Honest Trailers - The Greatest Showman


  1. Franz Adrian Navarro

    Franz Adrian Navarro5 hours ago

    Ay-Ay-Ay Hole.... Hahahahaha!!!

  2. Duddel Dink

    Duddel Dink14 hours ago

    I greatly enjoyed the movie, and I had no idea this dude was supposed to be a real person xD (I am not USAnian)

  3. amy clarke

    amy clarke2 days ago

    liked it 😁

  4. Shay Gayego

    Shay Gayego3 days ago

    Never in love sounds better tbh

  5. Meen Man

    Meen Man3 days ago

    Lipsync impossible 😂😂😂😂😂 impossible indeed🤣🤣

  6. Theo Tully

    Theo Tully3 days ago

    Who sang the new songs?

  7. Loki Laufeyson VII

    Loki Laufeyson VII3 days ago

    The lyric changes were amazing XD

  8. Koa Jaffe

    Koa Jaffe4 days ago

    When he said Dear Evan Hansen I screamed in joy

  9. Matthew Chee

    Matthew Chee5 days ago

    More like the greatest conman

  10. Stanley Goldsmith

    Stanley Goldsmith6 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the parody title, "Jerk du soleil" translates to "Jerk of the sun" in english

  11. Typical Gaming

    Typical Gaming7 days ago

    Haha in subscribing

  12. Gregabug

    Gregabug7 days ago

    Couldn’t keep it together at “never in love”😂

  13. NursingNinja

    NursingNinja8 days ago

    I get it's a joke. But..... judging PT Barnum based on rules invented in the past 50 years is called an anachronism. Its intellectually lazy for one, and hypocritical if you dont want people in the future doing that to you.

  14. NursingNinja

    NursingNinja4 days ago

    +rando I'm open to being proven wrong. Show me a specific accusation from the video he was proven to have committed by the legal standards of the day and the corresponding law that was on the books at the time. Alternatively, show me the law he violated that was part of the religion or creed he subscribed to based on a prevailing interpretation or defined epistemology that existed in his day. Do that and I'll concede.

  15. rando

    rando4 days ago

    +NursingNinja Huh? What PT Barnum did was immoral at any point in history it's just more widely accepted as having been immoral because society has grown to be more moral. I don't care about a fancy term because it's completely besides the point. Educate yourself on fallacy fallacy cause clearly you're one of those.

  16. NursingNinja

    NursingNinja4 days ago

    +rando look up the term anachronism. Educate yourself. There were both laws and morals of various cultures that existed during world war 2 you could use to evaluate the nazi's. You just cant narcisistically insert yourself into history because narcism became a virtue in 2018.

  17. rando

    rando4 days ago

    Right so let's not judge slavery or nazis because it was legal in the past right?

  18. Jennifer .M

    Jennifer .M9 days ago

    Do the great gilly Hopkins, we need to make that movie funny, not sad.

  19. Breeze Atha

    Breeze Atha9 days ago

    "M'logan" dead

  20. Euthanasia 4321

    Euthanasia 43219 days ago

    Whoever wrote these parodies, BRAVO! They're even better than the original. It'd be even more impressive if all the statements mentioned were factually accurate. Are they?

  21. Nova Cornor

    Nova Cornor10 days ago

    I loved this movie because it shows true nature of a man

  22. Joshua Steve

    Joshua Steve11 days ago

    Pretty please do an honest trailer for Farscape!

  23. sarah mettler

    sarah mettler12 days ago

    I love the rewrite the stars redone song (or the these two people didn't even exist song)

  24. Alex Ernst

    Alex Ernst12 days ago

    Jokes on them, I only saw this as an in-flight movie.

  25. Curt Clark

    Curt Clark12 days ago

    Welp, at least you know what you're in for with the film. I held off on watching it for a while because of my distaste for the real-life Barnum. He WASN'T a great person. So the show creates a version of Barnum that didn't exist but that we WISH had existed. Not perfect, still flawed and a victim of his own success, but at least closer to a decent human being tha people actually were in the late 19th century. (As it turns out, the historical figure wasn't a supervillain so much as a product of his time. Still not a terrific person by today's standards, but far from the Evillest Entertainer Alive) The soundtrack kicks ass (prior to seeing the movie I'd only heard "This Is Me"), and everyone in the cast is absolutely amazing in their roles. At the end of the day that's all I wanted. And like youi said, it's not a superhero movie or a sequel.

