How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED


  1. Eric Finley

    Eric FinleyDay ago

    that seems really difficult

  2. alek

    alekDay ago

    Gross CGI!

  3. NonsensicalVids

    NonsensicalVids6 days ago

    tunnel fight was kinda bad tbh, especially for 2018 standards

  4. GlykoGen

    GlykoGen7 days ago

    These CGI effects wasn't worse then in the Infinity War, but fights, acting, plot, especially plot were so bad, that I was just bored. I wanted nitpicked on every details, because of that. I wouldn't have noticed terrible CGI rhinos if the plot had been good, but I did coz it was supid story with nothing original.

  5. Cynima Rapscallion

    Cynima Rapscallion7 days ago

    Poorly. Saved you 10 minutes.

  6. satish8299

    satish82997 days ago

    The landscape is beautifull and lot of actions are great, the fight with the metro was the part i did not like graphically, all other scenes also the outside action scenes were so real. Also in infinity war it looks zo real.

  7. Aaron Molo

    Aaron Molo9 days ago

    Woah, what is the song at 0:23?

  8. Andrew Pitt

    Andrew Pitt15 days ago


  9. Edward Bliffin

    Edward Bliffin16 days ago

    Shouldve kept the same visual effects team as they used for Avengers

  10. Lithus17

    Lithus1717 days ago

    The sad thing is, The Black Panther was created just to sell more comics to black kids. It’s a corporate pandering project by Marvel. Think about it, his super power is being black. Seriously? Lol

  11. UtopicTech

    UtopicTech17 days ago


  12. Александр Лоскуткин

    Александр Лоскуткин17 days ago

    дэрил сочик, отрежь свой хуй

  13. illblade10mc

    illblade10mc17 days ago

    Honestly I think people are missing the point in the cgi in black panther. In terms of how characters looked they didn’t look so great but cgi isn’t only just completely comprised of character imagery and animations alone. They clearly showed whole backgrounds that were cgi. I’m completely blown away by that.

  14. Dimas AB

    Dimas AB18 days ago

    good, i guess.

  15. Reload Original

    Reload Original19 days ago

    so much to me looks cartoony or green-screened - at 8:51, it looks like a bunch of people stuck on a rock, with no upward perspective.

  16. J. Martin

    J. Martin19 days ago

    Get the man some eyedrops or something... ive never seen someone blink that much

  17. Ilmari Heikkinen

    Ilmari Heikkinen19 days ago

    Bench wave score image lamp none excited under law.

  18. peachjedi

    peachjedi20 days ago

    See they said the rhinos were harder but I think the rhinos looked a lot better and more fluid than some of the character doubles.


    YASHKUMAR PATEL20 days ago

    I think first transformers and ironman did great job.....

  20. ryan goss

    ryan goss21 day ago

    1:24 look at his hand. You're welcome.

  21. Mark Squirp

    Mark Squirp21 day ago


  22. J J

    J J21 day ago

    Everything is so fake now.

  23. Two Wheel Aussie

    Two Wheel Aussie21 day ago

    Jesus! Imagine how boring movies would be without editing or animation effects

  24. Isaac Grenier de Lassagne

    Isaac Grenier de Lassagne21 day ago

    2:44 when your classmates hear you got chewing-gums

  25. pyrosdestiny

    pyrosdestiny22 days ago

    Weakest part of the movie was the CGI. Very distracting at some pivotal points!

  26. EmaMasterchef

    EmaMasterchef22 days ago

    man this guy blinks like 10 times per second lol

  27. Sherb ert

    Sherb ert22 days ago

    Who else cringes at 2:41 cause of his teef

  28. James N

    James N22 days ago

    It's easy to spot the CG, it's definitely not seamless. It looks clean, but it's obviously fake. The rhino running looked super fake, they know it too.

  29. Yilayer

    Yilayer23 days ago

    CGI all over the place

  30. JennyM1998

    JennyM199824 days ago

    as much as I love the whole concept of CGI in movies, I feel like it should be used to support the physical footage and fx, not replace them. alot of black panther felt more like a video game cut scene than a movie. I get that there are moments where CGI is necessary since obviously we dont have the tech or superpowers, but so we really have to completely replace the actors for most of the movie?

  31. Conservative Atheist

    Conservative Atheist24 days ago

    There was hardly any action in this movie or impressive visuals. Boring AF.


