How Could We Create A Second Earth?


  1. pluto pluto

    pluto pluto10 hours ago

    Mars less gravity alsome

  2. Mr Jayamma Jayamma

    Mr Jayamma Jayamma16 hours ago

    we are destroying heavenly earth and creating heaven on mars how foolish

  3. Dex

    DexDay ago


  4. Nizar Elkhair

    Nizar Elkhair3 days ago

    Since the humans don't even take care of earth by sending pollutions everywhere, then why was earth even a habitable planet in the very first place ? And do humans even deserve to be living in such beautiful planet that is currently turning into a black dirty hell full of pollutions careless humans leave behind.

  5. Margold

    Margold3 days ago

    OI always dotn forget to kill the aliens

  6. Crab Gaming

    Crab Gaming3 days ago

    Mars not thicc enough

  7. Babul Majumder

    Babul Majumder4 days ago

    Is it ok if you are the only one on earth.what will happen?

  8. Crab Gaming

    Crab Gaming3 days ago

    Babul Majumder the only person on earth? Thats dangerous because humans has many predators

  9. Justine Gabriel On YT

    Justine Gabriel On YT5 days ago

    Starbound terraformer

  10. Milf Hunter

    Milf Hunter6 days ago

    Patrick: Lets take venus's atmosphere, and Push it somewhere else (mars)!

  11. bonso Bukwu

    bonso Bukwu6 days ago


  12. Gaming With DJ Ed

    Gaming With DJ Ed6 days ago

    For saving earth, google has air pollution reducing- websites!

  13. Gaming With DJ Ed

    Gaming With DJ Ed6 days ago

    Well, we could work on how to fix global warming! *Gets project that she did on global warming for science homework* Oof I mean air pollution Sorry people, search up 7 Ways To Reduce Air Pollution on google! This Might help which means it might not help! Ur welcome!

  14. Galaxy Blue

    Galaxy Blue7 days ago

    An agate terrifies 🎶 A lapis terraforms 🎶 Wheres the diamond when they need you blue 🎶 YOU HAVE TO BE A LEADER BLUE! 🎶

  15. ADerpyReality

    ADerpyReality10 days ago

    Venus used to be like earth though... Long time ago but not in space time.

  16. Sean Parkes

    Sean Parkes13 days ago

    Spore confirmed

  17. Geometryman541

    Geometryman54114 days ago

    But wait THERES MORE

  18. admirallightningbolt

    admirallightningbolt16 days ago

    Oh instant like for the Bowie bolt

  19. Rebecca Jenkins

    Rebecca Jenkins18 days ago

    Hey u have played Minecraft!!!!

  20. Rebecca Jenkins

    Rebecca Jenkins18 days ago

    And I love Minecraft

  21. tony webster

    tony webster19 days ago

    You don't have any real idea do you?

  22. jordanya burke

    jordanya burke20 days ago

    Venus would be too hot

  23. Fins Epic Videos

    Fins Epic Videos22 days ago

    I wanna live on *PlUtO*

  24. Melanie Daddy

    Melanie Daddy22 days ago

    If Earth survived billions of years it can again the Earth will be destroyed one day but that ain't happening for a long time

  25. DavidSeriosuL joaca

    DavidSeriosuL joaca22 days ago

    Terraforming would get removed so we coudn't use it because of the developers of *chough Subanutica chough*

  26. gobeegamergg

    gobeegamergg24 days ago


  27. TrackTimeWithMon

    TrackTimeWithMon25 days ago

    We can terrarorm saturn

  28. Dumb is the new sexy

    Dumb is the new sexy26 days ago

    Terraforming.. So y’all want to to go to Mars and Terra form that shit, why not Terra form the Earth rather than running to another planet, making another planet liveable, why not work 1000x to fix up the Earth rather than fixing a planet that’s already fucked up, we can still fix the Earth.

  29. Skate Club

    Skate Club26 days ago

    Dumb is the new sexy Cause that’s all we can do when we stuff up, run away and start again on a new canvas.

  30. Ledioni Plays

    Ledioni PlaysMonth ago

    Why Dont We Focus On Discovering Things And Look For Better Planets To live on,or we could start terreforming deserts and even Antartica?

