How Fresh Is McDonald's New Quarter Pounder?


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    Bturcotte1101 that's how rich people talk like he wants money to feed his habit

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    Lord Bob Backenforth Same Bru things are going to get better 💝😂

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    Can You Just Tell Me Whats Your Job, Or Your Career Instead Of Being On MReporter.

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    TheReportOfTheWeek Cozmo mr bill gates lol😆😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

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    SirWufio3 hours ago

    he looks like he snorts cocaine

  8. Cora G.

    Cora G.17 hours ago

    I love that he just has a praying chihuahua hiding behind a McDonald’s bag.

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  10. Gimmo Lv

    Gimmo Lv2 days ago

    You are freak

  11. geometricbass

    geometricbass3 days ago

    Doesn't look nice. You can gourmet at home for the price of mcdonalds usually.

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    Cerys Alexandra 1233 days ago

    Inspecting the burger with a torch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Why so many likes and subs he is just a fucking nerd

  14. due whit

    due whit4 days ago

    They overcooked mine twice. Not happy. May as well have been the old ones.

  15. Joe Grieco

    Joe Grieco4 days ago

    Besides the fact that this kid is extremely weird and id like to be inside of his mind for 2 minutes he actually makes exceptional food reviews ha, Props bud, I can’t tell if you’re a 17 year old kid or 35 year old cannibal psychopath but you da man ✌🏻

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    hofee _5 days ago

    I got so hungry

  17. Adriano Adriano

    Adriano Adriano5 days ago

    its 2018 and not 1985

  18. J TT

    J TT5 days ago

    Has this guy ever disliked a meal?

  19. Beach Boys Forever

    Beach Boys Forever5 days ago

    I've tried this before. It's good

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    He’s a bit like a more intelligent Karl Pilkington 😂

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    worst channel

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    who tf is this??😂😂😂

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    2 minutes of this video is just him eating and saying pretty much nothing. This is a great video if you have smoked a pound of hash

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    Effed95HD7 days ago

    Are you wearing your dads suit?

  25. Exspected

    Exspected7 days ago

    I got one a month or so ago, was really enjoying it until the middle where it was pink...I know that burgers can come pink in the middle when ordered that way, but this was not such an occasion. I don't ever really expect a McDs burger to be anything but well done.

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    3:49 Lol i cant stop laughing after that hahah.

  27. ClubAmerica92

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    That must of been the smallest first bite to a hamburger I have ever seen.

  28. Derrick

    Derrick8 days ago

    The dog spooked me.

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    Do you like fast casual palces like burger fi, shake shack?

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    Its the saltiest thing ever

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    Can we be friends ??!?

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    Is this some type of sick joke ?

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    Your videos helped me get through atomic diarrhea

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    Kind of a first to me, watching someone double check a burger with a flashlight.

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    Čudnovati Gnjurac12 days ago

    Why does he remind me so much of Idubbz?

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    “Royale with cheese”

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    1:51 surprise! LMAO

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    Reviewbrah is cool lol

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    hes so fucking dreamy

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    What a G 🤣

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    What the is this

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    you look like a insurance selling gollum and that sacks is at least two times too big why u do sis?

  43. Will Uys

    Will Uys15 days ago

    Looks like Smeagol eating a fish...

  44. Tyler 53000

    Tyler 5300015 days ago

    Why did the two quarters pounders walk into McDonald’s?!?!?

  45. Xavier Vazquez

    Xavier Vazquez15 days ago

    Amazing loved the video I went out and bought one and it didn’t look as big in your hand as it did mine 😂 and I finished it in half the amount of bites you took to not even finish

  46. Surefire Project

    Surefire Project16 days ago

    I love you Review Brah

  47. NeonGamerHAH 7

    NeonGamerHAH 716 days ago

    When i had the "fresh burger",it tasted weird,to me,didnt taste fresh,felt like there were small holes in the meat for some reason

  48. Mr John

    Mr John16 days ago

    Hi from Sweden

  49. Jose Ruiz

    Jose Ruiz16 days ago

    Why are you reviewing it Sideways? I hate this cockeyed view!

  50. Norwegian Blue

    Norwegian Blue17 days ago

    Tried one about a month ago. It's actually an edible burger now. Nothing to write home about, but not bad and much better than when they were using frozen. I like all the little improvements they have been making lately like toasting their Egg McMuffins longer, using real butter, etc. It's 2018, people won't tolerate food they put up with in the 80s and 90s. There are too many choices now.

  51. willy1986tralara

    willy1986tralara18 days ago

    does he have some kind of issue? the guy looks strange. meaning no offense

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    Whats the "cash only" meme?

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    do a 1 dollar challage

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    You’re so cool

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    How come youre not on a tv show?

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    You got a quarter pounder at 4 AM?

