How Fresh Is McDonald's New Quarter Pounder?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek10 months ago

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    JOEYS GEAR27 days ago

    How can it be fresh and never Frozen? They have to freeze their burgers don't they? They would have to have a butcher right around the corner or on the premises.

  3. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy2010Month ago

    WHere Are the Standards yells Gordon Ramsay. I ordered 2 Mushroom Swiss burgers and only got 1 (the other was BBQ). Another time I said “no mustard” and sure enough they put mustard (even though it said no mustard on the box tag).

  4. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy2010Month ago

    The best version of the quarter pounder is the Signature Sandwich in BBQ/cheddar or Mushroom/swiss .

  5. always fresh

    always fresh2 months ago

    with a fucking flashlight

  6. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek5 months ago

    Milo-ballz101 why not? I'm sending kid $40 Gift card.

  7. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt2 days ago

    Hello evryone this is AD today we're going to be reviewing AD from AD

  8. Felipe Masini

    Felipe Masini4 days ago

    Can we Just agree that this guy is essentialy Sheldon cooper?

  9. 1000 subs no videos??

    1000 subs no videos??4 days ago

    How fresh is review brah

  10. Alexinator

    Alexinator3 days ago

    Too fresh

  11. Alejandro Gama

    Alejandro Gama7 days ago

    "Wow!!! What an incredible hamburger!!! Looks beyond yummy!!! -_-

  12. Beefaroni Bert

    Beefaroni Bert8 days ago

    He winked and suddenly i was seduced, this is witchcraft food review

  13. neparider

    neparider13 days ago

    I agree with you 100%, especially the more onions part. Great burger !!

  14. golden jay

    golden jay16 days ago

    Thanos *snaps* shoot I killed reviewbruh I gotta undo that

  15. Jeremiah Couch

    Jeremiah Couch19 days ago

    Fast food cost to dam much anymore.i paid 10 bucks other day for that sad looking little burger here in calif.make shit yourself,cheaper and taste better

  16. leon zandbergen

    leon zandbergen20 days ago

    The grand big Mac uses 2 quarter pounder patties and I've noticed I saw the grill marks on my grand mac burger pattie and it tastes smokey a little bit I'm from the UK and I remember 17 years ago McDonald's used to fry there burgers like this and it brung out the flavour off of the pattie now the only burgers in the uk that are unchanged since 17 years ago is the quarter pounder burger viarents and I remember the saver menu double cheeseburgers patties used to have slightly thicker patties and they also tasted smokey like the quarter pounder but not as flavoursome plus there chips used to taste alot better the best mcds burgers for me is the grand Mac and quarter pounder


    THOT SLAYER!23 days ago

    Reveiw sewer pickles

  18. Fai S.

    Fai S.23 days ago

    Why did that shit look so fucking big in the thumbnail holy shit

  19. Patrick Hosford

    Patrick Hosford23 days ago

    And why is your suit so fucking large...

  20. Mingan Lunaris

    Mingan Lunaris24 days ago

    As a former McD's cook I can say that yes. It is Fresh beef. In fact we have to go to a class to learn how to properly store it in the fridge (not the freezer). And we are not allowed to hold the meat (i.e. if someone decided to change their order we cannot recycle it we have to throw it away.) Fun fact, you can sue Mcdonalds if you see them use old and not fresh beef. This was told to us several times by our managers.

  21. Reality Programmer

    Reality Programmer28 days ago

    the old ones tasted better.. the new qps are too greasy and messy

  22. Mietn

    Mietn28 days ago

    you look like white snoop dogg

  23. Scott Peck

    Scott Peck29 days ago

    I love this guy lol

  24. Tom Tom

    Tom Tom29 days ago

    Review brah could slice carrots with those fingernails

  25. Amber V

    Amber VMonth ago

    Weird.. he talks too much LMAO get to it already

  26. no no

    no noMonth ago

    1:47 *_su-suprise_*

  27. zamp6969

    zamp6969Month ago

    Lol he looks like a door salesman from the 1930s

  28. Wakingfromslumber

    WakingfromslumberMonth ago

    The beef patties at McDonald’s do not look right no matter how “fresh” they say they are .

  29. Im NotKevin

    Im NotKevinMonth ago

    ReviewBrah, what were you looking for exactly when you checked the burger?

  30. Weeman

    WeemanMonth ago

    The only time its 100% fresh is when the beef juices are soaking into the bun. Nearly causing it to fall apart. I've had it where the grease soaks through the box. Kinda gross sounding but man, it was delicious. Almost forgot I was eating McDs. Almost ;)

  31. allan norstrand

    allan norstrandMonth ago

    You should have checked it with a UV light... You know just to be sure.

