How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME


  1. MrNuggets

    MrNuggets15 hours ago

    Lol I'm waiting for men in black 4

  2. Gaston Fernandez

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  3. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen3 days ago

    4:57 T^T Iconic

  4. Mariama Kargbo

    Mariama Kargbo4 days ago

    Sometimes I think Wills profile pic is Jaden

  5. Mengstab G.michael

    Mengstab G.michael4 days ago

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  6. Edison Rosales

    Edison Rosales5 days ago

    Seguramente no lo leas, y tampoco lo entiendas, pero eres fantástico, cada cosa que haces, cada pequeña contribución con la gente menos favorecida, hace que el mundo aun tenga esperanzas de se mejor. Cada cosa que haces, la haces cada vez mejor. Por cierto, subtitula los vídeos al español jajaja que tengo que estar con el traductor para poder verlos jajaja

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  8. LilBabies 820

    LilBabies 8209 days ago

    Bring the fresh prince of bel air back

  9. luca Animations

    luca Animations12 days ago

    Fresh prince is my favorite man still watch it to this day it’s great

  10. Hans Franz

    Hans Franz12 days ago

    Dude still looks twenty. I'm twenty years older and look twenty years older than him.

  11. Joseph Robinson Jr

    Joseph Robinson Jr12 days ago

    Pay your taxes.. I owe those dudes about 36,000.00. I just didn't pay.. There are 3 things in life you want to pay.. 1.IRS, 2. Child Support 3. Student Loans. The first two can get you jail time.

  12. The Adventures of Jonah and Jude

    The Adventures of Jonah and Jude13 days ago

    Thanks for the morning motivation! You are beyond inspiring! ❤️💕

  13. Célia Gimenes

    Célia Gimenes13 days ago

    Dude, we Brazilians love this guy, thanks for making our childhood better.👊

  14. Choko Weed

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  15. Tamarra Vaiotu

    Tamarra Vaiotu14 days ago

    I was just watching that ur so funny

  16. Shane Klein

    Shane Klein14 days ago

    Your no longer the fresh prince you are now The Men In Black🕴🏾🕴🏾🕴🏾🕴🏾🕴🏾

  17. the best of running

    the best of running14 days ago

    Can someone save me time on googling? Who was his girlfriend back then? Was it Jada? Lmao, thanks

  18. Nobantu Sibeko

    Nobantu Sibeko14 days ago

    Gosh he’s such a story teller!!!

  19. Sanjeeth Ramesh

    Sanjeeth Ramesh15 days ago

    Ha ha ha that's hot!

  20. Everything-PS4 w/DIABLO

    Everything-PS4 w/DIABLO15 days ago

    Thank you for being you👍 You make us laugh. Makes life easier.

  21. Jims Sessions

    Jims Sessions16 days ago

    Why so many thumbs down? Is that the girlfriend's friend or people sour about being left out of the story?

  22. Artist Temple

    Artist Temple16 days ago

    "Well, this is the story all about how my life got twisted upside down..." :-D

  23. J Antonio’s videos

    J Antonio’s videos16 days ago

    I wish that happens to me

  24. Jules Theobald

    Jules Theobald16 days ago

    I dont understand because i'am french but i can say HE IS A BEST ACTOR

  25. Black Light

    Black Light17 days ago

    Benny looked like Al B Sure.

  26. ParkerJackson

    ParkerJackson19 days ago

    Congratz dude, that 10 mins changed my childhood for the better!

  27. Grace Holloway

    Grace Holloway20 days ago

    I’ve just found out well I made it up but is this how your life got flipped upside down 😒

  28. Caziah Leuma

    Caziah Leuma20 days ago

    I Love Fresh Prince

  29. Nikora Jennings

    Nikora Jennings20 days ago

    ahhh its rewind time

  30. Daniel kaye

    Daniel kaye20 days ago

    Always say yes huh

  31. Ravi Peiris

    Ravi Peiris20 days ago

    "Always say yes...." Powerful man. Powerful.

  32. Prudent Knights

    Prudent Knights22 days ago

    No doubt one of my favorite comedian shows. The show just had good actors and i think i heard interviews that the cast was like family so guess that why it was a success also

  33. 99488 44345

    99488 4434523 days ago

    thrill cops make u a wall to walk threw u to make there job important because its a hero thing confused withing compition

  34. Are Em

    Are Em24 days ago

    Moral of the story to always say yes? Ummm

  35. Karolyn Issup

    Karolyn Issup24 days ago

    i remember i was very excited to see that first show in 1990. i was thinking..."oh oh. i got to be home Monday nights." I dont think i have ever been as excited about tv after that. Let me thonk about it. Barack Obama giving his acceptance speech, 2009. but that is on another level. On the sitcom level, I think that was the last time i was excited about a tv show. My tv is unplugged right now. lol

  36. TechNOGeek Reviews

    TechNOGeek Reviews25 days ago

    You made it by hard work and right place right time you made my goal life goals .

