How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED


  1. Al Norris

    Al Norris3 days ago

    AYY shoutout to RTJ!

  2. Warren Sheppard

    Warren Sheppard4 days ago

    Why wasn't this on the blu ray

  3. Bola2 Producciones

    Bola2 Producciones6 days ago

    Only goodlooking afroamerican in wakanda? Why not real africans? Racism? Wakanda have a wall like US.

  4. toniodotcom

    toniodotcom6 days ago

    Please use as much live action photography as possible when representing humans in motion. CGI it perfect for representing background, landscape, buildings, suit textures, machines and robotics but is still not best to show moving humans and animals.

  5. DeShawn Michaelson

    DeShawn Michaelson8 days ago

    I love how they CGI'd "traditional african culture" to somehow seem "advanced" (that's literally what they did). They had to use the most advanced western visual technology in existence to fool our eyes into thinking our own african cousins could engineer wonderful things... think about how offensive that is. Couldn't they just take things that are legit african strengths... and make THAT the basis for BP's superpowers ?? If he's got lightning fast mind and superhuman strength - did he NEED nanotech ??

  6. Mcski Seal

    Mcski Seal8 days ago

    Intro song.?

  7. Legendary Life

    Legendary Life8 days ago

    Rhinos felt more real than cgi black panther in whole movie.

  8. P5P2

    P5P28 days ago

    we wuz kangz and shieet

  9. MyTechnical Learning

    MyTechnical Learning9 days ago

    Can you make tutorials on these visual effects

  10. Maxter47 LLGAME

    Maxter47 LLGAME10 days ago

    someone who knows 3D animation and CGI to tell me what the effect is called when the t'challa suit is being transformed by your body or what program you use please would you like it

  11. Herbert Huffington

    Herbert Huffington11 days ago

    CG in this movie was some of the worst ive seen in years

  12. Eyaura Eya

    Eyaura Eya11 days ago

    Neat but I prefer Neil Breen movies.

  13. ZemonG1

    ZemonG112 days ago

    dude, why the CGI on this movie look so awful?

  14. Lynx Lynxov

    Lynx Lynxov20 days ago

    They were make badly. As the movie's plot and writing.

  15. aidan sux at life

    aidan sux at life22 days ago

    the CGI looked like spiderman 3 2007

  16. Panna

    Panna22 days ago

    What is the beat at 1:06. Its straight flames

  17. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere23 days ago

    Yeah, what happened with the final KillMonger/Panther fight scene? It looked really bad. Did they run out of money or something? It was actually cringeworthy bad in that fight scene and took me right out of the experience. Overall I thought the movie was just okay. Not terrible but not great, either. I agree that a LOT less CG should have been used. More practical effects.


    XECUTIONIII23 days ago

    1:53 🅱OI 😂👌

  19. David Saintloth

    David Saintloth28 days ago

    Even as a software engineer this stuff is absolutely incredible.

  20. Gerberf

    Gerberf29 days ago

    Yeah, poorly

  21. Jake & Eve

    Jake & EveMonth ago

    At least the CGI was better than Superman's bear in Justice league !

  22. August Praise

    August PraiseMonth ago

    Wow! Im flabbergasted!!

  23. Ethém Shallabdullem

    Ethém ShallabdullemMonth ago

    All good cept for the final fight in the caves, the CGI there was worse then Battelfield 2.

  24. Jessica Vo

    Jessica VoMonth ago

    These are the real heroes of black panther

  25. C K

    C KMonth ago

    So much CGI these days.... Why can’t they just wear suits why must they be fake?

  26. Silver

    SilverMonth ago

    How BP visual effect where made: Bad

  27. ロボット鳥山

    ロボット鳥山Month ago

    Short answer: In the GTA San Andreas engine.

  28. ZeroLife

    ZeroLifeMonth ago

    Rather excessive CG.

  29. PPxnda

    PPxndaMonth ago

    Who else got a marvel advertise

  30. BlazeThe Werewolf

    BlazeThe WerewolfMonth ago

    Whats the editing software called

  31. Grade E quality

    Grade E qualityMonth ago

    garbage cgi

  32. Jerry Glass

    Jerry GlassMonth ago


  33. Avilah ma princesse

    Avilah ma princesseMonth ago

    DC take notes

  34. Elizabeth Omalis

    Elizabeth OmalisMonth ago

    WTH is cg 😂😂

  35. KillerTacos - TheEvolutionryGamer

    KillerTacos - TheEvolutionryGamerMonth ago

    The CGI fight scenes with Black Panther was awful in this movie

  36. ryan newman

    ryan newmanMonth ago

    I'd like the full movie without cgi

  37. calum don

    calum don2 months ago

    So the characters that have a super suit by the time we get to infinity war 1. Iron man panther 3. Spider-Man 4. Hulk 5. Antman 6. War machine 7. Falcon Who’s next??

