How Do We Stop Asteroids From Destroying Us? | Life Noggin On Stage!


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin12 days ago

    Hope you enjoyed this very special on stage episode of Life Noggin. They made me look so tall up there! Thank you for watching, and thank you to everyone who helped make this silly idea come to life! ❤️ Please check out those amazing people in the description. See you on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming! Wanna watch more?:

  2. LGC Vids!

    LGC Vids!2 days ago

    Life Noggin Congrats!

  3. MCBudderMiner

    MCBudderMiner4 days ago

    Life Noggin DO THIS AGAIN PLZ!!!!!😁😁😁

  4. Vaultboy s

    Vaultboy s5 days ago

    Life Noggin how you doing?

  5. Diamond Ninja

    Diamond Ninja7 hours ago

    I like the part where they‘re dancing

  6. Limmy Animations

    Limmy Animations17 hours ago

    Omg the guy with the orang is so funny lol



    Haha, how cool!

  8. Ankoor M sharat

    Ankoor M sharatDay ago

    ** Asteroid on its way to earth ** Kaaa meeee haaa meee haaaaaaaa

  9. AIMarEmar

    AIMarEmarDay ago

    I thought it was an animation but I just noticed some guy with black suit running around the solar system 🤣

  10. Hercules Super mechs

    Hercules Super mechs2 days ago

    So 😨 scawy

  11. Gede Septian

    Gede Septian2 days ago

    Good ... another live action 😁

  12. [gd] darkness

    [gd] darkness2 days ago

    Tell the asteroid to stop.

  13. Madi Monae

    Madi Monae2 days ago

    ok i love this.

  14. Rylan ;

    Rylan ;2 days ago

    Silly people. The asteroid won't hit us because the earth is flat.

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    notoriginal video's2 days ago

    School project

  16. SheryBeats 1

    SheryBeats 13 days ago

    Bravo 👏 excellent show

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    Cancer - Chan3 days ago

    Live Noggin


    JOEL KOH ZU WEI3 days ago

    what the?

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    CreeperPlayz - Minecraft and more3 days ago

    Your name is Pat?

  20. MissMinecraft 1981

    MissMinecraft 19813 days ago

    I really do like this

  21. Sophia

    Sophia3 days ago

    Oh my nogg nogg nuggets, This is what I've been waiting for!!!!

  22. Holk Smesh

    Holk Smesh3 days ago

    Or we could send jake paul near the asteroid and then the asteroid would get annoyed then it will go to another direction

  23. James Games

    James Games3 days ago

    Blue tails mean magnesium and yellow or green means zinc

  24. Ultraraio

    Ultraraio3 days ago

    Oh man, this video was posted on my birthday and I didn't watch it then ffs

  25. DatRandomAsian

    DatRandomAsian4 days ago

    Earth-Chan must stay safe

  26. The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai

    The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai4 days ago

    2:52 OMG I like how you made the earth. I didnt notice. But its 3D. Did you made it out of clay?? *Wow*

  27. The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai

    The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai4 days ago

    4:20 _Life Noggin's left leg officially attached to torso._ *Mind Blown*

  28. kaidelano

    kaidelano4 days ago

    I can see al the body like the man moving the item

  29. SteamEnder

    SteamEnder4 days ago

    When the animator lazy af

  30. The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai

    The Rose-Colored Orange Anime Girl, Daidai4 days ago

    SteamEnder _this looks like he did _*_alot_*_ of work. What are you talking about? Cant you see that this might have taken _*_hours or days even????_*

  31. DeadlyGamer57 // DG57

    DeadlyGamer57 // DG574 days ago

    This is the percentage on where i paid attention to Acts: 75% The explanation: 25%

  32. Squidward

    Squidward4 days ago

    Build a trump wall

  33. Oriond34 Mega

    Oriond34 Mega4 days ago

    I won't be alive anyways

  34. BlueGuns Gaming

    BlueGuns Gaming4 days ago

    wow how did you make all those sign float! I didnt see a line!

  35. Kaylyn Collier

    Kaylyn Collier4 days ago

    I loved this omg you’re so creative

  36. C G

    C G4 days ago

    Tell the civil defense this pls, they need to know!

  37. Nati H

    Nati H4 days ago


  38. Ben

    Ben4 days ago

    Don’t you hate when your gas vaporizes

  39. Cfg Yhysh

    Cfg Yhysh5 days ago

    Wow this is so inspiring.

  40. Φωτεινη Γαλανη

    Φωτεινη Γαλανη5 days ago

    No coment.The video is just awesome.

  41. Thunder Guy

    Thunder Guy5 days ago

    This is pure gold plz do more!

  42. trickshot boss

    trickshot boss5 days ago

    Kinda cool how he put a Fortnite ad from the meteor in Fortnite

  43. Quinlan Primitive Skills

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  44. Aeone Salango

    Aeone Salango5 days ago

    3:43 the astroid already hit earth LOL they are dancing like fools it hit earth

  45. bro bear

    bro bear5 days ago

    This is awsome

  46. CC and toys

    CC and toys5 days ago

    This is weird. ............ I love it

  47. Abstract LIFE

    Abstract LIFE5 days ago

    do more of this like once a month

  48. Hussein Kabba

    Hussein Kabba5 days ago

    This is really weird

  49. Mariana

    Mariana5 days ago

    Am I the only one that found it funny?

  50. Lana Ames

    Lana Ames5 days ago

    ohhh bless your soul pat!

  51. Şevval Arslan

    Şevval Arslan5 days ago

    Omg I love how you guys always try new things

  52. Leam The Fox

    Leam The Fox5 days ago

    I love the people in the back ground

  53. Leo Trickshot 27

    Leo Trickshot 275 days ago

    Nuclear bomb

  54. CMC YT

    CMC YT6 days ago

    How to make astroids stop? Tell thw astroids to subscribe to dis channel

  55. 飆速肥宅

    飆速肥宅6 days ago

    That's cool, really, *COOL*

  56. Stuart Mackey

    Stuart Mackey6 days ago

    Out of curiosity what is the font used in the title?

  57. Paisley Haskin

    Paisley Haskin6 days ago

    I literally could not focus on this video, I can just see the people in black suits run around 😂

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    kyleranger3006 days ago

    and great video

  59. kyleranger300

    kyleranger3006 days ago

    this is funny video

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    Galaxy G33k6 days ago

    That was awesome

  61. Just need a cup of Tae in life ☕️💕

    Just need a cup of Tae in life ☕️💕6 days ago

    And I thought animating was hard ;-;

  62. Lex Reyes

    Lex Reyes6 days ago

    i like this is unique

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    this is more or less than i suspected actually this is pretty good...

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    Love this lol keep it up the great work man love the videos

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  66. The ACS

    The ACS6 days ago

    Pat’s “creepy” smile is so cute

  67. powerofloki gaming

    powerofloki gaming6 days ago

    I didn't like it as much as the actual animations but it's cool that your trying new things

  68. Andrei Camposano

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  69. Shadoonsky

    Shadoonsky6 days ago

    Where can i buy tickets?

  70. Enzo Inciong

    Enzo Inciong6 days ago

    It's actually a nice experiment

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  72. Cross Network

    Cross Network7 days ago

    Don't ever do this art style again

  73. Kumbert Joehl-Lee

    Kumbert Joehl-Lee7 days ago

    Just tell the us army that the asteroid has oil.

  74. nastia

    nastia7 days ago

    oh my plz do more of these i love these one