How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days


  1. Everquest Sales

    Everquest Sales23 minutes ago

    They didn't...

  2. Eff Gee

    Eff Gee36 minutes ago

    A man is infected with a new virus in Wuhan City Build a new hospital 嘿 Build the hospital And off to the cure Prepare the face mask Quarantine the infected And make the cure The new hospital collection from China.

  3. RM Hang

    RM HangHour ago

    First of all, this virus would less likely start in US.(either WMD or wild animal consumption) they do not need in the first place. Secondly, infrastructure well built in developed countries. So they do not need in rush. Thirdly, the power of control, Not a single westerner like it. I mean it. some westerners saying how much they love China is because they never in deep touch with China. So if you are from western world, there is no need to envy this. there is an old saying in China : 生在福中不知福(Fools never know when they are well off.)

  4. Wheresmyeyebrow

    WheresmyeyebrowHour ago

    The hospital is now leaking water extremely badly Please remember that this is China we're talking about. This hospital is built like shit.

  5. Lelouch Yagami

    Lelouch Yagami2 hours ago

    India : can't make everyone poop in toilets instead of streets.

  6. Matt Kaczmarczyk

    Matt Kaczmarczyk3 hours ago

    as the world's largest manufacturer this virus could spark a potential world recession CHINA BE LIKE EHH NNNOOOO

  7. Darth Tiberius

    Darth Tiberius3 hours ago

    >believing anything communists say how about you check the sulfur dioxide levels around the outbreak centres in china and work out how much of it is present in a body

  8. Matt Kaczmarczyk

    Matt Kaczmarczyk3 hours ago

    this is why 中国 matters in our modern world, they get s*$t done

  9. JH_Monty

    JH_Monty4 hours ago

    england: builds a train line in 40 years china: builds a hospital in 10

  10. Kathryn Carter

    Kathryn Carter4 hours ago

    What an impressive response by China & construction company. We should all acknowledge the effort & expertise in action here.

  11. mike buglioli

    mike buglioli6 hours ago

    These are not hospitals, they are jails where people are just fed and if they live, great, if not, oh well.

  12. PyroRomancer

    PyroRomancer6 hours ago

    There's reports of waste water leaking from the ceiling and walls in those hospital's. It's also reported that NCOV19 survives passing through the bowels of humans I feel like this channel has either been bought by the CCP or even worst, lost it's integrity.

  13. baer008

    baer0087 hours ago

    How China managed to fool the west into thinking they were able to manage the Coronavirus and safe their population. Yes propaganda still works...

  14. MaryLiz Games

    MaryLiz Games7 hours ago

    They did that in 10 days, and here in Shetland they spent like 20 years just debating about building a new high school in Lerwick (Shetland's capital), to replace the now old one.

  15. Noukz

    Noukz7 hours ago

    R.I.P. Li Wenliang

  16. Anya Roxane

    Anya Roxane8 hours ago

    china is hiding the real numbers until now just as they did coverup the virus... they even rejected help from the usa and soon after whined about the usa not helping them...

  17. thot

    thot9 hours ago

    These are not hospitals But quarantine zones People there don't have any medicine So thare isn't any machins, water etc just zone where sick people stay Information in this video is not exactly true And they are locking them in their houses witch metal bars ( you can see this on twiter or on mr.obvius yt chanel) Sorry for my English 😓

  18. Shivas Thong

    Shivas Thong9 hours ago

    Nah those are tiny cells for the infected.

  19. Eshwara Shawn

    Eshwara Shawn10 hours ago

    Normal made in China.. just like LEGO build!!

  20. shah

    shah11 hours ago

    Long live democracies. 😴😴😴😴

  21. Ron McDon

    Ron McDon13 hours ago

    having lived in china for 6 years, they do build super fast. they built a mall across the street from me in a freaking year. they go 24 hours a day, 2 shifts. day shift and night shift. i actually hated that fucking night shift

  22. Jason Salim

    Jason Salim18 hours ago

    Meanwhile DNC can’t run election on small state.

  23. siddhant agrawal

    siddhant agrawal19 hours ago

    In india it would take 10 years. And i am not just making jokes, it would literally take 10 year to build this much big goverment hospital.

  24. Jasmine Edwards

    Jasmine Edwards20 hours ago

    Smh America needed step they game up

  25. D H

    D H23 hours ago

    While many hate communism, there are good to it if the government is aware of what it needs to do for its ppl. It is a country of 1 billion ppl and chaos is easy of there are no iron fist control. With that said, this enables the country to do almost anything it wanted to at the fastest and cheapest rate. Unlike US where military contractors and other private companies gets huge chunks of money from the development. It's idea is wages of ppl must be sufficient Vs the development. When cost are low, they can afford to pay workers better. This can be reflected by huge amount of Chinese going for holidays around the world. It's white and blue collar groups are growing and this sustain the country. Most major cooperation are owned or co-owned by the government thus diverting back the money to the country for development such as railway and roads. This is something the few rich at West will not allow to happen. Each country has its unique way to handle situations and in China, they know their strength is people. They have lot and lot of people.

  26. tyler89557

    tyler89557Day ago

    China: Builds a hospital in 10 days Also China: Attempts to cover up the Wuhan virus instead of actually treating it, as a result it has spread to a multitude of different countries. Still refuses to reveal the true death toll and number of infected to save face.

  27. OneAndOnly Lokey

    OneAndOnly LokeyDay ago

    When this shit collapses in a few years. We will know they just BS for 10 days.

