expensive brands under this microscope.

  7. besties cuties

    besties cuties2 hours ago

    Lol why is this in my recommend 😂😂 anyways newsub


    AZZA CHANNEL3 hours ago

    حبيييت الفيديو و الفكرة برشا

  9. Ringpui Suantak

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  10. Prachi Shambharkar

    Prachi Shambharkar8 hours ago

    M never gonna put makeup on my face again never ever.....!

  11. Prachi Shambharkar

    Prachi Shambharkar8 hours ago


  12. Elisa Umana

    Elisa Umana8 hours ago

    The eyelashas legit creeped me out😂🤨

  13. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY8 hours ago

    I feel dirty

  14. Miriam Cruz

    Miriam Cruz8 hours ago

    Omg I would be traumatized using that

  15. That Guy

    That Guy11 hours ago

    Imo you look prettier without makeup

  16. mysweetlife

    mysweetlife12 hours ago

    wow! you are very pretty without makeup

  17. FxlliinqLove

    FxlliinqLove12 hours ago

    Omg I’m the cheek area I just started touching my face 😂😂


    JIGGYJADE THE ARTIST12 hours ago

    I wanna see your lips

  19. avatheunicornpotato

    avatheunicornpotato13 hours ago

    through out the whole video I was just like "eewwww ughhheeehh eeeeugghhhhh" 😂😂😂

  20. pa no

    pa no13 hours ago

    Yoana Marlen también hizo este video en español

  21. Bean Does Art

    Bean Does Art14 hours ago

    Eyelashes actually have micro organisms living on them, so that's probably what the little spider things were

  22. Christina Kerner

    Christina Kerner15 hours ago

    You should do a video with the microscope to see how the skin looks before and after a mask or cleanser

  23. love love

    love love16 hours ago


  24. m y

    m y18 hours ago

    Your lips please!

  25. Ysabella Cedeño

    Ysabella Cedeño18 hours ago

    New sub!! ;D

  26. Darya Meyer

    Darya Meyer21 hour ago

    Oh my gosh I’m never gonna wear makeup again!!!

  27. Willow Womp

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  28. Nadss miss

    Nadss miss22 hours ago

    "Tina's beautyscope" would be great too. I adore u so muchhh. Stay gorgeous, keep inspiring, spread the good vibes.btw i'm nads your big fan from Malaysia .😍😗

  29. Arwa Khaled

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  30. Chi Chi

    Chi Chi23 hours ago

    New subscriber here 😁love this video. I had to subscribe to support a fellow Aussie. It'd be nice to see the different brands of Mascara under the scope. The Loreal and maybelline ads show graphics of their extended lash mascaras showing nice clean lines, no clumps. So it'd be interesting to see the difference😁

  31. doreen cui

    doreen cui23 hours ago

    Oddly satisfying.

  32. Kate Alex

    Kate AlexDay ago

    lol a Forest burned down in my eye lashes :D

  33. PP Crawn

    PP CrawnDay ago

    Am I the only one that now wants to rip all my hair and skin off because of how creepy it looks even when you think you look amazing but really that's what is underneath

  34. WesCo Kids TV

    WesCo Kids TVDay ago

    Lol the thumbnail made me so uncomfortable 😂

  35. Kalar Hall

    Kalar HallDay ago

    Am I the only 17 year old that never wears makeup? I haven’t wore makeup in 3 years, and I never do my hair either, I just brush it, I hate makeup, I just hate beauty stuff on me😂

  36. silverstar501

    silverstar501Day ago

    the eyebrow looks like branches after make up

  37. GalaxyKitkat

    GalaxyKitkatDay ago

    Mine would look so bad

  38. Tramace Grints

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  39. Hashtagjesusfreak :-*

    Hashtagjesusfreak :-*Day ago

    That's just crazy im actually just not sure about my face at all😄

  40. Benitta Josphine

    Benitta JosphineDay ago

    Who watches the videos and dislikes it !

  41. Majo Angra

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  42. It's Je

    It's JeDay ago

    I just finished my ice cream while watching this vid lol

  43. Squeaky Puppy

    Squeaky PuppyDay ago

    “My freckle has freckles” -Tina Yong 2017 😂

  44. M B

    M BDay ago

    Gross heheheheh

  45. Angelic

    AngelicDay ago

    Willing to watch when she tries that thing?? *1:49*

  46. XxLisaxX BFF

    XxLisaxX BFFDay ago

    2:27 I did not look at the word I was like what is thatt

  47. kelsea hill

    kelsea hillDay ago

    Where is that little microscope from and how much? X

  48. Briseyda Rivera

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  49. humixmusic4lyf

    humixmusic4lyfDay ago

    wooooooooooooooah! thankgod we don't have vision that intense. O___O


    GAMING CATDay ago

    At first I thought she was wearing make up.You so pretty

  51. pocahontas

    pocahontasDay ago

    Hiii!!!! 🇨🇴🤗❤️ Watching your video from Colombia

  52. Ling Zhou

    Ling ZhouDay ago

    So are you British, or Korean, or...

