How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED


  1. ያልታወቁ ሀበሾች /YALTAWEKU HABESHOCH/

    ያልታወቁ ሀበሾች /YALTAWEKU HABESHOCH/2 hours ago

    Hey people is it about the cgi or about most of the black actors who are working in the movie that you're expressing this type of hate?

  2. Jonas Music

    Jonas Music5 days ago

    So this is how they messed up the VFX in the third act. Interesting!

  3. UnKnown TemPtatioNs

    UnKnown TemPtatioNs5 days ago

    Eventually actors won’t even be in a movie they’ll just CGI them in

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    Wait, this film's CGI was made??

  5. Max Hoffer

    Max Hoffer7 days ago

    The Oscars should include a "The Most Over-hyped Movie" category.

  6. Michael Madoroba

    Michael Madoroba13 days ago

    Some of the CG in this movie looked like it came out of a ps2 game

  7. Moses Messiah

    Moses Messiah18 days ago

    At 1:38 he said some dumbshit

  8. The Amazing Brian Show

    The Amazing Brian Show19 days ago

    Everyone saying that the chi looks terrible but there are a ton of scenes that you don't notice their cgi like with the enviornments


    BLACK GHOST20 days ago

    Create a full black panther costume Replace it with cgi in the final movie

  10. Taine Coasters

    Taine Coasters21 day ago

    fight scenes looked like a power rangers show.

  11. SuperDuperBoy/SDB

    SuperDuperBoy/SDB22 days ago

    It's good effects. But totally not oscar worthy. Infinity wars effects are much better.

  12. Teguh Santoso

    Teguh Santoso22 days ago

    Racist movie

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    I don’t see a difference in Micheal B Jordan 🤤😍

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  15. Tigerclaws567

    Tigerclaws56728 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  16. saavedra felix

    saavedra felixMonth ago

    I wish James Cameron was involved in any of the marvel films, I know that he would make any Marvel movie with a more visceral effects!

  17. TheBlack1963 unknown

    TheBlack1963 unknownMonth ago

    Was a good movie but its ruined with the dude crying about slavery and then wanting to be tossed in the ocean like his great great grand daddy

  18. Nathan Näckdal

    Nathan NäckdalMonth ago

    dont be so negative :D the movie was great and the CG too

  19. fruitoson

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  20. Malcom McLeod

    Malcom McLeodMonth ago

    "Full on CGI replacements for the two main actors" Please stop doing this it ruins the experience.😫

  21. Gyorkland

    Gyorkland2 months ago

    Poorly, they were made poorly...

  22. swaygfx

    swaygfx2 months ago

    wow its so good, but movies today are really just games..

  23. noor fatima

    noor fatima2 months ago

    1 million trillion salute to the father of computer the Charles Babbage

  24. Cookie Crumbulls

    Cookie Crumbulls2 months ago

    This video changes the way I see these movie has it is one of my favourite. I did not think this much CGI needed to be in this movie. Of course most movies have CGI and “movie magic” but this movie almost every scene was made out of CGI, I will still love this movie, they just should of died down the CGI a bit, it’s a ‘Live-Action’ movie and an animated movie. Just hope the second one has a little less.

  25. Kevin Maxell Rabanal

    Kevin Maxell Rabanal2 months ago

    I still didn't get why they had to Digitally Create the suits, CIvil War worked with a practical suit. I had the same issue with Spiderman

  26. Worst Case Scenario

    Worst Case Scenario2 months ago

    Marvel needs to cut down the CGI. Iam done with avenger series. the last one was kind of better but the suits and everything looks crap. heads are floating guys...

  27. Cole

    Cole2 months ago

    Iron Man Trilogy CGI is still the best for Marvel movies

  28. Cole

    Cole2 months ago

    They had that Xmen CGI there at that end battle lmao

  29. raaz kohli

    raaz kohli2 months ago

    Viewers of the video before watching this, movie was awesome I found no cgi, after watching this worst cgi film bla bla bla

  30. N-FO TRND

    N-FO TRND2 months ago

    I'm sure if we all had access to that equipment we would be using cgi. So let's just watch the video and learn something so that we may one day apply these things in are films if that's what some of us are trying to do

  31. Chidera Nduka

    Chidera Nduka2 months ago

    Amazing, we are kings 👑

  32. Dorothy Kiprop

    Dorothy Kiprop2 months ago

    What softwares are used for this?

  33. Marvel James

    Marvel James2 months ago

    thank you dude

  34. Ace Faustino

    Ace Faustino2 months ago

    What course do I need to get to be vfx artist

  35. organism

    organism2 months ago

    Imo I didn't see any cgi that looked weird or off. Is it just me who thinks this

  36. Aug24th

    Aug24th2 months ago

    Kinda racist that a Black person has to play Black panther. Even as a Black person I would be pissed. It's like saying "We have a math Genius in the movie. Hmm, let's hire an Asian for that one".

