How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope


  1. Tina Yong

    Tina Yong3 months ago

    Thanks for checking out my video! Let me know what you want to see next under the Tinascope!

  2. yann yan

    yann yanMonth ago

    Tina Yong a mole

  3. Tayla Bovey

    Tayla Bovey2 months ago

    It would also be great to see skin before and after using blotting paper.

  4. Tayla Bovey

    Tayla Bovey2 months ago

    Would like to see a before and after curling lashes (without mascara) to see the microscopic damage

  5. Matilda Osborne

    Matilda Osborne2 months ago

    I think you should look at your makeup and what you use to apply it

  6. Rhea Cariño

    Rhea Cariño2 months ago

    your earing and accesories

  7. naturally brey

    naturally brey2 days ago

    I couldn’t watch

  8. Anushka Patil

    Anushka Patil3 days ago

    Can u show ur hair scalp with microscope

  9. olivia carr

    olivia carr4 days ago


  10. DumplinSqueezyChacha MoonChild

    DumplinSqueezyChacha MoonChild8 days ago

    Where can I get that tool To see mine

  11. Sweet Cristea

    Sweet Cristea10 days ago

    I just wanna wipe off all the black dots or whatever from the eyelashes

  12. Art Hoe

    Art Hoe14 days ago

    Manny copied this and didn’t give you credit. :/

  13. Jennifer Richmond

    Jennifer Richmond17 days ago

    blender and brush before and after washing. also lips.

  14. Nirmala Kapoor

    Nirmala Kapoor18 days ago


  15. Anger Management

    Anger Management21 day ago

    Do not kiss nor touch anyone especially wearing make up Saved post

  16. How

    How21 day ago

    Queen Tina started a trend Edit : SHE LIKED SKSKKSJSKS I LOVE YOU

  17. Tishlacombe 364

    Tishlacombe 36422 days ago

    Why does it look like a forest burned down, and my lashes were all that was left! Lol funny

  18. ItsJustTomboy

    ItsJustTomboy24 days ago


  19. ItsJustTomboy

    ItsJustTomboy24 days ago


  20. Ana Sofía

    Ana Sofía24 days ago

    I´m here because of Safiya´s shout out :)

  21. ღ ναlєитιиє кιиz ღ

    ღ ναlєитιиє кιиz ღ24 days ago

    yep... im not wearing makeup anymore XD

  22. The one and only Miaya

    The one and only Miaya24 days ago

    I thought she said o my gald Lmao

  23. BrazyDe’aysia

    BrazyDe’aysia24 days ago

    Where could you buy this at

  24. Miya Blake

    Miya Blake24 days ago

    Saf sent me here

  25. Yvonne Mariane

    Yvonne Mariane24 days ago

    Hair has purpose. It may seem out of place at times, but it has function beyond what is known off-hand ... (e.g., electrical) not even kidding

  26. Valerie Garcia

    Valerie Garcia25 days ago

    You’ve created a trend!!!!!

  27. Hannah Jaffe

    Hannah Jaffe25 days ago

    I took off my makeup after watching this 😂

  28. Peachy Trash

    Peachy Trash25 days ago

    She’s the one who started this an OG queen!

  29. Sahsha

    Sahsha25 days ago

    It’s ok I am fine if it’s yucky

  30. Mariam Alansari

    Mariam Alansari25 days ago


  31. SenriSlimecrafts

    SenriSlimecrafts25 days ago

    I was eating red jello 😂

  32. Jodi Hamilton

    Jodi Hamilton25 days ago


  33. Green Tea

    Green Tea27 days ago

    congratulations Tina, you started a trend...

  34. Mayathestylist Maya Riley

    Mayathestylist Maya Riley28 days ago

    microscope $45+ not no dam $10/20 lol

  35. TH-BLs,kpop,blythe dolls and 9japop in my soul

    TH-BLs,kpop,blythe dolls and 9japop in my soul28 days ago

    Ur accent Sound Aussie

  36. Sed

    Sed29 days ago

    You didn't do your lips... that would have been interesting to see.

