How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME


  1. Malika

    MalikaHour ago

    waiting for the next video Will!

  2. HeatherJustCreate

    HeatherJustCreate2 hours ago

    Always say yes. You can figure it out later. 👊🏼

  3. kjaee

    kjaee4 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 no paralysis, do analysis!

  4. Raissa Bruno

    Raissa Bruno5 hours ago

    He’s too cute

  5. Antar Assab

    Antar Assab6 hours ago

    You beacame it for sucking white dicks

  6. Money Trigz

    Money Trigz7 hours ago

    love it

  7. Will Diaz

    Will Diaz7 hours ago

    You are an amazing person Will. I wish I could be half the man you are. Thank you for being you. Inspiring!

  8. Mark Wuahlbuargg

    Mark Wuahlbuargg7 hours ago

    I didn't even know Will Smith did anything before Fresh prince of Bell air. I guess that comes with being Canadian.

  9. Mateus Barros

    Mateus Barros8 hours ago

    hey Will, please let us add subtitles in others languages in your videos. _ Speaking from Brazil

  10. footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live

    footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live11 hours ago

    holy shit this is great

  11. Myrith Pettway

    Myrith Pettway13 hours ago

    No paralysis do analysis 💪🏾

  12. Behzey

    Behzey15 hours ago

    what you call an icon living? Will Smith

  13. Melissa Kerr

    Melissa Kerr16 hours ago

    Will Smith being a storytime youtuber is something I didn’t know I needed

  14. Mono Nonny

    Mono Nonny17 hours ago

    I actually really like ur channel and its content Will! Keep it up!


    VVEATHER MANG18 hours ago

    Man never ages

  16. Pierre Manengo

    Pierre Manengo20 hours ago

    Quincy sippin on a few drinks is *undefeated* 😂😂

  17. DoubleDeckerAnton

    DoubleDeckerAnton21 hour ago

    I got the fresh prince on dvd box set recently! 😀📀 I'm now back in the 1990s and 'coming home from school mode'..!!! 👌📺😂

  18. Pauldjreadman

    Pauldjreadman22 hours ago

    Wow, just wow

  19. jameson

    jameson22 hours ago

    So this is the story all about how his world got flipped turned upside down?

  20. Khalid Safir

    Khalid Safir22 hours ago

    That was really interesting, didn't expect that. I think we forget that real life is often way more interesting than anything we can make up.

  21. 1.31. 90

    1.31. 9022 hours ago

    Legend 🐐💯

  22. Jason.Y. Tokyo

    Jason.Y. Tokyo23 hours ago

    Say no to drugs tho

  23. anakwad

    anakwadDay ago

    Love story time

  24. Daniel Brown

    Daniel BrownDay ago

    The legend jumped out.

  25. Cami

    CamiDay ago

    Will got fucked in the ass by many dudes. That's why he got to where he is the bathroom with loose bowels.



    Will was confident in elementary school. He was the ringleader of his friends. I remember playing stickball with him at Bieber Junior High.

  27. 3Épico

    3ÉpicoDay ago

    Sou do Brasil😏

  28. Jeevesh Sharma

    Jeevesh SharmaDay ago

    Cannon to the left! Cannon to the right! Cannon to the centre! Volleyed and Thundered!

  29. :gαlєxιѕ:

    :gαlєxιѕ:Day ago

    What an icon

  30. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    MysticStrike ForceSSJ3Day ago

    Yha taxes sucks i mean we so hard every day and what gain nothing but another day of just nothing but waste of time.

  31. Natasha Yvette

    Natasha YvetteDay ago

    This was great 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  32. Nicole Williams

    Nicole WilliamsDay ago

    I love your journey!!!

  33. ankacc

    ankaccDay ago

    I wish I knew this a few years ago :'(

  34. MONA rashid

    MONA rashidDay ago

    I’m from Dubai from UAE and I have been seen the fresh Prince with my young sisters when I was 10 years and now I’m 29 I still want to see the show again every time and I love your act .

