Honest Trailers - The Greatest Showman


  1. Feige Katarina

    Feige Katarina22 hours ago

    Wow! The movie just left me annoyed with him. This made me all out mad at him AND the movie. Oh well! The songs were good!

  2. Abigail Miller

    Abigail MillerDay ago

    omg, thank you so much I hated this movie so much.

  3. Lexi Nicole

    Lexi NicoleDay ago

    Do Mean Girls! 😁

  4. Elissa B

    Elissa B3 days ago

    What makes a character interesting is when they have nuance to them, when they are both good and bad the way humans actually are in real life. Also, the best part about this movie is showing how you can take a trait that has caused you misery and turn it into something you profit from by working hard yourself, accepting that the world is the way it is and carving a place for yourself none the less. It is a perfect message to be sent out in an age where people are coddled into emotional fragility and outrage runs amok.

  5. ivalicetifalucis

    ivalicetifalucis3 days ago

    I like the music but it just so weird watching this movie when I know what actually happen to P.T. Barnum's circus

  6. G O N E

    G O N E5 days ago

    It’s not accurate but it was still good

  7. Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

    Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation6 days ago

    My grandma loves this movie. She also likes Jar Jar Binks and the Ice Age sequels, so I guess there's no accounting for taste.

  8. ShadowStorm55

    ShadowStorm556 days ago

    * PT Barnum doesn't have snobby parents, the man shown was Charity's dad

  9. Silver Sparks

    Silver Sparks8 days ago

    I actually didn't know this was based on a real guy.

  10. Itihas Adhikari

    Itihas Adhikari8 days ago

    I didn't even know it was a true story!! which I just found is not accurate

  11. Bianća Smith

    Bianća Smith8 days ago


  12. Laura M

    Laura M9 days ago

    this film looks terrible I cannot believe so many people went to see a movie about a man who exploited the disabled for money and liked it!! Honest trailer sums this s**t up.

  13. cochs00

    cochs009 days ago

    Love the songs but to be fair to Zendaya, she did most of her own stunts. Just wanted to point that out

  14. Va Her

    Va Her9 days ago

    Also this movie is 5 cliches in a song.

  15. joshfactor1

    joshfactor19 days ago

    actually, phillip carlyle was based on his real-life partner and co-ringmaster, james anthony bailey and anne wheeler was based on his real-life wife, ruth, mccaddon (although i don't think she actually was an acrobat). if you're going to tear into this film, that's fine but at least get your facts straight

  16. Mrs. Mysteriouso

    Mrs. Mysteriouso10 days ago

    "Two perfect physical specimens" Two perfect physical specimens that never existed XD

  17. Ka Wai Huen

    Ka Wai Huen10 days ago

    Anyone here for the songs 😂😂

  18. Hagi Bastian

    Hagi Bastian10 days ago

    Damn i need the full version of that affair song..

  19. Andy Costanzo

    Andy Costanzo11 days ago

    What about the founder honest movie trailer

  20. Hörmetjan Yiltiz

    Hörmetjan Yiltiz11 days ago

    @Screen Junkies Please do an Honest Trailer for Honest Trailer; like you kinda did with DP.

  21. cake is good yum

    cake is good yum11 days ago

    I'm screaming the lyrics..

  22. Sam Peters

    Sam Peters11 days ago

    I’m never sub

  23. Sam Peters

    Sam Peters11 days ago

    OMG I hate you

  24. Leia Smith

    Leia Smith11 days ago

    this trailer is so accurate tbh.Which is kinda sad.

  25. Cool beans 2.0

    Cool beans 2.011 days ago


  26. Samantha Shwachman

    Samantha Shwachman12 days ago

    *Hairy Elsa*

  27. Dawn Ugonnam

    Dawn Ugonnam13 days ago


  28. mo maffei

    mo maffei13 days ago

    I think this is my favorite honest trailer.

  29. Roni P

    Roni P13 days ago

    Ma-Logan! Genius!

  30. Harlee X

    Harlee X14 days ago

    I always forget that this movie is about P. T. Barnum...oh well

  31. Nikita Sooula

    Nikita Sooula15 days ago

    "(Ay-ay-hole)" 😂😂😂

  32. Susie English

    Susie English16 days ago

    Les Mis - why did he sing the first 2 songs in an Irish accent? Why did they make the priest the original west end star to remind us who had seen him how great it was and how awful the film was La la land - just awful in its laziness Greatest showman - nothing great at all

  33. Matilda Devison

    Matilda Devison17 days ago

    I loved this 😅

  34. 100mythfreak

    100mythfreak17 days ago

    The only thing I noticed in this film is that Zendaya's character really stands out in Barnum's circus. They had a little man, a bearded lady, Siamese twins. What was she? A free black woman in antebellum America?

  35. xMrxWhitexRabbitx

    xMrxWhitexRabbitx17 days ago

    SO acurate. I wish they just made up everyone's name and said the whole thing was fictional... Because it is -.-

  36. Frostwing {Anastasia AJ}

    Frostwing {Anastasia AJ}17 days ago

    What about The Greatest Show

  37. Robert Baldwin

    Robert Baldwin17 days ago

    I’m surprised that Deadpool hasn’t showed up for this one. He is a big huge Jackman fan for this one!

