How Fresh Is McDonald's New Quarter Pounder?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek7 months ago

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  2. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek2 months ago

    Milo-ballz101 why not? I'm sending kid $40 Gift card.

  3. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek2 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek McDonald's new quarter pounder w/Cheese rocks!

  4. Milo ballz101

    Milo ballz1014 months ago

    Can you use a visa gift card to donate?

  5. fortnite kid

    fortnite kid5 months ago

    Bturcotte1101 that's how rich people talk like he wants money to feed his habit

  6. fortnite kid

    fortnite kid5 months ago

    Lord Bob Backenforth Same Bru things are going to get better 💝😂

  7. Matavis Kubiak

    Matavis Kubiak8 hours ago

    Gotta use a flashlight on my burgers now

  8. Matavis Kubiak

    Matavis Kubiak8 hours ago

    Take bigger bites bro

  9. Succulent Bab

    Succulent Bab7 days ago

    Le big mac

  10. Succulent Bab

    Succulent Bab7 days ago

    He takes such small bites

  11. Eli Edens

    Eli Edens7 days ago

    I like quarter pounders all and all but that beef isn't as fresh as it looks

  12. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess7 days ago

    I've been eating McDonald's for years and I prefer the taste of the old Quarter Pounder just because it's fresh it has to have taste as well

  13. Citric Big t

    Citric Big t7 days ago

    Someone please explain what he was doing with the torch???

  14. Bobby Chan

    Bobby Chan7 days ago

    making sure it passes the test, duh

  15. arthur sugayama

    arthur sugayama8 days ago

    tu e doente mlk come sa porra logo carai

  16. Negan

    Negan8 days ago

    That dog scared the shit out of me

  17. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ8 days ago

    The way you hold and eat your food brings me life

  18. guitarkid

    guitarkid8 days ago

    I have a brain tumor, so the only job I could get to support my daughter was at McDonalds and yes, the patties are pretty much frozen when we first get them. However, we only cooked about 3 or 4 at a time so that they would be as 'fresh' as possible. Believe it or not, Mcdonalds throws out so much food if it isn't kept perfectly. Aaaannnnddd... if the fries seem 'old', that's because they aren't straight out of the fryer. We never keep fries past a 7-minute mark.

  19. Andy the Malevolent

    Andy the Malevolent2 days ago

    guitarkid Jesus. Thats insane. The fries are fresh?

  20. Tracey Nelson

    Tracey Nelson9 days ago

    I'm not understanding. U say when they say cash only we should know what that means then u proceed to inspect your burger with a flashlight. What does it mean?


    IML PECOON SANDYS10 days ago

    youll never truely know if it had a foreign substance becasue the lights werent shut off

  22. Stephanie Lannen

    Stephanie Lannen11 days ago

    Such a gentleman but why is this funnier when your drunk (I’m 21 from Scotland I’m legal to me drunk)

  23. Andy the Malevolent

    Andy the Malevolent2 days ago

    Stephanie Lannen you must have been drunk while typing this comment with that English.

  24. PinckFloydEchoes

    PinckFloydEchoes12 days ago

    Report of the Week- I’ve been eating from fast food places for years. My issue with McDonald’s burgers is the fact that during peak business hours they sell Premade burgers, and NOT fresh made to order. Burger King and Wendy’s are the same way, unless you specifically ask for a Special ordered burger that’s plain with no salt. That’s been the standard. There’s a very noticeable difference between a premade burger that’s been sitting under heat lamps or heated holding slots for burgers. In Wisconsin where I live, we have Culvers Restaurants who advertise that all of their burgers are made “to order” and that it may take a bit longer to prepare. That sign is posted in the drive up lane. I love Culver’s butterburgers. Well, McDonald’s recently started making all of their quarter pounders and double quarter pounders fresh to order.. it says so right on the box. I order mine plain with no salt to be sure it’s fresh off the grill. You can tell it’s fresh because it’s very hot and much juicier when you take a bite and not just warm and dry and the cheese isn’t melted. Since McDonald’s started making their burgers fresh, I just LOVE THEM!! They taste so much better now. I think they did this because they noticed how well Culver’s was doing selling their fresh burgers. Thank you for your interesting review. And let me add that I think it takes a lot of guts to post your videos and have to read hateful comments by these juvenile assholes.. you all know who you are. Give this guy a break, will ya?

  25. Anton Barkland

    Anton Barkland12 days ago

    You look so lifeless when you are eating :D Eat with your whole body, not just your head :)

  26. Kurs Hat

    Kurs Hat13 days ago

    That clock in the background is so loud like fuck

  27. Eh2 Ak

    Eh2 Ak13 days ago

    Are u sean harris's/Solomon lane son?

  28. Berserkstroke

    Berserkstroke15 days ago

    He look like multiple celebrities

  29. Peter Batman

    Peter Batman15 days ago

    Their is no better burger. Not even some chef with 5 star Michelin standard you cannot f with McDonalds.

  30. fairamir1

    fairamir115 days ago

    It was probably cash only because their internet / charge program was down...why would cash only make you inspect with a flashlight I do not get ...

