How Fresh Is McDonald's New Quarter Pounder?


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  2. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek3 days ago

    Milo-ballz101 why not? I'm sending kid $40 Gift card.

  3. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek3 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek McDonald's new quarter pounder w/Cheese rocks!

  4. Milo-ballz101

    Milo-ballz1012 months ago

    Can you use a visa gift card to donate?

  5. fortnite kid

    fortnite kid3 months ago

    Bturcotte1101 that's how rich people talk like he wants money to feed his habit

  6. fortnite kid

    fortnite kid3 months ago

    Lord Bob Backenforth Same Bru things are going to get better 💝😂

  7. Zachary Newman

    Zachary Newman17 hours ago

    Tf is this a real job

  8. Kluski z Truskawkami

    Kluski z Truskawkami17 hours ago


  9. Kluski z Truskawkami

    Kluski z Truskawkami17 hours ago

    Rat and macD

  10. Kluski z Truskawkami

    Kluski z Truskawkami17 hours ago

    Mac donald something new?? Hmmmm..

  11. Jenn Moreira

    Jenn Moreira19 hours ago

    I live for your daddy long legs fingers

  12. Michael Gorny

    Michael GornyDay ago

    If I ever see this kid I’m going to dent his forehead

  13. Wayne Drew

    Wayne DrewDay ago

    Pedaphile wet dream right here. 2 quarter pounders

  14. OTP

    OTP2 days ago

    Why did he check the hamburger with the flashlight after saying "only cash McDonald's"?

  15. Robin Taylor

    Robin Taylor2 days ago

    the dude who prepared that q-#’er is no Chef.

  16. Prodigal Reaper

    Prodigal Reaper2 days ago

    Your hair is so neat I like it. :D

  17. Longshot Longshot

    Longshot Longshot3 days ago


  18. bane jakovljev

    bane jakovljev3 days ago

    the nails

  19. coltsfan354

    coltsfan3546 days ago

    It's cash only because they have to close down the registers around 4 am to have the machine submit their daily numbers. Because their computers are from the mid 80's. I wish I was kidding.

  20. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith6 days ago

    Ur peng innit

  21. Marwan Abdalla

    Marwan Abdalla7 days ago

    plzz tell me why r u sooo weirdddd like in a bad way lol?

  22. Wes Collins

    Wes Collins2 days ago

    Excuse me , but have you ever wondered what your head would look like,on a stick? Think about it next time you insult review bruh!

  23. charlie madson

    charlie madson10 days ago

    I work there sadly and it’s frozen solid like a rock like a big hockey puck

  24. Leafy is One!!

    Leafy is One!!11 days ago


  25. Eric91611

    Eric9161112 days ago

    Love your videos not sure why lol

  26. Sneaky Turtles

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  27. Peter Fraser

    Peter Fraser14 days ago

    0:02 Here he is! :) 9:00 Thanks for the priceless imagery - the idea of Gordon Ramsey getting steamed up in a McDonald's kitchen will stay with me for life.

  28. tony montana

    tony montana14 days ago

    I'm watching a man eat a burger

  29. Joe M

    Joe M15 days ago

    Fresh beef is a real burden for employees...not enough room in refrigerator...expires and has to be wasted to order is awful...waste of food , time , energy...enough to make you quit your job .

  30. Daniel Justin Santillan

    Daniel Justin Santillan15 days ago

    the kurt cobain of youtube

  31. Rebel Studio

    Rebel Studio15 days ago

    I still won't eat at McFrankenDonald's

  32. Rebel Studio

    Rebel Studio15 days ago

    We need to keep money around if it goes away it will hurt the middle class and definitely the poor.

  33. Kitty Unicorn

    Kitty Unicorn17 days ago

    Us brits are here like 'Thats already available here it has been for sometime'

  34. I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

    I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool19 days ago

    Mmmm, these burgers are DELICIOUC. how old are you? You look quite young are you a teenager or in your 20's?

