How Could We Create A Second Earth?


  1. Robloxian Darian

    Robloxian Darian6 hours ago

    But the Sun won't be here When the earth does cause the Sun will explode so Mars won't have a Sun..

  2. Darren Davies

    Darren Davies7 hours ago

    Earth is my lady dont make her into a crack hed take care of her she likes a kiss before she gets fxd 😥


    CLUMSY DINO PLAYER2 days ago

    :0 i dont wanna leave earth... Why are ppl toooooo much

  4. Fajar Sophian

    Fajar Sophian3 days ago

    MANY YEARS AGO MARS HAVE WATER AND A LIVE THAT HUMAN CAN VISIT BUT CUZ METEOR MARS BECOME RED PLANET earth have magnetic field to protect live from sun radiation but many years ago mars have live and not have magnetic field so why mars can have live

  5. Dude vs Bro

    Dude vs Bro3 days ago


  6. Vextiq

    Vextiq4 days ago

    1:16 hehe hehe, hehe what does that look like HEHEHEHE VAGINA. Sorry

  7. FrostFire Phoenix

    FrostFire Phoenix4 days ago

    I think terraforming will come eventually after we overpopulate earth

  8. ThePumpkinQueenGaming

    ThePumpkinQueenGaming5 days ago

    dont forget making it safe for animals if were not bringing my cat im not going

  9. Zachary Kim

    Zachary Kim5 days ago

    Let’s do earth for now until we find a way to terraform other bodies in our solar system

  10. my brain cells are dead

    my brain cells are dead7 days ago

    this makes science cooler

  11. Faviola Hernandez

    Faviola Hernandez11 days ago

    Can you make a 🎥 about what if big ben was destroid

  12. Tom Cool

    Tom Cool11 days ago

    Sun keeps on bullying poor mars

  13. Mars

    Mars13 days ago

    Hey guys

  14. Tom Cool

    Tom Cool11 days ago

    Hi mars we will stop the sun bullying you

  15. SharkyCat109

    SharkyCat10913 days ago

    Venus first, mars second.

  16. Johny Philip

    Johny Philip13 days ago


  17. Stryker Eureka

    Stryker Eureka13 days ago

    Howbout trappist-1?

  18. Super Destruction

    Super Destruction14 days ago

    Ooooooooooooor stop abusing the earth so god damn much. It’s that easy!

  19. Minecraft Epic -PE

    Minecraft Epic -PE14 days ago

    Do Uranus

  20. Costas Max

    Costas Max14 days ago

    Now, let's terraform the sun.

  21. Kathryn Anne Lasam

    Kathryn Anne Lasam14 days ago

    And also Mars was once already like earth it had life and yeah because of the solar wind it lost everything thing

  22. Kathryn Anne Lasam

    Kathryn Anne Lasam14 days ago

    Pluto there is a chance if u terraform it

  23. VisixRB

    VisixRB14 days ago

    Why don't we swap mars with earth duh

  24. Veronica Laviolette

    Veronica Laviolette16 days ago

    We could terraform Kepler 186f

  25. Jessica Nunez

    Jessica Nunez17 days ago

    Um.. You Forgot Planet X Life Noggin :/

  26. Roblox Television

    Roblox Television19 days ago

    NASA: Can we go to mars? USA: No. NASA: We founded out that the mars is terraforming. USA: [Rocket pic]

  27. Larryson Jampi

    Larryson Jampi19 days ago

    Why dont we Teraforming earth make it Green agaiN?

  28. Christina Ross

    Christina Ross19 days ago

    nac we please creat a new earth i dont wana die i have lot of omtans waaa waa waaa😢😢😢😢

  29. MalX DBarrel

    MalX DBarrel20 days ago

    0:17 i get that reference

  30. Moon Light

    Moon Light20 days ago

    Mars is to hot

  31. EnderBro Gameplay

    EnderBro Gameplay20 days ago

    We dont need terraforming,go to another planet like kepler-22b,it about few light year away!! If you want to live there,write #kepler22baregreat

  32. J o n a t h a n

    J o n a t h a n21 day ago

    we don't need to nuke the moon just shoot a powerful laser from earth at the moon. .