  28. Eason Lin

    Eason LinDay ago

    Speed is not the point dude and never try to describe the event as if Chinese government did it well they didn't. They hid things and even fined a doc who originally said that there's the virus. And to those who admire the 10-day shit: would you like to give up the process of discussion, the voting rights, freedom of speech, freedom of news, rule of law, democracy and a lot of things you have now to achieve that shit? Understand the situation better then talk please

  29. Chicken

    ChickenDay ago

    Its is Mostly Old People dying from the Virus

  30. joker 69

    joker 69Day ago

    Actually,You're wrong. China constructed the hospital in just 8 days.

  31. worldofpaul12

    worldofpaul12Day ago

    Wendover: "It began with an ordinary event" Also Wendover: "when a man ate a wild ass bat"

  32. Bruised Lee

    Bruised LeeDay ago

    That’s how they fast to cover up dead toll.

  33. 1mikhaelone

    1mikhaeloneDay ago

    04:20 this is what you came here for

  34. long yap

    long yapDay ago

    broke in 3 days after raining

  35. Electro-Cute

    Electro-CuteDay ago

    They didn't build a hospital. They built a glorified warehouse for people to get cross contaminated in. It is a morgue.

  36. Andrew Ferguson

    Andrew FergusonDay ago

    Yeah right a real functioning hospital lol

  37. Southern Romanian

    Southern RomanianDay ago

    Comments are full of China shills.

  38. Gregory Ashton

    Gregory AshtonDay ago

    Quick answer: Propaganda

  39. Gregory Ashton

    Gregory AshtonDay ago

    It’s emerged that it might not have been from eating the bats, but from scientists carrying out tests on bats.

  40. Steve Pierre

    Steve PierreDay ago

    It's literally a death camp not a hospital, If you see a leak footage from the patients who treated there the building is begin to crumble already, the walls and ceiling is falling down and water is leaking everywhere, you can catch the virus just being there...Lmao!!

  41. The5thSaints

    The5thSaintsDay ago

    hospital and quarantine center are not the same thing

  42. yayat kostaman

    yayat kostamanDay ago

    China : How to build a hospital in ten days. Corona : How to kill 100 people in a day. China : ??????????

  43. Sheryl Ramsey

    Sheryl RamseyDay ago

    Well it’s not holding up that well.

  44. nhat vinh ly

    nhat vinh lyDay ago

    if you wanna build a hospital in 10 days . go live in china and get please get the virus

  45. Zack Scriven

    Zack ScrivenDay ago

    It's a conspiracy.

  46. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan NguyenDay ago

    This is nothing new to China because in 2003 China built the hospital in a week for SARS epidemic.

  47. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan NguyenDay ago

    I believe this can happen in other countries too except the US because the US has all the bs rules and laws which prevent all the lawsuit arise in the future.

  48. chendaddy

    chendaddy2 days ago

    I remember when I moved to DC in 2004, they said they planned to have a metro line out to Dulles Airport in ten years. I thought to myself, wow ten years is a really long time, but that'd be extremely convenient. It's been 16 years. The metro line still doesn't go out to Dulles Airport. #USA

  49. Newt

    Newt2 days ago

    Small error at the beginning of the video.. It hasn't been confirmed that one ate an infected animal. Transmission route not confirmed.

  50. Greg E

    Greg E2 days ago

    Falling apart after a month..Watch at 24:10.

  51. Greg E

    Greg E2 days ago

    Too bad it's already falling apart..

  52. mikeybhoy28

    mikeybhoy282 days ago

    China: Builds a hospital in 10 days UK: Fixes a small stretch of motorway in 3 years that by the time they reach the end, the first section needs to be re-repaired again.

  53. Jackie Scum

    Jackie Scum2 days ago

    It doesn’t mean anything if it’s a pos. The hospital is leaking badly already.

  54. anastasiagirl1342

    anastasiagirl13422 days ago

    They should have stopped the flights.

  55. Slick Pickle

    Slick Pickle2 days ago

    now it's leaking lmao, epic fail

  56. Sarukh Khan King of The World

    Sarukh Khan King of The World2 days ago

    I am building garden shed in my back yard. It took more than a month and I m still building. I dont know when this is going to end.

  57. man wah

    man wah2 days ago

    How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days AND Falling Apart Due to Winds and Snow in 3 days lul

  58. Jose antonio Paul

    Jose antonio Paul2 days ago

    That's how it get it done.god bless China .

  59. CurtisCT

    CurtisCT2 days ago

    All the juvenile comments aside, there are very good reasons why it would be impossible to duplicate such a feat in western countries and why medical facilities in the West take years to build, and it has nothing to do with incompetence or red tape. There's a very long list of safety measures and preconditions, like environmental impact studies, fire protection measures, logistics studies, etc., that must be met before construction can even begin. These measures might slow down a building project and they might cost a lot of money, but hundreds of years of experience has shown that this is the best and safest way to avoid structural failures as well as survive unforeseen catastrophes. Yes, China has without a doubt accomplished a very remarkable task, but it would surprise no one if the building structures begin to fail after a few short years or if contaminants begin polluting the environment thereby causing another epidemic in the local population. Which is precisely the reason why Western journalists were specifically excluded from reporting on the building process: they would have undoubtedly introduced an unwanted measure of scrutiny and uncovered any substandard building practices.

  60. Jame Htoo

    Jame Htoo2 days ago

    Is not hospital 🏥 bro is empty room to put people 😫