  35. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza19 days ago

    Idk why i keep cracking up in the intro

  36. auroraboreal:)

    auroraboreal:)20 days ago

    Yeaahhhhhh buddy my friend !!! ;)

  37. You Tube

    You Tube20 days ago

    Big mac is the burger but nice try

  38. VlogsEC

    VlogsEC20 days ago

    4:54 most pussy bite ever

  39. Lakota Shaman

    Lakota Shaman22 days ago

    Why is it a dead dog on a table?

  40. Bazil Ali

    Bazil Ali22 days ago

    I had the Quarter pounder I thought it was bland but it was alright

  41. rhomai

    rhomai22 days ago

    the first time traveler on youtube

  42. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor22 days ago

    I want to punch him in the face and I don't know why

  43. Mystery Circles

    Mystery Circles23 days ago

    RB started this one off with madd vigor

  44. DynastyGaming

    DynastyGaming24 days ago

    Took the pussiest bite out of that I’ve ever seen.

  45. Tai Uki

    Tai Uki24 days ago

    I Will Help His Patreon Solely On The Fact That He Was Quick And Didn't Stay On The Subject Of Supporting His Patreon. Plus, He Makes Excellent Content.

  46. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith24 days ago

    So if they are going through a system shut down and are cash only then foreign substances may appear under your pickles? Makes since...

  47. Big Smoke

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  48. Dean Somers

    Dean Somers25 days ago



    AARON PLAYA25 days ago

    yourr awesome


    AARON PLAYA25 days ago

    haha that dogys so cute

  51. TimYaoPlayz

    TimYaoPlayz26 days ago

    You look like the backpack kid

  52. di maria

    di maria26 days ago

    New quarter pounder?? Kid those been out since you been swimming in your daddy's nut sack.

  53. Sniper

    Sniper26 days ago

    thats the smallest bite ive ever seen

  54. Will Michael

    Will Michael27 days ago

    Just skip to 8:17 for the review holy hell the chatter.

  55. Ramz H

    Ramz H12 days ago

    Will Michael you’re missing the point of this channel, it’s for the character

  56. mohamed sayed

    mohamed sayed28 days ago

    UFO time traveler

  57. Elias Karlsson

    Elias Karlsson28 days ago

    he looks like a rat

  58. Mermaid Von Starfish

    Mermaid Von Starfish29 days ago

    1:50 most mysterious, puzzling "surprise" ever.

  59. castortrox

    castortrox29 days ago

    Do you know how they call a quarter pounder in france?

  60. Madalyn Leal

    Madalyn Leal29 days ago


  61. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown29 days ago

    leave the guy alone he does what he likes and enjoys it. You pricks have no room to judge or make fun of him I hate people judgmental fucks. guy with the suit keep doing what your doing you rock!

  62. Nicho

    NichoMonth ago

    He looks like if Mr. Burns got a son. Look the hands 5:04

  63. Ali Eh 30

    Ali Eh 30Month ago

    my favorite is a double quarter pounder made like a big mac

  64. Ed Rooney

    Ed RooneyMonth ago

    That's a woman in a suit on testosterone

  65. Pro Test

    Pro TestMonth ago


  66. Fernando Jaramillo

    Fernando JaramilloMonth ago

    U shit maker, go work a day at fast food u chump... Tell me u own a McDonald's u look like Manager lol

  67. MX

    MXMonth ago

    This dude's humor is a whole other level

  68. Justin burke

    Justin burkeMonth ago

    It was probably made like 10-20 minutes ago (travel time + introduction) and sat in thier heat trays for 10-20 mins already. Not sure how you can judge the freshness. Man i miss Mcdonalds in the US tho, in Canada our mcDonalds isnt as good.

  69. Shayne E

    Shayne EMonth ago

    Nice work man, love your style! Keep it up.

  70. Jason Bowens

    Jason BowensMonth ago

    "Biggest twist of 2018 BY FAR" 😂😂😂

  71. Jason Bowens

    Jason BowensMonth ago

    Wow it's actually a McDonald's ad before the vid. Usually a competitor catches that ad. At least I noticed.

