How Could We Create A Second Earth?


  1. WolfHunter 23Z

    WolfHunter 23Z3 hours ago

    Forget that and just add a bunch of wifi on all planets

  2. Edgardo Velayo

    Edgardo Velayo18 hours ago

    What about the keplers?

  3. blackpink my name is aia abides hehe

    blackpink my name is aia abides hehe18 hours ago

    I'm a Filipino but a Philippine like earth :( can Mars have Philippines Asia USA oh and I forgot europe

  4. JerryTheSlime

    JerryTheSlime3 days ago

    simple way: Nuke the poles Hard way: do it slowly with cars and bio fuel etc

  5. Jovan Rodriguez

    Jovan Rodriguez3 days ago

    I don’t understand why don’t we just terraform our decaying Earth.

  6. Fac_tion

    Fac_tion4 days ago

    sending pigs to space to produce methane

  7. Jayson Jones

    Jayson Jones4 days ago

    Let terraform Saturn

  8. Nikki Lynn Gordon

    Nikki Lynn Gordon4 days ago

    Why Does Your Voice Sound More Teenage-ish Than Before?

  9. Jayson Jones

    Jayson Jones5 days ago

    I want to live on earth

  10. ΛdoNis ツ YT

    ΛdoNis ツ YT6 days ago

    For heating a planet up we can just use humans special move Global warming

  11. Yuan Zakari

    Yuan Zakari6 days ago

    We all need one man. And 100000000000 robots

  12. Awesome ISHU

    Awesome ISHU7 days ago

    actually mercury is the closest planet to earth cuz venus goes on a different orbit and mercury has the same orbit like earth

  13. Max Golanski

    Max Golanski7 days ago

    I want terforming pleas

  14. Wheeler Fam

    Wheeler Fam8 days ago

    Stop making me ScAreD pLeAsE

  15. Rhona Joy Tulio

    Rhona Joy Tulio9 days ago

    Instead making other planets livable, why dont we make our planet live.

  16. Subdeeway

    Subdeeway10 days ago

    No need for this video. The thumbnail explains it all.

  17. Ammosam Hoost

    Ammosam Hoost11 days ago

    Terraform moon!!!!

  18. Jaxspot11 Jaxspot11

    Jaxspot11 Jaxspot1111 days ago

    Your voice sounds weird

  19. Adrees Maqsoodi

    Adrees Maqsoodi11 days ago

    hawabowt keplr452B

  20. Adrees Maqsoodi

    Adrees Maqsoodi11 days ago

    Titne is a dorvplanit

  21. Anna Alvidrez

    Anna Alvidrez12 days ago


  22. lthp

    lthp13 days ago

    leave it to AI. we will probably botch it

  23. deidre trusty

    deidre trusty19 days ago

    No I'm to young to die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Eevee

    Eevee20 days ago

    Copy and paste

  25. Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds25 days ago

    I have this game called teragenisis, it’s about Terraforming 🌑 to 🌎

  26. Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds25 days ago


  27. 04dram04

    04dram0425 days ago

    This is so stupid. Let's focus on Saving Earth.

  28. Podróżnik z pustkowi

    Podróżnik z pustkowi3 days ago

    No we need to have plan B (mars)

  29. vectropolis -

    vectropolis -26 days ago

    Why not terraform the frickin sun?

  30. Martin Kolm

    Martin Kolm27 days ago

    Never heard so much bs in such a short time...

  31. AppleeRealix

    AppleeRealix28 days ago

    How to turn mars to earth Step 1: heat the planet Step 2: but soil Step 3 plant trees Step 4: LIFE

  32. miku hatsune

    miku hatsune29 days ago

    Double earth. Triple earth!!

  33. Mars

    MarsMonth ago

    Why are ya'll trying to colonize me?

  34. EM-Manuel 123

    EM-Manuel 123Month ago

    I can do anything without wifi or gadgets there. I can just play with gravity

  35. Nikhil Dhasmana

    Nikhil DhasmanaMonth ago

    If it doesn't worth with mars! Then is Elon Musk a fool??

  36. Sim D

    Sim DMonth ago

    +Nikhil Dhasmana 1st of all platform for easier access 2 the rest of solar system (same reason moon base will be neet. Easy 2 lunch more ships compare 2 earth), also mining of the planet surface and sounding areas, research etc etc.

  37. Nikhil Dhasmana

    Nikhil DhasmanaMonth ago

    +Sim D What will be the worth of colonies if we can't make a hostile habitat in mars?

  38. Sim D

    Sim DMonth ago

    Terraforming may not work. Working colony will be possible one day.

  39. Squid frick

    Squid frickMonth ago

    From 6 million years from now, mars will terraform!