  38. 22

    222 months ago

    The CGI was terrible in this film. Why would this be highlighted as an achievement by wired? The underground rail scene was specifically dated.

  39. Eric  Reeves

    Eric Reeves2 months ago

    Folks want to hate black panther!! I see these blogs and a bunch of negative comments. Not hard to figure out why!! If you don't have nothing nice to say just don't say nothing!! This movie still topped some of the best animated movies in sales so who cares!!

  40. Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube2 months ago

    If you watch Black Panther then watch civil war. You can see in civil war all the BP movement looks more believable. Dont get me wrong this CG is remarkable, some scene i cant really see the difference. But i just prefer BP movement in civil war.

  41. Kieran Schafer

    Kieran Schafer2 months ago

    Used way too much CGI in the final fight. The rhino's looked terrible and the suits looked like cartoons. Definitely preferred the Civil War suit

  42. W!llACT

    W!llACT2 months ago

    This is so cool

  43. Nana Akoto

    Nana Akoto2 months ago

    nice vfx

  44. GIR 93

    GIR 932 months ago

    Wonderful movie & plot🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars!

  45. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer2 months ago

    Overrated movie ..

  46. 湛藍天

    湛藍天2 months ago

    CGI is getting better and better

  47. Thirsty boi

    Thirsty boi2 months ago

    This is my favorite animated film

  48. Tameisha Hall

    Tameisha Hall2 months ago


  49. Gettin Jiggly

    Gettin Jiggly2 months ago

    4 Titans bet

  50. Edward Drager

    Edward Drager2 months ago

    I wish wakanda was real

  51. Purple Galaxy

    Purple Galaxy2 months ago

    No one understands how hard it is to make up a new world without using CGI no matter what CGI is important.

  52. Eric Finley

    Eric Finley2 months ago

    that seems really difficult

  53. alek

    alek2 months ago

    Gross CGI!

  54. NonsensicalVids

    NonsensicalVids3 months ago

    tunnel fight was kinda bad tbh, especially for 2018 standards

  55. GlykoGen

    GlykoGen3 months ago

    These CGI effects wasn't worse then in the Infinity War, but fights, acting, plot, especially plot were so bad, that I was just bored. I wanted nitpicked on every details, because of that. I wouldn't have noticed terrible CGI rhinos if the plot had been good, but I did coz it was supid story with nothing original.

  56. Cynima Rapscallion

    Cynima Rapscallion3 months ago

    Poorly. Saved you 10 minutes.

  57. satish8299

    satish82993 months ago

    The landscape is beautifull and lot of actions are great, the fight with the metro was the part i did not like graphically, all other scenes also the outside action scenes were so real. Also in infinity war it looks zo real.

  58. Aaron Molo

    Aaron Molo3 months ago

    Woah, what is the song at 0:23?

  59. Andrew Pitt

    Andrew Pitt3 months ago


  60. Edward Bliffin

    Edward Bliffin3 months ago

    Shouldve kept the same visual effects team as they used for Avengers

  61. Lithus17

    Lithus173 months ago

    The sad thing is, The Black Panther was created just to sell more comics to black kids. It’s a corporate pandering project by Marvel. Think about it, his super power is being black. Seriously? Lol

  62. UtopicTech

    UtopicTech3 months ago


  63. Александр Лоскуткин

    Александр Лоскуткин3 months ago

    дэрил сочик, отрежь свой хуй

  64. illblade10mc

    illblade10mc3 months ago

    Honestly I think people are missing the point in the cgi in black panther. In terms of how characters looked they didn’t look so great but cgi isn’t only just completely comprised of character imagery and animations alone. They clearly showed whole backgrounds that were cgi. I’m completely blown away by that.

  65. Dimas AB

    Dimas AB3 months ago

    good, i guess.

  66. Reload Original

    Reload Original3 months ago

    so much to me looks cartoony or green-screened - at 8:51, it looks like a bunch of people stuck on a rock, with no upward perspective.

  67. J. Martin

    J. Martin3 months ago

    Get the man some eyedrops or something... ive never seen someone blink that much

  68. Ilmari Heikkinen

    Ilmari Heikkinen3 months ago

    Bench wave score image lamp none excited under law.

