How Does A Planet Die?


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    “Mr Mars I don’t wanna go” - earth

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    With technology can humans survive if the earth gets to 600 degrees like 10% of our population ?

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    What if we dump part of earth's greenhouse gas on mars? Wuld it Heat up? And what about earth?

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    #dearblocko why do you have 2 kinds of earths not the no water one

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    what are tsunamis?

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    Tsunamis are large waves caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic activity underwater. Tsunami gets it's name from two Japanese words:tsu(port) and nami(wave). So,a wave that hits a port is a tsunami.

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    they dislike this beacause they say its fake

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    So mars' atmosphere use to be THICC.

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    SUN Can Be a Red Super Giant Also

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    The red sun giant theory is fake

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    The main reason why global warming is happening because people think that earth will destroy after there life time. So what? Generations in your family might be around then.

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    While the Earth is dying from global warming and asteroids can cause havoc all over the planet. We don't have to worry about Planet Nibiru(Planet X).

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    I am a space expert and I have a theroy of how our plant dies also I have a custom made plant (not really) and I want to share how it looks to you and how the earth dies is from globle warming and it will burn down and my plant thing is that my plant I have in mind (It may not be real) is that it has no sky but it still has water,100 moons, 5 or 10 suns, rings like an x it is just awsome

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    Global warming is NOT only human caused. The Earth naturally has cycles called its glacier periods (ice ages) and inter-glacial periods in which the orbit of the Earth has changed and naturally melts and we are currently in an inter-glacial period. This causes sea levels to rise and greenhouse gasses to increase. It’s not entirely human caused, a lot of this stuff would’ve happened to the earth even if there wasn’t humans here. Let’s not forget, agriculture actually is the main contributor to the additional levels of methane in the atmosphere. Human activity is not the root cause of global warming, but it is indeed a significant factor.

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