How James Wan Is Reinventing Aquaman - CONAN on TBS


  1. bashenga the black manta

    bashenga the black manta14 days ago

    They always talk about Aquaman in the superfriend show but they never mention how he was protrayed in justice league animated serie

  2. Vincent Min Thaw

    Vincent Min Thaw14 days ago

    James looks so small ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Matt Nichols

    Matt NicholsMonth ago

    I didn't know James Wan was so short, hes tiny compared to Jason Momoa

  4. peachy 121

    peachy 121Month ago

    Conan sounds a bit sick

  5. Saeedat A

    Saeedat AMonth ago

    The whole cast is super goodlooking.

  6. Dark

    DarkMonth ago

    James wants is Soo Short and small

  7. 19pilots

    19pilotsMonth ago

    James wan actually looks like a kid here


    RJ.CAVITEMonth ago

    James Wan is going to save DC single handedly to be honest.

  9. gooryon

    gooryonMonth ago

    wan went full bananas with the film: on paper it shouldn't work but man oh man he is the caffeine shot the dc needed also the only way to watch it is on 3d imax, it is amazing!

  10. R

    RMonth ago

    Great job James Wan

  11. Mj D

    Mj DMonth ago

    James wan looks like a kid in there hahaha

  12. Wandrea M.

    Wandrea M.Month ago

    3:27 LMAOOOO

  13. Sky Chan

    Sky ChanMonth ago

    Wan is a Chinese surname which is ๆบซ the Chinese character.

  14. Steven Barry

    Steven BarryMonth ago

    James Wan looking like a kid here

  15. NightFury

    NightFuryMonth ago

    OMG James Wan is so smol.

  16. Rohit Shinde

    Rohit ShindeMonth ago

    James wants should not stand near to Jason mamoa

  17. Manvinder Aswal

    Manvinder AswalMonth ago

    James wan is gonna rebuild DC I love James wan all movies like insidious, saw , seriously He is diamond for Hollywood movies Biggest fan of James wan

  18. Jim Miles

    Jim MilesMonth ago

    Can you spot the chinese kid among adults?

  19. Contrarian DC

    Contrarian DCMonth ago

    Hopefully some big black guy will rape you and your mom at the same time. I want to see some bleeding!

  20. hofung chow

    hofung chowMonth ago

    who's here after watching aquaman!

  21. Uriel Alberto Velez Batista

    Uriel Alberto Velez BatistaMonth ago

    AQUAMAN is better than Black Panther!!!

  22. fabi anne

    fabi anneMonth ago

    A dothraki that was once so fearful of water, is now ruling a kingdom underwater. Whoa

  23. gothatway09

    gothatway09Month ago

    Hard to believe Jason Momoa is nearly 40 years old. The guy comes across as a 24 or 25 year old. 30 tops.

  24. S.P.Requiem

    S.P.RequiemMonth ago

    And James Wan is older than him.

  25. Nora Frydman

    Nora Frydman2 months ago

    Saw Aquaman today. OMG! The best! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜

  26. thegooseman

    thegooseman2 months ago

    Jason Momoa is the type of guy you don't leave your girlfriend alone with.

  27. maria cristina r. garza

    maria cristina r. garza2 months ago

    Jajaja james guan parece un hoby sentado a lado de momoa.

  28. DevilPoroNnj

    DevilPoroNnj2 months ago

    James looks so tiny

  29. Vincelle1516 Pasion

    Vincelle1516 Pasion2 months ago

    Pantsless๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚sounds good๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ just kidding

  30. Vincelle1516 Pasion

    Vincelle1516 Pasion2 months ago

    Bad choice๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. Heroes Inc.

    Heroes Inc.2 months ago


  32. keymay pisces

    keymay pisces2 months ago

    James Wan is Malaysian? Wow awesome..

  33. Linda L

    Linda L4 days ago

    he was born in Malaysia to Chinese parents but he grew up in Australia

  34. juriljumali jurilduta

    juriljumali jurilduta2 months ago

    Hope justice league 2 James wan is the director

  35. Ibrahim Khan

    Ibrahim Khan2 months ago

    I could see Conan as classic Aquaman

  36. Adam Covers

    Adam Covers2 months ago

    Conan doesn't sound well...

  37. Keshab Das

    Keshab Das2 months ago

    Zack deserves respect. He did great with the casting. Man of Steel was great. BvS wasn't perfect but I really liked it and apparently lot of people did like it( $870 million+ is huge). Who knows what Justice League could have been if Zack had directed the whole movie.