  26. Skylar Sky

    Skylar Sky13 days ago

    I always wondered why didn’t the bearded lady just shave her beard, I mean there had to shavers around that time, or a barber, because the guy that runs the show and Zac Efron don’t have beards or mustaches, so there had to be someone or something that could do the job for her.

  27. Emre Fidan

    Emre Fidan13 days ago

    i mean they are really "two perfect physical specimen".

  28. Robert Odell

    Robert Odell14 days ago

    Next you'll be telling us that 300 isn't accurate!

  29. Turquoise Town

    Turquoise Town15 days ago

    This is the best thing ever

  30. Kobe Angeles

    Kobe Angeles17 days ago

    That wasn’t a body double for Zendaya. That’s actually her

  31. Passive Restraint Productions

    Passive Restraint Productions18 days ago

    Yeah, and Jesse gets her eyebrows waxed, not set up with Lestat. I still appreciate the honesty.

  32. Jayden Reid

    Jayden Reid18 days ago

    To be fair if this was based on true events it would be R and extremely racist and hard to watch in 2018. So the writers probably did a good job making it like they did ;)

  33. Em Overstreet

    Em Overstreet18 days ago

    I'll still enjoy the movie as a work of fiction. However, Zendaya spent hours every week learning how to do her own stunts up there

  34. Jacob Tolar

    Jacob Tolar20 days ago


  35. Jacob Tolar

    Jacob Tolar20 days ago

    I was crying by the end 😂😂😂

  36. Annamarie Augustinovicz

    Annamarie Augustinovicz21 day ago

    I loved the hell out of this movie and nothing you can say will change my mind.

  37. Mariah Dogan

    Mariah Dogan21 day ago

    I made a parody of "Never Enough". Forever aloooooone, Forever aloooooone, Forever aloooooooooooone, Just me, Just me... Just me.

  38. Makayla Mills

    Makayla Mills22 days ago

    I love this movie but I hate pt Barnum and I want to ignore history but considering I’m part black, have a black mom and pureto rican step dad, and am bisexual that’s not really a good idea but it’s such a good movieee

  39. peachy bxlvd

    peachy bxlvd22 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the songs in here were actually still kinda good???