  31. Deal MasterHd

    Deal MasterHdMonth ago

    Ways to save beautiful Mother Earth use reusable bag instead of plastic if your a heavy coffee drinker instead of using those plastic cups use a reusable one drive less and walk more or use a bike or use public transportation another thing to do is always eat ya food don’t leave it Poor POEPLE can’t afford food you should be thankful and eat your food

  32. Valentino FP productions

    Valentino FP productionsMonth ago

    we could also go for titan the only thing we could do is: putting oxygen in the atmosphere and lowering the methane level and put carbon dioxide turning on the rock core to create an magnetosphere {is not necessary to do it because of the magnetic field of Saturn} and pump the remaining the submerged land marks {if the water flooded the hole planet}

  33. bertchirole

    bertchiroleMonth ago

    0:18, David bowie?

  34. Caelium44

    Caelium44Month ago

    Life Noggin, it’s not your fault that you have a younger and also hostile audience

  35. Billy The Big Fat Gamer

    Billy The Big Fat GamerMonth ago

    Or we could use proxima e

  36. Sadeq Ali

    Sadeq AliMonth ago

    we wode have to now what will have to now what will hapin in uower unyvers and if makes it bater lets do it but if it will kill us nop

  37. Andrei Player

    Andrei PlayerMonth ago

    I think we should gatter materials and make a new planet for humans,in case earth becomes unliveable and we can move somwhere else,BUT we could do something!We could do this not to become like wall-e!

  38. Anne syth

    Anne sythMonth ago

    Oh look! Another planet for us to destroy. Good on the human race for trying to create entire ecosystems when we barely know shit about curing cancer even though so much money has been pumped into it. We know more about space than our oceans. Our oceans and forests provide our oxygen. It's the earths lungs. Forests are best at this when they get over 100years old. Can we afford to wait hundreds of years for trees to grow. Come on get real.

  39. Hokkai Draws

    Hokkai DrawsMonth ago

    i’m a bit scared i’m to young to death

  40. De PandaPootjes

    De PandaPootjesMonth ago

    0:53 But we have a free trampoline then! Want something else?

  41. BobbyRockXD

    BobbyRockXDMonth ago

    Terraform earth! Let's Make it bigger

  42. Splotchy splotch

    Splotchy splotchMonth ago

    The only thing is how do we get there?

  43. Tushar Chowdhury

    Tushar ChowdhuryMonth ago

    We should Do VENUS cause We don't know how to create A magnetic Field,And Adding mass isn't a planets cup of Tea

  44. Bas Durinck

    Bas DurinckMonth ago

    Carbon dioxide isn’t toxic to humans

  45. Alternate Countryball

    Alternate CountryballMonth ago

    I would destroy Jupiter’s tornado and terra form it and it’s moons XD

  46. Mark Diaz

    Mark DiazMonth ago

    Even we like it or not the time will still come...To do that kind of thing every country must help each other

  47. Daljeet Kaur

    Daljeet KaurMonth ago

    Imagine If Humans Lived On A Planet Near The Red Sun, Would Humans have Superpowers due to differed radioactive rates.?

  48. Ramit Chattopadhyay

    Ramit ChattopadhyayMonth ago

    Wherever u all go please LEAVE *TRUMP* HERE ON THIS PLANET


    ANNA DOROSZMonth ago



    ANNA DOROSZMonth ago

    Hej kotek:-*

  51. FoXtrot Gaming

    FoXtrot GamingMonth ago

    The earth is *FLAT* !!!!

  52. Legendary leon

    Legendary leonMonth ago

    Let's red fraction guerilla this shit

  53. HA TRAN

    HA TRANMonth ago

    Hey life Noggin what will happen Is Mars is to small I think Mars is about 7000-8000 km and earth is 12500 km that will be a problem for the future human life Noggin I very like your video because your video taught me very much about space and earth thanks you very much and life noggin if you hit 190,000 like on your video please make a video about Mars is too small for further human and how we gone live on Mars because I think Mars is to small for further human and you must make the video I want you to make is about how we gone live on Mars , Mars is to small .

