How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED


  1. Henry Audubon

    Henry Audubon19 hours ago

    Unfortunately the effects in this movie looked a bit cheap. It was especially noticeable in the final duel.

  2. Yo_Boi K

    Yo_Boi K22 hours ago

    But it all looks so real

  3. rajesh yadla

    rajesh yadla2 days ago

    how stupid i thought wakanda really exist.

  4. Trete Lo

    Trete Lo6 days ago

    I loved watching this and I loved the film! Really inspiring video for someone like me learning CGI

  5. D. W.

    D. W.8 days ago

    So lemme get this straight. And I'm not just throwin shade here. But a massive corporation made a movie using CGI characters that 80-90% of the time were filmed, edited, directed, and marketed by an almost completely white staff, and it is being called the most important black film in history? Seems to me like the Black community just got fished hook, line, and sinker. Cha Ching! Get that money rich white man! $$$$$

  6. MoreThanGamerrr

    MoreThanGamerrr11 days ago

    Look at his hand at 1:53

  7. Рамиль Билалов

    Рамиль Билалов11 days ago

    How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made? Bad, very bad. First Black Panther suit is just SUPERBAD


    JAMES SMITH14 days ago

    much lie animated movie

  9. V1 Gibby

    V1 Gibby16 days ago

    Could have made the entire movie on a computer if you wanted to

  10. TTTMusic

    TTTMusic19 days ago

    To all the guys complaining about there being too much CGI in this movie: How would you have done it differently? Wakanda is an extremely technologically advanced society, without actually inventing all of their technology and filming it in use you can't do it without CGI. Stuff like this is hard and Marvel gets it right again and again, which is an awesome achievement.

  11. CL Xx

    CL Xx20 days ago



    LONELY EDITOR20 days ago

    song on 9:15?

  13. The Star Wars Dude

    The Star Wars Dude20 days ago

    No ILM? Makes sense the CGI wasn’t that good anyway

  14. Maruf Hossain

    Maruf Hossain22 days ago

    skipped the intro part of the movie :(

  15. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming22 days ago

    Guys Can Anyone tell me on what softwares these movies are made??

  16. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming2 days ago

    yeah you probably should

  17. Wurminator

    Wurminator2 days ago

    +Abhinav Gaming I should really check out PFtrack, looks interesting

  18. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming2 days ago

    and obviously maya and zbrush

  19. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming2 days ago

    Thanks for telling me but I think that they probably use PFtrack instead of mocha because I think its industrial standard

  20. Wurminator

    Wurminator4 days ago

    Nuke, Houdini, maybe Mocha for the Tracking and Maya or Cinema 4D for 3D modelling

  21. Jehiel Lewis

    Jehiel Lewis24 days ago

    Best movie ever

  22. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez26 days ago

    too much cgi for me

  23. Yellow Synth

    Yellow Synth26 days ago

    coloniser did a great job on the graphics

  24. Mango Steel

    Mango Steel26 days ago

    People are dogging out the cgi. Some of it wasn’t even noticeable. The 100 or so women fighting in the background look real AF! Stop hating 🛑.

  25. Jeanae Rowley

    Jeanae Rowley27 days ago

    This broke my brain a little bit 😳

  26. Marc’s Fx

    Marc’s Fx28 days ago

    It’s come a long way since my time in computer’s really a case of guessing if it’s real or not, it’s that good at deceiving our eyes....long live the graphics pen!!👍🏼😊

  27. YoshiBoy

    YoshiBoyMonth ago

    On some parts, the CGI was hella bad and noticable

  28. CodyAlushin

    CodyAlushinMonth ago

    So they filmed everything but didn't like it so they CG'd over it?

  29. Mr.FooNye

    Mr.FooNyeMonth ago

    2:47 look at this dude

  30. Dr Soap

    Dr SoapMonth ago

    They used too much of it when it wasn’t needed, and it looked quite bad. Mostly in the third act, the train scene looked the worst.

  31. Mike Oliver

    Mike OliverMonth ago

    They keep CGing out suits so eventually they don't need to put people in the costumes or buy the suits or pay for the time of putting actors in the suits. There was no reason to CG Black Panther's suit: it looked great! They got the best people in the industry to make it. I bet you studio notes were "I can't tell who is T'Challa and who is Killmonger" and the solution was to make 'em glow different colors and the VFX team told production that the easiest thing to do to integrate the glow was to completely replace the suits. You know this is the case because if they really had set out to make the suits glow and to replace the suits, then the actors would have been wearing LED strips to cast purple and gold light on the actors and the environment.

  32. MRah

    MRahMonth ago

    I enjoyed Black Panther but maybe not as much as I would have if there wasn't too much CGI

  33. Madison Jones

    Madison JonesMonth ago

    Comment section just filled with haters i love the whole film btw no complaints

  34. SUPER

    SUPERMonth ago

  35. Aerob

    AerobMonth ago

    I like more if you make colour of the eye black panther is white..