  31. beefblockers

    beefblockers7 days ago

    fairamir1 more like the night crew were pocketing the money. Can’t do that with debit. Would also explain why he yelled the order to the cook rather than put it through the system.

  32. bigeyedave100

    bigeyedave10021 day ago

    A chef at McDonald's I think not lmao

  33. rodraku

    rodraku21 day ago

    that you americans use th credit card for everything is fucking weird

  34. The Funhouse

    The Funhouse22 days ago

    Unfortunately everything else on their menu is just frozen food, reheated or re-cooked in their fryers. Why can't they just go all the way and make everything fresh? Their prices are so high now they might as well give better quality to match the steep rise in cost. Anyway, I agree. The Qrtr Pndr does taste better for sure.

  35. bloodceremony

    bloodceremony25 days ago

    That little DOGE!!!

  36. Deadbeat 53

    Deadbeat 5326 days ago

    Bro I just got a 1 hour ad, I got so intimidated

  37. SmilingIpad

    SmilingIpad26 days ago


  38. SIunits

    SIunits28 days ago

    Cut those nails brah

  39. Overlord Nappa

    Overlord NappaMonth ago

    6:45 were those sounds his crackling bones?? drink your calcium boiii

  40. Paul Suttner

    Paul SuttnerMonth ago

    Big mac is their signature sandwich, and the quarter pounders are better, but still not real food.

  41. Daniel Castaneda

    Daniel CastanedaMonth ago

    2 Burger restaurants to try: Burgerstreet-big greasy goodness Burger Bar-fancier great tasting burger

  42. kubuspuchatek19833

    kubuspuchatek19833Month ago

    Aren't all these burgers too cold to really appreciate their taste? Does he warm them up before the review?

  43. kommi1974

    kommi1974Month ago

    Why does everyone call him review brah?

  44. Mike Funderburk

    Mike FunderburkMonth ago

    You are very David burnesque! I like David Byrne!

  45. Don Cav

    Don CavMonth ago

    God what a stupid planet! im watching a dork with a flashlight looking under a burger patty

  46. The_Boss 365

    The_Boss 365Month ago

    6:34....were you beginning to tell a joke? ummm ok......

  47. Smokey Bear

    Smokey BearMonth ago

    4-1 son

  48. Micheal Vasquez

    Micheal VasquezMonth ago

    I eat one and it had blood in the beef

  49. Maggie Mothe

    Maggie MotheMonth ago

    ... You gonna finish the two quarter pounders walk into a bar joke?

  50. Andy the Malevolent

    Andy the Malevolent2 days ago

    Maggie Mothe they got ate.

  51. Eve Smith

    Eve SmithMonth ago

    The comedy value!!

  52. Deem Sleep

    Deem SleepMonth ago

    Now imagine how much better it would’ve tasted if he didn’t spend a half hour between purchasing the burger and eating it. McDonald’s tastes like shit when it gets cold

  53. Wanalee Romero

    Wanalee RomeroMonth ago

    He’s out of breath at the beginning because he was making mad passionate love with his lover of the week.

  54. Kara T

    Kara TMonth ago

    The way he studies and inspects the burger after every single bite kills me 😂

  55. Cvgaming21

    Cvgaming21Month ago

    This guy is weird 😟

  56. Revisty

    RevistyMonth ago

    4:53 i thought he was gonna take a big Bite but he took a small ass bite😂😂😂

  57. GatorGamer101

    GatorGamer101Month ago

    How do your fingers never get messy

  58. Arun James

    Arun JamesMonth ago

    not really big fan of quarter pounders

  59. Thatprincces Morgan

    Thatprincces MorganMonth ago

    I love that burger so much

  60. Shayde _ Black

    Shayde _ BlackMonth ago

    Try the double quarter pounder it’s booomb ! if I could afford it I’d be so Fat off these xD idc ifI die, it’s gonna happen anyway ! So why not enjoy the food of the modern age while I’m here .

  61. HKR modz

    HKR modzMonth ago

    Well it is missing the grill slip for the burger 🍔

  62. Commander flame

    Commander flameMonth ago

    This man looks very nice. Nice video 👍

  63. Tyrant of Star Wars Darth Maul is AWESOME

    Tyrant of Star Wars Darth Maul is AWESOMEMonth ago

    The problem isn't that it's old the problem is it's not real beef

  64. NeverMindGaming

    NeverMindGamingMonth ago

    The quarter pounder with no cheese

  65. Aaron B

    Aaron BMonth ago

    Actually it looks great.

  66. Baleur

    BaleurMonth ago

    I like this guy but i cannot stand him calling hamburgers "a sandwich", it just grinds my gears to no end. It's like people calling pizzas "a pie"

  67. Locust Drone

    Locust DroneMonth ago

    Everytime I eat a quarter pownder it doesn't taste so well..... EDIT- what does it mean cash only ?

  68. bing bingbung

    bing bingbungMonth ago

    u seem hungre

  69. Raichu

    RaichuMonth ago

    One more bite..