  40. Sticky Animator 655

    Sticky Animator 655Month ago

    But we need 2 years to get to mars.And our muscles cant handle that small gravity

  41. Itz ibo BTW

    Itz ibo BTWMonth ago

    Wow 3:44

  42. Royal Tanguay

    Royal TanguayMonth ago

    i used you for a source on my project

  43. prince of random Geoff

    prince of random GeoffMonth ago

    Carbon dioxide+ plants +Terraforming =oxygen

  44. Big Husky Lover

    Big Husky LoverMonth ago


  45. Odogfunkyj 2008

    Odogfunkyj 2008Month ago

    Goodness NASA has found ansafe w environment safe way to terra form mars

  46. Kevin Cheely

    Kevin CheelyMonth ago

    Lmao the only use for Mercury is as a planetary strip mine to provide material to build supermassive structures in low G.

  47. Eric Han

    Eric HanMonth ago

    Still 1 problem. How do I connect to earth to play fortnight?

  48. Son Goku Anims

    Son Goku AnimsMonth ago

    all you gotta do if get the traveler from destiny

  49. jay c

    jay cMonth ago

    I have a great idea, how we can move to Mars. It'd probably only cost a few trillion dollars. Step #1: Send up a rover that digs holes, very similar to the machines we use to dig subway tunnels. Onboard this machine, water sensors & vibration sensors. The water sensors would detect underground rivers, by detecting water in the soil. The machine then stops, upon detecting a water source, then smaller tubular equipment extends into the source. Upon finding the water source, the water is pumped into a nuclear reactor. The water and nuclear reactor would provide everything needed to sustain a beginning to human existence on mars. Step #2: Over the hole that has dug, into then ground, a second shuttle would land and build a dome; this would be automated as well. It could be as simple as a weighted ring and an anchor system, coupled by a durable, inflatable, clear insulation. This insulation would be similar to a balloon. This balloon would be inflated after the water source was found, though, not before the reactor was started. I am certain that many quirks could be added to this scenario, I also find my idea to be possible with today's technology.

  50. Walter Watson

    Walter WatsonMonth ago

    wow that voice *you voice* hI wElcOm tO lIfE nOgGiNn

  51. Walter Watson

    Walter WatsonMonth ago


  52. jiji bee

    jiji beeMonth ago

    Actually the ice on mars is dry ice its just frozen co2

  53. Amish Patel

    Amish PatelMonth ago

    Elon Musk do your thing!

  54. sikierka32 adventures

    sikierka32 adventuresMonth ago


  55. Lukáš Kaválek

    Lukáš KaválekMonth ago

    If we managed to increase Mars' mass and spin rotation it would hold new atmosphere without problem. As said its distant future so protect our home right now! :-)

  56. its kawaiichan

    its kawaiichanMonth ago

    No we should protect our earth

  57. Noah Ashton

    Noah AshtonMonth ago

    They should begin to terraform venus.

  58. Galaxy wolf Games

    Galaxy wolf GamesMonth ago

    Does this mean...we get half the moon...?

  59. The Triggered froggo

    The Triggered froggoMonth ago

    #dear blocko what would happen if dragons still existed or if they did?.

  60. Infinity52YT

    Infinity52YTMonth ago

    in the atmosphere how about putting the earths greenhouse gasses

  61. MojoMacer

    MojoMacerMonth ago

    We could create an EcUmEnOpOliS


    LOVESICK DEVMonth ago

    Don't do the moon!

  63. Jonathan Carreño

    Jonathan CarreñoMonth ago

    CO2 is not toxic.

  64. The Animator Is Animating

    The Animator Is Animating2 months ago

    0:55 *_blocko melts into ice in mars simulator_*

  65. The Minecraft Bros

    The Minecraft Bros2 months ago

    How would we establish what country goes where

  66. Pro Gamerz

    Pro Gamerz2 months ago

    Why are we gonna terraform mars but the earth will left there to die cause of what if we change earth then terrform mars after that

  67. ViVi 526

    ViVi 5262 months ago

    Does anyone miss the old life noggin??? I don't really like the intro either

  68. Karsen

    Karsen2 months ago


  69. Jehu Anacleto

    Jehu Anacleto2 months ago

    Bro, your brain must be preserved for the far future. Because of your knowledge can saved many lives.

  70. extreme_hotsauce

    extreme_hotsauce2 months ago

    Let's TeRrAfOrM jUpiTeR

  71. Account Games

    Account Games2 months ago


  72. Rudee Hunkk

    Rudee Hunkk2 months ago

    You sound gay 😕

  73. Levelist

    Levelist2 months ago

    But all of person even cannot watch some video what really happened to earth and those breaking new is pointless

  74. Simon Wallman

    Simon Wallman2 months ago

    Yes wee need to have contact to intillgent life and spred us out in The whole universe and then multiverse

  75. I Play Ml

    I Play Ml2 months ago

    Scientist when we go to mars we need to trigger the magnetice field or we will build a iron or protector or protection

  76. Strategic Thinker

    Strategic Thinker2 months ago

    A satellite at La Grange point emitting 1 Tesla will cover the planet and protect it. The solar wind is overblown. Once you have thicker atmosphere it protects the planet and lasts for tens of millions of years if not more without any magnetic protection. A mentioned satellite would protect it indefinitely, or at least till the sun expands.

