How I Get Ready With My Disability


  1. As/Is

    As/Is2 months ago

    Watch more of Marna on her channel!:

  2. Alan Pupkin

    Alan Pupkin2 days ago

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  3. Allison Hale

    Allison Hale28 days ago

    People! You should be ashamed of yourselves! This comment only has 396 likes! She has a f#*@ing disability! Sometimes I feel disappointed in humanity. You guys should seriously take some time to reconsider your actions.

  4. Amy Howard

    Amy Howard10 hours ago

    you are beautiful

  5. Elya Baker

    Elya Baker13 hours ago

    The yellow eyeliner is so cute on her!! I'm def going to try that!

  6. Glittery sprinkles

    Glittery sprinklesDay ago

    I love this video

  7. Alyssa Mooray

    Alyssa MoorayDay ago

    She seems really nice I would like to be her friend

  8. Daria

    DariaDay ago


  9. Kiley Gascon

    Kiley Gascon2 days ago

    U did so good on ur eye brows and all ur make up

  10. rosario de la cruz

    rosario de la cruz3 days ago

    i love this. keep doing u girl, youre beautiful

  11. angela lyons

    angela lyons3 days ago

    shes so cute aw

  12. Kenya Kay Emerson Johnson

    Kenya Kay Emerson Johnson4 days ago

    When she said "I dont care what people say im gonna wear a ton of it" in reference to highlight, I felt that.

  13. Lexi Weitzmann

    Lexi Weitzmann4 days ago

    okay but her eyebrows way better than mine

  14. lulu6565

    lulu65654 days ago

    the yellow eyeliner is brilliant, it makes the whole look a lot brighter and adds a playful edge to her great personality. i love it!

  15. Emme M's

    Emme M's6 days ago

    Your so cute

  16. Shaé Lee

    Shaé Lee6 days ago

    she is gorgeous. like tf i’m a rat

  17. Lilly3344

    Lilly33446 days ago

    Love the yellow liner on her!

  18. csooki2411

    csooki24116 days ago


  19. Ren Alexis

    Ren Alexis7 days ago

    YOU GO, GIRL!!! I have MS, went blind in my left eye for six weeks and DAMN doing my right eye makeup brutal. Smearing. Smooshing. Smudging. Those were my methods. Took me a few times to figure out to do the right eye first and go matchy-matchy after.

  20. Gabrielle Leitner

    Gabrielle Leitner7 days ago

    Such a cutie pie I swear

  21. Madeline Wright

    Madeline Wright7 days ago

    This is beautiful. She is beautiful.

  22. Jess Msp

    Jess Msp8 days ago

    wow she's gorgeous

  23. Akilah Stith

    Akilah Stith8 days ago

    Loved her!

  24. yo AMO Republica Dominicana

    yo AMO Republica Dominicana8 days ago


  25. Lily Johnson

    Lily Johnson8 days ago

    She is georgous

  26. Cecilia Valentin

    Cecilia Valentin8 days ago

    My mom has that exact mirror

  27. Abbigayl AudiosMC

    Abbigayl AudiosMC8 days ago

    Omg I’m so sorry but u are a great inspiration for all of those people who struggle with any disability ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. {::•アリス•::}

    {::•アリス•::}8 days ago

    She’s so care free I love her

  29. Zoe Kessler

    Zoe Kessler10 days ago


  30. oof lolololol

    oof lolololol10 days ago

    her makeup slays!

  31. Claire Wagner

    Claire Wagner12 days ago

    She is AWESOME

  32. Madison Broerman

    Madison Broerman13 days ago

    This woman is so amazing. Disability or not she’s so beautiful. Inside and out!

  33. ɴᴀ ɴᴀ

    ɴᴀ ɴᴀ13 days ago

    I want her to be my friend like she seems so nice and wholesome UGHHHH

  34. Thea Sch

    Thea Sch14 days ago

    I would love to have your confidence, you are truly an inspiration for me.

  35. Danielle Onorina

    Danielle Onorina14 days ago


  36. Helen Cao

    Helen Cao14 days ago

    Her makeup skills are better than mine

  37. Dolphins will take over

    Dolphins will take over14 days ago

    She does her makeup better than most able girls

  38. Trang Ho

    Trang Ho15 days ago

    lol funny

  39. Joya Hayek

    Joya Hayek15 days ago

    You are amazinggg ♥ ♥

  40. nincs kedvem

    nincs kedvem15 days ago

    I love this woman

  41. Cica Misic

    Cica Misic15 days ago

    Her eyeliner is better than mine👏

  42. Keira McCann

    Keira McCann16 days ago

    This is one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen

  43. Cj Videos

    Cj Videos16 days ago

    I almost cried I feel so bad for people with disabilities because they sometimes cant do things that we can it makes me super sad.


    UNICORNS_ARE_AWSOME _2617 days ago

    Eyebrows are sisters NOT TWINS

  45. Covergirl Torres

    Covergirl Torres17 days ago

    You know what this video is very positive


    ELLI OFELIA18 days ago

    Wow! Lovely woman!


    BUNNY PRODUCTIONS18 days ago


  48. Kayla Ranly

    Kayla Ranly18 days ago

    I love her

  49. Squishy I don't do squishy dares

    Squishy I don't do squishy dares19 days ago

    I can’t even do makeup your amazing Marna

  50. TheWeirdOne_ 32106

    TheWeirdOne_ 3210620 days ago

    shes my new spirit animal

  51. Alison W

    Alison W20 days ago

    We love a strong woman such as yourself 💜

  52. Jordyn Lowe

    Jordyn Lowe20 days ago

    Omg, she is so inspirational, I want to have as good of an attitude as she does!

  53. Grace Summers

    Grace Summers20 days ago

    I love her already

  54. Ima potato and a weirdo

    Ima potato and a weirdo21 day ago

    I have problems putting on lipstick anyway but u can do it perfectly


    JUNG SHOOK22 days ago

    Marna: “But does it ever match?” Marna: “No” Marna: “But do i act like it does?” Marna again: “Yea” 😏

  56. Jonahair

    Jonahair23 days ago

    She's so cool

  57. Iggy C

    Iggy C23 days ago

    I wish my eyeliner was that good

  58. angelina medina

    angelina medina26 days ago

    she's so cool! does she have her own channel?

  59. Elle

    Elle26 days ago

    Give Marna her own show !

  60. is it dodie yellow though?

    is it dodie yellow though?27 days ago

    haha her personality is great

  61. Vaiga A

    Vaiga A27 days ago

    You look beautiful.... 😍😘

  62. MJSmithy

    MJSmithy28 days ago

    Eyeliner on fleekkkk 😍😂❤️

  63. fraylilacs

    fraylilacs29 days ago

    she's so beautiful wow

  64. videostar tutorials

    videostar tutorialsMonth ago

    *you look good susan*

  65. 윤미

    윤미Month ago

    she's so cute

  66. CraZy UnicornsCupcaKe

    CraZy UnicornsCupcaKeMonth ago

    She's so cute omg!!

  67. Mey Jing

    Mey JingMonth ago

    i cant even draw my eyebrows.....

  68. Meghan Rotole

    Meghan RotoleMonth ago

    She’s so cute I love her attitude. Also literally she’s a million times better at eyeliner than me....

  69. Difficulty Duets

    Difficulty DuetsMonth ago

    “they’re shaped like little caterpillar rainbows”

  70. Heath Zelchs

    Heath ZelchsMonth ago

    she's a goregeous person

  71. Emi M

    Emi MMonth ago

    “Susan and Jeff are doing just fine” Hahahaha xD

  72. bella grace

    bella graceMonth ago

    she’s better at eyeliner than me