  37. The Inspiration Ruum

    The Inspiration Ruum26 days ago

    The moral of the story is the glory

  38. mo brown

    mo brown26 days ago

    Loool this was good, Quincy sounds like a G lol and WHO IS THE EX she deserves a Cheque lol

  39. Vincent Rutley

    Vincent Rutley27 days ago

    The dopest success story EVER

  40. Pabisha Chatterjee

    Pabisha Chatterjee27 days ago

    Wow !! You are an inspiration will

  41. Aditya Rai Pradhan

    Aditya Rai Pradhan28 days ago

    What a great way of storytelling!! You are my role model, will!!!

  42. Kristian Alexis

    Kristian AlexisMonth ago

    Keep the rap going.. Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down

  43. Ramon Ggg

    Ramon GggMonth ago

    Back in the 80's...

  44. Borkan Al Gahla

    Borkan Al GahlaMonth ago

    2018 and in this month everyday I watch the fresh prince of bel-air !! I believe we still need that type of tv show, with values!

  45. ANT 237

    ANT 237Month ago

    Don’t you mean how you became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

  46. Shak Os

    Shak OsMonth ago

    It took more like 5 minutes and 29 seconds to tell the story, not 1

  47. DGK

    DGKMonth ago

    Ah that's hot

  48. Aaron

    AaronMonth ago

    double plastic xD

  49. Lightning Lance

    Lightning LanceMonth ago

    How did this video NOT start with "now this is a story all about how"

  50. Austin McGlamory

    Austin McGlamoryMonth ago

    to think you thought you weren't an actor and now you're my favorite actor

  51. Dis-Grace ̇

    Dis-Grace ̇Month ago

    My favorite type of storytime!

  52. Angelina Rose

    Angelina RoseMonth ago

    Now this is the story all about how...(finish the song)

  53. Fredbear Faz87

    Fredbear Faz87Month ago

    Hey nice story all about how your life got turned upside down


    JOE BLACKMonth ago

    thanks for sharing yoru story bro! great channel! really worth to watch.

  55. FutureSailorKid

    FutureSailorKidMonth ago

    Right place, right time, right people. Damn I wish this was me, I'm 17 trying to be an actor. So much pressure on me.

  56. Max Rosas

    Max RosasMonth ago

    When you look at the thumbnail and he only looks like he’s aged 3 years

  57. Ange Chavo

    Ange ChavoMonth ago

    I know that’s not his voice lol

  58. Aariyan096

    Aariyan096Month ago

    Women know best 💁🏽‍♀️. She changed his life lol

  59. Seventh Flame

    Seventh FlameMonth ago

    Will - have you paid it forward three times what that audition did for you? Whose life with minimal effort outside your friends and family have you been a mover or shaker for? Just something to think about, I don't know anything about you but I believe that you have or will help a few people who can look at you with thanks either now or in the future.

  60. Corey kelly

    Corey kellyMonth ago

    Fortnite took ur dance fresh

  61. Kaua Souza

    Kaua SouzaMonth ago

    Alguém do Brasil?

  62. Raphael de la Ghetto

    Raphael de la GhettoMonth ago

    Yo baby I just want let u know that I noticed u noticing me noticing u

  63. Raphael de la Ghetto

    Raphael de la GhettoMonth ago

    Girl u must be tired, cuz you've been running around my mind ALLDAY!!!

  64. Raphael de la Ghetto

    Raphael de la GhettoMonth ago

    "Yo baby yo baby yo"

  65. Raphael de la Ghetto

    Raphael de la GhettoMonth ago

    Yes it is I

  66. charlotte stanner

    charlotte stannerMonth ago

    How can anyone not like Will Smith he’s one of my favourite actors and rappers

  67. Star Realm 26

    Star Realm 26Month ago

    Yo will do You ever paint sometimes? #StarRealm26

  68. Anthony Bowman

    Anthony BowmanMonth ago

    Do a story time about the scene when your dad leaves and how you did it

  69. Ali Yılmaz

    Ali YılmazMonth ago

    Ben asla amerika gelmem gevşeklerle işim yok benim gidersem avrupa giderim

  70. Felps Tutors

    Felps TutorsMonth ago

    BRASIL AQUI! adoro o Will!

