How Could We Create A Second Earth?


  1. Fernando Le

    Fernando Le2 days ago

    liiar pencil

  2. Maxed Potatoes

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  3. sans the skeelaton

    sans the skeelaton4 days ago

    wait block couldn't you just ask your programmer to make you a space ship to go to another planet

  4. Mason Jordan

    Mason Jordan4 days ago


  5. Mason Jordan

    Mason Jordan4 days ago


  6. justine zander borre

    justine zander borre9 days ago

    No wi-fi no life

  7. justine zander borre

    justine zander borre9 days ago

    Its easy make many sun reflectors to reflect the earth for 2billion years to mars orbit it can't even affect any others planets orbit so earths orbit will be an empty circle

  8. Bao Tieu Bao

    Bao Tieu Bao9 days ago

    Mars and Venus lost ocean

  9. DEREK!!!! mcrae

    DEREK!!!! mcrae11 days ago

    What about the highest number it should be 90999999999999999900000000010000000,3000000000000000 witch is infinity

  10. Kyle Converse

    Kyle Converse14 days ago

    Well humans seem to be pretty good at stimulating a greenhouse effect by pumping loads of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so why don't we just save the rest of our fossil fuels for when we inevitably go to mars?

  11. Ender MODZ

    Ender MODZ15 days ago

    Using flat erath memes.

  12. third pictures

    third pictures15 days ago

    the tempruture on mars at day its 579 c

  13. third pictures

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  14. third pictures

    third pictures15 days ago

    i cant live without wifi

  15. Chris Madsen

    Chris Madsen15 days ago

    The earth is flat and not the spinning ball the controlling elite program taught you.

  16. roadrash2005

    roadrash200517 days ago

    Have you ever told the scientists yet

  17. Roleplay Gamer My Gameplays are kinda funny

    Roleplay Gamer My Gameplays are kinda funny19 days ago

    You sound different weird who recognizes that?

  18. Hassan Imam

    Hassan Imam20 days ago

    make krypton

  19. Lovely Gatdula

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  20. Lovely Gatdula

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  21. Lovely Gatdula

    Lovely Gatdula21 day ago

    Bikini Bottom?

  22. Lovely Gatdula

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  23. Fuvk You

    Fuvk You23 days ago

    How bout let’s stop polluting earth!

  24. Liam Gustav

    Liam Gustav23 days ago

    I bet it will take 40000 years on venus to terraform it

  25. Liam Gustav

    Liam Gustav23 days ago

    i want terraform mars so more pepole can visit

  26. Battleglory

    Battleglory23 days ago

    it will take 1000+ years and then some

  27. Geneva Martin

    Geneva Martin26 days ago


  28. Emma Read

    Emma Read28 days ago

    I studied mars in 3rd grade and it’s made of 0.13% air when on earth we have 0.21......... but mars did used to have water, it’s frozen (duh me) The sunsets would be cool though

  29. Battleglory

    Battleglory23 days ago

    I studied Mars in college. Sad to say, I don't remember a thing from that one class session. 😥 It was 10 years ago.

  30. ONE

    ONE28 days ago

    Hello my fellow homosapiens, currently at this very moment 2218 human beings have placed humanity into suspended animation and MANKIND not all but most currently experience reality as a simulation. Earth has been all but destroyed and hopes and plans to regain our home planet are underway and for the decades have been promising. But the few scientist and ones needed are in reality watching over us and our simulation, and also terra forming mars WHICH IS THE PLANET MANKIND NOW RESIDES. Correct humanity now calls Mars home and is almost complete with terra forming our new planet. In reality we are in way terra forming earth ( repairing ) and mars at the same time. Man kind will soon come out of the cryostasis and we the scientist have been trying to prepare you whilst in suspended animation quite possibly the only way we think we can ( slowly ) but introducing these concepts into the matrix buy movies, media and all you have grown accustomed to. Hoping to see the real you soon my fellow Mars/Earth inhabitants. EDIT: thanks to artificial intelligence and advancements in robotics, computers, if not all but most of this has been made possible.

  31. Battleglory

    Battleglory23 days ago

    This is a nice lore premise / backstory for a video game. If you develop this game, we may even play it! Just try to write better next time, okay?

  32. XxOmqItzKookiieChanii

    XxOmqItzKookiieChanii29 days ago

    Just grab a bunch of harmless rocks in space then super glue them together, also plant seeds in that planet super easy

  33. Hamzah Patel

    Hamzah PatelMonth ago

    Or we just use genetic engineering to adapt humans

  34. Robloxrobux Player123

    Robloxrobux Player123Month ago


  35. Diolvet Mathews

    Diolvet MathewsMonth ago

    I think we should start terrifororing now so future genarations have it better.