  37. Ghost 123

    Ghost 1232 months ago

    I want to be a CGI supervisor 😊that is really cool and i am 12 an i have after effects

  38. Gavin Burnes

    Gavin Burnes2 months ago

    S it’s basically a cartoon ? 😂

  39. Ricky Jack

    Ricky Jack2 months ago

    What is CGI??

  40. Hizzie kuzi

    Hizzie kuzi2 months ago

    You did a great job guys hey keep us updated on your next BLACK PANTHER production i real want to be a panther how do you carry out you auditions .there is my email please keep me in touch

  41. Janlen Barbarona

    Janlen Barbarona2 months ago

    The Final Fight looks like a video game. Sad

  42. Fogo

    Fogo2 months ago

    The CGI in this movie terrible

  43. Chaoyang Liu

    Chaoyang Liu2 months ago

    The difference between good artist and artist not that good is whether they make the artwork come to life. Good job!

  44. Nisa Ashruf

    Nisa Ashruf2 months ago

    *im sorry what was that?*

  45. Deandra Brown

    Deandra Brown2 months ago

    95% of the people talking about how bad the CGI is have never animated a thing in their life

  46. The After Dance Party

    The After Dance Party2 months ago

    but they seen enough movies with better cgi to make an objective observation

  47. Deandra Brown

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  48. chemicalsam

    chemicalsam2 months ago

    Stop CGIng the suits!

  49. cupnoodles

    cupnoodles2 months ago

    I hope they make a live action black panther one day 🤗

  50. wobedraggled

    wobedraggled2 months ago

    DAT tunnel fight tho...

  51. Lushi R

    Lushi R2 months ago

    This was the best Animated movie Marvel has done. Hats off!!

  52. Semi

    Semi2 months ago

    To be honest it's really stupid to make the vibranium cave that big cuz the astroid was that big then why didn't it wipe out humanity? Scientist say a astroid about 10km can destroy earth... Wow so stupid of people that use that kind of tech to make movies (Dumbasses)

  53. Henry Audubon

    Henry Audubon3 months ago

    Unfortunately the effects in this movie looked a bit cheap. It was especially noticeable in the final duel.

  54. Yo_Boi K

    Yo_Boi K3 months ago

    But it all looks so real

  55. rajesh yadla

    rajesh yadla3 months ago

    how stupid i thought wakanda really exist.

  56. Trete Lo

    Trete Lo3 months ago

    I loved watching this and I loved the film! Really inspiring video for someone like me learning CGI

  57. D. W.

    D. W.3 months ago

    So lemme get this straight. And I'm not just throwin shade here. But a massive corporation made a movie using CGI characters that 80-90% of the time were filmed, edited, directed, and marketed by an almost completely white staff, and it is being called the most important black film in history? Seems to me like the Black community just got fished hook, line, and sinker. Cha Ching! Get that money rich white man! $$$$$

  58. MoreThanGamerrr

    MoreThanGamerrr3 months ago

    Look at his hand at 1:53

  59. Рамиль Билалов

    Рамиль Билалов3 months ago

    How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made? Bad, very bad. First Black Panther suit is just SUPERBAD


    JAMES SMITH3 months ago

    much lie animated movie

  61. V1 Gibby

    V1 Gibby3 months ago

    Could have made the entire movie on a computer if you wanted to

  62. TTTMusic

    TTTMusic3 months ago

    To all the guys complaining about there being too much CGI in this movie: How would you have done it differently? Wakanda is an extremely technologically advanced society, without actually inventing all of their technology and filming it in use you can't do it without CGI. Stuff like this is hard and Marvel gets it right again and again, which is an awesome achievement.

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    LONELY EDITOR3 months ago

    song on 9:15?

  65. The Star Wars Dude

    The Star Wars Dude3 months ago

    No ILM? Makes sense the CGI wasn’t that good anyway

  66. Maruf Hossain

    Maruf Hossain3 months ago

    skipped the intro part of the movie :(

  67. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming3 months ago

    Guys Can Anyone tell me on what softwares these movies are made??

  68. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming3 months ago

    yeah you probably should

  69. Wurminator

    Wurminator3 months ago

    +Abhinav Gaming I should really check out PFtrack, looks interesting

  70. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming3 months ago

    and obviously maya and zbrush

  71. Abhinav Gaming

    Abhinav Gaming3 months ago

    Thanks for telling me but I think that they probably use PFtrack instead of mocha because I think its industrial standard

  72. Wurminator

    Wurminator3 months ago

    Nuke, Houdini, maybe Mocha for the Tracking and Maya or Cinema 4D for 3D modelling

  73. Jehiel Lewis

    Jehiel Lewis3 months ago

    Best movie ever

  74. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez3 months ago

    too much cgi for me

  75. Yellow Synth

    Yellow Synth3 months ago

    coloniser did a great job on the graphics

  76. Mango Steel

    Mango Steel3 months ago

    People are dogging out the cgi. Some of it wasn’t even noticeable. The 100 or so women fighting in the background look real AF! Stop hating 🛑.

