How James Wan Is Reinventing Aquaman - CONAN on TBS


  1. TKO Warmaster

    TKO Warmaster2 hours ago

    James wants is so small

  2. Arnab Mahanta

    Arnab Mahanta5 hours ago

    Zack snyder is the best visionary director of our generation

  3. Justice Forever

    Justice Forever3 days ago

    James Wan is very talented. Very unique director!!! If possible, please make The Silmarillion.

  4. Someone

    Someone4 days ago

    3:05 autistic screeching

  5. nallamala kiran

    nallamala kiran6 days ago

    This is going to be lit

  6. Bin Pin

    Bin Pin6 days ago

    Why he so small

  7. James Tan

    James Tan17 days ago

    James is a midget. How tall is he? But his talent is 9 feet tall!

  8. Dranzer Jetli

    Dranzer Jetli21 day ago

    Damn these actors are huge

  9. Sidharth Sreekumar

    Sidharth Sreekumar22 days ago

    In James Wan we trust

  10. Gus

    Gus25 days ago

    I hope nothing goes.....wan

  11. Alias Xx

    Alias Xx25 days ago

    James Wan born in Malaysia

  12. GlareBox

    GlareBoxMonth ago

    Whoa Conan is tall - he's nearly the same height as Man Mountain Momoa

  13. yorkiyorkxx

    yorkiyorkxxMonth ago

    Marvel is shitting in their pants.

  14. Alan Williams

    Alan WilliamsMonth ago

    I love Jason so much why he chose naked

  15. Rafael Fuentes

    Rafael FuentesMonth ago

    I love James Wan next to Jason Mamoa

  16. keil espinosa

    keil espinosaMonth ago

    I swear to God, James Wan is bigger than I thought!

  17. Jason Tunpane

    Jason TunpaneMonth ago

    What is jet lee doing with red hair?

  18. pranav pattarkine

    pranav pattarkineMonth ago

    Need more from that

  19. LagiNaLangAko23

    LagiNaLangAko23Month ago

    I dunno, I saw clips of Injustice 2 Aquaman and he also kinda look hot in there.


    DEROHKENMonth ago

    They should’ve lowered the camera when James walked on stage 😂

  21. melvinwaaa

    melvinwaaaMonth ago

    Wan's so cute!

  22. Peter Manji

    Peter ManjiMonth ago

    You know its a James Wan film when you see Patrick Wilson

  23. seaworldman879

    seaworldman879Month ago

    Wan iz ah genius director

  24. A Thom

    A ThomMonth ago

    This movie will be a sleeper

  25. Anne Palisoc

    Anne PalisocMonth ago

    I think James Wan's motto in life is "Small but terrible" 😂

  26. Mitochondria Cell

    Mitochondria CellMonth ago

    So this guy went from Conjuring to Aquaman? Bruhhhhhhhh

  27. Waqar Ahmed

    Waqar AhmedMonth ago

    zackk 💜💙💛

  28. Saanvi Sai

    Saanvi SaiMonth ago

    Whoa conan's taller than Jason

  29. Anthony Lewis

    Anthony LewisMonth ago

    James Wan looks like man- kid, if that’s even a word amongst everyone else 😂😂But that doesn’t stop his vast talent 👍

  30. JJ Samuel Gunn

    JJ Samuel GunnMonth ago

    James Wan is so tiny compared to his cast, esp Momoa

  31. Sean Fitzgerald

    Sean FitzgeraldMonth ago

    James and Leigh should take over DC . Look at what Leigh did with Upgrade get him in . Look at what James is doing with Aquaman . I can tell it's good even before it came out

  32. Jack Lawrence

    Jack LawrenceMonth ago

    Can you believe that wan is older than momoa

  33. Robot Cop

    Robot CopMonth ago

    Look at size, i thought i’m watching avatar

  34. William Doyle

    William DoyleMonth ago

    Shut up and gimme the movie!

  35. vampireloveswolf

    vampireloveswolfMonth ago

    Jason mamoa looks like he doesnt shower. But he's sexayyyy

  36. Dilwar 〽 nawab

    Dilwar 〽 nawabMonth ago

    I like u James van

  37. Jhong Zhun

    Jhong ZhunMonth ago

    wtf james looks like a hobbit standing next to jason momoa

  38. Kicking Kangcaroo

    Kicking KangcarooMonth ago

    Excited for AQUAMAN!!!