  38. Ham Eng

    Ham Eng2 months ago

    James Wan in tiny

  39. TitanSurge

    TitanSurge2 months ago

    amber heard is so hot i jizzed my pants

  40. JXV 10s

    JXV 10s2 months ago

    I watched Aquaman last Saturday. James Wan is a really good director. ๐Ÿ‘

  41. Rishikesh Singh

    Rishikesh Singh2 months ago

    M finally happy ..the movie is great

  42. meh Gusta

    meh Gusta2 months ago

    yo he's tiny af hahha

  43. harsh Patel

    harsh Patel2 months ago

    Today 18 Dec 2018 ,i watched AQUAMAN in IMAX 3D THAT WAS A FRAKEINGGGGG.... Wonderful EXPERIENCE man...... You must watch .... CREDITS -jason, James, amber, and all crew and yes VFX โ˜บโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  44. anush dsouza

    anush dsouza2 months ago

    James wants looks like a lost kid..

  45. LatinoMex01

    LatinoMex012 months ago

    Damnnnnnnnnn Aquaman already knocked it out of the Park!!!!!!!! :D it already beat out,surpassed Captian America: Civil War in the Box Office tickets Record in China!!!!! Hopefully now is the US!!!! This is going to be one of DC's Best Movie of the Year!!!!!!!! Iam betting and more to come Mr.James Wan you are A Film Genius and A Master at telling Stories in the Film Industry i hope you will continue making more movies in the future for DC!! We need more people like you after Zack Synder left and us DC fans had lost Hope and Faith but now its Restored at least mine is!!!!! :D Long Live the King of Atlantis!! Aquaman!!!!

  46. Marcella Cella

    Marcella Cella2 months ago

    10 star movies

  47. Kenry Tey

    Kenry Tey2 months ago

    James look like a kid out there ๐Ÿ˜‚

  48. Vin Comp

    Vin Comp2 months ago

    Momoa played Conan Barbarian before... LOL

  49. Winona Daphne

    Winona Daphne2 months ago

    this aquaman actor looks like an actual sailor

  50. halim kamaruzaman

    halim kamaruzaman2 months ago

    Heโ€™s so cute and small

  51. Nomnom Oreos

    Nomnom Oreos2 months ago

    Why dont they have microphones

  52. jonathan tan

    jonathan tan2 months ago

    Jason momoa looks like a lion and the most handsome man combined.

  53. Senate Shakya

    Senate Shakya2 months ago

    James Wan is a visionary action director. Snyder died after making 300.

  54. Nerrad

    Nerrad2 months ago

    the asian guy is surrounded by giants HAHAHAHA

  55. 00kizuna00

    00kizuna002 months ago

    James looks like hobbit beside Aquaman!

  56. Solanki yash vlogs

    Solanki yash vlogs2 months ago

    DC is better than marvel

  57. MrKratosndante

    MrKratosndante2 months ago

    for the first time

  58. Presidente Camacho

    Presidente Camacho2 months ago

    Respect to Zack, the man knows how to cast and thanks to dat we have this

  59. Knight Wolf

    Knight Wolf2 months ago

    Only casting mistake he made is lex luthor

  60. Alma J.

    Alma J.2 months ago

    Thank you for mentioning Zack Snyder! :'D

  61. Robert Walsh

    Robert Walsh2 months ago

    Baja grew into a beautiful woman. -- Like if you get the reference.

  62. Memento memories

    Memento memories2 months ago

    i was excited how jameswan is going to sit on that chair

  63. nitric94

    nitric942 months ago

    realising how small wan is compred to everybody else

  64. Neskie Montes

    Neskie Montes2 months ago

    James Wan is so tiny... but still he is one of the greatest directors since time.

  65. dark jedi

    dark jedi2 months ago

    Missing Nicole Kidman ๐Ÿค•๐Ÿ˜ท

  66. Sarat Pradhan

    Sarat Pradhan2 months ago

    Jason momoa is the best casting for Aquaman and its gonna lit fire in the theatres

  67. Knight Wolf

    Knight Wolf2 months ago

    U mean it will flood the theatre

  68. thaistomp

    thaistomp2 months ago

    Jason would destroy everybody on that stage at the same time. Haha.

  69. R12500

    R125002 months ago

    poor amber heard trying to sit with that dress. she was not prepared for those seats..

  70. Omer Aamir Shah

    Omer Aamir Shah2 months ago

    whrs nicole kidman I thought she was in the movie aswell...