  54. dog lover Arellano

    dog lover ArellanoMonth ago

    You guys can make oxygen by is running electricity through water easier way is doing what you said to but I instead of doing that exploring are Galaxy instead of building on land maybe on the ocean by the way we're almost at 9 billion people

  55. Amir LEVY

    Amir LEVYMonth ago

    Is that guy at the start Ziggy Stardust?

  56. Galaxy Potato

    Galaxy PotatoMonth ago

    We watched this in my science class

  57. Lau囡囡

    Lau囡囡Month ago

    i want to protect the earth that we have

  58. Undying Killer

    Undying KillerMonth ago

    so, we can create a another Gliese 1214b

  59. Hyper Cookiie Fan

    Hyper Cookiie FanMonth ago

    Why hav'nt we thought of this by now?

  60. MacawBird

    MacawBirdMonth ago

    We should live on titan when the sun turns into a red giant

  61. Ted George

    Ted GeorgeMonth ago

    We should terraform mars.

  62. Kevin Melissa

    Kevin Melissa2 months ago

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it can be possible to life on mercury so you in spa... oh wait a minute I won't be alive to when humas we go to other planets we I could just dream

  63. Shane C

    Shane C2 months ago

    More planets we can live on more more more

  64. Rubylyn Ellis

    Rubylyn Ellis2 months ago

    Create sun

  65. EverythingTech Bug

    EverythingTech Bug2 months ago

    #save our home planet, Earth

  66. Amethyst

    Amethyst2 months ago

    What if the plants end up purple or pink and not green?

  67. OutsideShadow

    OutsideShadow2 months ago

    How about instead of changing another planet/moon we change ourselves? I’m talking about forced evolution

  68. Daniela Paredes Angeld

    Daniela Paredes Angeld2 months ago

    So, I have a school project in which I have to defend going to Mars. I find this video and you tell me how to make an atmosphere in Mars, you give me this whole information of how I'm going to do it, and this makes me think "whoa, this is amazing". And then, YOU TELL ME THAT I CAN'T BECAUSE IT HAS NO MAGNETOSPHERE. WHY'D YOU DO THIS TO ME? IT ISN'T FAIR. Btw great video, still amazing, but I couldn't use it. ❤️

  69. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSMonth ago

    Well it's true, Earth's magnetic field protects us from solar winds.

  70. VirtualEvan

    VirtualEvan2 months ago

    I think we should terraform other planets

  71. Neil

    Neil2 months ago

    I really hope other planets are colonized, And the colonists have to have a MINIMUM iq of 100. That way the planet will be populated with smart people and will help ensure the survival of our species.

  72. ColetralColar

    ColetralColar2 months ago

    in the future i might work on this to

  73. Canadian pacific fan 12

    Canadian pacific fan 122 months ago

    Let’s terraform Neptune

  74. Shaimaa Nada

    Shaimaa Nada2 months ago

    yes i want to see mars

  75. Jac Gamer 4267

    Jac Gamer 42672 months ago

    SUN is a TERRAFORMER, when it becomes a giant, it terraforms Titan, Encaledus, and Pluto.

  76. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSMonth ago

    Problem is that when it becomes a giant it will also die out.

  77. Tnkrbel79123

    Tnkrbel791232 months ago


  78. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSMonth ago

    Jupiter is just a gas giant no way we can live there.

  79. panda in a bambo

    panda in a bambo2 months ago

    Tnkrbel79123 Jupiter barely any surface

  80. Uhh JD animates for you

    Uhh JD animates for you2 months ago

    Hopefully it happens cause what if World War III happens then is could be useful

  81. MSNbalmich

    MSNbalmich2 months ago

    venus isn't a good idea, scratch that, a TERRIBLE IDEA. venus' gravity is so strong it literally crushes probes we send there

  82. AS P

    AS P2 months ago

    We should save our mother Earth

  83. AS P

    AS P2 months ago


  84. TheOtherAxis

    TheOtherAxis2 months ago

    We need to travel over 100 lys to get to Kepler-22b because the temperature is around 70 degrees F and it has oxygen with water. We would need to make a spacecraft that has home and can fit millions of families to get to Kepler-22b. It takes 22 million years to get there. But if we make the spacecraft fast and suitable for families we wouldn't have to worry about anything.

