How Do We Stop Asteroids From Destroying Us? | Life Noggin On Stage!


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin3 months ago

    Hope you enjoyed this very special on stage episode of Life Noggin. They made me look so tall up there! Thank you for watching, and thank you to everyone who helped make this silly idea come to life! ❤️ Please check out those amazing people in the description. See you on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming! Wanna watch more?:

  2. Jacqueline gabrel Luis Gabriel

    Jacqueline gabrel Luis Gabriel26 days ago


  3. jpalmer999

    jpalmer9992 months ago

    while it was alright it did make it quite hard to watch. Mainly because of the people in black suits in the background. However, it was great content wise :) Hope this feedback helps :)

  4. LGC Vids!

    LGC Vids!3 months ago

    Life Noggin Congrats!

  5. MCBudderMiner

    MCBudderMiner3 months ago

    Life Noggin DO THIS AGAIN PLZ!!!!!😁😁😁

  6. TerraMaster YT

    TerraMaster YTDay ago

    do it in an nimation

  7. xxbobo_gamexx

    xxbobo_gamexx3 days ago

    oh i feel safe now

  8. FirstName LastName

    FirstName LastName4 days ago

    I could see the people dressed in black lol

  9. Layal Al

    Layal Al10 days ago

    I will be dead in 200 years cause I am ten and you know people can't live up to 210 years old so I would be dead

  10. [GD] Niiue

    [GD] Niiue12 days ago

    3:43 umm. a meteor just hit the earth's bottom lol

  11. Susan Baer

    Susan Baer18 days ago

    It's hard to focus on the video with the people in the the background

  12. Ilaan Mohamad

    Ilaan Mohamad19 days ago

    May 9 is my birthday

  13. WolvesAreNinjas

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  15. Girly Gamer

    Girly Gamer21 day ago

    Omg plz no

  16. Girly Gamer

    Girly Gamer21 day ago

    Welcome to life noggin

  17. Hunter lift 4 dead

    Hunter lift 4 dead23 days ago

    hell yeah this for the job

  18. Ms Mischievous Gamer

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  19. Alois Boyer

    Alois Boyer23 days ago

    The answer is rayquaza

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  21. Ithinkof anime

    Ithinkof anime25 days ago

    I liked and subscribed =) like ya videos especially this one

  22. doctor who?is the bomb!

    doctor who?is the bomb!26 days ago

    This is now my favourite episode😂😂😂

  23. Mary Finocchiaro

    Mary Finocchiaro28 days ago

    I saw the people moving the stuff.

  24. monster kidslayer

    monster kidslayerMonth ago

    But if you explode the rock then some of rocks will still hit you

  25. monster kidslayer

    monster kidslayerMonth ago


  26. Mark Lepka

    Mark LepkaMonth ago

    I don't think your supposed to see the people that are in the morph suits

  27. RandomMask

    RandomMaskMonth ago

    Mr. President, an asteroid is coming and is gonna wipe out humanity in 2 weeks Trump: WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL

  28. Amy Boyle

    Amy BoyleMonth ago

    Do this more this could be a series

  29. Baniel 02

    Baniel 02Month ago

    omg its triangle bob

  30. Corsuwey

    CorsuweyMonth ago

    Where's Triangle Bob?!?

  31. Rhonda Garcia

    Rhonda GarciaMonth ago

    Who was ONLY looking at the guys in black not listening to the actual information?

  32. Dave Openiano

    Dave OpenianoMonth ago

    3:44 oh no the Earth was hit!!!

  33. Drus 13

    Drus 13Month ago

    3:45 OH GOD WE GOT HIT

  34. Doritos 95

    Doritos 95Month ago

    that intro tho

  35. Sexymama22

    Sexymama22Month ago

    No... this is how they went extinct!

  36. Legendary Markikid 202

    Legendary Markikid 202Month ago

    1:20 lmao looks like it says how do we 8top a a8teroid

  37. Said Mal

    Said MalMonth ago

    3:27 i belive i can fly

  38. Said Mal

    Said MalMonth ago

    3:27 i belive i can fly

  39. I drew this With a mouse

    I drew this With a mouseMonth ago

    Why don't we just grow in size by copying our atoms and making them bigger using the giant we punch them

  40. Carter McHugh

    Carter McHughMonth ago

    Awesome idea, too funny!

  41. TyreseZone5 The Tubespotter

    TyreseZone5 The TubespotterMonth ago

    0:37 Blocko has lost a lot of weight!

  42. BlackStarVega

    BlackStarVegaMonth ago

    Pat..Actually looks like, "BLOCKO"... lol how did they pull that off??

  43. ANUB055 Majumdar

    ANUB055 MajumdarMonth ago

    next stop: Broadway

  44. Shifuku Yan

    Shifuku YanMonth ago

    Best video from you ever

  45. Ayaka Kimura

    Ayaka Kimura2 months ago

    I love this 😂😂😂

  46. Lalandon

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    1DABESTGUY12 months ago

    👏........👏.........👏 wow😁😁

  48. shrek Pee pee

    shrek Pee pee2 months ago

    wouldn't nukeing an ashteroid create many smaller ashteroids!

  49. henry tran

    henry tran2 months ago

    A person in BlockO 2D suit?