  36. musty max

    musty maxMonth ago


  37. Mystery Man

    Mystery ManMonth ago

    The cgi in the tunnel scene reminded me of spider man 2

  38. Jacques junior Fatal

    Jacques junior FatalMonth ago

    i get it , it's a multiple layers of CGI and that's why the 4k version was at 1080 p zoom, imagine if team was supposed to do those works on a 4k scheme . It would take too long to do the movie

  39. Beej J

    Beej JMonth ago

    Totally HORRIBLE fight scene at the end. That cartoon animation effect screwed a good movie.

  40. dwon da

    dwon daMonth ago

    One of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen.

  41. Dasboy

    DasboyMonth ago


  42. Shubham Phogat

    Shubham PhogatMonth ago

    Whatever They're worst

  43. Fizz Hip-Hop

    Fizz Hip-HopMonth ago

    They have billions of dollars and they couldn't do any better for the black panther and kill monger fighting at the end

  44. Pham Viet

    Pham VietMonth ago

    So much blinking

  45. Mr Hove

    Mr HoveMonth ago

    WB take notes

  46. Harshraj Jadeja

    Harshraj JadejaMonth ago

    This guys should get paid more than the actors 😂😂

  47. David Robinson

    David RobinsonMonth ago

    The CGI was actually very decent, it's the virtual camera movements that make things look fake, especially in the mine fight. They should have used proper camera shots instead of having the virtual camera whiz around all over the place.

  48. Baljinder Sangha

    Baljinder SanghaMonth ago

    Michael B. looks funny in your thumbnail...

  49. Iperial Android

    Iperial AndroidMonth ago

    By using computers, simple!

  50. Clash Gaming

    Clash GamingMonth ago

    2:21 11 PM: almost throw my phone (disable your media volume)

  51. P0W3RH0U53

    P0W3RH0U53Month ago

    Everything looks like its made out of wet clay

  52. Artyom Ivchatov

    Artyom IvchatovMonth ago


  53. Bill Bob

    Bill BobMonth ago

    One of the worst visual effects I have seen lately on such big budget movie.

  54. ankit sen

    ankit senMonth ago

    Black panther... The worst movie

  55. Noah Faria

    Noah FariaMonth ago

    2 millionth viewer

  56. Chalo Mail

    Chalo MailMonth ago

    what monitors do you use?

  57. OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)

    OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)Month ago

    see, i knew there would be a lot more editing and effects than i thought.

  58. A Priest

    A PriestMonth ago

    I never thought people were serious when they said "X movie had cgi that made my eyes bleed" until i seen the tunnel fight

  59. Terrell A'mari

    Terrell A'mariMonth ago

    The Visual effects were Horrible!!

  60. qwerttzizzi

    qwerttzizziMonth ago

    Am I the only one who liked the portrayal of Black Panther in Civil War more? The fight scenes in BP Movie was too plastic

  61. 100k Subs Without A Video Channel

    100k Subs Without A Video ChannelMonth ago

    Bad CGI than Justice League?

  62. Tony Flores

    Tony FloresMonth ago

    People take CGI for granted. They don't realize that CGI is an art.

  63. James Valt

    James ValtMonth ago

    You all have no idea how expensive these movies can get. Yet you all want everything to be real so you can still complain about why they didnt use CGI enough.

  64. saitofu

    saitofu2 months ago

    So many people here are just commenting the cgi is bad, horrible bla bla. Meanwhile here i am just enjoying the movie without caring any minus thing on.

  65. Al Norris

    Al Norris2 months ago

    AYY shoutout to RTJ!

  66. Warren Sheppard

    Warren Sheppard2 months ago

    Why wasn't this on the blu ray

  67. Bola2 Producciones

    Bola2 Producciones2 months ago

    Only goodlooking afroamerican in wakanda? Why not real africans? Racism? Wakanda have a wall like US.

  68. toniodotcom

    toniodotcom2 months ago

    Please use as much live action photography as possible when representing humans in motion. CGI it perfect for representing background, landscape, buildings, suit textures, machines and robotics but is still not best to show moving humans and animals.

  69. DeShawn Michaelson

    DeShawn Michaelson2 months ago

    I love how they CGI'd "traditional african culture" to somehow seem "advanced" (that's literally what they did). They had to use the most advanced western visual technology in existence to fool our eyes into thinking our own african cousins could engineer wonderful things... think about how offensive that is. Couldn't they just take things that are legit african strengths... and make THAT the basis for BP's superpowers ?? If he's got lightning fast mind and superhuman strength - did he NEED nanotech ??

  70. Mcski Seal

    Mcski Seal2 months ago

    Intro song.?

  71. Legendary Life

    Legendary Life2 months ago

    Rhinos felt more real than cgi black panther in whole movie.