  72. Brandon James

    Brandon JamesMonth ago

    Fuck you

  73. klickbait

    klickbaitMonth ago

    I sincerely hope that there is a fat chunk of spit under that cheese that you didnt check :)

  74. Nomad

    NomadMonth ago

    when he said "you know what that means right?" I shook my head no and got so excited.

  75. first last

    first lastMonth ago

    Very professional and informative

  76. LAVA vision

    LAVA visionMonth ago


  77. Dillon Holmes

    Dillon HolmesMonth ago

    I love this guy, why am I just now finding out about him.

  78. Devrigado

    DevrigadoMonth ago

    He looks like a little rat lmao, also why does he bite so little?

  79. Nicolas Rixon

    Nicolas RixonMonth ago

    Pickles Galore

  80. David Blalock

    David BlalockMonth ago

    I don't know about anyone else, but when it comes to ground beef, If it ain't frozen when It goes on the grill I don't want to eat it. Because beef, that ground, pressed into a patty, and frozen asap is going to be much more fresh than a patty of refrigerated meat that's been in a cool box God only knows how long.

  81. Rob Vencill Jr

    Rob Vencill JrMonth ago

    (Deanna) Thank you for being you. My son told me about you. He really admires you. You are a precious person.

  82. Enter The Matrix

    Enter The MatrixMonth ago

    I know you're a serial killer and you eat your victims. Wire $1,000,000 into the account I sent you or I give the world proof.

  83. Christopher Conroy 666F13

    Christopher Conroy 666F13Month ago

    They are a crap half cooked burger don't buy

  84. Il solito Obsidemon

    Il solito ObsidemonMonth ago

    His nails makes me uncomfortable

  85. mike davies

    mike daviesMonth ago

    Are you a fucking girl bite it like a man

  86. Saint Dre'ko

    Saint Dre'koMonth ago

    🍔 McDonald's Double Quarter Pounders are the shit . they made me turn my back on Big macs

  87. th 702

    th 702Month ago

    i love this dude

  88. P4UL20

    P4UL20Month ago

    It's autism-fresh yumminess

  89. Samantha

    SamanthaMonth ago

    I like his intro hehe i don't know why

  90. Turd Ferguson

    Turd FergusonMonth ago

    Never before has someone been so simultaneously fascinating and boring.

  91. Captcha Neon

    Captcha NeonMonth ago

    It’s so fresh you took 3 bites and said you had enough 😒 McDonalds, you have not impressed ReviewBrah to the point where he could finish your sandwich, step it up! I don’t know why but I seriously wanted you to not be as happy about it and rather throw it in the air, announcing you’re quitting the burger, much like people do who throw papers in the air while frustrated. I would have died of laughter

  92. yacine khadar

    yacine khadarMonth ago

    Real life Sheldon

  93. T 8

    T 8Month ago

    Right ok

  94. djw

    djwMonth ago

    Man, I love that tie!!

  95. Marius Andreescu

    Marius AndreescuMonth ago

    Im here only for that intro. foooooooooooooooooooooooooood review

  96. Billy Joe

    Billy JoeMonth ago

    Bruh his sauce is drippin every video. The swag, the elegance, the hair. This man is a true sauce god.

  97. SaveTheBAMFs

    SaveTheBAMFsMonth ago


  98. Random creep

    Random creepMonth ago

    just had a quarter pound 30 mins ago ... fucking disgusting if u asked me

  99. f u

    f uMonth ago

    Stop tweeking it

  100. S Lo

    S LoMonth ago


  101. GD Inferno

    GD InfernoMonth ago

    Ur hairlines to straight

  102. Rave Wolf

    Rave WolfMonth ago

    No its: Mc Royal! :D

  103. Alex Corona

    Alex CoronaMonth ago

    Can I see your quarter pounder

  104. Alex Corona

    Alex CoronaMonth ago

    I'm running on empty

  105. 1MNUTZ

    1MNUTZMonth ago

    that dog tho

  106. Ethan Vang

    Ethan VangMonth ago

    Hold the onions

  107. riseuplight

    riseuplightMonth ago

    What other guy in a suit pulls up at a McDonald's at 4am?