  71. geraldine pearson

    geraldine pearsonMonth ago

    So many nuggets of wisdom in that story I love watching your videos I wish they were longer or many parts to them Bcuz I never want them to end Thank you for once again sharing so much

  72. kdot jones

    kdot jonesMonth ago

    Thats soo dope life if he wasnt brokr probably wouldn't had happen amazing man that's life!

  73. Valeska Alegria Tome

    Valeska Alegria TomeMonth ago

    El príncipe de veleros eres tú wili

  74. Dan

    DanMonth ago

    In the beginning," that's time. "God," that's force. "Created," that's action. "The heavens," that's space. "And the earth," that's matter. In the first verse of the Bible God said plainly what man didn't catalog until the nineteenth century. Everything that could be said about everything that exists is said in that first verse. Now either you believe that or you don't. You either believe that that verse is accurate and God is the force or you believe that God is not the force that created everything. And then you're left with no origin so you can't even have chance or randomness or coincidence. There are no atheists, there are only people who deny the Truth in unrighteousness or wickedness. We absolutely know God exists through what he has made and all are without excuse.

  75. Tamie Miller

    Tamie MillerMonth ago

    LoL, so funny but Will God has been so good to you! We still lol from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

  76. Женя В

    Женя ВMonth ago

    Привет братишка, как сам?

  77. Súper Paqui Gójar

    Súper Paqui GójarMonth ago

    Will Smith 👑💃🕺 el Rey de la comedia

  78. Vegan Socks

    Vegan SocksMonth ago

    I would like to take a moment just set right here...

  79. Pedro E Rocha

    Pedro E RochaMonth ago

    Will is the Best and I admire him, he is one of the kind, but, didn't the chance that change his life just fell on his lap?

  80. threezy three

    threezy threeMonth ago

    Check out Jessika that prankster


    1234 GET ON DA DANCE FLOORMonth ago

    Never Give Up? Follow Your Dream no matter what ?

  82. Ligma Balls

    Ligma Balls2 months ago

    This was cool good story

  83. MooseJuiceYT

    MooseJuiceYT2 months ago

    The accents are HILARIOUS Dude

  84. Carolyn Jones

    Carolyn Jones2 months ago

    @Temaofficial...I whistled for a cab and when it near, the license plate said FRESH and had a dice in the mirror.. If anything I can say was this is rare but, I said nahhhh YO Homes TO BEL-AIR.

  85. Philly-Native The Rap Minister

    Philly-Native The Rap Minister2 months ago

    Moral of the story. . . .Always go to where people are "Doing It" (Of Course you have to have talent though)

  86. FBI

    FBI2 months ago

    It would be nice if Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would get one more episode, but rip uncle phil.

  87. God Bless HipHop

    God Bless HipHop2 months ago

    Wow what a BLESSING!

  88. Josue Guzman

    Josue Guzman2 months ago

    “Are you too big not to sign my baby?” Lmao did someone really say that?

  89. david lopez

    david lopez2 months ago

    He slept with Harvey Weinstein

  90. Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah Williams2 months ago

    "So I guess the moral of the story is always say yes, and listen to your girlfriend." That'd be easier if I had a girlfriend and the next question I'm asked wasn't "ya want some drugs?"

  91. Capsy Dash

    Capsy Dash2 months ago

    THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE!!! a Will Smith autobiography movie of his begginings.

  92. Xaviera Figueroa

    Xaviera Figueroa2 months ago

    Hey will smith i would really like to meet you like whenever i here your name i shout WILL SMITH and sadly my mom said we can never come to see you cause you know you live far away from me i live in Massachusetts and im only 10 years old so im just sayin it would make my day if i ever saw you

  93. ConnorJMiner

    ConnorJMiner2 months ago

    now this is the story all about how...

  94. Bambrii K-POP1815

    Bambrii K-POP18152 months ago

    He said double plastic I'm crying 😭😭😭

  95. Gentjan Memia

    Gentjan Memia2 months ago

    Hands down my favourite actor of all time. His performance in the fresh prince, 7 pounds and I am legend. I love you will, you've been a part or my life for so long. Would love to one day meet you and shake your hand :)

  96. hailey rae

    hailey rae2 months ago

    So iconic

  97. Old, bald fat man

    Old, bald fat man2 months ago

    Nov. 5, 2018----He's the ONLY rapper that I not only liked, but actually understood his lyrics. Parents just don't understand was a hoot. Thanks for the video.

  98. VIC Washington

    VIC Washington2 months ago

    Man...much respect much respect to Mr.Will us the inside scoop of how destiny worked for him! Wow..amazing

  99. Ha-ha-ha-hapa

    Ha-ha-ha-hapa2 months ago

    Now I'm really curious about this relationship you were in when you got famous famous (one famous from the music, one from the show)

  100. Radii15

    Radii152 months ago