  38. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch17 days ago

    Any figure skating competition or show now features the ENTIRE soundtrack. It's cool to see Rewrite the Stars as a pairs routine with spectacular lifts and throw jumps. Search for skating videos on here, they are awesome!!!

  39. a.d.w. n.

    a.d.w. n.17 days ago

    I haven't seen the movie. However after watching this trailer, I feel, perhaps the movie would have not been bad to people if Hugh Jackman had had the humility and balls to actually portray P.T. as the person he actually was. Then perhaps make one of the "freaks" the protagonist that kept everyone emotionally sane as they were exploited by P.T. and treated badly in society. This movie wont age well if its like what im hearing.

  40. Emma Pierskalla

    Emma Pierskalla18 days ago

    Legends of tomorrow did a more accurate representation of what pt Barnum was really like.

  41. Asyikin

    Asyikin20 days ago

    Do Crazy Rich Asians honest trailer!

  42. Sharp Shoot

    Sharp Shoot21 day ago

    People should stop looking for historical Accuracy in musicals. Remember Hamilton?

  43. Mattbrain

    Mattbrain21 day ago

    Hey I like Age of Ultron!

  44. vigilantepond

    vigilantepond21 day ago

    this is the best honest trailer

  45. Sunita Pandit

    Sunita Pandit21 day ago

    "Old school musical" XD XD XD

  46. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu23 days ago

    They’re actually the ones who grew weeds to entire world so... someone need to kick them out somewhere...

  47. Amit Thapa

    Amit Thapa23 days ago

    do honest trailer for Willow please

  48. Kris Daughtrey

    Kris Daughtrey23 days ago

    Watching this movie felt like watching a remastered "Music Man"

  49. Army Davis

    Army Davis23 days ago


  50. NovaCorp

    NovaCorp24 days ago

    I understand why people are defending the movie as it doesn't have to be accurate, but the problem is that this movie paints a total douche like some sort of hero

  51. Sara Villarreal

    Sara Villarreal24 days ago

    For some reason I read “the greatest Snowman” and clicked... damn it... it should be Christmas already...

  52. N/A N/A

    N/A N/A24 days ago

    If he starts singing I’m gonna die!!!!!!!!!

  53. Star Cherry

    Star Cherry25 days ago

    The movie could have been better if they had told the stories from the perspective of the performers! Because each of them have an interesting background especially for that time period! Grrr I’m so bored with the white guy storytelling ALL of the time!

  54. Prawnche Ngaditowo

    Prawnche Ngaditowo25 days ago

    The ‘never in love’ part had me 😂😂😂

  55. Larry Wolf

    Larry Wolf25 days ago

    Both the movie's characterization of Barnum's life and yours are abominable. Yes, he owned a slave, but treated her extremely well and through his contact with her gained an immense appreciation for people of other races, whom he later often employed and _paid well._ He'd later join the Republican party and use much of his own fortune and fame to fight and end slavery. The people Barnum let join his show were often outcasts and unemployable in "normal society," but in his show were accepted and made so much money _they often retired rich after only a few years of touring._ A lot of the other shit is just misleading. It was common scientific thought in that time period that animals couldn't feel pain, think, have emotions, etc. Just shameful your lack of research. Maybe do a little bit more than "Google fu" and read the first result + Wikipedia next time you're talking about a real person. I can't tell if you're lazy or intentionally misleading for a snarky angle. CHRIST.

  56. Connor Church

    Connor Church25 days ago

    I went to this movie actually thinking it wasn't going to be a musical sooo i was pretty disappointed just exploiting an historical figure for a cash grab

  57. Connor Church

    Connor Church25 days ago

    thk you for this

  58. Amybee

    Amybee26 days ago

    How come these are only funny, when you've already watched the movie?

  59. Michelle Jung

    Michelle Jung26 days ago


  60. Bernie Cadao

    Bernie Cadao26 days ago

    haha heiry elsa

  61. Lisa Roberge

    Lisa Roberge27 days ago


  62. Emeraldminer

    Emeraldminer27 days ago

    Best song 100/100

  63. simmsquee

    simmsquee28 days ago

    Offensively inaccurate, music that didn't fit the story at all, and a really dumb, shallow, and terrible plot. Yes some of the songs were kinda catchy but if typical, uninspired, modern Broadway music is your jam then just listen to the soundtrack and don't bother with the movie. It's like a cheap Baz Luhrmann knock-off.

  64. Miriam Cuquerella

    Miriam Cuquerella28 days ago

    Why does everyone keep overlooking the fact that the "opera" singer does NOT sing opera?

  65. Charlie Hurst

    Charlie Hurst28 days ago

    I cried with laughter

  66. Keyan Stoney

    Keyan Stoney28 days ago

    I mean it’s not completely wrong

  67. Ash Z

    Ash Z28 days ago

    This is the greatest Show!!

