How Humans Broke the Game


  1. Das Fuhrer

    Das Fuhrer13 minutes ago

    Get fucked, humans = best

  2. Elmar A. Hannah

    Elmar A. Hannah4 hours ago

    Shit, I really need to get Curiosity Stream. But there is still so much on Netflix that I haven't seen yet. Need to finish that and then start binging some awesome prehistoric documentaries.

  3. Solveig Lindberg

    Solveig Lindberg5 hours ago

    The human mains are at the point now where they are looking into doing arbitrary code execution right now. If the devs don’t do anything they might just lose all semblance of control over their game

  4. Au ser

    Au ser18 hours ago

    The devs actually nerfed humans by giving men a long amount of time to cool down the cum ability

  5. spazz man

    spazz manDay ago

    Actually sabertooths liked the cold but whatever.

  6. K A M I

    K A M IDay ago

    there are no evidence of Clashing between the Neanderthal Faction and the Sapience

  7. KeyBoard ,inK

    KeyBoard ,inKDay ago

    Humans were the top build until the dolphins rose up to challenge them for the thrown dun dun dun

  8. theultimatemadman

    theultimatemadman2 days ago

    The size of the brain didn't matter. Homo Sapiens were a more intelligent build and had actually had a larger brain to body ratio than Homo Neanderthalis.

  9. Ok this is epic

    Ok this is epic2 days ago

    The nuclear holocaust patch might ban humans pretty soon

  10. Aiden Kane

    Aiden Kane2 days ago

    You could say humans were a rag-tag team. They stood against all odds and eventually came out on top.

  11. Ezekiel Goldberg II

    Ezekiel Goldberg II3 days ago

    Out of Africa theory is disproven but good video otherwise.

  12. The Cheap Pencil Show

    The Cheap Pencil Show2 days ago

    I looked that up and the first five sources were lame article sights which claim the FUCKING RICE GUM IS AN ICON,

  13. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 days ago

    WHAT WAS THAT DOCUMENTARY! That cgi is better than lots of movies out today! Its not everyday a documentary has stunning cg

  14. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 days ago


  15. Hyrule Legend

    Hyrule Legend3 days ago

    >there's an alternate timeline where neanderthals won and I could've been buff and smarter

  16. Aiden Kane

    Aiden Kane2 days ago

    You wouldn''t have better stats, you just wouldn't have been born.

  17. LarenSSX

    LarenSSX5 days ago

    I don’t understand why the devs would nerf the Black Plague which was literally one of the best counters against human mains. I honestly believe the devs are brain dead. This is why this game is dying.

  18. The Trihairngle

    The TrihairngleDay ago

    Probably cuz the devs are human mains. The game can't be somewhat balanced with this character bias. They're now trying to add some sort of world peace, so that all human mains will not fight each other, making them even more broken. This is a serious problem. Soon the entire tierlist will be based on only "who's the best matchup against humans" and nothing else.

  19. Atticus Colucy

    Atticus Colucy6 days ago

    Africa’s Desolate Land ability.

  20. Matt black

    Matt black6 days ago

    grong moment

  21. Kuba havlíček

    Kuba havlíček8 days ago

    Of course humans are OP as fuck we´re not kings of earth for no reason.

  22. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen8 days ago

    Evolution fake doe

  23. blunt.

    blunt.8 days ago

    Everybody gangstar until Humans get a hold of stand arrows

  24. Baka Crazy

    Baka Crazy8 days ago

    I still want to change the class. Can I be a hamster or something like that? I don't like humans that much...

  25. CaseOfThe Sniffles

    CaseOfThe Sniffles7 days ago

    Reported for hate sppech

  26. Robin Hanning

    Robin Hanning8 days ago

    Cryptid Apes first appear middle of 1.3.1 in Mongolia for Old World style new world old world style Montana

  27. MrFiltry69

    MrFiltry699 days ago

    So in the beta version of humans we thrive thanks to collaboration, and then the Sapiens thought it would be good if they start to combat in PvP. Wait, what the heck

  28. Undead Comet

    Undead Comet9 days ago

    I was playing dark souls while watching your vids, and that intro gave me a heart attack.

  29. Uncle Phil

    Uncle Phil9 days ago

    neanderthals didn't lose, they merged.