  32. Jason Yang

    Jason YangMonth ago

    Normally when fast food places say cash only. It means management left for the night. And the employees are gonna pocket most of the cash

  33. Superest Dooper

    Superest DooperMonth ago

    Bro I'm not sure if you're aware, but your dog appears to have passed away, sadly. RIP ReviewPupper

  34. Superest Dooper

    Superest DooperMonth ago

    Bro you look like Joe Jackson. Not the relative of Michael, but Joe Jackson that does the "steppin out" song. You look just like him in that video

  35. Mike Van Englehoven

    Mike Van EnglehovenMonth ago

    Pickles galore?? 2 pickes 😂😂😂

  36. El Andru

    El AndruMonth ago

    My review I never have eaten at McDonalds, I wanted to try the Pulp Fiction burger, I said "you cant go wrong". 3/10 Bland, its a nothing burger, the meat its not seasoned at all, I have always hated American cheese, its just gooey nothing, such an insult to a normal cheese. If you taste this, you will only taste onions, pickle and ketchup. The taste of onion was left in my mouth for half an hour, then the pickle scent was coming through and at the end the american cheese was all I could taste. I felt sick for a while, very nauseus. Its sad when your fries are better than your burger.

  37. deharleyva

    deharleyvaMonth ago

    That beef does look better than what it used to look like.

  38. Joe Alvarez

    Joe AlvarezMonth ago

    Did anyone notice the fetal position Chihuahua???

  39. Murder Doll

    Murder DollMonth ago

    5:49 *"My burger!"*

  40. ɐʞoʎǝH

    ɐʞoʎǝHMonth ago

    How do you get lunch items at 4:00 am? I usually have to wait until an ungodly hour like 11:00am before they'll make any real food. At 4am it's just those overpriced half-sized egg sandwiches and freakin hash browns.

  41. Gabriela Martinez

    Gabriela MartinezMonth ago

    Baby come to my house and keep me company

  42. electrictroy2010

    electrictroy2010Month ago

    The best version of the quarter pounder is the Signature Sandwich in BBQ/cheddar or Mushroom/swiss .

  43. Generation Productions

    Generation ProductionsMonth ago

    hay John ! question ? what was you looking for with the UV flash light ? like do the burgers have bugs , hair , spit or somthing ?? just asking why such a detiled search ?

  44. Materegang

    MateregangMonth ago

    In Hungary its name is McRoyale with cheese.

  45. Chris Lohr

    Chris LohrMonth ago

    It means that they are rebooting the system. Not that they are going to do something to your burger.

  46. Jared Walters

    Jared WaltersMonth ago

    All you review is GARBAGE food. The lowest tier fast food. Lame.

  47. Ag Smith

    Ag SmithMonth ago

    What is up with your schedule?

  48. Robert kooo

    Robert koooMonth ago

    Calm down inspector gadget... He busts out his dildo...... Gtfph

  49. Milan Green

    Milan GreenMonth ago

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  50. N O T A B O T 2 0 0 0

    N O T A B O T 2 0 0 0Month ago

    i shouldn't be watching this, I'm hungry as heck rn

  51. Frank Sinatra

    Frank SinatraMonth ago

    ok i have 2 questions how old is he and does he travel trought time

  52. ClearlyCaribbeanReb

    ClearlyCaribbeanRebMonth ago

    What's up with the whole beta cuck male thing you have going on?

  53. A Smart Dog

    A Smart DogMonth ago

    He looks better every video.

  54. Games, Simulatoren and More

    Games, Simulatoren and MoreMonth ago

    And i also first eat the parts where i didnt bite in before

  55. Games, Simulatoren and More

    Games, Simulatoren and MoreMonth ago

    I know that inspection of things 😅

  56. Juan Nicolás

    Juan NicolásMonth ago

    are you a cronnie right ?

  57. Doubius

    DoubiusMonth ago

    Bean's review the quarter pounder whit cheese

  58. Dayne Conway

    Dayne ConwayMonth ago

    Why do you remind me of Sheldon?

  59. Rob Cicco

    Rob CiccoMonth ago

    That grandfather clock ticking away in the background when there is no audio from the chewing....It's like an ocean waves fall to sleep soundtrack

  60. Records Hehe

    Records HeheMonth ago

    surprise w/ the dog

  61. Babiiiigurl

    BabiiiigurlMonth ago

    I just wanna know if he is able to keep the food warm before he reviews it or if he is eating this ish cold. There is nothinggggg worse than cold fast food to me.

  62. james doe

    james doeMonth ago

    How loud is your clock

  63. Soundvillxge

    SoundvillxgeMonth ago

    at our mcdonalds they keep the quarters in the fridge an theyre always cooked right before they get sent out never knew they used to be frozen

  64. gwgization

    gwgization2 months ago

    the backpack kid reviewing food now ? after sueing fortnite ?