  68. Gloom Berries

    Gloom Berries29 days ago


  69. Pierre Andlauer

    Pierre Andlauer29 days ago

    Zendaya did all her stunts

  70. GoShelbyGoYo

    GoShelbyGoYo29 days ago

    '. . . to the man that owned ALL the top hats!' oh my god *LOL*

  71. Jack Crow

    Jack Crow29 days ago

    I thought the title was gonna be American Horror Story: Freakshow

  72. MaKayla e

    MaKayla e29 days ago

    theater nerd here👋fun fact: in the musical “Barnum” (Based off of PT Barnum and Bailey) Joice Heth, the 161 year old women plays a biggish role and the musical actually gives you a lot more actual historical truth. okay bye now that was nothing really important

  73. amazonian warrior

    amazonian warrior29 days ago


  74. Genevieve Moore

    Genevieve MooreMonth ago

    jerk du solie LMAO

  75. NinjaWalrus

    NinjaWalrusMonth ago

    God this movie was a mess. Music was good tho?

  76. The Fancy Squid

    The Fancy SquidMonth ago

    I need those parodies as full songs

  77. Cosette Carraway

    Cosette CarrawayMonth ago

    I can’t even...

  78. Nicole White

    Nicole WhiteMonth ago

    This came out the same year as Logan but THIS is the movie that gets Hugh Jackman a bunch of praise. Why oh WHY did they have to release Logan during dead season?

  79. Internal Screeching

    Internal ScreechingMonth ago

    1:01 "M'logan" I choked on my Harvest Snaps green pea chips. Lightly salted and found in your local cosco or target or something.

  80. Paul Bloyd

    Paul BloydMonth ago

    And yet still better than La La Land.

  81. Aquamelon 008

    Aquamelon 008Month ago

    The different songs were amazing

  82. Strawberry Herpes

    Strawberry HerpesMonth ago

    I don't really get why the movie is based on PT to begin with. If you're going to fictionalize his life, why not just go all the way and give Hugh Jackman's character a different name entirely, and just say you used PT's life as a loose outline? Just toss out the "historical" bit in historical fiction.

  83. Sarah Woodard

    Sarah WoodardMonth ago

    HAHAHA It's kinda sad that the movie didn't tell the truth

  84. E Lisa

    E LisaMonth ago

    One of the best Honest Trailers ever. It's probably unfair to judge a man who lived more than a century ago based on today's moral standards, but judging a 2017 movie that glorifies an exploiter of disabled children is a due act. This said, i enjoyed the songs, the dances and visual beauty of the movie too. And "based on a true story" movies that accurately depict reality without adding or removing anything can be counted on a single hand's fingers, if they even exist. It just cracked me up when I saw a white man from the upper class shaking hands with a black acrobat upon being introduced to each other as if it was nothing, a few years after f*ing slavery was abolished, and almost a century before the end of racial segregation in USA: that was just too dishonest of the movie as a mean to make the audience love Zac Efron's character.

  85. Gabrielle Long

    Gabrielle LongMonth ago

    I liked the soundtrack but the plot wasn't that good to me

  86. meladace

    meladaceMonth ago

    Honest trailer for love, simon

  87. Rhi-Rhi and Jesse

    Rhi-Rhi and JesseMonth ago

    I love the greatest Showman...... BUT WHY IS IT CALLED AN HONEST TRAILER IF IT'S NOT HONEST????!!!!

  88. Sandra Kemper

    Sandra KemperMonth ago

    The characters of Zac Efron and Zendaya were based on PT Barnum’s business partner and his African-American wife. Do proper research.

  89. SentientSockPuppet

    SentientSockPuppetMonth ago

    Love the movie to death but yeah theres no defending this guy

  90. SeanTheGreat

    SeanTheGreatMonth ago

    This should be called “If Trailers Lied”.

  91. jes nemo

    jes nemoMonth ago

    This was perfect. unlike the movie which was awful in every way. However I find it ironic for those upset about the gross inaccuracies portrayed because I’m sure in most cases those people still spent seeing it, thus were drawn in by the humbug of all of it, ala true Barnum.

  92. itz BASSET

    itz BASSETMonth ago

    Then u realise zendaya was in Spider-Man XD

  93. Ceren sak

    Ceren sakMonth ago

    I protest circuses with animals it is torture

  94. EmberTheatre

    EmberTheatreMonth ago


  95. Solar

    SolarMonth ago

    To be fair, they never claimed this movie would be a documentary or historically accurate

  96. Belsky R

    Belsky RMonth ago


  97. Evil Gary

    Evil GaryMonth ago

    This movie was kinda boring.

  98. SpunkDustbin

    SpunkDustbinMonth ago

    People who like musicals should be thrown off bridge.

  99. CozySweaters AndRain

    CozySweaters AndRainMonth ago

    This has to be one of my favorite honest trailers ever.

  100. alex touzet

    alex touzetMonth ago

    probably the worst movie i saw last year. at least, the one that was disappointing enough for me to remember it..

  101. Laura Mazzuca

    Laura MazzucaMonth ago

    PLEASE do Jesus Christ Superstar