  30. misanthropic

    misanthropic10 days ago


  31. Steraphite

    Steraphite10 days ago

    Mozambique here

  32. Klaus Maier

    Klaus Maier11 days ago

    It is not realistic that neanderthales has a better mobility It is proved that He wasnt that fast because of his weight and his size

  33. garlic69

    garlic6911 days ago

    humans got so bored of dominating the weaker classes that they started fighting eachother. what a flex

  34. Valentijn De Sierlijke Valkyrie Samantha Max Const

    Valentijn De Sierlijke Valkyrie Samantha Max Const12 days ago

    A subtle reference to wars being our weaknesses. I like it! ^^

  35. ieatpilli

    ieatpilli12 days ago

    Quick comment: the Neanderthal men probably fucked Homosapien omen because they’ve were stronger than the Homosapien men

  36. Arian Kurdo

    Arian Kurdo12 days ago

    uhh Humans will go against eachother they have bunch of debuffs like greed, jelousy, etc. there are some exceptions like if i get lucky and get a shiny. oh and you shoulf prob put some points into swimming and water awareness others usually neglect this skill but its really important to find other players with really good loot

  37. just a dude with a pencil

    just a dude with a pencil12 days ago

    I don't make games, let alone mmo's, but I think it'd be really cool if we had an online role-playing game simular to spore that gives you the ability to either start as a single cell organism and build your class overtime like an irl month, or to pick a pre existing class that was built by other players in the game Maybe it would take place on an alien planet simular and around the same size to earth that would change and have it's own ages. It'd take strategy to surviving to other players, and you would have evolution points that you would put into certain traits to put into your species I think it'd be a fun concept for a game, and also very hard to make, but still fun

  38. br33z13

    br33z1313 days ago

    I'm still mad about the neanderthal build. Way better players who were more skilled and only lost because homosapiens sapiens players were fucking noobs who 5v1 in order to win.

  39. Nik Z

    Nik Z13 days ago

    The worst antagonist to humans are humans

  40. Sietse Van Overstraeten

    Sietse Van Overstraeten13 days ago

    Another fun fact: Another reason sapiens out competed Neanderthal was because the Sapiens were much more capable in communication thus moving in bigger and more organised groups than neanderthals.

  41. Darklord Aranyx

    Darklord Aranyx9 days ago

    Thats what he said in the video...

  42. Sietse Van Overstraeten

    Sietse Van Overstraeten13 days ago

    If those last 10 000 sapiens didnt go boinky we would not exist

  43. Jim Bob Cooter

    Jim Bob Cooter13 days ago

    I hope the Global Warming balance patch bans humans

  44. Jim Bob Cooter

    Jim Bob Cooter8 days ago

    CaseOfThe Sniffles that’s the idea

  45. CaseOfThe Sniffles

    CaseOfThe Sniffles9 days ago


  46. Radioactive Pugman

    Radioactive Pugman13 days ago

    peta needs to be banned they are corral camping

  47. Incognito_Blazer

    Incognito_Blazer13 days ago

    Humans: Literally creating things to be bigger threats against each other out of boredom because nothing else stands a chance Legit, think about it: We got so bored of having Zero challenges that we're making robots and drones just to have even more dangerous things to fight

  48. Dylan Otto

    Dylan Otto14 days ago

    Goddamn dude why r u not a history professor in Harvard or sth?

  49. Godot is waiting

    Godot is waiting14 days ago

    I'd argue the legendary two-hand weapons refered to as "Spear" remained relevant untill that one PVP event in the human guild that they refer to as 14-18

  50. JuanM Chavira

    JuanM Chavira14 days ago

    The new meta is space age

  51. Suzanne F.

    Suzanne F.14 days ago


  52. Pedro Barbosa Duarte

    Pedro Barbosa Duarte15 days ago

    6:11 so this is where europeans got their kink for fighting and war

  53. YoshiBroccoli

    YoshiBroccoli15 days ago

    Not that hard just go to general settings and set it to pve lol

  54. alex the meme

    alex the meme16 days ago

    Failed chance to do a mafia city meme

  55. Konsert

    Konsert16 days ago

    The most useless patch is the homosexuals.

  56. Aiden Kane

    Aiden Kane2 days ago

    Oh my god, if the next species of humans ends up being Homo Sexuals I'm going to laugh.

  57. Matt D

    Matt D16 days ago

    I like how the European cold apparently only gave white people bulkier builds. It definitely didn't contribute to selecting for intellect, nope no sirree.

  58. GrowArmyGt Vo

    GrowArmyGt Vo16 days ago

    WHATT GAME IS THIS DAMMIT!!!! Is this a game or is it something else I need to know or is this just like describing evolution and animals and stuff in a game format. Edit:AND IF IT IS WHERE DO I GET IT

  59. GrowArmyGt Vo

    GrowArmyGt Vo2 days ago

    @Aiden Kane ty I was confused asf

  60. Aiden Kane

    Aiden Kane2 days ago

    It's about history, portrayed as a game (would make a sick game though)

  61. GrowArmyGt Vo

    GrowArmyGt Vo16 days ago

    @Matt D O_o umm no? yes? maybe?

  62. Matt D

    Matt D16 days ago

    Are you on the spectrum

  63. TEAM Er

    TEAM Er16 days ago

    Every human gangsta until they add scps.