  35. Dan Delaney

    Dan DelaneyDay ago

    Will this is a great story. Good thing to see first thing in the morning!

  36. UglyBoiEli

    UglyBoiEliDay ago

    Man wasn’t even a actor at first and just winged it

  37. Nadir Bait Saleem

    Nadir Bait SaleemDay ago

    Wow, this is actually really interesting!

  38. Paul Adams Photos

    Paul Adams PhotosDay ago

    Fantastic stuff :-)

  39. Lyron Aguiar

    Lyron AguiarDay ago

    Always say yes **cough** theory

  40. Xxveta68xX DJ

    Xxveta68xX DJDay ago

    Will Smith tambien has videos en español para que practiques el idioma

  41. BWX

    BWXDay ago

    Still think Will Smith is one of the coolest cats on the planet

  42. teenygozer

    teenygozerDay ago

    You learned some good lessons that day: esp. the one about listening to your GF!

  43. Guy Alexandre

    Guy AlexandreDay ago


  44. whooked

    whookedDay ago

    this nigga got a youtube now lmao lit

  45. Young Davis 90

    Young Davis 90Day ago

    Great vid, new sub 👌

  46. yungchapo

    yungchapoDay ago

    uhhh did anyone else get ad where that fat asian was singing forever or just me ?

  47. Your dads Dad

    Your dads DadDay ago

    Great video

  48. Ashlee Anokwuru

    Ashlee AnokwuruDay ago

    I love this guy ❤️

  49. Trillvellato

    TrillvellatoDay ago

    I still have his signature on my forehead.....

  50. Miguel Vignon

    Miguel VignonDay ago

    Hey, you should make your videos with subtitles. I am Mexican and many Latin people adore you, but few of us have the opportunity to speak English or at least understand it.

  51. Zhane Washington

    Zhane WashingtonDay ago

    Who disliked the video? Do y’all not like inspiration 😂

  52. Daniela Parra

    Daniela ParraDay ago

    "And I guess, listen to your girlfriend."

  53. Erwin Young

    Erwin Young2 days ago

    One can only wish to get such an oppurtunity.. but hey who knows.

  54. Be a Dreamer

    Be a Dreamer2 days ago

    I love this story!

  55. Ron J

    Ron J2 days ago

    he took it up the butt

  56. coc manquiando

    coc manquiando2 days ago

    Con traducción por favor :'(

  57. joseph fernandez

    joseph fernandez2 days ago

    sell out to the zionist, turn yourself out, propagate BS thats how you make you are on the peoples platform spreading your garbage...that hierarchy is falling apart..hollywood is running scared...cant stand this BS...these entertainers make the world worse than before then want people to worship them like Gods....funny how all these "Gods" end up broke...dude is garbage...



    Will is as real as real can get.

  59. UofODucks 541

    UofODucks 5412 days ago

    From platinum to plastic, that double plastic made me laugh.

  60. Johnson So funny

    Johnson So funny2 days ago


  61. Think Different Today

    Think Different Today2 days ago

    Wow so amazing to hear where it all began

  62. Oscar Ludwell

    Oscar Ludwell2 days ago

    Will your so good at what you do please comment back 😎

  63. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun2 days ago

    Dude, that was awesome! Your story was super inspiring!

  64. Ian Moone

    Ian Moone2 days ago

    Tell us more about Benny and Quincy 😉

  65. Lady Reem

    Lady Reem2 days ago

    He is boring for real. I don’t get the hype around him but ok

  66. Juan Basagoiti

    Juan Basagoiti2 days ago

    such great story!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. T C

    T C2 days ago

    This nigga 50 years old ... 50

  68. A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es

    A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es2 days ago

    Hollywood wants to take over MReporter now also, so alternatives are not seen or heard! Come on people wake up!

  69. A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es

    A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es2 days ago

    It is a fact that you do not stay in Hollywood if you do not sell out!.What about your kids....did you sell them out too?