How Many Marvel Movies Can The 'Black Panther' Cast Name In 1 Minute?


  1. Ó̴̱m̶͚̌e̷̬̔n̷̝̏

    Ó̴̱m̶͚̌e̷̬̔n̷̝̏Month ago

    "Which X-Men member was Black Panther briefly married to?" Martin & Andy (Confident): "Mystique" Interviewer: "Very good... it was Storm." *whhheeeEEEEEEE33EEZEE*

  2. Hufflepuff Badger

    Hufflepuff Badger2 months ago

    Gone with the wind Martin you’re so funny

  3. ObiWan Kenobi

    ObiWan Kenobi2 months ago

    2:06 Iron man Hulk Iron man 2 Thor Captain America Avengers Iron man 3 Thor dark world Winter soldier Guardians of the galaxy Age of ultron Ant man Civil war Doctor Strange Guardians of the galaxy 2 Homecoming Ragnarok (Not included) Black panther Infinity war Antman and the wasp Captain marvel Endgame Far from home

  4. IcedRayan

    IcedRayan2 months ago

    He Forgot Avengers

  5. Helpless Narwhal

    Helpless Narwhal2 months ago

    What is everyone’s favorite marvel movie? Mine is Ant-man, and Doctor Strange.

  6. HEIHEIDY 1208

    HEIHEIDY 12082 months ago

    Chadwick: ah ah Ant-man...ah DEADPOOL.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Person with a Channel

    Person with a Channel2 months ago

    Chad forgot: Avengers Avengers age of Ultron Thor the Dark World Ant Man and the Wasp

  8. Isaac Quah

    Isaac Quah2 months ago

    Avengers cast knows nothing about Avengers compared to the fans the cast only know how to act and fans knows everything about the cast and the movies and Marvel

  9. kimmy sacco

    kimmy sacco2 months ago

    Martin should have got dr strange

  10. David Nassif

    David Nassif2 months ago

    did any of them say spiderman?😂

  11. Chrystinamarie Wellington

    Chrystinamarie Wellington2 months ago

    Fans would have finished the last question of that quiz in chronological order in 10sec flat

  12. Doctor Strange fan UwU

    Doctor Strange fan UwU3 months ago

    *I cant believe Martin didn't know Benedict's movie*

  13. Ariya Chakraborty

    Ariya Chakraborty4 months ago

    Cutest actor so far..Chadwick boseman

  14. Uma A

    Uma A6 months ago

    What about Spider-Man

  15. Underscore4445

    Underscore44456 months ago

    Good interviewer 👏

  16. lamJoe Joe

    lamJoe Joe6 months ago

    I know you have seen something... *A SENSE OF PISS*

  17. power within

    power within7 months ago

    He is cute

  18. Kamiya Eman

    Kamiya Eman8 months ago

    2:39 Chadwick Saying shit is rare.😂😂

  19. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter9 months ago

    Man, Chadwick looks like he just woke up from a good ass nap 😴.

  20. Farah Indy

    Farah Indy11 months ago

    I love how much of a geek fan Chadwick is 😍😍

  21. Mickey Lynch

    Mickey LynchYear ago

    Omg!!!! Aaah!!!! The Black panther Acters I love Black panther!!! You are all doing so good😀



    CHADWICK: Deadpool. DEADPOOL: (FAKE LAUGH)Bring this man back into life.

  23. TheSlyGuy5 games

    TheSlyGuy5 gamesYear ago

    Chadwick missed thor the dark world spider man and both the avengers

  24. NX_ DNA

    NX_ DNAYear ago




    Chadwick is such a sweet person...❤❤❤❤

  26. Osric Navti

    Osric NavtiYear ago

    What’s black panthers real name like what look at #M and M squad JK no

  27. Possibly Rixtria

    Possibly RixtriaYear ago

    Martin is such an adorable hedgehog XD

  28. HARO 11

    HARO 11Year ago

    Theres 3 captain ameiracas the first avenger winter soilder and civil war and they said theres only 2

  29. Ao

    AoYear ago

    Tried this and I forgot Ant-Man and Homecoming 😅 (This comment was made on June 10, 2018. So any other movie that comes out after this doesn’t count.)

  30. Annabel Hilda

    Annabel HildaYear ago

    chadwick is so cute i can't

  31. YellowChloe

    YellowChloeYear ago

    Chadwick is 40. At first, I thought he was in his early 20’s xD


    LEEPWOLFYear ago

    Bilbo vs Golem

  33. Kidfurry 61900

    Kidfurry 61900Year ago

    They forgot Spider-Man homecoming


    LINK RULESYear ago

    Stupid hobittses.

  35. CosmicGames

    CosmicGamesYear ago

    What about spider homecoming

  36. DatranBoy In Games

    DatranBoy In GamesYear ago

    What About Spider-Man Homecoming

  37. Lacie Anne Williams

    Lacie Anne WilliamsYear ago

    Did Chadwick even say black panther when he was naming them 😂

  38. morgan hill

    morgan hillYear ago

    i thought you neva freez

  39. Ruinyx

    RuinyxYear ago

    I lost it when chadwick said deadpool lol

  40. Prongsverse

    ProngsverseYear ago

    Martin is me everyday

  41. God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile Legends

    God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile LegendsYear ago

    Chadwick Boseman was so cute Im dying😍😍😍😍

  42. hari patel

    hari patelYear ago

    What about spiderman

  43. CobraKai Amino

    CobraKai AminoYear ago

    he failed the easiest one

  44. Junior Mazri

    Junior MazriYear ago

    does anyone else think that chadwick is 20 years old but really his 40

  45. Pietra Flores

    Pietra FloresYear ago

    seriosly, how did Martin forgot about Doctor Strange?

  46. JustJames MD

    JustJames MDYear ago

    The hobbit and ratdude is back xD

  47. Rica Jung

    Rica JungYear ago

    I was expecting that martin will say doctor strange....

  48. Saisha Sigh-ee-shah

    Saisha Sigh-ee-shahYear ago

    Who else named all of them?

  49. Tran Duc Tinh

    Tran Duc TinhYear ago

    "Oh Avengers. Come on, man, come on..." haha. awesome :))))

  50. Kaia Losch

    Kaia LoschYear ago

    I tested myself on my Marvel knowledge and I realized I actually got all 17 in under a minute, but i forgot about Spiderman: Homecoming.