  39. th33 Smackdown

    th33 SmackdownMonth ago

    Can't wait to see the movie

  40. Maura Grady

    Maura GradyMonth ago

    Look at that poor actress struggling with the high stools. Think, people! Those things stink for women.

  41. wem billy

    wem billyMonth ago

    I know james wan very well😊😊😊

  42. Michael Mogar

    Michael MogarMonth ago

    Is there a reason Jason Momoa dresses like a vegan stoner?

  43. bmf 456

    bmf 456Month ago

    lol i thought james wan was playing aqua man because of the title

  44. hidayu hussin Hussin

    hidayu hussin Hussin2 months ago

    Omg...james wan really short... 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂

  45. buffyboyster

    buffyboyster2 months ago

    Patrick Wilson in white tight pants -THANK YOU!!!

  46. Bunk Bed

    Bunk Bed2 months ago

    Ia that James wan Or 40 Wan

  47. I made this channel just to comment

    I made this channel just to comment2 months ago

    It looks like Jason Momoa brought James wan for being your kid to work day 😂😂 that size difference tho

  48. Andy Tan

    Andy Tan2 months ago

    James wan, my man. SAYA SAYANGI NEGARAKU

  49. cuddler

    cuddler2 months ago

    James Wan is Malaysian and 5'6" tall. For instance: the average height in USA and Korea is 5'9" - 6'2". But why does he seem so tiny :D It is because of the other guys there being like 6'4"?

  50. Jordan Randall

    Jordan Randall2 months ago

    Why did they queue James Wan at the end of the line especially behind Jason Momoa

  51. Celebrity Strudel

    Celebrity Strudel2 months ago

    Jordan Randall the Stars usually bill the movie first. But seeing as how Wan is basically a household name at this point he should’ve lead them in

  52. Paul V Barbar

    Paul V Barbar3 months ago

    No One Cares..

  53. Kim Huệ Đặng

    Kim Huệ Đặng3 months ago

    Asian has small body. Oh I'm kucking like it.

  54. Ruby Chiang

    Ruby Chiang3 months ago

    Amber looks gorgeous!!!

  55. imALLn

    imALLn3 months ago

    James Wan was creepy here

  56. Nikita Piper

    Nikita Piper3 months ago

    2:34 when Jason picks up that cup lol, made me crack up how small it looks in his hands

  57. Erik Killmonger

    Erik Killmonger3 months ago

    Is Amber Heard on drugs?


    DEMONKING3 months ago

    James Wan ruined aqua man by chosen this cast

  59. Aakash Mash

    Aakash Mash3 months ago

    james wan is 4ft??

  60. The Best Jedi

    The Best Jedi3 months ago

    (First thought) Who's the little kid behind Jason Mamoa (Second thought) Hahaha 😆

  61. Miguel Clarke

    Miguel Clarke3 months ago

    Anyone know the kind of shirt i.e. brand , that Jason is wearing?

  62. Sonia Ndukwe

    Sonia Ndukwe3 months ago

    Wow conan is as tall as Jason

  63. Debajyoti Bose

    Debajyoti Bose3 months ago

    James Wan is a kid !

  64. Sayantan Roy

    Sayantan Roy3 months ago

    jason looks and sounds like Hemsworth..😄

  65. Pikata TV

    Pikata TV3 months ago

    james wan biography net worth house family cars top 10 best movies...

  66. KANDADI Mahmoud Amine

    KANDADI Mahmoud Amine3 months ago

    Jason Momoa can turn any lady into a water slide !

  67. nullunit

    nullunit3 months ago

    I love that Momoa/Conan hug right at the top. They are like the same height I bet it was nice to a get such an even hug.

  68. Fisher Theo

    Fisher Theo3 months ago

    Why does everyone get a handshake while Jason gets a Big hug, come on Conan spread the Love.

  69. Scott B.

    Scott B.3 months ago

    but will their be blood?

  70. FoodforThought

    FoodforThought3 months ago

    it's so nice they let a nine year old asian kid who won a competition, sit with them on stage

  71. 橋本潤

    橋本潤3 months ago

    Is James Wan too short or the other guys too tall?