  69. peachjedi

    peachjedi3 months ago

    See they said the rhinos were harder but I think the rhinos looked a lot better and more fluid than some of the character doubles.


    YASHKUMAR PATEL3 months ago

    I think first transformers and ironman did great job.....

  71. ryan goss

    ryan goss3 months ago

    1:24 look at his hand. You're welcome.

  72. Mark Squirp

    Mark Squirp3 months ago


  73. Two Wheel Aussie

    Two Wheel Aussie3 months ago

    Jesus! Imagine how boring movies would be without editing or animation effects

  74. Isaac Grenier de Lassagne

    Isaac Grenier de Lassagne3 months ago

    2:44 when your classmates hear you got chewing-gums

  75. pyrosdestiny

    pyrosdestiny3 months ago

    Weakest part of the movie was the CGI. Very distracting at some pivotal points!

  76. EmaMasterchef

    EmaMasterchef3 months ago

    man this guy blinks like 10 times per second lol

  77. J Moneybagz

    J Moneybagz3 months ago

    Who else cringes at 2:41 cause of his teef

  78. James N

    James N3 months ago

    It's easy to spot the CG, it's definitely not seamless. It looks clean, but it's obviously fake. The rhino running looked super fake, they know it too.

  79. Yilayer

    Yilayer3 months ago

    CGI all over the place

  80. JennyM1998

    JennyM19983 months ago

    as much as I love the whole concept of CGI in movies, I feel like it should be used to support the physical footage and fx, not replace them. alot of black panther felt more like a video game cut scene than a movie. I get that there are moments where CGI is necessary since obviously we dont have the tech or superpowers, but so we really have to completely replace the actors for most of the movie?

  81. Conservative Atheist

    Conservative Atheist3 months ago

    There was hardly any action in this movie or impressive visuals. Boring AF.


    AGRETZOR3 months ago

    Oh i know this one! Oh i know this one! Oh i know this one! Shoe polish?

  83. Slyther Studios

    Slyther Studios3 months ago

    This was my favorite animated movie of the year! Maybe they'll make a live action version one day.

  84. Delta Emerald

    Delta Emerald21 day ago

    Random idiot: “Durrrr, but isn’t it walready live action... duhhhhh...” XD

  85. LeFLI

    LeFLIMonth ago

    BuT iSn'T iT aLrEaDy LiVe AcTiOn

  86. man with the plan.

    man with the plan.Month ago

    the tunnel part was worst

  87. Zane Scaffe

    Zane Scaffe3 months ago

    Black panther’s cgi was awful

  88. xamurai00

    xamurai003 months ago

    The challenge duel for the kingship was really poor. So very obvious that the onlookers on the cliff ledges were cgi. it really ruined the immersion. We have come a really long way but I guess we are not really there yet.

  89. Jacob W

    Jacob W3 months ago

    Terribly. They were done terribly.

  90. VJ Rei

    VJ Rei3 months ago

    This guy seems he does not goes out much... always blinking.

  91. RarestJeff

    RarestJeff3 months ago

    some of the cg in this looked really bad. like videogame render bad. studios need to try to do as much physically as possible

  92. Colorless

    Colorless3 months ago

    "art won't get you anywhere" they said

  93. Ziot

    Ziot3 months ago

    This movies was trash

  94. Boid

    Boid3 months ago

    "fix it in post" the movie

  95. GuyOnAChair ​​

    GuyOnAChair ​​3 months ago

    The effects were pretty bad here.

  96. Thaimachine Films

    Thaimachine Films3 months ago

    is this interview was made by WIRED or ? WIRED just repost ?

  97. Abram Little

    Abram Little3 months ago

    made terribly

  98. Koni Moonjé

    Koni Moonjé3 months ago

    Wow, really admire the dedication and effort these guys put to bring this film to life. Great job👏👏👏

  99. Chackobrack

    Chackobrack3 months ago

    This is what Africa would like look if dey spit on de non believaz

  100. Liam Curran

    Liam Curran3 months ago

    so much bad cgi. the cgi rhino was the absolute worst

  101. Nö Nix

    Nö Nix3 months ago

    if you are shooting a whole movie on a parking lot in the so fake -

  102. Lensbreak Studios

    Lensbreak Studios3 months ago

    1:35 why do they have a block with some fire on it? what is it for? as reference of the scale of the fire?

  103. WarioGiant

    WarioGiant3 months ago

    Lensbreak Studios yes

  104. Brian Botello

    Brian Botello3 months ago

    The CGI looks worst after seeing Infinity Wars