How I Get Ready With My Disability


  1. As/Is

    As/Is8 months ago

    Watch more of Marna on her channel!:

  2. Allison Hale

    Allison Hale7 months ago

    People! You should be ashamed of yourselves! This comment only has 396 likes! She has a f#*@ing disability! Sometimes I feel disappointed in humanity. You guys should seriously take some time to reconsider your actions.

  3. Angkor KH

    Angkor KH8 months ago

  4. siham chergui

    siham chergui11 days ago

    I want translation to arbic language

  5. Piratesfan123

    Piratesfan123Month ago

    I need this woman to teach me how to do eyeliner, I love eyeshadow but I'm 💩 at eyeliner, she's so good at makeup

  6. Georgia Harrison

    Georgia Harrison2 months ago

    She is so amazing. I can’t even do my eyebrows that well. She should get them micro bladed cause it’s so much easier

  7. The Tiller Willer!!!

    The Tiller Willer!!!2 months ago

    She can't even move one of her arms and still does better makeup than me, a fully functional human being. What's my life

  8. Heidi Katherine

    Heidi Katherine2 months ago

    It is so awesome seeing video's like this! I have Arthrogryposis too, so I think its great when I see awareness being spread about it because not a lot of people even know or have heard what AMC is

  9. The Tiller Willer!!!

    The Tiller Willer!!!3 months ago

    Me: She can't even hold her right arm up but she does makeup better than me **starts to question my existence**

  10. Panda Panda

    Panda Panda4 months ago

    She is so beautiful, I love her!!❤️❤️

  11. Supernovathehuman

    Supernovathehuman4 months ago

    She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe!

  12. Niki Kam

    Niki Kam4 months ago

    I literally cannot do a cat wing that good you are amazing 😉 💋❤️❤️

  13. Beverly Shaw

    Beverly Shaw4 months ago

    You did great !!! Pleaee stop being so hard on yourself , your so beautiful !!

  14. Vivi M

    Vivi M4 months ago

    I don’t have the same disability but I might try getting ready like this cuz it seems like it might help me

  15. itsmefam

    itsmefam4 months ago

    She's soo gorgeous and she can do her hair and makeup soo pretty I love it ❤😘

  16. itsmefam

    itsmefam4 months ago

    Um... She can do makeup better than me WOW 😮

  17. MaeMae's Makeup

    MaeMae's Makeup5 months ago

    Does anyone love this woman as much as I do because her attitude is awesome and I love her positivity and her style you go girl

  18. Leanne :c

    Leanne :c5 months ago

    She so pretty

  19. Sabrina Self

    Sabrina Self5 months ago

    I love the yellow eye liner! I never even considered doing a bright color eyeliner

  20. Afsarah Enam

    Afsarah Enam5 months ago

    Wow, she can do better makeup than me. You make me proud,my sister, jk she isnt my sis

  21. Amelia On Point

    Amelia On Point5 months ago

    her makeup is better than mine and I am not even disabled

  22. Zaina's Channel

    Zaina's Channel5 months ago

    U r beautiful

  23. Nia 21

    Nia 215 months ago

    Her freaking eyeliner is in one swoop and it turns out litterly PERFECT but me on the other hand i have to do it 19274629203747101 million times on only one eye and it still wouldn't look goodso i just gave up with it😂but this woman slays at makeup😘🤗

  24. PugPuppy Roblox Gaming

    PugPuppy Roblox Gaming5 months ago

    🧔🏽 Hello my name is Jeff. 👕 👖

  25. Kassandra Allen

    Kassandra Allen5 months ago

    She did amazing

  26. Hang Tran

    Hang Tran5 months ago

    While I was watching, I was completely blown away by how she does her things. She is amazing! I absolutely forgot about her disability when watching her. It was just like watching someone doing an action that would be different from mine. Completely an amazing person!

  27. Gabriele Grudzjnskaite

    Gabriele Grudzjnskaite5 months ago

    OMG your such a storng even do you have disability you are still so strong

  28. Bailey Newman

    Bailey Newman5 months ago

    she is so gorgeous!

  29. Lara Davidovich

    Lara Davidovich5 months ago

    she's so pretty

  30. Letta M

    Letta M5 months ago

    i can’t even curl my hair she’s so amazing

  31. FlyingTo Sky

    FlyingTo Sky5 months ago

    She is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E

  32. AquaCookie

    AquaCookie5 months ago

    Love her personality!