  57. TheDarkLordOfTheNocturnalCosmos

    TheDarkLordOfTheNocturnalCosmos20 days ago

    The ketchup was standard

  58. NA ME

    NA ME20 days ago

    There was a burger king ad on this videos

  59. Brady Jones

    Brady Jones20 days ago

    McDonald’s goes into a cash only when they restart there system for the day. This happens during the transition between the lunch food and breakfast foods.

  60. Hhhh Hhhh

    Hhhh Hhhh16 days ago

    Brady Jones they have all day breakfast

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    Geno B21 day ago

    Burger king ad popped up on this vid 🤣

  62. John D.

    John D.21 day ago

    You bite like a mouse :D

  63. Rusty Shackleford

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    He Reminds me of Niles Crane..

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    This dude freaks me out..

  65. Darius Wilkins

    Darius Wilkins22 days ago

    No sleeve....yikes

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    Skank Hunt23 days ago

    How fresh is review bruh?

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    Coffeee24 days ago

    Wait why did he shine the light?

  69. luis gill

    luis gill24 days ago

    i can’t do it man. Every video makes me way hungry

  70. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One24 days ago

    I thought I was the only one that check my food😭😭😅

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    Fooooooood revieeeeeeew

  72. Pat West

    Pat West25 days ago

    Holy shit that surprise is the best thing on youtube

  73. dipyatoes

    dipyatoes25 days ago

    I didn’t even know that they were changing it! But now I know what the change was, the last time I had a quarter pounder it was WAY too hot to eat. And I knew that was strange, then when I bit into it it tasted like real meat. I was very confused because I had no idea, but they really did do a good job 👏


    SKOR JONA25 days ago

    I'm not a rat,I'm not a mole rat, I'm an albino rat. Remember that video bro? You were a straight up savage .😂 Anyways I liked and subbed

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    this guy takes the smalles bites ever

  76. Goal To Troll

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    It is a tasty burger. Good review dude

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    justin y wont find me here

  78. Kevin

    Kevin26 days ago

    Your the man bro!!! I am always looking forward to your new reviews.. You have that funny sarcastic goofball personality that rocks. Fuq the haters buddy because your okay in my book. I feel kinda like I'm watching food porn when I watch your reviews and always makes me hungry. I have a question? Do you finish the meal after your done recording the video? LOL just curious...

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    Maheen Zaman27 days ago

    Eating food with a full suit... |:/

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    this kid is such a fucking troll lmao the flashlight

  81. The Redepz

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    Why his wrist so flimsy

  82. D Pencil

    D Pencil29 days ago

    I tried it for the first time that shit is pretty damn good

  83. Joe Ruiz

    Joe RuizMonth ago

    Are they still making the quarter pounder made fresh to order or is it back to normal chewy?

  84. Andy Sparks

    Andy SparksMonth ago

    You remind me of Woody Allen. I like it

  85. Larry I

    Larry IMonth ago

    Quite an astute fellow, full of good humor and observations, to the point and not without a bit of well-dressed suit and tie, with a nice hairstyle, slick, but sophisticated, not withstanding the formal outtakes.

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    Why am i here 😢

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  88. Fuck You

    Fuck YouMonth ago

    Wtf is he wearing

  89. odon seel

    odon seelMonth ago

    albino rat destroying all the junk food while junk food destroying albino rap. i like it.

  90. Charlie Gomez

    Charlie GomezMonth ago

    I wanna see a video of him getting ready for the videos😂😂

  91. Zack Hughes

    Zack HughesMonth ago

    I love this guy's vocabulary while describing fast

  92. Chris Partlow

    Chris PartlowMonth ago

    Thought u were messing around about being at micky d's at 5am.Cause even thow they serve breakfast all-day long.They do not serve lunch during breakfast exept thr 1 u go 2 kool......

  93. cynical bastard

    cynical bastardMonth ago

    The quarter astounder

  94. Dani

    DaniMonth ago

    Can u review cocaine?

  95. William Meisburger-Iwata

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    7:38 laying it down

  96. spo okey

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    Whats up guys, SnackDubbbz here with another leeegiiiiit food review!

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  98. steven musselman

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    Going to sniff the beef. You Puppy. Looks good though! You Know

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    JISOO IS SAVAGEMonth ago

    1:28 he said more fresher

  101. Jorge Montejo

    Jorge MontejoMonth ago

    5:50 when they ask for gum so you tell them only one but instead they try to get more

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    5 am lol...what are you doing my man?go to bed sir lol

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    We need this in the uk 😀

  104. Chalo meza

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    Mucho good burgah brah extra onions y una jalapeno. Drink up Chihuahua has already drunk up and is now upside down. lol 🥃🍺🍻🍸

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    Love that 8.7 score. 👍🏽.

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    Why is there a dog fetus on your table?