  40. Sean Osborn

    Sean Osborn22 days ago

    A Late and Partial Defense of P.T. Barnum (But Actually Just An Excuse to Point Out Inaccuracies in this Video) 2:45- "I owned a slave" Yes. For his first ever "act", P.T. Barnum bought an 80-year-old partially paralyzed slave, starved her, pulled out her teeth, claimed she was the 160-year-old wet nurse to a young George Washington, and made money off of this lie. And yes, when she died, he charged money to see the autopsy. These acts were and are pure evil, and nothing else P.T. Barnum did can even begin to make up for this act. And even though nothing could ever begin to redeem him for these depraved actions, it is worth noting that later in life P.T. Barnum did involve himself in politics, and one of his policies was abolition. P.T. Barnum was pure evil at the beginning of his "professional" life, no doubt, but I don't believe it's fair to say that he stayed that way throughout his life. People can and do change, and I think P.T. Barnum exemplifies this. That being said, it's hard to argue that P.T. Barnum did not remain a racist and animal abuser for the entirety of his life, I cannot fault anyone for ignoring the rest of my defense in light of the aforementioned atrocities. I'm not saying P.T. Barnum was a perfect man, or even a great one, but for the *majority* of his life he was far from the soulless mini-Hitler he is often portrayed to be in videos such as this one. 2:47- "I killed six whales" Yes, but not on purpose, as this song makes it seem! Why would P.T. Barnum intentionally slay any of his attractions?! Four whales died because of an inadequate habitat, despite P.T. Barnum's best efforts. The other two whales died when P.T. Barnum's "American Museum" died. Hardly his fault! 2:48- "Gave a monkey a fish tail" Ah, the infamous "Feejee Mermaid". I can't say I endorse this con, but you must understand P.T. Barnum's point of view. As a result of his upbringing, P.T. Barnum was a ruthless practical jokester. His policy was in favor of false advertising *IF, AND ONLY IF* the consumer got something worthwhile in the end. For example, P.T. Barnum once advertised a "SIX-FOOT MAN-EATING CHICKEN" which was, in reality, a six-foot man consuming a plateful of chicken. But for every prank Barnum pulled on his customers, he had several real attractions, such as whales, elephants, and his (admittedly unfortunately-labeled) "freaks". 2:54- "He was an average Joe!" WHAT?!?! This man single-handedly invented merchandising, introduced opera to the United States, and invented the three-ring circus, among other things!!! Even if you hate the man, you have to admit that average Joes don't get musicals made about them!!! 4:04- "He said elephants could not feel pain" This is true, and I have no defense for it. Regardless of whether or not Barnum actually believed this, the fact remains that his circus used red-hot pokers and long, sharp hooks to train their elephants. I cannot and will not make any defense of this abuse. 4:09- "Used deformities for financial gain" Yes, but he treated all of his "freaks", (with the unfortunate exception of his slave whom he evilly used as his first "act"), extremely well. He provided food, housing, and jobs to people who would almost certainly be unemployed otherwise. After all, in this time period, those with deformities were discriminated against. And even disregarding ableism, people like conjoined twins, four-legged women, or armless and legless men simply couldn't do many jobs. Much less a job that sometimes payed upwards of $10,000 a week in today's money, often for doing literally nothing as a crowd gawked at you! 4:13- "They got hurt / They got used" Um... no. As I mentioned above, they were actually treated extremely well. 4:24- "'Cause his freaks got whipped, beat and caged for fun [Google it, that's all true]" NO!!! I was unable to find ANY articles making this claim!!! The closest thing I found was the case of "Zip the Pinhead", a black man with an enlarged, deformed head. Presented as "The Missing Link Between Man and Beast", he would be caged and told to shriek and rattle the bars before a terrified audience. Is this disgusting and racist! Absolutely, and I fail to see how one could possibly argue otherwise. But "Zip" took and performed his job willingly, and was housed, fed, and paid handsomely for it. And as a black man with a physical and mental disability, it's incredibly unlikely he would've found any other job. I was unable to find any sources claiming that any of Barnum's "freaks" were caged "just for fun", whipped, or beaten. Not even his slave received this treatment.

  41. King Kang

    King Kang23 days ago

    The improvised songs were great!

  42. GodZullaFC

    GodZullaFC23 days ago

    I was watching this film just after watching La La Land just imagine how disappointed I was in this film

  43. catfish83

    catfish8325 days ago

    Got to love been able to screw up history I guess At the time science said elephants could not feel pain so that’s why he said elephants couldn’t feel pain because some biologists said it / zoologist .....later we found out he was wrong . Yeah he was a ConMan swindler, cheater and all the stuff but hebalso exposed to other con artist and he made sure the audience knew that he was conning them something others didn’t do..... not that any of that matters

  44. BatmanFan 76

    BatmanFan 7625 days ago

    4:59 Laugh While You Can Barnum. An Elephant Never Forgets. (Dramatic Music)

  45. Stephen T

    Stephen T27 days ago

    "Does it bother you that none of your show is real?" "The smiles are real." That's both a line from the movie and something the writers probably had to tell themselves everyday during production.

  46. BloxTube Games

    BloxTube Games27 days ago

    Critic: I never liked your show. Me:Well,I never liked you. Also young P.T as Young Man Logan,and Hairy Elsa i’m sold Lol

  47. Alaunt2009

    Alaunt200928 days ago

    ... was this movie really released seven months ago? Feels like it’s been less than half of that.

  48. Autumn Whittington

    Autumn Whittington28 days ago

    "hairy Elsa" 😂😂😂😂😂 I can't breathe.

  49. Kamaria McKinney

    Kamaria McKinney29 days ago

    Do shameless!!!! U. S. Version!!!!

  50. Samuel Caruzo

    Samuel CaruzoMonth ago

    I get It, he was a bad guy. But how about judge the movie for itself?

