Honest Trailers - Hook


  1. Gerardo Salcido

    Gerardo Salcido3 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about Alan?? 1:44

  2. T00N3Y - SA

    T00N3Y - SA20 hours ago

    George Lucas and Carrie Fisher kissed in this movie

  3. Molly Corkey Flatters

    Molly Corkey Flatters21 hour ago


  4. Alkhemist 95

    Alkhemist 9521 hour ago

    Do Pan!

  5. Ian Ayala

    Ian Ayala22 hours ago

    "أنا إسمي فوفو الفيل"please say this

  6. R o b i n

    R o b i nDay ago

    Say: I am the one, the one, the one, the one!

  7. Markus Rogers

    Markus RogersDay ago

    Had no idea jack was the guy from can’t hardly wait

  8. Combustible Dragon

    Combustible DragonDay ago

    Even in this movie Zuko still wanted a father

  9. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonDay ago

    I actually love this movie. I get that it is long fuse to what some may see as an less than spectacular ending. And I was born after 1990. And I can appreciate a story that takes time.

  10. Jascha Bull

    Jascha BullDay ago

    Huh. I'm a 90s child and I remember thinking Hook was pretty all right. Maybe you have to be born after 1995 to think those things you said?

  11. Ronald Lindog

    Ronald Lindog2 days ago

    all hail firelord zuko

  12. CharismaticWonderman

    CharismaticWonderman2 days ago

    PLEASE do “24” starring Kiefer Sutherland!!! 🙏🏿

  13. Niko Kääpä

    Niko Kääpä2 days ago

    I'm with Spielberg on this one. I don't like this film.

  14. Siddharth Bhatia

    Siddharth Bhatia2 days ago

    How can I like and dislike a video at the same time

  15. Gloom Berries

    Gloom Berries2 days ago

    Do Deadpool 2!

  16. Mad Turnip

    Mad Turnip2 days ago

    You forgot two random cameos of George Lucas and Carrie Fisher.

  17. jarjar binks

    jarjar binks2 days ago


  18. Athena2255

    Athena22552 days ago

    Could you please do a she-ra/he-man honest trailer?

  19. A Greedy Dragon

    A Greedy Dragon2 days ago

    Alan 1:43 You're welcome ;)

  20. Charlie Stabile

    Charlie Stabile2 days ago

    Top 5 Spielberg movie. And the best John Williams score he ever did

  21. Zubrex

    Zubrex2 days ago

    That was god damn depressing

  22. Mesousa Gaby

    Mesousa Gaby3 days ago

    2:01 - 2:21 So THIS is what Lotte No Omocha did, too...excpet instead of grandmother and granddaughter, it's mother and daughter.

  23. Jelle Van Herck

    Jelle Van Herck3 days ago

    Please do 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'! As far as childhood movies go, an even better pick for thirty-somethings

  24. Niki Bronson

    Niki Bronson3 days ago

    I was born in 1999 and I've never seen this movie... I don't think I've ever even heard of it... But all I keep thinking is that the 90s kids had some weird-ass movies

  25. Montesama314

    Montesama3143 days ago

    Wait, so Wendy... and the granddaughter... what? This movie was apparently a lot kinkier than I remember. Memories of this are fuzzy, but I remember feeling sorry for Tinker Bell.

  26. Aysha Wattellier

    Aysha Wattellier3 days ago

    Now that's what I call an *Honest Bangarang* =D

  27. Gonçalo Viana

    Gonçalo Viana3 days ago

    do "A League of their own."

  28. no

    no3 days ago

    i hope alan is a running theme forever

  29. Det. Bullock

    Det. Bullock3 days ago

    Loved it as a kid, love it more now. People gave Spielberg crap because he used the movie to somehow come to terms with some personal issues, but if that is a legitimate criticism then we should throw out basically half of basically everything in any kind of art form, hell if anything it makes the movie more interesting than just a pseudo-sequel to Peter Pan. They tried to do something similar with Tim Burton's Alice but it just doesn't pack the same punch (it doesn't help that Alice loses most of the charm when you deviate from deranged dreamlike logic and try to actually have a linear and logical fantasy plot like in Burton's movie).

  30. Aaron Jensen

    Aaron Jensen3 days ago

    Do Fury!