  33. Jenna Sioutos

    Jenna Sioutos5 months ago

    Ur super adorable

  34. Kitty Pryde

    Kitty Pryde5 months ago

    This woman is so strong kind and sweet Can I be your friend And did anyone else get so scared when she was curling her hair and that weird sound happend in the beginning

  35. Simone Carew 65 (STUDENT)

    Simone Carew 65 (STUDENT)5 months ago

    OMG!!!!! Your so pretty! I love how your so positive & so kind & don't care what people say you are you! Keep doing what you are doing you are beautiful!!

  36. Annie Smith

    Annie Smith5 months ago

    She is funny

  37. Im A Banna

    Im A Banna5 months ago

    She looks like Marilyn Monroe’s Sister

  38. Tabatha Moore

    Tabatha Moore5 months ago


  39. arissa pires

    arissa pires6 months ago

    her personality is awesome and her makeup is stunning. i could never pull of yellow eyeliner and it looks amazing on her!

  40. Sea Slimeshop

    Sea Slimeshop6 months ago

    Love her frickin eyeliner too

  41. Sea Slimeshop

    Sea Slimeshop6 months ago

    She is so cute

  42. Isabel Rose

    Isabel Rose6 months ago

    Marna is so gorgeous!!!

  43. Juliette Phillips

    Juliette Phillips6 months ago

    i love how she's adapted to her disability, and is making the best of it. also, where is THAT JACKET FROM!?

  44. MarnaWheels

    MarnaWheels2 months ago

    Juliette Phillips it’s from H&M 😍

  45. christina stompf

    christina stompf6 months ago

    You look so beautiful! ❤️❤️

  46. Hell No

    Hell No6 months ago

    I love how confident she is it’s heartwarming ☺️

  47. Majo DIY

    Majo DIY6 months ago

    Girl your fantastic

  48. Alana GeeGeeGeeGeeGeee

    Alana GeeGeeGeeGeeGeee6 months ago

    Ooo she’s my fav

  49. Brooke Wehner

    Brooke Wehner6 months ago

    Why is her eyeliner literally still better than mine

  50. Megan Wyrick

    Megan Wyrick6 months ago

    She can do makeup better than me and I have two fully functional hands

  51. Kat Cantrell

    Kat Cantrell6 months ago

    You are beautiful and inspirational. ❤ Truly. It's so incredible you don't let your disability hold your back.

  52. Maya Hole

    Maya Hole6 months ago

    I love her

  53. Kodie On the Radio

    Kodie On the Radio6 months ago

    Honestly she can do makeup better than me

  54. Bobby Gloria

    Bobby Gloria6 months ago

    Ok so she can do her makeup fine with a disability yet I can’t even contour correctly 😑

  55. da mf king cookie

    da mf king cookie6 months ago

    Im a little plum barry😊........ I dont knoe what that means

  56. Mÿłėê_Åñä

    Mÿłėê_Åñä6 months ago

    She is so confident and beautiful! I think she is so amazing!❤️

  57. Franziska Düring

    Franziska Düring6 months ago

    that eyeliner is AMAZING! imma do that later...

  58. Miranda Harveyy

    Miranda Harveyy6 months ago


  59. Joycelyn Nguyen

    Joycelyn Nguyen6 months ago

    She’s really pretty

  60. Halle Pennycuff

    Halle Pennycuff6 months ago

    Such a powerful woman!!! Much love ❤️

  61. Taja Maze

    Taja Maze6 months ago

    That girl knows how to makeup😉

  62. Brooke Bukovy

    Brooke Bukovy6 months ago


  63. Chloe Moser

    Chloe Moser6 months ago

    She dosent have full use of her hand, but her makeup is still better than mine

  64. Elaina Smith

    Elaina Smith6 months ago

    I really wish I could do my makeup this good. She is so amazing!

  65. -Potato-tomato-

    -Potato-tomato-6 months ago

    She’s so frikin positive 😭

  66. Faith Castell

    Faith Castell6 months ago

    Nobody understands how hard it is for people to do everyday things with a disability. Thank you so much for this video! I have a learning disability and it’s so frustrating but with determination you just have to find a way to do it that’s easy for you!