    AGRETZOR24 days ago

    Oh i know this one! Oh i know this one! Oh i know this one! Shoe polish?

  33. Slyther Studios

    Slyther Studios25 days ago

    This was my favorite animated movie of the year! Maybe they'll make a live action version one day.

  34. Zane Scaffe

    Zane Scaffe25 days ago

    Black panther’s cgi was awful

  35. xamurai00

    xamurai0025 days ago

    The challenge duel for the kingship was really poor. So very obvious that the onlookers on the cliff ledges were cgi. it really ruined the immersion. We have come a really long way but I guess we are not really there yet.

  36. Jacob W

    Jacob W25 days ago

    Terribly. They were done terribly.

  37. VJ Rei

    VJ Rei25 days ago

    This guy seems he does not goes out much... always blinking.

  38. RarestJeff

    RarestJeff25 days ago

    some of the cg in this looked really bad. like videogame render bad. studios need to try to do as much physically as possible

  39. Colorless

    Colorless25 days ago

    "art won't get you anywhere" they said

  40. Ziot

    Ziot25 days ago

    This movies was trash

  41. Boid

    Boid25 days ago

    "fix it in post" the movie

  42. GuyOnAChair ​​

    GuyOnAChair ​​26 days ago

    The effects were pretty bad here.

  43. Thaimachine Films

    Thaimachine Films26 days ago

    is this interview was made by WIRED or ? WIRED just repost ?

  44. Abram Little

    Abram Little26 days ago

    made terribly

  45. Konanani Munzhedzi

    Konanani Munzhedzi26 days ago

    Wow, really admire the dedication and effort these guys put to bring this film to life. Great job👏👏👏

  46. Chackobrack

    Chackobrack26 days ago

    This is what Africa would like look if dey spit on de non believaz

  47. Liam Curran

    Liam Curran27 days ago

    so much bad cgi. the cgi rhino was the absolute worst

  48. Nö Nix

    Nö Nix28 days ago

    if you are shooting a whole movie on a parking lot in the so fake -

  49. Lensbreak Studios

    Lensbreak Studios28 days ago

    1:35 why do they have a block with some fire on it? what is it for? as reference of the scale of the fire?

  50. WarioGiant

    WarioGiant7 days ago

    Lensbreak Studios yes

  51. Brian Botello

    Brian BotelloMonth ago

    The CGI looks worst after seeing Infinity Wars

  52. Eternity's Fall

    Eternity's FallMonth ago

    I'm disappointed this isn't a five second video with the captions "not very well"

  53. btje vtje

    btje vtjeMonth ago

    The last fight scene was really bad cgi wise

  54. OGhugge

    OGhuggeMonth ago

    I didn't like all of the cgi they did, sometimes it felt kinda like a video game when they were fighting.

  55. Hi There

    Hi ThereMonth ago

    look at the left hand

  56. Filipe Pereira

    Filipe PereiraMonth ago

    This is absolutely amazing!


    JRDN MRTNMonth ago

    I use MS paint too!

  58. AJ R.

    AJ R.Month ago

    one of the coolest shits in MCU

  59. Violet Null

    Violet NullMonth ago

    Anybody else who isn’t bugged by the CGI?

  60. MirokuPlays

    MirokuPlaysMonth ago

    I completely understand that this movie used ALOT of experimental CGI technology. However completely replacing characters for long and drawn out scenes is a terrible idea. They should have stuck with an actual actor then using CHI to “touch them up”. Like T’challa walking up the wreck the suit actually looked decent. But the fight scenes look so rubbery and fake. I understand you can’t drop a person off a cliff and just “touch it up” but other films manage it so well.

  61. Koji Takata

    Koji TakataMonth ago

    So the whole movie was CGI. 😂

  62. Tim Thompson

    Tim ThompsonMonth ago

    when clothing burns there is a lot of smoke involved.

  63. Sabrina K.

    Sabrina K.Month ago

    Daryl looks like that Buzzfeed guy.. but with his hair shaved.

  64. Melvin Chong

    Melvin ChongMonth ago

    So it's basically a glorified Toy Story movie.

  65. bud ekins

    bud ekinsMonth ago


  66. thepodbaydoorshal

    thepodbaydoorshalMonth ago

    5:30 "You wanna keep as much of the live-action photography as possible... You don't wanna replace everything just because you can".... Ummmmmmmmmm... That's. Exactly. What. You. Did. And it looked like trash and ALMOST ruined a great movie. SMH.