  70. Hopno Busi

    Hopno BusiMonth ago

    I feel like you are eating a cold burger

  71. Alpha 707

    Alpha 707Month ago

    You can order a Quarter Pounder when you go to McDonald's But if you're lookin' to get a porterhouse you better go get Revival

  72. JuicyWumbo

    JuicyWumboMonth ago

    Dude I was 20 yesterday but since I watched the burger so slow I think I’m 22?

  73. norma younan

    norma younanMonth ago

    This video made me cringe lol

  74. ツoppositiion

    ツoppositiionMonth ago

    1:41 I died lol

  75. sarmico

    sarmicoMonth ago

    I want one now 🍔 with fries 🍟 By the way you look like you time travel from the past. Your hairstyle the way you dress and all. that's cool

  76. daniel vb

    daniel vbMonth ago

    your hands are so big and manly

  77. Maxemus Meridius

    Maxemus MeridiusMonth ago

    What does your passion for fast food come from?

  78. joshxr

    joshxrMonth ago

    Honestly how can u not love this fucking man

  79. Spun Onion

    Spun OnionMonth ago

    I'm sorry I can'tjust forget about that was it drugs?

  80. boijorzee

    boijorzeeMonth ago

    Working at Mc Donald's at 4am must be terrible.

  81. dannywithnuggets

    dannywithnuggetsMonth ago

    Never frozen? Mcdonalds never claimed their beef is never frozen. I worked at mcdonalds for a year and everything except the pickles is frozen. The meat itself is actually what a lot of people refer to as 'pink meat' which is miscellaneous beef surplus in the shape of a patty. It wont kill you but holds little nutritional value. And tastes like shit.

  82. goose Evans

    goose Evans2 months ago

    Dude these are the best sandwiches

  83. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross2 months ago

    I love how you eat dirty food but with a fancy suit. Tbh you look like your going to a wedding

  84. dick liddle

    dick liddle2 months ago

    Your like an old guy trapped in a young guys body lol

  85. dick liddle

    dick liddle2 months ago

    Is that your twin albino rat next to you there??lol jk reviewbrah we love your strange ass!but you are you man your not trying to be someone your not amd we appriciate that and your quality vids

  86. Zachary Newman

    Zachary Newman2 months ago

    Tf is this a real job

  87. Jenn Moreira

    Jenn Moreira2 months ago

    I live for your daddy long legs fingers

  88. Michael Gorny

    Michael Gorny2 months ago

    If I ever see this kid I’m going to dent his forehead

  89. Wayne Drew

    Wayne Drew2 months ago

    Pedaphile wet dream right here. 2 quarter pounders

  90. Dio

    Dio2 months ago

    Why did he check the hamburger with the flashlight after saying "only cash McDonald's"?

  91. Robin Taylor

    Robin Taylor2 months ago

    the dude who prepared that q-#’er is no Chef.

  92. Prodigal Reaper

    Prodigal Reaper2 months ago

    Your hair is so neat I like it. :D

  93. Longshot Longshot

    Longshot Longshot2 months ago


  94. bane jakovljev

    bane jakovljev2 months ago

    the nails

  95. coltsfan354

    coltsfan3542 months ago

    It's cash only because they have to close down the registers around 4 am to have the machine submit their daily numbers. Because their computers are from the mid 80's. I wish I was kidding.

  96. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith2 months ago

    Ur peng innit

  97. Marwan Abdalla

    Marwan Abdalla2 months ago

    plzz tell me why r u sooo weirdddd like in a bad way lol?

  98. Wes Collins

    Wes Collins2 months ago

    Excuse me , but have you ever wondered what your head would look like,on a stick? Think about it next time you insult review bruh!

  99. charlie madson

    charlie madson2 months ago

    I work there sadly and it’s frozen solid like a rock like a big hockey puck

  100. Leafy is One!!

    Leafy is One!!2 months ago


  101. Eric91611

    Eric916112 months ago

    Love your videos not sure why lol

  102. Sneaky Turtles

    Sneaky Turtles2 months ago


  103. Peter Fraser

    Peter Fraser2 months ago

    0:02 Here he is! :) 9:00 Thanks for the priceless imagery - the idea of Gordon Ramsey getting steamed up in a McDonald's kitchen will stay with me for life.

  104. Anthony Raymond

    Anthony Raymond2 months ago

    I'm watching a man eat a burger

  105. Daniel Justin Santillan

    Daniel Justin Santillan2 months ago

    the kurt cobain of youtube

  106. Rebel Studio

    Rebel Studio2 months ago

    I still won't eat at McFrankenDonald's

  107. Rebel Studio

    Rebel Studio2 months ago

    We need to keep money around if it goes away it will hurt the middle class and definitely the poor.

  108. Kitty Unicorn

    Kitty Unicorn2 months ago

    Us brits are here like 'Thats already available here it has been for sometime'

  109. I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

    I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool2 months ago

    Mmmm, these burgers are DELICIOUC. how old are you? You look quite young are you a teenager or in your 20's?

  110. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza2 months ago

    Idk why i keep cracking up in the intro

  111. interstellar

    interstellar2 months ago

    Yeaahhhhhh buddy my friend !!! ;)