  37. Bushy brows

    Bushy browsMonth ago

    Nyma brought me here, lol.

  38. BTS 4L

    BTS 4LMonth ago

    4:23 LOL😂🤣 my freckles has freckles tina your the best

  39. Mo0n Rose

    Mo0n RoseMonth ago

    love that

  40. Alexa De Santiago

    Alexa De SantiagoMonth ago

    I was my brushes everyday lol 😂. Loved your video! I just subscribed!

  41. Taylor's Fan

    Taylor's FanMonth ago

    Tina Yong is so underrated. She should have more subscribers.

  42. peyt Qt

    peyt QtMonth ago

    Y is her skin so pink

  43. peyt Qt

    peyt QtMonth ago

    I wonder if a korean with great skin do this idk im curious

  44. baozi cbx

    baozi cbxMonth ago

    Alfred bought it for her...marry him girl

  45. ItsRume

    ItsRumeMonth ago

    If I had that item, my insecurities would have insecurities.

  46. Andrea Martinez

    Andrea MartinezMonth ago

    My freckles have freckles lmaooo

  47. Tilley Guiblin

    Tilley GuiblinMonth ago

    I have that flamingo light in he back 😂😂😂

  48. Mataya Crooks

    Mataya CrooksMonth ago

    Tina: a big graphic Ad: THIS IS THE FACE OF FEARLESS

  49. im sad

    im sadMonth ago

    This is the woman who started this trend.

  50. Wiam Bellafdile

    Wiam BellafdileMonth ago

    if u think thattna k cute without makeup.līkə

  51. Daphne Cruz

    Daphne CruzMonth ago

    so no wonder i dont like wearing mascara

  52. Lu Hu

    Lu HuMonth ago

    Your skin actually looks pretty good under the microscope. You are soooo lucky! 😫

  53. Mike Parker

    Mike ParkerMonth ago

    Your just like me

  54. Kaitlyn R Parker

    Kaitlyn R ParkerMonth ago

    here because of Manny❤❤

  55. Maynara Fullton

    Maynara FulltonMonth ago

    have you heard of waxing?

  56. Jennifer Austin

    Jennifer AustinMonth ago

    Your skin is beautiful! Also that pimple even looks amazing! It's healing beautifully. All that red = blood flow, circulation and healthy healing!

  57. M.W

    M.WMonth ago

    What foundation is that ?

  58. Afza Anjum

    Afza AnjumMonth ago


  59. #Lesley Foreves#

    #Lesley Foreves#Month ago

    well ι donт wanna ѕee мy pιмple υp тнaт cloѕely ....ι тнιnĸ ι мιgнт dιe wнen ι do ѕoo 😵😵💀💀💀💀

  60. ミニーマウスマン

    ミニーマウスマンMonth ago


  61. Makyia Maiden

    Makyia MaidenMonth ago

    Ewwwwww omg

  62. Poppy Plant

    Poppy PlantMonth ago

    Who else was too lazy to actually buy a microscope and just tried to download a magnifying app on ur phone ? XD

  63. Abby Dolinger

    Abby DolingerMonth ago

    I'm never wearing makeup again....

  64. Miss_purple

    Miss_purpleMonth ago


  65. Kathy Rose

    Kathy RoseMonth ago

    I need that

  66. blanca canales vilorio

    blanca canales vilorioMonth ago

    Do leg hairs to see what’s kind of hair are in your legs



    #tinascope shout-out plzzzzz

  68. Derpy Watermelon

    Derpy WatermelonMonth ago

    Wait what why does her skin look pink on the microscope..?

  69. Marriane joy Viguilla

    Marriane joy ViguillaMonth ago

    Its been 1 month :( I miss you na :(

  70. Amelia Glover

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  71. Mrs J

    Mrs JMonth ago

    What is your face cleaning routine?