  31. They Live We See

    They Live We See4 days ago

    without realizing captain hook uses the wrong hand

  32. Qu33nof0z

    Qu33nof0z4 days ago

    Please say "Slide some oil to me, let it slip down my spine, if you don't have STP, Crisco will be just fine'

  33. Qu33nof0z

    Qu33nof0z4 days ago

    Please say "Living here in this brand new world might be a fantasy, but it taught me to love, so it's real to me"

  34. Qu33nof0z

    Qu33nof0z4 days ago

    Please make an Honest Trailer for Christopher Robin!

  35. Honest Bee

    Honest Bee4 days ago

    I loved Hook...

  36. Chris Kiely

    Chris Kiely4 days ago

    Do infinity war

  37. MrTony 19

    MrTony 194 days ago

    I miss Robin Williams 😭😭😭

  38. Sparklefish K

    Sparklefish K4 days ago


  39. firedog647

    firedog6474 days ago


  40. My name is not Gabrielle

    My name is not Gabrielle4 days ago

    Say "Dope ass jiggly biggly munchy crunchy"

  41. R.J. N.

    R.J. N.4 days ago

    Do an HT for Law Abiding Citizen!

  42. Gracie ofGod

    Gracie ofGod4 days ago

    Please say “Lil Meow Meow is my bias”

  43. Jorge Beltran

    Jorge Beltran4 days ago

    Does anybody really care about the Indians in Peter pan? Nobody cares about things like these until you tell them they should care...

  44. Chris Carson

    Chris Carson5 days ago

    Am I the only one that got the Fire Lord reference?

  45. Ellyn N

    Ellyn N5 days ago

    U gotta do my girl

  46. Ellyn N

    Ellyn N5 days ago

    Can u do breakfast club?

  47. Dylan McD

    Dylan McD5 days ago


  48. Joseph Allen

    Joseph Allen5 days ago

    Do the meg

  49. Play List

    Play List5 days ago

    Do Road House! =D

  50. Bradley Paul Valentine

    Bradley Paul Valentine5 days ago

    That movie was always depressing to me. It came out a few years after I started becoming aware of the movie industry. Hook came out at Christmas time or maybe Thanksgiving that year. It’d been lean times in Hollywood for a while because of the Gulf War, I guess. The entertainment show airing at 5:30 PM on CNN always followed the box office and NOTHING had opened up over 10mil in MONTH or maybe even longer until CAPE FEAR came out in the late summer. I think Cape Fear made 10mil and while that was seen as soft, it was also a big success for even getting that. Back then the establishment had little love for CAPE FEAR because they thought it was a sell your soul movie so that Scorsese could do his next movie (which I think was Age Of Innocence, so maybe they had something there).

  51. MrHerecomesjohnny

    MrHerecomesjohnny5 days ago

    Just because a movie is less vanilla doesn't mean it's unfit for kids. At this rate we won't even have guns in movies anymore

  52. Fx

    Fx5 days ago

    I'm 29, I feel left out.


    LISA ADAMS5 days ago

    Why isn't there one of these for Rambo????????

  54. benjaminwoott

    benjaminwoott5 days ago

    Do a trailer for The Fifth Element!

  55. BaronSengir1008

    BaronSengir10085 days ago

    RIP Robin Williams...

  56. Mary Bue

    Mary Bue5 days ago


  57. Arbitrary Buy's

    Arbitrary Buy's6 days ago

    in time with Justin Timberlake

  58. John Cyckowski

    John Cyckowski6 days ago

    do Daredevil

  59. 0Axel0

    0Axel06 days ago

    I FOUND THE ALAN! -----> 1:44 It's a silhouette, and you can barely hear the "Alan!"

  60. Jolynne John

    Jolynne John6 days ago


  61. lglp3

    lglp36 days ago

    Nah bro... This movie is a 90s kids movie haha... (1985 -1995)

  62. 赵仁嘉

    赵仁嘉6 days ago

    I just want to say: do Avengers Infinity War!!!!!!!!

  63. Alien Bacon

    Alien Bacon6 days ago

    I saw Pan. I don't have answers for you.

  64. freewilliam93

    freewilliam936 days ago

    This movie is amazing and nothing will ever change that!!!!

  65. martianmanhunter37

    martianmanhunter377 days ago

    I would just like to point out that the movie ends on Robin Williams saying: "Oh no. To live, to live would be an awfully big adventure."