  51. Teresa Williamson

    Teresa WilliamsonMonth ago


  52. Craig Brown

    Craig BrownMonth ago

    honestly, this was one of the best Honest Trailers I've ever watched...the historical facts over the actual music just brings it home.

  53. Eloísa García

    Eloísa GarcíaMonth ago

    Thanks Gos I didn't spend my money on this, it sounds terrible!

  54. Lan SJ

    Lan SJMonth ago

    Have not watch the movie, I thought the songs included in the video was truly in the movie... until the "The these two people didnt even exist song" XD

  55. ListenUp People

    ListenUp PeopleMonth ago

    "Top Hat enthusiast"


    The BLACKFROSTMonth ago

    I don't really care if the movie wasn't accurate. I only cared about the music and that happy ending lol

  57. Casey Dollarhide

    Casey DollarhideMonth ago

    Zendaya did her own stunts

  58. Marco Escalante-Martinez

    Marco Escalante-MartinezMonth ago

    Barnum was a greedy asshole

  59. Wumbocalypse Night of the Wumbo

    Wumbocalypse Night of the WumboMonth ago

    I think Mr bean should’ve played him like that looks more like him than Hugh jackman

  60. Justin

    JustinMonth ago

    I just hated this movie because it threw ten tons of crap at you and hoped some of it would stick.

  61. Jon Mills

    Jon MillsMonth ago

    Modern musicals are just...I don't know...bad. The last good musical was Paint Your Wagon.

  62. Abdullah Badghaish

    Abdullah BadghaishMonth ago

    After this video, every time a listen to the real songs, somehow the fake songs comes on my mind😂😂

  63. Kuls N' Koolz

    Kuls N' KoolzMonth ago

    Please Say: " Then I looked up, poop bird fell on me"

  64. AcexSpyder

    AcexSpyderMonth ago

    Finally, an American Bollywood movie!!

  65. jacksonfan4life123

    jacksonfan4life123Month ago

    Zendaya did NOT literally go through YEARS of aerial practice leading up to this movie to be called a body double

  66. Jess Rovi

    Jess RoviMonth ago

    after all this time, you guys finally made it, you ruin a movie for me.

  67. Aurora Vargas

    Aurora VargasMonth ago

    Can you say: Laylow and Jocelyn are the best please?

  68. Libby Amelia

    Libby AmeliaMonth ago

    NOT P.T

  69. Pancake_ KoGAYne

    Pancake_ KoGAYneMonth ago

    Dude, Dear Evan Hansen?!

  70. incardia

    incardiaMonth ago

    lol... i love how screenjunks switches the songs in the movies... bast was still aladin :D

  71. Mahgol Golmohamadi

    Mahgol GolmohamadiMonth ago

    do love simon plz💞💞💞

  72. Emmy Gerard

    Emmy GerardMonth ago

    Loved the movie and the honest trailer! Good job!

  73. Anit V.

    Anit V.Month ago

    Anyone else feel like this movie would have been better served by having one of the disabled people or people with deformities be the main character?

  74. Elora Winzeler

    Elora WinzelerMonth ago


  75. Julia U

    Julia UMonth ago

    i think we all knew this wasn’t accurate. i didn’t know pt was such a horrible person tho. yet lots of widely enjoyed films aren’t historically accurate. take the sound of music: the oldest child was a boy, not a girl, named were changed, there was no romance with a nazi, and it didn’t happen like it did in the film. but everyone loves the sound of music

  76. comidyseeker

    comidyseekerMonth ago

    Honestly, I enjoy movies and shows that warp the original narratives. "Wicked", "Doctor Who", and even "Maleficent" intrigued me with their "what if" stories.

  77. taliagmail. com eidjdjfjfj

    taliagmail. com eidjdjfjfjMonth ago

    Can someone tell me what an honest trailer means?

  78. ThatGuy

    ThatGuyMonth ago

    "Oh dear god what is next" Quality

  79. Trop Ix

    Trop IxMonth ago

    There should’ve been a song that was From Now On but it was about that Barnum never came to his senses. Or maybe a dog that was The Other Side that was about the deal never being made because Phillip Carlyle never existed or that Barnum was to greedy to have a business partner and share the payments.