  72. tord guns

    tord gunsMonth ago

    *gets makeup add*

  73. MommyLife & Beauty

    MommyLife & BeautyMonth ago

    I loved this video idea!! You inspired me to order a microscope now haha ! I’m scared to look at my skin 😳


    JUNGKOOK'S SOULMonth ago

    Now I’m scared

  75. Betiel Amanuel

    Betiel AmanuelMonth ago

    2:43 it kinda looks like jello

  76. Gatasauria :3

    Gatasauria :3Month ago

    I would LOVE to see the change of the skin after every single one if the products of a full skin care routin. Like the change after cleanser, then after mosturizer, etc. Don't know about u guys but i think It would be super interesting.

  77. john tsan

    john tsanMonth ago

    The spiders on your eye are your eye termite

  78. i took jimins jams

    i took jimins jamsMonth ago

    The eyelashes looked kinda creepy

  79. Amber Salaiz

    Amber SalaizMonth ago

    You should show us your bare face under the microscope then get a facial professionally done and show us your face after

  80. Ivy Nguyen

    Ivy NguyenMonth ago

    I lost it when she said my freckles have freckles

  81. Meshell Peiris

    Meshell PeirisMonth ago

    Microscope a mosquito bite!!

  82. LP Lolzz

    LP LolzzMonth ago

    9:13 how tf does that look like the night sky?????😞🤦‍♀️💀

  83. Tina Dana

    Tina DanaMonth ago


  84. Alan Angelov

    Alan AngelovMonth ago


  85. Len D

    Len DMonth ago

    I’m never eating jello again

  86. foreverblue

    foreverblueMonth ago

    Everything is uglier up close

  87. Romina Osinaga

    Romina OsinagaMonth ago

    Love the fact that you post Time Stamps!

  88. Lynsey Lee

    Lynsey LeeMonth ago

    I want to rip off my face rn

  89. Lindsay Tucker

    Lindsay TuckerMonth ago

    Scarred for life 😂

  90. جہـٱا گـلہـيہن

    جہـٱا گـلہـيہنMonth ago

    We want to see your teeth

  91. Sana Khan

    Sana KhanMonth ago

    I love her flawless skin😗😗😗😘😘😘

  92. Chinnie Lee

    Chinnie LeeMonth ago

    When you started doing this one when i always open my youtube others are already doing it too😂correct me if im wrong lol

  93. Resha Rose

    Resha RoseMonth ago

    watching this video while eating wasn't good idea :((

  94. Adrianne 411

    Adrianne 411Month ago

    HAHAHAHAHA OMG!! You have gorgeous skin, if I looked at mine is probably never look at myself again!!🤣

  95. mei ai

    mei aiMonth ago

    Since you did it first i guess i also see a lot of other youtubers doing this

  96. JOJO & JANA

    JOJO & JANAMonth ago

    4:46 cringy

  97. Abiba saeed

    Abiba saeedMonth ago

    Do more of these I love these 👏

  98. MOMO

    MOMOMonth ago

    This video makes me want to scrub my face with a steel wool lol.. great video

  99. Gwendolyn Me

    Gwendolyn MeMonth ago

    "diamonds on my skin" ✨✨✨

  100. Sydni Montano

    Sydni Montano2 months ago

    Tina you should try 3d silk mascara !

  101. Fae Aisa

    Fae Aisa2 months ago

    That pink isn't holo if anything its duel chrome. Ware is Christen the Holo Queen?

  102. Dana Roezl

    Dana Roezl2 months ago

    you should try putting on a primer, and compare

  103. Katrina Piopongco

    Katrina Piopongco2 months ago

    can you do microsoping my make up tools

  104. Danielle Fehr

    Danielle Fehr2 months ago

    U should do lips!

  105. Maggie Nova

    Maggie Nova2 months ago

    nichole skyse did this first

  106. Lulu B

    Lulu B20 days ago

    Maggie Nova no actually she didn’t this was the first one ever