  66. Yokai

    Yokai7 days ago

    I'll never understand why people even suggested this film, but now they have, I never realised that was Glenn Close. Huh.

  67. All Might

    All Might7 days ago

    Can’t you enjoy something despite its racism? The animation is plus ultra to overcome it

  68. Black Panther

    Black Panther7 days ago

    Please do Infinity War!

  69. ioannis artopoios

    ioannis artopoios7 days ago

    Can you make an honest trailer for Avengers Infinity war please.

  70. Rasmus Jørgensen

    Rasmus Jørgensen7 days ago

    You forgot a cameo: The people embracing on the bridge, as Peter is flown back to Neverland, are Carrie Fisher and George Lucas!

  71. Nick Brown

    Nick Brown7 days ago

    This movie is still badass to this day I saw it when it came out and I'm 30 now and still watch it over and over

  72. Jack Woosey

    Jack Woosey7 days ago

    Please do an honest trailer for Star Trek First Contact

  73. Jack Woosey

    Jack Woosey7 days ago

    Please do an honest TV trailer for the X files

  74. Jack Woosey

    Jack Woosey7 days ago

    Please do an honest TV trailer for Star Trek Voyager

  75. FastJohn443 & Friends

    FastJohn443 & Friends7 days ago

    I was born in the 20th century but I still love this movie.

  76. Tiedyed Owl

    Tiedyed Owl7 days ago

    Do Shutter Island

  77. Hollin Disasters

    Hollin Disasters7 days ago

    Please do The lost boys Please

  78. Davide Fenara

    Davide Fenara7 days ago

    PLease do The mummy series!

  79. Darky

    Darky7 days ago

    wait why do i have the 30yrs fond memory's of it but i was born in 1991 O.O

  80. Dober man

    Dober man7 days ago


  81. Adam Scott

    Adam Scott7 days ago

    @Screen Junkies You got the moniker name wrong, you can distinctly hear in the film it is Peter "P"anning

  82. Ben

    Ben8 days ago

    Do infinity war

  83. pichu3580

    pichu35808 days ago

    Do Mamma Mia!

  84. Wolferret

    Wolferret8 days ago

    do the Flu (2013)

  85. Tihomir Jakopec

    Tihomir Jakopec8 days ago

    I'm born in 93' but I loved that movie.

  86. frozenaorta

    frozenaorta8 days ago

    I grew up with this movie, and I never understood why the other kids liked it. I'm with Spielberg on this one -- I still don't like it. It's boring and dull and unlikable. Hoffman is fine, but the rest of this film eats.

  87. Dean

    Dean8 days ago

    the film did very well $$$. ...brought in ~3x shooting cost on release. if i put up $1...and got $3 back.

  88. Netrion13

    Netrion138 days ago

    whats the name of the sad music that is used?

  89. TheOnlyRealJohnson

    TheOnlyRealJohnson8 days ago

    Nothing about the fantastic music from mastermind John Williams? Shame... "two faces of Pan" is so great!!! I rly love that movie! ^^

  90. AChannelwithablandname

    AChannelwithablandname8 days ago

    I was born after 1990 and this is a great movie

  91. Libertus 7 Studios

    Libertus 7 Studios8 days ago

    Getting really sick of Honest Trailer virtue signaling constantly about muh racism and sexism.

  92. escarfangorn

    escarfangorn8 days ago

    I actually still love this movie. As a 40yo smth hard working dad I can say that this movie has influenced me to try much much harder to be a better father. Less Peter from the beginning of the movie, more Peter from the end of the movie. My boys and I sometimes even crow. And we don't care how much people are laughing or how loudly my wife yells at us to stop our little insanity.

  93. Taxi Joe

    Taxi Joe8 days ago


  94. Matt Huber

    Matt Huber8 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 2:25?

  95. Lee Anderson

    Lee Anderson8 days ago

    Please do The Day the Earth Stood Still!

  96. Ali Conradie

    Ali Conradie8 days ago


  97. Daniel Acevedo

    Daniel Acevedo8 days ago

    Hidden “ALAN!” at 1:44 I’m making it my job to find these in every honest trailer now that I have noticed! Lmao

  98. Small Fries

    Small Fries8 days ago

    Do high school musical

  99. LucidWolf88

    LucidWolf888 days ago

    Please do Sphere

  100. Guy Over There

    Guy Over There8 days ago

    Say “What are you eating under there?”