How James Wan Is Reinventing Aquaman - CONAN on TBS


  1. Savannah Rose

    Savannah RoseMonth ago

    Surprised to see Amber didn't give Conan a black eye,since, ya know

  2. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus3 months ago

    Hehe, far from the cartoon. Good director.

  3. UnitedEarthEmpire

    UnitedEarthEmpire4 months ago

    Just give Wan to direct all DC movies and you definitely gonna give Marvel a nightmare...

  4. GraciesAdventures

    GraciesAdventures4 months ago

    Conan is the cartoon depiction of aquaman.

  5. Reactive MUCH

    Reactive MUCH4 months ago

    I say James Wan is A GENIUUUUUUS. I swear this is the only DC film I got suuuuuper stoked 😍🤩

  6. bashenga the black manta

    bashenga the black manta5 months ago

    They always talk about Aquaman in the superfriend show but they never mention how he was protrayed in justice league animated serie

  7. Vincent Min Thaw

    Vincent Min Thaw5 months ago

    James looks so small 😂

  8. Matt Nichols

    Matt Nichols6 months ago

    I didn't know James Wan was so short, hes tiny compared to Jason Momoa

  9. peachy 121

    peachy 1216 months ago

    Conan sounds a bit sick

  10. Saeedat A

    Saeedat A6 months ago

    The whole cast is super goodlooking.

  11. Dark

    Dark6 months ago

    James wants is Soo Short and small

  12. 19pilots

    19pilots6 months ago

    James wan actually looks like a kid here


    RJ.CAVITE6 months ago

    James Wan is going to save DC single handedly to be honest.

  14. gooryon

    gooryon6 months ago

    wan went full bananas with the film: on paper it shouldn't work but man oh man he is the caffeine shot the dc needed also the only way to watch it is on 3d imax, it is amazing!

  15. R

    R6 months ago

    Great job James Wan

  16. Mj D

    Mj D6 months ago

    James wan looks like a kid in there hahaha

  17. Wandrea M.

    Wandrea M.6 months ago

    3:27 LMAOOOO

  18. fjkoo 6990

    fjkoo 69906 months ago

    Wan is a Chinese surname which is 溫 the Chinese character.

  19. All For One

    All For One6 months ago

    James Wan looking like a kid here

  20. NightFury

    NightFury6 months ago

    OMG James Wan is so smol.

  21. Rohit Shinde

    Rohit Shinde6 months ago

    James wants should not stand near to Jason mamoa

  22. Manvinder Aswal

    Manvinder Aswal6 months ago

    James wan is gonna rebuild DC I love James wan all movies like insidious, saw , seriously He is diamond for Hollywood movies Biggest fan of James wan

  23. Jim Miles

    Jim Miles6 months ago

    Can you spot the chinese kid among adults?

  24. Contrarian DC

    Contrarian DC6 months ago

    Hopefully some big black guy will rape you and your mom at the same time. I want to see some bleeding!

  25. hofung chow

    hofung chow6 months ago

    who's here after watching aquaman!

  26. Uriel Alberto Velez Batista

    Uriel Alberto Velez Batista6 months ago

    AQUAMAN is better than Black Panther!!!

  27. fabi anne

    fabi anne6 months ago

    A dothraki that was once so fearful of water, is now ruling a kingdom underwater. Whoa

  28. gothatway09

    gothatway096 months ago

    Hard to believe Jason Momoa is nearly 40 years old. The guy comes across as a 24 or 25 year old. 30 tops.

  29. S.P.Requiem

    S.P.Requiem6 months ago

    And James Wan is older than him.

  30. Nora Frydman

    Nora Frydman6 months ago

    Saw Aquaman today. OMG! The best! 😮😍

  31. thegooseman

    thegooseman6 months ago

    Jason Momoa is the type of guy you don't leave your girlfriend alone with.

  32. maria cristina r. garza

    maria cristina r. garza6 months ago

    Jajaja james guan parece un hoby sentado a lado de momoa.

  33. DevilPoroNnj

    DevilPoroNnj6 months ago

    James looks so tiny

  34. Vincelle1516 Pasion

    Vincelle1516 Pasion6 months ago

    Pantsless😂😂😂sounds good😂😂 just kidding

  35. Vincelle1516 Pasion

    Vincelle1516 Pasion6 months ago

    Bad choice😂😂

  36. Heroes Inc.

    Heroes Inc.6 months ago


  37. keymay pisces

    keymay pisces6 months ago

    James Wan is Malaysian? Wow awesome..

  38. Linda L

    Linda L5 months ago

    he was born in Malaysia to Chinese parents but he grew up in Australia

  39. juriljumali jurilduta

    juriljumali jurilduta6 months ago

    Hope justice league 2 James wan is the director

  40. Ibrahim Khan

    Ibrahim Khan6 months ago

    I could see Conan as classic Aquaman

  41. Adam Covers

    Adam Covers6 months ago

    Conan doesn't sound well...

  42. Keshab Das

    Keshab Das6 months ago

    Zack deserves respect. He did great with the casting. Man of Steel was great. BvS wasn't perfect but I really liked it and apparently lot of people did like it( $870 million+ is huge). Who knows what Justice League could have been if Zack had directed the whole movie.

  43. Ham Eng

    Ham Eng6 months ago

    James Wan in tiny

  44. TitanSurge

    TitanSurge6 months ago

    amber heard is so hot i jizzed my pants

  45. JXV 10s

    JXV 10s6 months ago

    I watched Aquaman last Saturday. James Wan is a really good director. 👍

  46. Rishikesh Singh

    Rishikesh Singh6 months ago

    M finally happy ..the movie is great

  47. meh Gusta

    meh Gusta6 months ago

    yo he's tiny af hahha

  48. harsh Patel

    harsh Patel6 months ago

    Today 18 Dec 2018 ,i watched AQUAMAN in IMAX 3D THAT WAS A FRAKEINGGGGG.... Wonderful EXPERIENCE man...... You must watch .... CREDITS -jason, James, amber, and all crew and yes VFX ☺☺😎😎

  49. anush dsouza

    anush dsouza6 months ago

    James wants looks like a lost kid..

  50. LatinoMex01

    LatinoMex016 months ago

    Damnnnnnnnnn Aquaman already knocked it out of the Park!!!!!!!! :D it already beat out,surpassed Captian America: Civil War in the Box Office tickets Record in China!!!!! Hopefully now is the US!!!! This is going to be one of DC's Best Movie of the Year!!!!!!!! Iam betting and more to come Mr.James Wan you are A Film Genius and A Master at telling Stories in the Film Industry i hope you will continue making more movies in the future for DC!! We need more people like you after Zack Synder left and us DC fans had lost Hope and Faith but now its Restored at least mine is!!!!! :D Long Live the King of Atlantis!! Aquaman!!!!

  51. Marcella Cella

    Marcella Cella7 months ago

    10 star movies

  52. Kenry Tey

    Kenry Tey7 months ago

    James look like a kid out there 😂

  53. Vin Comp

    Vin Comp7 months ago

    Momoa played Conan Barbarian before... LOL