  85. Alfred Labeja

    Alfred Labeja2 months ago

    Is mars in da goldilocks zone (ik i spelt da second to last work wrong)

  86. mobilegamez 27

    mobilegamez 272 months ago

    We should start Terri forming another planet because u never know what could happen to earth the next day and if the earth we have now terriforms then all the oxygen goes bye bye then we would all die that's y we should start Terri forming another planet ASAP Or we could Terra form and fix our own also

  87. KP Productions

    KP Productions2 months ago

    "if the earth we have now terriforms then all the oxygen goes bye bye" please explain how terrain forimg a planet will take our oxygen away?

  88. Good Evening Twitter

    Good Evening Twitter3 months ago

    Venus Isn't a option Either 1. Takes 200+ days to complete a day 2. Barely has a tilt (Venus tilt is 177 degrees, Compared to Earth 23 degrees) 3. It's Closer to the sun

  89. Antoine le

    Antoine le3 months ago

    you will never terraform a planet

  90. Malachi FBI697

    Malachi FBI6973 months ago

    Lets make Jupiter our new earth

  91. NHS Kid

    NHS Kid3 months ago


  92. Debi Vlogs Ibrahim

    Debi Vlogs Ibrahim3 months ago

    Mars,es largest country is mine ok and venes, es

  93. Ghastly Grinner

    Ghastly Grinner3 months ago

    "Blow through the resources on earth"...every year we produce more than the previous peak oil seems to be a myth the only real problem we have is countries that don't produce are being massively subsidised by civilised nations that do we just need to quarantine the southern hemisphere until they evolve

  94. Ginés de Pasamonte

    Ginés de Pasamonte3 months ago

    Carbondihoxide is not toxic to humans, or any other animal; it is just unbreathable. It might seem otherwise, but the difference is quite substancial.

  95. yulia hensmit

    yulia hensmit3 months ago

    fix the earth first and go to mars so 2 home for us

  96. Can. We. Reach. 22 millónSubs Crayfish

    Can. We. Reach. 22 millónSubs Crayfish3 months ago

    The earth isn't round.there are no northern or southern boundaries to the earth . It was proven in 1928. Admiral Byrd discovered it. AlsoNASA are liars and have a habit of putting out fake cgi videos. Grow up dude! Quit believing everything you see on tv.

  97. Julio

    Julio3 months ago

    We can use this planet for a very long time and still survive. And in 1 million years we will definitely have a second earth through manned space missions.

  98. Oreagle

    Oreagle3 months ago


  99. TheGalaxyMaster and gaster blaster

    TheGalaxyMaster and gaster blaster3 months ago

    sooooooooooooooooooooo cool😃👼🌕🌎🌏🌍🌋🌌🌠❄☔⚡☁⛅☀🌈⚡⛄


    PAPER CUTS3 months ago

    That and the nuclear exsplosion that took place on mars in the past. Look it up

  101. The Emerald Fusion

    The Emerald Fusion3 months ago

    2:33 I think you meant XTRA THICC

  102. monkey lump

    monkey lump3 months ago

    I am changing my mind. Saturn and Mars is my favourite now

  103. monkey lump

    monkey lump3 months ago

    Poor mars

  104. 為元張

    為元張3 months ago

    for venus, you can use space solar shade to lower temperature.

  105. Mr_Classic Boi

    Mr_Classic Boi3 months ago

    We actually could creat an artificial mahnetic field on mars by adding to giant speical made magnets on top and bottom

  106. bullit bandit

    bullit bandit3 months ago

    Its impossible to terra form any planet let alone mars.

  107. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSMonth ago

    Mars was once a habital planet it's not impossible to terraform

  108. Ginaski Pelaez

    Ginaski Pelaez3 months ago

    Hmm.... We should make a new magnetosphere like a "Artificial Magnetosphere" 😺

  109. Şahin yaşar

    Şahin yaşar3 months ago

    how do we protect earh even war each other? war=end of earth

  110. Eirian

    Eirian3 months ago

    Some people have theorized triton (one of Neptune’s moons) is a former dwarf planet. So could triton be terraformed?