  33. Safaria Sayking

    Safaria Sayking21 day ago

    So tge answer is CAN WE DO IT

  34. Caleb Thornberry

    Caleb Thornberry21 day ago

    What about anmails

  35. Alexandre Laparra

    Alexandre Laparra21 day ago

    what about terraforming luna

  36. Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny21 day ago


  37. Bleach 1

    Bleach 122 days ago

    Can we live on the universe :O

  38. Bleach 1

    Bleach 122 days ago

    No way we are making mars our planet. Jupiter is next. Yep thats where we will live when the sun becomes a super red giant.

  39. joven arboleda

    joven arboleda22 days ago


  40. loni Seiva

    loni Seiva25 days ago

    Lets terraform Earth!!!😂😂😂

  41. Nat Colucci

    Nat Colucci25 days ago


  42. Vera Augustus

    Vera Augustus26 days ago

    You cannot build a place on Venus you know that because then on the other side it has acid rain or was that the other planets

  43. Geo Gaming

    Geo Gaming27 days ago

    For now we to protect It but terraforming a planet is probably the hardest thing we can do so we need to terraform a planet befor earth is swallowed by the giant red sun but this is the perfect planet man cuz....idk why and how but IT is and mars is a good idea but we need first magnetic field to protect mars and i think se cant 😞 or probaly YES but probablyyy we dont have WHAT we need to make one artificial or not a one is good but money and the resorces we need😕 uhh... We need really too much things so we need to terraform a planet from today and we have a chance cuz 1million people (or 100.000 or something like that) will go to mars with the hope we can make a town and probably start terraforming 😀

  44. Moon XR

    Moon XR28 days ago

    hell no what about our electronic devices and WIFI?

  45. Chako Sujil

    Chako Sujil28 days ago

    yes but also protect the earth

  46. The Sega Gamer101

    The Sega Gamer101Month ago

    No because 1. On Planet Venus thick Clouds rains burning acid and 2.Planet Mars has dangerous storms such as that dangerous dust storms.So we should appreciate the Planet that we have now which is Planet Earth 🌎

  47. Alien

    AlienMonth ago

    I love me a thicc atmosphere

  48. Gamerzwaltz

    GamerzwaltzMonth ago

    Guys can we plant trees on Mars to make oxygen because carbon dioxide is harmful for human not for plants

  49. Akashi Seijuro

    Akashi SeijuroMonth ago

    Let's start terraforming uranus

  50. richard klegin

    richard kleginMonth ago

    Only thing about bio doms is one the material used two it would have to be protected from astroid impacts . it would be better if you found an old lava tub to make a colony that way.

  51. HomieMissouri_1821 Gaming And Updates Channel

    HomieMissouri_1821 Gaming And Updates ChannelMonth ago

    Lets Terreform Jupitar Edit : Like So Blocko Can See It

  52. Vicente Facuse

    Vicente FacuseMonth ago


  53. Akhilan Ashok

    Akhilan AshokMonth ago

    Show this video to people who cut trees down and put poisonous gas into the air

  54. Akshayan Uwashanthan - Lorenville PS (1508)

    Akshayan Uwashanthan - Lorenville PS (1508)Month ago


  55. Jealousy Kenny_Expert

    Jealousy Kenny_ExpertMonth ago

    earth is dying lol

  56. Sundarasan Yohan

    Sundarasan YohanMonth ago

    There technically is a second earth in the universe

  57. Dendoi

    DendoiMonth ago

    If we do end up living on Mars will we be called.... Marsians?



    well this will take a hundred plus years or even a thousand years to accomplish

  59. frederick ang

    frederick angMonth ago

    And mars rotates slower

  60. BlueBoy Blue

    BlueBoy BlueMonth ago

    at least mars is in the outer habitable zone

  61. SparkleGirl100

    SparkleGirl10029 days ago

    No it’s in the too cold area while Venus is in the too hot area

  62. My life as Khalil

    My life as KhalilMonth ago

    I got my bois from mercury,let’s go there.

  63. Jan Nowak

    Jan NowakMonth ago


  64. Gloria Mitchell

    Gloria MitchellMonth ago

    I want to start terraforming a planet but im a kid

  65. Jon Clifford Spier

    Jon Clifford SpierMonth ago

    I saw that David Bowie reference 😉

  66. Luba Troyansky

    Luba TroyanskyMonth ago

    We should traform trrapist h

  67. iDroidTeck

    iDroidTeckMonth ago

    I think we should pray and ask god to see if god put life on other planets and see if we can make life on other planets seeing how people palute the air

  68. Fun Kids

    Fun KidsMonth ago

    What's it like on mars do we need a telescope to look at other planets can we see Jupiter from there is it more colder idk

  69. Noah Valenzuela

    Noah ValenzuelaMonth ago

    Do an exoplanet

  70. frederick ang

    frederick angMonth ago


  71. frederick ang

    frederick angMonth ago


  72. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    Of course, we still need to protect Earth

  73. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    Did you watch Smart is the new Sexy ?