  71. Omer Aamir Shah

    Omer Aamir Shah2 months ago

    yahyah you da man

  72. Sudipto Chakma

    Sudipto Chakma2 months ago

    James wan is just like me he is short and small but Talented ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. Omer Aamir Shah

    Omer Aamir Shah2 months ago

    sure... how many movies have YOU made?!? and if not that then what are your talents Mr. small package ?!?!

  74. random dude

    random dude2 months ago

    hahah james wan is so short he looks like hes 12, but hes a great director and i cant wait for aquaman, its going to be huge

  75. Tabs T

    Tabs T2 months ago

    Really? james wan reinvented? Erm what about Zack Snyder? He was the one who cast jason mamoa as aquaman NOT james. Stop tryna erase zacks name from everything.

  76. Kuda95 M

    Kuda95 M2 months ago

    Jason is a big dude๐Ÿ™†

  77. juju1992ful

    juju1992ful2 months ago

    I just wanna sit on Jason lap and wiggle

  78. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 months ago

    Same no homo

  79. harjot singh

    harjot singh2 months ago

    Lol today I realised Colan is 6'3....he would be one inch tallet than jason

  80. fan boy

    fan boy2 months ago

    Actually Zack changed aquaman

  81. TKO Warmaster

    TKO Warmaster3 months ago

    James wants is so small

  82. Arnab Mahanta

    Arnab Mahanta3 months ago

    Zack snyder is the best visionary director of our generation

  83. Omer Aamir Shah

    Omer Aamir Shah2 months ago

    I thought soo too but then he fucked up with JL

  84. Justice Forever

    Justice Forever3 months ago

    James Wan is very talented. Very unique director!!! If possible, please make The Silmarillion.

  85. Someone

    Someone3 months ago

    3:05 autistic screeching

  86. nallamala kiran

    nallamala kiran3 months ago

    This is going to be lit

  87. Bin Pin

    Bin Pin3 months ago

    Why he so small

  88. James Tan

    James Tan3 months ago

    James is a midget. How tall is he? But his talent is 9 feet tall!

  89. Dranzer Jetli

    Dranzer Jetli3 months ago

    Damn these actors are huge

  90. Omer Aamir Shah

    Omer Aamir Shah2 months ago

    yeah conan is 6'5 feet tall and next to him james wans a midget but yooo amber heard is tall too I know she's wearing heels but u know what I mean

  91. Sidharth Sreekumar

    Sidharth Sreekumar3 months ago

    In James Wan we trust

  92. Gus

    Gus3 months ago

    I hope nothing goes.....wan

  93. Alias Xx

    Alias Xx3 months ago

    James Wan born in Malaysia

  94. GlareBox

    GlareBox4 months ago

    Whoa Conan is tall - he's nearly the same height as Man Mountain Momoa

  95. yorkiyorkxx

    yorkiyorkxx4 months ago

    Marvel is shitting in their pants.

  96. Alan Williams

    Alan Williams4 months ago

    I love Jason so much why he chose naked

  97. Rafael Fuentes

    Rafael Fuentes4 months ago

    I love James Wan next to Jason Mamoa

  98. keil espinosa

    keil espinosa4 months ago

    I swear to God, James Wan is bigger than I thought!

  99. Jason Tunpane

    Jason Tunpane4 months ago

    What is jet lee doing with red hair?

  100. pranav pattarkine

    pranav pattarkine4 months ago

    Need more from that

  101. LagiNaLangAko23

    LagiNaLangAko234 months ago

    I dunno, I saw clips of Injustice 2 Aquaman and he also kinda look hot in there.


    DEROHKEN4 months ago

    They shouldโ€™ve lowered the camera when James walked on stage ๐Ÿ˜‚

  103. melvinwaaa

    melvinwaaa4 months ago

    Wan's so cute!

  104. Peter Manji

    Peter Manji4 months ago

    You know its a James Wan film when you see Patrick Wilson

  105. seaworldman879

    seaworldman8794 months ago

    Wan iz ah genius director

  106. A Thom

    A Thom4 months ago

    This movie will be a sleeper

  107. Anne Palisoc

    Anne Palisoc4 months ago

    I think James Wan's motto in life is "Small but terrible" ๐Ÿ˜‚

  108. Mitochondria Cell

    Mitochondria Cell4 months ago

    So this guy went from Conjuring to Aquaman? Bruhhhhhhhh

  109. Waqar Ahmed

    Waqar Ahmed4 months ago

    zackk ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›

  110. Saanvi Sai

    Saanvi Sai4 months ago

    Whoa conan's taller than Jason