  77. Ayoul

    Ayoul23 days ago

    +Lukas R What are you talking about? Most of the VFX are entirely CG.

  78. Lukas R

    Lukas R23 days ago

    That wasn't CG. It was recorded afterwards and then they put it on a green screen.

  79. Ayoul

    Ayoul2 months ago

    Criticizing is not hating. Ask anyone at Method studios and they'll probably agree that this movies isn't the most consistent in terms of CG. It's not that all of it is bad. It's that most of the stuff right in your face is. The reality is that Avengers was releasing two months later and they probably had to focus on that way more.

  80. Jeanae Rowley

    Jeanae Rowley4 months ago

    This broke my brain a little bit 😳

  81. Marc’s Fx

    Marc’s Fx4 months ago

    It’s come a long way since my time in computer’s really a case of guessing if it’s real or not, it’s that good at deceiving our eyes....long live the graphics pen!!👍🏼😊

  82. YoshiBoy

    YoshiBoy4 months ago

    On some parts, the CGI was hella bad and noticable

  83. CodyAlushin

    CodyAlushin4 months ago

    So they filmed everything but didn't like it so they CG'd over it?

  84. Mr.FooNye

    Mr.FooNye4 months ago

    2:47 look at this dude

  85. Dr Soap

    Dr Soap4 months ago

    They used too much of it when it wasn’t needed, and it looked quite bad. Mostly in the third act, the train scene looked the worst.

  86. Mike Oliver

    Mike Oliver4 months ago

    They keep CGing out suits so eventually they don't need to put people in the costumes or buy the suits or pay for the time of putting actors in the suits. There was no reason to CG Black Panther's suit: it looked great! They got the best people in the industry to make it. I bet you studio notes were "I can't tell who is T'Challa and who is Killmonger" and the solution was to make 'em glow different colors and the VFX team told production that the easiest thing to do to integrate the glow was to completely replace the suits. You know this is the case because if they really had set out to make the suits glow and to replace the suits, then the actors would have been wearing LED strips to cast purple and gold light on the actors and the environment.

  87. MRah

    MRah4 months ago

    I enjoyed Black Panther but maybe not as much as I would have if there wasn't too much CGI

  88. Madison Jones

    Madison Jones4 months ago

    Comment section just filled with haters i love the whole film btw no complaints

  89. SUPER

    SUPER4 months ago

  90. Aerob

    Aerob4 months ago

    I like more if you make colour of the eye black panther is white..

  91. musty max

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  92. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man4 months ago

    The cgi in the tunnel scene reminded me of spider man 2

  93. Jacques junior Fatal

    Jacques junior Fatal4 months ago

    i get it , it's a multiple layers of CGI and that's why the 4k version was at 1080 p zoom, imagine if team was supposed to do those works on a 4k scheme . It would take too long to do the movie

  94. Beej J

    Beej J4 months ago

    Totally HORRIBLE fight scene at the end. That cartoon animation effect screwed a good movie.

  95. dwon da

    dwon da4 months ago

    One of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen.

  96. Dasboy

    Dasboy4 months ago


  97. Shubham Phogat

    Shubham Phogat4 months ago

    Whatever They're worst

  98. Mason EditsFF

    Mason EditsFF4 months ago

    They have billions of dollars and they couldn't do any better for the black panther and kill monger fighting at the end

  99. Pham Viet

    Pham Viet4 months ago

    So much blinking

  100. Mr Hove

    Mr Hove4 months ago

    WB take notes

  101. Harshraj Jadeja

    Harshraj Jadeja4 months ago

    This guys should get paid more than the actors 😂😂

  102. David Robinson

    David Robinson4 months ago

    The CGI was actually very decent, it's the virtual camera movements that make things look fake, especially in the mine fight. They should have used proper camera shots instead of having the virtual camera whiz around all over the place.

  103. Baljinder Sangha

    Baljinder Sangha4 months ago

    Michael B. looks funny in your thumbnail...

  104. Iperial Android

    Iperial Android4 months ago

    By using computers, simple!

  105. Clash Gaming

    Clash Gaming4 months ago

    2:21 11 PM: almost throw my phone (disable your media volume)

  106. P0W3RH0U53

    P0W3RH0U534 months ago

    Everything looks like its made out of wet clay

  107. Artyom Ivchatov

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  108. Bill Bob

    Bill Bob4 months ago

    One of the worst visual effects I have seen lately on such big budget movie.

  109. ankit sen

    ankit sen4 months ago

    Black panther... The worst movie