  67. Begamer90

    Begamer90Month ago

    BP has the worst CGI in MCU. This video kinda shows that

  68. Caleb Hodges the new sasuke

    Caleb Hodges the new sasukeMonth ago

    That's real fire OH MY GOD!


    KARSBILMonth ago

    He blinks too much

  70. Did3D

    Did3DMonth ago

    CGI horrible in the movie ... all is CGI like Toy Story!!

  71. Laser Lobotomy

    Laser LobotomyMonth ago

    never hire this guys

  72. Davis

    DavisMonth ago

    people kept saying how good the cgi was but idk. none of the recent cgi movies have looked that good, they use way to much of it

  73. Andy Coins

    Andy CoinsMonth ago

    Nope, NASA cant fake anything lmao. NASA has the most expensive VR technology in the world, look into it people.

  74. TheChad

    TheChadMonth ago

    Bad movie has bad effects? Shocking

  75. A Serious Salamander

    A Serious SalamanderMonth ago

    Black Panther was by far the best movie ever made of all time. I love black people. I'm not racist at all.

  76. Jeffrey Root

    Jeffrey RootMonth ago

    That CGI is pretty horrible. The Rhinos in the 1994 version of Jumanji looked better.

  77. A guy person

    A guy personMonth ago

    The CGI was the best part of the movie to have a video on not the Villian who actually had a point and wasn’t an alien or demon who wanted to destroy earth.

  78. Maker Zaslanetz

    Maker ZaslanetzMonth ago

    So that's why Killmonger's coat were fallen apart that false. It was all CGI!

  79. Zcore

    ZcoreMonth ago

    marvel: we just wanna bring our comic books into reality Dc: comics? we have those? nah they outdated .. probably .... lets just makes our own versions for the kids

  80. Aleckz Aleckz

    Aleckz AleckzMonth ago

    1:35 "I never freeze".... then what is this? No one gets my sense of humor

  81. Wasabi Fox

    Wasabi FoxMonth ago

    ok but *chadwick*

  82. Fauzi Ahmad

    Fauzi AhmadMonth ago

    after watching this, i believe that actors do the easiest job

  83. Khalil Parson

    Khalil ParsonMonth ago


  84. Captain Underpants

    Captain UnderpantsMonth ago

    SO BAD!

  85. Swaggaboa

    SwaggaboaMonth ago

    He blinks twice every second

  86. sule maan

    sule maanMonth ago

    Only People accepted by White people are Africans .

  87. Xx Helios

    Xx HeliosMonth ago

    not one scene was filmed in shithole africa

  88. FactoryGaming

    FactoryGamingMonth ago

    this was a cg crapfest. why do they brag about it?

  89. Avean

    AveanMonth ago

    First Marvel movie where visual effects were bad. In Civil War Black Panther was amazing. I guarantee there was a guy who knows martial arts who actually did the moves then. But in this? Everything is CGI and is so bad

  90. j k

    j kMonth ago

    the old suit looks *way* better than the new one. you can easily tell when you just compare the old helmet to the new helmet.

  91. Eric Long

    Eric LongMonth ago

    Wow ... its not like this ever happened ever in film... WTF makes this so relevant?

  92. furious fleet

    furious fleetMonth ago

    The cgi in black panther was horrible for their budget

  93. Hammond Miers

    Hammond MiersMonth ago

    Just go to woodprix website if you want to know how to make it yourself.

  94. Prateek Panwar

    Prateek PanwarMonth ago

    If Computer didn't exist, RIP imagination

  95. nomercy8989

    nomercy8989Month ago

    I think the visual effects were really mediocre for a big budget film.

  96. Electro Beast

    Electro BeastMonth ago

    All that fancy talk about the techniques used and it still looks cheap and fake. It's such a shame that the only thing that actually matters is how fast and cheap you can produce a movie.

  97. choobplaya

    choobplayaMonth ago

    I thought the acting was pretty bad. And the accents were crap.

  98. RealMuthaF

    RealMuthaFMonth ago

    Lol the CGI in this shitshow was horrible, just like everything else

  99. Alcial

    AlcialMonth ago

    The suit gives him the superpowers

  100. HeliosMedia

    HeliosMediaMonth ago

    one of the worst cgi really

  101. Zachary S

    Zachary SMonth ago

    Out of all the films that could have been used for this video, you chose the worst looking film of the year. Great job.