  74. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    How can you terraform the Jovian planets

  75. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    Do you know Chinese ?

  76. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    Both ……………………I think😑

  77. Eddie Chan

    Eddie ChanMonth ago

    We can terraform Titan and Ganymede .Titan have a atmosphere and Ganymede have a magnetic field.Also we can terraform Enceladus .Oh, and……please help me check the spelling mistakes

  78. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_KendrickMonth ago

    I guarantee they've already found many earth like planets out there but due to the increase in privatised space travel and exploration they would never tell us that because the minute we know there is and have the technology to then the people in power ultimately loose their control.

  79. Polar Panda33

    Polar Panda33Month ago

    You’ve earnt yourself a NEW subscriber!!😄☺️

  80. pluto pluto

    pluto plutoMonth ago

    Mars less gravity alsome

  81. Mr Jayamma Jayamma

    Mr Jayamma JayammaMonth ago

    we are destroying heavenly earth and creating heaven on mars how foolish

  82. Dex

    DexMonth ago


  83. Nizar Elkhair

    Nizar Elkhair2 months ago

    Since the humans don't even take care of earth by sending pollutions everywhere, then why was earth even a habitable planet in the very first place ? And do humans even deserve to be living in such beautiful planet that is currently turning into a black dirty hell full of pollutions careless humans leave behind.

  84. Margold

    Margold2 months ago

    OI always dotn forget to kill the aliens

  85. Crab Gaming

    Crab Gaming2 months ago

    Mars not thicc enough

  86. Babul Majumder

    Babul Majumder2 months ago

    Is it ok if you are the only one on earth.what will happen?

  87. Crab Gaming

    Crab Gaming2 months ago

    Babul Majumder the only person on earth? Thats dangerous because humans has many predators

  88. Justine Gabriel On YT

    Justine Gabriel On YT2 months ago

    Starbound terraformer

  89. Milf Hunter

    Milf Hunter2 months ago

    Patrick: Lets take venus's atmosphere, and Push it somewhere else (mars)!

  90. bonso Bukwu

    bonso Bukwu2 months ago


  91. Gaming With DJ Ed

    Gaming With DJ Ed2 months ago

    For saving earth, google has air pollution reducing- websites!

  92. Gaming With DJ Ed

    Gaming With DJ Ed2 months ago

    Well, we could work on how to fix global warming! *Gets project that she did on global warming for science homework* Oof I mean air pollution Sorry people, search up 7 Ways To Reduce Air Pollution on google! This Might help which means it might not help! Ur welcome!

  93. Galaxy Blue

    Galaxy Blue2 months ago

    An agate terrifies 🎶 A lapis terraforms 🎶 Wheres the diamond when they need you blue 🎶 YOU HAVE TO BE A LEADER BLUE! 🎶

  94. ADerpyReality

    ADerpyReality2 months ago

    Venus used to be like earth though... Long time ago but not in space time.

  95. Sean Parkes

    Sean Parkes2 months ago

    Spore confirmed

  96. Geometryman541

    Geometryman5412 months ago

    But wait THERES MORE

  97. admirallightningbolt

    admirallightningbolt2 months ago

    Oh instant like for the Bowie bolt

  98. Rebecca Jenkins

    Rebecca Jenkins2 months ago

    Hey u have played Minecraft!!!!

  99. Rebecca Jenkins

    Rebecca Jenkins2 months ago

    And I love Minecraft

  100. tony webster

    tony webster2 months ago

    You don't have any real idea do you?

  101. afro hair

    afro hair2 months ago

    Venus would be too hot

  102. Fins Epic Videos

    Fins Epic Videos2 months ago

    I wanna live on *PlUtO*

  103. Melanie Daddy

    Melanie Daddy2 months ago

    If Earth survived billions of years it can again the Earth will be destroyed one day but that ain't happening for a long time

  104. DavidSeriosuL joaca

    DavidSeriosuL joaca2 months ago

    Terraforming would get removed so we coudn't use it because of the developers of *chough Subanutica chough*