  36. QuotedCookie 848

    QuotedCookie 848Month ago

    You still can breath in mars

  37. a channel

    a channelMonth ago

    the dislikes are from peeps that believe in flat earth

  38. Woobadoob 199

    Woobadoob 199Month ago

    Ow his voice

  39. stafy17

    stafy17Month ago

    "as we blow through the resources on earth, it's clear that we are going to need a new planet soon" specious contention. Otherwise, watchable video.

  40. shee py

    shee pyMonth ago

    "why worry about a speck in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own?"

  41. North Nokris

    North NokrisMonth ago

    We should do both, protect earth AND terraform other planets

  42. HypergenticToxic

    HypergenticToxicMonth ago


  43. GeneraL_LOL

    GeneraL_LOLMonth ago

    Terraform other planets,put the queen as the leader of humanity and behold The Imperium of Man

  44. PC Gamer Digital

    PC Gamer DigitalMonth ago

    Unfortunately, we cannot live on Mars. This is because Scientists have found out there is not enough carbon bioxide or somethin like that.

  45. Brumski

    BrumskiMonth ago

    How could we share mars i mean look at people on earth

  46. SENPAI_GamingYT

    SENPAI_GamingYTMonth ago

    Nasa must see this

  47. Adrienne Attoms

    Adrienne AttomsMonth ago

    What if Mars actually once had life living on it?!

  48. Terraristit 3

    Terraristit 3Month ago

    Yes, there is a theory that there was. But it got extinct by the same reasons mars is inhabittable right now. I'm actually writing a book, wich tells about the probaple mission to send people to mars, and I will probaply add few things from this video, such as the green house effect. Maybe I'll put in few fossiles from the theorised, long gone life, too...Not sure about that yet, though...

  49. Evan Jones

    Evan JonesMonth ago

    We should colonize most of the rocky planets and moons. If you go to Mars the gravity is 38% less than Earth. This will make easier to fire rockets to other extraterrestrial bodies. And when we go to the moons of Jupiter it'll be even easier to fire rockets to probably outside this solar system. This should all happen by 2600,

  50. Frisk Heart

    Frisk HeartMonth ago

    *one thing to do when your bored*

  51. hanif gaming

    hanif gamingMonth ago

    Just kidding

  52. hanif gaming

    hanif gamingMonth ago


  53. Zachary Kim

    Zachary KimMonth ago

    We should build factories on mars

  54. connie fessenden

    connie fessendenMonth ago

    This is crazy talk; nothing but pseudoscience at its worst. I can assure you no such terraforming is possible.

  55. Da N00b

    Da N00bMonth ago

    titan i'm pretty sure has an atmosphere of methane, witch is farts... so ya.

  56. Simon Maksimovic

    Simon MaksimovicMonth ago

    Well you teraformed venus

  57. Lucas Henriques

    Lucas HenriquesMonth ago

    If you have the power to terraform mars into earth, so you have the power to terraform earth into earth (Neil De G' Tyson Homie)

  58. Thegameing Dog

    Thegameing DogMonth ago

    Yes yes yes

  59. Legendary Goku

    Legendary GokuMonth ago

    or we could fix our own atmosphere

  60. 0_ O

    0_ OMonth ago

    Why don’t we change our self’s

  61. Gatlingpeashooter 999

    Gatlingpeashooter 999Month ago

    Nah, i think that we need to fight thanos and win to call titan earth. And thats a little hard because of his damn infinity stones.

  62. Dyson Garciapat

    Dyson GarciapatMonth ago

    Why not the moon

  63. Jaden Superstar

    Jaden SuperstarMonth ago


  64. Kitsune Yumiko

    Kitsune YumikoMonth ago

    We should terra form in case of a super volcano or nuculer fall out or something we could do with a Mother Earth, go for our mother, Venus (because an astoroid from Venus gave us life) Venus seams more sustainable even though teeter forming would be hard and a long process it has less steps than mars

  65. Tuấn Anh Phạm Thị

    Tuấn Anh Phạm ThịMonth ago

    noo no more take over the universe ok because we make our earth bad and some people make our earth poluted and we go to other planet and make that other planet bad like we did to earth! that not ok, we live on earth! we will stay here! whatever mattle we will stay here on earth! OK!!!!

  66. Purple Saphire

    Purple SaphireMonth ago

    How about jupiter? Its big....and yea.....dunno......

  67. Nicola de Carvalho

    Nicola de CarvalhoMonth ago

    Mars and Venus and Titan will be terraformed

  68. JarrasicRex YEET

    JarrasicRex YEETMonth ago

    When the sun is bigger Mars will be pushed in the goldylocks zone!!!!!

  69. Alex Empire

    Alex EmpireMonth ago

    If you travelled between Point A and Point B, but you infinitely kept slowing down and never stopped, in reality, would you ever reach point B?