    JAMAL SPARTAN3 months ago

    black manta

  73. nananananananana batman

    nananananananana batman3 months ago

    Jason is *HUGE*

  74. Poptart Lopez

    Poptart Lopez3 months ago

    I hate this Aquaman. I miss my blond hair, and green eyes Spongebob Aquaman. I did not watch ten years of Spongebob for this.

  75. Mezak Zambono24

    Mezak Zambono243 months ago

    I think everyone loves this Aquaman and he looks bad ass

  76. TheYnotThat

    TheYnotThat3 months ago

    James Wan = Genius director!

  77. Donnie Brasco

    Donnie Brasco3 months ago

    Saw is a masterpiece

  78. may lourent belliones

    may lourent belliones3 months ago

    #JamesWan is such a smart director. He really knows it

  79. abram w.momin

    abram w.momin3 months ago

    I wouldn't say he reinvented it. Cause it's like combination of the 90s aquaman and the New 52s. And as for his image , the New 52 was the real ones doing the reinventing. And i think The Big Bang Theory has a lot to be blame for his image being destroyed. Hollywood destroyed Aquaman so it's there job to make him look good again.

  80. Malcom Alexander

    Malcom Alexander3 months ago

    He's not reinventing anything, Aquamn has always been awesome( except in the Silver Age and Super Friends).

  81. Calvini2013

    Calvini20133 months ago

    I thought I saw a Hobbit

  82. Pandaiskey

    Pandaiskey3 months ago

    James wan is small

  83. •Pain •

    •Pain •3 months ago

    James wan is a miracle worker when it comes to horror films best of the best I’m hyped for this movie because of him

  84. 한정혁

    한정혁3 months ago

    why is there no sub... so sad dude

  85. akino darrell

    akino darrell3 months ago

    I prefer marvel but DC has so much potential and I wish they took their time and made high quality films because honeslty I personally feel DC has more to tell story wise and with unique characters and stuff can get really crazy. Other than that I kinda wanted them to reboot it but I think aquaman will be pretty good

  86. Bull vine

    Bull vine3 months ago

    A very good depiction of why DC Comics has always sucked.

  87. Ashmita Poddar

    Ashmita Poddar3 months ago

    Finally a movie that would be DCs win... good choice to get Wan on board ..

  88. akino darrell

    akino darrell3 months ago

    0:13 The Aqua fish *enters*

  89. h.a S

    h.a S3 months ago

    Why's the video so dark? .. Everything DC is so f-ing dark. Bleh..

  90. That 15yr old Malayali kid

    That 15yr old Malayali kidMonth ago

    Unlike Marvel. Eesh,Marvel is just too much. Immature and childish af.

  91. Dread Head

    Dread Head3 months ago

    James looks like a kid tf

  92. Yt F

    Yt F3 months ago

    only aquaman fans will find this funny

  93. KYMNAM ,

    KYMNAM ,3 months ago

    i still love the original aquaman he was so funny with humour sense and his suit was so colorful and great like a marvel superhero

  94. Henry Miles

    Henry Miles3 months ago

    When james wan came out last looking smaller than the rest of cast I died.

  95. Erhan Achmad

    Erhan Achmad3 months ago

    James wan is so small...

  96. Luiz Marinho

    Luiz Marinho3 months ago

    The comics already had reinvented Aquaman. He did nothing new.

  97. HelloHuman 1234

    HelloHuman 12343 months ago

    They picked the best chair ever for Amber

  98. Mehedi Hassan Misson

    Mehedi Hassan Misson3 months ago

    Thanks Wan for mentioning Zack Snyder and gave the credit that he DESERVES !

  99. Sainterman

    Sainterman3 months ago

    James Wan is so small.

  100. Chinedu Opara

    Chinedu Opara3 months ago

    Good to know that James Wan is a 13-year old. That kid is going places, I tell you!

  101. Chongo

    Chongo3 months ago

    Not really reinventing aquaman. This movie version strongly resembles the Aquaman from the 90's & even the Bruce time JL cartoon.

  102. Superboy Prime

    Superboy Prime3 months ago

    I’m glad james has respect for what Zack did it’s just a shame warner bros didn’t feel the same

  103. Maheshwaran P

    Maheshwaran P3 months ago

    James wan did an amazing job with aquaman. I was expecting it to be good but it went beyond my expectations. But Zack Snyder is the one deserves for the credits to reinvention of Aquaman 2:13 respect to james