  53. Ggu k

    Ggu kDay ago

    when something keeps coming up in your recommendations for weeks and weeks and you keep avoiding it for whatever reason until you just watch it to get it out your recommended lmao but this was a good video so no one come for me

  54. Mariyah Al Junaibi

    Mariyah Al JunaibiDay ago

    i love ur nails polish! what color is it & brand? thanks xx

  55. Mariyah Al Junaibi

    Mariyah Al JunaibiDay ago

    love ur videos

  56. idk uno

    idk unoDay ago

    Tina has got some clear ass skin, I don’t want to even imagine what mine would look like boyyy

  57. Arwa Farjalla

    Arwa FarjallaDay ago

    I ❤️u 🌈🎀💕

  58. Jasmine Vila

    Jasmine VilaDay ago

    People when I’m wearing make up 🤩 People when I’m not wearing make up😖🤢🤮

  59. Brooklyns World

    Brooklyns WorldDay ago

    And the freckle

  60. Brooklyns World

    Brooklyns WorldDay ago

    The pimple with makeup is gross

  61. Маргорита Трепутько

    Маргорита ТрепутькоDay ago

    Блин, почти час ночи, что я вообще здесь делаю, я же просто зашла посмотреть видосик с котиками

  62. Ruma Khan

    Ruma KhanDay ago

    its so scary

  63. ايوته ايوته

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    ياريت اتسوي الترجمه بالعربي

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    +ايوته ايوته شو معانتها

  65. ايوته ايوته

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    Manal Rasa تدللين

  66. Manal Rasa

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    +ايوته ايوته شكرا

  67. ايوته ايوته

    ايوته ايوتهDay ago

    Manal Rasa والله حشترك بقناتك

  68. Manal Rasa

    Manal RasaDay ago

    +ايوته ايوته تم يديها بدون كذب

  69. esmi9283

    esmi9283Day ago

    This was pretty scary to me ;-;

  70. Erika Amaro

    Erika AmaroDay ago

    I was been eating xD

  71. namjin shared a mic In airplane pt.2

    namjin shared a mic In airplane pt.2Day ago

    You are so confident, I can't even make eye contact with someone while talking

  72. Hey What’s up

    Hey What’s upDay ago

    Omg ok no make up for me

  73. Lo James

    Lo JamesDay ago

    The eyelashes freaked me out ewwww.

  74. 143toParkJimin

    143toParkJiminDay ago

    Damn you're so beautiful with and without make up. Nice video btw i love it so muchhh

  75. xxAlina xx

    xxAlina xxDay ago

    you dont need make up

  76. Giovana Iensen

    Giovana IensenDay ago

    9:46 OMG...😱

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  78. Mary with the yellow

    Mary with the yellow2 days ago

    This is stereoscope

  79. Alex ;[

    Alex ;[2 days ago

    do your lips!

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    FreeSlaimer_ YT2 days ago

    Русские вы сдесь???

  82. Pamela Gakeva

    Pamela Gakeva2 days ago

    I clicked on this by accident because my brother threw a pillow on me and my finger clicked it, but I kept watching

  83. •sasha• neko

    •sasha• neko2 days ago

    Please write the translation to the arbia, please, because I love you so much❥

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    My freckle has freckles!!!

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    “My freckles have Freckles!”

  87. Kitty

    Kitty2 days ago

    My eyes itch all of a sudden

  88. Løøkie Løø

    Løøkie Løø2 days ago

    She’s very brave to do one of these videos! Like I would cry if I did something like this cause ya!

  89. Blayne Sofab

    Blayne Sofab2 days ago

    She called her eyeshadow holographic 😭🤦🏻‍♂️

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    احببت هذا ⁦❤️⁩

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    I got Itchy eeeeeeeeeeeew

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  93. kim

    kim2 days ago

    oh my god is just me or at 8:12 the crevasse on the far left looks like a person from the shoulder up 👀

  94. Daffus Daffus

    Daffus Daffus2 days ago

    This is the first time i've seen a video of you. What a fun and sometimes gross video. Haha! I like it! Greetz from Holland. :-)

  95. Angel Malak

    Angel Malak2 days ago

    Dont put foundation on your pimples...just don’t 😐

  96. Face Your Fucking Self is gonna catch our wig soon

    Face Your Fucking Self is gonna catch our wig soon2 days ago

    I will probably throw up after seeing my skin under microscope

  97. Beautiful Shadow

    Beautiful Shadow2 days ago

    As long as it look good far away you good😂

  98. Bangtan Shookyeondan

    Bangtan Shookyeondan2 days ago

    *never using mascara ever again*

  99. Devisa

    Devisa2 days ago

    she's so beautiful

  100. Prestige Kacey

    Prestige Kacey2 days ago

    You should do your nose & lips. That was funny, those eye lashes. I would be scared to go under the microscope. Noooo... haha.

  101. Beyza Zümra

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  102. Anna Cheri

    Anna Cheri2 days ago

    "Why does it look like a forest burnt down and my eyelashes are what's left." 😂

  103. farida El-degwy

    farida El-degwy2 days ago

    Seeing my skin will be like a horror movie

  104. CqdStells

    CqdStells2 days ago

    Есть кто русский?

  105. jan claira

    jan claira2 days ago

    Omg....the pimple and freckle look horrible but u look pretty ☺


    BLACKPINK CORNER2 days ago

    Your eyelashes looks like what it could be if someone looked closely in their nose hairs xD

  107. Kris D

    Kris D2 days ago

    i’m never wearing mascara again...

  108. Steph lol

    Steph lol2 days ago

    4:22 "like my freckles has freckles." Lol

  109. ab c

    ab c2 days ago

    The proof that make up really is bad for the skin

  110. Marvel Avengers

    Marvel Avengers2 days ago

    what's the song when you did the makeup?, I really need to know !!!!