  70. Snowball Stuffs

    Snowball StuffsMonth ago

    mars has water

  71. the dragon boy GamezYt

    the dragon boy GamezYtMonth ago

    YES or soon well die

  72. shadowXXe

    shadowXXeMonth ago

    Just to let you know there is a way around the no magnetosphere problem simply take a magnet with the magnetic field of 1 Tesla and put it in orbit around Mars

  73. Davin Deptuck

    Davin DeptuckMonth ago

    Even if you could change Mars' atmosphere, you couldn't change its gravity, which is not enough g's to support human lives permanently. Venus, on the other hand, is not only closer than Mars but has close enough to ideal gravity, atmosphere and temperature. Oh whatever, Blocko came to the same conclusion.

  74. Robloxian Darian

    Robloxian DarianMonth ago

    But the Sun won't be here When the earth does cause the Sun will explode so Mars won't have a Sun..

  75. Darren Davies

    Darren Davies2 months ago

    Earth is my lady dont make her into a crack hed take care of her she likes a kiss before she gets fxd 😥


    HAUNTED GHOST PLAYER2 months ago

    :0 i dont wanna leave earth... Why are ppl toooooo much

  77. Fajar Sophian

    Fajar Sophian2 months ago

    MANY YEARS AGO MARS HAVE WATER AND A LIVE THAT HUMAN CAN VISIT BUT CUZ METEOR MARS BECOME RED PLANET earth have magnetic field to protect live from sun radiation but many years ago mars have live and not have magnetic field so why mars can have live

  78. Dude vs Bro

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  79. Vextiq

    Vextiq2 months ago

    1:16 hehe hehe, hehe what does that look like HEHEHEHE VAGINA. Sorry

  80. FrostFire Phoenix

    FrostFire Phoenix2 months ago

    I think terraforming will come eventually after we overpopulate earth

  81. ThePumpkinQueenGaming

    ThePumpkinQueenGaming2 months ago

    dont forget making it safe for animals if were not bringing my cat im not going

  82. Zachary Kim

    Zachary Kim2 months ago

    Let’s do earth for now until we find a way to terraform other bodies in our solar system

  83. my brain cells are dead

    my brain cells are dead2 months ago

    this makes science cooler

  84. Faviola Hernandez

    Faviola Hernandez2 months ago

    Can you make a 🎥 about what if big ben was destroid

  85. Tom Cool

    Tom Cool2 months ago

    Sun keeps on bullying poor mars

  86. Mars

    Mars2 months ago

    Hey guys

  87. Tom Cool

    Tom Cool2 months ago

    Hi mars we will stop the sun bullying you

  88. SharkyCat109

    SharkyCat1092 months ago

    Venus first, mars second.

  89. Johny Philip

    Johny Philip2 months ago


  90. Stryker Eureka

    Stryker Eureka2 months ago

    Howbout trappist-1?

  91. Super Destruction

    Super Destruction2 months ago

    Ooooooooooooor stop abusing the earth so god damn much. It’s that easy!

  92. Minecraft Epic -PE

    Minecraft Epic -PE2 months ago

    Do Uranus

  93. Costas Max

    Costas Max2 months ago

    Now, let's terraform the sun.

  94. Kathryn Anne Lasam

    Kathryn Anne Lasam2 months ago

    And also Mars was once already like earth it had life and yeah because of the solar wind it lost everything thing

  95. Kathryn Anne Lasam

    Kathryn Anne Lasam2 months ago

    Pluto there is a chance if u terraform it

  96. VisixRB

    VisixRB2 months ago

    Why don't we swap mars with earth duh

  97. Veronica Laviolette

    Veronica Laviolette2 months ago

    We could terraform Kepler 186f

  98. Jessica Nunez

    Jessica Nunez2 months ago

    Um.. You Forgot Planet X Life Noggin :/

  99. Roblox Television

    Roblox Television2 months ago

    NASA: Can we go to mars? USA: No. NASA: We founded out that the mars is terraforming. USA: [Rocket pic]

  100. Larryson Jampi

    Larryson Jampi2 months ago

    Why dont we Teraforming earth make it Green agaiN?

  101. Christina Ross

    Christina Ross2 months ago

    nac we please creat a new earth i dont wana die i have lot of omtans waaa waa waaa😢😢😢😢

  102. MalX DBarrel

    MalX DBarrel2 months ago

    0:17 i get that reference

  103. Moon Light

    Moon Light2 months ago

    Mars is to hot

  104. EnderBro Gameplay

    EnderBro Gameplay2 months ago

    We dont need terraforming,go to another planet like kepler-22b,it about few light year away!! If you want to live there,write #kepler22baregreat

  105. J o n a t h a n

    J o n a t h a n2 months ago

    we don't need to nuke the moon just shoot a powerful laser from earth at the moon. .