How Does A Planet Die?


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    Then are gowing yo die?

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    3:08 The earth is already not appealing because of us

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    2:31 never knew you could dab.

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    only way to survive forever is travel in time

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    We need to protest about what the sun for what it did to Venus and Mars

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    The sun has caused confusion and delay

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    The Sun won't turn into a gas giant, because are final days are here. The devil will be put in God's jail for 1,000 years so human kind will be perfect, then release the devil for a test to see who will follow him. You'll see. I hope.

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    We should build factories on mars

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    1:26 the sun Had murdered Mars

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    Hi Life Noggin can you make a video about how the earth looks like???

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    at least i wont see the thing that will hapen to earth :/ like missing a rocket launch from fortnite BTW: IM NOT EVIL! im just sad that will hapen and i dont know what will happen to the earth cuz i wont be there! ..or i will?

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    if i have the power to stop that blacksmoke

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    we d probably find another earth by the time this happens

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    Whats Blocko made out of? Marshmallows? Milk?

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    SAVE THE EARTH!!! SAVE THE EARTH!!! donald trump u need to stop it srsly bruh GO GREEN FOR THE EARTH!!!!!!!!


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    300 years! If i was gone i will have a son or daughter if they are gone then they have a son or daughter and ot happens again and again and then😰


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    And yes Saturday instead of Monday


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    I might lol

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    Ummm i kinda got banned from that game for cheating

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    how Earth can die asteroid destroys Earth the end clicks out the video

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    No Best feist

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    How old are you?🤔I am a girl and I am lerning a lot from this 🚺

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    With instead!😮🙂 I sent it a gray idea... Great

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    in doha im in is very hot cause my school started just july 15 it was hot that time at 45 to 50 so hot

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    #stopglobalwarming #savethelifeonearth

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    JOKES ON YOU SUN! I'll be long gone before you destroy the Earth.

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    But its cold outside

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    How could we move the Earth?

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    How do you now a lot of thing smart boy

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    I’ve got a theory: what if, billions of years ago, humans like today if not much more advanced, existed? After all, it seems like mars could have been a habitable planet! I’ve got a lot of other things t9 back up my theory, but I’m too lazy to write it....

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    If it was on it the red giant Earth Luna Venus and Mercery would be back as planets

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    I Would Be Dead In A Billion Years So I Don’t Have To Watch The Horror! If I Can Watch The Horror I Would Be Like “THE POWER OF CHRIST REPELS YOU”

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    actually the earth is changing itself Volcanos is the main source of global warming

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    Donald Trump will build a wall around our planet.

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    So we should live on Saturn ,Jupiter or Uranus

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    The sun will die and kill the universe but no humans have to worry about it cause it's in 4 billion years

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    We will all be dead

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    Hey why don't we worry about volcanoes emitting greenhouse gas? cuz it makes sense?

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    Also the world's continents are shifting! I would be worried of Antarctica was not melting!

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    tfw people in the comments get political about planets dying

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    Topics of the comments: Something about Trump... Blocko dabbed! Some weird scientific things Skip to blah blah Read more... jokes Actually what they want to see next Just some random words GOD WILL DECIDE WHEN THE EARTH DIES More random stuff

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    How to stop global warming???? Simple just make a giant ice cube the size of usa

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    The Trappist 1 and the planets B C D E F Gand

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