  50. Jscthegamer

    Jscthegamer2 months ago

    ... did anyone else see the actors

  51. AW336TubeTV ALT

    AW336TubeTV ALT2 months ago

    This is weird

  52. william052007

    william0520072 months ago

    badly made tbh

  53. msmeiblossom

    msmeiblossom2 months ago

    I'll leave this to my great great great great grandchildren

  54. LA Games

    LA Games2 months ago

    Just glue some paper on a black suit. No one will notice. xD

  55. Rig Veda

    Rig Veda2 months ago

    why not shoot the asteroids with a very large projectile ?

  56. Ali Traore

    Ali Traore2 months ago

    Just try to knock them off course

  57. Tully's Irish Pub

    Tully's Irish Pub2 months ago

    Wow this is so cool

  58. Cubing With JDS

    Cubing With JDS2 months ago

    Woah! This is amazing!!,!,!,!,!,!!!!!

  59. Jj Draws

    Jj Draws2 months ago

    Wow just just wow

  60. Frostnorm Gaiming

    Frostnorm Gaiming2 months ago

    Lol :)

  61. ColbyJackCheese

    ColbyJackCheese2 months ago

    At 3:42 they actually hit the earth with the meteor


    ENDERMAN PLAYS2 months ago

    It's better in creations, not this

  63. Omega W2

    Omega W22 months ago

    I like it can y’all do more pretty please

  64. xXAskJeremyThatXx

    xXAskJeremyThatXx2 months ago

    Damn those with the astroids

  65. Phorenzic Sick

    Phorenzic Sick2 months ago

    Pat kinda looks like pickapixel

  66. qiaolian lei

    qiaolian lei2 months ago

    Can u animate diss

  67. Ernest Jay

    Ernest Jay2 months ago

    Typical American : " *just NUKE it* "

  68. catalin socol

    catalin socol2 months ago

    Planets don't exist that is a lie the earth is flaaat the sun is a spotligth and the moon is cheese and planets are pieces of the earth . Earth is the center of the universe . :))))))

  69. Islam Uddin

    Islam Uddin2 months ago

    worst episode maybe

  70. Cmrnage 11

    Cmrnage 112 months ago

    Can you do this again

  71. Braydenese

    Braydenese2 months ago

    We can see the people

  72. Ponder That

    Ponder That2 months ago

  73. Olivia Dohrmann

    Olivia Dohrmann2 months ago

    how far does space go?

  74. E to the squared

    E to the squared2 months ago

    Finally a reassuring video.

  75. Has Buscado Alguna Vez Un Hotel En Internet?

    Has Buscado Alguna Vez Un Hotel En Internet?2 months ago

    How do u get that blocko costume?

  76. Super Moustache Gamer

    Super Moustache Gamer2 months ago

    Have you tried getting the 4 giants from Termina and then destroying the spirit of an evil mask?

  77. Uzoamaka Ebin

    Uzoamaka Ebin2 months ago

    Can you do another one of the Life Noggin on Stage please!!!

  78. Diamond Cat

    Diamond Cat2 months ago

    Pull out a knife the murder the astroid

  79. Xamxam Sarmiento

    Xamxam Sarmiento2 months ago

    Nice work

  80. NoThrottle 2

    NoThrottle 22 months ago

    They should wear a vanta black coated suit

  81. Sean Yoch

    Sean Yoch2 months ago

    Very entertaining with all the black people running around

  82. vladavelion

    vladavelion2 months ago

    I laughed so hard when I saw this

  83. KillerGamingHD TG

    KillerGamingHD TG2 months ago

    4000 year asteroid will come? Nvm im dead that year

  84. Edward Newgate

    Edward Newgate2 months ago

    I miss the animation :(

  85. Matthis Voigt

    Matthis Voigt2 months ago

    Parental top gifted official sigh label sweep succeed rhetoric within fly storm.

  86. Derp Chicken

    Derp Chicken2 months ago

    I like the part where they‘re dancing

  87. Kitten_ Fire

    Kitten_ Fire2 months ago

    Omg the guy with the orang is so funny lol



    Haha, how cool!

  89. Ankoor M sharat

    Ankoor M sharat2 months ago

    ** Asteroid on its way to earth ** Kaaa meeee haaa meee haaaaaaaa

  90. AIMarEmar

    AIMarEmar3 months ago

    I thought it was an animation but I just noticed some guy with black suit running around the solar system 🤣

  91. Hercules gaming

    Hercules gaming3 months ago

    So 😨 scawy

  92. Gede Septian

    Gede Septian3 months ago

    Good ... another live action 😁

  93. [gd] darkness

    [gd] darkness3 months ago

    Tell the asteroid to stop.

  94. Officially MadiMonae

    Officially MadiMonae3 months ago

    ok i love this.

  95. Rylan ;

    Rylan ;3 months ago

    Silly people. The asteroid won't hit us because the earth is flat.

  96. notoriginal video's

    notoriginal video's3 months ago

    School project

  97. SheryC 123

    SheryC 1233 months ago

    Bravo 👏 excellent show

  98. Cancer - Chan

    Cancer - Chan3 months ago

    Live Noggin


    JOEL KOH ZU WEI3 months ago

    what the?

  100. CreeperPlayz - MC & more

    CreeperPlayz - MC & more3 months ago

    Your name is Pat?

  101. Miss Disney

    Miss Disney3 months ago

    I really do like this

  102. Potato Ella

    Potato Ella3 months ago

    Oh my nogg nogg nuggets, This is what I've been waiting for!!!!

  103. Holk Smesh

    Holk Smesh3 months ago

    Or we could send jake paul near the asteroid and then the asteroid would get annoyed then it will go to another direction

  104. James Games

    James Games3 months ago

    Blue tails mean magnesium and yellow or green means zinc