  77. Owen DiFilippo

    Owen DiFilippo2 months ago

    Terraforming would make us no better than the combine empire in half life 2. I mean think about it, they take us over and they drain our planet and put toxic gases in our atmosphere and change earth into a planet that is exactly like theirs. They are essentially terraforming our planet, but at the same time they kill off everything that has evolved and depends on that atmosphere of something that just so happens to be toxic. I say we should protect the planet we already have!

  78. Jamie

    Jamie2 months ago

    Lol what if we lived on the moon (earths moon)

  79. shirosagi edits

    shirosagi edits2 months ago

    *_MY WIFI_*

  80. Ailyn12345678910

    Ailyn123456789102 months ago

    I think we need to make ganymede habitable or encladus or neptune

  81. Sandy Grant

    Sandy Grant2 months ago

    Let's just start with mars it's the easiest

  82. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith2 months ago

    well, make a magnetosphere around the planet if you want it to stay earth-like then

  83. Ethan McPherson

    Ethan McPherson2 months ago

    Venus doesn't have a magneticfield

  84. —_*SlickySlickDo* _—

    —_*SlickySlickDo* _—2 months ago

    I’m gonna be dead before they even starting funding for a future Mars terraforming program

  85. Ezekiel Nual

    Ezekiel Nual2 months ago

    i want nothing just live what ever that place is

  86. WisdomXD FlexOnThem

    WisdomXD FlexOnThem2 months ago

    Hello you can just bombard Mars icetroids and it will make a faster spin which will trigger a magnetic field

  87. Jerry Lipezcarrillo

    Jerry Lipezcarrillo2 months ago

    U piece of sht u have no faith, we are Terra forming anything we can, go live in ur safe bubble u queer

  88. leila sombillo

    leila sombillo2 months ago

    Think so amm?sure

  89. Lady Lady

    Lady Lady2 months ago

    You said we had to get amoniya from comits and how are we gonna get comits and smashing them how ???????????

  90. Glen Lugue

    Glen Lugue2 months ago

    Could we terraform the moon

  91. Movie ClipzYT

    Movie ClipzYT2 months ago

    thats easy all you need to do is click "create world" then boom another earth!


    CHE GUEVARA2 months ago

    Terra the form out of it

  93. Korban Candee

    Korban Candee2 months ago

    in order to Terra form mars we would have to make a magnetosphere which is what you said and in order to do that you would have to super heat mars to the point were it started melting and super cool it which is extremely difficult but still possible as of now, well the super heating part any way, by crashing something similar to the size of Pluto or Charon might do the trick, but if done that could completely change the composition of mars leading to an irreversible effect also the fragments from the collision may cause effects on earth via sending earth of course or destroying many city's on earth possibly destroying country's/states

  94. Rodary Windsor Cleveland

    Rodary Windsor Cleveland2 months ago

    Speed up the rotation!. Done!. Look at all the facts of WHY it's like it is and it's crystal clear!.

  95. Ethan McPherson

    Ethan McPherson3 months ago

    We could make an artificial magnetic field that orbits mars protecting it from radiation.

  96. Seth Williams

    Seth Williams3 months ago


  97. Tom Saunderson

    Tom Saunderson3 months ago

    In the UK "NOGGIN" means either: Head (slang) ,Cup, a Carpentry term or a Measurement. (Gill)

  98. 꼬마타이탄

    꼬마타이탄3 months ago

    living in europa is gonna be terrifying cuz of the size of jupiter

  99. Kasim Malik

    Kasim Malik3 months ago

    And destroy another planet?? No thanks.

  100. lachie Bosman

    lachie Bosman3 months ago


  101. Han Myohset

    Han Myohset3 months ago

    20th Century: Humans; "Save the Earth" 21st Century: Humans; "Save the Earth" 22nd Century: Humans; "Save the Earth" ......... ......... 31st Century: Earth; "Now. Who really need to be saved?, stupid humans!"

  102. Fantasy World

    Fantasy World3 months ago

    dang...y’all WANT the earth to give in

  103. The world of wolves Moonlight wolf

    The world of wolves Moonlight wolf3 months ago

    Ya and we will NEVER GO BACK

  104. CyberSonicPlayZ - A Dead Channel

    CyberSonicPlayZ - A Dead Channel3 months ago

    oh fudge. Europa became Subnautica. huh. does that explain The Big Thingy we can see in the sky?

  105. Lucas Nicolas

    Lucas Nicolas3 months ago

    In the Bible the Earth is 6000 years w

  106. Video game Master

    Video game Master3 months ago

    Make all planets sroppert live