How Does A Planet Die?


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    How could we move the Earth?

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    I’ve got a theory: what if, billions of years ago, humans like today if not much more advanced, existed? After all, it seems like mars could have been a habitable planet! I’ve got a lot of other things t9 back up my theory, but I’m too lazy to write it....

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    If it was on it the red giant Earth Luna Venus and Mercery would be back as planets

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    Well I think the earth will die of fire. Global Warming alongside volcanic eruptions and the sun turning into a red giant. Probably might end this earth. There are other planets out there we just have to reach them safely. And Incase of disaster we must have the dna of hunan kind. And possibiy animals if we need them.

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    We have a giant hole on the ozone though, it made big changes didn't it? But how about now tho? I mean studies show now that it's healing. What can happen if the ozone doubled it's thinkness?

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