  72. P5P2

    P5P22 months ago

    we wuz kangz and shieet

  73. MyTechnical Learning

    MyTechnical Learning2 months ago

    Can you make tutorials on these visual effects

  74. Maxter47 LLGAME

    Maxter47 LLGAME2 months ago

    someone who knows 3D animation and CGI to tell me what the effect is called when the t'challa suit is being transformed by your body or what program you use please would you like it

  75. Herbert Huffington

    Herbert Huffington2 months ago

    CG in this movie was some of the worst ive seen in years

  76. 100k Subs Without A Video Channel

    100k Subs Without A Video ChannelMonth ago


  77. Eyaura Eya

    Eyaura Eya2 months ago

    Neat but I prefer Neil Breen movies.

  78. ZemonG1

    ZemonG12 months ago

    dude, why the CGI on this movie look so awful?

  79. Lynx Lynxov

    Lynx Lynxov2 months ago

    They were make badly. As the movie's plot and writing.

  80. aidan sux at life

    aidan sux at life2 months ago

    the CGI looked like spiderman 3 2007

  81. Panna

    Panna2 months ago

    What is the beat at 1:06. Its straight flames

  82. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere2 months ago

    Yeah, what happened with the final KillMonger/Panther fight scene? It looked really bad. Did they run out of money or something? It was actually cringeworthy bad in that fight scene and took me right out of the experience. Overall I thought the movie was just okay. Not terrible but not great, either. I agree that a LOT less CG should have been used. More practical effects.

  83. David Saintloth

    David Saintloth3 months ago

    Even as a software engineer this stuff is absolutely incredible.

  84. Gerberf

    Gerberf3 months ago

    Yeah, poorly

  85. Jake & Eve

    Jake & Eve3 months ago

    At least the CGI was better than Superman's bear in Justice league !

  86. Daniel Jeddman

    Daniel Jeddman3 months ago

    Wow! Im flabbergasted!!

  87. Ethém Shallabdullem

    Ethém Shallabdullem3 months ago

    All good cept for the final fight in the caves, the CGI there was worse then Battelfield 2.

  88. Jessica Vo

    Jessica Vo3 months ago

    These are the real heroes of black panther

  89. C K

    C K3 months ago

    So much CGI these days.... Why can’t they just wear suits why must they be fake?

  90. Silver

    Silver3 months ago

    How BP visual effect where made: Bad

  91. ロボット鳥山

    ロボット鳥山3 months ago

    Short answer: In the GTA San Andreas engine.

  92. ZeroLife

    ZeroLife3 months ago

    Rather excessive CG.

  93. PPxnda

    PPxnda3 months ago

    Who else got a marvel advertise

  94. Blaze The wolf

    Blaze The wolf3 months ago

    Whats the editing software called

  95. Grade E quality

    Grade E quality3 months ago

    garbage cgi

  96. Jerry Glass

    Jerry Glass3 months ago


  97. osteen

    osteen3 months ago

    DC take notes

  98. Elizabeth Omalis

    Elizabeth Omalis4 months ago

    WTH is cg 😂😂

  99. KillerTacos

    KillerTacos4 months ago

    The CGI fight scenes with Black Panther was awful in this movie

  100. ryan newman

    ryan newman4 months ago

    I'd like the full movie without cgi

  101. calum don

    calum don4 months ago

    So the characters that have a super suit by the time we get to infinity war 1. Iron man panther 3. Spider-Man 4. Hulk 5. Antman 6. War machine 7. Falcon Who’s next??

  102. 22

    224 months ago

    The CGI was terrible in this film. Why would this be highlighted as an achievement by wired? The underground rail scene was specifically dated.

  103. Eric  Reeves

    Eric Reeves4 months ago

    Folks want to hate black panther!! I see these blogs and a bunch of negative comments. Not hard to figure out why!! If you don't have nothing nice to say just don't say nothing!! This movie still topped some of the best animated movies in sales so who cares!!

  104. Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube4 months ago

    If you watch Black Panther then watch civil war. You can see in civil war all the BP movement looks more believable. Dont get me wrong this CG is remarkable, some scene i cant really see the difference. But i just prefer BP movement in civil war.

  105. DNTwtch THSchnnl

    DNTwtch THSchnnlMonth ago

    +WolfJ4zzy I'm saying that that's not true. The Russo Brothers' cut-y style allowed for it not to be so obvious, but in all the movies Black Panther has been in, his suit is CGI almost 100% of the time. Check out some of the VFX breakdowns for Civil War and Black Panther to see what I mean.

  106. WolfJ4zzy

    WolfJ4zzyMonth ago

    DNTwtch THSchnnl um what are you talking about? The movements in black panther are very stiff and unrealistic, while in CW, it wasn’t, as they didn’t use CGI.

  107. DNTwtch THSchnnl

    DNTwtch THSchnnlMonth ago

    See, what you said is your opinion, which is cool. Everyone else is assuming things they know nothing about.

  108. Kieran Schafer

    Kieran Schafer4 months ago

    Used way too much CGI in the final fight. The rhino's looked terrible and the suits looked like cartoons. Definitely preferred the Civil War suit

  109. W!llACT

    W!llACT4 months ago

    This is so cool