  67. Elana Mansfield

    Elana Mansfield6 months ago

    Omg when she days Anastasia my life is complete! She is the best person i have ever scene. So inspirational and beautiful

  68. Clementine Lol

    Clementine Lol6 months ago

    i love her so much!! I hope her life is amazing

  69. Sabella Besse

    Sabella Besse6 months ago

    Dance your makeup out girl!!😁

  70. FabbGabb

    FabbGabb6 months ago

    I love this

  71. Erin Goodman

    Erin Goodman6 months ago

    In love with her attitude

  72. Tish Grethans

    Tish Grethans6 months ago

    shes so cute

  73. Tish Grethans

    Tish Grethans6 months ago


  74. Rebecca Strang

    Rebecca Strang6 months ago

    This women is amazing

  75. Charli Bockelman

    Charli Bockelman6 months ago

    *Susan and Jeff😂😂😂* Yellow is my favirite color 😀

  76. Charli Bockelman

    Charli Bockelman6 months ago

    Her personality 😍

  77. Kyra Miller

    Kyra Miller6 months ago

    oh look at that glo doe lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Kira Mae 17

    Kira Mae 176 months ago

    Gorgeous 🧡

  79. mika nakagawa

    mika nakagawa6 months ago

    That’s so inspirational 🤗🤗

  80. Yunais Gil

    Yunais Gil6 months ago

    You are so beautiful , never give up

  81. Minnie Mouse Xo

    Minnie Mouse Xo6 months ago

    Your so gorgeous 😭❤️😚

  82. Crystal Jackson

    Crystal Jackson6 months ago

    It's so weird how she's so freaking positive I would be sad everyday THIS GIRL IS MY HEROOOOO

  83. Carmen Keely

    Carmen Keely6 months ago

    Damn I love her personality, I would totally be friends with her if I had the chance. Just because someone looks physically "different" on the outside doesn't mean that they are any less of a person with an amazing personality. Don't judddgeeeeeee ugH.

  84. Empty

    Empty6 months ago

    6:03 My new 2018 slogan

  85. skippy Herzmando

    skippy Herzmando6 months ago

    I love this 💕

  86. Emily Borrero

    Emily Borrero6 months ago

    666 dislikes? the devil clearly takes no days off.

  87. Amy Howard

    Amy Howard6 months ago

    you are beautiful

  88. Elya Baker

    Elya Baker6 months ago

    The yellow eyeliner is so cute on her!! I'm def going to try that!

  89. Glittery sprinkles

    Glittery sprinkles6 months ago

    I love this video

  90. Alyssa Mooray

    Alyssa Mooray6 months ago

    She seems really nice I would like to be her friend

  91. daria

    daria6 months ago


  92. Kiley Gascon

    Kiley Gascon6 months ago

    U did so good on ur eye brows and all ur make up

  93. rosario de la cruz

    rosario de la cruz6 months ago

    i love this. keep doing u girl, youre beautiful

  94. angela lyons

    angela lyons7 months ago

    shes so cute aw

  95. Kenya Kay

    Kenya Kay7 months ago

    When she said "I dont care what people say im gonna wear a ton of it" in reference to highlight, I felt that.

  96. Lexi Weitzmann

    Lexi Weitzmann7 months ago

    okay but her eyebrows way better than mine

  97. lulu6565

    lulu65657 months ago

    the yellow eyeliner is brilliant, it makes the whole look a lot brighter and adds a playful edge to her great personality. i love it!

  98. Emme M's

    Emme M's7 months ago

    Your so cute

  99. Shae & Hailey

    Shae & Hailey7 months ago

    she is gorgeous. like tf i’m a rat

  100. Lilly3344

    Lilly33447 months ago

    Love the yellow liner on her!

  101. Ramiela Victoria

    Ramiela Victoria7 months ago


  102. Ren Alexis

    Ren Alexis7 months ago

    YOU GO, GIRL!!! I have MS, went blind in my left eye for six weeks and DAMN doing my right eye makeup brutal. Smearing. Smooshing. Smudging. Those were my methods. Took me a few times to figure out to do the right eye first and go matchy-matchy after.

  103. Gabrielle Leitner

    Gabrielle Leitner7 months ago

    Such a cutie pie I swear

  104. Madeline Wright

    Madeline Wright7 months ago

    This is beautiful. She is beautiful.