  80. Trop Ix

    Trop IxMonth ago

    Yeah, when I saw what Barnum truly looked like, I came to the conclusion that they casted Jackman just because he’s an amazing actor and would make them more money than anyone who looked like Barnum.

  81. Myname Jeff

    Myname JeffMonth ago

    I would love to see a historically accurate P.T Barnum Musical/Movie.

  82. Curt Clark

    Curt Clark12 days ago

    Well, Disney's Hunchback changed a bunch during its adaptation from screen to stage, maybe this will too. -oh come on, this movie made mad bank do you seriously think they're NOT gonna Broadway it-

  83. Seth Leoric 2

    Seth Leoric 2Month ago

    Not to mention that chinese guy and those limbless dudes

  84. his name would be DAVE

    his name would be DAVEMonth ago


  85. Daniel Foster

    Daniel FosterMonth ago

    It’s ironic how people feel conned for inaccuracies in a story about a conman

  86. Polarized Studios

    Polarized StudiosMonth ago

    So after worked as magician in prestige, now he become showman

  87. Gretchen Goebel

    Gretchen GoebelMonth ago

    pt barnum should of been called Huge Jackass

  88. Lazu Imani

    Lazu ImaniMonth ago

    boi the singers are so good

  89. Duck

    DuckMonth ago

    Idk what it is about this musical but I fuckin hate it with all my soul

  90. John von Shepard

    John von ShepardMonth ago

    This honest trailer is so mean spirit.

  91. Draugen

    DraugenMonth ago

    Was it true that Zac's role was suppose to be Jeremy Jordan's?

  92. Angela Dawn

    Angela DawnMonth ago

    A bit cruel. He'll always be Logan to me

  93. Carrie Williams

    Carrie WilliamsMonth ago

    Great movie!

  94. Kaagh178

    Kaagh178Month ago

    It may not be historical, but it wasn't average. Shut up! I was amazing!

  95. Perserra

    PerserraMonth ago

    A lot of these comments seem to forget the central conceit of Honest Trailers: Its all about being nitpicky and overly-critical for the sake of comedy. That's the point. If you are taking it seriously, you are missing the point. Although this particular one is closer to a real critique than most.

  96. Hendra Lim

    Hendra LimMonth ago

    please say 'I love you'

  97. Jeans Louissaint

    Jeans LouissaintMonth ago

    You guys really dig deep😂😂😂😂

  98. Brody400

    Brody400Month ago

    I enjoyed the movie, even with all the historical inaccuracies. But my biggest problem was this movie was every single Rags to Riches cliche; along with every single character was one dimensional.

  99. tang roro

    tang roroMonth ago

    Honestly, this film should've focus on the circus freaks, on how they were exploited and discriminated, and how they eventually find the best out of the worst, swallowed all the humility and keep on fighting for their dream of being accepted, and in the end their talent outshines their deformity, and earned everyone's respect and love, with "This is Me" serves as the emotional climax, then the song might actually won the Oscar. P.T. Barnum and Phillip Carlyle can both be the semi-villains. Barnum only cares about money, and shows no respect towards the freaks, but he's still willing to support them in anyway, not because he's a nice guy, but he can profit from it. Carlyle can be a character who falls in love with one of the freak, while he genuinely shows respect and sympathy to the freaks, but he's sympathy actually came across as patronizing, where he failed to acknowledge talent and deformity aren't binary, you don't have to be "normal" to be gifted, and he finally realize they are beautiful just the way they are.

  100. sarrjel

    sarrjelMonth ago

    Hairy Elsa? LOL!

  101. Idan Seidler

    Idan SeidlerMonth ago

    Zac Efron is rich & white and Zendaya is poor and usually a body double lmao also the song parodies in the end are hilarious

  102. Corey Kitchen

    Corey KitchenMonth ago

    "He sells tickets for kids to laugh at the Oompa Loompas"

  103. Maria: The Demon Barber of YouTube

    Maria: The Demon Barber of YouTubeMonth ago

    An elephant never forgets Hmm...Jungle Book?

  104. Promise Musyoka

    Promise MusyokaMonth ago

    Do arrow

  105. hugehappygrin

    hugehappygrinMonth ago

    You gave me a good laugh...until you announced your pandering gynocentric politics. Damn you!