  65. ๖ۣۜΛṆṒⱣΣ༻

    ๖ۣۜΛṆṒⱣΣ༻2 months ago

    u look retarded lol


    MOHANNAD ALHUWAISH2 months ago

    It's like watching an albino rat eat

  67. Monkeys1wormZ

    Monkeys1wormZ2 months ago

    Its is never frozen.... but its stored tight about 32 degrees. But those suckers like to break apart when you throw them on the grill.

  68. Ben Davidson

    Ben Davidson2 months ago

    this may be sacrilege and i worked at md's in the arch delux years. i got the burger onions on my qpc and not the real onions. its just better. probably why the bacon mcdouble is so good. and yeah, they do bacon now (after forever) and they do a decent job with that for the cost.

  69. Ryan Haydon

    Ryan Haydon2 months ago

    This is pretty much the only thing I get at McDonald's and I have noticed that it tastes a little better since they switched to fresh burgers. It's still McDonald's though, nothing to write home about.

  70. szczaqqq

    szczaqqq2 months ago

    you are really not afraid that you can cut your artery with one of theese nails??

  71. Melissa williams

    Melissa williams2 months ago

    albino rat

  72. grant richards

    grant richards2 months ago

    Am I the only one that order's a quarter pounder with no bread, pickles, onions and no sauces.

  73. Mark Penhall

    Mark Penhall2 months ago

    Doesn't ladies and gentlemen cover everyone. Who are the people that are viewers but not female or male?

  74. Jacob Reid

    Jacob Reid2 months ago

    It's not just a harmless.burger

  75. Jacob Reid

    Jacob Reid2 months ago

    They don't look that good were I come from lol

  76. Martha G

    Martha G2 months ago

    You make me sooo hungry

  77. Martha G

    Martha G2 months ago

    You look good in that suits

  78. Ryan Alexander

    Ryan Alexander2 months ago

    Why this boi have a flashlight to inspect his food

  79. ToXciTy

    ToXciTy2 months ago

    *"Who the fuck gets dressed fancy to review McDonalds"* This is why I love this channel

  80. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off2 months ago

    HAHA when he brings the burger back 5:50

  81. Jeff Spehar

    Jeff Spehar2 months ago

    McDonalds burgers suck. Fresh or frozen.

  82. TaureanKing

    TaureanKing2 months ago

    Every time I watch this dude makes me believe im a time traveler and im in 1890 with cellphone tech in my hands. Make me feel special.

  83. Mike Armstrong

    Mike Armstrong2 months ago

    He's so classy I could never eat a burger like that it would be all over my cheap T-shirt. I can't have fish my neck swells and I look like a Kebler Elf with long hair.

  84. jonteozzy

    jonteozzy2 months ago

    This is the thing after watching a few vids now of him i dont know if he is the best actor in The world or if he is like this irl

  85. Trending Fruit

    Trending Fruit2 months ago

    Dude look like he came from the 1920


    MAADMAAC2 months ago

    Fuckin SICKO

  87. Gregory Michael Lawlor

    Gregory Michael Lawlor2 months ago

    Hey man some of us are trying to diet here at the first of the year! So maybe I should eat like you, just half or so.

  88. 801 Guitar

    801 Guitar2 months ago

    Can somebody explain to me why he inspected it with a flashlight?

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    william fitzpatrick2 months ago

    I'm unsuccessfully trying to figure out why I should support your hobby via patreon. So far, no luck. Please advise.

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    that fake dog during all the video in the right

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    You look like a quarter pounder with cheese

  92. Xenolous I

    Xenolous I2 months ago

    He takes the smallest bites lol


    𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔𝐑𝐗𝐀𝐈2 months ago

    I just tried the mushroom and Swiss burger from mcdoogles yesterday JUST because of your channel. Was not too impressed lol

  94. hosi35

    hosi352 months ago

    australian maccas is better than us

  95. Kyle White

    Kyle White2 months ago

    He looks like a 85 year old

  96. Black.Flaps .Dont.Match

    Black.Flaps .Dont.Match2 months ago

    He’s so strange I have to watch him.

  97. Dimas Fahryan

    Dimas Fahryan2 months ago

    Your clothes too much big for you, change your clothes.

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    All Roads Lead Here2 months ago

    Why dress fancy for McDonald's?

  99. Khalid B

    Khalid B2 months ago

    Half way through the video i was expecting big nurses from a mental hospital to grab him and take him where he belongs but he just kept on going .

  100. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess2 months ago

    McDonald's is the evil empire please don't cross over to the dark side

  101. Nicholas

    Nicholas2 months ago

    Most boring shit I’ve ever seen

  102. Nicholas

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    Is this Sheldon from the Big Bang theory?

  103. ŠAMARU

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    This guy seems like he has no emotions.

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